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Summary: My interpretation of how the Season 3 Episode 22 (Graduation) show could have gone if it was an x-rated TV show made by a perverted like myself.

Pairings: Quinn/Puck

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral

Glee: Getting His Swagger Back
by The Chemist

Quinn had felt like she'd been truly blessed in this life. Sure, she had gone through her trials and tribulations but they changed her from being a selfish, egotistical person into the person she was today. She may have had a baby at 16 but rather than ruining her life it gave another person the joy of daughter when childbirth wasn't an option of her. And it made her stronger while also reminding her what she really wanted in life. Quinn didn't want to be stuck in Lima, Ohio for her whole life and be the girl who peaked in high school. Instead she buckled down and concentrated on her studies. The end result was a full academic scholarship to an Ivy League school.

But as the beautiful girl walked down the school hall on one of her last remaining days, she couldn't help but think of all the people that helped shape her life while here. Her thoughts focused in on one friend in particular, Puck. As she walked by a classroom with a door ajar, she looked in and saw the notorious bad boy studying what sounded like geography with Coach Beast.

"My friends have given me so much that in my last week here I want to give as much of myself to them that I can," Quinn thought while leaning against the doorframe.

The premise was simple. If Puck passes his last exam then he graduates high school with the rest of his friends. If he fails then he needs to come back for another year and who knows if he'd actually stick around and receive his diploma. Quinn didn't want to take that chance so decided on the spot that she would help get the best out of her ex-lover, no matter what the cost.

"Hey Coach. How's all this going," Quinn asked as she strode into the room.

"Horrible Quinn. This crap just goes in one ear and out the other," Puck shouted.

"Yeah we're having a little trouble but nothing that won't be solved by tomorrow," the coach responded.

"Maybe I can take over for tonight. You finish up then send him my way after dinner," the blonde singer suggested. "7 sound okay Puck?"

"Sure...whatever," he replied.

Quinn was happy that the troubled boy accepted her offer. She still had to get to class and finish a couple of periods before she left McKinley for one of her last times. She walked home as her physiotherapist recommended to strengthen her legs but was exhausted by the time she got home at nearly 6 o'clock. She grabbed a nice hot shower then fixed herself dinner before hearing the doorbell sound.

"Hey Mr. and Mrs. Fabrey," Puck shouted into the large house.

"Don't bother, they aren't home," Quinn said as she led him by his hand up the stairs. "Do you really think they'd let a guy who has already knocked up his daughter once alone with her in her room?"

"Hmm...I guess not," he replied. "But that's not why I came here tonight."

"I know Puck. Now let's crack open that textbook and get started stud," she said in her nasally voice.

The pair hit the books hard for what seemed like days but was actually only a couple of hours. However, in all that time they didn't get very far along at all. Even though it was true that Puckerman wasn't very smart, Quinn's natural intellect more than made up for his shortcomings. Yet it didn't matter which teaching method or clever pneumonic she utilized, the information just wouldn't stick in that dense skull of his.

"This stuff might as well be in Ukrainian because I'm not remembering a single thing," Puck sulked.

"Come on Puck. You know the questions she's going to ask you so it's not about knowing the damn stuff," she lectured.

"You can stop trying Quinn. You'll still get credit or a good Samaritan badge or whatever for helping," he said. "I'm a loser! I've excepted it so why can't you?"

"Because I love you! I've never stopped. You were my first Puck and even though we've had our ups and downs, I've always loved you, it's just changed as our relationship has. This geography isn't about brains, with you it's all mental and about your confidence," Quinn told him. "But the Puck I fell in love with had swagger. You only need the confidence back to pass this test since you have the questions she'll ask."

"And how am I suppose to get it back," Puck asked.

"Like this," Quinn replied

Puck was curious as to what her incomplete statement meant so his eyes met hers. As soon as the words were out of her mouth she lent her body towards his. Puck couldn't help but get a bit excited at the scene of the most beautiful girl he'd ever met pursing her generously plump lips with the sole intention of using them to kiss him. However, although there was a part of him that wanted to let it happen, there was a more powerful side that took control of his mouth.

"No wait," he said, stopping her progression. "I'm not worth it. Save it for someone who deserves your love."

"But there isn't anyone who warrants it more than you. You just have to think back to the guy you were when we first fell in love. You were the guy that set the touchdown reception record in school history. The guy that chugged a gallon of milk without throwing up. And the guy that made this girl fall head over heels for him and bring a gorgeous little girl into the world," she told him.

"Yeah I was...I am that guy."

"So then will you please let me kiss you?"

"Well it would be rude to reject a pretty lady's kiss," Puck replied.

Quinn gave him a wide smile then lent in towards him again, this time only she wasn't pushed away at the last second. They're lips pressed against one another and the blonde brought her hands up to the sides of his shaved head in order to keep him from leaving. They found their rhythm of kissing one another pretty quickly, as easily as remembering how to ride a bike. It took no time at all for them to transition from lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both high schoolers were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another's face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. All that mattered to them was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and sexy they found one another.

"Mmm that's more like the Puck I remember," Quinn moaned in between kisses.

"Fuck we're hot together," Puck told her before resuming their make-out party. "Could kiss you all night."

"What about if this pretty lady wants to do more than kiss," Quinn said with lust in her eye.

Puck had seen that look many times before in her large, mischievous eyes and knew that the blonde already had her mind made up. Knowing that whatever he said would have little effect, Puck just smiled back at her and went back in for more kissing. Their mouths parted the instant their lips smacked together and they went at it with each other with a renewed ferocity. But as hot as their kissing was, he didn't want to pass up the opportunity of hooking back up with the sexiest girl in Lima, Ohio.

Wrapping one of his muscular arms around her back, Puck reclined her back onto her plush bed. Now fully horizontal, the Mohawk-wearing bad boy slide his hand from around her back and over her medium-sized boobs, giving each of the perky set a firm squeeze. Quinn was intrigued why his groping didn't last longer but she received her answer when his hand kept travelling further south until his fingers clutched the hem of her black dress. He peeled it back slowly at first so that his hand dragged over her wet panties in front of her sex then hastened his pace to bring it over her chest and expose her boobs.

"Just as perfect as the last time," Puck commented.

Bring his lips down he kissed her milky white skin above her flat stomach and slowly migrated up her lean body. The girl was a perfect mix of skinny with meat on her bones so that she wasn't gross with bones sticking out everywhere and by no means fat either, or even slightly chubby. He didn't waste much time until his mouth had kissed it's way up her perky tit and was now hovering over her small erect nipple. Descending on it he took the bright pink cap into his mouth and sucked on it all while flicking it with his tongue.

"Mmmm....yes," Quinn moaned loudly.

As Puck kissed down the side of her tit before ascending the next and sucking on her other nipple, Quinn lifted her shoulders and head off the bed and finished removing her dress from her body. Since she hadn't bothered wearing a bra with the summery garment, all the blonde had left on her tight body was a skimpy thong that she doubted would remain on her for much longer. Quinn allowed herself to get lost in Puck's kissing and touching but as his hand started down her smooth stomach she was reminded of the purpose of tonight's activities.

"Your turn to lose some clothing," the topless girl said to him.

With his help, Quinn flipped him over onto his back with his head in the middle of the bed and his knees dangling off. While looking him dead in the eye she made short work of his shirt buttons to expose his abs. Puck may not have been the brightest bulb in the pack but he certainly had the past body the ex-cheerleader had ever laid her gorgeous eyes on. Ripped muscles layer upon even more muscle had Quinn get wetter between her legs and made her unable to suppress the urge to kiss his stomach. While her lips were busy exploring every one of his ridges her hands had worked his belt undone, followed swiftly by his pants.

Sliding off of the edge of her bed, Quinn pulled his pants down with her. Unable to move in time, his erect cock sprung free of it's demin prison and smacked the beautiful girl square in the middle of her face. Recovering from the blow immediately, the blonde grabbed a hold of his lengthy 9-inch cock in her fist and gave it a long lick up it's main vein on the underside all the way up to the tip. She used her tongue to give his small slit a few quick licks before popping his bulbous head into her mouth.

"Oh fuck," he moaned in response to her warm mouth.

It had been a little while since Quinn had been with a man but she never forgot how exactly to give a great blowjob. As head cheerleader for three years at McKinley High, giving out blowjob to her various boyfriends or random members of the football or hockey team when she was single was a staple of the position. Being back on her knees with a cock between her lips felt like home for the sexy blonde and she was interested in showing Puck what he had been missing for the past year.

Quinn stuck to just bobbing her head on his wide tip for awhile to get them both warmed up before exhibiting more of her talents. Opening her jaw wider and using her lips to cover her teeth she ran them down his cock until he hit the back of her head, at which point she dragged back along his length to his tip again. The blonde worked this maneuver over and over again, gaining more side and making more slurping noise each time until she was a yellow blur between his olive-skinned legs.

"Fuck yeah Quinn suck my cock," Puck grunted.

"And if I remember correctly, you always seemed to go nuts when I...well...sucked on your nuts," she spoke.

Tucking the loose strands of her shoulder-length blonde hair behind her eyes, Quinn sank down lower onto her knees. While stroking his spit-covered dick with her fist, she angled his manhood upwards to give her better access to his sack. Each roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, it was clear to her that Puck hadn't gotten any action lately given the shear size of his balls.

"He's gonna cum like a typhoon later," Quinn mentally noted to herself.

Opening her mouth wide again she popped the first testicle into her mouth and worked it around inside with her tongue. She tasted the slightly salty taste of her sweat on his wrinkled skin but that wasn't enough to deter her from finishing thoroughly polishing the nut before swapping it out with his next one.

"I'm starting to lose my cool. Need to find my groove so I can go all night," Puck thought.

Quinn seemed to have thought her effort sucking his nuts was complete so after finishing applying a touch more suction she freed her mouth from his sack. Of course she wasn't going to just rest on her laurels and instead parted her lips again to take his tip back inside her wet oral cavity.

Puck stopped focusing on how close the talented cocksucker was pushing him to his climax and just tried to enjoy the situation. After all he had such a beautiful girl choking his dick down her throat all because she loved him after all this time. Reaching down, Puck bundled up her loose hair and held it on top of her head as she continuously bobbed into his lap. Deciding to give her hand, the former bad boy pushed down on her to force her down onto his dick with greater speed and depth. After producing some gurgling noises the first time the eager boy forced her down, Quinn regained composure and adapted to his encouragement.

"I see you haven't lost your amazing gift," Puck commented.

"Good to rock and roll Puck," Quinn said from between his legs. He gave her a curt nod in response. "Help me up then."

Puck knew she meant to help her up onto the bed so they could get to the good stuff but he had another idea first. Lifting himself off of the bed, he got his feet back on the floor and helped the much smaller girl up off the ground. Instead of pulling her up on the bed to join him, Puck clutched her rounded hips and spun her around so her perfectly curved ass was facing him. Marching her forward a couple of steps the came to rest with Quinn's thighs pressed against the wooden desk she'd been teaching him geography no more than 15 minutes ago. Knowing exactly what he wanted from her, Quinn swiped her arm across the surface to send the textbook and binder crashing to the floor so her tits and stomach could lay flat on it.

The blonde felt her mound gush another wave of fluid when the tanned senior pulled her tiny black thong down off her body. Quinn was prepared for Puck to split open her pussy lips with his cock and give her the pounding that they both needed, but that wasn't what he offered. Instead of his rock hard manhood Puck surprised her by licking the length of her clean shaven pussy that sent a shiver up her spine. Once reaching her puffy sex he extended his tongue as deep inside her pussy that he could and elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the sexy Glee singer.

"Oh Puck," she screamed out.

Puck didn't get much time to appreciate her sweet jelly for as long as he'd like because already Quinn was getting ancy for his fat dick to fill her up. Ignoring her physical cues for a little while longer he crammed his tongue up into her pussy and bathed his taste buds in her juices. Although eating her out gave him no direct pleasure, there was something so sensual about licking the inside of Quinn's pussy that made his erection grow even harder.

"Get up here and fuck me Puckerman," Quinn demanded.

"You wanna fuck me so bad, you go right ahead," Puck replied.

Wrapping a powerful arm around her narrow waist, Puck showed no signs of struggle as he effortlessly hoisted her into the air. Backing up until he fell onto the bed, he kept control of Quinn's body until his head was laying in the pillows at the top of her bed then allowed her to move under her own power again. Desperate for a good shagging, the horny blonde couldn't wait any longer to fuck the handsome man, not even bothering to wrap up his manhood in a condom.

"I haven't had a big fat cock in so long and now I get an absolute monster," Quinn thought to herself while aligning his tool with her exceptionally wet pussy. When she felt the tip of his head against her hole, the sexy blonde sank further down on her knees and engulfed the first third of him inside her warm hole. "Oh shit I forget how good you fill me up!"

"You're so wet," Puck groaned.

"Yeah, a little bit," she agreed.

She allowed gravity to pull her down his spit-covered cock until there was only a few inches that weren't currently occupying her. Not wanting to stay still any longer, Quinn used her strong thighs to propel herself up his length until only this thick crown remained inside her wetness. She repeated the same action as earlier and sank down into Puck's lap and this time descended down his pole swifter. Each time she rose and fell on his fat dick resulted in the blonde doing so faster and faster then the preceding attempt.

Quinn kept bouncing on her lover's cock while treating the lucky boy to a great view of her perfect ass. After 10 minutes of riding Puck in the manner she was had coated Quinn's body in a thin layer of sweat that made her tanned skin glisten beautifully in the dim bedroom lighting. The serious energy output also had a fatiguing effect on her despite her years of cheerleading training that had made her legs truly amazing both in shape and power. Changing her tactic slightly, Quinn sank fully on his manhood so her cheeks were tickled by his neatly-trimmed pubic hair. Instead of lifting her body to the tip oh his cock using her thighs, Quinn only made her booty raise halfway up his erection by contracting her low back before sending her bubble butt crashing down into his lap.

"Forgot how great we fit together," Puck grunted through the amazing ride.

The best part of dating Quinn was the sex. It had made him forget about all the other bullshit the girl was into like trying to ruin lives and just the overall drama she created. But when a girl as beautiful as she was with the perfect body she maintained could fuck like that then all the negative personality traits can be ignored for a good long while. She had seemed to turn a new leaf in the past 6 months, which made Puck very happy especially considering that the crazy leaving her mind didn't effect her mind-blowing bedroom skills.

The horny blonde was determined to keep changing the source of his pleasure. After driving herself hard down on his lap by stroking his entire length on her tight pussy, Quinn sank down completely on his manhood. Puck gasped sharply at having all 9 inches skewering the tiny singer but was greeted by a new stimulation when she began rotating her hips on his lap while also rocking back and forth.

"Oh God Quinn," Puck grunted.

Being balls deep in the girl while she gyrated her hot body on his lap was too much for pleasure for Puck to take while being passive. Moving his hands down from molesting her perky tits, the ripped senior grasped her hips tightly and held her in place. With her unable to move she was now a sitting duck for Puck to drive his groin skyward with raw power. Over and over again he drilled up into her juicy mound while they both screamed out in unison at a frantic pace. Quinn was happy that her technique had driven him wild and now was her turn to get pounded relentlessly while being held in place.

Even though having sex was solely intended for Puck to get his confidence back, Quinn was not holding back from receiving her own benefit from the encounter. Getting plowed up into her pussy by the machine that was Noah Puckerman was driving her closer to her orgasm with every stroke. Usually she didn't cum so quickly into sex but the savage way that her fellow Glee club member was fucking her was having it's toll on her, not to mention her recent dry streak.

"Getting close," Quinn huffed through moans.

"This tends to get her over the finishing line," Puck thought.

Puck lowered his hand down from around her hip and moved it between her muscular yet soft legs. It was normally their routine when they were dating and fucking on a daily basis to cum together, but Quinn seemed to need it bad this time so he'd give her an orgasm then allow her to repay the favor with her mouth the most likely option. Puck extended his long middle finger and immediately found her clit with his soft pad. Making short, quick circular motions with his digit the screams he was eliciting from her indicated she'd be gushing all over his cock within seconds.

"Shit Puck...I'm cumming! UUGGHHH...AAWWHHH....YEESSS," the beautiful girl yelled.

Once she was done cumming and her voice lowered to that of a more appropriate volume for inside a house, Puck stopped furiously rubbing her sensitive nub. He also slowed his thrusts up into her soaking wet sex so that the girl had a few moments to recover. He wasn't surprised when she rolled off of him and let her exhausted mind and body recuperate on the bed next to him for a couple of seconds before she spoke words which truly shocked him.

"Any last perversions during our last time together," Quinn asked him. "For one night only I'm down for whatever that sick Noah Puckerman mind can think up."

"Well when you put it like that..." Puck said to his former girlfriend.

"You want to put it in my ass right," Quinn asked, pretty sure that was where he was going.

"Hell yeah I do. You have the nicest dumper in all of Ohio and it'd be an honor to get all up in that booty," Puck replied. "You know, if that's cool with you."

"After that massive orgasm I just got from you I'm as relaxed as I'll ever be so now's the time," she said with a slight nervousness in her nasally voice.

"Alright well then since time is of the essence you should get on all fours so I can give it to you doggy style," he instructed.

Willing herself to move to quite the effort since her muscles still felt like jelly after her intense orgasm. Rolling over onto her stomach, Quinn put her palms flat against the mattress. Summoning all her strength she lifted off the plush surface so that she was resting on her hands and knees. Puck was already behind her and was pawing at her naked ass the second she thrust it up into the air.

"Oh my God! Look at this ass! And now my darkest dream gets to come true," Puck commented.

"Just be gentle Puckerman," Quinn ordered. "It's my first time. Fitting I guess that you take this virginity too."

"I know babe," Puck assured her. "Now spread those cheeks and let me see that asshole."

Quinn wasn't going to let herself back out at this point. Taking a deep breath in to steady her nerves, the gorgeous blonde reached behind her and did as Puck asked. With one of her thick cheeks in each of her dainty hands, the former cheerleader pulled them apart to make the crack wider than ever. The position forced her to rest her upper body on the mattress with her head titled to the side. It gave her the chance to look back at Puck who was staring at her ass with sense of wonderment. She felt a wealth of emotion in her perfectly toned body, but the prevailing one was fear of the pain she had heard rumors that were associated with anal sex. She also felt very exposed in this position as her never-before-touched or seen asshole was now out in the open. She hoped that it didn't offend Puck or make him think less of her for any reason.

Seeing the girl that he loved for years with her hands on her ass pulling her cheeks apart for him was causing his brain to work at a mile a minute. Not sure why this particular urge came over him but Puck went with it. He had his cock in hand and was inches away from butting it against her anus but instead backed up and brought his face between her cheeks. Extending his tongue, Puck swiped at her asshole and licked the tightly constricted rosebud. He noted the rough ridges as his tongue glided over it then licked again and again and again.

" weird...mmhmm...but nice," Quinn moaned though she was as surprised as he was that she actually enjoyed having her asshole licked.

They were both enjoying the act now as Puck showed no signs of relenting. Over and over again his tongue lashed out at her butthole to encircle her and smear copious amounts of saliva. When Quinn was so overcome with pleasure she unknowingly caused her sphincter to relax enough to gape open just slightly. The opening was enough for Puck to cram his tongue into her rectum and begin lapping at her anal walls, which resulted in a whole new realm of pleasure for Miss Fabrey.

"You like having your little asshole licked," Puck asked before reinstering his tongue back into her bowels.

" much. Don't stop eating my ass," Quinn groaned in response, hoping to continue receiving anal love from the jock. "Now that is a statement I would have guaranteed I never would have said in my life," she thought.

Puck didn't disappoint and continued to clean out her anus with his hungry tongue. Neither of them had any idea how long he was down between her cheeks or even when he swapped out his tongue for a finger. But they both were aware of how Quinn loved both approaches. In fact, the horny blonde had grown use to his one finger and felt ready for something large.

"Fuck me Puck! Put that cock in my ass. I'm ready now," Quinn instructed.

"How can I turn that down," Puck asked rhetorically.

Puck straightened back up on his knees behind the lovely cheerleader so that he once again towered over her. He grabbed his thick base in his hand and this time placed his tip at the entrance to her relaxed and well lubricated anal ring. Quinn still held her ass cheeks open for him which helped not only show him his target but gaped it as well. Puck placed his free hand on the small of her back to steady the blonde before pushing forward. Although she was tight as all hell, Puck managed to fit his head inside her rectum before her hole clinched down right at his crown.

"Ummm....awhh," Quinn whimper in discomfort. Before Puck could pull out or inquiry about her thoughts she spoke. "Don't worry I'm fine. Just hold up for a second."

Puck did what she had asked and stopped his forward progress. Quinn knew she was going to offer up her anal virginity to the struggling stud tonight and so had done research online. The consensus was that penetration always hurt but that it was the worst part of the experience. Key was preventing him from constantly going in completely in and out of her asshole and using copious amounts of lubrication. Puck's willing tongue took care of the latter while she'd be sure to control that he stayed in her backdoor without slipping out. According to the websites, if that was followed then she should have pain-free and possibly pleasure-filled anal sex.

Allowing herself another couple of second to adjust to his mammoth size, Quinn took one last deep breath. The blonde took her hands away from pulling her cheeks apart so that she could dig them into the bed and push her little body backwards. Slowly she could Puck's cock passing into her rectum until she stopped, looked over her shoulder and gave the boy with a Mohawk a confirming nod. Puck knew exactly what it meant so he grabbed her hips for stability and gently rocked his hips into her.

"This bastard better ace this test," Quinn thought as his thick cock inched into her bowels.

It was a slow and uncomfortable process but they gradually made progress. Puck felt like her had pumped into Quinn's ass about a hundred times, which was probably an understatement, yet had only pushed maybe an inch or two into her. The blonde's asshole was like a clamp and as best as she tried to relax Quinn was having trouble pushing the mild pain out of her consciousness.

"Holy shit! This is the tightest thing I've ever felt," Puck grunted with the first third of his cock inside her asshole.

"Yup...feels tight on my end too," Quinn groaned in response.

Puck was ecstatic with getting the opportunity to sodomize the hottest girl he'd ever known but he felt like he'd burn up all his energy before getting the chance to cum. Knowing that something had to change in order to get the talented singer to relax, Puck pulled a hand down from her hips and placed it in her wet folds. He extended his middle finger and began rubbing her clit and immediately he could feel the cheerleader start to calm herself.

"That's much better," Puck thought then gave her ass a light spank in celebration.

Quinn realized that with the pleasurable effect of her clit being stimulated that her asshole had seemed to finally relax. The next time Puck did one of his baby thrusts they found that a whole inch passed anew into her rectum with ease. The boy was so excited that he pulled back out so only his tip remained inside her hole then pressed into her. This time 5 inches cleared her sphincter before it reflexively tightened. Both parties were excited by the recent development as Puck was now able to stroke almost his entire length past her anal ring while the pain and discomfort vanished for Quinn. In fact, it was getting to the point where it was actually feeling good to have him stretching out her tightest of holes.

"Oh Puck! Fuck me baby," Quinn cooed lightly.

"Whadda say Q," Puck asked, certain that he didn't hear what he actually thought he did.

"Fuck my ass Puck! It feels so good having you pump that fat cock in my butthole," the horny blonde stated loudly.

Puck could only smile wider than ever before in his life. Not only did he successfully bed the girl of his dreams, but he was also making her an anal-loving slut who couldn't get enough of his cock. With that knowledge in tow, Puck seemed to double his efforts in sawing into the cheerleader's asshole. At a pace that surprised both of them, the boy was flying into her hole with such speed that he knew he couldn't keep up for long. However, Puck knew his orgasm was coming faster than Superman at top flight so he pushed the fatiguing muscles out of his mind and concentrated solely on savoring the last few moment of occupying Quinn Fabrey's rectum.

"," Puck grunted while still plowing his entire length past her anal ring. "Where?"

"Inside me. Cum in my ass big boy," Quinn replied, close to her own orgasm as well.

Puck didn't know if it was Quinn demanding him to shoot his load in her ass or if it was her spectacularly shaped ass slapping him in his stomach for the first time since entering her bowels, but it was the catalyst for his orgasm. Rearing back his hips one last time, Puck sprang forward and buried his entire length in the girl's asshole. The blonde was impaled fully by his dick one last time before she felt him begin to palpably spasm against her inner walls. Him rubbing her clit with his finger in combination with the sensation of his warm cum spewing out into her surprisingly receptive colon triggered her second orgasm of the night.

Both of their grunts and screams filled the room as they came simultaneously. Quinn felt three thick blasts of cum coat her anal walls while Puck nearly had a second orgasm when her anal ring clamped down mercilessly against his throbbing cock. When both their orgasms subsided in a few seconds both sets of their muscles gave out and they collapsed down onto the mattress with Quinn sandwiched between the bed and Puck, who still was impaled fully in her ass. After a minute she felt his member begin to soften which triggered Puck to roll off of the smaller girl and back onto his feet.

"," was all Puck could think to say.

"You were pretty wow yourself," she responded with her irresistible smile donning her face.

"Did I actually make you cum while I gave it to you in the ass," Puck asked.

"Big time," she replied equally astonished as he was. "So how you feel about that test now?"

"Like I'm going to bend it over the desk and fuck it in...well, fuck it where I just fucked you," he answered with enthusiasm.

When Puck strutted out of her house he had the swagger of...well a man who had just ass fucked the hottest girl in the school. He slept like a baby that night and when he woke up the next morning the confidence was still there. It was no surprise to him or Quinn when the grade of his test came back an A and he was able to graduate with the rest of his friends, including the no long anal virgin Quinn Fabrey.


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