Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Rory/m+

Keywords: m+/f+, orgy, drugs, preg

Summary: A kiss from Paris is the beginning of a series of sexual experiences
for Rory.

Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat Part 5 - The Halloween Party
by Phoebe ([email protected])

Word had spread and Rory was totally mortified. Her mother had been
supportive, how could she be otherwise, she'd done the same thing herself.
Rory told her that she was on the pill, although she couldn't bring herself
to tell her mother that she'd only been on it for a week.

Rory had promised her mother that she'd never do anything so foolish again.
Just the fact that all their friends knew what had happened was bad enough,
but the silence from Dean was deafening.

That was the worst part, what she had done to Dean. She'd cheated on him
and in such a public way. Rory knew that no self-respecting man would ever
forgive her.

That's why she was so surprised when Dean had come by the house the very next
evening after not returning her many calls, he'd come over to tell her that
he'd thought about things and he forgave her.

At first Rory couldn't believe her luck, but within an hour of his
forgiveness she knew that things weren't the same between them. But she was
willing to make it right with him, and if that meant a strained relationship
for a while, then she'd bear it.

* * *

Halloween night finally came and Dean and Rory left the Gilmore residence
with Rory's mom warning them to be careful. (That was another change in her
life. Her mom had never felt it necessary to warn her daughter about
commonsense things before.)

They arrived at the party at about 8 o'clock. Rory and Dean danced and mixed
with the townsfolk, but it didn't take long before Rory was creeped-out by
all the stares. She would have put up with it for Dean, but he hated being
the object of their pity and their gossip.

That's when Dean made a decision that would change both of their lives
forever. "Lets blow this place. I can't stand all the looks we're getting.
I know a guy who's having a private party in Hartford and no one there will
know what happened."

Rory didn't really want to go all the way into Hartford, but she was
determined to please Dean so she agreed and they slipped out unseen and drove
the 20 minutes to the burbs of Hartford.

Rory was a little worried when they came to a big old rundown looking turn
or the century house. It turned out that Dean's friend was no more than an
acquaintance, and that the party was being help at a sort of college
student's crash pad. Apparently there were 7 or 8 guys that lived there and
shared the rent. But even then Rory wasn't bothered, not until she saw Paris
dancing with Lousie in the livingroom.

"I don't know about this," Rory said tugging at Dean's sleeve. "I don't like
the looks of this place."

"Don't be a wimp Rory, it's perfectly safe."

They stepped into the light of the open door and Dean had a beer shoved into
his hand and his acquaintance slapped him on his back and steered him away to
meet his roommates.

Rory stood just inside the door feeling out of place. She jumped in nervous
fright at the feel of someone's hand on her shoulder. It was Paris, she'd
seen her and Dean come in.

Paris pulled Rory to her and kissed her deeply. Rory struggled at first but
when Paris held her firmly in her grip Rory finally accepted Paris' kiss and
even returned it. Then she was passed to Louise and suddenly Rory had another
tongue thrust in her mouth.

Rory was a little breathless by the time Louise was done with her. She swiped
a fallen strand of hair out of her eyes and then reached up and did the same
for Louise. The girl's beautiful bright blonde hair was disheveled, so much
so that Rory realized that she must have been up to something.

"What have you been doing?" she asked.

"I met a couple of nice guys and showed then a good old-fashioned Chilton
welcome," she smiled.

"How can you do that? You know that sex with strange men is dangerous." Rory

"We'll if my information is correct, you're the pot calling the kettle black.
I heard about you and your lover at the movie theater. I didn't know you were
that adventurous," Louise said with a laugh.

Then Dean was by her side with a beer, "Here have a beer, it's a micro-brew
that these guys get from a friend. They say it's got a real kick."

"I don't know Dean, you know I don't drink."

"Yeah, well, have one tonight, okay? Lets try to fit in alright?"

"Okay, if that's what you want," Rory took a gulp of the bitter carbonated
liquid and made a face. She'd never liked beer and couldn't see why people
drank it, but tonight she was determined to do whatever Dean wanted. She
had a lot of making up to do.

For some strange reason Rory kept taking little swigs from her beer, she
hadn't intended to, but as she drank more it tasted better. What the
teenager didn't know was that someone had slipped a ground up tab of
Ecstasy into her beer. She was getting high for the first time in her

As a matter of fact many of the people at the party were getting high,
someone had slipped the drug into most of the beers being handed out. It
was someone's idea of hosting a successful party.

In short order Rory was flying high. She looked around for Dean, she was
worried that she was too drunk and wanted him to take her home. But Dean
was nowhere to be found.

Soon Rory was being led into a dimly lit room. It must have been the formal
dining room when the old house had been new, she could see the faint outline
of an overgrown garden through the big dirty windows in the far wall. Rory
wasn't sure why she was being led into the room, but she didn't have the
willpower to protest.

Then a sudden vague unease filled her as she saw a couple in a dark corner
of the room having sex. No one seemed to mind and when she sat down on an
old mattress and joined the disjointed conversation she soon forgot about
them too.

Soon Rory was buzzing so high that she could no longer keep track of the
conversation. And when someone sat down next to her she didn't move away
which she would normally have done to maintain her space.

That someone was Paris. Rory felt relief, at least she knew Paris. Then Rory
was lying down and Paris was on top of her kissing her and pulling at her
clothing. Rory was too dazed to stop her and she was too out of it to realize
that there were at least a dozen strangers in the room watching the two
school girls going at it.

Rory wasn't too high to become aroused though. What Paris was doing to her
seemed familiar and she liked the feelings her classmate was giving her.
Soon she drunkenly began to kiss Paris back letting her hands roam over her
friend's body.

Then someone was pulling at her clothes again and before she knew it, she was
on the mattress, naked with Paris on her again. That didn't last very long
though because Paris was just as high as Rory and some guy pulled her away
and took her to a corner of the room.

Rory felt a little sick to her stomach, it might have been the beer she
thought, but at that moment she was brought back as a naked boy climbed on
top of her. She knew what was happening but didn't know how to stop it.

Rory lay spread-eagle under the boy as he wildly fucked her. She felt him
pound her into the mattress with each thrust, she knew she had to stop him,
but all she did was reach up and hug him to her chest and then wrapped her
legs around him and urge him on.

When he grunted and came in her he was replaced by another boy. This one
pulled her up on her hands and knees and shoved into her from behind, now
she was on the hardwood floor. Then he shoved really deep in her and let
go, groaning in pleasure.

Rory wanted them to stop, but she could hardly think. Then another boy
mounted her like a stud horse and began to thrust in and out of her. Rory
trembled on the end of the boy's cock filling her cunt, her hands and knees
bruised by the hardwood floor. Her small, lithe body dripped sweat onto the
floor while she grunted to the boy's thrusts behind her, her small, round
breasts pulled from her body by gravity swung back and forth in time with
his fucking motions.

She felt her body flutter as the boy began filling her with his hot cum. She
clamped down on him with her pussy, a flush of pleasure filling her body.

Her mind rebelled: "Oh, god," she thought, "how could she be enjoying this?
What kind of whore was she?"

Then she looked over her shoulder and her mind went numb. Even at the moment
of her own mind rending orgasm she realized what she was seeing.

Dean was on his knees behind Paris, thrusting in and out of her, they were
both grunting in lewd pleasure as Dean stiffened and filled Paris with his
seed. Paris pushed back on his dick trying to milk him for all he had.

Rory knew in that instant that she had lost Dean. But what she didn't know
was that Jess' baby boy was already growing in her womb...



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