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Author's note: This story takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Glee: One Time Thing Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Quinn Fabray opened the door to her room and walked inside for the first time in weeks. Thanks to Santana Lopez, who followed her inside and close the door behind them, Quinn had actually been away 'sick', a.k.a. having the most wonderful sex of her life. Yet while it was wonderful it wasn't quite perfect, and even though she was incredibly nervous Quinn could think of no better time to bring up the subject with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend, just thinking that making Quinn smile with blissful happiness as she turned to Santana, only to get a little freaked out by the look on the other girl's face.

"What's wrong?" Quinn asked.

Santana bit her lip and then followed up with, "It's just... are you sure this is an too soon?"

"What? We're U-Hauling, like a couple of 'real' lesbians." Quinn teased, leaning into kiss Santana's cheek, "Besides, Rachel and Kurt officially kicked us out after we broke our promise about not having sex in the apartment for like the hundredth time, and I can't afford to live in a hotel, and I've got a spare bed since my roommate dropped out, so this is the logical choice."

"I know." Santana begrudgingly admitted, "I just don't want to screw this up, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." Quinn said, turning around and dropping her bag, "Now come on, we have to unpack."

"Fine." Santana sighed, carrying her case over to the spare bed.

For a moment Quinn načvely thought that 'fine' actually meant Santana was going to unpack. But she knew the Latina better than that. Better than anyone. Besides, she could practically feel the smile crossing Santana's face as the brunette dumped her suitcase on the bed and then stared at the blonde. Playing up to it Quinn deliberately teased Santana by bending over so her girlfriend could get the best possible look at the 'booty hugging jeans' which Santana loved so much. Quinn even wiggled her ass just before Santana started pushing, the blonde then straightening up and pretending to be surprised when the brunette wrapped her arms around her from behind and started kissing her neck.

"Santana!" Quinn said softly in a warning voice.

"Come on Q, it's been way too long since we fucked." Santana complained, pressing herself firmly against Quinn's back.

"I ate you out in the train's bathroom." Quinn pointed out, "Which was like an hour ago."

"Exactly." Santana grinned, gently nipping Quinn's earlobe before continuing, "By now your clothes should already be on the floor and you should be moaning my name."

Quinn let out a throaty chuckle, "You're insatiable."

"You love it." Santana countered.

"I tolerate it." Quinn countered back as she was turned around to face her girlfriend, "And I tolerate you."

"Awww, Quinnie. I tolerate you too." Santana grinned before doing one of her favourite things in the world, namely kissing Quinn Fabray.

Quinn welcomed the kiss, once again amazed that she had ever fought something which felt so good and natural. Instead of wasting time with all the rest she should have been kissing Santana from the start, Quinn trying to make it up to her lover now by pushing her tongue into her mouth. Of course Santana's tongue pushed hers back into her own mouth, the dominant Latina taking full control of the kiss and making the white girl pretty much melt into her arms. Excusing Quinn lowering her back onto her bed and then pulling Santana on top of her, and even that was only a brief glimpse of topping from the bottom before Santana re-established her dominance again.

It was funny, Quinn could have never have imagined herself submissive before this affair with her best friend turned so much more. Then again she had been blind to the fact that she was as gay as a rainbow, and that she got off on some pretty twisted stuff. And Quinn wanted to celebrate taking her lesbian relationship to the next level by exploring that twisted stuff, to not just be a bottom but to truly become Santana's bitch, if only temporarily.

So after a long make out session she broke the kiss and asked, "Santana... do, do you remember our second time together?"

The grin immediately slipping from her face Santana grumbled, "I count the second time as when I woke up with my strap-on still up your ass, but hey, I know what you actually mean. And again, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be." Quinn said softly, before blushing, "And, and I actually count that as part of our attempt at a one time thing. What I'm referring to is our real second time."

Becoming bashful Santana mumbled, "Oh, that. I-"

"Let me finish!" Quinn insisted before taking a deep breath and adding, "I, I kind of liked it."

Santana stared at the other girl for a second and then smiled deviously, "The anal, or the roughness?"

"Both." Quinn blushed.

"Really?" Santana purred, allowing Quinn to just about nod which in turn led Santana to add, "So... you want me to-"

"Not all the time!" Quinn said quickly, forcing the next words out as she continued blushing, "But, once in awhile, maybe you could surprise me."

"Surprise you?" Santana raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure that's a good idea Q?"

"I, I... I think you'd be surprised." Quinn admitted, "And we could also do it when I'm just in the mood."

"And you're in the mood now?" Santana pushed.

"Oh God yes." Quinn admitted.

"Ok." Santana said, leaning in a little, "So... what do you want me to do to you?"

"I, I don't know..." Quinn lied, before admitting, "Call me names and... and..."

"Fuck you in the ass?" Santana offered.

"Yes." Quinn blushed.

"I can definitely do that." Santana beamed, making Quinn blush again before adding, "So basically you wanted to explore your submissive side?"

Quinn nodded, "Yeah."

Santana grinned, "Then how about a spanking?"

"What?" Quinn exclaimed.

"How about I bend you over my knee and spank that hot ass of yours." Santana purred, "Come on Quinnie, don't act so surprised. It's basic submission 101. Don't tell me you never thought about it."

"I didn't." Quinn blushed, and after a brief pause added, "I hadn't..."

"Oh." Santana murmured, then seeing the look on Quinn's face asked, "Do you want to try it?"

There was a long pause and then Quinn softly squeaked, "Ok."

"Great." Santana grinned, finally getting off of Quinn.

"How, how do you want to do this?" Quinn asked nervously.

"How about the classic over the knee spanking?" Santana suggested as she moved to the edge of the bed, before adding, "But only if you're sure you wanna try this."

"I do." Quinn insisted, "I'm just-"

"Nervous?" Santana offered, and then when Quinn nodded the Latina softly smiled, "Well, you can tell me to stop at any time, and I will."

"Ok." Quinn smiled.

"Now, pull your pants and panties down and then bend over my knee." Santana ordered, then when Quinn gave her a quizzical look she added, "What? If we're going to do this, might as well do it right. That means this thing has to be bare bottom."

Quinn blushed an adorable shade of red, but nodded her head, got off the bed and pulled down her pants and panties. Unfortunately she didn't turn around and tease Santana with her hot ass, but the brunette definitely liked the flash of pussy she got, especially as it was glistening with arousal. Quinn was definitely embarrassed by this whole situation, especially when it came time to actually place herself over Santana's knee, the blonde having to take a calming breath before she could do so, but given the wetness against her thigh Santana knew her lover was getting off on putting herself in this position.

With that in mind Santana reached out and grabbed Quinn's butt cheeks, causing her girlfriend to gasp before she murmured, "Do you know what I remember about our first few times together? Aside from thanking God I was actually getting to touch you? It was finally being able to tell you what a hot ass you have, because damn Quinn, you've got an amazing ass for a white girl."

"Oh God." Quinn whimpered.

Raising an eyebrow Santana asked, "Too much?"

"No, keep... keep telling me about my hot white girl ass." Quinn blushed.

Santana grinned, squeezed Quinn's ass cheeks and then firmly and clearly announced, "To me, this is the perfect ass. Not too big, not too small, and with just the right amount of jiggle when I'm fucking it... or spanking it!"

Within the pause to those final words Santana raised her hand high and then to emphasise those final words she bought her hand down as hard as she could on Quinn's ass. Proving her point the cheeks jiggled the perfect amount, the sight almost as beautiful as the sound of flesh meeting flesh and the squeal that Quinn let out, both echoing around the room. Santana savoured those sounds for a few seconds, then she delivered a few more spanks which weren't as hard but they came in quick succession, making Quinn wriggle on her lap and crying out, but noticeably not telling her to stop.

"God Q, this ass was made for spanking." Santana taunted, delivering another slap before taking a few moments to squeeze Quinn's butt and taunting other girl some more, "And fucking. Mmmmmmm yeah, I can't tell you how many times I've fingered myself thinking about fucking you up the ass, especially after I popped your anal cherry. I've been working up the nerve to ask you about it, because I really do love this white girl booty of yours. I didn't think you'd let me spank it too, but this is an awesome bonus Q. Thanks so much for giving me your hot girl ass. Again."

"It's yours Santana." Quinn whimpered, "My ass is yours."

Santana let out a inhuman growl, blacked out and when she came too she was savagely beating Quinn's butt. It seemed Snixx had finally broken free of her cage and had gone to town on Quinn's behind. Or at least Santana wished she believe that, but she didn't anymore. Not entirely. It wasn't entirely accurate to say her most darkest desires were simply another personality, as part of her was definitely getting off on inflicting pain on her former rival, and she had to accept responsibility for her own actions. Then again it seemed Quinn was rather enjoying Santana's dark side. Sure, her ass was a dark pink or possibly even light red, but there was definitely a twinge of pleasure to her cries and her cunt was soaking.

So Santana didn't stop right away when she regained full control of herself. She just rained herself back a little, and ironically Quinn sounded disappointed by that, which made Santana smirk. Her words had been meant to entice Quinn, but her clever girlfriend had used her own tactics against her and driven her crazy with lust and let her darker side come out and play. It was really twisted, but it made Santana love Quinn even more. But not enough to give her exactly what she wanted. Not yet.

Abruptly stopping Santana grabbed a handful of Quinn's hair, yanked it back and growl into the other girl's ear, "Still wanna get your ass fucked Quinnie?"

"Yes." Quinn squeaked, then worried that she had sounded hesitant forced herself to add as boldly as she could, "I want you to fuck my ass. Please Santana, fuck my ass!"

"Maybe later, if you're lucky." Santana said dismissively, letting go of Quinn's hair and giving the blonde's booty one final slap before continuing, "First you got to earn your ass fucking by eating my pussy. Not that should be too difficult, given the amount of enthusiasm you showed when you were on your knees in all those bathrooms on the way here."

"I'll try my best." Quinn blushed as she hurried to get off Santana's lap and get on her knees.

Before she could do the second part Santana scolded her, "Na-ah, I know you feel at home on your knees in front of me, but I feel like sitting on your face. You got a problem with that, slut?"

"No Santana." Quinn replied, trying and failing not to smile.

"I didn't think you would, you naughty little dyke." Santana grinned, then as Quinn made for the bed she quickly added, "Erm, what do you think you're doing?"

Confused Quinn answered, "Getting on the bed."

"With your clothes still on? I don't think so." Santana scoffed, acting genuinely offended, "New rule, whenever you're on my bed, you're always naked."

"But... it's my bed." Quinn pointed out softly.

"Wrong." Santana said firmly, stepping into her girlfriend's personal space, "As of right now, everything in this room is mine, including you and your hot white girl ass. Do you understand?"

"Yes Santana." Quinn nodded.

"Repeat that back to me." Santana demanded.

Quinn thought for a second, then obediently parroted, "Everything in this room is yours, including me and my hot white girl ass."

There was a pause and then Santana growled, "Well, get naked then bitch. Your face won't fuck itself."

Quinn blushed and murmured some sort of reply while frantically stripping off the rest of her clothes and repositioning herself so she was lying flat on her back on the bed. That included wincing as she rested her freshly spanked ass down on the soft sheets. She briefly reminded herself that she asked for this, but it was kind of unnecessary as putting weight on her sore ass only upped the pain slightly, and it was quickly forgotten as she watched Santana slowly take off her clothes and then positioned her delicious cunt over Quinn's face and started lowering herself down.

The last few times this had happened Quinn had reached out, grabbed Santana's big Latin booty and shoved it downwards onto her face before beginning to frantically lick it like it was her job. Now she was being willingly subservient to the other girl Quinn just about resisted the urge to grab that luscious rear and bring it down to her mouth where it belonged, but the only way for her to resist that temptation was to dig her fingernails into the palm of her hand. Luckily for her hands Santana chose not to tease her for too long, instead lowering herself down to Quinn's lips in a matter of seconds while not resting any weight on her, for now.

As she basically already had permission Quinn didn't hesitate, her tongue shooting out of her mouth as soon as Santana's pussy was in range and sliding her tongue over that delicious treat. Naturally she was rewarded for her efforts by a throaty moan from Santana and some sweet honey from her honeypot, Quinn eagerly lapping up that liquid until there was just too much of it. That occurred after a number of licks, and Quinn almost immediately solve that 'problem' by wrapping her lips around Santana's entrance and beginning to literally suck the cunt cream out of her girlfriend.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, lick that pussy you dirty little dyke!" Santana moaned loudly, remembering what Quinn had asked for, "Yessssssssssss, lick it bitch! Lick my fucking pussy! Ooooooooooh God Q, you beautiful little slut, eat my pussy just like that. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, eat it just like I trained you, you naughty little queer girl. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, should have known that Queer Fabgay was a lezzie whore just dying to eat my pussy, mmmmmmmmmm, and now you have what you want, go for it. Eat me Quinn! Eat my pussy good, and maybe I'll return the favour."

Under normal circumstances Quinn might scoff and point out that Santana couldn't resist returning the favour and eating her pussy if she tried, but she probably wouldn't. In fact since they got together Santana had practically been living in between Quinn's legs as if she was afraid the blonde would freak out and ran off if she didn't receive mind melting oral pleasure on a daily basis. Of course Quinn gave as good as she got. More or less. Santana still had way more experience than her, and it felt like she had been born to eat pussy.

Santana felt the same thing about Quinn, especially right now she was on her favourite ever seat, namely Quinn's face. The girl was just a natural from day one, showing more than enough enthusiasm to make up for any lack of experience, and she kept that enthusiasm as she gained experience which was a powerful combination. That, and it was always a thrill for Santana to see THE Quinn Fabray in between her thighs, even though the days of Quinn being a super straight Queen bee felt like a million years ago right now.

Of course Santana had been trying to tell Quinn that she was a natural pussy pleaser since pretty much the first time they'd had sex. The only difference was that since they had gotten together she had been trying to do it in the most diplomatic way possible as not to offend her girlfriend who seemed to be emotionally made of glass, Santana just trying to do what she could not to blow it with this blonde as she had blown it with the last. That meant Santana had been censoring herself, in general for sure but mostly in the bedroom, the experience almost painful for her. Now Quinn had asked her to take the gloves off Santana was only too happy to oblige.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Quinn earn it! Earn your orgasm! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, earn your orgasm by making me cum first you little pussy slut." Santana demanded as she began to grind her cunt down onto Quinn's face, which just made the other girl lick her more enthusiastically, "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh lick me you fucking dyke! Mmmmmmmmmm fuck Fabgay, your tongue feels sooooooooooo good on my cunt, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, but I want it inside me! Ooooooooooh yes, stick your tongue inside my pussy and earn your orgasm you rug munching little queer girl! Prove what a little carpet cleaner you are, and how much you deserve having another girl tongue fuck you to climax like a lezzie whore, by sticking your tongue deep inside my cunt and fucking me with it. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, make me cum, then I'll make you cum. Sound fair bitch?"

Apparently it did, Quinn responding by shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into Santana's cunt, almost making the Latina cum on the spot. She did so shortly afterwards, the build-up from the spanking and just from being around the goddess that was Quinn Fabray combining with the work of that skilled tongue to make Santana cum. The fact that she was constantly grinding down onto her girlfriend's face also had an effect, Santana doing it a lot more after her first orgasm which quickly led to several more, with significant help from Quinn's talented tongue which was hammering in and out of her constantly, or at least whenever Quinn wasn't swallowing her cum.

In the name of rewarding Quinn for this Santana turned around on top of her girl so she was facing Quinn's outstretched body and then she reached down to play with the blonde's boobs. As that wasn't nearly enough for her she leaned down to put them in the classic 69 position, and while she tried to restrict herself to just fingering her girlfriend Santana just couldn't resist eating Quinn's yummy pussy.

Quinn moaned softly into Santana's pussy as her tits were played with. She then cried out into that yummy treat as first one and then two fingers were pushed into her cunt. Then Santana started licking her clit and Quinn screamed into her girlfriend's twat as she experienced a powerful orgasm, quickly followed by another, and another, and another as the Latina switched between fingering her and tongue fucking her, Santana preferring the latter as usual as it was easier for her to then switched to swallowing Quinn's cum whenever she pushed her over the edge again.

Part of Quinn was pissed as she had been fantasising about worshipping Santana's beautiful body and her only reward being a brutal butt fucking which left her sore and aching back there for days. But in between getting her ass spanked, having Santana sit on her face and honestly just being around her best friend turned girlfriend had made her own urge to cum almost painful, and Quinn could never really complain about the amazing climaxes that Santana gave her on a regular basis.

The downside, if that was the correct term for it, was that they became lost in their old competitive ways, the two girls competing to see who could make the other cum more as they frantically used their mouths, tongues and fingers on each other for what felt like hours. Quinn had a head start of course, but it soon felt like Santana got caught up, both of them struggling to breathe when the Latina finally rolled off of her, Quinn feeling as if she was going to pass out right then and there. Then Santana turned around, crawled up her body and gently but firmly kissed Quinn, quickly reigniting their lust as it almost always did.

Several minutes later Quinn broke the kiss and teased her girlfriend, "Aren't you going to fuck my ass?"

Santana smiled sweetly, caressed Quinn's face and then softly asked her, "You sure you still want this?"

Quinn blushed and nodded, "Give me your worst."

After pressing a quick kiss to Quinn's forehead Santana whispered, "No matter what I say, or do, I love you."

"I love you too." Quinn smiled, "Now... please Santana, fuck my little white girl ass."

Grinning wickedly Santana rolled off her and then got off the bed. Grinning just as wickedly Quinn sat up and watched Santana quickly retrieve one of her harnesses out of her bag, stepped into it and then pull it up her thighs. Once it was securely around her waist Santana pulled out a tube of lube and then squeezed a generous portion out on her newly acquired dick before rubbing it in which was somehow comical and hot at the same time. While she was doing that Quinn flipped over onto her stomach, lifted herself up onto all fours and then wiggled her ass seductively at her lover.

"Come on Santana, fuck me!" Quinn begged, taking a breath before forcing the words out, "Fuck my little white girl booty!"

"You want this big dick up your ass? Prove it. Spread your cheeks for me." Santana ordered, she was then briefly taken aback when Quinn immediately obeyed, before giving her another order "Now beg like a shameless anal whore to get your juicy white girl ass stuffed."

Quinn blushed and forced herself to do as she was told, "Please San, fuck my ass. Fuck my... my juicy white girl ass. Stuff it full of your big dick. Oh God Santana, please just fuck me. I want it hard, and rough, and dirty. Please Santana, bang my white girl booty. Please stuff my juicy white girl ass and fuck me like a shameless anal whore!"

Santana could happily hear Quinn beg for her all night long. Maybe forever. However at the same time there was only so long she could resist that white booty, especially when the once high and mighty Quinn Fabray was face down and spreading her ass cheeks, her body and her mouth pleading Santana to take that forbidden hole and use it for her pleasure. So inevitably Santana obliged, although when she did she slowly pushed forwards so she could savour every second of Quinn's butt hole stretching for her, although as amazing as that sight was her favourite part might have been the little sound the other girl let out as her back hole began stretching.

What was even better was the gasp Quinn let out as her anal ring stretched wide enough to accept the head inside her, although that sound had to compete with the sight of Santana's cock violating Quinn's ass which was one of Santana's favourite things ever. Of course she'd only seen it a couple of times before, but those times were forever ingrained in Santana's memory as some of the best moments of her life, and Quinn giving her that juicy ass of hers after everything they had been through ranked pretty highly, so Santana chose to stop so she could admire just having the head of her strap-on inside this beautiful girl's butt.

"More." Quinn whimpered a few minutes after she completely relaxed, "Please Santana, give me more. I want that whole thing up my butt. Mmmmmmmm, please Santana, give me your entire length, oh fuck, fill my butt, stuff my juicy white girl ass full of your big dick! Please, I want your dick, I AH FUCK!"

With an evil chuckle Santana began pushing forwards, inch after inch of dildo disappearing into Quinn's most intimate hole as her little slut struggled to take her size. Not that Santana didn't stop every time Quinn let out a sound like the strap-on was about to come out of her mouth, but the Latina did worry that she was a little hasty to stuff the white girl booty in front of her. She was sure no one, not even Quinn, could blame her for it considering the hot butt the other girl was packing full of dildo however that didn't make it right, which was why when Santana's hips met those pride apart butt cheeks she took another long pause. Ok, that was more than partly so that she could savour the completion of the anal penetration, and maybe tease Quinn a little bit, but mostly the giving Quinn a chance to relax thing.

Quinn appreciated the time to relax, but eventually the urge to be butt fucked became too great and she pleaded, "Oh God Santana, please fuck me! Fuck my butt. Fuck my juicy white girl butt. Mmmmmmmmm, butt fuck me damn you! Fuck me in the butt, like a shameless anal slut! Oh fuck, damn you for doing this to me Santana, but I want it. I want you to fuck me like the butt slut you turned me into. Fuck me in my bottom and make me feel like a bottom. Oh my God, I can't believe I actually like having your big dick in my ass, but God forgive me I do. Mmmmmmmmm, I can't believe it feels this good, and I can't believe I want you to fuck my ass, but I do. I want it so bad! Please Tana, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd!"

Santana laughed again, and then slowly pulled back and then pushed forwards, watching gleefully as inch after inch of dildo slowly left Quinn's obscenely stretched butt hole and then re-entered just as slowly, the other girl letting out a soft gasp/moan as the ass fucking officially got underway. As Santana treated one of her best friends ever to what was only her fourth, or maybe even third, ever butt fucking. As Santana Lopez began sodomising Quinn Fabray, the former HBIC of McKinley high continuing to spread her ass cheeks so that Santana could have the best view possible of the stretched ass hole of the girl who had bossed her around most of their lives, this girl who meant so much to her, this girl who was now her girlfriend, Santana's mind becoming overwhelmed with joyful thoughts as she stared at the butt hole she was now fucking.

Quinn was similarly overwhelmed, however in addition to thinking about exactly who was doing this to her she had to concentrate on relaxing, because in that moment it felt like there was a telephone poll up her butt and she was seconds away from having to endure a really embarrassing trip to the doctor. It was embarrassing enough having her ass stretched, not just because it was a special treat for her lover but because she had literally asked for it. She'd actually begged for the utter humiliation of having her most private hole used as a fuck hole and was even now spreading her cheeks to show her eagerness to be sodomised.

The worst part of it was that she pretty much felt pleasure right from the start, including the most painful part. Oh God, Quinn had actually felt an incredible thrill from having Santana Lopez anally penetrate her with a giant strap-on dildo, and once the entire length of the monster cock was stuffing her back passage it took an embarrassingly short time for her rectum to relax and the pain to melt into a mild discomfort which was almost unnoticeable next to the amazing pleasure she was receiving. Then the pain went away completely and Quinn was moaning loudly with delight as she once again started feeling the perverted pleasure which haunted her dreams.

Then Santana pulled the entire length of the dildo out of the blonde's butt and lay down on her back, leaving Quinn feeling exposed which made her turn around and glare at the brunette, "Hey!"

Instead of looking even slightly apologetic Santana had the audacity to shrug and murmur, "You want it so bad, ride it. Oh yeah, if you want my big cock up your fat ass so bad, you can anally ride me. Mmmmmmmmm, I think that would be so hot."

Quinn blushed bright red, "I can't."

"You will!" Santana said firmly, making Quinn blush even more.

Automatically Quinn opened her mouth to give Santana a piece of her mind, but wasn't this exactly what she wanted? Santana to dominate her and treat her like a slut? So it would be completely hypocritical to complain. Therefore she slowly crawled towards the other girl, who grinned wickedly the second she started moving, prompting Quinn to blush even more and then turn around and spread her cheeks again so at least she wouldn't have to look at Santana's grinning face as she humiliated herself in this way.

"That's it Q!" Santana said gleefully, eagerly holding her dildo in place while guiding Quinn down on top of it, "Give me that ass!"

Again Quinn blushed, although she couldn't deny she was grateful for the help, especially as it resulted in that dildo re-entering her ass quicker. Of course by the time she'd got into position and pushed downwards her back door had completely tightened up, however whether because she was overwhelmed by her anal lust or because her back passage was now expecting it taking that cock up her ass was much easier the second time, Quinn moaning in pure pleasure as she slowly sank down on the dildo and then started bouncing up and down on it while continuing to spread her cheeks to enhance the humiliation she was feeling and hopefully enhance Santana's enjoyment.

Both things were an astounding success, Santana only too happy to let Quinn know just how much she was enjoying this, "That's it Quinnie, give me that ass! Mmmmmmmm, give me that juicy white girl ass! Fuck Q, you look good with a dick up your ass. I always knew you would, but I never dared to dream I'd actually see it until you jumped into my bed. Mmmmmmmm, should have known it was what you really wanted, that you were as gay as a rainbow and secretly didn't want dick. No, mmmmmmmmmm, you wanted girl dick. You secretly wanted a girl dick just like this one shoved right up your fat white girl booty because you're a submissive little queer slut! Oh fuck, and I love it. I love you, Queer Fabgay! I love you and your hot white girl butt which was made for fucking!"

Santana tried to stay focused on what she was saying and not to go too far like the last time they had butt sex, however it was extremely hard when Quinn Fabray was anally riding her strap-on cock. It was bad enough in the beginning when Quinn was spreading her cheeks, but then she let go of them and concentrated on increasing the pace, causing those meaty cheeks of hers to jiggle with every thrust which drove Santana crazy with lust. So much so that without really being aware of it Santana reached up, grabbed hold of Quinn's waist and began thrusting upwards, driving her dildo hard and deep into the other girl's bottom every time Quinn dropped that hot butt downwards.

Over and over again the two former cheerleaders work together to make sure the once mighty Quinn Fabray got her ass well and truly fucked until it was obvious she was seconds away from cumming. And Santana really wanted to let Quinn cum, but she wasn't ready to allow the session of blissful sodomy to come to an end. So Santana suddenly pulled Quinn down so they were lying in the spooning position with every single inch of dildo buried up the blonde's butt. Then Santana reached down and started to play with Quinn's cunt while kissing the other girl's neck, the once proud Quinn Fabray whimpering pathetically before shamelessly begging for mercy.

"Please Santana, make me cum. I need to cum! I need it sooooooooooo bad!" Quinn practically wept, "I need, I need, ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

"You need it, huh?" Santana teased, "Then what are you willing to offer?"

"Anything you want." Quinn whimpered.

"Careful now Q." Santana purred, "A girl could get ideas."

"Santana please, just get on with it." Quinn wept.

"I don't know, this sounds like it's worth pondering." Santana grinned, gently kissing Quinn's shoulder before continuing, "Are you gonna give me this ass whenever I want?"

"Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh God yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, you can have my ass whenever you want." Quinn moaned as Santana ever so slightly increased the pace of the butt fucking and pussy rubbing, "Mmmmmmmmm, my ass is yours."

"Damn right it is." Santana grinned, slapping Quinn's ass gently before adding, "But just having your ass isn't enough. I don't want a dead fish in bed, I want a slut. Will you be that for me Quinnie? Will you be my little anal slut?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, I'll be your slut! I'll be your anal slut!" Quinn cried out as again Santana increased the force of what she was doing, making the blonde's holes feel so good, "I swear I'll be a total whore for you. I'll be the nastiest lesbian anal slut on the planet if you'll just let me cum."

"Will you go ass to mouth?" Santana pushed, and then when there was no reply she clarified in case there was any confusion, "Will you take a cock which has just been in your ass into your mouth? Will you suck a strap-on after it's been up your butt? Will you clean my cock after I've used it to slammed the slutty little hole you shit from and made you cum like the anal whore you are?"

There was a long silence and then Quinn whimpered, "God Santana, that's so nasty."

"You said you would be. You said you would be the nastiest lesbian anal slut on the planet for me." Santana pointed out, quickly adding, "But if it's too much for you, just say the word..."

There was a long pause, and then Quinn whimpered, "Make me cum, and... and I'll try it."

Unable to stop herself Santana pushed, "Try what Q?"

Looking over her shoulder Quinn gritted her teeth and replied, "I'll let you stick your cock in my mouth after it's been in my ass."

Satisfied with Quinn's answers Santana rolled her fellow former cheerleader onto her back, pulled her legs up onto her shoulders and then started pounding that hot ass while staring into Quinn's eyes. Luckily for them both Quinn was still in fantastic shape and there wasn't a hint of pain or discomfort as Santana bent the other girl in half. In fact the squeals of pleasure were very positive, Quinn clearly trying to beg Santana to destroy her ass hole although her words at this point were pretty much incoherent. That was fine though, Santana was more than willing to be the one to provide the commentary which would push them both over the edge.

"You like that Quinnie? You like being my anal slut?" Santana teased as she gradually increased the pace until she was roughly ass fucking her girlfriend with every ounce of her strength, "Do you like it in the ass? Do you like taking my big rubber cock up your juicy white girl booty? Huh? Does the former president of the celibacy club want me to bang her butt until she cums like the anal slut she is? Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah she does, cause I've turned little church girl Quinn Fabray into my personal anal slut who's going to have to give up her ass hole to me whenever I want from now on, because that's what she wants. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I told you your ass was mine the first night we fucked Fabgay, and now thanks you that's a reality. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeah, thanks to you your ass is owned by a sex obsessed little freak who just can't get enough of you. Who could never get enough of you. Who could never get enough of this hot white girl butt! FUCK, cum for me Q! Cum for me as I slam your ass so hard I literally wreck your rectum! Oh yeah Quinnie,cum for me as I pound your ass into unconsciousness! Mmmmmmmmm fucking cum for me! Cum for the new owner of your most private hole while I officially make it mine by slamming it real hard and afterwards turning you into my fucking ass to mouth whore!"

With that Quinn's cum squirted against their stomachs and tits, Santana laughing like some kind of super villain as she brutally butt pounded her girlfriend to orgasm after orgasm, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of doing this to THE Quinn Fabray, and that Quinn had asked for this, and that this perfect girl was now her girlfriend, sending Santana to some of the most satisfying climaxes of her life. And the wonderful thing was that the two lovers shared the moment, Quinn and Santana staring into each others eyes for what felt like an eternity. Then the Latina craved the feeling of that white girl booty against her thighs again, Santana letting out an animalistic like growl before she turned Quinn back onto her stomach and then pulled her up into the doggy style position so she could finish in style.

Quinn would have been perfectly happy to spend the rest of the night lying back and taking it up the ass. It would be much easier on her exhausted body, and there was a definite thrill to pretty much being in the 'traditional' position while getting her ass hole pounded by a strap-on wearing sexy Latina lesbian. Most of all Quinn loved looking up at Santana and feeling overwhelmed as she got to be the submissive bottom of such a dominating top, even the hole she pooped from a fuck hole to this woman taming Alpha female.

However Quinn could look back over her shoulder and still have a perfect view of the powerful Alpha female who owned her ass hole, and every other part of her, in this moment. And see those big tits of hers bounce with every thrust. Most of all it was incredibly thrilling to find herself on her hands and knees with Santana's thighs smacking into her ass so hard that the sound echoed throughout the room and it felt she was being spanked, Quinn truly feeling like Santana's bitch in this wonderful moment, and with every ounce of energy she had left she enhanced the feeling by screaming that at the top of her lungs.


Quinn might have said more, and Santana may have replied, however she would probably never know for sure. All she knew was that she began slamming her ass back against Santana, making her own butt cheeks jiggle even more than they already were and the dildo to hammer her back passage like never before. Quinn had never been fucked this hard. Not by the muscular football team members that were her ex-boyfriends, not by any other boys and not even by Santana previously, this extra hard anal pounding making her cum squirt out of her almost painfully as she became a quivering mess.

To her credit Santana backed up all her talk earlier by giving Quinn a truly epic rectum wrecking, pounding her dildo deep and hard into the submissive girl's guts even after Quinn collapsed face down in exhaustion, Santana's strong grip on her hips the only thing keeping her lower half in the air. And she loved Santana for it, Quinn revelling in truly being turned into an orifice for the other girls pleasure, the former HBIC trying to encourage Santana but her voice was well and truly gone at that point, along with any other energy she have had, Quinn smiling blissfully as she slipped into unconsciousness while still getting butt fucked.

Santana allowed herself to collapse down onto Quinn gently as possible after that, partly because she had fulfilled her promise to fuck Quinn into unconsciousness but mostly because she didn't have an ounce of energy left in her. Which was such a shame, because Quinn looked so cute when she was face down, and although Santana must have ass fucked the white girl for literally hours the Latina could never get enough of this ass.

To unnecessarily prove that point Santana began gently pumping Quinn's butt once she was lying down on top of her, adding pussy rubbing into the mix after she rolled over into the spooning position in the name of bringing herself down from her high and gently waking Quinn up so she could put the explanation point on this wonderful session of BDSM fun. Ok, maybe she gave Quinn's ass a smack or two, but by that point she was pretty sure the groaning the other girl was letting out was a sign that she was awake, and she wanted Quinn to pay attention to what she had to say.

"Who's my anal slut?" Santana teased when she was sure Quinn was ready for it.

Quinn blushed but replied softly, "I am... I'm your anal slut. God Santana, mmmmmmmmm, please fuck me in whatever hole you want, whenever you want."

"That's a good answer Q, and I'll definitely take you up on that..." Santana chuckled and snuggled against her girlfriend, before finally pulling away, "But it's ATM time."

Santana wanted to keep fucking Quinn's hot ass all night long, if only gently, but even her awesome stamina had its limits. Honestly she'd barely had the strength to pull her dildo out of Quinn's ass hole and roll over onto her back. When she did Quinn gasped, trembled and whimpered, Santana thinking about telling Quinn she didn't have too until her eyes drop down to her girlfriend's battered butt. The cheeks were red from the combination of the spanking and butt fucking, however it was the hole in between those cheeks which really got her attention as even after the toy cock was removed it remained widely stretched open, Santana feeling a sadistic pride from having so thoroughly gaped Quinn Fabray's ass.

After staring at that gaping ass hole for a few minutes Santana was a little disappointed when that really pretty view was taken from her. She quickly got over it as Quinn nervously crawl down her body until her mouth was hovering over Santana's dildo, the other girl looking up at her for a moment with a mixed expression before scrunching up her pretty face and wrapping her lips around the cock. There was a moment's pause and then Quinn started lazily sucking, a wicked grin crossing Santana's face as she struggled not to put Quinn off with all the naughty words threatening to escape her mouth.

Quinn had mostly made peace with the fact that she was a perverted slut, but it was really hard. Just when she thought she couldn't go any lower, she went further down the rabbit hole of depravity. Of course being a lesbian couldn't even compare to this, but she had been so sure that wanting to be with Santana was wrong because of her upbringing. Now she thought it might be wrong because she could barely recognise herself as she began bob her head up and down on that toy cock, not just for Santana's benefit but for her own.

It wasn't like she had loved it from the start, but the taste of her own ass wasn't nearly as nasty as she had thought it would be and actually performing this ultra-perverted act made her submissive heart flutter. After all, what better way to prove that she wanted to be the best bottom Santana could ever hope for then by doing even the most twisted thing Santana asked for? Especially if she actually liked it, at least on some level.

Thanks to Santana's cock sucking training Quinn was even able to slide every inch of that strap-on down her throat. She gagged and choked something fierce towards the end, but she was filled with an odd sense of pride when her lips wrapped around the base. Although that had a lot to do with looking up into the grinning face of Santana Lopez, Quinn's heart fluttering again as she saw proof she was pleasing her dominant girlfriend.

"God Quinn, I'm so proud of you." Santana softly said, "And I love you so much."

"I love you too." Quinn replied with a soft smile.

She removed her mouth from the toy only for a few seconds to say those words before going back to it, sucking the cock even though all her ass juice was gone, and all she could taste was rubber. But it didn't matter. It didn't matter that the cock was clean, although she was exhausted, all Quinn wanted to do was please Santana. And from now on she would do that at all costs, Quinn convinced after this magical night that however perverted things got, it would be worth it to see Santana smile like that. And to cum like that.


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