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Author's note: This story takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Glee: One Time Thing Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

The past two weeks had been the best two weeks of Quinn's life. They had also been the most exhausting. Granted, going into this relationship Quinn had known Santana loved sex, however she had assumed Santana had been exaggerating. After all Santana said a lot of things which couldn't possibly be true, mostly little white lies to make her look cool/more gangster than she actually was, but if anything she had underplayed her sexual appetite by proudly referring to herself as a slut, because wow, the other girl was just insatiable.

It was one thing when they were sharing a home with two other people and therefore even Santana was forced to restrain herself, and when she couldn't Quinn mostly had the willpower to talk her out of a quickie as long as someone else was in the apartment, which was frequently thanks to various friends dropping by. But now they had Quinn's college dorm all to themselves and ever since they had moved in two weeks ago Santana hadn't been able to keep her hands off of her, Quinn bizarrely looking forward to her classes as they were a slight reprieve from her girlfriend's addictive touch.

Another difference was that ever since they had 'broken in their new room' and she had asked Santana to be more rough with her and fuck her up the ass from time to time Quinn was experiencing the old saying of 'be careful what you wish for' because while Santana wasn't always rough with her she was now being butt fucked two to three times a day. It was hard to complain because the orgasms where incredible, but it made somethings embarrassingly difficult. Like sitting down, Quinn shifting from cheek to cheek as she tried not to put her full weight on her incredibly sore bottom. Hell, even walking was becoming difficult, Quinn more convinced than ever when she finally left for her afternoon class that she needed to have a talk with Santana.

That was easier said than done. For most of the last week Quinn had been planning to talk to Santana, but then she reached her college dorm and saw the beautiful Latina and her words failed her. If she was lucky enough to get anything out Santana would grin that sexy grin of hers and Quinn would just melt. Last time she had fought through that, but then Santana had pounced on her before she could tell her not too, and as soon as those talented hands touched her she was a goner. But this time would be different, Quinn stubbornly told herself. This time she would put her foot down and make it clear that while she loved being a bottom she wasn't Santana's slut. She was her girlfriend, and should be treated as such.

"Santana, we need to talk." Quinn blurted out, before she registered the soft lighting and her girlfriend wearing lingerie which made her melt again.

Meanwhile Santana went from happy to horrified, "What?"

"Huh." Quinn mumbled.

"You used like the worst words ever. So what have I done?" Santana asked, quickly getting out of her sexy pose and off the bed before approaching her lover, "Is it because I've been so rough with you lately? Because I'm sorry, but you kind of gave me the green light, and... I just got a bit carried away. You know me, I always do, but I swear that's not how it's got to be. I can change, I swear, and I was going to make it up to you tonight. Please baby, don't do anything rash."

"Shhhhhhh, calm down sweetie." Quinn said, quickly closing the door behind her and then closing the distance between her and the other girl, "Yeah, I've kind of felt overwhelmed lately, but I definitely don't want to break up."

"Good." Santana smiled softly, "I don't want to lose you Q."

"I don't want to lose you either S." Quinn returned the smile, wrapping her arms round Santana who returned the favour, then the blonde blushed, "But... I don't think I can take another ass fucking for at least a week."

"Awww, Quinn... is someone's butt feeling sore." Santana couldn't help teasing her as she slid her hands down to squeeze Quinn's ass. As Quinn flinched Santana quickly followed up with, "Cos I got away to make you feel better."

"Really?" Quinn asked, not really wanting to further discuss her aching butt.

"Really." Santana said softly, pulling her girlfriend in for a gentle kiss, which lasted a minute or two before she pulled away and grinned, "Besides, I've been meaning to make it clear to you that I don't need a silly little toy to make you cum."

Quinn didn't doubt that, and she didn't think Santana's strap-on was silly, but she wasn't going to point that out. Not when Santana was kissing her again, Quinn's tired and stressed out body melting into the arms of her surprisingly strong lover and becoming blissfully happy. Then Santana pulled back to try and unhook her push-up bra, prompting Quinn to blurt out, "Stop!"

Santana smirked, "Oh, you like? Huh?"

"Yes." Quinn squeaked, blushing as her eyes travelled down to that bra which made Santana's tits look so big and wonderful, the other girl giving her a slow twirl so she could see Santana was wearing a tiny thong which dug into her amazing ass. Then she forced herself out of her stupor and said as confidently as she could, "Take off my clothes and fuck me. Then, after you've made me cum, I'm going to slowly unwrap you like the gift you are, and then eat your little pussy til you scream."

That wiped the smirk off of Santana's face, momentarily making Quinn feel proud of herself, until Santana closed the distance between them again, gently pulled off the blonde's jacket and said, "Na Q, I'm not going to fuck you tonight. I'm going to make love to you."

Santana then kissed Quinn again, feeling very pleased with herself when the formerly uptight blonde melted into her embrace again. Unfortunately that kind of backfired on her as she had to break the kiss soon afterwards to get Quinn's top over her head, but after that they were in kiss city for the next few minutes as Santana stripped the other girl and guided her to the bed with practised ease. They even maintained the lip lock as Santana slowly lowered Quinn down on got on top of her, the friends turned lovers passionately making out for another few minutes before Santana finally moved away from Quinn's lips and started spreading kisses up and down her neck.

She managed to stay there longer than usual, but ultimately Santana's desire to go lower kicked in, and after a few minutes of kissing, licking, sucking and occasionally nipping the soft flesh of Quinn's neck the brunette moved down to the blonde's boobs. Again she stayed longer than usual, this time Santana not in a hurry to go anywhere. Sure, she was eager to taste Quinn's pussy again, but she knew how much her girl liked her titties sucked, and Santana was only too happy to oblige.

So for the next few minutes Santana went back and forth between those boobs, kissing her way down one and up the other, and occasionally around the nipples. Of course the nipples were her main focus, Santana wrapping her lips around each one in turn and eagerly sucking on them. Then she moved onto to sliding her tongue around and flicking those nipples. Finally, she began gently biting them, which really got Quinn crying out, although for now the blonde wasn't actually saying anything other than a few moans of 'yes' and Santana's name over and over again.

That would change, Santana promised herself, sliding her hands up to Quinn's boobs. For the past few minutes she had been using those hands to caress the not so fun parts of Quinn's body like her arms, sides, thighs and stomach, and keeping herself up of course. Now she was pushing those nipples deeper into her mouth, and playing with whichever one wasn't in her mouth, which of course naturally drove Quinn wild. Eventually even wild enough for Quinn to give her what she wanted.

"Lower." Quinn whimpered, "Please Santana, lower. Lick me, mmmmmmmmm, lick my pussy, ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, please? Please San, ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes baby, lower!"

Quinn knew how much Santana loved to hear her beg for her. It was an incredible turn on for them both, although Quinn almost always made Santana work for it, which admittedly was easy for Santana as she had an almost unholy knowledge of women's bodies. Or at least an unholy knowledge of Quinn's body, Santana knowing how to effortlessly get Quinn's attention and then turn that attention into a desperate need for release. This time was no different, as was the eagerness in which Santana lowered herself down in between her legs as soon as Quinn begged for it.

To be fair Santana didn't dive right in, spending a little while kissing Quinn's flat stomach, so by the time the Latina was in place the white girl was aching to feel that talented little tongue. Quinn got it fairly quickly, the blonde letting out a sharp cry followed by a long moan as the brunette pressed her tongue to the bottom of her pussy and then slowly slid it all the way up to the top, Santana cruelly cutting off the lick just before it reached Quinn's clit. She then deliberately avoided it on the next half a dozen licks, and when she did do something it was just too breathe softly on that sensitive bundle of nerves, Quinn so wired at that point that it actually felt good.

All of this told Quinn that Santana was settling down for a long pussy licking, which was just fine with her. Sure, it left her squirming slightly on her sore bottom, but for the most part her back, and the rest of her body, was helping to support the weight so the pain wasn't that bad, and she quickly forgot about it when Santana settled into giving her a long, slow cunt lapping. In fact as the minutes ticked by and Santana's tongue continued to gently caress the lips of her pussy Quinn found herself increasingly forgetting about the literal pain in her ass and again focus on the metaphorical.

Not that it was that bad at first. Just a minor inconvenience. However she could only be licked by her beautiful lover for so long until the urge to cum became almost overwhelming. It didn't help matters that Santana really was breath taking in her skimpy outfit. Sure, Quinn couldn't see those breasts anymore, but she could still see Santana's legs encased in stockings and that little thong buried in her juicy ass cheeks. Mainly though it was infuriatingly gentle licks, and it only got 'worse' as Santana continued the exquisite torture, part of Quinn loving every second of it even as another part of her wanted to scream.

Santana definitely wanted to make Quinn scream for her, but for right now she was more than satisfied with the moans, groans, whimpers, cries and gasps which were coming with increasing volume and frequency, the first half a dozen or so incredibly cute and the ones that followed them incredibly sexy. Of course Quinn's throaty voice was sexy anyway, but when she heard it when they were having sex Santana swore she could record it and make a fortune. Not that she would. No, Santana was selfish. She wanted to keep every little part of Quinn Fabray for herself.

Of course if she wanted to keep Quinn she needed to learn some self-control. Or at least some semblance of it, as the last thing she wanted was overwhelmed Quinn with rough and nasty sex. Well, maybe not the last thing, as if she had to lose her that would be the way to go, but Santana didn't ever want to lose her. Where was she? Quinn's delicious pussy was so distracting. Oh yeah, keeping Quinn. Santana owed it to herself and Quinn to find a balance between rough and nasty sex and this more sweet and gentle love-making. After all, she loved them both, and while there was nothing wrong with indulging in Quinn's submissive side, and her own dominant side, it was important to make it clear to Quinn that no matter what she adored her.

With that in mind Santana set out to give Quinn a nice long pussy licking, and that's exactly what she gave her. However as Quinn started to be increasingly needy Santana did pick things up a bit by allowing her tongue to travel all the way up to her girlfriend's clit, and the first time the former connected with the latter Quinn let out a grateful cry which told Santana she was on the right track. So after a few more gentle licks she began moving her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise as well as simply up-and-down, and lingered against Quinn's entrance every chance she got, which resulted in more positive reactions from the blonde.

From there Santana began lingering on Quinn's clit more and more, until she was pausing in between licks to flick that sensitive bundle of nerves. Finally she wrapped her lips around Quinn's clit, her girlfriend whimpering as she did nothing for a couple of seconds and then the blonde cried out as Santana began gently sucking. Then not so gently, the devious brunette slowly increasing her suction until she could practically taste Quinn's cum, Santana sure she would soon be literally tasting it as her lover desperately clawed at the bed sheets for a few seconds and then finally gave Santana what she wanted. What she always wanted. Quinn Fabray begging for her.

"Fuck me Santana! Please fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue!" Quinn pleaded, knowing what Santana wanted to hear, "Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, please baby, I need it! I need your tongue. I need your girl tongue. I need your girl tongue inside me, oooooooooooooh please, tongue fuck my slutty little lesbian cunt, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I need your girl tongue in my queer little pussy! Oh please fuck me! I need you to fuck me. I need to be fucked. Oh God! Please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddddddd!"

Sure enough Santana gave Quinn what she wanted. Just not in the way she was expecting it. Instead of slamming her tongue inside her, as usual, Santana slowly slid inside of her, although the result was the same. She still became incoherent from being overwhelmed by increasingly wonderful pleasure, Quinn feeling like she was as close to cumming as she could be without actually going over the edge. However while she loved the sudden violation of her pussy, this might have been even better, that talented tongue caressing her pussy walls as they eagerly made way for the invading muscle.

Once she had buried the entire length of her tongue inside her Santana just left there for a few seconds, giving both former best friends the chance to savour the unique sensation. Then just as the novelty wore off and the desire to get fucked returned Quinn found herself screaming louder than ever as Santana began tongue fucking her. Not as hard as she could at first, but not gently either, and it didn't take long before Santana was obviously using every ounce of skill and strength that she could to pound Quinn's pussy with her tongue, fucking the blonde like no one else had ever fucked her before.

No one compared to Santana Lopez. Absolutely no one, although Quinn tried to avoid saying that, as last thing she needed was to inflate Santana's already large ego. And to be fair it wasn't like she had been with any other women. She could be just 100% gay, and a lesbian slut to boot, the kind of girl who convinced herself she was hard to please until she finally worked up the courage to be with another girl who in turn made her cum so hard and frequently that she was completely smitten with the girl who took her 'lesbian cherry'. However while that described Quinn to a tea, it was hard to imagine anyone was as good at fucking women as Santana Lopez.

Santana certainly knew how to fuck her. Perhaps more importantly Santana knew how to make her cum, Quinn's eyes rolling in the back of her head and her entire body trembling as she received the type of powerful orgasm she was convinced that only Santana Lopez could give her. The type which melted her mind and left her a complete mess, Quinn's last coherent thought but quite well being 'God, I love Santana Lopez'. Then she received her second orgasm, quickly followed by her third, and fourth, and so on, Santana relentless to squeezes as many climaxes out of her that she could.

Santana stopped making Quinn cum for only one thing, swallowing the fruits of her labour. Or at least the majority of it, something as a self-proclaimed but let's face it it's true expert rug muncher found easier at the beginning. After all, to make sure she got her tongue as deep into Quinn as possible she'd had to press her face as deep into Quinn's pussy as possible, so when the blonde's first climax hit all Santana had to do was pull her tongue out and push her lips even more firmly against Quinn's entrance and the other girl's cum pretty much flow directly down her throat and into her belly where it belonged.

Once Santana had swallowed all of Quinn's cum she returned to the tongue fucking, successfully going back and forth for a little while. Then there was just too much liquid to swallow, which broke Santana's heart because this was the greatest thing she'd ever tasted. Even greater than Quinn's regular cunt cream. On the bright side whatever she failed to swallow ended up on her face, or in her hair, sliding down her neck and onto her boobs, so in a way it was like Quinn was marking Santana as hers, an idea Santana loved almost as much as marking Quinn as hers. Plus Santana would be able to clean that liquid off and eat it later.

When her tongue finally got tired Santana replaced it with two fingers. She was of course reluctant to do so and miss out on all that precious Quinn cum, but she would at least get some of it later and again, the most important thing here was Quinn's pleasure/making her girlfriend cum. Which was why Santana wrapped her lips around Quinn's clit and sucked it while she fingered her, starting slowly but gradually building up the pace until she was easily making Quinn cum over and over again, then she switched to guzzling down that yummy liquid she craved.

Again and again Santana switched back and forth, along the way adding her other hand into the mix. Specifically by collecting some of the escaped cum and pussy cream on a finger and then pushed it inside Quinn's ass. Thanks to two weeks of nearly non-stop sodomy Quinn was easily able to take a finger up her butt, and the second one was quickly followed, the fact that this made Quinn cum extra hard giving Santana a wonderfully wicked idea. Sure, she had promised herself and Quinn no extreme anal, but that didn't mean they couldn't still have a little back door fun.

So pulling her face upwards and away from Quinn's pussy Santana ordered as firmly as possible, "Turn over!"

Quinn whimpered when Santana pulled away and then immediately flipped over when she heard that firm tone. She used to hate being bossed around, but now when Santana did it, oh it turned her on so much. And was oddly freeing. But whilst she loved Santana she didn't 100% trust her not to butt fuck her after all. Or maybe spank her. Both of which Quinn would very much enjoy later, but for now she just wasn't sure her ass could take it, Quinn dully opening her mouth to protest when she felt her cheeks being spread apart.

Then her eyes went wide and she let out a gasp of surprise as she felt something soft and wet slide from the bottom of her pussy all the way up through her ass crack. Of course after being on the receiving end of wonderful kisses, and pussy lickings, Quinn would know that soft, wet thing any where. She knew exactly what it was, and she knew exactly what was happening, she just couldn't believe it. Which was why she had to open her mouth and say may be the dumbest thing ever.

"Santana! What, what are you doing!" Quinn moaned in pleasure.

"Isn't it obvious Q?" Santana teased, "I'm eating your ass."

That response had Quinn blushing. Of course that was what Santana was doing. Quinn knew that, so she should be asking why, she should be stopping this. Shouldn't she? After all, it was so gross. Then again that had been what she used to think about a lot of things she loved doing now, and it wasn't like her tongue was back there licking that area, so what was the harm? Besides, while this wasn't her idea of ending what had been up until now a very romantic gesture, Santana sliding her fingers back into Quinn's pussy sealing the deal and the former HBIC relaxed and once again surrendered her body to Santana Lopez.

She was rewarded for this with several more powerful orgasms, Quinn embarrassed about how quickly and powerfully she came. Not that she was surprised. Santana seemed to be made specifically to make other women cum. Or at the very least to make Quinn cum, that idea making Quinn blush again but also turning her on. It was just so believable that Santana was the answer to all her prayers, that wonderful if perverted thought the last coherent one Quinn had for a very, very long time.

Santana had wanted to do this for months, but it never seemed the right time. Of course, it was one of the many things she had always wanted to do to Quinn, but never thought she'd be able too perhaps above everything else, even the ass fucking. After all, it was one thing to manipulate Quinn into taking a dildo up her ass because Santana knew she could make another girl cum from that, and sure enough the orgasms had been enough to turn formally prudish Quinn into an anal slut, where on it's own a rim job just wouldn't get the job done.

Not that Santana was going to just rely on the ass licking itself, but of she had tried this before now, it might have been one perverted thing too much and Quinn might have got scared and broken it off with her, and that was becoming increasingly unbearable by the day. So Santana had done her best to control herself, at least until this week when she had become so lost in strap-on fucking Quinn's juicy white girl butt that she barely did anything except butt bang her little anal slut. Now though, now seem like the perfect time to push Quinn a little further, as long as she kept delivering the hard orgasms of course.

In the name of that Santana slipped first one and then two fingers into Quinn's pussy while using her thumb to rub the other girl's clit. Then after a few minutes of gentle pussy fingering and ass licking Santana began increasing the pace, as well as swirling her tongue around Quinn's cute little butt hole and curling her fingers to attack her girlfriend's G-spot. Finally Santana buried her face as deep as it would go in between Quinn's butt cheeks and literally shoved her tongue up Quinn's butt.

After two weeks of nearly non-stop fuckings from Santana's strap-on Quinn's ass hole not only let her tongue inside but she got pretty deep into that back passage, Santana loving the feeling of her girlfriend's ass quivering around her tongue as this latest anal invasion made Quinn cum. Not quite as hard as when Santana's tongue was in her pussy, and certainly not as hard as when the brunette was butt fucking the blonde with her 'cock', but Santana was pretty please with her handiwork, continuing the assault on both of Quinn's fuck holes through a couple climaxes before bringing Quinn down from her high and then crawling upwards to lay beside her.

"How was that Q?" Santana grinned, Quinn staring at her for a few long seconds before doing what Santana hoped she would do and passionately kiss her, the blonde tasting her own ass on the brunette's lips and tongue in the process.

Quinn's mind had been way too fuzzy from the force of her orgasms to think about that, and when she realised it she paused for a second, but by that point Santana was kissing her so passionately that she didn't really spend much time pausing before continuing the kiss. It wasn't even that bad, and she had gone ass to mouth a lot of over the last week, but Quinn was determined to get revenge/pay Santana back for making her feel so wonderful again, so after a few minutes of increasingly heated tongue kissing Quinn broke the lip lock, quickly kissed her way down Santana's neck, and then chest to reach her big beautiful boobs.

Despite her earlier promise Quinn almost literally tore Santana's lingerie away from her body. Instantly feeling guilty about that Quinn slowed down, the blonde taking her time to kiss up one of the brunette's tits and then all over the boob before finally taking Santana's nipple into her mouth and sucking on it gently. Then after maybe a minute of gentle sucking Quinn slowly made her way to the other boob, going as slowly as she possibly could and for a while pressing her lips to anywhere that wasn't Santana's nipples before she finally put her lover out of her misery. Only not, the groan Santana let out making it clear she didn't appreciate the slow and gentle tactics right now, but she only had herself to blame.

Santana had spent months gleefully turning Quinn into a perverted lesbian. Ok, maybe deep down Quinn always was a perverted lesbian, but Santana was the one who had unlocked that part of her and pushed her ever further down the 'rabbit hole' so to speak to the point where she now loved receiving a rim job and even kissed her lover afterwards. More to the point Santana teased her all the time, and lately had been using her like an anal whore, so Quinn figured she was due some revenge.

Sexually teasing Santana was the best revenge, but at the same time there was a limit to how long Quinn could deny herself the pleasure of eating her girlfriend's sweet pussy. She still managed to go back and forth between those big beautiful tits for quite a while, licking, sucking and even biting Santana's nipples, but ultimately Quinn completed her journey, barely having the presence of mind to press soft kisses to her lover's stomach and savouring Santana's delightful scent before sticking out her tongue and sliding it from the bottom of the other girl's pussy all the way up to the top.

Santana let out a long drawn-out moan to coincide with that first lick. More moans followed as Santana resisted the instinct to hide her reaction, either because she wanted to make her lover earn it or out of some twisted desire not to look weak. Instead she relaxed and enjoyed herself. More or less. She also had to resist grabbing Quinn's pretty blonde hair and shoving her girlfriend's face as deep as it would go into her cunt, Santana instead grabbing the bed sheets around her as for the first time in what felt like a long time she allowed Quinn to be in control. And in a way, this was the first time. Or at least the first time Santana was doing her best to let Quinn have complete control.

She even managed to keep her mouth shut for like five minutes, which as far as Santana was concerned was a miracle. At least for her during sex. Especially good sex. And the sex was always especially good with Quinn. One of the many reasons why was because Quinn had always been a naturally good pussy licker, and after having Santana sit on her face once a day for a week she had quickly become an expert at licking Santana's pussy, the fiery Latina quivering already from what was happening to her, and more importantly what was about to happen to her.

Sure enough Quinn slowly but gradually increased the force and speed of her licks, lingering her tongue over her entrance and perhaps more importantly going from ignoring Santana's clit completely, to hitting it on every other stroke of her tongue and finally hitting it with every stroke. She then started lingering on that sensitive bundle of nerves, twirling her tongue around it and taking it into her mouth for increasingly forceful fucking. Finally Quinn very slowly pushed her tongue inside her and then started fucking her with it, driving Santana towards what promised to be an amazing climax.

Santana was very tempted just to let it happen. Quinn was obviously eager for her cum, and Santana really, really wanted to give it to her. Oh yes, she wanted to cum in Quinn's mouth and all over her pretty face, make the girl who used to boss her around all the time swallow her cum like a porn star, just the very thought of it almost enough to make Santana cum. However after what she had just done, and how hard Quinn had got off on it, Santana couldn't resist seeing if she could get her girl to literally return the favour.

So after a few minutes of tongue fucking Santana called out, "Quinn, would you do me a favour?"

Clearly delirious with lust Quinn lifted her cream coated chin slightly and practically whimpered, "Anything."

"Lick my ass hole." Santana requested softly, and then when Quinn gave her an apprehensive look Santana added, "Come on Q, I just made you cum so hard from my tongue up your ass, don't you think I deserve the same?"

Quinn bit her lip nervously. If she was honest with herself she had guessed something like this was coming, only she had thought it would be some time in the future when she would have had the chance to really think about it, not now. Which was probably why Santana was pushing this on her now. But as annoyed as she was with her sneaky lover, and apprehensive to go that dirty, she desperately wanted to make Santana cum right now. Sure, she'd prefer to do it by eating the other girl's pussy, but she could do this for the girl she loved. No, she would do this for the girl she loved, Quinn nodding firmly as she could, causing Santana to grin and flip over.

There was a pause while Quinn spent a few long minutes just staring at Santana's big butt in a mixture of apprehension and lust, then she quickly pulled apart those meaty cheeks, stuck out her tongue and pressed it to the other girl's butt hole. Honestly she was expecting to hate it, but the hole was covered in escaped pussy cream, so Quinn didn't exactly mind licking that up, and when it was gone the taste of Santana's ass hole wasn't unpleasant. Not nearly as good as her pussy, but not bad, Quinn becoming more comfortable with every lick until she was swirling her tongue all around that puckered rosebud and trying to literally push it into the other girl's ass.

To Quinn's amazement Santana didn't mock her for this, which had to be physically painful for the sexy Latina. Whether this was not to put the blonde off or because the brunette was living up to her earlier agreement, Quinn appreciated it, and rewarded Santana for it by pushing two fingers into her girlfriend's cunt and pretty much immediately fucking Santana hard. As a result of all the build-up, both Quinn's direct work and Santana going down on her it wasn't long before the brunette was cumming on the blonde's fingers, making Quinn want to replace her tongue, and more importantly her mouth, with her fingers.

Before she could Santana reached back, grabbed her hair, and pulled her face out of her fat ass. It was only in that brief moment Quinn realised how deep she had been pushing her face into Santana's big booty, the once prudish girl gasping for breath in the brief moment she didn't have her girlfriend's tongue in her mouth, Quinn blushing as she realised Santana was tasting her own ass on her tongue. Throughout the kiss Santana had a firm grip on the hand Quinn had been using to finger her, so when she did eventually break the kiss Santana could take those fingers into her mouth, suck the girl cum off of them and then kiss Quinn again so she could feed that juice to her.

"God I love you." Santana confessed during the next brief break in the kiss.

"I love you too." Quinn beamed, just before she was kissed again and lowered back down to the bed for more kinky lesbian sex.


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