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Pairings: Santana/Karofsky, Santana/Finn (implied), Quinn/Finn

Codes: mf, finger, oral

Glee: Quinn's World Part 6 - Plan In Motion
by The Chemist

Santana didn't know what was going on with her today. It was the first day since the party and she was expecting a lot of awkwardness, especially from Sam. Boys tended to treat girls a lot differently after sleeping with them but his situation was compounded by his girlfriend being there when they all had sex. But instead of avoiding her, Sam had been a gentleman all week long.

"Britt, can I tell you something that you can't tell anyone else," Santana asked of her best friend.

"Of course sweetie," the dumb blonde answered.

"I had sex with Sam. Quinn was there too so I'm not a homewrecker or anything," she shared.

"So what's the issue," Brittany asked.

"I think I have feelings for Sam," she confessed.

"That's normal. Sometimes I have to excuse myself during class to finger myself in the washroom," she told.

"Not those types of feeling. Serious feelings. I like him Britt and I think I want him to be my boyfriend," Santana said.

"Oh. But he's with Quinn. He loves her I think," Brittany told her friend.

"Yeah but she's cheating on him with Finn behind his back! That bitch doesn't him," she fumed.

"Whoa. That sneaky ho," she gasped. "So are you just going to tell him?"

"We have spare together right after lunch. I'm going to tell him yes," Santana confirmed.

"Good luck baby," Brittany told her, rubbing her back in support.

* * *

"We need to talk big lips," Santana said to Sam.

"Is that an insult or compliment," the confused boy asked as he sat in the library.

"You're lucky you're so hot," she told him, ignoring his question. "What if I had news that you wouldn't like to hear but probably should know?"

"Well I think that ..."

"You're slut of a girlfriend is cheating on you behind you're muscular back," Santana blurted out before Sam could answer her original question.

"What did you say," Sam asked in disbelief.

"I'm serious Sammy. She re-sparked her love for Finn and they humped in the change room after you guys won the state championship," she revealed. "Who knows how many times since that they've gotten their freak on."

"How do I know that you're not lying about Quinn? Maybe you have a crush on me after our three-way on the weekend and you're making up lies to break us up. Do you have proof," Sam asked defensively.

"Me thinks you protest too much," the cheerleader suggested. "Plus I accidently deleted the video I took on my cell phone."

"If it's true than get the proof. If it's false than you're a bad person," he told her before storming off.

Santana was going to charge after him but she knew a lost cause when she saw one. He was blinded by love and nothing but the truth smacking him in the face would change that. Quinn was too smart to get caught red handed again so she needed to think of something. Then the perfect idea hit her.

She remembered that she'd overheard a few freshmen talking about how one of them had such an itchy groin. Santana laughed at the time because she knew that the girl had crabs. In second period, she also heard one of the football players, Dave Karofsky, bragging about nailing some girl while he scratched his package.

Nearly running to the cafeteria, Santana was pleased to find Karofsky eating lunch. "Can we talk?"

"I'd like to do a lot of things with you but talking isn't one of them," Karofsky joked, much to the amusement of all of his friends.

"Funny stuff. You're really going to want to hear what I have to say though," she told him.

"Fine but it better be worth it," the large football player replied.

"Fuck me," she told him once they left the crowded cafeteria.

"What? Now," Karofsky asked, shocked at her bold request.

"Yeah. Right now. There is a stairwell at the back of the school that is hardly ever used. So let's go and I'll make you scream so hard you'll forget your own name," Santana offered.

"Um...okay. But what brings this on," he asked.

"Does it matter?"

"Not really. Let's go," Karofsky replied.

* * *

"Fuck you're good," Karofsky groaned as Santana stroked his thick 7-inch cock with her plump lips.

It had taken the pair no time at all to reach the back stairwell. True to her word, it was deserted and had been for some time judging by the buildup of dust on the railing. Santana had quickly taken down his pants and boxers, dropped to her knees and put his erect penis deep into her throat before the muscular guy knew what happened.

"You're really good at this," he told her while holding her hair away from her face.

"Too bad we don't have more time so I could really show you all my skills," Santana replied as she used her hand to glide along his dick. All the spit that she'd transferred onto his length over the past 5 minutes was acting as lubrication as her hand blurred up and down at tremendous speed.

"I don't have a condom," Karofsky admitted.

Her plan to expose Quinn and steal Sam was too important to her to let something like unprotected sex stop her. She was on the pill to prevent him knocking her up and then she just had to hope that he was either disease free or had something that was easily treatable.

"Then make sure you really make it worth my while," Santana warned.

Getting off of her knees, the Latino girl reached under her tight red dress and pulled down her panties. She didn't take her dress right off in case of the off chance someone came into the staircase so she just lifted the hem of the skirt up and over her round ass.

Karofsky supplied her by bringing her in for a sloppy wet kiss. She returned it, allowing their tongues to mingle in the space created between their lips. The football player didn't stop there because while his tongue flooded her mouth, his hands had run up the sides of her slim body and found her fake breasts.

"So big and so firm," he grinned while palming her C-cup chest.

"That's the point," she replied. "Now get that fat cock in my pussy and make sure you drill me deep."

The olive-skinned girl pressed tightly against him before jumping up and wrapping her long, smooth legs around his thick torso. Karofsky had no problem catching and supporting her tiny 100-pound frame. While he held her snuggly with one arm, he used his other hand to slide his throbbing member into her tight pussy.

"I thought I slut like you couldn't be this tight," he groaned while working the rest of his cock into her accepting hole.

Santana ignored the comment and just focused on getting him balls deep inside of her. She needed to make sure their sex wasn't in vain so she had to make sure their pubic hair had as much contact as possible. She only had a thin strip of hair above her vagina but she was hoping that it'd be enough to get his lice.

Karofsky had a similar thought process as the sexy cheerleader. Pressing her back against the wall, the increased resistance let him thrust into her wildly with force. Santana's responsive moans gave him increased determination to continue to plow into her as deeply and hard as he could.

With their groins hammering against each other at a constant rate, Santana could swear she felt the tiny, itchy bugs crawling up onto her. Content with his performance, the Latino figured she'd loosen up and enjoy his erractic thrusting and try to get off. She used her heels to push into his sweaty back to help control him and it had nearly an instant effect as his tip was now rubbing up onto her highly sensitive G-spot.

"Oh yes Dave! Keep going stud," she encouraged as her orgasm neared.

"Where do you want my cum? I can't hold out too much longer," Dave asked her.

"Not yet. Ugghhhhh! Soon...AHHHH....need one more minute then cum wherever you want," Santana moaned.

Karofsky followed her demands and did his best to think of unsexy thoughts until Santana had her orgasm. Biting his lips so he'd focus on the pain, the football star continued to plow hard into her wanting opening with all the power he had left in his body. Determined to get her off, he snaked his hand between their thudding bodies and used his thumb to massage her clitoris. He grinned as the little move saw immediate returns as the thin Latino girl started to jerk her body uncontrollably as she had an orgasm.

"Going to cum now," he told the incoherent girl.

Resting her back on her knees, Santana had the presence of mind to support herself, albeit with the aid of the brick wall against her back. Karofsky had just enough time to aim his cock at her face before the first blast of cum erupted out of his member and splattered onto her pretty face.

The warm jet of thick liquid was just what the cheerleader needed to snap out of her orgasm-induced fog. She reached her hand and took his cock and placed the tip in her mouth to collect the rest of the cum, but not before a second streak had plastered her face, landing across her nose and onto her right cheek.

"Yum," she said once he finished shooting into her mouth, allowing her to swallow it all down. She even used her finger to scoop the cum that had landed on her face, much to the delight of the horny boy.

"That was an amazing quickie," Karofsky told her.

"I know," she said proudly. "I'm going to go freshen up. Thanks a lot for this. I owe you."

Karofsky didn't know why she owed him after that, nor did he care much. All that mattered to him was that he had sex with a smoking hot girl than came on her face. He took a moment to recover before heading back to the cafeteria to brag to his friends about nailing Santana.

* * *

Santana was smiling brightly because her plan was falling perfectly into place. It had taken about 24 hours, but she could already fell an intense itch in her pubic region as she walked down the school hallway. Better yet, she had went over to Finn's house last night and slept with the gullible football player, passing her contagious lice onto him. All she had to do now was wait for Finn and Quinn to get together after school like they always do.

She thought it might be a little harder to get Finn to sleep with her than it was with Karofsky, but she just had to find the right motivator. Santana remembered from her threesome with Sam that Quinn wouldn't take it up the ass. Sensing that Finn would want to try such a taboo, she offered it to him last night and the quarterback couldn't say no.

As she passed by a set of lockers, she saw Quinn and Finn talking quietly to one another. She could only hope that they were setting up their next booty call so that it would be that much sooner until she was around Sam's arm and not that princess Quinn.

"So do you think you'll be able to come over to my house after school," Quinn whispered to Finn in the halls.

"Yeah I think I can clear my schedule," Finn laughed.

"Good. Be there for around 3:30. My mom won't get home until 6 so we should have plenty of time. I'll leave the back door unlocked so just come on upstairs," she told him.

"Awesome," he grinned as they walked away to their next class.

The rest of the day seemed to go by painfully slow for the Finn. Whenever he wasn't focused on class, which was often, he was thinking about Quinn. The face of an angel with a body and sex drive inspired by Lucifer himself. Luckily none of the teachers called on him to write on the board as he spent most of the time sporting a hard-on just thinking of what he was going to do to the naughty blonde.

He didn't like that they had to sneak around together because of her still being with Sam. She'd explained to him that she wasn't going to break up with Sam until she was certain she was in love with Finn, but it still hurt seeing them together. He felt better when she'd always glance at him when she was with Sam, but he'd rather she was around his arm all the time and not his.

The end of the day had finally come and Finn couldn't have been happier. He swung by his house first to drop off his bag and to kill time until Sam walked his girlfriend home. After grabbing a drink, Finn headed outside and cut through the woods. 10 minutes later and he was hopping the wooden fence and landing in Quinn's backyard.

True to her word, Quinn had left the backdoor unlocked and he easily entered her house. He'd been in the house countless times and soon he had navigated the large estate and found himself upstairs and peering into the cheerleader's bedroom. Quinn was resting on her elbows with a book in her hand, engrossed in what she was reading.

"What are you reading beautiful," the tall, dark and handsome boy asked.

"Just some silly teen sci-fi love story. This one has aliens instead of vampires," Quinn laughed.

"You look so sexy in that dress," Finn commented while licking his lips.

"I got bad news. My mom will be here in like 15 minutes so there isn't enough time for us to get sweaty then shower then do it again in the shower like we usually do," Quinn remarked. "What about a quickie?"

"Deal," he said as he had his jeans off in a blur of blue that streaked from his legs and onto the floor.

Finn moved his way so he was sitting at the head of the bed with his back flat against the headboard. The sexy cheerleader had nestled herself on her hands and knees between his legs and already had his semi-hard cock in her hand and stroking it. His member rose to life once she licked from his heavy sack all the way to the apex of his head.

"Damn that feels good," he grunted as the blonde got to work and took him into her mouth.

Sucking cock was becoming one of Quinn's favorite things to do. The way boys would twist in pleasure as she took their member into her warm mouth, just as Finn was now doing with at least 5 inches of his length getting milked by her plump lips. She couldn't deep throat like Santana could but she still threw her head forward on whatever amount of his pole she could handle.

Pulling her lips from his crotch, she heard his faint grumbles but she knew he was going to like what she had in store. Sinking further down towards the bed, Quinn took his ball sack into her mouth and started to lightly suck on each nut. She loved hearing his cries of pleasure as she used her skilled tongue to circle each of his testicles.

Remembering Santana's advise from earlier, Finn decided now was the time to test the waters. Licking his fingers first, the long-armed quarterback reaching down her back and went under the hem of her short dress. Quinn had already taken off her panties, which made Finn even more than before. Placing his middle finger in her butt crack, the horny teen slid his finger down until stopping when his fingertip brushed against her tightly puckered asshole.

Quinn wiggled her hips the moment his finger made contact, but he thought that was a good sign rather than the girl trying to squirm away. With his balls still in her mouth, Finn pushed his finger against her virgin asshole until his superior strength won out and his finger gliding into her rectum.

"Whoa Finn," Quinn shot up from his lap and moved so that his finger came right out of her tightest of holes. "What are you doing?"

Sensing her anger, the slow-witted jock "Sorry I missed my target. It's hard to reach your pussy from all the way back here!" In reality, he was jealous of all the other guys telling him stories of anal sex and just tried to push the issue today.

"That's okay but just be more careful next time," Quinn told him. "Anyway, you ready to get that big boy in me or what?"

The fact that her asshole was just fingered had thrown off her concentration and she completely forgot to get Finn to put on a condom. Taking advantage, Finn wasted no time in setting up behind the girl, who was still on her hands and knees. Lining up his bulbous head with her wet vagina, his minimal pressure was enough to push half of his cock into her in one try.

"You feel so tight like always," Finn said as he now stroked all of his length into her receptive pink hole.

"Oh yeah fuck me hard stud," she begged, knowing they didn't have a lot of time. "I love how much you stretch out my little pussy!"

Finn had every intention of getting them both off in the short amount of time that they had. Not holding anything in reserve, the muscular football player gripped her round hips tightly and proceeded to slam his whole cock into her opening. The force that his pelvis collided with her ass caused her incredibly curvy cheeks to ripple as a result. Somewhere Santana had to be smiling as with each blow, microscopic crabs jumped from his pubic hair and into her single strip that she trimmed neatly.

Pushing herself off of the bed with her arms, Quinn straightened her body so that she could look over her shoulder and kiss her rugged secret lover. He didn't stop his relentless assault against her wet pussy as he was able to maintain focus despite shoving his tongue into her willing mouth. It was harder to thrust her ass backwards into his powerful smashes but she loved the passionate kisses they were exchanging.

"I'm gonna cum soon babe," Finn warned.

"So close...just a little harder," Quinn screamed nearly at the top of her lungs.

Gritting his teeth, Finn did his best to hold off his impending orgasm so that Quinn could cum with him. Slowing his thrusting down, he focused on driving his entire length as deep as possible with as much power that was left in his tiring body. Quinn had felt like she'd never been penetrated as fully as that very moment. And it was enough to spark her intense orgasm.

"UGGHHHHHH" Quinn shouted as she came all over his cock.

Her hole reflexively clenched tighter onto his penis, making it feel like it was getting the best massage of life. With hearing her orgasm, Finn's ability to withhold his own gave way. After one more hard thrust, the hulking quarterback shot his load deep into her unprotected pussy.

"Oh my God that was good," Finn groaned as the pair collapsed down onto the bed.

"Oh crap my mom," Quinn said after hearing the garage door open. "Quick, you gotta go!"

Knowing it would already be cutting it close, Finn didn't bother retrieving his pants or boxers. Instincts kicked in and he ran naked down the stairs and out the door mere seconds before the front door opened. He had just hopped over the 6 foot wooden fence by the time Mrs. Fabray came into view of the backyard.

"Quinn," her mother called but got no response.

Curious, the well-dressed woman ascended her staircase and walked into her daughter's room. She found Quinn face down in the bed, some novel beside her head. Her dress was ruffled slightly as the material was now only barely covering her curvy teen butt. The reading must have made her exhausted as the teenager was passed out and didn't look like a train could disturb her from her deep slumber.

* * *

"Oh my gosh! My crotch is on fire," Finn thought to himself as he tried to hide the fact he was sitting in the choir room stretching his groin region.

"Everything okay Finn," Santana asked with mock concern.

"Yup. Thanks for asking," he replied.

Quinn was having just as hard of a time with her pubic region too. Even though she had barely any pubic hair, and she had since shaven herself bare in an attempt to stop the itch, she was still stretching herself rare. She currently had to seat on her hands to stop them from being up her dress.

"You seem to be squirming a lot today too Quinn," Santana observed. "Why is that?"

"No reason. Just antsy I guess," Quinn replied as she crossed her legs and pressed them tight together to get enough friction to satisfy her itch.

"Really? I thought it was because I got crabs on perfect from Karofsky then had sex with Finn so he got them. It pretty weird that now he has itchy pubes and you seem to be on verge of tears unless you scratch your crotch as well," Santana explained.

"You son of a bitch," Quinn cursed.

"Is this true," Sam asked with a mixture of pain and anger.

"Yes its true Sam. I never meant to hurt you its just that Finn was my first love. I didn't want to fall back in love with him but it just happened. I'm so sorry," Quinn confessed.

"I don't even know what to say to you Quinn," Sam said before turning his attention to Finn. "But I know exactly what I want to do to you."

Finn barely saw the hulking blonde boy get out of his seat. Before he could even react, Sam had his fist cocked and unloaded, his knuckles finding Finn's jaw. The rugged quarterback went sprawling from his chair and smacked the ground hard while Sam stood over him, shaking his sore hand.

"You kind of had that coming," Finn's best friend Puck commented.

"I know. I'm not arguing," Finn said before the Mr. Shuster stepped between the two boys.

"Finn and Quinn, go to the pharmacy and get medication. Sam, go to the nurse's office and get some ice for that hand," Mr. Shuster ordered.

"I'll come with you Sam," Santana said as she followed the brooding boy out of class.

"So much drama," Rachel commented.


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