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Author's note: This story takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Glee: One Time Thing Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Giving Quinn space was one of the hardest things Santana had ever had to do. It almost physically hurt because as the weeks passed she became increasingly aware of what the other bitch-goddess meant to her. Not that she did anything useful with all that time like decide for sure whether she wanted her friend back or something more, Santana just knew she liked having Quinn in her life and desperately wanted her back in it.

So after a couple of weeks of thinking about all things Quinn nearly non-stop Santana was ready for action. Exactly three weeks to the day after the wedding that wasn't she was just about to take a trip up to Yale, break into Quinn's apartment while she was attending classes and then when she got back they would have a little heart to heart, Santana determined not to leave until they were at least something to each other. Hell, she'd settle for enemies as long as it meant they could talk again. Unfortunately Quinn beat her to it, Santana returning from a long day of bartending/getting her ass groped to find her best friend helping herself to her vodka.

Briefly Santana wondered whether her train ticket was refundable. Then she focused on more important matters, namely a clearly drunk Quinn currently giving her the type of death glare which used to send a chill up her spine and make everyone else in McKinley wet themselves. Now, Santana just thought it looked incredibly cute.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Quinn slurred in annoyance.

"Quinn, language?" Santana exclaimed in her best vintage Quinn Fabray voice, a smile crossing her face as the blonde scowled at her again.

"Rachel and Kurt are out." Quinn said like it was information that Santana didn't already know, "Won't be back till... shit, an hour or two maybe? For fuck sakes San!"

"Hey, I wasn't exactly expecting company." Santana snapped before adding in a calmer voice, "It's not like you called ahead."

"Well I'm sorry. For some reason I deluded myself into thinking you wouldn't be picking up random sluts and fucking them in bathrooms. My mistake." Quinn said bitterly, taking another swig of Santana's vodka, this one straight from the bottle.

"Actually, I prefer hotel rooms." Santana smirked, immediately regretting the reflex action of insulting the other girl when she saw the look on Quinn's face. Quickly backtracking, she said, "But I haven't really got any since the wedding."

Quinn just looked at her for a moment and then coolly asked, "Losing your touch?"

"Hardly." Santana scoffed, the two long-time friend staring at each other for a moment before the Latina added, "Been pretty busy actually, what with working and all. Living in New York is a bitch. Besides, I hooked up with a total knockout a few weeks back and I've been trying to figure out where we stand. See, I think she's kind of into me, and if she is I would be a God damn fool not to explore it. I mean, if she'd rather not go there again with me I can deal, and we're great friends so maybe we should just stick to that, but I get the feeling she's a little confused right now and I'd like to help. Plus as I mentioned she's smoking hot, and an amazing fuck, so I'd definitely like to make it a two time thing. Or three, or four, or whatever we're at."

There was silence between them for a few long minutes then Santana sighed, briefly turn to lock the door she'd already slammed shut upon seeing Quinn and then slowly approached the blonde.

"How about you? You been knocking boots with anyone lately?" Santana asked cautiously, unable to stop herself from adding, "Like, anyone I might know? Also at a wedding maybe?"

Quinn's eyes briefly looked at Santana's lips, then down the rest of her body and then up again. Then, after a little more staring, Quinn took another swig of the vodka, this one much longer than the last. She then pass the bottle to Santana, who couldn't help but out do her friend by chugging well over twice the amount Quinn had on her last attempt.

To be fair Quinn had a head start on the whole getting drunk thing so Santana figured she could do with some catching up. If she had known Quinn was going to kiss her the moment she lowered the bottle and swallowed whatever was left in her mouth Santana might have finished the bottle. There again it helped having her wits about her, partly because it helped her survive the ravenous attack on her lips, and partly because it allowed her to think clearly. Which, come to think of it, she kind of wished she didn't.

As she unfortunately did/could Santana pulled away after a few seconds and mumbled, "Quinn, what... what does-

"Do you really want to talk about this?" Quinn interrupted and then after a pause surprised Santana by following up with, "Or do you want to fuck me?"

It was an easy question but Santana chose to drag it out by slowly taking one last swig of her vodka, mostly in attempt to try and finish it before she inevitably tossed it aside like yesterday's garbage. It wasn't the usual cheap stuff she brought, but the good stuff. Well, reasonably good for a cheap price. Basically the stuff that didn't outright suck. She'd got it as a reward for surviving so long in her current job, but she'd been saving it for a special occasion. Her third time with Quinn Fabray definitely qualified, Santana pressing her lips to the other former cheerleader's before the bottle was even out of her hand.

The next thing Quinn knew she was in Santana's room, lying naked on Santana's bed, with an equally naked Santana on top of her and kissing her with ferocious need. Just like she had been dreaming about for three weeks straight. Or longer, if you want to get technical.

Quinn didn't because it involved thinking, and that was one thing she was so very tired of doing. Right now Quinn just wanted to feel, the alcohol in her system combining with the comments which had been consuming her life to shut up her annoying mind for a few blissful minutes as she and Santana made out like both their lives depended on it.

Unfortunately it couldn't last forever and while Santana kissing and sucking on her neck felt almost as good it wasn't good enough to stop Quinn's mind from working again, momentarily preventing her from fully enjoying it. Worrying questions consumed her like what does this mean? What am I even doing here? Why does this have to be so amazing? The last one was repeated the most, and while these questions disappeared when Santana kissed her again the Latina began going back and forth between her lips and her neck and the thoughts frequently returned.

Worse still Quinn was so preoccupied by those thoughts she didn't lift her arms when Santana tried to pull off her shirt. This combined with what must have been a conflicted looking expression on her face led Santana to ask, "Are you sure you're ok with this?"

"YES! Please Santana, fuck me!" Quinn blurted out, blushing slightly before she added, "Fuck me like the sluts you pick up in bars!"

As far as Quinn knew Santana was telling the truth about not getting any since their last encounter, but she found it almost impossible to believe given the Latina's previously slutty behaviour. Behaviour which had always bothered her but lately was unbearable, Quinn as usual trying not to analyse why it bothered her. Luckily this time round she got a distraction in the form of Santana, who had been staring at her for a few long seconds, giving her one of those knee weakening grins before going for Quinn's shirt again, this time the blonde not only helping but almost tearing it apart in the process.

It was the same for the rest of her clothes, the next few moments just whizzing by until Santana's lips were touching her body again. First her lips, then her neck, then finally her tits, Quinn moaning happily as Santana kissed her way slowly down her collarbone and over her right boob to her nipple. Then after sucking and licking that for a little while Santana moved to the other, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, spending almost as much time on the soft flesh surrounding her nipples as she did the nipples themselves.

Throughout this process the sensible part of Santana argued that this was a mistake. Quinn was clearly in a fragile state, mentally fucked up by their last encounter and drunk off her ass. Throughout the week she had been thinking about how she didn't want to lose Quinn and now Santana might be ensuring that happened for just a quick fuck. She thought she had lost Quinn because of doing this last time, so surely she had the sense to do the right thing now. The sensible thing. The thing which made it more likely Quinn would still be in her life tomorrow.

However sensible Santana, as much as she existed in the first place, had lost control pretty much the second she saw the gorgeous blonde goddess. Snixx was in control now, and she wanted some white girl pussy. Quinn's white girl pussy. Santana's alter ego turned sex demon wanted to spend the entire night eating Quinn Fabray's white girl pussy, the burning desire for that hot wet cunt driving Santana to pretty much rush through the foreplay so she could climb down in between her long-time friend's legs and bury her face in the mouth-watering treat which had been offered to her.

As her tongue slid from the bottom of Quinn's pussy to the top Snixx almost took over completely, Santana's desire for this beautiful blonde kicking into overdrive to the point where it was almost unbearable not to bury her tongue into Quinn's sex and brutally fuck her with it. Forcing herself to establish a slow but steady licking felt like one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do, Santana reminding herself over and over again this was a succulent treat to be savoured. Not only did Santana not want this to be a quickie, she wanted to fuck Quinn all night long and make her realise she had made the right decision.

And this had been Quinn's decision, hadn't it? Santana wasn't the one who threw herself at Quinn. Twice. No, the magnificently bitchy blonde had come to her for a lesbian one time thing and had crawled back literally begging for more. So why was there any part of her which was hesitating? Santana honestly couldn't remember, not that she could really remember much of anything else as she was so busy licking up all the yummy liquid flowing like a river from Quinn's cunt.

The second she felt Santana's tongue sliding across her pussy lips Quinn let out a long moan of pure joy. The kind of joy she had only known with Santana, Quinn unable to comprehend that at first as she was too busy arching her back and pushing her crotch into her friend's face. After that Quinn was concentrating on the annoying fact that instead of giving her the type of tongue assault she knew the other girl was capable of Santana just stuck to gentle licking. Forceful, kind of quick, but ultimately gentle pussy licking, which was enough to turn Quinn into a moaning mess yet not enough to get her off.

Once she got used to this gentle cunt lapping the thoughts which had haunted Quinn for so long came back with a vengeance, the difference being now that she had another girl licking eagerly away at her pussy she could no longer deny certain things. Like the fact that she loved every second of this. That she had loved every second of what was supposed to be a one time thing and now here she was in Santana's bed being eaten out by a girl. By her closest female friend ever. A female friend who was a raging homosexual, yet totally unavailable.

It had meant to be the ultimate plus. That there was no way this could ever led to anything because it was only a matter of time until Brittnay and Santana got back together. Those two were clearly meant to be together with this being a rare, perhaps once in a lifetime window for Quinn to indulge in curiosities she may have was someone she trusted would never push her for something else. And yet she couldn't help thinking that maybe there could be something between them after all, and when Santana had confirmed she would want to explore whatever was going on between them part of Quinn had jumped for joy. Which was stupid because this was perhaps the most obviously doomed relationship she'd ever had, which was really saying something.

Shaking off those last thoughts Quinn reached down and grabbed hold of Santana's long dark mane. This was just meant to help her concentrate on the joy of having a girl going down on her, Quinn wanting to run her hand through that gorgeous head of long hair in a reminder of exactly who was doing this to her. And she did, at first, but then Quinn found herself tightening her grip on Santana's hair and pushing the other girl's face deeper into her cunt. This was more out of instinct than anything else, but when it got Santana licking her pussy ever so slightly harder Quinn was only too happy to keep pushing.

Quinn also started to literally demand more, "Ohhhhhh God Santana, mmmmm, harder, more, oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me you bitch! Mmmmm, fuck me with your tongue I, oooooooh, I didn't come here for a gentle pussy licking, I want you to fuck my cunt with your evil little tongue. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh fuck, come on bitch, do me like one of your bar sluts! Ooooooohhhhhh Gooooodddddd yeeeeeesssssss, that's it, lick me harder, lick my pussy harder mmmmmmm fuck it, fuck it with your tongue like I'm just another blonde bimbo bar slut!"

Pulling away for a second Santana grinned, "Well, you did drink my booze Q, so I guess that makes you my blonde bimbo bar slut."

Gritting her teeth Quinn shoved Santana's head back down to where she desperately wanted it and growled, "Shut the hell up and eat me you biiiittttttccccchhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhh my Gawwwwwd! Santana! Oh Santana, mmmmmmm, eat my pussy, fuck me, Oh God! Oh God Santana!"

Over the years they had known each other, particularly the last couple in McKinley high, Quinn and Santana had called each other all kinds of things. Sometimes they meant it, sometimes they didn't, but it was rare they completely lost their cool with each other. It was especially rare for Quinn to lose her temper with Santana, because that meant the other girl would essentially win, which of course was unacceptable. However Santana's current tone was playful, and yet it bothered Quinn, so much so she lost her temper.

Quinn really, really didn't want to analyse why that was, and she was in luck because that was when Santana decided to really start going to town on her pussy. First it was a concentrated assault on her pussy lips, rapid-fire licks in this steady up and down rhythm. Then it was sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around her downstairs lips as well as up and down. Then it was adding regular pressure against her entrance, and then finally pushing into her core, Quinn feeling like she was going cross eyed at the feeling of Santana's tongue sliding against the inner walls of her womanhood.

For what felt like an eternity Santana kept her tongue buried all the way inside Quinn's cunt. Then the wicked Latina began sliding her tongue in and out, in and out, in and out, increasing the pace until she had to be tongue fucking Quinn with all her might. Then she curled it. Santana curled her tongue inside Quinn's pussy, hitting her G-spot over and over again until the blonde had no choice but to cum in the brunette's mouth.

This resulted in such euphoria flooding Quinn's body that she didn't even care that she screamed Santana's name the moment she climaxed. She had been whimpering it over and over again approaching the blissful moment, and she found herself screaming it with the same mindless consistency only was more incoherent cries in between but still Quinn didn't care. She couldn't care about anything because she couldn't really think coherently, Quinn's entire world revolving around the wicked things Santana was doing to her and how amazing they made her feel.

Santana wasn't so lost in her actions that she couldn't appreciate who she was fucking. Or the fact that this was something she'd wanted to do again for weeks. But her main focus was making Quinn cum as often and as hard as possible, and perhaps just as importantly swallow as much of the heavenly liquid squirting from her friend's pussy as she could. All other thoughts and desires took a backseat to those crucial things which right now felt as necessary as breathing to the loudmouth Latina.

Luckily Santana didn't have to try very hard to bury her face as deep as it would go into Quinn's pussy, because the blonde was literally shoving her down into her cunt. Unfortunately Quinn was also bucking her hips violently, causing a lot of the pressures girl juice to escape Santana's ravenous mouth and cover the Latina's face. Worse it caused Santana's tongue to slip from Quinn's needy hole, making it difficult for her to continue pleasuring the other girl. Difficult, but not impossible.

Reaching up Santana ran a couple of fingers along Quinn's right thigh which, like the left, was covered in cum and pussy juice. Then she pushed a lubricated finger into Quinn's love hole, only pausing for a second to enjoy the feeling of the other girl clinching the digit before beginning to fuck her with it. Meanwhile Santana's mouth latched onto Quinn's clit, the Latina licking and sucking for all she was worthwhile the white girl writhed underneath her.

Back and forth Santana switched between fingering and tongue fucking Quinn's delicious little pussy until the girl who used to boss her around was literally begging for mercy. Then she made her cum a few more times, making sure the ambrosia like liquid poured into her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach. Then finally when it seemed her friend was about to pass out Santana gave Quinn mercy. Sort of. She continued to use her mouth and tongue on her, but it was only to kiss her way up Quinn's quivering body until she could press her lips against the other girl's and make Quinn taste herself.

Instead of put her off this rejuvenated Quinn almost immediately start kissing with an ever-increasing rough intensity until Santana pulled away, grinned and panted, "So, should I get my strap-on?"

There was a brief pause and then Quinn grabbed tightly to the other girl and flip them over so she was on top. It took a lot of energy to do that but it was worth every bit of it for the surprise look on Santana's face, a look Quinn thoroughly enjoyed for a few seconds before she gave the brunette's lips another kiss before working her way down to the other girl's big boobs.

"Quinn, what are you, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!" Santana moaned as Quinn latched onto one of her nipples and sucked it for all she was worth.

Which was kind of weird. Sucking on a nipples surrounded by large soft flesh. But it felt kind of... nice. And for fake titties Santana's boobs felt real against her lips as she brushed against them while moving back and forth between the Latina's nipples, and in her hands as she cupped one into her mouth and played with the other. Oh how the other girl's tits felt soft on her hands, Quinn easily becoming lost in them for who knows how long.

Over the past few weeks Quinn had developed a new appreciation for boobs. She used to see it as a kind of weird male obsession, and while she still couldn't quite understand it she felt the same magnetic pull she imagined men felt, at least for Santana's amazing rack. Of course her eyes had drifted to that amazing rack more than once in the past, but back then she had barely registered it, let alone allowed herself to feel anything as a result of those supposedly meaningless glances. Now she wasn't just glancing, she was sucking on them, and licking on them, and even biting on them, Quinn correctly guessing that a few light nips would make Santana crying out in joy.

She then made Santana cry out even louder by slipping a hand in between her legs, Quinn grinning around the nipple in her mouth before letting it go and looking up into the Latina's eyes, "Ooooooooh, so wet. You're so wet for me Santana."

"Fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh I am!" Santana moaned, "Mmmmmmm, you're smoking hot and you taste sooooooo fucking goooooooddddddd! Oh God Q, don't stop, fuck me, please fuck me!"

Quinn bit her lip. She wanted too, and not just because she wanted to get Santana and this whole lesbian thing out of her system, as much as she wanted to pretend otherwise. But could she actually do it? Could she actually fuck another girl? Could she fuck her best friend, a girl she'd known for years who seem to be simultaneously her closest confidant and worst enemy? Maybe the real question was, was she ready to stop being selfish and return some of the amazing ecstasy Santana Lopez had given her?

With that last question in mind Quinn slowly started rubbing Santana's pussy lips and with as much confidence as she could muster asked, "How would you like me to fuck you Santana? Do you want me to use my fingers, or my mouth?"

"I don't care, mmmmmm fuck, just, oh, just do whatever you're comfortable with." Santana replied.

Santana wanted to grab hold of Quinn's pretty blonde hair and shove her face down into her cunt and demand she lick her pussy. Or maybe her clit, that way she could basically have both of the options. But she could tell by the look on her face Quinn was very fragile. Besides, given how fucking horny she was right now, it wouldn't take much to make Santana cum. Not much at all.

Clearly sensing this Quinn cruelly slid her right hand down her stomach slower than a snail on a hot day, and even when she reached that area Quinn only gently brushed her fingertips against Santana's pussy lips, forcing the Latina to close her eyes, biting her lip and summon every ounce of willpower she had not to yell abuse at her lover. After all, given her previous experiences with the blonde Santana had no doubts whatsoever that this was Quinn's first time touching pussy, and no matter how horny she was she wasn't going to force her into this before she was ready.

Although nervousness was apparently no longer the issue as Quinn practically purred, "Beg me. Beg me to give you what you want."

"Fuck!" Santana cried out in frustration, before relenting, "Fuck me! Mmmmmm fuck Q, fuck me! Ohhhhh fuck me with your finger you bitch! Oh God, do it, fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck meeeeeeeeeee oooooooohhhhhhhh!"

"Open your eyes!" Quinn ordered shortly after shoving a finger inside Santana's pussy.

Quickly obeying Santana opened her eyes to see Quinn Fabray with the type of smug grin on her face the brunette had begun to think she would never see again. It was a look of classic HBIC Quinn Fabray, Santana suddenly remembering one of her most shameful fantasies where pre-glee club Quinn pushed pre-glee club Santana up against a wall and just fucked the hell out of her, the vivid memory of that fantasy combining with the look on the blonde's face being the trigger to finally make her cum, her pussy clenching around Quinn's fingers as blissful sensations trembled through her.

This of course made Quinn grin even wider, "You came already?"

Santana tried to look nonchalant, "I got really worked up fucking you."

Almost offended by the truth Quinn gave a short, sharp smile and then said, "Well, let's see what I can do to thank you for that."

Then Quinn started pumping her finger in and out of Santana's cunt at a pace which was probably a bit quick considering the Latina was still getting over her climax, but her body adjusted pretty quickly. However she didn't exactly cum right away again, which seemed to annoy Quinn enough to shove another finger into her, Santana welcoming the addition although it took a little while longer, and the other girl going back to sucking her titties, to make her cum again. Not that she was complaining.

Exactly the opposite in fact, Santana thrusting herself upwards to impale herself on Quinn's fingers while moaning her own special brand of encouragement, "Mmmmmm, fuck yeah Q, fuck me! Fuck me just like that, mmmmmm, it's about time you return the favour. Oooooooh, not that I don't love fucking you, because I do, mmmmmmm, so very, very much, ohhhhhhhhh, but even the most submissive bottoms like you should be up for dishing out a little finger banging once in a while."

Suddenly feeling a bit conscientious Quinn snapped, "I'm not a bottom."

Santana just smirked, "Sure you're not Fabgay."

Narrowing her eyes Quinn twisted her fingers inside of Santana, but when that only seem to make the other girl moan in pleasure she snapped, "Would a bottom do this?"

Emboldened by rage which admittedly she didn't quite understand herself Quinn quickly lowered her mouth down and started licking Santana's pussy lips as she continued pumping her fingers in and out of that warm, wet hole. It wasn't until the third or fourth lick she fully appreciated what she was doing, and it wasn't until several licks after that Quinn decided that she kind of like the way Santana tasted. NO, she couldn't like it or anything because she wasn't gay, but it was certainly very... edible.

In the meantime Santana loudly moaned, "YEEEEEESSSSSS, oooooohhhhhh, they would, but please don't stop. Don't ever stop ohhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Quinn frowned, momentarily unsure what Santana meant. Then she remembered their earlier conversation and kind of blushed. It was kind of ridiculous arguing she wasn't a bottom because the real argument was that she wasn't a lesbian, but the same time Quinn was embarrassed just how easily Santana had dominated her in their past encounter, or arguably couple of encounters, and she had once again done so tonight until this point. So finally flipping things back to the way they should be was kind of a rush.

It had been a long time since Quinn had been queen bee of McKinley/The Unholy Trinity, but in some ways she would always see herself as the leader of the pack and Santana as her follower. It didn't matter how inaccurate that idea was now, Quinn couldn't shake the idea of being in charge of Santana, which had been a big part of why submitting to the gorgeous Latina had been such an incredible turn on. That and the fact that Santana was just as good at sex as she had advertised.

Taking control now, and her initial anger at being referred to as submissive, helped Quinn to forget all about her worries and in securities and just focus on fucking Santana with her tongue and fingers. Eventually she got so comfortable with both what was going on and the taste of pussy Quinn finally took 'the plunge' and removed her fingers from Santana's cunt so she could just concentrate on licking it, going to the bottom to the top and lingering on the other girl's clit with every stroke of her tongue.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck me! Ooooooooooh fuck!" Santana cried out, repeating these basic words over and over for what felt like an eternity.

Honestly it was really embarrassing, but Quinn was totally making her lose her shit. After all, Santana also couldn't shake the idea of Quinn as the queen bee of McKinley/The Unholy Trinity, and while she normally hated that now it was a incredible turn on as she had THE Quinn Fabray licking her pussy like it was her job. Ok, when it came to skill and technique Quinn didn't compare to Brittnay, but she was easily as enthusiastic as the other blonde had ever been, which was really saying something, and considering how wet Santana was it wasn't like Quinn needed to be a professional pussy eater to make her cum.

Really having Quinn Fabray in between her thighs would eventually have done it, especially as Quinn looked up at her with her big blue eyes every so often, giving her these almost indescribable looks which very nearly set her off. Some were challenging, some were nervous, and some were just flat-out angry, but they were all cute if not sexy, and drove Santana closer to climax.

Of course Santana was greedy and wanted, "More! More! More, more, mmmmmmm, more! Give me more Q! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Ooooooohhhhhhhh please Quinn, stick your tongue inside my pussy and fuck me with it. Mmmmmmm, fuck me like a real lesbian. Ooooooooh, fuck me like a lesbian slut! Ohhhhhhhhh, be a lesbian slut for me Fabgay and tongue fuck me! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh Goooooodddddd, give me that tongue! Please? Give it to meeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!"

There was a part of Santana which was half expecting Quinn to freak out and have to be talked back in between her legs. There was another part of her which was half expecting Quinn to freak out and be inconsolable, perhaps the best friendship she'd ever had next to Brittnay yelling all sorts of abuse at her before storming out and never speaking to her again. That second thought really freaked Santana out, almost enough to make her consider stopping this. Of course that was a fleeting thought she only had sporadically because this was way too good to stop, and that was before Quinn pushed her tongue inside her.

Even though she had been begging for it for quite a while Santana was taken off-guard by the wonderful invasion, the brunette grabbing onto the blonde's hair so she could shove Quinn's beautiful face as deep into her pussy as it could go so she could cover that beautiful face in her cum. She pretty much succeeded as the moment it invaded her cunt she came on her tongue, sadly that muscle being quickly removed so that the majority of her cream ended up on Quinn's face. However before she could even think of making sure Quinn was ok the blonde went back to licking her, once again driving Santana crazy.

When Santana's cum hit her taste buds Quinn completely lost her damn mind, the blonde ravenously gulping down what had to be heaven in liquid form like a woman who had found a spring after spending days in a desert without water. After that it was like an out of body experience, Quinn swearing she saw herself frantically tongue fuck Santana to orgasm after orgasm, the two former members of the glee club rubbing their face and crotch respectively against each other so half of that heavenly liquid ended up in Quinn's belly and the other half covered her face.

Quinn couldn't believe she was acting so slutty. Like a slutty lesbian. A lesbian slut. But she had totally acted that way on the night of the wedding which was where all this mess started, it was just that before she could tell herself it didn't count because she was only letting Santana do things to her that a man would. Now her face was buried in Santana's cunt and she was guzzling the other girl's cum and regular pussy cream, and while she was sure she would deny it later at the moment Quinn couldn't pretend she wasn't absolutely loving every second of this.

After all, Santana was an experienced lesbian, so it actually make her cum using just her tongue was kind of achievement. Well, she also started using her mouth pretty quickly to suck down yummy juices practically following like a river out of Santana, but that didn't diminish the bizarre scent of achievement Quinn was now experiencing.

Of course the downside to not being experienced was that her tongue probably got tired a lot quicker, but as she was unwilling to remove her mouth so soon Quinn replaced her tongue was the first one and then to have her fingers, pumping them in and out of the sexy Latina's pussy while her lips wrapped around Santana's clit and sucked on it for all she's worth. Like that she was able to make Santana cum a few more times before she was yanked upwards by her hair and pulled into a passionate kiss, Quinn happily returning it as she and Santana grinded against each other.

When she finally broke the kiss Santana panted, "You know something Q... for a straight girl, you sure are an amazing pussy eater."

"Shut up and fuck me!" Quinn practically growled, "Mmmmmm, please Santana, fuck me! Fuck me with that huge dick of yours. Strap it on and fuck me!"

"Yes ma'am." Santana grinned, rolling Quinn off of her, retrieving her toy from a nearby chest of drawers and then after thinking about it for a moment handed the strap-on to Quinn and then flung herself back down face up on the bed, "But if you want it so bad, you strap it onto me. Mmmmmm, come on Quinnie, get that cock around my waist like a helpful little bottom."

"I'm not a bottom." Quinn grumbled unconvincingly as she scrambled to undo the straps and then reattach them around Santana's waist.

Santana helped by lifting her hips up when needed, the whole time grinning at just how desperate Quinn seemed, and then at the end ordering, "Good, now suck it. Mmmmm, get it nice and wet for your little pussy. Oh don't look at me like that Fabray, I'm trying to help you. Besides, don't you think you should show me just how much you want that cock? Cause I remember just how much you screamed and came for it the last time, and we both know you want it inside you, so this is just making it easier for both of us... and giving my little Quinn-pleaser here the respect it deserves."

It was unwise to bait Quinn this much, but Santana just couldn't help herself. She was still fuck-drunk from not only having THE Quinn Fabray going down on her, but cumming directly into THE Quinn Fabray's mouth and having THE Quinn Fabray swallow her cum like a girl in a porno entitled 'Super Cum Swallowers: We Get Every Single Drop'. Well, Quinn had actually ended up with more cum on her face than in her mouth, but it was a decent attempt. Far greater than anything Santana had seriously thought she would get from the beautiful blonde who she was now convinced was at least bi if not a 100% Sapphic goddess like herself.

Then all of a sudden Santana lost her train of thought as instead of complaining Quinn parted her lips and swallowed the head of the huge dildo. Not stopping there she began to bob her head up and down the first half of the shaft while drooling enough so that her saliva dripped down the toy, allowing her to rub that saliva into the lower half of the dildo with her hand. The whole time she did this she stared up at Santana, the Latina letting out a low moan at the incredibly erotic sight.

For a few long seconds Santana was unable to speak, then her mouth started running away with her again, "That's it Q, suck it! Suck that cock! Suck it like a good little cock sucker! Mmmmmm, I used to wonder how you used to keep all your boyfriends happy without fucking them, mmmmmm, but I guess that's one mystery solved. Oh yeah, the president of celibacy club was busy getting on her knees and blowing all those stupid boys with her superhot mouth, mmmmmm, those gorgeous lips wrapped around their pricks the same way there now wrapped around my huge strap-on, taking shot after shot into your slutty little mouth you two-faced fucking whore while mocking me for doing the same thing! Isn't that right you hypocritical bitch?"

Taking the cock out of her mouth Quinn smirked, "I didn't blow them all, but most of them... and at least they tasted better than you."

Recognising the playful tone Santana grinned, "I don't know, you seemed pretty content burying your face in my cunt."

"I don't remember that, but I do remember ALL of my previous boyfriends fucking me better than you." Quinn lied.

Santana was so offended her mouth fell open in disbelief for a few moments, before she half laughed half yelled angrily in response, "That's bull-shit and you know it Q!"

"Then why don't you prove it, S." Quinn challenged, briefly spitting on the head of the cock pretty much just to be nasty and then she laid back and spread her legs, "Fuck me better than anyone, if you can."

For a moment Santana just stared at Quinn, debating whether or not she should take the bait, before realising yes, of course she should. It was an excuse to fuck Quinn Fabray for crying out loud, she'd have to be a moron to turn it down. So she quickly rolled over and got in between Quinn's legs, the fact that the blonde let out a excited gasp when she pressed her dick against the other girl's entrance telling Santana all she needed to know about Quinn's ridiculous claim.

"We both know I'm competing against myself, but sure Quinnie, I'll give you the best fucking of your life." Santana boasted as she slammed her strap-on cock into Quinn's cunt, "All you ever have to do is ask."

The scream Quinn let out as she was roughly entered was ear piercing but Santana was also completely sure it was of pure pleasure. The tone, the body language, the look on Quinn's face, and most of all the follow-up moans, groans and whimpers were all telling Santana that she was making the right call by starting off a little rough, the beautiful blonde clearly loving every second of this.

While Santana was mostly right Quinn's scream wasn't from pure pleasure as her pussy wasn't used to being invaded by something this long and thick so it inevitably hurt a little as her womanhood stretch to accommodate Santana's monster fuck stick. However the main reason Santana wasn't completely right was that Quinn was loving that she had started rough, but it wasn't rough enough for her.

Even though the first thrust had been hard Santana had only forced a few inches of the extremely long toy inside her, and after that she had started off with steady thrusts which included adding an additional inch or two every so often but it seemed to take forever for Quinn to be finally filled up with every inch of that wonderful dildo. When she finally was it felt worth the wait, but Quinn would much rather have had all of it inside her soon, and considering she'd had similar treatment from their mutual former lover Puck it wasn't like Santana shouldn't have known she would be capable of taking that monster much quicker than she gave it to her.

Worst of all while those thrusts started out rough and hard her pussy quickly adjusted to the point where they weren't nearly rough or hard enough. Soon it felt like a torturous pace which drove her oh so close to orgasm but was in no way enough to actually send her over the edge, Quinn ashamed of herself as she whimpered pathetically in frustration. Briefly she reminded herself she should be scolding herself for enjoying this way too much, but it felt way too good to worry about her sexuality right now, all Quinn truly caring about was receiving the orgasm it was beginning to feel like she needed.

Opening her mouth Quinn was about to shamelessly beg for it when she saw the evil grin on Santana's face. Of course that's what the wicked Latina wanted her to do, beg for her again to fuck her like a slut. Well Quinn wasn't about to give her the satisfaction. At least not so easily. Not that there was still a chance Santana would become impatient and pound her to climax anyway. Besides, Quinn could think of a few things she could do if she was really desperate which didn't involve begging.

Santana did indeed want Quinn to beg for her, and given her previous experience with the uptight blonde she figured it was inevitable. Besides, while she was very impatient by nature she couldn't ever imagine getting tired of fucking Quinn Fabray like this. It was just too good, Santana again feeling as if she had gone to heaven as she steadily pumped the pussy of a girl who used to boss her around like a fucking minion.

If she was honest with herself she had been this girl's minion, and now this girl was lying naked underneath her while she pumped a strap-on dildo in and out of her cunt, the once mighty Quinn Fabray moaning, groaning, whimpering and even screaming for her in what was mostly pleasure the entire time. Of course towards the end there was more than a little undertone of annoyance, and the look on Quinn's face made it very clear she wanted to be fucked hard, and while Santana normally enjoyed giving her lovers what they wanted immediately it was just so fun to torture Quinn like this. If in fact it could be called torture, given through it all Quinn was blatantly enjoying herself on some level.

Things only got better, at least for Santana, when Quinn wrapped her arms and legs around her and began trying to pull her harder and deeper into her needy fuck hole. It was adorable, and scorching hot, but despite the fact that they were both stronger than they looked after years of cheerleading Santana had always been a little bit stronger and was able to allow Quinn to increase the pace without allowing it to become enough to make the blonde cum, which only increased poor little Quinnie's frustration.

Soon after it was clear that was a failure Quinn started pumping her hips upwards into the mix, this edition actually having Santana considering giving her lover what she wanted because damn, this was so hot. Then Quinn dug her nails into her back and raked them downwards, Santana crying out in pure joy as the sharp pain only added to her pleasure. However she then looked down at the desperation she saw on Quinn's face and decided to stay strong, after all she did so want to hear the former HBIC of McKinley high beg for her.

Luckily she wasn't waiting too long after that, Quinn finally groaning in frustration, "Fuck me! Fuck me you bitch!"

Unable to resist Santana grinned, "But I am fucking you Quinn."

"You know what I mean." Quinn snapped, unimpressed with the childish response, "Fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy harder you fucking bitch! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooodddddd pound me, pound my pussy, oh my God Santana, please fuck me hard! Please? I'll do anything, I swear."

"Anything?" Santana questioned with an evil grin, and then when Quinn reluctantly nodded her head followed up with, "How about giving me another shot at that tight little ass hole of yours? After you've cum on my cock of course. Mmmmmm, how does that sound Quinnie? How would you like to get your ass fucked right after I'm done with this sweet little pussy?"

Quinn blushed furiously, closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and grumbled, "Fine, whatever, just make me cum. Make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd!"

For a blissful moment Quinn thought she was about to finally get what she right now felt like she physically needed. Santana began increasing the pace ever so slightly, just enough to make sure she was nearly on the edge of orgasm, and then she sped up a little more, and then a little more, and then a little more, and then when Quinn could practically taste her climax all of a sudden the evil brunette flipped them over so all of a sudden she was sitting on top of Santana's lap with the strap-on feeling like it was somehow buried even deeper inside her than it was before.

"I've got a better idea." Santana grinned wickedly, "Seeing as now I want to save my strength for fucking your fat ass, how about you show me just how much you love my big cock by riding it? Come on, ride that cock! Show me how much you love having it inside you, and I just might make you cum."

Under any other circumstance Quinn wouldn't have tolerated being talked to in such a manner, certainly not by Santana Lopez, but she was more desperate to cum then she could ever remember being, so instead of offering up any sort of witty retort she just whimpered pathetically and did as she was told. She reached down and without thinking grabbed hold of Santana's big tits, squeezing them lovingly while she began to thrust herself up and down on the huge dildo strapped in between the Latina's legs, Quinn's eyes rolling in the back of her head with pleasure as she quickly picked up the pace until she was hurtling herself towards orgasm.

She had tried this position once or twice with Puck, but it had always made her feel like too much of a wanton slut so she had ended up insisting on missionary or at a push doggy style. Now her shameful sluttiness was just driving her towards her climax, the previous awkwardness of this position a distant memory as she joyfully hammered herself up and down while screeching in pleasure like some kind of banshee in heat.

Just when she was once again on the edge of finally achieving her orgasm Santana demanded, "Tell me how much you like my cock! Tell me how much you love my big cock inside you!"


"WHOSE COCK?" Santana demanded as she smacked Quinn's ass.


The second before she came Santana started thrusting upwards into her, officially meaning that the Latina had made her cum. She didn't deliver on the hard fucking until Quinn second or possibly third orgasm but by then Quinn wasn't exactly worrying whether she could talk her way out of giving up her ass to Santana again. Actually the idea of surrendering her most private of holes helped send her over the edge of another climax, Quinn eventually becoming a trembling mess who was unable to move herself up and down anymore because the force of ecstasy she was feeling was too great.

That was Santana's cue to step up and make sure Quinn would never be able to claim that her ex-boyfriends fucked her better with a straight face again. In fact Santana was looking forward to reminding Quinn of that blatant lie after she was done reminding her just how hard she could make her cum, Santana wishing she could do that now but she was putting all her concentration into fucking Quinn. Also this screaming/sweaty mess of flesh probably didn't even know her own name right now, and certainly wouldn't be able to focus on conversation.

It occurred to Santana that Quinn had only said that to goad her into brutalising the other girl's cunt. In fact that was the only logical explanation, except maybe Quinn going insane again. If Quinn had been trying to trick her then that was absolutely fine, because Santana was so totally having the last laugh right now because Quinn was cumming like a total bitch for her. And hey, Quinn was a bitch, a submissive little bitch who whether she wanted to admit it or not loved being fucked like this, so if she wanted to take cheap shots Santana would happily take them. They gave her extra motivation anyway, not that she really needed it because having THE Quinn Fabray cumming in her arms like this was truly breath-taking.

Eventually though Santana started thinking about the future, specifically the very near future when she was going to relive two very cherished memories. Wanting to prepare Quinn for that Santana carefully kept holding onto the blonde with her left hand while she sucked on the fingers of the right and then slipped them behind her friend. She then effortlessly located Quinn's ass hole and stuffed first one, then two fingers inside that gloriously tight orifice, these two penetrations causing Quinn to cum and her ass to clamp down so hard on Santana's fingers she thought for sure they would be crushed.

It was during that second double penetration induced climax that Quinn finally collapsed on top of Santana, the brunette only giving the blonde a few moments to gasp for breath before she slowly rolled her old friend onto her back and gave her pussy a few final pumps. This was mostly to see if Quinn was ok to continue, the whimpers the other girl let out telling Santana that her friend's pussy was too sore to continue, but luckily Quinn was also still horny and had another hole ready and waiting to be filled. Or at least that's how Santana chose to take it.

Pulling her fingers from Quinn's ass she grabbed both the blonde's legs and pulled them up to Quinn's chest before practically growling in the other girl's face, "Hold your legs up for me while I fuck that sweet little white girl booty of yours!"

Delirious from her multiple orgasms Quinn did as she was told, blushing furiously as she realised her current position did nothing to hide her tits from Santana but exposed her ass hole to the somehow still horny Latina who lasciviously licked her lips before pressing that monster dildo against her target. Of course Quinn was also somehow still horny, a combination of that and her exhaustion preventing her from trying to talk her way out of her fate and instead lowering her head in submission to the woman intent on taking her ass again.

"Look at me!" Santana demanded sharply, "Look at me while I'm taking your tight little ass hole!"

Quinn wasn't sure whether it was her exhaustion or whether Santana was just seriously stepping up her domination but she found herself immediately looking up into the other girl's eyes and not looking away even as the Latina gave her one of her trademark evil grins. Then Santana slowly pushed forwards, Quinn's eyes, mouth and ass hole all opening widely as she was anally penetrated for what was technically only the second time in her life, the poor blonde crying out and then whimpering as the head of the dildo slipped past her anal ring and deep into her ass.

God, she was so embarrassed that this was happening to her, again. That she was allowing this to happen to her again. But they had made a deal and Quinn was too tired to argue. Although perhaps the worst part was the biggest reason Quinn wasn't complaining was that she remembered the amazing orgasms she had received from getting her ass fucked. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, the things that Santana did to her on Valentine's Day/the morning after echoing in her mind and making it impossible to concentrate on anything but those nasty thoughts and the unquenchable desire for more.

As Santana slowly pushed inch after inch of dildo into her butt Quinn wondered whether it would be worth it, the painful sensation from having her forbidden passage invaded and stretched in such an obscene way horribly uncomfortable and so embarrassing she could barely stand it. And of course Santana had that triumphant grin plastered on her face the entire time, Quinn unable to understand why she was so captivated by it. Then all of a sudden Santana started pumping her hips, and while that didn't take the pain away entirely there was another overwhelming sensation which caused her to moan loudly in pleasure before blushing in humiliation.

Which of course made Santana grin wider, "Mmmmmm yeah, that's it Quinnie, moan for me. Moan for me while I fuck you in the ass. Mmmmmm yeah, gonna make you moan for me so nice and loud, ohhhhhhhh, give you no fucking choice because I'm just going to fuck this ass so good you just won't be able to help yourself. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, you're going to moan, and moan, and moan from how good I make you feel by shoving my big fat cock in your tight little ass hole. I'm gonna-"

"Shut up!" Quinn whimpered, Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up you bitch!"

"Me a bitch? Oh, I think having a dick in your ass makes you the bitch around here Fabray!" Santana taunted, "Mmmmmmm, it makes you my bitch. Having my big dick in your tight little white girl ass makes you my little bitch, my little butt slut, my little ass whore, my little anal slave, and whatever the fuck else I want to call you. And you know what? I think you're loving it? I think the way your moaning like a two dollar ho means that you love being my bitch and taking it up the ass for me. But hey, if you're not enjoying this, just tell me and maybe I'll stop."

Santana immediately regretted that offer the moment it escaped her lips. It wasn't the first time her mouth ran away with her, in fact that whole little speech she had just given was totally uncalled for and even though it turned her on/inflated her ego it wasn't worth the risk of freaking Quinn out/pissing Quinn off and making her stop this. And for a moment Santana was sure she was going too out of her own stubborn pride, Quinn very clearly enjoying herself but it wouldn't be the first time she would deny liking something to save face. However instead of that Quinn just whimpered, blushed, closed her eyes, tilted her head back and let out a long moan of pleasure.

This made Santana grin widely again, the overwhelming confidence she had felt before rushing back to her. Sure, it was possible that Quinn thought she wouldn't stop, which wasn't true FYI, but it was far more likely that Quinn was just enjoying herself too much. After all, she had no reason to fake the constant moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pleasure coming out of her pretty little mouth and when she finally looked down from Quinn's beautiful face since she had lined up the dildo with the blonde's butt hole Santana could clearly see that Quinn's pussy juices were practically flowing out of her like a river.

It was providing some nice extra lubricant for the strap-on Santana was sliding in and out of Quinn's ass hole with machine-like efficiency, the Latina becoming lost in the gorgeous sight of her friend's back door stretching widely around the cock now invading that oh so private orifice. What made it extra sweet was that even through all the dirty talk Quinn had kept her legs up to her chest yet holding them just enough to the side that she wasn't restricting Santana's view of her bestist buddy's perky little boobs bouncing with every thrust, Quinn submissively showing off her tits, her pussy and her stretched open butt hole at the same time.

Honestly unsure where to look Santana spent the next few minutes, or possibly hours, switching between staring at Quinn's bouncing boobies, to her cream leaking cunt, to her stretched open ass hole and the toy cock pumping in and out of it, to the blonde's beautiful face. It was almost impossible to pick a favourite as they were also wonderful to look at, but gun to her head Santana would probably pick Quinn's face because it was constantly changing. Sometimes she would barely be able to see it because Quinn would have her head tilted back crying out in pleasure, other times her eyes would be tightly shut but Santana would still get to enjoy her friend's face being a mask of pleasure, and best of all on a few occasions she would catch the blonde's eyes open and be able to stare deep into Quinn's soul as she butt fucked this girl who used to boss her around all day long.

So even though part of her wanted to slam Quinn's ass until they were both experiencing multiple orgasms Santana mostly felt like she wanted to do this forever, although from the look on her face Quinn didn't share that opinion, the blonde eventually whimpering, "Please..."

"Please what Q?" Santana grinned, already guessing what Quinn wanted, "Please stop?"

"No!" Quinn cried out desperately, before whimpering, "Please fuck me harder."

Grinning wickedly Santana pushed, "Fuck you where Quinn? What part of your hot little body do you want me to fuck harder?"

Gritting her teeth Quinn whined, "Please don't make me say it."

"I think you want to say it." Santana grinned, "And if you don't, I won't fuck your tight little white ass any harder than this. In fact, I'm having so much fun I feel like I could slowly take your big white booty just like this all night long."

Quinn whimpered again, closed her eyes, and then started to beg, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, please Santana, mmmmmmm, fuck my ass harder and make me cum. Ooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, oh please, please... make... make me cum with a dick in my ass."

"Look at me!" Santana interrupted, "Look at me while begging me to fuck you up your tight little white ass!"

The command immediately had Quinn opening her eyes, the fact that she had automatically obeyed the command making her whimper just as much as looking into Santana's beautiful eyes and knowing that at this point all she could do was shamelessly begin to beg, "Fuck me, fuck my ass, ooooooohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd Santana, SANTANA! Oh Santana, please fuck me. Fuck my... fuck my tight little white ass and make me cum. Please? I need it so fucking bad! Please! I, mmmmmmm, I need you to fuck my ass! I need you to pound my big white booty just like you did on Valentines, ohhhhhhhhh, please Santana, fuck me up the ass like a bitch! Mmmmmm, please make me your bitch Santana, fuck me up the butt and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my slutty little white girl ass, ooooooooh fuck, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU BITCH AAAAAAHHHHHHH GOD!"

Suddenly pulling the dildo completely out of Quinn's ass Santana took a moment to enjoy the look of horror on the blonde's face and the almost heart-breaking sound of disappointment she let out, before grinning wickedly and ordering, "Turn over. I really loved fucking you in that position but if I'm going to pound that hot bitch ass of yours I think taking you in doggy would be best."

Quinn couldn't believe how much Santana was humiliating her. Actually she could totally believe Santana would try, but she couldn't believe she was letting her, and she desperately couldn't believe that her body was getting off on it so much. Maybe it was the fact that she had considered herself to be the HBIC of any situation for so long and bossed around any number of girls including this one when she was the captain of the Cheerios, and now here she was totally submitting to one of the girls she had considered nothing but a glorified minion.

Maybe it was just letting go in general, maybe she really was just a massive slut, Quinn didn't know for sure. All she really knew was she barely hesitated to let out another pathetic sounding whimper before she let go of her legs, rolled over onto her stomach and then lifted herself up onto her hands and knees with her ass pointed directly at her tormentor. She even wiggled her ass a little, Quinn subconsciously trying to entice Santana into fucking her up the butt hard and deep. Or at least she prayed to God that it was subconsciously, Quinn so out of her mind she honestly couldn't tell.

Santana grinned at this submissive display, and that the sight of Quinn's ass hole gaping open for her already, and then smacked Quinn's ass and said, "You know something Q, I've never said this to you before but you really do have an amazing ass for a white girl. I mean, I've seen you trying to get rid of it with your celery diets and working out like a little daemon, but it's still got a nice fullness to it. And as nicely round as they looked from afar they felt so glorious against my thighs while I was pounding this white girl booty on Valentine's Day, and oh my God, your virgin hole was a dream and is still incredibly tight and fuck-able."

"Please Santana, just shut up and fuck me." Quinn whimpered, "Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass hard, I need it so baaaaaddddddd aaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!"

Without any further warning Santana lined up the strap-on with Quinn's butt hole and slammed forward with what had to be all her might, the thick shaft effortlessly penetrating the blonde's embarrassingly open back hole and then shooting up Quinn's loosened back passage. With that first brutal thrust Santana buried almost the entire length of her fake cock up Quinn's butt and before the poor former cheerleader captain was even done crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure the former member of her squad began roughly butt fucking her, the last few inches quickly buried in her bowels which were well and truly pounded by the other girl.

Once she had established a steady rhythm Santana almost conversationally continues, "Mmmmmm, like I was saying this ass is a dream, ohhhhhhh fuck, and still incredibly tight, ooooooooh, it just might be the most fuck-able ass I've ever had the pleasure of pounding, and believe me Fabray, I'm about to pound the hell out of this amazing white girl booty of yours."

Before Quinn could challenge her to do it Santana began swiftly picking up the pace until her thighs were smacking off the blonde's butt cheeks so hard she thought she was getting spanked and the sound of flesh meeting flesh was almost drowning out Quinn's screams of pure pleasure. And that toy, that wonderful little toy was hammering Quinn's guts like a automatic drill, Santana more than living up to her promise as she sent Quinn over the edge of an incredible climax.

Just as she was going over the edge Santana grabbed Quinn by her pretty blonde hair, yanked it backwards and growled pretty much directly into her ear, "This ass is mine Q! MINE! What is it?"

Beyond any coherent thought Quinn screamed, "It's yours! IT'S YOURS! MY ASS IS YOURS!"


Quinn couldn't believe what Santana was saying, and she couldn't believe how hard it was making her cum. This was perhaps the most humiliating, horrifying and perverted thing to ever happen to her, even more than being robbed of her anal cherry, but no matter how gross it was or how disgusted Quinn would be with herself later right now all she could really concentrate on was the amazing orgasm that rocked her body, the ones quickly following it turning her into a complete mess. Nothing but a quivering, sweaty wreck. An orifice for Santana's lust. A bitch. Quinn felt like she was nothing but a submissive bitch in that moment, and as embarrassing as it was Quinn loved it.

Santana was thinking something similar and she loved it just as much if not more than Quinn. She became consumed by it. The dominance she felt, the power, the overwhelming knowledge that she had turned her prim and proper friend into a quivering mess of flesh who by the end of the butt fucking was slamming herself back against Santana's strap-on easily just as hard as Santana was pounding that rubber cock in and out of Quinn's widely stretched out butt hole, the two close friends becoming like wild animals in heat.

That didn't excuse some of the things Santana said, and she knew she was pushing Quinn too far even by what had become their standards, but she just couldn't help herself. She wanted every single word to be true, and in this glorious moment it was. Quinn Fabray's ass was hers. She was pounding it deeper and harder than anyone else could, and with every thrust she was not only reminding Quinn of that but she was stating her claim over this glorious prize. And as hot as the idea of Quinn Fabray as her own personal anal whore was it was nowhere near enough. Not with a pussy that tasty, and a mouth which seemed made to eat her cunt.

So no, in that moment Quinn wasn't her personal anal whore... well, she was, but she was that and so much more. She was her personal pussy licker, her fuck hole, each of her holes a fuck hole for her exclusive use, and most of all Quinn was her bitch. Quinn Fabray was a submissive little bitch, Santana wanting to strap a pretty little collar around her neck with the words 'Property of Santana Lopez' or simply 'Santana's Bitch' on the name tag. Or maybe she could get the same words tattooed or branded onto Quinn's ass, or some kind of combination of those two, and then show everyone in the glee club what had happened to the mighty Quinn Fabray. Hell, show strangers on the fucking street that this beautiful girl was hers. HERS!

Santana let all those desires be known but thankfully she said them in Spanish so there was no way Quinn would understand her. Also Quinn was probably way too far gone to even get she was saying anything, Santana barely acknowledging it herself as she finally went over the edge of her own orgasm. She had been holding it back for so long so she could continue the heaven of ass fucking Quinn Fabray for as long as possible, but once she went over the edge she knew the floodgates had been opened and it was only a matter of time before she had to stop.

On sheer willpower Santana pounded Quinn's butt through a few more orgasms but ultimately the two of them crashed back down onto the bed in a sweaty heap, both gasping for breath and barely conscious. And honestly Santana would have been happy just to slip into unconsciousness, or at least just stay there laying on top of Quinn with every inch of her strap-on buried up the other girl's butt. Then she was startled by a tiny sound behind her, the momentary shock forcing her to turn around and face the door, although she did little more than collapse down onto her back and inadvertently remove the dildo from Quinn's well-fucked ass.

If it had been a stranger Santana was pretty sure she would be screwed given how tired and aching her joints were, and Quinn would be no help because despite her being by far the more prudish of the two of them she hadn't seen to be able to move a muscle yet, although it was possible she hadn't heard anything. Santana was very glad she had heard something though, because the person standing in front of her was anything but a stranger, and anything but a threat for that matter.

"Rachel." Santana grinned widely, loudly emphasising her fellow brunette's name as beside her what was left of Quinn Fabray let out this adorable little embarrassed whimper, "Something I can do for you?"

Rachel blinked, Santana's words forcing her out of her dumbfounded haze and making her focus angrily on her roommate, "Santana, what the hell?"

"What?" Santana shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant even as the grin wouldn't leave her face, "You guys still haven't given me a room yet. Until then we're sharing."

"NO! No, no, no, no, NO! THIS, is my room. I said you could have ONE draw, and you tossed over half my stuff in the trash so you could fill up MY ROOM with your clothes and sex toys, and now you're having sex in my bed!" Rachel whisper yelled before desperately trying to calm herself. Arguing with Santana Lopez was like arguing with a wall, a total waste of breath. Speaking of breath Rachel took several big gulps of it to try and calm herself before adding, "But... I get it, you have nowhere else to go, and we really need to sort out better sleeping arrangements for you, but you just can't have sex in other people's beds Santana! You just can't! It, it isn't sanitary, and I have only so many spare sheets. But I'm your friend, and I want to support you, even if your into some really... unconventional things. So... let's call this a learning experience and not mention it again. Ever. And oh, no offence to you honey, but Santana do you think you could ask your lady friend to at least get dressed before Quinn gets back. I mean, you know Quinn would never approve of such a thing. The, the butt sex, not the lesbianism... although between you and me she's not exactly comfortable with... with this sort of..."

Santana's mind screamed at her to quickly agree and tell Rachel to fuck off already so there was maybe a snowballs chance in hell Quinn could escape this situation with an ounce of dignity. But 'Snixx' had completely taken over, the Latina still on an incredible high from all her orgasms and being able to so thoroughly dominate Quinn Fabray that she just let her bad self grin wickedly at Rachel until the little hamster wheel inside her head finally began turning, the moment she put two and two together creating a look that the wicked brunette would never forget.

"Quinn?" Rachel squeaked, her voice barely above a whisper.

There was a long moment of deafening silence and then Quinn let out a tearful whimper of utter humiliation and then finally moved to try and cover herself. Not that there was much point, the little troll had got a thorough look at Quinn's naked ass, and even if that little back hole wasn't gaping as wide as it had when Santana's dildo had been pounding in and out of it then it would still be one batted and possibly bruised butt, meaning it didn't matter how long Rachel had been standing in the doorway the Hobbit knew Santana had ass fucked Quinn Fabray.

"I... I..." Rachel stammered.

"Rachel!" Quinn said weakly, finally lifting her face out of the bed sheets, "For the love of God please just leave."

"Or don't. I mean you two have basically been eye fucking for years, so why not finally move things to the next level with yours truly guiding the way?" Santana offered, then when Rachel turned to her added, "As you know Rach, I have another strap-on. Loads in fact. So why don't you strap one on and we'll introduce Quinnie to the joys of double penetration? Though... I'm not ready to share her ass, that's mine, but you could totally have her pussy. Everybody else has. And hey, if you're not down to wear a dildo you could always eat her pussy while I fuck her up the ass.

"OH MY GOD!" Rachel screeched, running out of the room while apparently in the middle of the world's biggest freak out.

Which of course made Santana laugh her ass off, until she turned to a glaring Quinn who growled at her, "Get out."

With the smile which had been constantly on her face for the last few minutes slowly fading Santana softly said, "Quinn, it was just a joke, I-"

"GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" Quinn screamed at the top of her lungs.

For a moment Santana just stared at the other girl, then she grabbed a couple of clothes and left Quinn to get dressed. And if she felt half of what Santana was feeling it probably took a while just to be able to move semi-normally, Santana finding herself with a lot of time on her hands in between scurrying to make herself look half decent and when Quinn finally opened the door. During that time whatever was left of Snixx skipped away into the deepest, darkest places in her mind, laughing all the way as that evil alter ego of hers left her to contemplate how she had made the exact same mistakes as last time but now it was so much worse.

The moment the door flung open Santana started talking a mile a minute, "Quinn, I am so, so sorry. The thing with Rachel was totally out of line, and all that stuff I said was just me talking trash, I didn't really mean any of it, and I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry, please don't go, let's talk about this, please?"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Quinn screeched after she tried to push past Santana and the other girl grabbed her arm, "DON'T EVER TOUCH ME!"

Letting go of Quinn's arm Santana took a calming breath and quickly called after Quinn as she headed to the door, "I know what you're going through Q. Liking girls can be really scary, and I don't know if you're gay or bi or whatever, but I can help you. You just need to stop running away from me. I mean, I know I crossed like a thousand different lines, and again I'm so sorry for that and for pushing you way too far, but... you're just so fucking hot. But that's no excuse, and again I'm sorry, I just... I really want to help you get through this. No expectations, I swear. Just please, let me help."

"You've done enough." Quinn mumbled angrily closing her hand around the door handle and trying to force herself just to open it before turning her head and adding, "And I'm not gay, bi, or anything."

Santana was unable to stop herself from giving her friend a look and then in the most unhelpful tone possible practically laughed, "Quinn-"

"I AM NOT GAY!" Quinn yelled, angrily letting go of the handle and turning completely around before adding in a slightly less noisy but just as angry voice, "I am not some disgusting freak of nature like you and your little girlfriend! I'm a good girl. I'm a normal girl. I'm not like you, I'll never be like you!"

Unable to stop herself from getting a little mad Santana countered bitterly, "Says the girl who seduced me! The girl who came after me, twice. The girl who threw herself into my arms the second I walked into my home and then buried her face in my cunt and ate it like it was her job."

"Fuck you!" Quinn spat coldly, turning her back on the other girl and yanking the door open while ordering, "Don't call me! Don't text me, don't drop by, don't do anything, just stay the hell out of my life."

"You know what, fine. I don't know why I'm even fucking worried, we do this all the time. One of us pisses the other off, we scream at each other and then swear we'll never talk again but sooner or later it's like it never fucking happened." Santana practically growled, wishing she truly believed it. Then, knowing this might be the last chance she ever had to make a grand gesture she yelled, "QUINN!"

Against her better judgement Quinn turned in the doorway, looked Santana in the eye and asked, "What?"

"I..." Santana started, second guessing herself briefly but deep down knowing it was true, "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Quinn just stared for a few seconds, then with tears flooding her eyes she gritted her teeth and slammed the door behind her while calling out, "Go to hell freak!"


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