Gilmore Girls: Part 1 - Rory Get Raped (mmmmm/f,ncon)
by PJ

Rory got out from the shower after a long gym class. She stayed in the shower
longer then anyone else cause she had her mother car and knew she didn't
need to take to the bus.

After a shower that seems to take forever, she got out and walked to her
locker. When she got to the locker she founded that someone took her clothes.
Rory panicked "what I am going to do? How I goanna get home?".

She put her towel around her body, and faced to the door of the shower room.

Rory got out but she couldn't leave the door cause the door can be openned
only from the inside or with the key. So she stood there in her towel and
thought. Rory took one more step to the corridor and fell on her face.

"Dam what a day" she got up again and founded that the door is closed, and
like that this is not enough her towel caught in it. So now Rory stood out
in the corridor naked.

Rory's mind raced for a solution. She couldn't find any beside go to her
books locker and take the car keys, so she looked over the corner and started

After a few minutes she heard something from the classroom near her. She
couldn't resist the urge, and she looked inside. She saw a few boys sitting
and talking. She listened for a minute and found out they were talking about
fucking girls, to her surprise she had a good place in there conversation.
She listened for one more minute until she remembered she was naked.

As she turned to walk she saw someone coming from that direction, she turned
again and saw another figure coming from the other side. Rory started to
panic; she had no where to run. The two figures got closer and Rory just
stood froze. The two boys got to her and stood there eyeing her, as she
tried to speak the door opened and someone grabbed her, and pull her to the
classroom. She started screaming and got hit in the face. Rory stopped
resisting and looked around. There was the three boys she was listening to
and the two new boys. The table was arrange to the walls and the chairs too.
There was a mattress in the middle.

"Hello Rory we have been waiting to you," said one of them.

"Happy to see you," said another.

"Glad that you are ready," said the third.

"What do you want from me?" Rory asked almost crying.

"You were listening to us, don't you know?"

"No, please I am a virgin," Rory was crying now.

"Don't worry it hurt only the first time, and we have till the next day,"
answered the fifth boy.

Rory was now sobbing, "Please no, don't do it to me."

The boy who held her pushed her to her knees. The five boys took off their
clothes, and lineup in front of Rory. Rory tried to back away but was stopped
by one of the boys. "No use of trying to escape Rory," said one of them,
"Yes, there is no one in the school and we are five."

"You should cooperate and have some fun." said another.

The first boy put his cock in Rory's face and told her to suck it, Rory
refused and got hit on the face. Unwillingly she opened her mouth and the
cock entered, the boy caught her on the back of the head the push his cock
inside. Rory gagged and started to move her head up and down on the boy's
cock, the boy moaned. Rory sucked his cock for half a second more before he
blew his sperm inside her mouth. By the look on his face she knew not to
spill any drop of cum so she swallowed it all.

After her first oral sex. The boys laid her on her back and one of them stood
above her. "Are you really a virgin Rory?"

"Yes, please don't fuck me," she answered.

The boy lowered himself onto Rory and opened her legs. One of the boys shot
his cum on Rory to the view of Rory's pussy. "What do you think about getting
an orgasm before we fuck you?"

"No, please leave me alone. I have already gave one of you a blow job."

"Yes, but this is not enough for a one night and there's five of us."

The boy lowered himself so his head was between Rory's legs. A bizarre
sensation was shooting through Rory's body as the boy started sucking on her
clit, Rory couldn't help herself and moaned. "Look at this boys she like it".

Rory started backing her hips to the boy's head as he placed one finger
inside of her. Meanwhile another boy put his cock in Rory's face, Rory was
on fire and didn't care anymore to suck.

After a minute of sucking and getting sucked Rory came. The boy positioned
himself above her and guided his cock to her pussy. Rory became very
anticipating. She couldn't believe herself wanting and waiting to be fucked.
With a slow motion he pushed his dick inside of her, till she felt her hymen
stretch, "Oh, no, please I am a virgin," she cried out.

"Don't be foolish Rory we know that you loved the sucking, and fucking is

With those words he pushed hard and tore Rory's hymen. Rory felt an immediate
pain and yelled.

After a minute or so the pain started to rush of her and instead came
something Rory never felt before. The boy move up and down on her and Rory
started backing to reach his motion. She started moaning and breath heavily.
Two of the other boys started licking her tits, Rory couldn't take it
anymore, and started backing wildly and immediately came, the boy came inside
of her and Rory came another time with a big moan.

Rory was exhausted and laid down. A second boy was moving toward her and
started fucking her. Rory locked her legs on his back. This boy had a bigger
cock and Rory felt every inch of him as he moved in and out of her. Rory was
in ecstasy she loved every minute of the fucking. She moaned and yelled like
crazy. After a half minute he pulled out and stuck his cock in Rory's mouth.
She took it with delighted and came again.

The third one positioned her on her hands and knees and came from behind.
Rory took him with moving back and forward. A second boy pushed his cock to
her face. Rory took him inside licking his head and balls. Rory was moaning
so strong now, so she had to stop sucking. The boy moved in and out much
faster now and Rory fell down on her elbows. She was screaming now, and
backing even faster then the boy. The boy leaned forward and massaged her
breasts. The weight forced Rory down and was now on her stomach. The boy was
moving much faster now, and Rory felt the rushing of an orgasm through her
body. As soon as Rory exploded the boy came inside her. For a full minute the
boy pumped every drop of semen inside Rory.

Rory almost fell asleep when the fourth boy came to her. He roll her on her
stomach and spread her legs. Rory was very tired but almost immediately felt
was urge to be fucked. Then the boy push his cock into Rory's ass.

"Iohhhhhhh shit that's hurts!"

Rory felt the cock ripping her apart, the boy buried himself inside her to
his nuts, with one push. Rory felt pain but after a minute the pleaser came
back. She started to moan and move with the boy's movements. The boy couldn't
last very long inside Rory tight ass and he came very fast. Rory needed
another orgasm and tired to back onto his cock more. The fifth boy jumped on
her and push himself into her asshole. Rory came almost immediately and the
boy, too. He pumped her for half a minute more after she came and came all
over her back.

Rory was back down on the mattress. She looked and the five boys, who just
raped her. They were talking about something. She couldn't hear cause she
fell asleep.

Rory was awakened half hour later. The boys were standing above her, one of
them lifted her up to her legs. A second one lay down on his back, then
Rory was lowered on his cock. Rory moaned as he entered her. Rory was just
starting to move as she felt another cock at her ass. A second boy was
entering her asshole. She felt immediate panic, can she take them all?
As like an answer a third boy pushed his cock to her mouth. Rory never felt
fuller. Her three holes where stuffed. She moaned and yelled like there is
no tomorrow. The boys slid in and out of her and Rory tried moving to stay
full. Rory gagged on the third boy's cock as hey push it even further, she
moaned and moaned and almost didn't have time to breath. Rory's orgasms came
in waves, she had 5 in a row, and couldn't resist the urge to yell. The boy
she was sucking came on her face, and Rory swallowed every drop. The cock
in her ass started to move faster and faster as Rory came one more time.

Right after she yelled out in a powerful orgasm he came in her ass, the
feeling of the sperm inside of her made her to come once more. Rory was
riding the first boy wildly. The boy started to moan loudly as Rory pushed
herself down and cum once more. The contractions of Rory's pussy made the
boy cum and Rory was pushed throw another orgasm.

Rory looked up as she was laying on her back. The two remaining boys came to
her. She asked them to leave her alone. They laughed and took her. One boy
laid on his back and Rory on him, his cock in her ass. He started pounding
her on his cock and Rory came. After half a second of cuming, she felt the
other boy entering her pussy. That lasted for five minutes of pushing,
moaning and cuming for Rory.

The five boys left Rory alone after that. After sleeping for an hour Rory
woke up. She looked around and found her bag and clothes. She dressed and
walk to her car and drove home. On the way home Rory thought of the rape,
and the fact that she had to be raped again.


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