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Characters: Quinn Fabray, Brittany Pierce

Codes: ff

Glee: Quinn's World Part 1
by The Chemist

There was a lot more to Quinn Fabray than meets the eye. On the exterior she looks like the all-American girl. Commonly found in her school's cheerleading uniform, she was average height with a beautiful face featuring big green eyes and a tight body.

It was these qualities that had her dating Finn, the star quarterback of the football team last year before cheating on him and getting knocked up. Although having the baby and giving it up for adoption, the teenager showed no ill effects physically. That was last year though. This year she was dating the new guy. Equally as good looking as Finn, Sam was just as nice and treated her like a princess.

Atypically, Quinn had aligned herself with the unpopular Glee club. Although breaking this social norm was hard for her, the blonde loved that she could let her creative side free and just be herself around like-minded people. Her two best friends and fellow cheerleaders Santana Lopez and Britney Pierce joined her in the Glee club. They were the two biggest sluts in the school but differed in the fact Santana was a huge bitch while Britney was a blonde airhead.

Quinn did have one secret she kept mostly to herself. Although giving off the hard-to-get, innocent vibe, she was so incredibly horny all of the time. At first she gave into her urges and used Noah Puckerman, better known as Puck, as her fuck toy until he got her pregnant. Since then she went the conservative route and used a dildo or vibrator but they were not doing the job of late.

"Man I hate that girl," Santana complained, snapping Quinn out of her daydream.

"Yeah I know. All she does is bitch that this is wrong or she should be doing that," Quinn added. "We are talking about Rachel Berry right?"

"She's talented but not more than us," Britney pipped in as the three members of the cheerleading squad in the glee club talked at their lockers.

"She makes me so mad. Anyway, moving on to something more interesting, you and Sam look to be getting serious," Santana asked.

"Yeah I guess. We are spending a lot of time together," Quinn answered.

"Has he introduced his trouser snake to your hairless pussy cat," Britney asked crudely.

"I knew you checked me out in the shower," Quinn said as she playful slapped her best friend on the arm.

"So have you fucked or not," Santana questioned bluntly.

"Not yet. He's taking slow since I was knocked up once he thinks I don't want to rush into things," Quinn answered.

"You're horny as hell though. I sit beside you in the locker room and I can smell you're pussy all the time. Just material rubbing against you has you ready to cum," Santana shared.

"I don't know how to ask him to screw me brains out without coming off looking like a slut or desperate," Quinn replied.

"I do it all the time and no one calls me those things," Brittany said, her biggest claim to fame being that she slept with the whole school in her grade.

"No sweetie, they say it behind your back," Santana told the dumb blonde. "Beside, you and Sam are dating so no one thinks you're a whore for sleeping with your boyfriend."

"But then I lose the upper hand in the relationship," Quinn replied.

"We have the pussies therefore we control everything," Santana told her. "We better get to practice before Coach Sue rips us a new asshole."

"I let Artie do me in the ass but he didn't tear me a new asshole so I don't think anyone can physically do it," Brittany shared.

"We know Britt, you've told us many times and it's just a figure of speech anyway," Quinn said.

As the three girls made there way to the gym, they found that the practice had been moved outside. After walking out onto the football field, they found coach Sue next to a huge red object. The sinister coach had been moody yesterday, declaring she'd lost her love for coaching on the eve of her record-breaking seventh consecutive high school cheerleading championship.

"Hello team. As you can see, there is a human cannon behind me. That's right, a cannon designed to shoot a human a minimum of 50 yards. We're going to use this baby to win the state championship," Coach Sue Sylvester proudly announced.

"Is it safe," Santana asked the larger than life coach.

"I'm insulted you'd even ask the question. I've decided that Brittany gets the honor of the maiden voyage for tomorrow's big competition," Sue announced.

"I'm going to be the cannonball," Brittany asked with a scared tone.

"Oh don't be such a baby and be a team player. I've prepared this dummy to shoot out of the cannon to put your mind at ease," Sue said to the tall blonde as two of the other members of the team tossed a human dummy into the top of the device.

"Coach is crazy but she's not homicidal," Quinn said in an attempt to calm Brittany down.

"And here we go," Sue shouted as she hit the trigger.

After a loud bang and big puff of smoke, the dummy was shot out of the opening in several pieces. The mannequin's legs were blown out in two different directions, as were the legs while the head rolled out of the barrel with the hair set ablaze.

"Whoa," Becky, the assistant coach exclaimed.

"That's okay. Just a trial run. I'll learn Dutch and read the manual," Sue announced before walking away. "You'll be fine for tomorrow Brittany."

"I'm going to die," Brittany realized.

"I wish I had comforting words but you're for sure dead," Santana told the scared girl.

The girls took that as a sign that practice was done early. Brittany, Santana and Quinn went to the change room with the rest of the squad to get into their regular clothes before going home.

"So do you wax every couple days," Santana asked Quinn when she noticed the bare patch of skin above the pretty blonde's pussy.

"Nope. My parents paid for laser hair removal for my legs and I got them to do my area for a little extra. Took a few treatments but I'll never grow a single hair down here ever again," Quinn proudly announced.

"I'll never have to worry about shaving my pussy again," Brittany said depressingly.

"I can't let you go home and be alone like this. Come to my house Britt and sleep over," Quinn told her.

"I don't have a change of clothes," Brittany replied.

"Don't worry sweetie. You'll borrow some of mine. They might be a tad small on you but it'll just make your legs look longer, tits look bigger and ass look even better," Quinn explained.

"Ok. I'd love company," Brittany conceded.

"Coming Santana?"

"Have to work on a project with Mercedes," Santana admitted. "Wish I could but I'll just catch up with you guys tomorrow."

Once they were all dressed, the team headed out and went their separate directions. Quinn lived close enough to the school that she walked to school so her and Brittany started out on their short walk.

The two girls received plenty of catcalls from men on their way home but that was just par for the course for the two beautiful blondes. The taller blonde Brittany was dressed in black knee-high boots, a tiny pair of short-shorts and a white tank-top that showed off an impressive amount of cleavage. Quinn, although several inches smaller, was just as eye-catchingly gorgeous as she wore a skirt down to her mid-thigh, white button-up shirt and sneakers.

"I love your house," Brittany told her rich friend.

Quinn had barely registered whatever her friend had just said. Truth was, her familiar intense horniness feeling was poking its head in her again. She didn't know what had made her so hot but she'd narrowed it down to all the walking making her thong rub against her clit or it was Brittany.

Quinn wasn't a lesbian by any stretch but she had made out with both Brittany and Santana at parties to get the attention of boys. It wasn't a novel trick as most girls in high school used this to make boys want them even more. But at this very second she would have sworn off guys all together to get with her best friend. She just had to get the načve Brittany to spread her legs for her.

"Let's go upstairs to my room," Quinn said before rushing them to her bedroom.

"I can't believe I'm getting shot out of a cannon tomorrow," Brittany said, bring up that conversation again.

All of a sudden an idea came to Quinn. In the movies, people did things they'd regret when faced with the prospect of their certain death including having sex with whoever was nearest to them. That's how she'd get into Brittany pants! Make her even more nervous for her cannon ride.

"She's crazy. I heard she started at McKinley after being kicked out of a Michigan school for killing a girl in a stunt just like this," Quinn added.

"What!? Really?!" Brittany shouted.

"Seriously. Except that time it was a catapult and the girl wasn't blown up but she was shot over a mile," Quinn lied.

"But why would Sue do that," Brittany asked, clearly in horror.

"She wanted to make a name for herself. Just think, if the stunt works then she's a hero but if it fails then she's infamous. Either way people learn her name. She'll probably have to move to another state but there will always be some desperate principal out there willing to give her another for the chance of filling up their trophy case," Quinn lectured.

"So what should I do," Brittany asked.

"If that was me, I'd realize it's all over. Saying no to Coach Sue is a death sentence in itself. Take your chances with the cannon," Quinn answered.

Quinn moved up closer to her friend so that she could physical console the disheartened girl. Brittany rested her head on Quinn's shoulder as they sat on her bed. Without realizing, the horny blonde had managed to recline backwards so that they were snuggling while lying down on Quinn's large bed.

"I wonder what I'll do with my last few hours," Brittany wondered out loud as she continued to lie on her friend's shoulder.

"While if the media has told me of anything, its that when staring death in the face, people get uber-horny," Quinn said.


"TV wouldn't lie. Don't you feel yourself getting all hot? I'm already wet and I'm just going to watch you get shot out. You must be gushing like a broken dam," Quinn said as she tried to trick the gullible teen into thinking she was horny.

"You know what, now that you mention it I am horny. I should go see Artie," Brittany said.

"But he's so far away. It would take valuable time you don't have," Quinn told her.

"So what's your solution," Brittany asked, very confused.

"Well since you're in desperate need, I can help you out," Quinn offered.

"You'd really do that for me?"

"I know you'd do it for me," Quinn replied while stroking her long blonde hair.

"This is so exciting. I've always dreamed of having sex with you! I bet it'll be better than when I fool around with Santana," Brittany shouted with excitement.

"I knew you two fucked," Quinn said.

Quinn reached down and pulled on Brittany's chin to lift it up so that the two hot blondes could engage in a soft kiss. Quinn soon let her know that she wasn't interested in a romantic love making session as she pushed her tongue into Brittany's accepting mouth. Brittany eventually pushed back and got her tongue into Quinn, starting a tongue wrestling competition between the two girls.

While they continued to fight for dominance, Quinn had gotten both of her hands up Brittany's shirt and was fondling her somewhat large tits. Quinn had always been envious of the taller girl's big boobs and now that she got the chance to knead them and pull on her nipples, Quinn was even more jealous.

As Quinn fondled her large tits, Brittany started to undress the head cheerleader. Easily getting all of the buttons undone, Brittany pulled the shirt off of Quinn's tight body, followed by her bra. She had seen Quinn's boobs many times before in the change room or in the shower, but seeing them up close was completely different. Firm, perfectly shape and fit for her body with small, pink nipples made Brittany wet just looking at them.

Quinn followed suit and pulled off Brittany's top to release her bouncy jugs as well. Rolling her over onto her back, the horny cheerleader kissed down Brittany's neck until she was sucking on one nipple while rubbing the other with her fingers.

"Mmmh...uuhhhh," Brittany moaned as her best friend sucked on her juicy jugs.

Smiling because of how responsive Brittany was to her touch, Quinn sucked on her chest for another minute before continuing to migrate down her amazing body. Quinn knew that the girl was an amazing dancer, but Brittany had a body surely that was sculpted by the gods. Long and slim yet plump in all the right places made it easy to see why every guy in their year at school had begged, and been allowed, to fuck her brains out.

After undoing Brittany's shorts, the taller girl had to lift her hips off the bed in order to let Quinn pull the clothing off of her impossibly long legs. Quinn was happy and not completely surprised that she wasn't wearing panties, probably to allow her boyfriend to easily fuck her anytime at school.

"Should we have protection," Brittany asked as Quinn kissed along her inner thigh.

"What do you mean," Quinn replied, thoroughly confused.

"You know, like a condom," Brittany answered.

"I think we'll risk it just this time. Since you'll probably die tomorrow and all," Quinn retorted. She was use to Brittany's insanely stupid questions or statements after this long of them being friends, but she still was surprised with how the dumb the girl could be.

"Good idea...Oh my god," Brittany shouted as she felt Quinn's mouth on her sensitive pussy.

Quinn used her tongue to swipe at the taller girl's pussy lips and was pleased that it was having such a positive effect. She had never had sex with a girl before so was taking all of the techniques guys used on her and try to use it on Brittany now. As she continued to drag her tongue threw her pink folds, Quinn slipped a finger into Brittany's well-lubed pussy.

"Do you like it when a girl fingers you," Quinn asked.

"So much. Your tongue feels so good and I love you inside of me," Brittany replied while moaning.

Pleased with the answer, the devilish Quinn kept pumping her one finger into Brittany's snatch while licking the length of her slit before spending a little extra time at her clit. It had the response she was looking for as the taller girl pushed her hips upwards to get a stronger connection with her most sensitive body part.

Adding another finger, Quinn couldn't believe how tight Brittany's pussy still was. She had let close to 150 guys nail her in the last 2 years yet she was still hugging Quinn's slender fingers snuggly. As she continued to pump her digits into her tight opening, she felt Brittany run her hands through her hair before using it to push Quinn's head harder against her pussy.

"Keep licking me Quinn," Brittany encouraged as her body thrashed about on the bed as her orgasm came closer by the second.

Quinn couldn't believe that Brittany was enjoying herself as much as she was, after all this was her first time eating pussy. She liked to think that her inexperience was made up for by the fact she was so damn horny and the thought of eating Brittany's cum made her so wet.

"Cum for me Britt. Cum all over me tongue so I can drink it down," Quinn encouraged with a little dirty talk.

"I'm so close. I need to cum so badly," Brittany shouted.

Quinn noticed that Brittany's pussy was trembling on her fingers and knew that the tall blonde must have been really close. Wanting to finish her cheerleading teammate off with flair, Quinn latched her mouth around her clit, plowed 3 fingers deep into her pussy then added her pinky finger into Brittany's tightly puckered asshole.

"YES! Oh fuck Quinn I'm cumming. AHHH," Brittany screamed as the triple sensation was too much to handle.

Quinn had been surprised with how good Brittany's tasted at first, but now having drank down her cum she realized that she needed to do it more often. Her cum was as sweet as any treat she'd eaten before and more delicious as well. She'd have to keep that in mind and start fooling around with girls more often.

"My turn now," Quinn asked the tired girl.

"You better believe it," Brittany replied, suddenly full of energy. "I want you on your hands and knees, facing that mirror."

The topless Quinn did as her best friend said and got onto all fours so she could look back at herself while Brittany went down on her. She looked on in the mirror as Britt emerged behind her, grabbed the waist band of her dress and pull down her skirt.

"I want to cum so badly on your tongue," Quinn said aloud as she felt the clothing slide down her smooth legs.

"Don't worry, you will," Brittany said with confidence. "Umm. Your ass looks so hot with a thong. It's a shame I have to take it off now."

Quinn felt herself get wetter between her thighs as her last remaining piece of clothing was taken off her body. She watched as Brittany admired her backside for another few moments before she licked her lips, ran her hands down Quinn's ass before her face disappeared out of sight.

"Unnggghhh," Quinn moaned as she felt Brittany's tongue explore her pink folds.

Quinn couldn't help but let out a steady stream of grunts and groans as her best friend put all of her lesbian experiences to good use. The head cheerleader didn't know if Brittany was going to do long slow strides or focus solely on her hypersensitive clit or ram her tongue deep into her hole.

"How am I doing," Britt asked with a knowing smile.

"Please don't stop...never stop....oohhhhh so good," Quinn replied.

The horny girl had guys go down on her before but neither Finn or Puck were anywhere near as good as the airhead cheerleader. Britt kept up with her tongue assault on Quinn's pussy as she was intent on making the head cheerleader's voice go hoarse by the end of the night.

Despite the fact that Quinn was easily the hottest girl at school and any guy would give their right nut for, she was in a dry spell. She hadn't had sex in almost two months even though her boyfriend Sam would have easily obliged her every desire. She'd asked him to take it slow since she didn't want to be a two-time teenage mother and lose another year of cheerleading.

"You're close aren't you," Britt asked her friend.

"I'm about to cum so hard," Quinn grunted.

"Good. Give me that sweet cum baby. I want it all," Britt encouraged.

Putting in one last push, Britt lowered her face and buried her tongue deep within her friend's pussy. Lapping at any space she could find with her tongue, the skilled slut also used her finger to continuous flick the girl's clit.

"Oooohhh....mmmhhhhhh.....uunngggghhhh," Quinn grunted as she watched her face contort in the mirror.

"Come on Quinn. Scream for me," Britt told her before putting her tongue back deep within the girl's pink hole.

"Oh my god Britt....UUHHHHHHH," Quinn shouted as she finally came for the first time in too long.

Britt heard the girl scream then felt her body tremble before finally feeling her warm cum come gushing onto her tongue. She couldn't help but compare the taste to the sweetest, tastest pineapple she'd ever eaten so she did her best not to waste a single drop.

"Holy crap Britt. You're really good at that," the exhausted cheerleader said to her friend. "I mean really good. Like charging money for sex good."

Britt moved up the bed then grabbed Quinn's blonde head and brought her in for a passionate kiss. Her real motive was to let Quinn taste her own juices as she hadn't swallowed it yet. Once their lips met and mouths opened, Britt took the chance to push the sweet nectar into Quinn's mouth.

"How do you think you taste," Britt asked.

"Fucking delicious," Quinn beamed with pride. "I wish I could have this every day."

"You can," Britt told her. Grabbing her hand, Britt brought Quinn's fingers down to her own pussy before making her dip two fingers into herself. Pulling them out, Britt guided Quinn's cum-coated fingers up to her mouth so Quinn could taste herself again.

"Good point," Quinn said before her legs gave out from under her and she fell back onto her bed.

Brittany fell back with her and the two naked girls wrapped their hot bodies around one another. After some more light kissing, the pair rested their heads and drifted off to sleep blissfully.


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