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Characters: Quinn, Emma

Pairings: Quinn/Finn; Emma/Shuster

Codes: MF, mf, oral, voyeur

Glee: Quinn's World Part 3
by The Chemist

"Well don't you two look all happy with those big goofy grins," Santana remarked to her two best friends.

"It's a beautiful day out," Quinn retorted.

"Stop the lying bitch. You two got laid last night," Santana stated.

"Definitely did," Brittany grinned.

"And for the record, I got fucked this morning," Quinn corrected. "But we should go see Mr. Shuster and get this over with."

"Sam big," Santana asked as the three girls walked down the hall.

"Why do you think I'm not walking right," she answered. "Speaking of which, why are you walking like you've got a pickle up your ass Britt?"

"It wasn't a pickle that got up there last night," Brittany explained. "Artie's hung like a horse. It's like nothing I've every seen before."

"My little Britt is growing up," Santana exclaimed. "Losing your anal cherry was the last virginity you had left."

"You two would be throwing it away too if you knew how hard it could make you cum," Brittany responded.

"Seriously," Santana asked. "I thought it hurt?"

"Thought what hurt," Will Shuster asked. He was surprised that the three cheerleaders that were part of the Glee club were waiting outside of his office.

"When you fell from heaven," Quinn joked to the Glee club coach. "But all joking aside Mr. Shu, we need to talk to you."

"Sure thing ladies, what is it," Will asked as he let the girls into his office before closing the door behind him.

"We're sorry sir but..." Quinn started before all of them handed the teacher a piece of paper.

"Resignation letters? I don't understand. I mean you girls love the Glee club. Quinn, you and Santana have been singing more this year and Brittany, you're are best dancer plus I can tell you're enjoying yourself," Will ranted.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," Sue Sylvester said as she opened the door to Mr. Shuster's office.

"What are you doing here Sue? Couldn't resist poking your nose into my business again," Will asked.

"I'm just here to support my cheerleaders," the cheerleading coach replied. "That and to see your face as three of your precious Glee club members pick me over you."

"Coach you're fine. We were handling this," Santana piped up.

"Shut it big boobs," Sue shot back before turning her gaze back to the Glee club coach. "I moved the cheerleading regional championship up to today, which so happens to be you're big half-time performance for you're stupid little team."

"How could you Sue. These girls love the Glee club," Will spat with disgust.

"Why don't you cry about it Will. The decision is made and my girls picked the right team," Sue said. "Now let's go ladies."

"We're sorry Mr. Shu," Brittany apologized.

As much as Will wanted to be mad at all of them, he knew the only enemy in the room was Coach Sue. She was manipulative and always got what she wanted but taking it. Sadly, the three girls were caught in her war against him so he knew that this wasn't their fault.

* * *

"What's with the long face Mr. Shu," Rachel, the annoying diva of the Glee club asked.

"Don't worry about it guys," the sad teacher replied. "Let's just get going on today's practice."

"We could start if those damn cheerleaders weren't late again," Puck said. "If they were so damn hot then I would seriously lose my shit with them."

"I really don't see why we really need them at all," Rachel voiced. "Sure, they have decent voices but they aren't anywhere near my abilities."

"Don't hate on my girl," Artie replied to the cocky singer.

"The reason why we need them is because for Regional competitions, like the one in 3 weeks, requires at least 12 members," Mr. Shuster told them.

"We have Finn, Sam, Artie, Mercedes, Lauren, Puck, Tina, Mike and myself. Just cause the three cheerleaders are missing today doesn't really affect us," Rachel retorted.

"They are just missing for today, right Mr. Shu," Finn asked.

"Afraid not Finn. They handed in resignation forms today. Sue moved their cheerleading competition up to today, the day of our big performance during the half-time of the football game. Sue made them choose and they picked her," Will answered the club.

"You're fucking kidding me," Finn shouted.

"Language big fella," Will reminded him.

"Holy crap! I thought Brittany was in my dream last night telling me about being shot out of a cannon. I didn't think it was reality," Artie shared.

"They probably have a reasonable explanation," Sam replied in defense of his girlfriend and her friends.

"So I really did put it up her ass last night," Artie thought with a big smile plastered across his face.

"A reasonable explanation? Are you serious? They did this because their scared of not being cheerleaders because then they might get treated like a real member of this club," Finn fumed.

"It is hard to defend their actions," one of the other members of the group added to Sam.

"I've heard enough. They can't just let us all down like this," Finn shouted before storming out.

"Rachel, maybe you should go after him," Mr. Shuster suggested.

"Keep up Mr. Shu, Rachel and Finn broke up around Christmas," Puck replied.

"Yeah man, take an interest," Artie joked.

"He seemed pissed so someone go calm him down," Will ordered.

"Fine I'll get him," Puck said, after all they were good friends despite Puck knocking up Quinn last year while she was still dating Finn.

"I'll help too," Sam answered before walking quickly out of the classroom.

* * *

"Quinn! We need to talk," Finn shouted down the hall as he quickly closed the distance between himself and the mean cheerleader.

"What is it," Quinn said dismissively.

"There's a rumor going around you're quitting Glee club," Finn told her.

"Quitting refers to me doing that in the future. I've already quit so I can't be quitting anymore," Quinn replied hoping that her answer irritated her former boyfriend.

"How could you do that to us Quinn? Now we won't have enough people to perform tonight," Finn said loudly.

"It's nothing personal but I'm a cheerleader not a singer. People know me for shaking my pom-poms, not for my voice," Quinn answered.

"You're more than a stupid cheerleader! And who gives a crap what people know you as," Finn told.

"Hey! What's going on," Sam yelled as he ran down the hall and stepped between Quinn and Finn.

"It's nothing Sam," Quinn told her boyfriend.

"It is something Quinn. I'm telling her how she's letting everyone down for leaving the Glee club," Finn told the blonde male.

"Back off man. Don't yell at my girl," Sam responded defensively.

"What? She's letting you down too," Finn replied.

"You're not yelling at her because of the club. If you were then you'd be screaming at Britt and Santana. This is personal to you because of what Quinn did to you. Get over it and leave her alone," Sam shouted.

Finn couldn't help but think about what Sam had said. Was he still mad at Quinn for cheating on him last year? Then lying about it after she got pregnant? About breaking his heart once he found out?

"Whatever Sam," Finn said before walking away.

"Two men fighting over me is so hot! Great, now I'm horny again," Quinn thought to herself before trying to focus on what Sam was taking to her about.

* * *


"Come on in Will," the sweet voice of Emma Philsbury, McKinley's High guidance councilor announced.

"Thanks Em," Mr. Shuster said as he entered her office. "How'd you know it was me?"

"You're the only one who knocks quite like that," Emma confessed.

"Pretty cool that you know my knock. Do you have a minute to talk...or hear me vent," Will asked.

"All the time in the world," the germaphobic teacher replied.

For the next 10 minutes, Will explained the sticky situation that the Glee club was in after it appeared that they were on their way to building something good. Emma did her best to comfort her friend but nothing she was able to say had any impact.

"I just don't know where we're going to find 3 more members. At this school you get persecuted for even thinking of being part of the Glee club," Will huffed. "I shouldn't be complaining to you anyway Emma, its not fair."

"I don't mind Will, I'm just happy to help you out," the small redhead replied as she reached across and held his hand to comfort him.

Emma's hand rested there longer than she intended but neither of them minded. It was common knowledge that Will was attracted to the guidance councilor but Emma was currently in a relationship.

"I should probably go," Will said as he got up from his chair.

"Wait," Emma said as she got to her feet and walked over to the 35-year-old teacher. "You could probably use a hug."

They opened their arms and embraced each other in a comforting gesture. Will suddenly became aware that the girl of his dreams held the hug longer than what most were, but he wasn't going to complain. Then he felt her lips make contact with his neck and his knees almost buckled.

"But I thought you were with..." Will started to ask.

"Don't worry about him, I'm here for you now," Emma replied as she continued to kiss his neck.

The pixie-like councilor felt Will's bulge press against her stomach as the pair began kissing. What started out as sweet tender kisses soon developed into a more aggressive still as their passion took control of them.

"I've wanted this for so long," Will told the beautiful redhead.

"Have a seat," Emma instructed him.

Will did exactly as she said and planted himself in the chair he'd been seating on as he dumped all of his problems out to her. Now those problems were a million miles from his thoughts as the lithe councilor was undoing his pants and freeing his rock hard 8-inch cock.

Up until this point, Will had known Emma to be a reserved virgin due to her severe germaphobia. What the redhead had been keeping to herself was that she was so horny all the time and she just couldn't take it anymore, germs be damned.

After dropping to her knees in front of the good looking teacher, Emma had no problem getting his pants off and tossing them in a bundled to the corner as his 8-inch cock nearly slapped her in the face. Her mouth fell open as she saw the thickness it had and was nearly drooling at how much his rod would stretch out her tiny pussy.

Even though there was a little part of her that was nervous about giving a blowjob for the first time, there was a much larger part that wanted his cock buried in her throat. Will was just hanging in for the ride, as the sudden change in Emma's personality was both unexpected and welcomed.

"I want you so much," Will told the horny guidance councilor.

Emma didn't bother with a reply as she stroked him to full length before bobbing her head down on the first few inches of his monster rod. His girth surprised her and made her open her mouth in a wide O, but she become excited by the challenge of working with such a meaty tool.

"I think love sucking cock," the redhead said as she licked the length of his pole before sucking on each of his balls in her mouth.

"Well I'm loving you doing that," Will commented as he bundled up her long red hair and held it for her.

Without the distraction of her hair getting in her way, Emma increased her speed and depth. The slim woman was now sucking over half his cock while stroking the rest that escaped her mouth. She didn't always know what to do but she figured her enthusiasm and trying different things would mask any of her inexperience. She was alternating between slobbering up and down the thick shaft, sucking on his balls and taking all 8 inches deep into her throat with random order.

"Maybe its time for me to repay the favor," Will said to the sexy redhead.


"Shit," they said quietly in tandem.

"Ms. Pilsbury," a student from the other side of the door said.

"You're early Mike," Emma replied.

"Sorry but I have class in 10 minutes and can't be late," Mike stated.

" me a few minutes and then I'll be ready for you. I'm just finishing up with someone else in here," Emma told him, thinking quickly.

"I'll just be outside then," he answered before she heard him lean against the wall.

"Fuck. I should probably go now then," Will said with disappointment.

"What? I just bought us a few more minutes. Think that'll be long enough," Emma asked.

"I'm not sure but I'm willing to try," Will replied with a big smile.

"Wow," the teacher exclaimed as the sexy woman put his saliva-covered cock back into her mouth for more.

Knowing that he needed to cum quickly, Will knew there was little time to waste. Grabbing the sides of her head, the Glee club coach started thrusting his hips off the chair to get more of his rod in her mouth at a much faster speed. He was hoping that he wasn't being too forward but the look she gave him when they made eye contact told him that she was perfectly fine.

"OH SHIT! Need to cum," Will moaned.

"Cum in my mouth. I want to know more about sex so I can better identify with the girls that I see on a daily basis," Emma told.

Will didn't have time to comprehend all of what the sexy redhead said. Once he heard where she wanted his load she enjoyed the last few moments of her exceptional blowjob. It wasn't long before Emma felt the first salty blast against the back of her throat, followed swiftly by a second, third and fourth.

"Yum," Emma said as she wiped her lips seductively with her tongue.

Emma laughed to herself as the normally well-collected Mr. Shuster sat slumped in his leather chair, hair messy from running his hands through it. She got up from her knees and tracked down his pants so that he could get dressed quickly. Will left the room and received a weary glance from the student in the hall, but he could have cared less.

* * *

Finn gives orders before the half in the football game. He runs and convinces the girls to perform. After game, Quinn tells Sam she's leaving early but secretly waits around after the game and gets Finn alone in the change room

"Damn," Artie swore. "We have the big half-time show in a few minutes and we're missing the three people we need the most."

"They made their decision," Sam replied. "There is nothing we can do."

"Artie's right Sam, we need them," Finn told him. "I'm not going to fight you about this but you have to admit they should be here, singing with us rather than out cheering for Sue Sylvester."

"I'd rather they be here with us," Sam conceded. "But she won't listen to me and she certainly didn't listen to you. Plus the show starts in about 3 minutes."

"Maybe not but I need to try again. Sam, you're just as good as I am at quarterback. You lead the team now and I'll save the Glee club," Finn said.

"Are you sure man? They'll probably shut you down again," Sam asked.

"I'll know soon enough," Finn answered before running off to meet the cheerleaders at the buses.

Artie, Sam and the rest of the football team watched as Finn ran off to catch the cheerleaders before leaving for their big competition. Sam explained that Finn was leaving for an emergency and not for something Glee club related.

"Quinn! Wait up," Finn shouted as he approached the blonde and her 2 friends. "We need to talk."

"I think I've heard all of what you have to say," Quinn replied, much to the agreement of Santana and Brittany.

"No you haven't," Finn told them.

Finn then went on to make a heart-felt speech to the three cheerleaders about how they shouldn't be afraid to be more than cheerleaders. One by one they started to side with the star quarterback until finally the queen bee broke.

"Fine! You win Finn. You were right. Well, at least you were right about me. I was afraid of not being a cheerleader," Quinn admitted.

With Quinn, Brittany and Santana in tow, Finn walked back to the school just in time to get ready for the halftime performance. Their show was amazing and had the entire school up on their feet and cheering them on. The show lifted the crowd so much that they paid it forward towards the football team who were able to overturn a big deficit to win the regional championship.

After the game, Coach Beast gave a brief speech to the team.

"Quinn! What are you doing in here," Finn shouted out of the shock of seeing his beautiful ex-girlfriend.

"Oh relax Finn. It's not like you're naked, you have that towel," Quinn replied as she moved further into the change room.

"Seriously Quinn, you could get in a lot of trouble for being here if Coach Beast finds you," Finn told her. "Plus your boyfriend Sam has already left. I'm the only one left probably in the whole school."

"That's what I was counting on," she said. "What you did tonight reminded me of the man that I fell in love with. The man that I thought I would give myself to one day and the man I thought I would marry and grow old with."

Finn was suddenly aware that the head cheerleader had travelled the length of the room and was standing right in front of him, looking up with her big hazel eyes to stare into his. He also became aware that his cock started to harden as Quinn put the tips of her fingers on his towel.

"Um...I...uh," Finn stumbled while he searched for words.

Knowing Finn was exactly where she wanted him, Quinn reached up and pulled his head down. His lips felt just like they used to against her own before she opened her mouth and pressed her tongue into his mouth. The stunned boy was more than willing to accept her and greet her's with his own tongue.

"Doesn't this feel right," Quinn said to him before kissing him passionately again.

"It does," he answered.

Once she was convinced he was fully engaged with her, Quinn moved her hands from his face and traced them down his athletic body. Once she got to his towel, she searched out the fold and undid it so the garment fell away from his body to leave him completely exposed.

"What are you doing Quinn," he asked while taking a step backwards and making a weak attempt to cover himself up.

"What we should have done a long time ago," Quinn answered.

The gorgeous high school girl took a step closer to him before planting her lips on his neck. She knew that when they dated that he loved kisses to his neck as it always got him horny.

Once she felt his resistance start to dampen, Quinn started moving her kisses down his body. She had to bend her knees to kiss along his strong chest then start flexing at the waist to get at his abs before finally dropping to her knees so she was eye level with his massive erection.

"Ohh Quinn," Finn moaned while looking down at his ex-girlfriend.

"I didn't know you were holding out on me," Quinn told him while she stroked his entire 11-inch length. "I'd have fucked you a lot sooner if I knew you had a tree trunk in your pants."

"You're hand is so smooth," Finn commented as she continued to glide her palm along his long shaft.

"You have no idea what you're in for Finny," Quinn smirked.

The blonde didn't hesitate and took the first several inches of his monster dick into her mouth to suck on. She kept using her hand to rub the rest of his tool that couldn't fit in her mouth while she bobbed on roughly half of his length.

"This feels so good..." Finn groaned.

"So you like it when I'm sucking on your cock," Quinn asked rhetorically.

"Mm-hm," he answered.

"What about when I suck on you're nuts," Quinn asked again before taking his ball sack into her mouth.

"Unnggghhh...Damn that feels great," Finn practically screamed.

"What the hell was that," Santana said to herself.

The bitchy cheerleader had been changing in the girl's locker room but had heard two voice, a male and female voice, talking in the men's area. Curious as to who was there, the Latino cheerleader quietly snuck into the room and started searching.

Honing in on the latest groan from the male voice, Santana crept in the dark shadows until she stumbled upon Finn. The rugged 6'3 football player was complete nude and had his back to her as someone kneeled in front of him. Not satisfied with coming all that way and not knowing who the girl was, Santana continued moving.

"Oh you dirty, two-timing skank," Santana whispered.

She was expecting some freshman girl to have been awed by Finn's football skills or singing performance at the half-time show to have come in and seduced him. What she completely wasn't expecting was to find Quinn, Sam's girlfriend, sucking on Finn's foot-long rod.

Santana couldn't take her eyes off the scene that was playing out in front of her. The slim cheerleader watched as her blonde best friend struggled to get half of Finn deep into her mouth and into the beginning of her throat. Quinn held it there for as long as she could before her gag reflex won out and made her pull him out from between her lips.

"Alright, time to get that big thing in me," Quinn told him.

Finn was sad that her amazing lips had been fully removed from his tool, but if she was to keep going then he'd have blown his load in no time. He helped his ex-girlfriend get to her feet before watching as she whipped off her top to reveal her B-cup tits. Her skirt followed soon after so that she was standing naked in front of him except for a pair of white sneakers.

"You look beautiful," a memorized Finn said to the blonde laying on the bench with her legs spread wide.

"Thanks," Quinn blushed. "Now seriously fuck me."

"Did you want me know...return the favor," Finn asked.

"Cute, but if you're cock isn't in me within the next 5 seconds then I'm walking out of here and letting the first guy or girl I see plow me so hard that I won't be able to sit in a chair for a week," Quinn answered.

Finn didn't waste another moment as he stepped between her legs and lined up his bulbous head with her pink folds. With his tip amply lubricated with loads of her spit after her sloppy blowjob, the first few inches of his dick slid into her with relative ease.

"Uhhh're huge," Quinn screamed as her tight teenage hole was stretched to its max.

Finn worked the small amount of his rod into her pussy while slowly adding more length until he'd gotten half of himself into her hole. Despite being the star quarterback and having most of the girls throwing themselves at him, the 17 year-old had only had sex once before.

"You feel so warm on my penis," Finn noted.

"Oh shit, I forgot a condom again," Quinn thought to herself.

With one leg up on his shoulder to give him more leverage, the eager boy started to pump into her tight opening with more speed. Finn was holding her hip with one hand to hold her steady while using his free hand to fondle her boobs as they bounced while he plowed into her.

"Shit Finny! Why haven't we done this before," Quinn screamed as the star quarterback continued to hit all the right spots for her.

While the devilish blonde kept moaning loudly into the seemingly empty men's change room, Santana watched on. The Latino cheerleader knew exactly how her best friend felt having sex with Finn as she'd done it with him not long ago. Even though she was a lot looser than Quinn since she slept around more, Finn was still more than enough cock for her pussy.

With Quinn lost in delirium of getting the fuck of her lifetime, Finn really began to drive into her with force. After only a few more thrusts, the quarterback was impaling her tight opening with the full 11-inches of his tool.

"A guy could get use to this," an exhausted Finn said.

"We're sweating up a storm baby," Quinn observed as her body was continuously rocked by his strong thrusts.

"I just played a state championship game. I'm a bit tired but it won't stop me from plowing you," Finn replied.

"Let me on top for awhile," she told him.

Finn wasn't going to argue with the horny cheerleader. Even though it killed him, the eager boy pulled out of her sweet pussy and took a seat on the wooden bench. Quinn got off her back and straddled her ex-lover with her feet on the ground. She didn't have to lower herself very far until Finn's cock penetrate her hole again.

"Mmm," Finn groaned as Quinn sank all the way down his rod.

"I love your big dick deep in my tiny hole," she moaned as she bounced on his lap.

Finn couldn't resist sucking on her erect nipples as they giggled right in his face. Quinn was glad he did as the added stimulation made her aware of how close her orgasm was approaching. She was surprised she was ready to cum already but they had been going at it for awhile at a relentless pace.

Making sure that Quinn's face was perfectly visible and recognizable, Santana used her cell phone to film the sexy teen having sex with her ex-boyfriend while she was still dating Sam. Knowing Quinn as well as she did, Santana knew that the blonde was the type to want her cake and eat it too so she'd keep Sam as her boyfriend but sleep around on the side.

"Oh Finn I'm so close," Quinn panted as her slim body glistened with a thin layer of sweat.

"Good because I'm close too," Finn acknowledged.

Santana watched on through the screen of her camera phone as Quinn sat all the way down on her man's rod. With her perfectly shaped ass sitting on his thighs, the horny blonde grinded her hips on his.

"UGGHHHH," Quinn screamed as she came on Finn's dick.

Finn watched on as Quinn went from energetically riding his tool to collapsing her petite body on his strong chest. Using barely any of his impressive strength, the football player stood up with her still in his arms and rested her back on the bench with him between her legs.

"That boy is about to cum," Santana noted from the dark corner she was hiding in.

"UHHHHH," Finn grunted as he felt his balls tighten and the cum start to pump through his rod.

With Quinn oblivious to the rest of the world, she wasn't able to warn the stud quarterback not to cum in her unprotected pussy. Finn had forgot he hadn't worn a condom and shot his goo load deep within the blonde's womb.

"Fuck! Did you cum in me," Quinn shouted as she snapped out of her delirious state.

"Yeah. Was I not suppose to? I figured you're on the pill," Finn panted his reply.

"My parents would never let me take birth control pills! Not in a million years," Quinn shouted.

"It's fine. Just talk to one of your slutty friends. I'm sure they have a pharmacist that'll give them a morning after pill. It'll make you sick as hell but you won't get knocked up...again," Finn replied, shocking the blonde with his knowledge.

"I need to figure out a way to use this secret to my advantage," Santana said while her mind raced a mile a minute.


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