Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Warning: This story contains lesbian incest between a mother and her
sixteen-year-old daughter. If you don't like that stuff or are not mature
enough for it, then I suggest you don't read this story. If you do, then

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Rory/Lorelai

Summary: Rory has some erotic dreams after someone at school points out how
sexy Lorelai is and she can't shake the image, which gets out of hand in a
very erotic way.

Notes: None really. It is from Rory's POV though.

Gilmore Girls: When Dreams Become Reality Part 2
by BuffyFaith ([email protected])

When I got downstairs mom had the popcorn ready and the movie in the machine
and I sat down beside her on the couch and was so relaxed and happy at this
moment and it didn't even matter what movie she had chosen, because I knew we
would have fun no matter what.

What I didn't expect and what surprised me a little was the movie she picked
was not the usual low budget 60's or 70's movie but instead it was the rather
recent Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Now my mom said Sooky
had seen it recently and told her it was a pretty good movie and the nudity
was actually quite tame the in version she saw, so since mom likes both Tom
and Nicole she had to see it to.

Anyway, we sit down and watch it and practically the first thing we see is
Nicole Kidman's ass completely naked. I was just not ready for this. Thank
god the scene wasn't very long, because it was a bit too much to see and yet
as usual, I couldn't get it out of my head either.

Why was I so visual when I didn't want to be!

Then my mom looks over and thinks I'm embarrassed, which I was, but probably
not for why she thinks and says, "Is this too much for you Rory?"

"No, of course not. I think I'm mature enough to see some woman half naked
though. Just didn't think it would be Nicole"

"I have to admit though, Nicole does keep herself in very good shape don't
you think?"

Okay, why was she asking me about Nicole's shape? Did she know something? Or
was I just being a bit paranoid. Probably. My mom was never shy about talking
about anything, so I just nodded and said she looked good and we went on with
the movie.

For the most part it was pretty good. A little confusing at times but not
bad. It plodded along until this one scene when once again I was subjected
to not one naked girl's ass, but a whole room full of them.

What is going on here? Is this some conspiracy to show that good little Rory
liked one ass in her life? So it was her mother's, but it was purely normal
to admire another woman's ability to keep herself in shape.

I had a tough time watching that scene without being aroused. Now the very
sight of a woman's ass seemed to turn me on instantly and all these girls
were so sexy and I couldn't help thinking mom could tell what I was thinking,
so again I avoided eye contact with her.

The scene was much longer than I would have liked and mom certainly didn't
make things easier by making jokes about all the naked girls and how she'd
much rather just see Tom and Nicole in that scene. After this scene was over
there wasn't much in the line of nudity and I was relieved by that, but it
didn't make it any easier since I still had all those images in my head and
I was even more distressed that I liked it all.

Once the movie was over mom asked what movie we should watch next and I
looked at her choices and then I looked through the movies on tv and felt
this strange urge to watch this one called, Embrace of the Vampire.

It was with Alyssa Milano and I have always liked her so we turned it on and
as soon as it started I began to regret it.

The first scene was not what I expected and I told my mom this when it

She watched the scene with some guy being ravished by three half naked women
and she was laughing at the scene and at how I was turning away and she told
me I could start watching again when it ended. The movie was very dark and
erotic from the start and practically the next scene I see is one of Alyssa
naked. I mean, how was I supposed to sit here and watch this movie when on
one hand I can't help but like what I see on the screen, but on the other,
my mom is only two feet away.

It's just very uncomfortable.

I decided to try and block out mom for now and just focus on the plot of the
movie. Yes, the plot. Not Alyssa, just the words. Dialogue is good.

And boy did I listen to each word. I was doing fine until they showed Alyssa
changing and again, what is it with all these girls showing there asses in
movies? Why right after someone mentions my own mothers am I seeing them
everywhere. Did this become news to the world or something I wondered.

Anyway, Alyssa looked beautiful, clothed and otherwise and things kind of
calmed down until she went to this woman's studio and she began to photograph
Alyssa on her bed. And the music was so sensual it was driving me crazy.

I was starting to squirm when the woman got up on the bed with Alyssa and
started unbuttoning her top and then helping her off with it and I just
wanted to become invisible as she leaned in and kissed Alyssa. My mother
seemed to be enjoying the movie and even cheered Alyssa after the kiss and
I was actually relieved she didn't seem at all weirded out by the movie and
I shouldn't be surprised, she is a very free spirit and not much can shock
her or embarrass her. I wish I had those genes.

There were a couple more scenes of nudity and group type sexual activity
and then finally Alyssa's character turned bad and she ended up instigating
a kiss with the photographer woman and it was so hot. This was not some
ordinary kiss, it was real and it started out with Alyssa sliding her fingers
up and under this girls skirt and it was obvious she was rubbing her pussy
and then she kissed her and this was a hot, wet kiss that really turned me
on alot.

There wasn't much after that and I was kind of warm when it was over and my
mom looked over and smiled, "Well, that was some movie you picked Rory. I
liked it."

"I didn't know what it was about. Really. I saw Alyssa and thought it was a
horror movie. I didn't know it was going to have, well, you know, what it did
in it."

"It's okay Rory. Were both adults. Your probably more adult than half the
people in this town anyway."

Her attitude was refreshing and reassuring and it made me relax a little and
so I got off the couch and went to grab something to drink and as I turned to
walk back out and ask my mom what she wanted, I was very stunned when I saw
her grab the remote and rewind it back to where Alyssa kissed that girl and
she then slid her hand down her pants and I know what she was doing and I
wanted to turn and walk away but I couldn't.

She was watching the screen and the kiss and was slowly rubbing herself and
I knew I shouldn't keep watching but I did. And it was very erotic and
arousing to see her do this to this image of those two women kissing and it
made me feel good knowing she enjoyed it as much as I did.

I watched a bit longer, then went back into the kitchen and made lots of
noise so she would have time to compose herself. I then came back in with
two cups of tea and she smiled at me and took the glass and I sat down on
the floor in front of the couch and asked her to put in something to watch.

She picked an action movie, and I was happy about that. So I lie there
watching this movie and it wasn't half bad, but I found myself getting
sleepy and was soon nodding off until I was obviously having another

This time I was in school and it was the middle of the class and my mom just
comes walking into the room and starts talking to me. Okay, that is fairly
normal for her, but that's just the beginning.

Soon she is talking and it starts coming out as some garbled mumbo jumbo and
I have no idea what's she's saying. She then walks up to the front of the
class and starts acting it out like it's charades. Now fine, this is all
fairly odd but still not to disturbing for her, but after nobody seems to be
guessing her clues she starts to undress.

Right there in the class room. And I can't believe it. She just starts
undulating her hips and smiling at everyone and then she turns around and
shows off her tight jeans again and then pulls off her jacket and swings it
around her head a bit and then tosses it across the room and it falls right
on Paris's desk and I have to laugh at that, but I don't have much time to
enjoy it because soon she is pulling off her sweater and throwing it on the
teacher's lap and then she slowly slides off her jeans and rolls them up in
a ball and drops them on Louise's desk and she looks at me with a smirk and
she wraps the jeans around her waist and the weird part is everyone in the
room acts like nothing is wrong with any of this.

Soon my mom is removing her bra and then she steps out of her panties and she
walks right over and puts them in front of me and I am red with embarrassment
and she leans over my desk and puts her hand through my hair and says, "Poor
Rory dear. Come here, let mommy make everything better."

And with that she hopped right up on my desk, her legs on either side of it
and facing me and then slid off of it and onto my lap where she proceeded to
kiss me so deep and so passionately that I couldn't help but kiss her back.

My arms held her close she wouldn't fall and I just gave into my desires and
kissed her as hard and deep as I could and it was as if her lips were made
for mine because I just wanted to feel hers on mine for as long as I could.

The kiss went on for what seemed like hours, but obviously wasn't, since when
we came up for air the whole class was watching and smiling and I was about
to run away again but mom just stood up and then got me to my feet and began
removing my clothes in front of the whole class.

I just stood there as she removed my vest and then my shirt and then my skirt
and soon I was down to my bra and panties and that's when I felt her hands
move over my breasts and it made me weak at the knees how good that felt and
I felt her hands caress them softly and then she unhooked my bra and I felt
it hit the floor and then she knelt before me and I felt her tongue slide up
my inner thigh and it sent goose bumps up and down my whole body and then I
felt her kiss all over and around my panties before she slid them down my
legs and then helped me step out of them before she let her hands move up my
legs to my thighs and then I felt her hand right over my already wet pussy
and I just threw my head back and enjoyed how amazing this all felt. Mom
then got to her feet, while keeping her fingers rubbing my clit and she was
kissing my neck and my shoulder and then moved down to my nipples and swirled
her tongue around first one, then the other and then back again, taking each
one into her mouth and just getting each nipple so very hard the ached with

I then felt her hand move away from my pussy and before I could wonder about
what would happen next, she picked me up by my waist and sat me on the top
of my desk and spread my legs and I watched as she smiled up at me and then
moved right back to where she was so eager to be and that's when I felt her
breath on my pussy and that alone was almost enough to make me cum, but she
wasn't going to stop there and soon I felt the warmth of her tongue sliding
back and forth over my lips and then she parted them and dove right onto my
clit and I just instinctively put my hands over my breasts and caressed them
first softly, but the more she licked my clit the faster and harder I
caressed my firm breasts.

My thumb and finger worked over my nipples and as I looked down I could see
my mom's eye's looking back at me with such a look of hunger and passion and
it turned me on so much and I just kept pushing my hips towards her,
thrusting them at her and undulating my whole body so she could taste every
inch of me.

I was losing control of my body as she worked her magic on me and I was
smiling so wide I felt I would explode from the pleasure and as she started
to lick me faster and faster and harder and harder, each stroke of her tongue
sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and soon I was sent over the edge
by her hot, wet tongue and I just lie back and closed my eyes at the sheer
excitement of this moment and as mom climbed ontop of me and kissed me hard,
I just kissed her back and held her close and we lie there together until

"Rory? Rory? Are you awake?"

Those words woke me up in a hurry and I managed to nod yes from the ground
and as I started to watch the movie again I felt this breeze against my legs
and reached down and noticed that my t-shirt had been hiked up my legs and
was around my waste and I could feel my panties were damp and I was wondering
just how much I did and said while I was asleep and quickly pushed down my
t-shirt and just lie there imagining the worst and luckily the movie ended
fairly quickly and I got up and said my goodnight's and kissed mom on the
cheek and as I did I felt this urge to kiss those lips of hers, but didn't
and smiled at her and walked back up to my room.

As I lie there looking up at the ceiling I was asking myself a million
questions and none of the answers made much sense to me. So I stopped
thinking because it wasn't getting me anywhere and just feel asleep and
actually slept for the first time in a long while.

The next morning I got up and headed downstairs to get something to eat
before school and the last thing I needed to see is the first thing I did
see and that was mom standing there wearing nothing but her skimpy little
white cotton panties and a very small t-shirt. Why, I asked myself. Well,
I had to learn to deal with this and I had all my life so I could again.
But, it was so hard now. So hard I couldn't do it. I couldn't make myself
not feel things. Oh how I wish I could. I knew my mom was unlike most and
she was pretty and sexy and that was not a bad thing.

I decided it was better to just enjoy what I did and not think about it. So,
I figured the best thing to do would be to just take a good long look at her
and get it out of the way.

My eyes easily focused on her ass and I lingered there longer than I should
have and then she turned around and my god, could she at least wear a bra?
Now I am staring at her nipples and this is getting harder than I wanted and
soon was just staring at my eggs and drinking my juice and when I was
finished I helped put the dishes away and helped her clean up and I bumped
into her a few times because I had my head down and she asked what was going
on and I said nothing and ran upstairs.

Something was going to have to give or I was going to do something I
shouldn't very soon.

I couldn't wait to hop into the shower and clear my head as best I could
anymore and loved this new found appreciation for my own body and that was
one very good things that came out of all this.

As I came out of the shower I dried myself off and tossed the towel to the
floor and walked into my room completely naked and felt so alive.

So free. I searched through my closet and looked for something different than
what I usually wear and was in the middle of searching through the back of
the closet when I turned and saw my mom standing right behind me.

"MOM!!. What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry Rory. I just came to give you my new cell phone number. I didn't
know you were now into walking around naked though."

"Well, I am. So, please, may I have some privacy?" I told her this not really
sure that's what I wanted, but sure that's what I should say.

"Okay then. Here's my number and you can call me if you need anything.
Please, go back to your little naked wardrobe search." She smiled at me and
thought she was so funny and in a way she was.

It was good she doesn't have a problem with anything I do, but I could tell
she was a bit surprised to see me like this and it was kind of a thrill to
be naked in front of her again.

I felt I was turning into an exhibitionist, but it felt very liberating and
empowering to say the least.

As I looked over my wardrobe I found a nice pair of beige pants I hadn't worn
is a year because I thought they were a little too tight and I felt people
staring at me when I did. But, they are so nice and I decided to give them
another try. I grabbed a light blue sweater and got dressed and I went
downstairs to where mom was and told her I was going out for awhile and would
be back later.

She watched me walk away and told me my pants looked great on me and that
made me smile and actually gave me alot of confidence and so I took off
feeling great about myself.

I was about half way to Lane's house when I noticed I didn't have my purse
so I walked all the way back home and walked into the house and heard some
noise coming from the living room and as I got closer I looked in and saw
mom lying on the floor watching that same scene from the movie again and
this time she was really going at it, her fingers were moving as fast as
humanly possible and she was moaning so loudly I'm surprised everyone didn't
hear her. I again knew I should walk away but a part of me didn't want to
and that part won over and I stood at the doorway and watched as she rubbed
her pussy and it was so erotic to see this and I soon had my own hand down
my pants and was rubbing myself pretty good to and soon I had to unzip them
and slid them down a bit and now I was able to really rub my clit and watch
my mom from afar and she was lying there using both hands to work on herself
and she slid one finger inside and was really slamming it in and out so fast
it was hard to keep up.

I was doing the same and had two fingers deep inside now and was so wrapped
up in how good it felt I lost my balance and tripped over my pants and fell
onto the floor and my eyes quickly locked on my mother's and I felt time
stand still for an eternity as she came over to see how I was and I had quite
a bump on my head, but I was okay. She was leaning over me and checking my
head and she was pretty much naked now and then she looked down and me and
asked if I was alright and I was looking up at her and she put her hand
through my hair and brushed it behind my ears and then we stared at each
other for a very long time before she was about to speak and as she opened
her mouth I leaned up and put my lips on hers and she let me and that's when
we shared out first kiss outside of my dreams.

Her body was so warm and it felt so good against mine and her lips were soft
and the more we kissed the more I wanted.

This moment was so surreal and yet so real it was hard to describe. What was
easy to describe was how kissing her made me feel. I'd kissed before and
will kiss again, but this kiss was more than just a kiss, there was passion
involved that was beyond anything I have ever experienced and the way she
held me in her arms was something that made me feel so safe and alive and I
was ready to give everything I had at that moment to show her how much I
wanted this and her.

Her lips moved away from mine, but soon she was kissing my chin, then my
neck and down to my shoulders and then here lips kissed my breast all over
and she cupped my breast in her hand and swirled her tongue all over my
nipple and she had both my nipples hard almost instantly and I was just
lying back and enjoying her soft and gentle touch.

Soon her mouth was kissing it's way down my stomach and she made her way
down to my panties, which she so delicately removed and then spread my
creamy white thighs apart with her hands and crawled back up between my
legs and put thumb in her mouth and licked it as she stared into my eyes
and then put the thumb right on my clit and began moving it in a circular
motion around and around, applying just the right amount of pressure and
it was sending me over the brink many times over.

I felt her tongue replace her thumb and soon I felt the heat from her tongue
slide over my pussy lips and I put my hand on her head and held her close and
moved my hips even closer to her lips and she hungrily took this as a sign to
let her tongue dive in and really start licking my sweet wet pussy and I was
thrashing about from side to side and she was just driving me crazy with her
tongue and without warning I felt her slide a finger inside me and I moaned
my approval and soon she was pushing it in and out of me in unison with her
tongue and all this pleasure was becoming way too much and I felt my body
convulse and shake and then I felt my whole body explode at once with a
feeling that I could only hope I get to feel so much more in my lifetime.

Mom then kissed her way back up my body and found her way to my lips and we
kissed again and I held her so tightly and didn't want to let go and she
pulled away for a second, looked right into my eyes and I knew she was about
to speak, "Rory, I think we should...."

"Wait! Don't say a word mom. I don't want to think about this or analyze
this, I just want to enjoy it and deal with everything else another time."

She smiled at me and gave me another kiss and just nodded her agreement and
then lie back down beside me and I curled up beside her and fell asleep in
her arms.

The End


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