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Pairings: Quinn/Puck

Summary: What should have really happened on episode 7 of season 3 when Puck was invited over to Quinn's house

Codes: mf, anal, oral

Glee: Puck And Quinn
by The Chemist

Puck had just arrived at his locker after finishing up another useless day at school. He knew his future didn't pertain to anything he was learning at McKinley High but was smart enough to realize that without a high school diploma, jobs were hard to come by. However, he had reason to be upbeat today, and it wasn't just because it was now the weekend. Shelby, the woman he was crushing hard on lately, had agreed to see him tonight at her house. But the smile was wiped off his face when he was greeted by an old flame.

"Hey stud. Wanna come over? Order in. Rent a movie and not watch it," Quinn asked her former boy toy.

"Now why would I want to do something like that," Puck asked her.

"Well for one, you appear to have finally kicked that Lauren kick. And for two, my mom is attending a Christian wine-tasting cruise for the entire weekend," she informed.

"It's tempting but I think I already have plans," Puck declined.

"Okay I'll make this very clear to you," Quinn said before leaning closer to him so her mouth was only an inch from his ear. "If you come over this weekend, I'll let you have sex with me."

"Maybe some other time babe," Puck replied before walking off, leaving the horny blonde alone in the hallway.

Of course as he passed by her, Puck couldn't help but look back and see what he was passing up. Even though Quinn was wearing a free-flowing dress, it couldn't hide her magnificent ass. Where most girls would wear skinny jeans or yoga pants or tights that looked like they were painted on in order to better show off their backside, the beautiful blonde needed to use none of those tactics. Surely her hindquarters were formed over many years of cheerleading, which she could also thank for her meaty thighs. The old Puck would have taken up her offer and crawled between those powerful legs and shagged the hell out of her. But this was the new and improved Puck who had a good thing going with Shelby.

There were a lot of reasons why he shouldn't be with Shelby. For one, she was the mother of one of Puck's friends and fellow Glee club member Rachel Berry, who he at one point only had sex with as well. Secondly, Shelby was a teacher at McKinley High and teacher-student relationships were highly prohibited. Lastly, Shelby was also the woman who adopted the baby he made with Quinn two years ago, and Puck was lying to himself if his attraction to the dark-haired teacher didn't have something to do with that fact. However, despite all the reasons that he shouldn't be with her, Puck couldn't help himself. She was both a cougar and MILF, which had a certain appeal to him and she was still rocking a great body.

Puck wished he could have gone right over to see his latest obsession but that wasn't the case. Rather then get a lift home, the football player decided to walk home, which was a lengthy 4 miles. By the time he reached his house, he got changed into shorts and went for a run to help kill more time. After his hour-long workout, Puck grabbed a long hot shower and got ready for the night out. Dressing in his nicest blue jeans and a flannel-collared shirt, he gave himself a few squirts of cologne then headed out.

Everything was going well once he got to Shelby's apartment. Emma, the baby girl he created with Quinn then gave up for adoption to Shelby, was out cold already and sure not to wake up any time soon. Puck wasn't shy when it came to the ladies and so it didn't take too much effort to get the older woman into bed. He loved when he got the chance to bed an older woman because they knew what they were doing, and Shelby was no exception. But that's when the wheels fell off for the high school boy when Shelby caught him completely off-guard.

Puck didn't know the last time he was dumped. He'd dated hundreds of girls and he struggled to remember a time when it wasn't him that didn't call them back or tell them that things weren't working. But now that Shelby had put him on the receiving end it really, really sucked badly. She told him that it wasn't him, but he had lied to girls for years with that line so he couldn't be sure of the real reason why.

Puck was hurt and disappointed and feeling bad about himself. He left her apartment and just started to drive around Lima without any thought of where he was going. And that's when he remembered that he had a standing invitation to have sex with a smoking hot girl that had a body built for speed. Although he didn't think too much of Quinn as a person lately, she was definitely worthy enough of pummeling in the sac in order to take out some of his frustration.

He knew where she lived after spending a number of nights walking to her house, sneaking into her room and having sex with her behind his best friend's back, who was dating the head cheerleader at the time. Pulling up in front of her house, he parked in the driveway since Quinn told him her mother would be away for the rest of the weekend. Still feeling down about the situation with Shelby, Puck knocked on the front door and tried to put on a smile for the pretty girl coming on the other side.

"You came," Quinn smiled when she found him on her doorstep.

"Hope your offer is still on the table," he replied.

"For you, anytime," she told him before grabbing his shirt and pulling him inside.

He stepped into her formal-looking entranceway and pushed the door shut behind him. Now that he was inside the familiar house, Puck reached out and clutched Quinn around her perfectly rounded hips and dragged her towards him. He pressed her against his hard body and immediately sought out her lips with his mouth. The pair kissed liked they had hundreds of times in the past and the same heat and intensity remained. Both of them were horny and eager to get each other naked and have hard, rough sex.

"Your bedroom," he asked while taking only the briefest of pauses from kissing her to do so.

"Whatever," Quinn replied. "Whoa!"

Puck surprised the smaller girl by hoisting her up into his strong arms and pressing her against his muscular chest. As soon as she was settled, their mouths pressed back against each other with their tongues battling for supremacy. Quinn was able to win the war, largely due to Puck needing to focus his attention on getting them safely up the stairs, so was able to shove more of her tongue into her man's mouth.

Puck was getting excited by the second as he finally reached the top of the stairs and turned in the direction of Quinn's bedroom. The sexy blonde was still in her white summer dress she wore to school that day so his arm was pressed against the bare flesh of her smooth legs. Despite living in a fairly Northern state, he had to admire Quinn for wearing dresses most days, as they did extremely well to show off all facets of her amazing body.

"I really want to fuck you," Quinn whispered in his ear as they passed through the doorway into her room.

"That's kind of slutty for you to say," he joked as he placed her onto the soft bed.

"If you think that's slutty then just wait until you reach under my dress," she replied before shoving her tongue back into his mouth.

Puck joined the beautiful blonde on the bed by hopping up onto his knees. Before he could lay down with her, Quinn shot up from her back and resumed kissing the hulking figure. Her hands rubbed down his hard pecs then over his ripped abdominals that contained an 8-pack before clutching the end of his shirt. Puck knew what she had in mind so he lifted his arms straight up into the air as she dragged the shirt up his body then over his head.

"Now it's a party with the clothes coming off," he grinned before tackling her down onto the bed.

With them now lying on their sides, they reconnected their lips and started to kiss each other passionately again. Puck felt her small hand press against his chest again, this time without his cotton shirt in the way. Just like before, she migrated downward until she grabbed his crotch through the demin jeans he was wearing. The button and zipper hardly slowed the determined girl down, whose hand had now slipped inside his pants in order to clutch his semi-erect cock. Puck helped by hiking his hips so that he could pull the pants down so that his cock could be free from their prison. As she started to stroke his member, it immediately hardened to its entire length, much to Quinn's delight.

"Better cool it for a bit, I don't have a condom," Puck told her, breaking their intense making out.

"No it's fine," Quinn said while bringing his mouth back onto hers. "I don't mind getting pregnant again."

"What? You can't be serious," he questioned her.

"Why not? We already made one perfect baby so we can make another. And this time we won't give it up," Quinn shared.

Puck had to think about this for a minute. Normally, he would have just shrugged his shoulders and plowed into the beautiful girl with little disregard. But this time was different. He had matured as a person and now understood the consequences of his reckless actions. Then again, he was super angry with Shelby for blowing him off and really horny after a lengthy kissing session with the girl he desired most of all. And that's when a perfect idea hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Yeah okay," he agreed. "But one condition."

"Sure, whatever. Just fuck me first," Quinn said with desperation.

"Fine by me," Puck smiled, now certain that his devious plan would work.

Puck was eager to find out what the former head cheerleader meant by him finding out how slutty she was by looking under her dress. With the blonde still on her back Puck reached out and started undoing the buttons that were helping to hold the clothing on her unbelievably toned body. Rather then moving the straps off her shoulders and pulling the dress down her body like normal, it was easier for him to grab the hem of the skirt and lifted it over her head.

"No panties and bald pussy. I'd agree that it is pretty slutty of you," Puck told her.

Quinn was now resting on top of the comfortable mattress with only her white bra left on her. However, that wasn't the case for much longer as the devilishly horny girl reached behind her and snapped the clasp before throwing the garment with disregard onto the floor.

Puck was now able to get a great look of her perfect body. Of course her face set the tone for her physique with flawless skin, big bedroom eyes and the best smile he'd ever seen. Her boobs always impressed him as they were bigger then he expected of a girl with such a small frame, but they fit her body perfectly. Symmetrically round and perky enough that she hardly had need for a bra, they were each capped off with a small nickel-sized nipple that was bright pink. Her body tapered at the waist before bellowing back out at the hips to give her a real woman's body, full of curves. Her legs and ass were beautifully toned from years of cheerleading training to have a great foundation of muscle but were also soft enough to give them that girly appearance.

In such a daze, Puck was only snapped out of it when he felt Quinn's hand circle back around his cock. As she started to stroke his length, he was able to kick off his shoes before sliding his jeans off his powerful legs. With them now both completely naked, there was only one thing on their minds.

"Hands and knees," Puck ordered.

Quinn gave him one last kiss before flipping over and getting into his specifically demanded position. After sharing a bed with the bad boy on countless occasions, she knew that doggy-style was by far his favorite way of having sex with her.

Instead of just clenching her hips and slamming his cock into her full throttle, Puck decided to make sure the girl was 100% ready for him. He had slept with many sluts in the past, but he knew Quinn was different from them. She was just as dirty and liked just as hard of a pounding, but he knew that she had such a tight pussy that just ramming into her without warming her up would be rather painful.

"Mmmm...awwwhhh," Quinn screamed when she felt his tongue lick the length of her slit.

It wasn't like licking Quinn's pussy for a little bit didn't have its advantages for Puck as well. Even though the benefit was mainly to help loosen the blonde girl up, he came off as a caring lover who wanted to give his partner the best experience they could have. But Puck loved nothing more then the taste of sweet juices from a fresh pussy and that was definitely the case with his fellow Glee club member.

"Damn you're tasty," Puck commented before dipping his tongue back into her hole.

Quinn was already quite excited while just kissing the ruggedly handsome football player but now that he was using his expert tongue on her sensitive hole, she was gushing fluid like a facet. The boy may have been a slut, but Quinn was easily able to overlook that when he could lick pussy as well as he could.

Deciding that she was good to go and happy enough that he had enough of her taste for the time being, Puck pulled his tongue out of her pussy. Quinn abruptly stopped moaning loudly and was going to ask why he ceased with his oral treatment until she felt his hand come to rest on the small of her back. He held her body still while having the other clutching the base of his dick and aimed it at the entrance of her snatch.

His tip slide easily into her entrance since it was so well lubricated with a mixture of her own natural fluids and his spit. His first pass into her allowed his to get the first quarter of his length into her before she unconsciously clenched down on his unsheathed shaft. He pulled out almost completely from her then rammed back in and got a bit further. A few short strokes into her pussy at that same amount helped to loosen her up until he reared back his hips and crashed them forward. The only thing that stopped his cock from plowing all the way into her stomach was his pelvis smashing firmly against her cushioned ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck you feel so good," Quinn groaned as Puck buried himself completely into her.

"It should, I mean I was the one that shape your tunnel in the first place," he replied, indicating the time he took her virginity over two years ago.

Puck stroked the length of his impressive 9-inch long shaft into her tight pussy for the next minute or so at a slow pace. It wasn't what either of them wanted but it had its benefits since it helped to get her tightness adapted to his immense girth while also getting him adjusted to her vice-like grip.

Now that they were both comfortable, Puck took the safety off and really started to drive into the petite girl. There was a multitude of different sounds now filling the girl's bedroom. Puck was grunting loudly as she repeatedly and brutally buried his cock in the heat of her tight pussy. This of course was producing squeals of intense pleasure from Quinn as she was thoroughly enjoying the hard fucking from her favorite sex partner. Of course there was also the loud echoing throughout the bedroom each and every time his hips smacked against her well-rounded cheeks.

Puck wanted to be sure that Quinn knew who exactly was in charge. Every time he felt her rocking her hips back into him to drive him deeper into her sex, he would change up his tactics slightly. Sometimes he would rear so far back that he would completely withdraw from her snatch then drive back into her with so much force that it bounced her closer and closer to her wooden head board each time. Alternatively, other times he would just sink only the tip into her pussy or simply just rub it through her folds without any penetration. But then as soon as Quinn would get use to his change of tactic, he could ram back into her snatch and resume his blistering pace that he most enjoyed fucking her with.

The one big disadvantage to the lightning quick thrusting was that Puck was beginning to feel too much pleasure from it. Normally it wouldn't have been a problem and he would have just made her cum before or at the same time that he unloaded into her. However, Puck had no intention of giving her another baby and since he wasn't wearing a condom, he had to play this just right, especially since he had his own devilish plan in effect.

"Hold on tight," he warned her as he wrapped one of his strong arms around her waist and the other across her chest and rolled them over.

The pair quickly settled into the new position that had them both lying on their side with Puck stationed behind the horny former cheerleader. The football player knew exactly what he was doing as they were set up so that Quinn had her legs pressed together and her amazing backside pushed back towards him. Not only would her pussy feel tighter, but also the view he got when he looked down her back and lied eyes on her impressive ass nearly made him want to cum right then and there. Most importantly for him was the fact that he now how full control over the speed and depth at which he could probe her pussy.

Even with all the motion of rolling them from their knees onto their sides, Puck didn't allow his cock to leave her pussy for a second. Rather than push into her at a frantic pace, he conserved some energy and merely slide as deep into her as possible at a lower speed. It still felt just as good for Quinn since he was still hitting all her most sensitive spots, but now he felt his own orgasm slipping further and further away.

"You like my cock so deep in your little pussy," he whispered in her ear.

"Uh huh. So much," Quinn moaned, feeling her orgasm rapidly approaching. "It's gonna make me cum all over you."

"But I'm not close yet," Puck told her.

"Don't worry..ugghh...I'll off after," she replied while gyrating her hips for added sensation.

"You didn't forget about my one little condition did you," he asked while feeling her pussy start to clench down tighter and tighter.

"Let me cum and you can do whatever you want," she yelled with urgency. "Just make me cum now!"

"Okay," he told her before bringing a hand down to rub her clit.

It only took a matter of moments but the combination of Puck slamming his cock deeply into her and the added stimulation given by his fingers on her slit produced the desired affect. He felt her pussy tighten so hard on his member that it only elicited pain while the rest of her body also tightened up while also howling out in unparalleled pleasure that only an orgasm could cause.

Puck knew that now was the time to act since her brain still foggy from cumming no more than 5 seconds ago. Slipping his juice-covered cock from her loosened pussy, he aimed it roughly 1 inch higher and pushed forward just enough so that he contacted her constricted rosebud

"Wait! What are you doing," Quinn asked once she felt the head of his fat cock prod the entrance of her asshole.

"You agreed to do whatever I wanted to do," Puck reminded her. "And I want to sodomize your tiny little bum."


"I could just pull up my pants and leave if you'd rather keep your anal virginity," he said, giving her the ultimatum to pass up on her desired teen pregnancy.

"Just be gentle," she conceded.

"Always am," he grinned as he repositioned his tip against her tightly clenched rosebud. "Now tell me you want to get fucked in the ass."

"Come on Puck," Quinn said with contempt.

"Just say the three special words and you're that much closer to getting my baby-making seed," he reasoned.

"Ugk fine. Fuck my ass," Quinn gave in and begged. "Please get that dick into my virgin asshole Puck."

"Your wish is my command babe," he replied with a large smile.

With one hand wrapped firmly around the base of his lengthy cock, the high school boy used his other to spread the cheeks of her plump ass apart and pressed against her backdoor. He expected her to naturally tighten up once his tip made firm contact, so he waited until her muscles started to relax before he pushed forward. Luckily Quinn's muscles were in a similar state to jello after her orgasm so it didn't take as much force as either of them excepted for Puck to push the head of his member past her anal ring.

"Ahhhh," Quinn grunted in pain as she felt her asshole being pried open.

Puck knew time was of the essence when it came to initiating anal sex with someone that was inexperienced so he started to make small thrusts into her butt with only the two inches of his shaft that was inside her before having her muscles re-tighten on his shaft. The original pain of having her hole forced open was starting to subside and Quinn was surprised that Puck's little thrusts were not only causing her no pain at all, but he had managed to now cram half his length into her rectum without her even being aware of it. The football player knew that the secret for getting to plow hard into her ass was not starting like a jackhammer right away and cause her unnecessary pain, but rather to ease her into the action then giving her a rough ride.

"So how does it feel to be such a bad girl," Puck asked while continuing to slowly work his cock into her ass with his short, steady thrusts.

"It's...different. But not so bad," she admitted. "I thought it would be worse and hurt a hell of a lot more."

"Reach down and play with your pussy," he told her. "It'll help I promise."

Quinn was in no position to argue with him since he was so much more experienced when it came to sodomy then she would ever be. Opening up her legs wide enough for her hand to slide down between her legs, Quinn's fingers quickly found her clit and started rubbing. True to his words, the last remaining traces of pain soon evaporated and she was left with twinges, albeit small twinges, of pleasure.

"Awwwhhh," she lightly moaned from the newfound carnal joy.

Puck thought that he would be gentle enough while ass-fucking his favorite hook-up that she wouldn't feel too much pain and therefore wouldn't be too mad at him for tricking her into it in the first place. But he didn't envision the conservative girl to actually be getting off having a cock shoved up her anus. However, since that was the current situation Puck wanted to keep prodding and pushing her to see how far the normally prudish Quinn would go.

"You like my cock impaling your tight asshole," he asked her with almost his whole length inside.

"Yeah," she responded honestly. "Kinda feels nice."

"Reach down and feel it going into you," he instructed.

Quinn wasn't even going to think twice about whatever he demanded her to do since it was all going so smoothly. Her hand wasn't too far away already so it didn't take the blonde-haired girl much time to migrate from rubbing her clit to further south.

Her fingertips were the first to graze his slick cock as it was just finishing pulling most of the way out of her rectum. It felt very warm which caught her by surprise. Puck slowly pushed into her ass then rather slamming the entire length inside her quickly. He wanted her to realize the depths his member was probing her.

"Oh my God," Quinn screamed as each inch was inserted into her.

Puck did a few more passes into her asshole to continue allowing Quinn to feel her ass getting fucked. He could tell that the pretty blonde was getting into it more with every thrust as she went from just brushing his member with her fingertips to actually rubbing the portion of his shaft not occupying her rectum. Currently her hand was being used to gently massage his throbbing testicles.

"Now I want you to feel what I've done to your asshole that use to be so tight," he whispered in her ear.

Puck finished giving her anus one last hard thrust that completely buried his shaft into her before withdrawing from her cavity altogether. The blonde's hand immediately slid off of his balls and went to the gaping hole below. Her tips first brushed against the outer rim and circled the entire circumference.

"Holy's so wide now," Quinn gasped in mixture of shock and excitement.

Quinn got bolder then and pushed three fingers into the wide entrance. She remembered no more than 10 minutes ago when it was so painful having her air-tight hole pried open for the first ever time, yet now she was easily fitting three of her digits into the gaping opening.

"Fuck me hard Puck," Quinn snapped, driven by pure pleasure now. "Fuck my tiny asshole."

As soon as he saw her hand get out of the way, Puck pushed forward. Her sphincter had started to tighten back up since there was no longer something keeping it open so it took more force then usual to get back inside her. Quinn flinched with pain as her hole was once again stretched to accommodate his huge girth but it wasn't as intense as the first time.

But the boy was fighting a losing fight. He would have loved nothing more then to spend all night sodomizing the beautiful teenager but he could feel his resistance faltering by the thrust. It now didn't matter whether it was slow or fast, gentle or rough, Puck knew his orgasm was inevitable.

Puck was already on the edge of cumming, but now it was just all too much stimulation for him. The tightness of her bumhole combined with the very thought of Quinn Fabray taking his cock in her ass was enough to make him orgasm. But now that she was moaning and thrusting back into his thrusts and getting off on feeling him slice into her rectum was finally too much for him to take.

He knew that discretion would be key if he had any chance of a repeat performance with the sexy blonde. Committed to being completely silent, Puck bite down hard on his lower lip as he gave her one or two more hard thrusts deep into her anus. That was all he needed to feel the cum start to swell up in his balls and come flowing up. Knowing he couldn't just sit within her bowels as he spewed his seed inside as it would draw too much suspicion, he continued to lightly move in and out of her as his cum coated her anal walls.

He drained every ounce as his fluid deep within her and barely grunted at all. It was probably the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced, which was saying something considering how often he had gotten off inside a girl.

His cock was now super sensitive to the touch, just as it always was after he came. What made things worse was that he still had to steadily plow into the girl's unbelievably tight hole that was still hugging every surface of his member. He needed to pull out of her sooner without alerting her to his sinister plan and that's when another idea hit him.

"Oh no," he grunted while leaving his cock completely buried in her tight rectum.

"You didn't cum did you," she asked nervously.

"No it's not that," he lied. "But I think your ass was so tight it's making me soft. I might not be able to cum after all."

"Then hurry up and fuck me harder to get hard again," Quinn pleaded while starting to rock her body to try and help.

"I don't think it'll work. This has happened before though and the only sure-fire way to bring it back is by sucking on it," Puck told her.

"But it's been in my ass," Quinn replied, looking back at him over her shoulder.

"I know but you have to decide quickly. There isn't much time."

Right after telling her that time was of the essence, the boy pulled out of her anus and rolled over onto his back. Looking down her body, his eyes came to rest on her once tightly clenched asshole, which was now gaped at least 2 inches wide and had his cum slowly dripping out of the cavernous opening. He wasn't certain that his plan would work or not, but he figured that the blonde cheerleader had already sunk so low and that taking his dick into her mouth after it was firmly entrenched in her ass wasn't such a stretch.

"Is there time for me to run to the washroom and get something to wipe it done with," she asked with hope.

"I'm about to go soft any second Quinn," Puck replied with fake panic. "It's now or never if you want another perfect baby."

Quinn would never have thought that she'd even think about degrading herself so much as to suck on someone's cock that had come straight out of her asshole. Yet there she was on her bed and getting into position between Puck's outstretched legs. She reached out her arm and clutched the base of his member with her dainty hand and moved it up and down over a small length as she steeled her nerves. She was very concerned at how horrendously gross it would be to wrap her lips around something that had come straight out of her ass. Seeing no other way around it, and desperate to keep in hard so he'd cum in her pussy, she opened her mouth and lowered her head so she could take the tip into her mouth.

"Mmmm...yeah," Puck grunted as he got an extra perverse thrill seeing a girl suck her ass off his member. "Now a little more."

Even though she never thought in a million years she would take something that came directly from her asshole and but it in her mouth, it was too late for that now. And although the very idea was still repulsive to Quinn on a basic level, now that she was doing it, it didn't seem so horrible. This wasn't something she'd do all the time, but she would definitely be more open to trying it again to impress a guy.

As his cock was engulfed in the warm, moist opening that was also known as Quinn's mouth, Puck groaning loudly. The girl was talented enough with her mouth that she would have been able to elicit grunts from him on a normal day, but he was more vocal than usual with his cock in an extra-sensitive state having just cum. Looking down at the top of her blonde head starting to bob up and down in his lap, Puck couldn't help himself by resting one hand on the top of her head, ready to push her deeper onto his cock at a moment's notice.

Quinn had given enough blowjobs already in her short sexual life that she didn't need any extra help that Puck was willing to give her. After bouncing on the majority of his ass-flavored cock with her mouth for a while, Quinn began to feel an ache in her jaw but there is no way that would stop her now. Changing her approach, she pulled back so that only the head of his cock was in her mouth. With the remaining length, Quinn wrapped her right hand around the shaft so that while her tongue caressed the head she stroked the rest of his cock.

If Puck hadn't cum inside her asshole five minutes ago, he was certain that her enthusiastic blowjob would have surely done the trick. Instead, it proved to be the perfect stimulation needed to keep his erection after having an orgasm already. This way, he'd be ready to start fucking Quinn's pussy again and let her think he'd give her a second baby that she so crazily coveted.

"Alright I'm better now," he told her. "Get on your back and let me give you my seed babe."

To his surprise, Quinn didn't hop right off of his cock the first chance she got to do so. Instead, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took him all the way inside until his tip butted against the back of her palate. But rather then just hold him there and apply suction on the five inches that her lips were encompassing like she was use to doing, she took a new tact. Relaxing her throat as much as she consciously could, Quinn leaned her head further into his lap until the force was great enough to fit him into her gullet.

Puck had never known Quinn to be able to take a cock entirely into her mouth, yet here she was with her nose touching his thin mat of pubic hair. She held him in her throat for at least 10 full seconds before she slowly pulled him out of her gullet. It was very bittersweet for Puck because he was really enjoying the way her throat was massaging his sensitive cock, yet it was really sexy to see the huge strands of her spit now covering his length.

"I tasted some didn't go yet right," she questioned once the cock was free of her mouth.

"Just pre-cum. Need to explode real soon," Puck improvised.

Quinn believed him without doubt and flipped over onto her back with her head buried in the pillows. With her legs spread wide for him, Puck rolled over and immediately pushed back into her pink pussy. Even though it felt loose compared to the tightness of her asshole, it was a welcomed feeling for him since his prick was so sensitive to touch at the moment.

With him continuing to fuck the pretty girl despite having cum already, his cock was starting to be the source of some pain. He only stroked into her snatch for a couple minutes before starting to flop on top of her quite awkwardly. He had never faked an orgasm before so he didn't exactly know what to do so he just had to wing it.

"Gonna cum," he grunted while jerking his cock back into her hole.

"Oh yeah Puck! Fill me up," she encouraged. "Give me all that cum in my tight pussy!"

"Mmhm...UUGGHHHH," Puck yelled loudly while thrusting wildly into her snatch.

"Did you cum," Quinn asked with optimism.

"Yeah babe," Puck said.

Now that both he and Quinn had what they wanted, there was no need for him to stick around. He pulled out of her hot sex and rolled out from between her legs and onto the floor. It wasn't easy tracking down all of his clothes since Quinn had torn them off him and thrown them wildly around the room but once gathered he got dressed and headed for the stairs. Quinn saved time and just threw on her red silk housecoat and walked him to the door.

"Well that was...interesting," Quinn said with her patented smile.

"More like awesome," Puck replied as he opened the front door.

"Yeah it kinda was awesome, wasn't it," she conceded. "So would you want to come over tomorrow night again? Sometimes these things don't happen right away."

"You know my condition," Puck retorted as he walked out of the house.

"I think I can manage that again," Quinn told him. "I'm looking forward to it."

As Puck walked off to his car, leaving another satisfied girl in his wake, he couldn't help but start to get an erection just by thinking of getting back inside Quinn's asshole.


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