Disclaimer: I don't own the show Glee or any of the characters. This isn't written to make money, only for harmless fun.

Characters: Santana, Quinn

Pairings: Santana/Quinn/Sam

Codes: mff, anal, oral

Glee: Quinn's World Part 4 - Two's Company But Three's A Great Time
by The Chemist

Santana had knowledge. Better yet, it was on her best friend who she'd always been envious of. Quinn Fabray had stayed late after the football game and Glee performance so that she could sleep with her ex-boyfriend Finn, even though she was dating the new boy, Sam. Little did the petite blonde know, She wasn't alone in the locker room. Santana had seen everything and now she was waiting for Quinn to get to her locker so they could talk about a few things.

"We need to talk Quinn," Santana said as she approached her friend in the halls at McKinley High.

"Yeah sure Santana. What's on your mind," Quinn asked while flashing a warm smile.

"Let's talk in here," Santana said as she dragged the blonde into an empty classroom. "I know I'm nosy but how are you and Sam going?"

"Um...pretty well. He's a really nice guy and treats me well, maybe too well," Quinn answered, slightly surprised by Santana's sudden interest in her love life.

"How sweet, but I want to know about the juicy stuff," Santana asked.

"I should have known," Quinn commented while getting a little flushed. "Things are moving fast. Actually we just had sex the other day for the first time."

"Good for you guys. How was he? Big or small? A two-pump chump or in it for the long haul? Does he give it hard or like it slow and easy," Santana quizzed.

"Wow. I forgot how curious you get about other's sex lives. He was good. We didn't have a lot of time but he made sure I finished first and he almost pounded my brains out. And he wields a big stick, if you know what I mean," Quinn shared with her best friend.

"I'm pleased then," Santana concluded. "Because if he was shit in the sack then I wouldn't bother with this path of my plan. I saw you and Finn fucking in the locker rooms last Friday after the big football game."

"What? Please keep your voice down," Quinn told her before making sure no one was listening at the door.

"Let's see, I saw you with his fat cock in your mouth. Oh and then I saw him plow you while you laid on your back. Next you rode him before he finished up by cumming in you. I'm pretty sure I got that right," Santana informed.

"Shit. I thought everyone was gone home by then," Quinn swore.

"So now that you and Finn are back on, can I have Sam," Santana asked.

"Well you don't waste and time at all do you," Quinn replied. "But Finn and I aren't back together, not yet anyway. I'm not sure I want to lose Sam. I want to be sure Finn and I are going to work before I burn bridges."

"Interesting. Now I know a secret about you and it's not in my nature to just let something like this slide. I want something in return," Santana told.

"Fine, what do you want? You can raid my closet and take whatever you want," Quinn offered.

"Intriguing but well off the mark. I want to test drive Sam," Santana replied.

"Are you serious? You want to fuck my boyfriend," Quinn questioned.

"Yeah. Finn loves you, he always has so he'll do whatever it takes to keep you this time around. So that'll leave Sam in the lurch and I want to nab him," Santana explained. "That way once you break up with him, I'll be there to comfort him since we'll already have history."

"Sam won't go for it. He'll never allow himself to cheap on me. It's not in his character," Quinn told her.

"Make him or else the whole school finds out that you're a two-timing slut," Santana threatened.

"You'd seriously stab your best friend in the back," Quinn asked.

"I love you Quinn but I love sex more. That boy gets me so wet just looking at him so yeah, I'll fuck you over to get a chance with him," Santana answered without an ounce of remorse.

"Unbelievable," Quinn huffed. "Sam will know something's wrong if I tell him he can sleep with you."

"What about a threesome? Make up some bullshit story about how its always been your fantasy to have sex with a girl and boy at the same time and how I was willing to oblige your wish. He'll think he's died and gone to heaven, you look like a good girlfriend by being sexually curious and I get to have sex with him," Santana proposed.

Quinn wanted to reject the plan right away out of spite but the girl's plan had something to it. Sam would agree to having sex with two girls, especially since Santana was gorgeous. She would get a chance to sleep with the Latino girl too, the thought of which sent a shiver up her spine and a tingle in her pussy. Plus, it gave her an easy out of her relationship with the blonde boy by saying she can't stop thinking about him fucking Santana so they have to break up.

"If...if I say yes then you won't tell anyone about me and Finn," Quinn asked.

"My lips would be sealed," Santana answered.

"Deal. I'll talk to Sam but it should be an easy sell as long as he's in to skinny chicks with fake tits," Quinn said.

"I'm not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. I'll chose to see the best in you sweetie," Santana replied. "And don't let him say no. If I don't have his dick in me by the end of the week then everyone learns about how easy you are."

* * *

Quinn didn't have the chance to talk to Sam one-on-one for the rest of the day and then right after school ended they had Glee practice. She knew that they couldn't talk there since there were 10 other sets of ears, one of which belonging to Finn.

"Can I make an announcement before Mr. Shuster gets here," Rachel, the annoying girl of the club asked.

"What is it this time? Let me guess, you want more solos," Santana rudely asked.

"No but that's a good idea," Rachel beamed. "It's come to my attention that one reason I'm struggling to write original songs is because I'm lacking in life experiences so to help gain some, I'm throwing a part on Saturday night."

"Will there be parental supervision," Puck, the bad boy of the group, asked.

"No, my dads is out of town," Rachel answered. "We have a massive downstairs that would be suitable for a party, but only for us members of the Glee club."

Although Quinn hated the annoying brunette, a party was the perfect setting for Santana's proposed threesome. Available bedrooms, alcohol and slutty outfits would be the perfect recipe for the night.

"What about booze," Puck asked again.

"They have an alcohol drawer but we'd need to replace whatever we use," Rachel shared.

"Puck has a fake ID. If we pool our money then he can buy it for us," Quinn suggested.

"Can you," Artie asked.

"I don't have a fake but my brother does. Bad news is that he is out of town and doesn't get back until Sunday," Puck informed.

"We can just use my parents alcohol then replace it when your brother gets back," Rachel added.

"It looks like we're having a party then," Quinn stated, much to the excitement of the rest of the gang.

* * *

"So did you square everything up with Sam about our agreement," Santana asked as she approached Quinn after Glee practice.

"No but I figure we'll have our own private party at Rachel's party," Quinn answered. "I'll spring it on him then when he's drunk. He'll think he's died and gone to heaven. We just have to make sure that we don't get too sloppy."

"Don't you worry. Once you get him up to the room, just follow my lead," Santana told.

"Okay fine. Sam's over at his locker so I'm going to make sure he's coming to the party," Quinn said.

"Good. You make sure he comes to the party and I'll make sure he cums at the party," Santana joked.

Quinn gave a sarcastic laugh at Santana's crude joke before leaving her conversation and heading towards Sam. Even though she had sex with Finn, she still cared deeply for Sam and didn't want to hurt him. Being blackmailed by her friend was hard but she'd rather give into the crazy bitch than break Sam's heart.

"Hello gorgeous," Sam greeted her.

"Hi babe," Quinn said as she let her boyfriend kiss her on the lips. "So you interested at all in that party?"

"Well that all depends on whether or not you're going," Sam replied. "So are you going to the party baby?"

"I most certainly am," she replied with smile.

"Good then I'm in," he answered. "Can I walk you to class?"

"Would love if you do," Quinn said.

* * *

The rest of the week seemed to fly by for the Glee kids. Quinn kept her "itch" from becoming too much of a problem by hooking up with Sam every day before class in the same janitor closet. She didn't want Finn to start up any trouble so she kept him happy by sleeping with him after school.

On Saturday afternoon, Quinn, Brittany and Santana got ready for the party. Quinn kept with her usual style by wearing a short summer dress with a pair of heels. Brittany went with a slightly sluttier look by putting on a pair of leather short shorts and a white blouse. Santana just went with a tight blue shirt and short skirt.

"Hey Quinn, everything still cool with tonight," Santana asked Quinn as they approached Rachel's house.

"Yeah it'll go down. I'll get Sam good and drunk then I'll lead him upstairs," she replied.

"Good. My lips will be sealed permanently about you and Finn getting down in the locker room," Santana said.

The two girls went into Rachel's house and were led downstairs into the basement. They must have been the last to arrive at the party as everyone else from the Glee club were there, including Kurt who had brought a friend from his new school.

"Okay everyone! Thanks for coming," Rachel announced. "I just want to let everyone to know that they must drink responsibly so I was thinking on a two drink limit for the night."

"Two drinks?"

"Are you thinking that 2 is too many," Rachel asked. "Maybe just one then."

"This is lame," Artie commented. "Let's just bounce to Robyn's party."

There seemed to be a hushed agreement amongst the party-goers. The Glee club rarely were invited to parties and now that there was 2 in the same night, they weren't going to be tied down to the PG-13 version.

"Finn, help me," Rachel begged.

"She was just kidding guys," Finn shouted, getting them all to stop in their place. "See. We have tequila and if I remember correctly, the girls on the cheerleading squad always brag about having deep navels."

"You know we do," Brittany said proudly.

From that point on there was a lot of drinking. Brittany was the first to lose her shirt so that a pink bra only covered her upper body. True to her reputation, a healthy amount of alcohol fit in her belly button and whatever spilt out just laid on her flat stomach. Everyone took turns doing body shots off of the sexy blonde, Sam taking 3 or 4 on Quinn's request.

The party was booming and Rachel felt like this was just the life experience she needed to help her songwriting career. After Brittany and Santana had let everyone do shots off them, Rachel volunteered to be the next girl, much to everyone's amazement.

All while this was going on, Quinn made sure to keep an eye over Sam. She wanted him drunk so that his strong morals would be compromised but not so drunk that he'd pass out or not remember what was going to happen.

"It's on," Quinn whispered into Santana's ear. "We'll be up in a minute."

Santana nodded her acknowledgement and watched as the devious blonde cheerleader pulled her boyfriend away from his friends to talk to him privately. The two exchanged some words before Santana saw his eyes grow wide then a smile form across his massive mouth.

"Are you sure you want to do this here," Sam said as Quinn led him to the top floor of the house. "I thought you hated Rachel but now you want to have sex with me on her bed."

"I want to show you how much I love you," Quinn lied. "But I wanted to make it extra special this time since you've been treating me so well."

"Are you going to let me put it up your ass," the drunken boy asked excitedly.

"No," Quinn replied bluntly. "Nothing will ever go up there."

"Thought I'd try," he admitted. "So what's my reward for being a good boyfriend?"

Just as Quinn pushed open Rachel's bedroom door, Sam saw his girlfriend's smoking hot friend Santana. It was clear to him immediately what Quinn had arranged as the Latino cheerleader was already in just her bra and panties.

"She's your present," Quinn confirmed.

Sam jaw nearly hit the floor as the words processed in his brain. "Wait. What are you saying?"

"Silly boy," Santana said as she walked over to the couple standing in the doorway. "Your sexy girlfriend has arranged a threesome for you. Just thank her and then shut up."

The Latino cheerleader leaned in and kissed the football player on his lips. Sam felt guilty kissing another girl even though his current girlfriend arranged this whole situation. She broke the kiss after awhile and Sam couldn't help but look over at Quinn for her reaction.

"I'm not mad," she answered despite him not asking a verbal question. "In fact, it made me want some."

Quinn reached over and pulled her friend over to her. Santana already had her lips perched as the sexy blonde kissed her deeply. She peeked open one eye to see if Sam was watching and of course the drunken boy had his eyes glued to them. Knowing that she had his attention, Santana opened her mouth and shoved her tongue into her friend's mouth.

"So hot," he shared while watching as their tongues danced around one another in the space between their lips.

"Thought you might like that," Quinn said with a knowing smile.

"Enough of this PG-13 shit. Let's get to the good stuff," Santana told.

Backing up her statement, the sexy cheerleader unhooked her bra and threw it aside. Even though Quinn had seen her boobs almost daily in the showers after practice, she couldn't get over how hot her fake tits looked. They were flawless, hanging off her chest without sag and at least a C-cup.

Sam couldn't resist as it seemed like his large mouth was gravitated towards her erect pink nipples. He took turns putting each of them in his mouth and sucking on them while pawing at the other boob that he wasn't orally pleasing.

Quinn felt jealous as she watched her man with his face in the tits of the girl that wanted her man. Convincing herself to make the best of the situation, the sexy blonde started to remove clothing until she stood in Rachel's room wearing nothing but a thin strip of hair above her pussy that she decided to try out.

"Wow," Sam gasped when he finally notices his girlfriend standing naked. "You take my breath away every time."

Santana was annoyed by that comment but retaliated by bring in Sam for a long, passionate kiss. Quinn was already having the feeling that this was a bad idea but she tried just to focus on the good things. Blocking from her mind that fact that her supposed best friend was trying to make her look bad in front of her boyfriend, Quinn thought about how hot it would be to have sex with one of the hottest guys and girls at the school. Despite her psychological shortcomings, Santana was a smoking hot fox that she'd been dying to get with ever since she found out she liked eating pussy.

Determined to make sure she got the best of the situation, the naked blonde girl dropped to her knees in front of the kissing pair. She undid Sam's jeans before pulling them down his muscular thighs. Santana took care of the top half of his body by pulling off his polo shirt.

Sam felt slightly self-conscious about being completely naked in front of two of the hottest girls he'd ever seen. That emotion all but vanished as Santana shoved her tongue back into his mouth and Quinn started stroking his long 8-inch cock with her smooth hand.

Not forgetting about Santana, the blonde girl used her free hand to guide her friend's panties down her long, olive-skinned legs. Despite hating her at the moment, Quinn couldn't help but not had sexy Santana looked in the nude. Long, smooth legs, perky round breasts and an amazing ass.

Santana nearly fell over when Quinn hoisted one of her legs onto her shoulder, but she was able to balance after a slight wobble. By resting her leg on her own shoulder, Quinn was now able to get her tongue into her friend's pink pussy for the first time.

"Mmmmm," Santana moaned into Sam's mouth.

Quinn couldn't help but squirm her tongue further and further into Santana's wet opening. It tasted better than she could have ever imagined. When she had done the same thing to Brittany a week earlier, Quinn noted how sweet the blonde tasted as she had a pineapple flavor about her. Santana's was different, unique to her. It was a mixture of fresh strawberries with a hint of lemon, but only the acidity and not the sourness.

Not wanting to leave her boyfriend out, Quinn turned her oral attention to him. Taking the first 4 inches between her lips, the head cheerleader bobbed her head along his tool. She hadn't forgotten about Santana, but instead of pushing her tongue deep into her folds, she was now using her two fingers.

"Ever had that big cock sucked by two girls at the same time," Santana asked the horny guy.

"No. Never," Sam answered while Quinn continued to guide her lips along half of his length.

"Then it's your lucky day big boy," she said before giving him one last kiss then getting on her knees beside the busy blonde girl.

It didn't take Santana long to show off her dominance. Shortly after settling down on the carpeted floor she sent a trail of kisses up along Quinn's neck until following along her cheek. By the time she made it to the edge of the blonde's mouth, Quinn was returning the kiss.

"Oh my God," Sam groaned. "Hottest thing ever."

With her lips still partially around his bulbous head, Quinn and Santana were making out. The two girls each had part of their lips on each other's mouths but also were both on Sam's penis. Their tongues were wagging wildly as they alternated from wrapping around each other and also dancing along the top of Sam's sensitive prick.

Santana was more aggressive then Quinn so it didn't take her long to edge the blonde away from Sam. The Latino cheerleader was now assertively in control of his long dick and taking most of it into her mouth. Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Quinn wrapped her lips around the last inch of him not occupied in the other girl's mouth, but that didn't last long as Santana was now deep-throating ever inch he had.

Quinn knew that whenever there was a threesome, one of the girls is always going to take the lead. Given that she was a type A personality, the blonde thought that she would clearly be the one in control, but it wasn't working out like that.

Santana's superior experience was serving her well as she energetically sucked on Sam's long cock. She kept alternating between super-fast, shallow strokes using her lips but then would take his member deep into her throat so that his well maintained pubes were touching her nose.

"You like having your fat dick all the way down my throat," Santana seductively asked as she beat off his saliva-coated tool with her hand. "Does your girlfriend Quinn take you that deep in her mouth?"

"No she doesn't. She can't do that," Sam answered honestly without care for what Quinn thought.

"It's normal to have a gag reflex," the naked blonde defended herself.

"How cute. I remember when I had one of grade 8," Santana laughed. "Real women know how to please their men."

"No need to fight ladies," Sam intervened. "I have an idea. Since Quinn has already tasted you, why don't you return the favor on her."

With a shrug of her shoulders, Santana pulled the slick tool from her mouth. All 8 inches was soaking wet after the cheerleader's very wet blowjob.

"And what are you going to be doing during this," Quinn asked her boyfriend as he helped both girls off of the floor.

"I was hoping you could multi-task," he replied with a grin.

Sam noted the confused look on their faces. Rather then try to explain to the cheerleaders exactly what he had in mind, he decided to take the initiative and show them. He started by positioning Quinn on the back at the head of the bed. Santana tried crawling between her milky white thighs but Sam had another idea.

"I could tell Quinn liked how you tasted so why not give her another chance," he told the Latino girl.

Santana got the hint. Crawling further up the bed until her knees were at the same level of Quinn's head, she threw her leg over so she was straddling the blonde's face. Sinking further down, Santana separated her legs wide enough apart until she felt her pussy on Quinn's lips.

"Agghhhh," Santana moaned. "You have serious skill."

After enjoying the blonde's impressive oral sex for awhile, Santana bent forward so her face was directly in line with Quinn's pink opening. Running her tongue through the blonde girl's folds, she felt Quinn moan in appreciation.

Not wasting any more time, Santana used her fingers and pulled apart the girl's labia. She got such a thrill seeing how pink her hole was especially in contrast to her hairless white skin around the opening. After taking another moment or two to marvel at the beauty, Santana dipped her tongue into Quinn.

"Mmpppphhhh," Quinn mumbled deep into the other girl's pussy.

"I think she said 'thank you,'" he said to Santana.

Sam didn't know how he stumbled into such a good situation but he was loving every nanosecond of it. He thought he was lucky enough by getting Quinn to go out with him in the first place, being the new kid at school and all. Then it turned out the head cheerleader was a nymphomaniac and fucked him every day before school. And now, he was in the middle of a threesome, watching as his girlfriend and her sexy best friend tongued each other's pussies.

"You taste better than Brittany," Santana stated before diving her tongue back deep into her friend.

"Why don't you make a little room," Sam announced as he moved between Quinn's legs. "I promised my girlfriend I'd stick it in her."

Santana begrudgingly listened to Sam and moved her tongue out of the girl's sweet tasting pussy. He lined up his bulbous head and rubbed it through her extremely wet slit to pick up extra lubrication to make the initial thrust in hurt as little as possible.

"Do you have a condom on," Quinn asked after not feeling the rubber grind against her.

"No, I didn't bring one," he confessed.

"What? Who doesn't bring a condom to a party," she screamed.

"Just fuck me instead then," Santana butted in. "I know boys love going bareback and I'm all about satisfying my man."

Quinn was somehow able to watch Sam's face. After Santana said her piece, his face lit up. Santana was doing her best to steal her boyfriend from her. Even though she had originally planned to break up with him for Finn, she had since re-thought things. She wanted to keep Sam around at very least since he was such a good lay.

"No wait! I want to make you happy too," Quinn shouted. "Get that thing in me."

Santana smirked in delight that she could so easily manipulate her best friend. Who knows when that ability would come in handy later.

Sam listened to his girlfriend and eased his fat pole into Quinn's opening. She had gone back to eating out Santana's pussy so her groan of pain as her hole was stretched to the limit was muffled. Since they had sex just that morning, it took only a minute for her teen pussy to wield and let the boy hammer into her at full speed.

"Mmmppp...ugggmmhhhh," Quinn repeated moaned inside of her friend's pussy.

Santana hated the sight she was seeing. Sam, who she was slowly but surely impressing, was now plowing hard into Quinn. That didn't upset her much, what upset her was the look in his eye. She could tell that he had a special look for the blonde that was growing stronger with each passing minute.

Knowing she needed to do something if she was going to use tonight to steal Sam, Santana had to come up with an idea. Thinking was quite difficult at the moment due to someone as good as Quinn Fabray probing your pussy with her tongue. Then it hit her. If she helped the snobby cheerleader get to her orgasm quickly then it would make Sam have less time fucking her.

"I think she might like this," Santana told him.

Bending down so that her face was lying on Quinn's shaved crotch, she inched downward until her tongue had just enough space to reach the very tip of her slit. Flicking out at the nub of her pussy, Santana felt her tongue rub against her clitoris.

The bundle of nerves in her clit all fired at the same time to send a signal of intense pleasure deep within Quinn's brain. She moaned her loudest into Santana as a physical reaction. After 10 minutes of hard, sweaty sex she wasn't anywhere near close to cumming, but after one brush against her clit she was close to gushing.

"Oh my God I'm so close," Quinn screamed as she freed herself from the other girl's pussy.

"I guess you were right," he smiled.

Santana also grinned. Her plan was spot on. She reached her tongue out again and contacted the same spot and got the same response from the attractive girl. She felt that same booming wail vibrate along Quinn's tongue and against her own pussy walls. It also just made her aware of how close her own orgasm was.

"Please don't step," Quinn encouraged. "Keep going deep Sam! And please go on licking my pussy!"

The Latino cheerleader flicked Quinn's clit again. She moaned then Santana moaned. Both girls jumped closer to their impending orgasms. She licked it again to the same result. Then again...and again...and again.

"Oh yesssssss! I'm cumming," Santana screamed as she sat up higher and grinded her pussy hard along Quinn's angelic face.

Even though she was in the middle of cumming, Santana didn't forget about her friend. Instead of her tongue, she used her slender finger to snake down Quinn's flat stomach and rub her sensitive spot.

"MMMMMMMMPPHHHHHH," Quinn screamed into Santana's pussy that was occupying her mouth as she came as well.

Once Quinn had squeezed every last bit of pleasure from her, Santana rolled off and fell onto her back on Rachel's bed. The blonde girl looked like she was about to fall into a deep sleep as her eyelids were almost touching. Santana smirked as she saw that the girl's face was smeared all over with her pussy juice.

"That was crazy," Sam confessed while slowly stroking his cock into Quinn's pussy.

"So you've had the appetizer," using her eyes to look at the unconscious blonde. "You ready for the main course?"

"I've been dying to since I opened the door and saw your sexy ass," he admitted.

"Good answer," she smirked. "So does Quinn ever let you put it in her ass?"

"Nope," he answered. He was hoping that this was going where he thought it was.

"I'm all about completely satisfying my man so why don't you stick it up mine," Santana offered as she got on her hands and knees. "Unless you want to step up Quinn."

Sam and Santana both turned their gaze onto the naked blonde cheerleader. She hated Santana for doing everything she could to make her look bad in front of her own boyfriend but there was no way she was willing to compromise her one taboo when it came to sex.

"That's what I thought," the olive-skinned girl said. "Then you're watching the fun from the sidelines."

Sam was usually the type of guy that wouldn't even check out another girl in front of his girlfriend, but with the proposal that was on the table, she was going to have to watch him sodomize her best friend.

Santana was waiting for him on her hands and knees with her tanned ass waving up at him. Using her hands to pull her cheeks apart, Sam took his hardened rod and placed it at the entrance of her tight rosebud. The boy pushed his hips forward and watched as the tip of his cock disappeared into Santana.

"It's tighter than I thought," Sam announced as he continued to work his member into her hole.

"It feels so good," Santana cooed, making sure she was looking at Quinn who sat by idly.

"Slut," the blonde said to her friend.

"I may be a slut but I'm the slut that your boyfriend is fucking right in front of you," Santana replied.

Even though Quinn hated her friend more then ever at that moment, she was impressed by how hard Sam was pounding her ass and that she was pleasure! With a cock as thick as his, he should be tearing a girl as slim as Santana in half, yet she was actually getting off on having her rectum stretched out to the size of a tennis ball.

"You know what Sam, you're a little dry," Santana noted. "Why don't you get your girlfriend to suck you off so you glide better?"

"Good idea," he replied as he pulled out of the Latino's tight hole and presented his cock to Quinn.

"No way! That thing was just in her ass. It's nasty to put it in my mouth," the blonde answered.

"Do you think it's nasty Sam, or would it turn you on to have a girl take your cock into her mouth from her ass," Santana asked.

"It makes me so hot," Sam answered.

"That's what I thought," she replied.

Turning around so that her face was now in front of the lucky boy, Santana grabbed his tool and guided into her eager mouth. She had learnt long ago that men love it when girls do nasty things and she was more than willing to use that fact to show Sam that Quinn wasn't deserving of him.

"Let me get back in that ass," Sam pleaded.

Santana rolled back around so her ass was pointing up at him again. He lined up with her gaping hole and entered with little resistance. He resumed thrusting deep and fast into her bowels while his girlfriend watched on. She wanted to look away but she couldn't. It was like a train wreck. She'd never seen that same hunger in his eyes when they'd had sex before.

"You close baby," Santana asked as she reached back and fondled his balls while he kept hammering into her asshole.

"Where do you want it," Sam asked, now covered in a layer of sweat after nearly 45 minutes of hard sex.

"Ever cum in a girl without wearing a condom before," she asked.


"Then I think we just answered your question."

Sam smiled. He liked sex with Santana. Actually, he loved sex with her. There were no rules. He could do anything to her and he was fairly certain she'd agree. It was only their first time together and he was already in a threesome with her and balls deep in her ass, preparing to cum inside her with wearing a condom.

"Urrrgghhhhhh," Sam groaned as he shot his load inside of the sodomized teen.

The three teenagers laid around for a minute to catch their breathe before they started to get dressed. Quinn grabbed all of her clothes and made her way to the washroom to freshen up while Santana and Sam changed in the room. One by one they went back down to the basement to rejoin the party.


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