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Description: Quinn is still hurting even after being with Brittany so she seduces Sam (treat Quinn like HG). Brittany still thinks she's getting shot out of cannon so goes from Quinn's house to see Artie. He convinces her for the good stuff

Characters: Quinn, Brittany

Pairings: Quinn/Sam; Brittany/Artie

Codes: mf, anal, oral

Glee: Quinn's World Part 2
by The Chemist

After finding out earlier in the day that she was going to be shot out of a human cannon tomorrow to win a cheerleading competition, Brittany couldn't shake the feeling it wasn't going to go well. The test run did nothing to ease her nerves as the dummy was blown to pieces with each limb shooting in different directions and the head igniting in flames.

Distraught, Quinn invited Britt over to console her, or so the head cheerleader told her teammate. Truth was, Quinn was horny as hell and saw an emotional Brittany as an easy target to seduce and use as she wanted. After an hour-long lovemaking session, Quinn and Brittany had collapsed back onto the bed and drifted off to sleep.

However, Brittany couldn't sleep much at all and after initially drifting off, the blonde woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Looking over and seeing Quinn still out cold, she slipped out of bed and got dressed. Not knowing if their was an alarm system that she'd set off by going out the main door, Britt sneaked out the window and used her athleticism to scale down the rain gutter. Being a popular girl in high school meant that she'd snuck out of her own house many of times so she was well experienced.

Not wanting to go home, she knew just the place, and person she must go see. Artie. Her boyfriend. Although they seemed like an unlikely couple, they had been dating now for over 6 months and Britt had been faithful to him the whole time, with the exception of girls because Artie actually encouraged it. Even though most people would have thought that a beautiful, slutty cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school should be dating a star football player, Artie was not quite that. A paraplegic weighing no more than 90 pounds soaking wet, Artie's real claim for the unpopular list was his membership in the Glee club.

"Artie," Brittany whispered from outside his window.

"Brittany? Am I dreaming," Artie responded as he searched his nightstand for his glasses.

"No silly," Brittany giggled. "Can I come in?"

"Of course babe," Artie answered as he used his arms to prop himself up in the bed. "What's going on?"

Brittany finished climbing in threw the window and took a seat on the bed next to her boyfriend. Getting into his bedroom was much easier than when she left Quinn's house because of Artie's house being a bungalow.

"Well first Coach Sue moved our cheerleading competition to tomorrow so that me, Santana and Quinn can't do the big Glee performance tomorrow. But worst then that, I'm going to get shot out of a cannon and get blown up," Britt shared.

"Whoa honey, not good. Why didn't you let me comfort you earlier," Artie asked as he wrapped his arm around the extremely hot teenager and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

"While Quinn invited me over and we talked. Then she got my mind off of the whole situation by fooling around with me," Brittany told him. "We kinda fell asleep after the intense sex but I came right over afterwards."

"You guys got together? Seriously? How was she," Artie asked, his curiously getting the better of him despite Brittany's perilous situation.

"Better than you could ever imagine! She's so tasty Artie," Brittany answered. "I might have some of her on my lips still. Come here."

Brittany lifted her head off of Artie's chest and pulled the suddenly horny boy in for a long kiss. The two explored each other's mouths as they did on a regular basis, but this time it was sloppier as Artie was trying to get any trace of Quinn from his girlfriend's lips.

"Yum. She's so tasty," Artie said before crashing his lips back against hers.

"I love kissing you," Brittany told him before pushing her tongue back into his mouth.

Artie remembered how Brittany usually liked being distracted from bad news rather than face it head on so he decided to follow Quinn's example and take Brittany's mind off things. The boy still had one hand wrapped in her long hair but used the other to run down her chest. After groping her large boobs for awhile, he continued moving downwards until he was rubbing her crotch through her shorts.

"Ooohhh Artie," Brittany moaned into his mouth.

Despite having sex on almost a daily basis, the couple never missed a chance to hook-up. Brittany didn't know either Artie was even able to have sex when they first got together but she was pleasantly surprised to find he was able and willing to hump her brains out regularly. And even though his body was small and slender, his cock was the polar opposite, measuring an incredible 10 inches and being nearly as thick as her forearm.

While Artie kept rubbing her groin, Brittany followed suit and rested her hand over his boxer shorts. She loved feeling the breath temporarily leave his breath as they continued to kiss. She felt him get instantly hard under her light touch then she went under the waistband and started to stroke off his impressive length.

"Mmmhh," Artie grunted into her mouth as her smooth hand glided over his rigid tool.

Not wanting to waste another moment teasing each other, Artie worked her button and zipper before peeling off her tight short shorts off her long legs, albeit with some cooperation from the stunning blonde. He wasn't surprised that she wasn't wearing panties, in fact he was expecting it, which suited him just fine since now her bald pussy was at his disposal.

Artie rubbed his hand through her folds and found it to be quite wet already so decided to slip two fingers right into her tight teenage hole. He loved how her tongue flickered in his mouth as he pumped his fingers into her, loosening her up for what was to come.

"I want you so bad," Brittany groaned.

"Let me get a taste first," Artie told the horny girl.

Artie leaned back on his bed and waited while Brittany threw her leg over his head, straddled him then sat down on his face with her pussy lining up right on his mouth. Not wasting a second, Artie immediately started getting to work on her opening, licking along the length of her slit before dipping his tongue deep into her hole.

"Ooohhhh....uhhhh," Brittany moaned, much to the delight of the horny guy. Realizing that she still had her top on, she quickly threw it off so that she could play with her nipples for even more pleasure.

Brittany wasn't a selfish lover so she bent forward, her pussy still touching Artie's lips, so that now she was lined up over his groin with her tits pressed firmly on his body. Pushing his boxers down lower enough to free his monster cock, Brittany liked her lips before using them on the tip of his tool.

It didn't take long for the stunning and slutty cheerleader to get more of his member into her talented mouth. His massive length was too much for her to have in her mouth all at once so she focused on gliding her lips over the first 6 inches while stroking off the rest of his meat with her hand.

"Okay I need to fuck you right now," Artie told his sexy girlfriend.

"Was waiting for you to say that," Brittany replied before going back down on his cock with her mouth to make sure he was good and wet. "How do you want me?"

"Let's go reverse cowgirl. Even though I love watching those nice tits bounce around, I feel like seeing that ass a bit more tonight," Artie answered.

Brittany finally pulled her mouth from his large cock and got her pussy off of Artie's mouth and crawled down his lean body. Pushing up on her legs, the naked cheerleader rubbed his bulbous head in her folds before lining it up with her hole and easing herself down on his pole.

"Shit you're huge," Brittany groaned as her pussy expanded under his enormous girth.

"Britt, what about a condom," Artie asked as her velvety feel worked its way down his cock slowly yet steadily.

"Don't worry. Let's just enjoy tonight," Brittany answered, the thought of her dying meaning a condom wasn't required.

Artie wasn't going to argue for one second as the only thing that could make sex with the extremely hot cheerleader any better was without a condom. Even though he was paralyzed from the waist down, he was miraculously able to feel every sensation passing through his penis, the nerves that supplying that part of his body lying just above the paralyzed region.

"Oh yeah baby, ride that cock," Artie encouraged.

Having adjusted to his size, Brittany had gotten all 10 inches into her tight hole and was now riding his cock with much energy. She felt Artie's hands massaging her perfect ass and even giving it light taps, much to her pleasure. After her earlier session with Quinn, Britt knew that she wouldn't last very long with Artie and even after only 10 minutes she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching.

Artie also realized that his girlfriend was going to come soon. Even though he wasn't ready yet, he wanted her to get off and helped her by sitting up a little further so that he could flick out on her clit. He knew it was working as her riding become more forceful and her moaning was on the verge of screams.

"Shhh," Artie whispered in her ear as he covered her mouth with his hand. "We'll wake my parents."

"Ohhh Artie....I'm....uggghhhhh...cumming....UHHHHHHH," Brittany's mumbled screams announced.

Artie had to grit his teeth as her tight hole clinched down even stronger on his rod as the fit girl continued to ride him. It was his first time fucking her without a latex sheath and he was just barely able to withstand cumming after her intense orgasm.

"You're so hot baby," Artie said to the exhausted girl.

"Want me to keep riding you or finish you off with my mouth," Brittany asked her boyfriend as she tried to re-cooperate some energy.

"How about you let me stick it in your ass," Artie asked as he used his pointer finger lighted glided it over her tightly constricted rosebud.

Normally Artie would never have been so bold as to suggest anal sex, let alone rub her asshole but he was certain he was dreaming. After all, the girl was talking craziness about being shot out of a cannon and having sex with Quinn Fabray who was as straight as they came.

" want to put your dick in my butt," Britt asked as se thought over his suggestion.

Artie pulled his finger from her ass, brought it up to her mouth so she could suck on it. Once the bubbly blonde had applied loads of spit, Artie brought it back down to her ass and slowly worked it into her backdoor until it was all the way in.

"Oohhh," Brittany groaned as she was surprised by her virgin asshole being penetrated for the first time.

"Yes. I want to put my huge cock in your tight little asshole," Artie confidently answered. "Might as well live a little with the cannon thing tomorrow."

Brittany continued to think about his request while her butt was still being fingered by the Glee club member. Having wanted to get the most out of the short amount of life she had left, Brittany started grinding her body back into Artie so that his cock was buried in her pussy while his finger moved in and out of her most sensitive of holes.

"Ok honey. Let's do it," Brittany answered, washing away her uncertainty and replacing it with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.

Lifting herself off of his cock so that it came out of her pussy, Brittany grabbed him and positioned his tool against her puckered rosebud. Using her hands to pull her cheeks apart and help gape her asshole, the hot blonde sat back further until his wide tip slipped into her butt.

"Ummm," Brittany grunted through gritted teeth as her anus was penetrated.

"Take your time," Artie instructed his hot girlfriend.

Brittany listened and gave herself a minute to let her backdoor get use to being pushed so wide open. Having felt the initial pain go away, the blonde sat down further and took the next few inches into her amazing ass. She stopped and rode back up to the tip then pushed back down his pole, this time taking another inch into her.

"It kinda is feeling good," Brittany admitted.

"Great," Artie replied as he looked down and saw that the sexy cheerleader had nearly his entire length up her rectum.

The blonde kept up with her strategy of riding him with long slow strides until she felt her ass cheeks crash down against Artie's pelvis. Britt couldn't help but smile widely at achieving a new sexual accomplishment and doing it with ease. Knowing now that her asshole could take his massive tool, the cheerleader did away with her slow approach and really worked her hole along his length.

"Oohh Artie," Brittany moaned as she really started to enjoy herself.

Artie was also enjoying himself and it was really taking it's toll on his self-control. Surprised that he had held out so well considering it was the first time without a condom, the fact he was now plowing one of the hottest girls in school in the ass was getting to be too much.

"Need to cum really soon. Can I cream in your ass," Artie asked.

"No I don't want to get pregnant," Brittany said, showcasing her stupidity.

"Okay but I'm about to go," Artie warned.

Brittany hoped off his rod with lightning speed and landed on her knees on the floor beside his bed. Sitting up tall, the sexy blonde wrapped her lips around his cock just in time for the first blast of cum to splash against the back of her throat. The blonde waited for him to deposit his entire load into her mouth before she gladly swallowed down his salty goo. Without think, Brittany kept her mouth on his cock as she gave him a post-orgasm blowjob to make sure she didn't leave any cum on his cock, but in the process she sucked off her own essence from her ass.

"That was so hot Artie," Brittany said with excitement. "A new first for us."

"It was amazing," Artie replied, worn out from the powerful sex.

"Get some sleep Artie and we'll get to say our final good-bye tomorrow. I'm going to head home before my parents realize I'm not there," Brittany said before giving him a kiss and getting dressed. By the time she'd climbed out the window, Artie was already passed out with the biggest grin on his face.

* * *

Quinn woke up the next morning and felt fantastic after such a long sleep. The only reason she was really feeling this good was the amazing orgasm she had at the hands, or rather tongue, of her best friend Brittany. She'd been in need of cumming for awhile and now that she finally had, Quinn felt great.

As Quinn got dressed in her cheerleading outfit for the day, she suddenly realized that she was still horny. The only thing that made that worse was the fact she felt even hornier than yesterday. This was bad news since she had her big cheerleading competition today and the last thing she needed was to be distracted.

Quinn peaked outside her room to make sure the coast was clear before locking her door. Knowing that she needed 100% concentration of cheerleading today, the teen put her hand in her panties and started to rub her pussy. Once she was wet she pushed two fingers into her tight twat and began masturbating.

She had never fingered herself before but the risk of Coach Sue catching her with less than 100% devotion to the team today would mean death.

"Wait a second," Quinn thought to herself. "I'm the head cheerleader, smoking hot and have a boyfriend that worships the ground I walk on. But if I throw myself at him then I lose the upper hand in the relationship. So I'll make it so he begs to fuck me."

Pulling her hand out of her cheerleading spandex, Quinn sucked her fingers off and savored her delicious taste. When satisfied that she got every drop, the sexy blonde kicked off her spandex and threw on the smallest thong she owned and rolled her skirt up even higher that with even the slightest breeze her plump ass would be for all to see, especially her boyfriend Sam.

"Ready for school sweetie," Quinn's mom asked as her daughter emerged from upstairs.

"I actually can't wait to get there today," Quinn said with a smirk.

The ride to school felt like it took forever to the sexy cheerleader when in reality it was only a few minutes. She was 30 minutes early for class so she started searching the hallways until she found Sam at his locker.

"Hey Quinn," Sam said as he saw her approaching.

"Morning sexy," she replied before bringing him in for a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

"Well now it's a good morning," Sam said after Quinn broke off the kiss.

"It certainly will be," Quinn said under her breath.

As Sam reached into his locker and finished getting organized, Quinn made sure the coast was clear before knocking a book out from Sam's locker.

"Oops. I'm such a klutz," the cheerleader said. "I'll get it."

Rather than bend at the knees like most girls in skirts, Quinn bent right over. Sam couldn't help but have his eyes glued to Quinn's adorable ass whenever she bent over but this time he couldn't believe the view!

"Oh my gosh," Sam thought as his girlfriend's perfectly rounded backside poked out from under her cheerleading skirt. For some reason the beautiful blonde had decided on wearing a tiny thong so her bare ass was for all to see.

"Sorry about dropping your book," Quinn said as she handed him back the book.

" was my fault," Sam stuttered while still mesmerized by her incredible ass. "I was wondering if you want to go hang out somewhere?"

"Would love to babe," Quinn replied with a knowing smile.

Sam took Quinn's hand and started down the hall but the devilish cheerleader had other plans and made them known quickly. While walking past a utility closet, the blonde quickly opened it, pulled her boyfriend inside with her and locked the door shut.

"What are we doing in here," the confused boy asked.

"Oh come on Sam, you didn't really want to talk," Quinn said as she closed the gap between them so they were now standing with her perky tits pressed against his hard body.

"I didn't," Sam asked, still quite confused.

"No you didn't. I see the way you look at me Sam and I'm quite flattered. And I love the fact you never pressure me for sex so I figured you deserved a reward," the sexy cheerleader told him.

"What did you have in mind," Sam questioned as he felt her breath close to his neck.

"I was thinking of sucking your cock then seeing where it goes from there," she whispered in his ear.

Sam was rendered speechless as his girlfriend kissed his neck while using her hands to undo his pants. Once the belt and zipper were undone, the sexy blonde lowered herself to her knees and pulled down his pants.

"Is all of this for me," Quinn asked while stroking his 9-inch cock.

"You bet," the horny boy replied.

Quinn was pleasantly surprised that Sam was wielding such a long tool and she planned on showcasing all of her oral skills on him. She'd perfected the art when dating Finn and fooling around with Puck last year as she found that daily blowjobs kept both boys extremely happy.

"What are with the guys at this school having monster cocks," Quinn thought to herself as she went down on her boyfriend.

"Ohh," Sam grunted as her wet tongue glided along the underside of his shaft until her lips wrapped around his head.

The sexy cheerleader loved hearing her boytoy moan because of her so she continued with her oral assault. Pulling her lips from his rod, Quinn used her tongue to lick at his pee slit before engulfing half of his member into her mouth. The girl was determined and after a little effort she had her nose pressed against his groin and all 9 inches in her throat.

"You like it when I suck on your whole cock at once," Quinn asked with a slightly hoarse voice.

"Please don't stop," Sam begged.

Sam had never sported a stiffer erection as the feeling of her full lips on his cock and the loud, slurping noise coming from her noise had him so horny. The slutty blonde continued to deepthroat his rod much to Sam's delight while he made sure to hold her hair away from her face.

"Do you have a condom," Quinn asked while taking his balls in her mouth while waiting for his reply.

"Fuck that feels good," Sam groaned as the talented girl kept using her tongue on his sack. "I don't have one on me."

"Shit," she swore. "Just don't cum in me, okay?"

"Deal," he promised.

After getting back to her feet, Quinn exchanged a quick kiss with her man before turning around and pressed her ass out towards him. Sam reached under her cheerleading skirt to remove her microscopic panties. Now eye-level with her glorious backside, the lucky guy pulled apart her ass cheeks before burying his face in her butt.

"Ohhh Sam," Quinn moaned as he buried his tongue deep into her pussy.

Quinn loved the feeling of having her man's tongue burrow within her hole as she felt herself getting wet after only a few seconds. Sam continued to pleasure her by licking her inner walls and sucking out as much of her sweet nectar as possible.

"You taste great," Sam announced with great joy.

"As great as you are at this I want to be fuck," Quinn told him. "But I'll remember your oral skills for later."

"I can't wait to finally have sex with you," Sam beamed with excitement while rubbing the tip of his tool through her pink folds.

"Just push that big cock in my pussy," Quinn told him impatiently.

Being turned on by her boldness, Sam gave in to her request and slid his bulbous head into her tight hole. The boy couldn't believe how unbelievably snug her pussy was considering she'd pushed a kid out of her no less than 6 months ago.

Quinn found his thick cock hurt a little bit going in, but once he was fully buried in her teen pussy, all she felt was pleasure. She was disappointed when he starting pulling back out but the talented singer soon eased his member back into her.

"Uhhh fuck you feel so good," Quinn moaned as Sam slid his whole length into her tight hole.

"Oh yeah babe. Take that dick," Sam grunted as he worked up to a faster pace, much to the delight of both of them.

Quinn felt so turned on as the strong football player grabbed her hips so he could get extra force to drive into her. She was pleased that he just wanted to fuck her brains out so that they each could get off as fast as possible.

"Uhhh yeah...fuck my pussy," Quinn screamed while pushing against the wall so her ass crashed back against his hips.

Even though Sam had only been plowing into Quinn for 10 minutes, he'd already worked up a furious sweat. More concerning for the football player was the fact that he felt his orgasm approaching. He wish that he could have stayed inside the beautiful blonde for hours on end, but the fact that she was so incredibly tight made that thought unrealistic.

"Fuck yes...make me cum baby! Make me gush all over your dick," Quinn moaned as she approached her orgasm.

Motivated by how close she appeared to her own orgasm, Sam gritted his teeth and plunged his cock deep and fast into her teenage pussy. Hoping that he could win the race against time, the singer grabbed Quinn's hips to help him thrust better into her.

"Scream for me as I make you cum all over me," Sam told the horny blonde.

The dirty talk and the increased tempo of the sex proved too much for Quinn. His constant hitting of her G spot had finally taken its toll and she felt her head get foggy and knees start to buckle as she erupted her sweet pussy juice all over Sam's tool.

"Unnggghhhh," she screamed before having her body go limp for a few moments.

Sam was luckily perceptive enough to realize that she was having an intense orgasm and was on hand to hold her steady until she regain control of her body. Having finally made his girlfriend cum, Sam become conscious again of how close he was until cumming.

"Shit...I need to cum right now," Sam shouted.

"Don't cum in me," Quinn screamed in panic.

"Where? Quick," Sam asked as he pulled out of Quinn's soaking wet pussy.

The answer came easily to Quinn. She loved the taste of cum and was now obsessed with her own delicious juices so she knew exactly where to get Sam to deposit his load. Plus this way there didn't need to be any clean up since they were probably cutting it close to making it to class on time.

"My mouth. I want your cum so bad," she answered as she hastily got her lips around his tip.

It turned out to be perfect timing as no sooner was she in position that Sam felt the warm feeling come up from his balls and start shooting out of his cock.

Quinn couldn't help but be excited as she felt the first splash of his warm liquid hit the back of her throat. The cheerleader continued to keep his pecker in her mouth as the second, third and fourth squirts also deposited on her tongue. Finally she felt his dick stop twitching and felt no more cum shot out of him for several seconds.

Sam had to hold the wall to stay upright as he had never cum as hard as he just did. Exhausted, he watched on as Quinn played with his massive load he'd just blasted in her mouth before finally swallowing it all down in one giant gulp.

"Tasty," Quinn told the sweaty football player.

"That was amazing Quinn," he huffed while catching his breath.

"We better get to home room. I hate being late," Quinn told him before putting on her thong and leaving the small janitor's closet.


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