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Author's note: This story takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers.

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Glee: One Time Thing Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

They didn't talk until not talking cease to be an option. Not when it came to this.

Santana had to hand it to Quinn, when she didn't want to be found you wouldn't find her. Not if you were anyone who wasn't Santana Lopez, that's for sure. It was cute when they were kids but now Quinn being one step ahead of her frustrated Santana like nothing else ever had, which in turn only made her look for the blonde harder, Santana searching and searching for weeks nearly non-stop until finally she got lucky.

Honestly she'd walked into the bar for a little stress relief before she left this dump of a town when she saw her. Quinn Fabray, sitting in a bar with a half-finished cocktail which probably wasn't her first. Putting her game face on Santana casually strolled over and sat down next to her long-time friend. Quinn didn't look at her, but she didn't bail either so Santana chose to take it as a positive sign.

It was ironic, and cliche, but Santana had imagined her next meeting with Quinn a thousand times and although she could never quite come up with the right thing to say, anything would be better than what her actual first words to Quinn were in months, Santana inwardly and outwardly cringing even as the words escaped her mouth, "Drunk again Q? Ya better watch out, this is beginning to look like an intervention-worthy problem."

The inebriated blonde didn't respond which was definitely for the best, Santana could tell she was on thin ice just by being here, not that she was even considering giving up, "For what it's worth, I called you first. I... don't know if that means anything."

Still no response.

"I guess... there has always been two people in my life that meant more to me than anything else. Than anyone else. And, in the moment, I thought you'd need me more. But you didn't answer Q. You never answered. I was worried. We were all worried." Santana said softly, slowly extending a hand and trying to place it over Quinn's, but at the last second the blonde pulled hers away.

"Don't touch me!" Quinn snapped, although there wasn't a 10th of the old biting tone that there used to be.

Santana briefly glanced around looking at the other patrons who barely spared them a glance before going back to concentrating on their own beeswax, at which point she whisper yelled, "Look, I fucked up big time, I get that, but we've done way worse things to each other and we always found a way to move past it, and part of that was because we had to see each other pretty much every day, but I hope to God this time is no different because I miss you Quinn. I've missed you so fucking much."

Santana gave Quinn a chance to respond, but the other girl didn't even look at her. Not that Santana blamed her, fiery guilt burning in the brunette's chest. It hurt, but not as much as the next words would.

"But I'm not here about us. I'm... I'm here about Finn." Santana said, struggling to force the words out, "He's dead. No warning, no good reason, no nothing. He's just gone, and it fucking destroyed me in a way I could have never imagined. Not that I ever thought about it, it's just... I was falling apart this time last week, and part of that was because I imagined what you must have been feeling."

"You can't imagine how I feel." Quinn mumbled personally.

"So tell me." Santana offered, "Tell me exactly how you feel about him, and about me. Scream, shout, cry, do or say anything you fucking want, just let it out because I am not leaving you until you're ok."

There was another long pause, then Quinn looked at her, "What if I'm never ok?"

"Then I'll never leave." Santana said firmly, "I don't care if it's the last straw in this friendship or whatever this is between us, I'm going to be right here for you. Even if that means literally being your punching bag. And hey, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me, because trust me Q, there's no better therapy than a little physical violence. So go ahead Fabray, take a swing. Slap me good and hard right here, right now. Or we can go outside. I don't care, I just... I just want to make you feel better. Please... tell me how I can make this better?"

In the middle of her speech, once she got the bright idea to make Quinn slap her again, Santana stood up and started posturing. She even tapped her cheek in the pretty much universal sign of 'right here, hit me right here'. Then Quinn finally got up and positioned herself in front of Santana, leaving the Latina to tense up and get ready for the worst, her words trailing off although she very much meant them.

Then to her incredible surprise Quinn just said, "Grab your things. I have a room nearby."

Although Quinn didn't specifically say follow her Santana felt it was very much implied, which was a good thing. It was less good that despite her nearly constant prompting Quinn wouldn't say another word to her until they were inside perhaps the cheapest, most rundown motel room Santana had ever seen, which was really saying something given all the broke teen boys she had fucked before finding herself. Briefly Santana lingered on the memory of one specific boy, her heart-breaking for Quinn all over again. Then suddenly Quinn was pushing her back against the door and kissing her fiercely, and despite the nearly overwhelming desire to just go with it Santana forced herself to break the lip lock and gently push Quinn away from her while holding her tightly at arms length.

"No." Santana gasped when she broke the kiss.

"Please Santana?" Quinn wept, Santana taken aback by how quickly the girl could go from not crying at all to full on tears running down her cheeks in a matter of seconds, "I need... I need you to... I, I just can't... I can't deal with this. I can't deal with any of this right now, and, and... and I just need you to make me forget about it, just for a second. Please? You wanna help me? Fine, fuck me until I can't think, because I can't think about him, or you, or anything anymore. I just can't. It's too fucking much."

Santana would dearly love to forget their troubles to, the temptation never more enticing, however, "I can't... I won't. Things are too messed up, and I won't make the same mistakes I did last time. If I ever fuck you again it will be when both of us are stone cold sober, and both of us know what we both want."

There was another pause and then Quinn started violently swearing and weakly slapping Santana. Both hurt, but they didn't have the cutting edge/forced to them that Santana was used to, and they quickly dissolved into Quinn collapsing into her arms and crying her eyes out, which was where she stayed for the rest of the evening. The only change was Santana strategically moving them so that her back was lying on the headboard of the bed with Quinn sobbing in her arms, Santana crying too albeit much more silently, the two girls mourning the loss of their friend.

* * *

When Quinn finally awoke the next morning for a blissful moment she didn't know where she was or why she was here. Then realisation hit her like a freight train and she felt the urge to cry again. She probably would have if she wasn't so dehydrated from all the crying she had done last night, and every night since she got the call about Finn. The difference was this morning she wasn't alone, but in the arms of Santana, her friend giving her a small, forced smile when Quinn looked up to see if she was awake.

Quinn had dreamed of laying in these arms, and never, ever wanted to leave them, but she felt like she had too. So, despite most of her body protesting, Quinn lifted herself up and then collapsed so her back was against the headboard on the opposite side of the bed, the blonde simultaneously wishing the bed was both bigger and smaller so Santana would be further away from her/closer to her.

There was then a long silence, both girls obviously waiting for the other to say something with Quinn being the one to finally cave, "I never loved him. I thought I did at the time, but in retrospect I was only ever in love with the idea of him. He was everything I told myself I wanted. Big, strong and muscular. The quarterback to my head cheerleader. And best of all he wasn't that bright, so I could manipulate him with ease. But I cheated on him, with his best friend, and then after I got pregnant I convinced him the baby was his. But maybe worse than lying and cheating and manipulating was how I stood in his way. He was on this earth for such a short amount of time, and I made him waste so much of it with me even when it became perfectly clear Rachel was his soul-mate. How can I live with that?"

Santana bit her lip for a moment, and then said, "Well, it was hardly all your fault. The whole Rachel and him not always being together, I mean. I took his cherry long before I gave a damn about him, and... it feels wrong to say this now, but Rachel and even he got in the way of their happiness. Not that makes any of the stuff we did ok, but newsflash Q, we're not good people. Just look at everything we've done to each other."

"We're really not." Quinn let out a humourless laugh and then after a few moments of silence added, "You wanna know the worst thing? I wasn't ever in love with him, but I really did care about him as much as I've ever cared about anybody, and after everything we've been through all I can think about now is how his death affects me. What I did to him, how nice he was to me despite everything, how... how maybe now he's gone Rachel will finally notice me."

That last part was whispered so softly that Quinn was actually surprised when Santana turned her head to look directly at her for the first time in this conversation. Surprised, but oddly relieved, Quinn having problems keeping her voice in check as her body somehow found some leftover liquid to allow her to cry some more.

"There, happy? I said it. I want her. Finn is dead, and I keep thinking about how I might have a chance with the straightest girl I know. And how even if I did I wouldn't take it, because I couldn't stand knowing that I was a consolation prize. And a fucking leech. A vulture, hanging around and then swooping in at the end. And then there's you." Quinn sobbed, her words slowly turning bitter as she finally looked at Santana again, "You were only supposed to be a one time thing, and now the man I so desperately wanted to love is dead, and... and I keep thinking about your skanky ass! Who, by the way, everybody knows is just killing time until she gets back together with Brittnay, because in the end no matter what you say and what you do you will always choose Brittnay, just like Rachel will always choose Finn. Would. Would have always chose him, but now he's not an option, and I can't let myself be one. Not for her, or for you, because I won't be anyone's second choice. Not again."

There was another long silence, this one perhaps the longest of the morning, then Santana mumbled, "So... just to be clear, you're..."

"Gay? Oh God yes." Quinn laughed loud, high and humourless, "I am gay. There, you happy now? You were right about everything. I'm gay. I'm a lesbian, and not just a normal flannel wearing dyke, but a perverted slut who actually gets off on the worst things imaginable, because I fucking loved it Santana! I got off on every nasty little thing you said or did to me, and I don't know how to live with that. I don't know how to live with the fact that I'm a perverted, criminally self-centred lesbian who can't stop thinking about you and Rachel when I'm supposed to be morning 'the love of my life'. And honestly, I'm about five seconds away from finding some rich white guy to marry and give me another kid or five because I clearly don't deserve any type of happiness. Not with Rachel, or with you."

It took a long time for Santana to digest all of that, the Latina really making an effort to think through not just what she had heard but what she was about to say before she even opened her mouth, "Well, first off, I guarantee both of us will be thinking about Finn for the rest of our lives, and I think it's normal to think about what you could have done differently and how it all affects you. I know I do. Then again we're not the best of people, and we either need to be cool with that and not just pretend too or we should try and change. As for Rachel, she'd be lucky to have you. I can't tell you that you wouldn't be her second choice, because who knows exactly what goes on in that girl's head, but I'm pretty sure she's only slightly straighter than you are. Finally, don't you dare tell me what I want or what I'm inevitably going to choose because clearly you have no fucking idea."

"Don't I?" Quinn asked bitterly.

"No, clearly you don't." Santana said softly but firmly, "Is there something pulling me back to Brittnay? Yes, but for the first time in my life that feels truly over. And do you want to know why? It's because she is no longer the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. It's not her I think and talk about all the time, it's not her name I stare at on my phone debating whether to call her, and it's not her I want to be appearing out of nowhere or calling me up from out of the blue. It's you. You're the one I fucking want, ok?"

There was another pause, then Quinn looked away, "How can I believe you?"

"I don't know." Santana said truthfully, "I don't know how to make you believe me, but wouldn't it be better to take the chance on whatever this is? Try and drag each other out of all this fucking pain? Not that you have to date me for that, because like I said, I'm with you until you're feeling better, but... I rather do it with you as opposed to just... with you, you know?"

There was a long silence, the two long-time friend staring at each other for what felt like an eternity, then Quinn laughed, "Can you actually imagine us trying to be a couple? We wouldn't last a week."

"Maybe. Or maybe our similarities would keep us together instead of tearing us apart." Santana argued, "After all, hasn't that always been the case between us? Haven't we always gone from loving each other to fighting each other and back again with the only variations being how long the fight lasted?"

"Great, so we'd be one of 'those' couples." Quinn scoffed.

"If by one of 'those' couples you mean always passionate about each other then I'm sorry, I just don't get what would suck about that." Santana said, "Honestly Quinn, you challenge me every single time I see you and I love you for it, because it's fun and I know that even when we're literally strangling each other we love each other, and if that's wrong I don't want to be right. And I'm not. We're not. If this whole thing proved anything it's that we're both fucked up crazy bitches who'd rather wreck each other than actually discuss our issues, and it takes a fucking tragedy to actually get us to talk about how we really feel, so hey, maybe we really are perfect for each other!"

There was another long pause, and then Quinn let out a chuckle and then without looking at Santana she softly smiled and mumbled, "Well, I'll admit... at least it would never be boring."

"Right?" Santana laughed softly, Quinn briefly joining the light-hearted laughter before it quickly died down to start again. Then Santana slowly lifted herself up and positioned herself so she was on her hands and knees crouched over the other former cheerleader and staring directly into her eyes before she softly murmured, "Please Quinn, give me a chance. I swear you're the only one I want, and I swear I'll treat you better this time round."

"That's the thing San, I don't want you to treat me better." Quinn admitted bitterly, "I loved being humiliated and treated like a slut. What does that say about me?"

"That you're a bottom with maybe some masochistic tendencies." Santana offered calmly, "There's no shame in it babe, it's who you are."

"But it's not." Quinn argued, "I'm a Bitch Goddess, a proud HBIC, the baddest bitch around. How can I be a bottom?"

"How you act outside the bedroom doesn't make you one thing or another Q. Sometimes we're exactly the opposite of what we appear to be, and that's ok." Santana explained softly, "You just need to find a top who can give you what you need, and if you really want that I'd be more than happy to give it to you."

"So do it." Quinn practically begged, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around Santana, becoming increasingly tearful as she pleaded, "Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore. Please? I've tried drinking the pain away, and it barely makes a dent. But kissing you, being with you... submitting to you, it's the only thing which can make me feel better, if only for a little while. Please Santana, please fuck my pain away. Fuck me like a slut so I can forget about everything I'm going through. Please? Please, I want it, I want you, so bad."

Quinn tried to kiss her friend but Santana pulled back, then Santana made a snap decision based on the disappointed look on Quinn's face, "I will, ok? I'll fuck you. But this time, it's going to be gentle. I'm going to prove to you I can be gentle. Because I kind of think I have too. But don't worry Quinn, you can be a submissive little bottom without being abused. Here, let me show you."

With that Santana cupped Quinn's face in both of her hands and leaned forward while pulling the blonde gently to her, Quinn letting out a little whimper of gratitude as she finally got what she wanted, namely Santana's lips on her own. It was nowhere near as hard as she wanted it, which didn't bode well for this whole gentle thing which Santana seemed to have convinced herself she had to do, but Quinn wasn't about to complain. Not when this was easily good enough for now, and that her mouth was too busy to do anything other than kiss Santana back.

Santana had thought it would be tough not to shove her tongue down Quinn's throat the first chance she got, but under these extremely tragic circumstances that wasn't exactly what she was in the mood for. Back when the blonde had first kissed her in the bar last night she had actually pushed Quinn away, and Santana could have never imagined herself rejecting this girl even back when she was sexually confused. But it had happened, along with other unthinkable things which had brought her to this moment, gently kissing Quinn Fabray in one of the nastiest beds she'd ever been in, which was really saying something.

Regardless of how they got here Santana was oddly happy in that moment, or at least as close to it as she could get right now. Certainly happier than she had been in months as if Santana was honest with herself she had been pretty miserable ever since Quinn stormed out of her apartment/life, and while this didn't make up for it the conversation and the kiss felt like a good start. In fact it seemed to make a very good start, a few of Quinn's words ringing in Santana's ears as her friend, who up until recently had been swearing she was straight, moaned softly into her lips as she used them to caress the pair belonging to her former cheerleader captain.

Eventually Santana did add her tongue into the mix, but despite a few half-hearted efforts from Quinn the kiss remained soft and gentle, even as Santana briefly broke it to pull Quinn's shirt over her head. Quinn helped, and together they removed all the clothing they hadn't had the emotional energy to remove last night. Honestly they should probably shower or something, but Santana didn't mind the smell of sweat and alcohol. Hell, it was practically her fragrance. Besides, she was dead set on 'making love' to Quinn in a bed.

Normally when people started to throw around terms like 'making love' Santana would want to vomit, or at least pretend like she was going too, the Latina mocking the happy couple in question until they either shut up or went away. But the truth was she had fallen head over heels for Quinn Fabray and this was her chance to prove it, Santana slowly massaging Quinn's tongue with her own for several long minutes when they were finally naked before slowly kissing her way down Quinn's body.

At first Quinn let out soft moans of pleasure, especially when Santana was kissing her neck which included sucking on her pulse point just right. But then Santana reached her tits and very quickly the treatment became excruciating for the horny blonde. Sure, it was physically pleasurable, but it was nowhere near what she had become used to receiving from the skilled lesbian and Quinn wanted more. Quinn wanted that talented little mouth and tongue to move lower to where she needed it most.

She was sure that Santana could tell this just from the way the wicked Latina had her moaning, groaning, whimpering and writhing for her. In fact Quinn swore she felt Santana grinning evilly around her left nipple as she gently sucked for a few more seconds for moving back over to the right nipple, pressing her lips softly against her flesh every chance she got as she moved back and forth between those already painfully hard bundles of nerves.

Eventually when she could take it no more Quinn slowly reached out, placed her hand over Santana's head and gently started pushing down. Then she started applying more pressure. Then more and more and more, but seemingly no matter how hard she pushed downwards Santana remained on her nipples, even adding her tongue into the mix and swirling it around those nubs, thus causing Quinn's grip to loosen and the blonde to let out an extra loud cry of pleasure. In turn this caused the brunette to grin wickedly and torture her even more, Quinn unable to stop herself letting out an indignant huff at Santana's childish behaviour.

"Santana! For the love of God, eat my pussy!" Quinn groaned with frustration, "This isn't funny anymore. You want to be gentle fine, but you have to fuck me! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmm, I need you to fuck me."

Briefly pulling away from her prize Santana smirked, "Just showing you I don't need to be rough to dominate you Q. But you know what, I've been craving your sweet cunt for months now... and I think it's about time I got another taste of it."

Quinn opened her mouth to agree but all that came out was a rather pathetic sounding whimper as Santana kissed her way down the flat stomach that the blonde was so proud of before positioning herself exactly where Quinn had been dreaming of her being for the past few months. Or at least one of the most frequent positions, perhaps second only to the complete and total humiliation of having Santana ram a strap-on dildo up her butt, although Quinn quickly forgot about that in favour of crying out with pure joy as another girl's tongue caressed her pussy for the first time in way too long.

Still wanting to make this as slow and as gentle as possible Santana made sure not to rush into anything. She had slowly kissed her way down Quinn's stomach and when she had reached her destination she took a second to enjoy both the enticing sight and sweet smell before her. Then and only then did she lean her head forward, stick out her tongue and slowly slid it from the bottom of Quinn's pussy lips all the way up to the top, Santana barely lingering on her longtime friend's clit before repeating this process.

Over and over and over again Santana licked Quinn's pussy with long slow strokes of her tongue, the girl who used to effortlessly boss her and every single other Cheerio around now moaning, groaning, whimpering and crying for her, the once mighty Quinn Fabray once again completely under her control. Oh how Santana had craved this feeling. She had always crave control, and to have it over THE Quinn Fabray was fucking epic. Ok, it wasn't the complete and total control she had felt in other things, but for now it was so much more than enough.

Just to be able to look upwards over Quinn's well toned little body, and over those perky little titties of hers, to see her eyes closed and her face a mask of bliss was enough to make Santana want to grind her needy sex into the bed sheets. Or maybe reached down and start giving herself a little rubbing. It wasn't like her hands were particularly busy, as Santana was just resting them gently on Quinn's hips. She wasn't even grabbing the other girl's butt, which was very unnatural for her in this position. But again, this was supposed to be all about making love to Quinn, and Santana refused to be distracted from that.

So, perhaps more focused than she had ever been, Santana continued dishing out long, slow, gentle licks to Quinn's pussy, the wicked brunette constantly looking up at the beautiful blonde and delighting in what she saw. Namely that look of bliss slowly being transformed to one of frustration, Quinn digging her nails into the bed sheets as she simply allowed Santana to have her way with her for what seemed like an eternity. Which was just fine with Santana, as for right now she felt she could be happy in between Quinn's legs for the rest of her life.

Quinn wasn't so sure. She absolutely loved what Santana was doing to her, but over time what had been heavenly pleasure turned torturous as her need to cum slowly took over. The urge to beg Santana to give her the type of orgasm she now so desperately needed, had been desperately needing from the only one who seemed to be able to give it to her, but there was no guarantee that Santana would give her what she wanted. Santana had proven in the past that she was very much willing to tease Quinn for her own amusement, and while it didn't seem like the other girl would do that to her under the circumstances there was no way Quinn could be sure.

Then again perhaps Quinn was just looking for excuses not to open her mouth. After all she had been wanting to have Santana back in between her legs for what felt like a lifetime now, and as torturous as the gentle licking had become it was also beyond any pleasure Quinn experienced with a man, so why be in such a rush to end it? The answer was mind numbing orgasms, every ounce of Quinn's body craving that wonderful ecstasy that Santana seem to be able to give her so effortlessly.

Resistance became harder and harder with every lick, the only thing holding Quinn back being the thought that Santana wanted to make love to her, and in this wonderful moment it felt like the other girl was succeeding. There was just something about those licks, and the way Santana was looking at her when Quinn dared to look down to see her best friend staring up at her from between her thighs, that look and those licks telling Quinn that Santana really did love her. Also the whole time Quinn was on the edge everything else pretty much melted away, and while recent devastating news was always threatening to ruin the moment Quinn was focused enough on the present that she was consumed by her thoughts and feelings for the beautifully tanned goddess known as Santana Lopez.

But ultimately there was only so much Quinn could take before she softly whimpered, "Please Santana... give me more... more... fuck me, oh God!"

Now more desperate than ever for what she craved Quinn had been gearing up for a long winded and no doubt whiny monologue of how badly she needed Santana to make her cum, however she only got a few words out before Santana's tongue lingered on her clit in a way which left her speechless. Then after half a dozen strategic licks to her clit Santana's tongue move down to press against Quinn's entrance, and instead of pulling back and continuing to tease her the former cheerleader pushed forwards, making her former captain cry out loudly as she entered her.

It took all the strength Santana possessed not to shove her tongue inside Quinn's cunt in one hard thrust like she had done before and wanted to do again so badly. But it felt totally worth it as by slowly pushing her tongue inside the other former Cheerio she really got to savour the feeling of penetrating a pussy that way. She also got to savour the cry Quinn let out, Santana unable to stop a wicked grin from crossing her face as she slowly entered the blonde and made her cry out for her. Then she began slowly pumping her tongue in and out of the other girl, making Quinn cry out for her even more.

Almost immediately Quinn seemed to reach the edge of climax, Santana almost literally having to fight to keep her there. Although maybe she shouldn't. Maybe making love meant that you gave the one you loved what they wanted as soon as they ask for it. Or needed it as the case maybe, Quinn obviously in no shape to form the words to beg for what she so clearly desperately needed. But keeping her on the edge made the inevitable orgasms Santana would give that much sweeter, not to mention that it increased the pussy eating.

So, mostly certain she was doing the right thing, Santana continued to tease Quinn for as long as she possibly could, which didn't actually feel that long. In fact it was probably only a minute after Santana initially pushed her tongue into Quinn that she suddenly had another girl cumming in her mouth, the brunette briefly debating whether she had accidentally slid her tongue up against the blonde's G-spot or whether it had all just become too much for Quinn. Then Santana focused on what was really important, namely swallowing Quinn's precious girl cum.

There were a few things on earth which could possibly compare to this, but in this wonderful moment Santana couldn't think of anything which was exactly this precious liquid's equal in terms of heavenly taste, the former glee club member yanking her tongue out of the other former member so she could seal her lips around Quinn's cunt so she could try and swallow every drop of the other girl's cum. She almost succeeded, but a little bit escaped her lips to cover her cheeks, and a significant amount of Quinn's following orgasms ended up covering her face as well, along with a lot of pussy juice.

Desperate for more of Quinn's cum Santana hadn't hesitated in returning her tongue to her friend's cunt. It was a struggle to go back to and maintain gentle tongue thrusting after swallowing the precious Ambrosia which was Quinn's girl cum, but Santana just about managed it. At least for a little while. Then she became lost in her passion for pussy, and the overwhelming desire for a girl who had been one of her closest friends for nearly her entire life, Santana eventually switching to using her fingers when her tongue got tired simply because she couldn't get enough of making Quinn Fabray cum for her.

Quinn was only dully aware of those skilled fingers replacing that talented tongue, and that was only because she let out a tiny whimper in the second or so it took for Santana to remove her tongue from inside the blonde's cunt and replace it with her fingers. Then not only was Quinn being fucked again, but as Santana's fingers started pumping in and out of her pussy the brunette moved her mouth upwards to the blonde's clit, Quinn crying out as Santana's lips wrapped around that sensitive bundle of nerves and immediately made her cum again.

Although she was aware of this happening there wasn't really any conscious thoughts going on in her head other than the words 'no, don't stop' and 'more' echoing through her mind. It didn't take long for that to be narrowed down to simply 'more' and eventually even that ceased, for the first time in months Quinn completely free of all her troubles as she completely surrendered to the overwhelming ecstasy she could apparently only receive when Santana Lopez was playing her body like a musical instrument.

She wasn't sure how much she came. Eventually it all felt just like one big, never-ending orgasm, Santana constantly switching back and forth between using her tongue and fingers to fuck her pussy while the other played with her clit until Quinn could literally take no more. Which was unfortunate because she so desperately wanted to spend eternity in this paradise, but instead she found herself slipping into unconsciousness and then awaking in Santana's arms who knows how much time later still shaking from her multiple orgasms.

Her throat felt sore from screaming, her mind felt disorientated, and her body felt exhausted and dehydrated from cum so hard and so often. However whether it was her mind, soul or even her cunt itself some part of her desperately wanted more. Or more accurately she wanted something else, and she only wanted it from Santana.

So even though it seemed to take a lot of effort Quinn softly whimpered, "Fuck me."

"I just did." Santana quipped with a soft smile.

"No, really fuck me." Quinn groaned with annoyance, "Like with a cock."

There was a moment of silence and then Santana rolled them over so Quinn was on her back again with the Latina in between her legs, the brunette beginning to grind her body into the blonde in a way which felt so good that Quinn almost didn't hear Santana grumble, "I don't need a cock to fuck you Fabray."

"I know that." Quinn moaned, rolling her eyes although it was hard to look annoyed when the other girl was pleasuring her so wonderfully, "Spare me the lecture, ok? I just want you to fuck me with a strap-on. Not because we need it to have real sex or some other bull-shit, but because you're so fucking good at it. Now please, go get your toy and fuck me with it. And don't even try and pretend you didn't bring it with you just because you want to... do more of whatever this is."

"Awww, ya know me so well Q." Santana grinned, leaning down to give Quinn a kiss, and then when it wasn't immediately returned with enthusiasm she was expecting the dark haired girl pulled away slightly and frowned, "You sure you're up to it?"

"Yes! Please San, I want it so bad!" Quinn protested, a seductive look crossing her face as she added, "You can stick it anywhere."

"What, like in your ear?" Santana teased, grinding her pussy particularly hard into Quinn's cunt, her vagina letting the other one know who's boss.

"Noooooo mmmmmm fuck, Santana, fuck, I mean you can fuck my ass. Please Santana, mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, fuck my mouth, ohhhhhhhh, fuck all three of my holes in whatever position you want, oooooohhhhhhh Gooooodddddddd just fuck me with your strap-on cock!"

Santana deliberately looked thoughtful for a little while as she increased the frequency of the hard grinding until she could tell that Quinn was getting close to the edge of another orgasm. Given the way their tits and pussies were rubbing together Santana was pretty close to an orgasm herself, and if she had been able to resist reaching down and fingering herself while she was eating Quinn's cunt she would have definitely made them both cum like this. However for better or worse she had fingered herself to a couple of very satisfying climaxes while munching Quinn's muffin, so instead Santana cruelly pushed her lover almost over the edge and then got up.

"I'm not sure anal can be romantic, but I'd be willing to try... another time." Santana explained as she quickly retrieved her trusty strap-on dildo from her bag, "But for now I think it would be easier for me to just make love to that pretty pussy of yours. Does that sound good to you Quinnie?"

Predictably Quinn had let out a growing frustration when Santana got off of her, however the Latina had started talking before the other girl had a chance to complain, and then when she did have the chance Santana was busy stepping into the harness of her toy cock and then pulling it up her thighs so complaining wasn't on Quinn's mind anymore. In fact rather than offer up any attempt at a witty retort Quinn just spread her legs and waited as Santana strapped the dildo around her waist, the once intimidating girl looking up at her with an expression that said that Santana could order the other 'bitch goddess' into whatever position she wanted. Hell, she could order Quinn to do just about anything and the horny blonde would have probably done it.

That last thought, and Quinn's last words to her, were incredibly tempting for Santana. In fact she could feel Snixx desperately trying to take control of her, screaming at her to just lay back and watch as her dominating alter ego took over and fucked the once mighty Quinn Fabray like the lesbian slut she either was now or at least wanted to be. However Santana had sworn she would show Quinn she could be gentle, that she could make love to her, that she could be the girlfriend Quinn deserved.

So Santana banished Snixx to the darkest corners of her mind, which was never an easy feat for her, then she concentrated on crawling onto the bed, positioning herself in between Quinn's legs and then pressing the tip of her strap-on against the entrance to her friend's cunt. The whole time she did this Santana stared into Quinn's beautiful eyes, the two girls maintaining eye contact as one ever so slowly entered the other with the skill and confidence which could only be born from practice.

Quinn had already been feeling overwhelmed, but when Santana looked at her like that... oh it was mind melting. Sure, there was that trademark arrogance and predatory look which was becoming increasingly frequent whenever Santana looked at Quinn, and of course the knee weakening desire which made Quinn's insides melt, but there was something new. Something which looked a lot like love. But not the puppy love Quinn was used to seeing from boys, but something that felt deeper and more real than anything she had experienced.

It was honestly a shock that Quinn didn't cum simply from seeing this expression, or from prolonged exposure to it, or from having Santana Lopez mount her and then stick a big cock inside her. Ok, the last thing was a big reason why she didn't cum, Quinn crying out as her pussy struggled to adjust to the monster cock Santana insisted on wearing. Of course it was typical of Santana to refuse to wear something smaller than Puck, even during 'love making', but thanks to that particular boy, his manhood and the child birth which had resulted because of that union, Quinn soon adjusted to Santana's size and once again she felt nothing but pleasure.

The more and more she relaxed the better the pleasure got until it again became overwhelming, except this time her pussy wasn't being assaulted by a soft mouth and a tiny but skilled muscle. No, this time she was invaded and then pumped with the full-length of a monster dildo, Santana effortlessly using it better than even Puck used his, almost as if the toy was truly a part of the Latina.

Oh how Quinn loved that thought. The cock inside her right now was Santana's, this more dominant woman somehow growing a cock for the purpose of showing her once and for all who the real Head Bitch In Charge was, and who was just a bitch. Yes, she was Santana's bitch right now... and before she could continue with that line of thinking for any longer Santana kissed her and once again Quinn was unable to think, which quite frankly was exactly what she wanted.

Despite what Quinn might have thought if she was still capable of doing that right now the kiss hadn't been unprovoked. On the contrary, as far as Santana could tell Quinn's lips had been begging her to kiss them ever since she had mounted the other girl, and the only thing which had been stopping her doing so was those inviting eyes which had been equally begging Santana just to stare into them. Then Quinn wrapped her arms and legs around Santana's body, pulling her in with each inward thrust and thus causing Santana to break contact and moan. After that surely Santana could not be held responsible for her actions?

To be fair it wasn't like kissing Quinn was some kind of chore, or something that the blonde didn't enjoy. No, both girls clearly loved it, Quinn first caressing Santana's lips with her own and then welcoming the Latina's tongue into her mouth when Santana decided it was time to invade that wonderful orifice, the dominant brunette happily taking the submissive blonde's two holes at the same time with her trademark skill and passion.

Somewhere in the dark corners of her mind Santana heard her inner Demon crying out for her to take Quinn's third and final hole, filling the other girl in every erotic way possible with herself and possessing her completely. It was incredibly tempting, even more so than when Santana was eating Quinn's pussy. However even though she spent some significant time cupping Quinn's butt to help her with her thrusts Santana avoided the urge to slip a finger into the blonde's butt hole, the brunette reminding herself over and over again that she wanted to avoid that area for the time being and concentrate on making love to Quinn.

It was also hard to keep up the slow and gentle pace as it became increasingly obvious from the way the other girl was whimpering into her mouth that Quinn wanted to cum again. Santana knew she could make that happen so easily by increasing the pace of the pussy pumping, but she was worried her darker urges would take over and she would fuck Quinn's cunt so hard it could no longer be called love making. At the same time she wanted to push the beautiful blonde over the edge of climax, Santana stuck for a few moments before an idea slipped into her head.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss Santana stared into Quinn's eyes and softly told the other girl, "Cum for me Quinn. Cum for me now. Mmmmmm, you're so beautiful when you cum baby, please cum for me now. I wanna see my girl cum for me. Mmmmmm, I want you to be my girl Q. I want you to be mine. All mine. Forget about Brittnay, forget about Rachel, it's just you and me. You're the one I want, mmmmmm, you're the only one I want I swear. I love you Quinn Fabray. Ohhhhhh Gooooddddd I always have, but now I'm falling in love with you."

Quinn was blown away by the confession. And it did feel like a confession, because while Santana was a notorious liar Quinn could normally see past her bull-shit, and she was sure she'd never heard the other bitch goddess sound so sincere. And if she wasn't being sincere Quinn would have to kill Santana, or at least kick her ass, because the passion of those words and the words themselves literally drove the normally proud blonde to tears, Quinn honestly never feeling that wanted before. That loved.

In that moment Quinn felt the type of love which surely everybody searched for their entire lives, although she had no idea what to do with that overwhelming sensation. Inevitably she could only do one thing as at that moment Santana rotated her hips upwards in a way which made the dildo inside of the blonde hit her G-spot, Quinn feeling herself crashing over the edge of what was an incredibly intense orgasm even by the standards previously set by Santana.

To be fair Quinn had felt like she had been on the edge of climax for what felt like an eternity, but that was nothing new. Santana always seem to delight in torturing her that way, and now whenever she was apart from the incredibly experienced lesbian it always felt like amazing pleasure was just beyond her reach, countless nights of fingering herself teaching Quinn that there was just no substitute for the ridiculously skilled touch of Santana Lopez, Santana proving that over and over again as she effortlessly gave Quinn another round of devastating orgasms.

Through it all Santana continued to stare at her like that, like she was the only one she wanted in the world, and Quinn's brain just couldn't stand it. She wanted to look away but she couldn't bear to miss a moment of that look, of that feeling, and she didn't want the ecstasy to stop even though she feared she might be in a coma for the rest of her life as her brain literally felt like it was melting. On some level she knew that was possible, but at least for a few blissful moments all that was left of Quinn Fabray was a blissfully happy shell been gently pumped by her best friend turned so much more.

Santana like to talk a good game but when it came to being actually brave more often than not she was a coward. Not that she'd admit that of course, unless somewhere down the road it helped her get what she truly wanted. When she had time to prepare though, and she had momentum on her side, it was almost easy, and right now she had the girl she wanted above all others writhing in pleasure beneath her just as she'd been dreaming for months. If she couldn't step up to the plate and tell Quinn how she really felt now she never would.

So she had told her. Let the words pour out of her partly like she had rehearsed, and partly just word vomit falling out of her mouth, while her body almost made Quinn cum of its own accord. Only that wasn't true. Every other time Santana had used a strap-on dildo on Quinn she had lost control, allowed her perverted desires to get away from her, but now she maintained control and while it was hard it was also incredibly erotic, especially because she was still making Quinn cum oh so hard on her cock.

Thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of taking Quinn Fabray in this incredibly erotic way Santana came too, many times, but her own pleasure was an afterthought. All Santana wanted to do was give Quinn pleasure, and more importantly prove she was worthy of this beautiful blonde. Well, she wasn't, but neither was anyone else, so why not her if she was willing to at least try to be everything Quinn wanted and perhaps more importantly needed? And from the look in her eyes maybe Quinn finally understood that, that thought leading to a particularly hard orgasm which resulted in sapping Santana of the last of her strength.

Quinn whimpered with disappointment as Santana began to slow down the speed of her thrusts, bringing both of them down from their highs as gently as possible before finally pulling her dick out of the blonde and rolling them back over so that Quinn was lying in her arms. They stayed like that for quite a while, both exhausted and sweaty despite it still being sometime in the morning, both completely unaware of how much time passed until Santana softly asked, "Soooooo... can I buy you dinner sometime? Not as friends but like a date? I want to take you out on a date? I, I will take you out on a date!"

Smiling against Santana's chest Quinn softly murmured, "You'd better."

And that was it. The last words they spoke to each other for several hours, both girls finding comfort in each other's arms even though the thoughts which had been haunting them slowly returned.

In time they would start talking about Finn again, how much he meant to them, how much they missed him, and how guilty they felt for not treating him better in life. How guilty they felt for seemingly making his death about them. But, as they reminded each other, they had already mourned him and would continue mourning him for the rest of their lives, and they were both so messed up with so many feelings to work through. It was going to take time, but Santana swore she would be with Quinn through every step of the way, and she was. And Quinn was so grateful for it, and the comfort Santana provided.

But, it wasn't quite everything Quinn wanted from Santana...


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