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Author's note: This story takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Glee: One Time Thing Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Quinn Fabray gave herself one final check in the mirror to see if there was anything more she could do to complete the illusion. As she did so she remembered the first time Santana had talked her into her old cheerleading uniform. At first she had been very against the idea, but as always Santana was persistent and Quinn always found it difficult to say no to her best friend turned girlfriend. And truth be told Quinn was glad she did, because it led to some incredibly heated sex, even by their standards. From then on, it hadn't been difficult for Santana to talk Quinn into throwing on her old cheerleader outfit and pretend to be her old self.

Part of Quinn felt just as ridiculous as the first time she had dressed up like this, especially as it had been over three years since she had been at McKinley. Well, since she had been there as a student. She was physically there now, Santana talking her into breaking in to enhance the illusion. Not that it had been that hard, and Quinn had to admit there was an added thrill of danger given they were trespassing and could be really in trouble if they got caught. Not to mention it would be nearly unbearably humiliating for her, although part of Quinn actually liked the thought of it. So as ridiculous as she felt walking out of the girl's bathroom and then through the halls of her old school Quinn felt it was worth it, putting on her game face as soon as she reached the girl's locker room and pushed her way inside.

Then she almost literally fell apart at the sight before her, namely Santana Lopez in the centre of the locker room, down on one knee and holding up a little black box in her hand, Quinn only able to whimper, "Oh my God."

Santana smiled softly and began her speech, "Quinn, I've known you my whole life. Nobody challenges me like you do, or makes me laugh, or just makes me feel more like me. We've had two amazing years together, and while this might be a little soon this just kind of feels right to me, you know? We don't have to get married right away, but we're finally about to leave college and enter the 'real world', and before we do I need to ask you one important question. I need to ask you whether, someday, you'll marry me?"

There was a long silence as Quinn tried to pull herself together, then she softly murmured, "Yes."

"Yes?" Santana grinned.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Quinn squealed, rushing over, dropping to her knees and throwing her arms around her new fianc‚, "Yes I'll marry you."

"Good answer." Santana smiled, hugging Quinn back enthusiastically.

Then after a few moments Quinn pulled back and frowned, "But not right away right?"

"Of course not." Santana confirmed, "We're swimming in debt and can barely afford our apartment as it is. But as soon as I can give you the wedding you deserve, I'm totally making you Quinn Lopez-Fabray."

Quinn stared dreamily at her lover for a few long seconds, then she shook her head, "No, I wanna be Quinn Lopez."

Santana raised an eyebrow, wiped away some of the presumably purely happy tears and pointed out, "That's going to get some looks. You know, a super pale white girl with a Latina name."

Smiling with blissful happiness Quinn shrugged, "If anyone asks I'll just tell them about my red-hot Latina wife, who tops me on nightly basis."

"Please do." Santana chuckled, leaning in for a kiss which was welcomed by Quinn, the two of them softly exchanging spit for a few long minutes.

Then pulling back with the same blissful happy smile on her face Quinn asked, "You don't seriously expect me to be mean to you now, do you?"

"I'm sure you'll do fine." Santana said, kissing Quinn's forehead and then pulling back, "Unless you'd rather just leave now?"

"Tempting, but after that, I would give you just about anything." Quinn beamed, "Just give me a few minutes, and a do over on coming in, okay?"

"Anything you need, baby." Santana smiled, before frowning as she wiped away more tears from Quinn's face, "If you're absolutely sure you're up for it."

"Absolutely." Quinn replied forcefully.

"Are you sure baby?" Santana frowned, "Cause seriously, you're still crying."

"I know, I'm sorry. I just can't help it." Quinn wept softly, inwardly hating herself, "I'm just so happy. You've made me so happy."

"Are you sure Quinn?" Santana pushed.

Quinn closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Santana pretty much only called her by her real first name when things were serious, meaning her girl was worried about her and she needed to make herself clear, which she tried with every ounce of her inner strength, opening her eyes and confessing, "I never thought I'd be this happy, but you've just given me everything I ever wanted. Everything I never knew I wanted, and it's just a little overwhelming. But I still want to do this, okay? I'm not just here for you. I love being your slutty little bottom, and I've never wanted you more. I've never wanted anything more than I want you to top me, and I only ask that you fuck me hard, and snuggle with me afterwards."

There was a brief pause and then Santana grinned, "Oh Quinnie, there was never any danger of that not happening."

The now fianc‚s then shared a gentle kiss before Quinn awkwardly got to her feet and stumbled out before she could start crying again. Even then she barely made it, pressing her back against the nearest wall once she got out of the locker room and just started bawling. To her shame she continued like that for several minutes, Quinn quickly retreating to the girls bathroom and locking herself in one of the stalls to try and get herself under control. She didn't really know what was happening, nothing like that ever happened to her before. Then again the love of her life had never asked her to marry her before.

As overwhelmed as she was it was the thought of the love of her life which finally got her to calm down and get back into character. Because there was nothing she wanted to do more right now then fulfil Santana's darkest desires and prove she was worthy of the title Mrs Quinn Lopez. With that in mind a more determined than ever Quinn Fabray exited the bathroom, barged her way into the girls locker room and walked right past Santana to get to her old locker. Which was much easier now that Santana was ignoring her, and not presenting her with a wedding ring, Quinn muttering something under her breath as she passed her lover.

"What was that Q?" Santana asked without looking up from her shoelaces which she was pretending to tie.

There was a brief pause and then Quinn nonchalantly replied, "I said, what's up dyke."

"Yeah, that's what I figured you said." Santana frowned, standing up menacingly and approaching the blonde.

After another brief pause Quinn casually told Santana without looking at her, "You know, I should really talked to Sue, or go over her head and talk to the principal, about having you changing in the bathrooms, or with the boys, or something, because I'm not only comfortable with having a filthy lesbo changing in here, leering at me and other good girls of this squad."

"Good girls? Please!" Santana scoffed, "I know what kind of sluts you and the others are. And as for you not feeling comfortable, well, maybe that's because you can't handle having a crush on me."

"In your dreams." Quinn scoffed.

"Yeah actually. "Santana grinned, before coming to stand right behind her pray, "But yours too I'm betting, considering the way you leer at me when you think I'm not looking."

"Now look here Predatory Lez!" Quinn snapped, whirling around and glaring at the brunette, "I don't care what fantasies you have in your poor little home at night, but don't go around spreading rumours that I'm some filthy cunt licker like you!"

Santana grinned, "You know what Q, at first it amused me to let you think you were number one, but I think it's high time I took my rightful place, and took you down a peg."

"Oh yeah, and how you going to do that, rug muncher?" Quinn asked.

"Like this!" Santana announced, slapping Quinn as hard as she could across the face.

Quinn didn't need to fake being stunned, or stumbling back, but she did fake the outrage as Santana grabbed her, turned her around and pushed her against the wall, "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Putting you in your place, bitch." Santana growled as she held Quinn against the wall with one hand and used the other to spank the other girl's skirt covered butt as hard as she could.

"OWWW what are you, OWWW, help, somebody help me, OWWW, OWWW, OWWW, AH GOD HELP ME, THIS CRAZY BITCH IS OWWW FUCK!" Quinn screamed, desperately hoping no one would come as that would be unbearably embarrassing, although to her shame the thought made her even wetter than she was.

Santana knew her now fiance was loving this as much as she was, but damn if Quinn wasn't giving her best ever performance. She almost believe she didn't want it, Santana actually feeling guilty about this whole thing. After all she had just proposed. What kind of fucked up couple celebrated a proposal with a spanking? What kind of twisted bitch shoved the woman she claim to love face first against a wall and started beating that woman's butt? And what kind of moron would continue smacking that ass after a goddess just agreed to be her wife?

The answers of course were Santana Lopez and her relationship with Quinn Fabray. They had always been fucked up. Always been two bitch goddesses. That's why they were perfect for each other, a point which was proven after Santana roughly pulled up Quinn's skirt to reveal that her panties were already soaked with arousal, Santana grinning maniacally for a few long seconds before restarting the spanking just as hard as before. God, she loved this woman, and the perverted ways they expressed their love, which included at one point grabbing those panties and pulling them up so she was giving Quinn a wedgie and exposing her pretty pale butt cheeks.

That creamy white skin was already slightly discoloured in places, Quinn's skirt not providing much defence against Santana's assault, and it wasn't long before the sobbing girl's cheeks became a bright pink. Santana chose that moment to give Quinn a break, but it was only really so she could pull Quinn's panties down to around her knees and spread those cheeks for a second so she could admire her favourite holes to fuck. Both were sadly free of any plugs or dildos, but that would soon change, and to Santana's delight she hadn't been mistaken before, Quinn's pretty pink pussy really was juicing up nicely from the abuse she was giving that white girl booty.

Getting back to it Santana pushed her leg around and under one of Quinn's and then used her knee to push the other girl forward while using her left hand to make sure Quinn's face remained against the wall. As a result the blonde's butt was stuck out so they could get down to some serious spanking, and that's exactly what the brunette did, Santana not stopping until Quinn gave up all pretenses of crying out for help and just sobbed pathetically as her ass slowly turned from a pretty pink to a bright and angry red. Then and only then did Santana stop for real, cooing softly into Quinn's ear and rubbing her cheeks as if she was breaking the role-play. She wasn't, as she would prove in a few seconds.

Quinn had also considered how fucked up they were during the spanking. Especially how fucked up she was. Because it was one thing for Santana to enjoy this, as she got a feeling of power out of it. Quinn just revelled in feeling like a submissive little bitch, and getting the punishment she so richly deserved for everything she had done while wearing this uniform the first time round. Although the fact that they were doing this right after getting engaged was weirdly appropriate for their relationship, and although she did her best to pretend like she didn't want it that was only to please Santana by committing to the role-play.

The embarrassing truth of the matter was that Quinn loved every second of it, especially when her ass really started to ache from all the spanks she'd received. Of course Quinn was very used to having an aching ass at this point given just how regularly Santana spanked and fucked her poor little white booty, but this was easily one of the hardest butt beating she'd ever received considering Santana was just using her hand. So the tears were real, but that didn't mean she wasn't enjoying it, and even when the pain became almost unbearable in a weird way it was rather cathartic. Although she was very much relieved when Santana suddenly stopped and began caressing her butt gently.

It wouldn't be the first time Santana had pretended to stop only to restart the spanking just as hard, or even harder, than before, so Quinn was very wary of this sudden change of heart. Wary, but very grateful for the small break to recover, if that was what it was. Although as much as she liked to be punished Quinn was hoping that it was more than that. Oh yes, Quinn was hoping Santana would force her to her knees and make her eat her yummy pussy, like she had done when they were role-playing so many times before in the comfort of their own home. Which was exactly what happened, albeit with one minor detour.

That detour came in the form of Santana reaching down, grabbing Quinn's hair, and pulling her up and around so they were face to face again and then asked her, "So, are you ready to apologise for being such a bitch?"

Quinn took a couple of deep breaths, slowly recovering from her ordeal, and then replied, "Fuck you."

"Fuck me?" Santana parroted with a laugh.

"Yeah, fuck you." Quinn repeated, "You're going to be in so much trouble when I tell the principal about this. And my Daddy. He's powerful and well-connected. He'll get you kicked out of school. And probably deported."

"That right?" Santana laughed, and when Quinn nodded she slapped her in the face, "Answer me!"

"That's right." Quinn whimpered.

"Well then I better make this worth it, hadn't I?" Santana asked rhetorically as she forced Quinn to her knees, "And you did say 'fuck you', didn't you? Which actually sounds like a good idea. So you can fuck me... with your tongue!"

As she spoke Santana used her free hand to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties, then she put pressure on the back of Quinn's head, slowly pushing her towards her delicious pussy. Quinn's mouth was watering just from being forced to her knees, and her saliva glands went into overdrive as Santana began pushing her towards where she wanted to be the most. However right now she wasn't happy lesbion Quinn Fabray who was the proud submissive bottom of the dominant top Santana Lopez. No, she was supposed to be the miserable closet case Quinn Fabray, who picked on openly gay people and could never imagine actually eating pussy. So for Santana's sake Quinn played her role.

That meant fighting Santana every step of the way, forcefully resisting the other girl's attempt to push her forward, although not enough to stop herself from advancing. It also meant she whimpered, "No please, don't do this! I'm not a dirty cunt lapper like you. I'm a nice girl. A normal girl. A straight girl. We don't eat pussy. Please stop, I'm not a dyke. No! Please! I'm not mmmmfffffffff!"

"Shut up and eat my fucking pussy!" Santana moaned.

Santana then continued to moaned as Quinn obeyed her, immediately starting to lick her pussy the second her mouth was pressed against it. Which wasn't exactly in line with Quinn's character, but it was hard for Santana to complain when she was receiving such pleasure from her now fiance's talented tongue. Besides, obeying her just came naturally to Quinn now. It was like breathing or something for her, and that fact was more than enough to allow Santana to forgive Quinn for breaking character. Especially given how they were both dressed, where they both were, and the almost too convincing attitude Quinn had given her a few seconds before this.

Despite the fact that Quinn had seemingly broken character Santana didn't, held firmly onto Quinn's head as if she were just about to try and pull away any second. Which of course was a laughable thought considering how much Quinn loved eating pussy, or it least loved eating Santana's pussy, but again Santana was willing to commit to the performance, even if Quinn wasn't. Even later on when she loosened her grip and then later started stroking and patting Quinn's head affectionately, or sometimes patronisingly, she could have easily tightened her grip to hold her in place at any moment, so it still made sense for the role-play.

Then, after about a half a dozen eager licks to her pussy, Santana realised something. Maybe Quinn didn't intentionally break character. Or unintentionally acted perfectly within character. Because if deep down Quinn had always been a raging homosexual then if she really had forced her face first into her cunt back when they were in high school together Quinn would have probably been consumed by her natural urges to lick pussy, or at least please more dominant women, and just go to town on Santana's womanhood right there and then. The thought of course caused a wide grin to cross her face, Santana unable and unwilling to keep her happiness, or this revelation, to herself. Although naturally she did it while still in character.

"Oh Q, mmmmmm, I always knew you were secretly a dyke, but I had no idea how badly you wanted to eat some pussy." Santana half laughed, half moaned, "Yeahhhhhh, I just had no idea that you were so desperate for some cunt that you'd start licking one right away the first chance you got. Mmmmmm fuck, what a dyke. What a shameless cunt craving dyke. Ha, ya should have told me Quinnie that you were this desperate for some pussy, cause I really given it to you. In fact, from now on I'm going too. I'm going to prove what a great friend I am by letting you eat my cunt whenever you need it. All I ask exchanges for you to eat it whenever I want you too. Mmmmmm, and do whatever nasty little thing I want. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, don't worry Fabray, I'm going to make sure that from now on you get plenty of pussy. Oooooooh fuck yes, all the pussy a growing dyke like you needs. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, lick me just like that, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd!"

At first Quinn just took the teasing like a good bitch. Then either because she was tired of the teasing, craved the taste of girl cum in her mouth, or just wanted to make Santana cum Quinn sped up the force of her licks and made sure to not just touch but linger on Santana's clit with every stroke of her tongue. Originally she had been mostly ignoring her clit, or just gently gliding over it and every other lick, but now it was practically the focus of all her attention, making it harder for Santana to concentrate on saying anything coherent. Not that she really cared in that moment. She may chose to punish Quinn later, but right now all Santana wanted was to cum.

Of course she held back to let both enjoy it, but it wasn't that long before Santana ordered, "Mmmmmm Quinn, here's a hot tip for you. If you want more pussy cream so bad, just push your little baby dyke tongue into my cunt. Ohhhhhh, trust me, there's plenty of cream in there for you. You just need to push your tongue as deep as it will go, mmmmmm, and fuck me a little, and you'll be drowning in pussy cream. And girl cum. Ooooooooh fuck yeah Q, you're going to make me cum. Make me cum, make me cum you fucking dyke, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, oh God, oh yes, yes, yesssssssss, oh that's it, fuck me, ah shit, fuck me you dirty little dyke! Fuck! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your little lezzie tongue. Oh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Shit! Shit yeah, tongue fuck my cunt, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, oh Q, keep that up and I'm going to give you your first taste of girl cum."

Quinn couldn't help choking on the cunt cream she was swallowing and some even escaped from her face while it was firmly pressed against Santana's pussy. She couldn't help it, those last words were just so funny to her considering just how much time over the past year she had spent in between Santana's legs greedily swallowing at least the majority of what her girlfriend had to give her, and then often scooping the cum and pussy juice off of her own face. Or licking it off of Santana's face. Either way it was an established fact that Quinn was addicted to Santana's girl cum, and she had swallowed so much in the past the idea that this would be her first taste was laugh out loud funny to her.

Realising that Santana didn't repeat it, but she continued talking smack, at least until she was on the edge of orgasm. Which didn't take long considering as soon as Santana had suggested it, a.k.a. given her permission to do it, Quinn had buried her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl's cunt and immediately started to tongue fuck her girlfriend nice and hard. If they were making love, or if Santana was in the mood for more teasing, Quinn might have started out slow, but it was very much clear that Santana didn't need or want that so instead she fucked her hard right away. Which was the same reason Quinn didn't keep Santana on the edge, even though it was tempting because there was nothing Quinn loved more than eating pussy.

As tonight was about what Santana wanted, not what she wanted, Quinn didn't have a problem with pounding Santana's pussy with her tongue until she came in her mouth. Especially because the end result was a mouthful of her favourite liquid in the whole entire world, Quinn quickly removing her tongue so she could concentrate on swallowing greedily. As nearly always Quinn was able to get every precious drop of that first climax, but not the ones that followed, Santana deliberately not helping by grinding her cunt into her face. Of course the sensation of Santana cumming in her face was almost worth the loss, and there was a good chance she would achieve at least some of it. Until then she would be left with a mark of Santana's ownership, which in itself made Quinn's heart flutter.

While Santana had made it clear that she preferred when Quinn just used her tongue, as 'fingers were more of a top thing', Quinn really liked the increasingly rare opportunities that she got to finger Santana, and as her old self wouldn't necessarily know any better she decided to be sneaky and push her finger into her lover's pussy. Also she might have been a little mad about Santana's decision to propose to her before this role-play. And she wouldn't mind a little punishment. Something she might not have to wait long for, as no sooner had Quinn slipped a finger into Santana's twat and pulled her tongue up to her clit Santana yanked her head back and glared at her.

Then after a second or two Santana grinned and taunted her, "Ya still claim to be straight, Queer Fabgay?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" Quinn replied, unable to keep the grin off her face as she was rapidly fingering another girl with her girlfriend's cum coating her face, "I'm a 100% straight girl, not a depraved pussy loving dyke like you."

"Ooooooh, you don't like pussy, huh? Just cock?" Santana taunted, and when Quinn nodded and echoed her words added, "Well guess what, I've got some cock for you. Wait right there! Don't move a muscle... yeahhhhhh, I'm gonna give you some cock. I'll give you the best cock you ever had."

As she spoke Santana pushed Quinn's fingers out of her cunt and then marched over to the gym bag she had brought with her and pulled out her favourite toy. Quinn knew fully well what it was, and would be easily able to guess even if she hadn't helped Santana pick out the size of the dildo attached to the harness, but even when they were alone together in their room with no role-play whatsoever Santana liked to reveal herself wearing the strap-on. Partly for the showmen in her, and partly because it made Quinn's eyes light up whenever she saw her fully equipped. This time was no exception, although she was deliberately exaggerating the role she was playing. Which was more of a turn on for something that should be.

"Oh my God Santana, it's so big!" Quinn gasped, deliberately going overboard with her acting to sound like a girl in a porn film.

"You think it's big now, just wait until I get into that little gay pussy of yours and stretch it out like never before." Santana grinned.

"No Santana, please... you'll break me in half!" Quinn whined, even though she'd taken this cock like a million times.

Struggling not to laugh Santana pushed menacingly and told the kneeling blonde, "It's okay Q, it'll fit with the right lubricant."

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked, before gasping as Santana started slapping her in the face with her cock.

"I mean open up and suck my big dick Fabray!" Santana laughed, pressing her dildo against Quinn's lips.

To her surprise Quinn clamped her mouth tightly shut and shook her head. Santana grabbed the back of her head and pressed more firmly, but to no avail. She then tried again after slapping Quinn in the face with the dick some more, but still nothing. For a moment Santana was worried she had taken things too far somehow. Like maybe slapping Quinn with the dildo had been too much. But Quinn hadn't used her safe word, and she had done a lot worse to her, so taking a risk Santana pinched her girlfriend's nose closed. It took a few long seconds but Quinn opened her mouth to gasp for breath, and then Santana immediately took advantage and shoved her cock into the open hole.

When she did that it was like a switch had been flipped and Quinn immediately started noisily sucking the cock and bobbing her head up and down it. It wasn't a lot of first, but it was way too enthusiastic for someone being forced into this. It almost ruined the illusion of their role-play, but it came as something of a relief after the last few seconds. Which might have been the point, Quinn sneakily punishing her for whatever the fuck. But Santana didn't dwell on that now. Not when her sexy girlfriend was on her knees in front of her in her old cheerleading uniform and eagerly sucking her strap-on cock. No, instead she did her favourite thing at a time like this, provide commentary.

"Yeahhhhhhh Q, suck my big dick!" Santana gleefully taunted, "Suck it like you do all those stupid boys on the football team. Mmmmm yeah, I bet you've sucked them all, haven't you? Oh yeah, I can just picture it now. You walking into the locker room and getting onto your knees so they can gather round and let you suck their cocks one by one before jerking off right in your face and giving you a nice big facial. Well I've already cum all over your pretty face, and I got no more for you right now, but I am gonna give you something none of those boys ever could, a nice big orgasm. Ohhhhhh yeah Quinnie, I'm going to make you cum on my cock and make sure the only type of dick you want is attached to another woman."

Playing her role Quinn glared up at her but continued sucking cock like the shameless little slut she was. Well, like the shameless little slut Santana had turned her into, Quinn having previously confessed that she used to love sucking cock and did it all the time, but she was always ashamed of it, and it wasn't really the act itself but the submission of being on her knees she found so addictive. Which was why ever since they got together Santana made sure Quinn sucked cock more than she'd ever done before in her life. Well, that and Santana couldn't get enough of having Quinn Fabray kneeling before her and either eating her pussy or sucking her strap-on.

Quinn loved it just as much, but it was extra thrilling given how she was dressed and where they were. She could so vividly remember bossing Santana around and giving her a verbal beat down right at this very spot, and now here she was, on her knees and passionately sucking Santana's cock, right after eating her pussy just as passionately. The only real downside was unlike the previous times that she had been kneeling in the school and sucking cock she wasn't going to get a yummy treat at the end, although that was because she'd already got it, Santana's cum already all over her face, making her feel like a total slut, which was a feeling Quinn loved.

Actually there was another downside she could think of, that being that she regained a tiny bit of control like this, which she didn't like under the circumstances, or any circumstances really. Sure, she was the one on her knees right now, and Santana was providing some wonderful verbal humiliation, but her girlfriend was also allowing Quinn to go at her own pace, which was fine at first, but soon she wanted more. She was an experienced cock sucker, and Quinn wanted Santana to treat her as such. Quinn hoped it would be enough just to push the cock all the way down her throat, but it wasn't. Luckily she could think of ways to get what she wanted without breaking character.

So reluctantly Quinn pulled her mouth off the dildo and confessed, "You're right, I'm a nasty little cock sucker! I've sucked every guy in this school because I'm a sperm hungry cum dump! Oh God, I love sucking cock."

"There we go Quinn, now we're getting somewhere." Santana laughed, "Isn't confession good for the soul?"

"Yes." Quinn whimpered, "I love cock, and I want you to fuck me with yours."

"Oh Q, that's exactly what I was going to do." Santana giggled with delight, "Mmmmm, and since you've made my dick nice and wet for your little pussy why don't you stand up and I'll slide it right in."

"No, fuck my mouth." Quinn practically growled, "Fuck my mouth Tana, fuck my slutty little mouth with your girl cock. Face fuck me you bitch! Fucking rape my throat like all the boys do! Pound it good! Please? Please, I mmmmmuuuuuuffffff!"

Before Quinn could say any more Santana shoved her cock into her mouth and then started thrusting it in and out. She was fairly gentle at first, and only use the first few inches, but it was not long before Santana was pushing into her throat and picking up the speed. This made Quinn choke and gag on the dildo, but it also made her whimper in delight. It was the exact rough treatment she had wanted, and no one did rough like Santana Lopez. Plus it helped that Quinn had been getting plenty of practice ever since she had started dating the kinky Latina. And of course throughout Santana provided plenty of running commentary.

"Yeahhhhhh bitch, take it! Take it, take it, take it! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, prim and proper Quinn Fabray just loves being face fucked, doesn't she? Doesn't she? Yeahhhhhh she does, ohhhhhhh fuck yes, let me fuck that slutty little throat of yours just like that, oh fuck! You look so pretty with a cock in your mouth. No wonder so many boys like you. Mmmmm, but it looks even better when you're getting your pretty little face fucked! Yesssssss it does, oh fuck, I could do this all day. But, this isn't the only hole I wanna fuck, sooooo..." Santana retorted before finally pulling her dick out of Quinn's mouth, yanked the other girl to her feet and then bent her over the sink again, "Let's see if that sweet little pussy is ready for me."

"Oh God!" Quinn cried out as Santana yanked up her skirt and started rubbing her pussy.

"Ooooooh, it looks like it's very ready for me." Santana grinned, "But that isn't good enough. Mmmmm, I want you to beg me for it. Yesssss, beg me! Beg me to fuck this little dyke cunt of yours with my big girl cock! Oh yes, that way we can really end the night with some proper lesbo fucking."

Initially Quinn just whimpered pathetically, and then cried out when Santana pushed first one and then two fingers into her cunt. It was difficult not to start begging right away, but even if she hadn't been playing a character Quinn might have resisted at first just so that she could enjoy the anticipation, and the feeling of Santana fingering her. Plus no matter how wet she was a little fingering would definitely stretch her out a little bit for what was to come. Most of all it was a great way to annoy Santana. Of course while feeling that wet cock brushing against her thigh there was only so long Quinn could wait before begging for what she wanted.

To be fair in the name of keeping in character Quinn was able to resist for a little longer than usual before blurting out, "Fuck me! Fuck my dyke cunt! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck it! Fuck it with your big womany cock! Oh God help me, I wanna be fucked by a girl. I want to be a deviant sinner. A hell bound whore who loves strap-ons. God Santana, just fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me like a dirty little slut, oh fuck, pound my pussy with your girl cock, oh Santana, oh yes, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee, ooooooooooh Santana, oh fuck, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddd!"

The head of Santana's strap-on slid easily inside of Quinn's pussy while one gentle firm thrust, causing the beautiful white girl to let out a long cry of pleasure which melted into a moan as the Latina continued to fill her up. Quinn was never more beautiful than when she was getting stuffed with Santana's girl cock, Santana's eyes remaining locked to her fianc‚'s pretty face as she enjoyed a wonderful, unique sensation of being penetrated and then filled with dildo. God, Santana could never get tired of this. Seeing Quinn Fabray bent over in front of her, taking her cock in one of her sexy little fuck holes, being such a good little slut for her, taking everything she had to give her.

Including a little taunting, "Yeah Q, take it! Take my girl cock in that queer little cunt of yours! Mmmmmmmmm, always knew you were a dyke bitch, and now you get to be my dyke bitch. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, Queer Fabgay is my little dyke bitch who loves taking my nice big girl cock inside her!"

Even after everything they had done already tonight, and over the course of the relationship, Quinn still blushed in the most adorable way, which was another thing Santana would never get tired of. She knew that wasn't ashamed of her, it was just that white people stubbornness was hard to shake, and yet here Quinn was, role-playing with her like the submissive little bottom she was, her wet little pussy easily taking every inch of Santana's big girl cock. Oh if Quinn's parents could see her now, yet another thought Santana couldn't get enough of thinking, or mentioning to Quinn while they were having kinky sex like this.

"Mmmmmmmm what would your silly little parents think of you if they could see you now? Huh?" Santana teased, before grabbing Quinn's hair and pulling that pretty blonde head back up after Quinn whimpered and lowered it, "Answer me!"

"They'd, they'd think I was disgusting." Quinn wept, knowing it was true, "They'd think that I was just disgusting lesbian slut."

"They'd be right, wouldn't they Q?" Santana grinned, "Wouldn't they?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I'm just a disgusting lesbian slut! I'm your disgusting lesbian slut!" Quinn whimpered.

As Quinn 'admitted' this Santana pushed the last few inches of her cock into Quinn's cunt, the brunette then giving the blonde a few long seconds to savour the sensation. During those seconds Santana gently but firmly pulled Quinn back by her hands so she could nibble her lover's neck and ears while gently tweaking her nipples. Then she beginning to fuck her again, this time with the full length of the dildo, the whole time being as mouthy as usual.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, you're my lesbian slut." Santana practically growled, "You're my lesbian slut, my lezzie whore, and most importantly my dyke bitch! And now, I'm gonna prove it."

With that Santana let go of Quinn's hair and began to concentrate on simply fucking her fianc‚'s sweet little pussy, thrusting in and out slow and steady first as her girl got used to her size. Then when eventually she was sure Quinn was ready for it she increased the pace ever so slightly. As Quinn cried out extra loudly pure pleasure Santana repeated the process until she was pounding her lover's pussy as hard as she possibly could. Then just as Quinn was about to cum Santana slowed down enough just to deny Quinn her orgasm, the other girl letting out the most adorable little whimper as Santana did this over and over again.

Quinn wanted to beg Santana to make her cum pretty much right from the get go, but that would have been no fun. As always she wanted Santana to force the words out of her, and give them both a chance to enjoy what they were doing. In this case she waited even longer, telling herself she was playing her sexually repressed former self, and that meant she would be incredibly hesitant to admit what she wanted. It was a feeling Quinn remembered all too well, as it was the reason she had denied herself this blissful happiness with Santana for so long, even and especially after their first time together. So to relive it was kind of painful, but it was also wonderful because it reminded her of how far she had come.

Of course even when pretending to be her old self Quinn could only wait so long before whimpering, "Please... Santana, oh God, please..."

"Please what, bitch?" Santana demanded, slapping Quinn's ass.

"Please make me cum." Quinn whimpered, "Fuck me hard and make me cum."

"Really? You want another woman to make you cum?" Santana teased.

"Yessssssss!" Quinn moaned, then whimpered, "Please? I just don't care anymore. I need to cum. Mmmmmm, please Santana, make me cum on your girl cock. Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd, make me your lesbian slut! Your lezzie whore! Your fucking dyke bitch! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, just make me cum damn you!"

"Oh I will, on one condition..." Santana grinned evilly as she slid a finger in between Quinn's cheeks and rubbed her little ass hole, "That after I give you the best orgasm of your life I get to fuck you here."

"Ewww, gross!" Quinn exclaimed, "No way in hell I'm letting you do that."

"Fine, then I'll just keep pounding your gay pussy." Santana said nonchalantly.

It was hard for Quinn to say that, because while her old self might have been hesitant to try a little anal the new improved version was a total ass whore, so it was almost painful to say no. Especially as she was desperate to cum at that stage. But she was Santana's bitch, and she desperately wanted to give Santana what she wanted, even over her own needs, and Quinn knew that right now that meant pretending she wasn't craving some cock in her butt. Especially when Santana collected some pussy cream on her finger and then slowly pushed it inside her slutty little ass hole, causing Quinn the cry out loudly in pure pleasure.

Which of course had Santana grinning wickedly and teasing, "Are you sure you don't want to try back door action Q? I can pretty much guarantee you'll like it."

They both knew why, Quinn unable to stop herself from smirking at the thought, but still she whimpered, "No, only total sluts take it up the ass."

"And that's exactly what you are Quinnie, a total slut! A total lesbian anal slut. Mmmmmm, my total lesbian anal slut." Santana grinned, "But if you don't believe me, I'm more than happy to prove it to you."

As they had this discussion Santana was of course pumping her finger in and out of Quinn's butt in more or less the same rhythm as she was pumping her strap-on dildo in and out of Quinn's cunt, which was slow and lazy at this point to make sure the addition of the dirty talk didn't send the slutty blonde over the edge of orgasm. When the short conversation ended Santana began picking up the pace with first one and then the other, constantly switching between one or the other, or both or neither, driving Quinn completely crazy. Of course she had already pushed the limits of her patients, so it wasn't that long before she pretended to break down and told Santana exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Make me cum." Quinn whimpered pathetically.

"You know what that means, right?" Santana pushed, and then when Quinn just nodded further pushed, "Say it!"

"You, you can have my anal cherry." Quinn whimpered, struggling not to laugh while Santana sounded like she didn't even try.

"Cherry? This loose fuck hole? Na Q, I ain't buying it. Mmmmmm, I bet you that the whole football team has pounded this little Christian ass of yours. Or maybe a sexy dyke top like myself who knows how to own a total bottom like you. Either way, while I might not have been the first, I'm definitely going to own this fuck hole." Santana taunted, "Ohhhhh yeah Quinnie, I'm about to own all your slutty dyke fuck holes!"

She then did just that, forcing another finger into Quinn's ass at the same time she began pounding her little pussy, making Quinn cum in what literally felt like seconds. God, why did Santana have to be so damn good at this? Quinn would never truly know, but at times like this she was just glad that Santana was hers and she was Santana's, and most importantly of all that this wonderful woman was currently inside her and making her feel so wonderfully good. Sadly this time Santana was obviously not in the mood to squeeze as many climaxes out of her as possible, at least not with this act, and was determined to move onto the next thing. Luckily for Quinn, it just happened to be her favourite thing, even if she couldn't let on that was the case while still in character.

Santana allowed herself the pleasure of achieving orgasm once herself, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of fucking the woman she loved like this more than enough to send her over the edge, and give Quinn multiple orgasms in the process. Part of her was even tempted to give going and just keep pounding Quinn's pussy. After all, it wasn't out of character for her to lie, and it would be an incredible tease for Quinn. Even better, she should turn Quinn around, forget all about the role-play and just look lovingly into the eyes of her new fianc‚ as she made her cum over and over again. But no. Santana was addicted to that juicy white girl booty, and she needed once again to fuck it.

So once her orgasm had subsided Santana gradually slow down the force of her thrusts until she came to a stop, then slowly removed the dildo from Quinn's cunt and then her fingers from Quinn's butt. She then quickly used one hand to pull apart one of Quinn's cheeks so she could have the best possible view of her other hand pressing her cum coated strap-on against Quinn's loosened ass hole and then slowly but forcefully pushing forwards. There was no way that would have been enough for high school Quinn, but it was more than enough for Santana's ass whore of a girlfriend, that version of Quinn even moaning as she was anally penetrated.

"That's it Q, gimme that ass!" Santana demanded lustfully as she watched the head of her dick slowly sliding through and into Quinn's ass hole.

"It hurts." Quinn complained.

"Shut the fuck up and take it bitch!" Santana laughed sadistically, slapping Quinn's behind roughly.

This almost caused the dildo to fall out of Quinn's butt. Luckily this had happened before, and Santana still had her quick reflexes, so not only she was able to hold the strap-on in place but she was able to push her deeper into Quinn slutty little ass hole. She then continued to slowly stuff Quinn's ass with cock, as always Santana taking her time to savour the sight of her big tanned dick disappearing into the other girl's fat white booty. Because wow, there really was nothing in the world better than watching a girl taking it up the ass. As long as it was for another girl. When she was in high school Santana watched straight porn all the time, but now she was all grown-up it had to be all girl for her.

Luckily she didn't need porn when she was marrying her own personal porn star. And oh, Quinn was way more nasty than those girls who did it for the money. Of course you wouldn't know it from the way she was whining and complaining right now, Quinn so convincing that several times already Santana was almost fooled by her act. Well, at least before she started stuffing her slutty ass. Now any whining or complaining came in between moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure, her girl seemed to enjoy even the pain of her back hole and back passage being unnaturally stretched out. Which just made Santana grinned even more wickedly than before as she continued to show Quinn's butt hole no mercy.

Quinn didn't want mercy. In fact she was getting way too much of it, as her slutty ass could take away harder and faster stuffing than this. Not that she ever got to prove it. Even when Santana butt fucked her in a public place when there were actually people around she took ages pushing the dildo into her ass hole, which was both heaven and hell for Quinn. Heaven because the teasing pleasure meant she would ultimately cum that much more powerfully and any initial discomfort was drowned out by pleasure, but it was also hell because Quinn had always been greedy, and right now she was aching for every inch of Santana's big dick in her ass.

Given the character she was currently playing Quinn couldn't even complain about it. She was even complaining that it was too much and she couldn't handle Santana's size, although fortunately her constant moans of pleasure made this charade ridiculous. What was even better was as much as Santana liked to tease her there was only so long she could slowly push her dildo into her ass before there was no more dildo to go, and inevitably Santana's thighs came to rest against Quinn's ass cheeks, announcing that Quinn had taken every single inch of the big strap-on up her slutty little ass. Which of course was a fact that Santana was quick to taunt her girl's character about, even if they both knew that in reality Quinn was proud of her slutty backside for taking every inch of Santana's dick.

"Oooooooh fuck yeah Quinnie, mmmmmm, that dick just slipped through your ass like a hot knife through butter. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, this definitely isn't your first time taking it up the ass." Santana grinned wickedly, both of them knowing it was the truth, although she did follow it up with lies, "Yeahhhhhhhh, I bet the football team gang bangs this ass every single time they lose. Which as we both know, is a lot. But it's not just the football team, is it Quinn? No, the basketball team, and the swim team, and the soccer team, fuck, I bet it's every team and club in this dump. Yeahhhhhh, I bet even the fucking Chess club has fucked you in the ass and cum on your face, just like I'm doing right now. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I've cum on your face Fabray, and now I'm going to fuck you in the ass so good that I'm going to take away the school's cum dump. Oh yeah, because from now on you'll only want to get fucked by women like the little dyke whore we both know you really are. Mmmmmm, yeah that's it, take it like a bitch Fabgay. Take it right up your little lezzie ass! Fucking take it!"

As she continued taunting her Santana began gently thrusting her cock in and out of Quinn's ass, that gentle treatment and the fact that she was a shameless anal whore causing whatever little pain and discomfort there was to fade away and be replaced by pure pleasure, making it impossible for Quinn to stay in character. Luckily they had both known this would be the case, because while Quinn could be a decent actress when she wanted to be, or at least far better than today's acting would suggest, the fact was that Quinn lived for Santana's cock up her ass, and even back when Santana had taken her anal cherry Quinn hadn't been able hide just how much she loved it.

So they had agreed this would be the moment Quinn's character broke and became Santana's bitch, just like it was in real life. The way it was supposed to be. The way it always should have been. Oh yes, Quinn thought not for the first time tonight, that exact scenario should have happened way back in high school, right there in the locker rooms where everyone would see it. No, that would have been just the other Cheerios. What would have been an even greater humiliation would have been to be taken in the middle of the cafeteria where literally all of the students could have gathered around and watched her being turned into Santana's bitch.

Santana's personal little pussy licking bitch who loved it up the ass. God, it would have been so hot, and twisted, if their rivalry/friendship had ended that way much sooner and Santana had forced her to admit it to the other Cheerios. Maybe fucked her ass in front of them. Or made her kiss her ass. Or maybe even pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties down to reveal a freshly gaped butt hole. Just something to prove that she was Santana's bitch. At the very least she should have realised that Santana was a true Alpha female, and she was just a pretender, and then walked up to Santana and offered the superior woman her body.

Those thoughts were the final straw and any attempts at complaint were forgotten in favour of moaning, groaning, whimpering and gasping in pure pleasure while pushing herself back against Santana's dick, making the sodomy wonderfully harder in giving Quinn more pleasure. But it wasn't enough. She needed more. She needed to cum, even if it meant breaking character. Although because she knew that wasn't what Santana truly wanted Quinn did her best to maintain character while 'breaking' right on schedule, give or take some taunting, and ass slapping, by Santana, who talked so much that ultimately Quinn had to interrupt her.

"Oh my God, it feels so good! Oh why does it have to feel so good? Ohhhhhh, fuck me harder! Please Santana, give it to me!" Quinn moaned and then whimpered, "Please? I need to cum! I need it! Please Santana, oooooooh fuck my ass and make me fucking cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Santana grinned, "What ya willing to do to get it?"

"Anything!" Quinn quickly whined.

"Anything?" Santana purred, thinking about it for a moment before pushing, "Are you willing to give up being head cheerleader, give it to me and take your rightful place at the bottom of the pecking order? To give me all your solos in Glee club? To become my little fuck toy? Ooooooh yeah Q, are you willing to become my pussy loving anal whore? My cunt licker? My butt slut? My bitch? Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh Quinnie, are you willing to become my little bitch who does whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I'll be your bitch! I'll be anything you want me to be if you just make me cum!" Quinn swore desperately, before pretty much parroting, "I'll give up being head cheerleader, give it to you and take my rightful place at the bottom of the pecking order! I'll give you all my solos in Glee club! And I'll become your little fuck toy. Ooooooh God, I'll become your nasty little fuck toy you can use whatever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want! I'll be your willing pussy licking slut, your ass whore, your cunt muncher, and your little anal slave! Your bitch! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk, I'll become your bitch, mmmmm, your little bitch who will do absolutely anything to please you, ooooooh, just make me cum! Please? I need it so bad. Please Santana, ohhhhhhh, fuck me hard, oooooooh yesssssss, pound my slutty little ass! It's yours now Santana! I swear no one gets it but you. Yessssss, you own my fucking ass hole, ohhhhhh Goooooddddddd Santana, it's your fuck hole, mmmmmmm, I'm your fuck hole, aaaaaahhhhhh fuck, yours to use, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd yeeeeeeessssss, fuck me, mmmmmmm Gooooooodddddddd Santana! Oh Santana!"

Finally Santana began increasing the pace, infuriatingly slowly at first, but given all the build-up and just how much of a butt slut Quinn truly was it wasn't long before she was on the edge of orgasm. Santana skilfully kept her there for a few long minutes as Quinn kept begging in between loud cries and screams of pleasure and frustration, then finally the brunette pushed the blonde over the edge of the kind of mind melting climax which made it all worth it. Which reminded Quinn how easily she had succumb to Santana's perverted desires. Why she was addicted to her cock in her ass. Why she had gone to that wedding to seduce Santana, and instead of it being a one time thing it became a relationship, because Quinn just couldn't stay away.

How could she possibly stay away when Santana made her cum this hard, and this frequently? Oh yes, Santana went from giving her just enough to drive Quinn completely crazy to giving her everything she had, the brunette's thighs smacking against the blonde's butt cheeks almost as loudly as Quinn was squealing in ecstasy as one climax after another rocked her body, leaving her a quivering mess. Through at least the majority of the harder bowel wrecking Quinn slammed herself back against Santana, but even when she hadn't managed to do so Santana did, which made Quinn fall even more in love with her. It also made her hope that this little scenario had been as good for Santana as it had for her, and the other girl was experiencing at least a fraction of the ecstasy Quinn now was.

Santana knew just how hard a rough anal pounding made her girl cum, and the evidence for that was right in front of her. The screaming, the shaking, the cum being squirted onto the floor below, all that so wonderfully constant, and being something that Santana had been privileged to witness so very many times before. However as good as Quinn had it she couldn't possibly be enjoying it as much as Santana was. It was just too satisfying to pound into that big juicy butt and make those pale white globes become discoloured again and jiggle from the force of the impact, her dick ravaging the most private hole on a rich white girl's body, that girl formally the most intimidating girl she'd ever known and yet here she was bent over in front of her. Which was especially true whenever she could see Quinn's face in a mirror like right now.

Yet ass fucking Quinn Fabray had never been quite this satisfying before, because Santana was doing it in the middle of their old high school. In the middle of the girl's locker room. The Cheerios locker room. Oh yes, Quinn used to terrorise Santana and everyone else in this school, but she was never more brutal than on her fellow cheerleaders, the old and terrifying Quinn Fabray echoing in Santana's mind, along with memories of this girl being a nightmare to her and other cheerleaders, and now while they were dressed the same way they were back then Santana was brutally pounding Quinn's butt hole with her big strap-on dick, as part of some twisted role-play, after this woman had agreed to marry her.

It was all just too much for Santana. The mental stimulation combined with the stimulator inside the harness bashing against her clit and just having THE Quinn Fabray, and maybe even THE OLD Quinn Fabray, bent over in front of her and frequently cumming from taking it hard in the ass was just too much and Santana found herself cumming. She found herself cumming over and over again until she completely lost her mind and became a wild animal frantically pounding into her submissive mate in an attempt to unnecessarily re-establish it's dominance. And maybe the best part about it was Quinn was right there with her for most of it, until finally she collapsed face down against the sink in exhaustion, and officially became nothing but a whimpering fuck hole for Santana's pleasure.

That's what Quinn was anyway, Santana thought with a wicked grin, but at times like these Santana really did reduce her to just an ass to fuck for a few blissful minutes she kept up the brutal butt busting. Of course ultimately she was left with the choice of collapse in exhaustion or saving just enough energy to maintain her dominance. As always the former was almost painfully enticing, but this time the latter was the only option as far as Santana was concerned. Oh yes, this intense anal sex wouldn't be complete without her suddenly pulling out and spreading Quinn's cheeks so she could admire the damage she had done to her bitch's most private hole, Santana whistling loudly and then taunting her girl while staring at that pretty little gape.

"Wow Quinnie, that's quite the cute little gape." Santana chuckled with a wide grin, eventually slapping Quinn's butt cheeks and moving back, "Why don't you spread your cheeks for me? Prove you now know your place. Mmmmm, that's it, spread 'em! Show off that pretty little gaped bitch hole! Oh fuck yeah! That's so hot."

Quinn didn't need to pretend to be embarrassed as this particular kink was always rather humiliating, but with ATM that was just part of the appeal, and even then she whimpered at further degrading herself she felt a twinge of excitement. More importantly she felt a shot of adrenaline, which gave Quinn the strength to reach behind her and pull her cheeks wide apart, displaying her battered open butt hole to a grinning Santana, who of course continued taunting her. Then Santana grabbed her phone and took a few shots of her, Quinn opening her mouth to protest, just like her old self would have, but she decided to save her energy for what came next. Luckily just the thought of what came next gave her some more adrenaline, allowing her to do it.

"Good girl, now you're getting it. Now suck it. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck my dick bitch! Suck it clean of your nasty little whore ass!" Santana beamed and then once Quinn was doing as she was told happily added, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, on your knees Q! You look so good on your knees. Oh fuck! Oh yeah, suck it! Suck my big dick! Suck my big fucking dick in the middle of the fucking locker room! Oh fuck, Quinn Fabray is going ass to mouth in the middle of the girls locker room just after I finished fucking her fine ass! Oh shit, this is the greatest day of my life! Smile Fabray! Smile for the camera! Ooooooh yeahhhhh, let me take your picture while you suck your ass off of my dick. Oh fuck yeah!"

It was hard for Quinn to fake disgust at this command, but easy to fake reluctance as she was still so exhausted from her ass wrecking, and more to the point the energy destroying orgasms that came with it. But still, she gradually turned, stumbled over to Santana and slowly dropped to her knees in front of her. She then glanced with a shy little look, which earned her more wonderful taunting from Santana, which of course pushed Quinn to wrap her lips around the head of the dildo. Quinn was then completely unable to stifle a moan of pleasure at tasting the deepest part of her own ass, a flavour which Santana had trained her to crave. Although to her humiliation it didn't take much training.

After savouring the flavour for a few long seconds Quinn greedily sucked the head of the toy cock clean and then started bobbing her head up and down the shaft, resulting in more wonderful encouragement from Santana, although honestly Quinn didn't really hear a word of it as she was too busy focusing on the cock. Although as always she got further encouragement in the form of Santana playing with her hair, which this time involved wrapping her hand tightly around Quinn's ponytail so she could guide her head up and down her dick. Which at first Quinn welcomed, although Santana was clearly enjoying this so much she didn't let Quinn finish the job nearly fast enough for Quinn's liking.

Just as Quinn was considering pulling away and begging to be allowed to go lower Santana switched grabbing her head with both hands and pushing her slowly but steadily downwards, making her submissive bitch whimper with delight. Quinn also choked and gagged as the strap-on slowly entered her throat, but years of practice allowed her to take it like a good girl. Oh yes, Quinn took every single inch of that dildo down her throat, and was rewarded for it with more yummy butt cream which she eagerly cleaned from that cock. She was then pulled up into Santana's arms and gently kissed, which was almost startling after the rough sex and role-play they had just enjoyed.

"That was amazing. Thank you so much for this. I love you." Santana murmured in between kisses.

"I love you too." Quinn smiled into a kiss, then pulled back slightly to ask, "One thing before we leave?"

"What?" Santana grinned excitedly, eager to hear what Quinn's twisted little mind would come up with.

"I wanna kiss your feet." Quinn said softly after biting her lip in a brief hesitation, then she leaned forward and whispered against Santana's lips, "Do you want that, huh Tana? THE Quinn Fabray grovelling at your feet? Worshipping them like the slut she is? Begging for the privilege of being your bitch? That sound good to you?"

"That sounds awesome." Santana beamed, briefly pecking Quinn's lips before whispering to her, "Play along... so bitch, you still wanna be mine?"

"Oh yes." Quinn whimpered, getting back into character, "Yes... Mistress Santana, please allow me the privilege of being your bitch."

"Is that any way to ask?" Santana scoffed, before smirking as she added, "Put some effort into your, proposal, Q. Come on, get down on your knees where you belong. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I wanna see you grovelling on your knees and begging to be my bitch."

"Yes Mistress Santana." Quinn nodded, immediately dropping to her knees and beginning to cover Santana's feet in kisses as she begged, "Please, allow me the privilege of being your bitch. That's all I want to be from now on. Oh God, I've never cum so hard as when you fucked me up the ass. I want you to do that every day from now on. Please, mmmmm, fuck me in the butt every single day from now on like the little anal whore I am! And let me eat your pussy! Mmmmm, I've never tasted anything so amazing. And your cum, mmmmm, oh fuck, your cum was heaven. Please Santana, I'm clearly a submissive lesbian whore in desperate need of a real woman to own her, won't you please be that woman? Please? That's all I want. To be yours forever."

"And you will be Q." Santana grinned, "I promise."


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