Description: Lorelai decides that what she wants for Christmas is Rory sweet

Gilmore Girls: What I Want For X-Mas (Ff,inc)
by Hamster

Lorelai had become very concerned with her daughter's love life. Her biggest
fear was that her smart and pretty teenaged daughter who was so full of
potential was going to get herself pregnant and blow her whole future. The
fact that her daughter's boyfriend was the stereotypical loner bad boy
straight out of the song `Leader of the Pack' didn't help matters. Rory was
getting more and more interested in sex and this was starting to really
bother Lorelai.

Lorelai realized that not only was she concerned but also she was also
jealous. She wanted Rory all to herself. And she was shocked to find herself
fantasizing about teaching her daughter all about sex in a very direct and
personal way.

A few weeks before Christmas Lorelai caught herself staring at her daughter's
lovely and shapely thighs peeking out from under the hem of her sexy school
uniform's skirt. She shook herself out of it when Rory turned to face her.

"Oh Mom, for Christmas I'm going to give you something different. You get one
any purpose special request. You get one request that I'll fulfill without
question no matter what." Rory said cheerfully before heading up to her room.

Lorelai sat and thought about what her daughter could do for her and came to
a very evil and dirty thought. Her courage began to build and she decided to
go through with her plans. She went online and ordered a very special `toy'
for Rory's Christmas present.

A few weeks later Christmas Eve rolled around and the pair were in their
living room opening some presents at midnight. Once they had unwrapped
several gifts Rory remembered her promise to her mother.

"So mom did you figure out what you want me to do for you for Christmas?"
Rory asked.

"Yes Rory, I want my daughter," Lorelai said bluntly. "And I want her now."

"What?" Rory asked, stunned and confused.

"I want to fuck you Rory, good and hard. I want you to see what it's like
before do it with some boy. You said you would give me whatever I wanted for
Christmas and what I want is your sweet pussy. You made a promise and you
can't back out of it now." Lorelai said.

Rory stared in amazement at her mother. She was shocked to here her mom say
this, but she was also filled with electric excitement at the thought. She
thought about it for a minute and decided to go through with it.

"A deal is a deal Mom, I'll do whatever you want." Rory said anxiously.

"That's good, sweetheart," Lorelai said smiling. "Go in my bedroom, and get

Rory ran to her mom's bedroom and began unbuttoning her shirt. Lorelai walked
in with a gift-wrapped box and placed it on the floor of the right side of
the bed. She got up and kissed Lorelai on the lips. Lorelai then watched as
Rory pulled her skintight jeans off and removed her panties. Lorelai took a
minute to admire her daughters peach sized tits and fuzzy little muff as she
took off her own stretchy pants and t-shirt.

"Just wonderful. Now, I want you to relax, and get on your hands and knees
in the middle of the bed. Just relax, Honey. Just relax." Rory was very
still, but was turned on by the open nakedness of her situation. Lorelai,
behind Rory at the head of the bed, rested her left hand on Rory's lower
back, and her warm fingers of her right hand touched the outer folds of
Rory soft smooth vagina. Rory became light headed and started to breathe

"Oh," cried Rory. Lorelai's massaging fingers were making Rory wet from all
of the anticipation. "Ohh." She cried again.

"How does that feel, Sweetheart?" asked Lorelai.

"Nice," said Rory.

"Nice? Only nice?" replied Lorelai with frown. "I guess I have to do better
than that." She winked to her audience. Rory felt a finger sliding into her
warm vagina. It wiggled around in circles and moved in and out bringing Rory
to a new wetness. She did not want to go to deep though because it would not
do to break her hymen just yet.

"Ohh...oohhh," moaned Rory.

"Is that better?" asked Lorelai.

"Y-yes, Mom."

"Good, Sweetheart." Lorelai said. "My God, you are so wet in no time."

Rory giggled. She couldn't help but to get wet from all the excitement.
Lorelai continued to finger fuck Rory for several minutes. Rory would
sometime let out soft whimperings and look beneath her to see Lorelai's
hand moving back and forth from behind.

"Ok, Rory," spoke Lorelai. "I'm going to do something different."

Lorelai bent forward behind Rory's ass. Lorelai's lips met Rory's wet pussy
lips, and her tongue tasted the sweet sex juices of the young teenager.

"Ohh...oh, yeah...owe." Rory moaned and cried with sexual delight. She could
feel Lorelai's warm loving tongue danced a dance of love on her wet sex. Rory
was so hot, and she was so ready, but there wasn't a male there to full fill
her emptiness. Lorelai raised her head.

"I think you're ready," said Lorelai. "And you taste so good, too. Just hold
on, Rory," said Lorelai. "Mommy has a surprise for you."

"Hold still," instructed Lorelai. "I'll go nice and easy for you."

Lorelai reached down to pick up the box she had brought in with her. She
began to unwrap it. Before removing the strap-on dildo she had ordered for
this occasion Lorelai looked at her daughter and smiled.

"Sweetie it's a surprise just look straight ahead." Lorelai ordered.

Lorelai made sure her daughter did not peek as she strapped on the dildo
she intended to penetrate her daughter with. Rory felt the tip of something
smooth and cold on her vagina, and looked underneath her to see what it was.
She gasped at the sight of the dildo. Rory wanted it so bad she pushed her
ass back to help Lorelai shove the artificial cock inside of her.

"Oohhh," screamed Rory. She moved her hip to meet Lorelai's thrusting.
Lorelai was absolutely amazed at Rory's eagerness.

Lorelai held the seventeen-year-old firmly around the hips and thrust forward
and ripped through daughter's virginity with one strong violent stroke. Rory
wailed in pleasure and pain.

"Ohh...oh, Mom, oh feels so good...oh."

"You are such a fast learner," commented Lorelai. Rory was so wet, Lorelai
slid in and out of her so easily. The dildo warned up in no time. Rory was
experiencing the ecstasy of sex. She grabbed the bed sheet tightly hanging
on to her rider.

Rory couldn't get enough of the sensation. Like hot wires, erotic flashes
traveled from her breasts down to her sweet love hole that at the same time
was being penetrated by her mother from behind.

"Ahh...aahhh!!!" Rory screamed as she came to her first mind-blowing orgasm.

"Are you ok, Rory? How do you feel?" asked Lorelai.

"Oh,'s so good...mmm...oohhh," moaned Rory.

"Did you like how mommy fucked you baby?"

"Y-yes mommy I loved it."

"Do you want to be mommy's fuck pet and let her ride you every night?"
Lorelai asked.

"Yes Mommy please makes me your fuck pet."

"Good girl. From now on we are going to be having A LOT more fun around
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