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Description: Holly gets the itch to leave. She sees Will and Emma talking and can see they still love each other. She offers to help Emma through her sexual inexperience. Santana admits to Brittany that she loves her. Brittany loves her too but also loves Artie. They compromise and have a foursome with Brittany wanting to fuck Sam and Santana getting to have Brittany. Rachel returns the favor to Quinn.

Pairings: Holly/Emma, Santana/Brittany/Sam/Artie, Rachel/Quinn

Codes: mmff, FF, ff, anal, dp, oral, orgy, rim

Glee: Quinn's World Part 8
by The Chemist

"So how was your sister's wedding babe," Finn asked his girlfriend Monday morning in the halls of the school.

"It was really beautiful. She's so happy and the whole thing was lovely," Quinn replied after a brief kiss. "Plus Jacob was actually nice, not creep or sleazy. Just nice like a normal person."

"I'm really happy to hear that. I was worried for you when you agreed to go but it meant so much to the Glee club that you stayed for Regionals," Finn told her.

"Wouldn't have missed it for the world baby," she replied with a wide smile.

"So how was working with Rachel for three days so closely," Finn asked knowing that his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend didn't get along so well.

"Surprisingly we found some common ground after awhile and came to see each other in a new light," Quinn answered, thinking back to how sweet Rachel's pussy tasted.

"Glad to hear it. I was worried you two would kill each other," Finn laughed.

"Speak of the devil," Quinn stated as her and Finn nearly collided with the adorable brunette as they all rounded a corner.

"Oh hi guys," Rachel said.

"Hey Rachel," Finn replied. "I have to go see Puck before class so I'll meet up with you later Quinn."

"How are you doing today Miss Regionals winner," Quinn asked her new friend.

"It wasn't just me who won the competition, we won it as a group," Rachel modestly deflected.

"I agree that we were all part of the winning choir but let's be honest babe, without those songs you wrote, we would have been screwed," the blonde retorted.

"I really couldn't have done it without your help though," Rachel conceded. "And that brings me to what I really need to talk to you about."

"About our post-songwriting celebration," Quinn smirked.

"Exactly," the brunette agreed. "What does it mean?"

"I don't think we should really talk about it here with so many prying ears trying to listen in. Come over to my house after school today and we'll talk," the cheerleader told her.

"Alright. That sounds good to me," Rachel answered before the pair headed off to their first class of the day.

* * *

"Britt! We need to talk," Santana said to her best friend.

Things had been a little awkward between the two girls for a few days. After winning Regionals, Santana professed her love for Brittany. The pair had been having sex together for nearly a year but were far from a couple. Brittany was in love with Artie and they were both okay with Santana and Brittany's relationship because it was unemotional and just clean girl-on-girl fun.

After Santana's admission of love however, things had changed. Brittany was too in love with Artie to consider leaving him for Santana. That, coupled with Santana's refusal to announce herself as a lesbian to everyone, made the choice to stay with Artie an easy one for the dumb blonde.

"Sure. What's up," Britt asked.

"You know damn well what about. You haven't come over for a booty call since..."

"Since you got mad that I wouldn't dump Artie and start up a secret lesbian relationship with you that no one could know about," Brittany replied.

"I miss you Britt. I understand that things are a little different after my confession but I miss your naked body pressed against my bare skin," Santana explained while rubbing her back.

"I don't think that would be such a good idea. You obviously still have feelings for me so this wouldn't be smart," Britt retorted.

The blonde cheerleader was right. Santana was trying to manipulate her friend into getting into bed with her so that she could pry her away from Artie. Santana was surprised that the slow-witted girl figured it out so quickly, but like any good manipulator Santana had a back-up plan.

"You didn't let me explain what I meant. I agree that given our complicated history that it wouldn't be smart to have a one-on-one session, which is why I feel that we should involve our boyfriends. That why we get to have sex again, but our boys are there to keep us from making any mistakes or whatever," Santana explained.

"Hhmm. Artie's birthday is tomorrow and I've been having a hard time thinking of something to get him," Brittany thought out loud.

"What better gift than letting him fuck you and your best friend," she added.

"Deal. Wait! What about Sam?"

"Sam would love to add you to his resume of girls he's slept with so far at the school. That way once him and I break up eventually, he'll have an impressive collection of fucks. Plus I know he is an admirer of your sexy body. And don't pretend like you don't find him attractive," Santana told.

"I'll have to run it by Artie but I can't see him having a problem with this," Brittany confirmed.

"Great. My parents are going to Columbus to see some old band Friday night and will be staying over. I'll have the house to myself. So convince your boy by tomorrow night and let's make this happen."

* * *

"Emma, can we talk," Holly asked.

"Um, sure Holly," Emma replied hesitantly. She couldn't really think of a reason why the blonde goddess that her crush Will was dating wanted to speak to her.

Emma walked through the doorway that Holly had opened for her. The adorable redhead took a seat in one of the student's desk in the front row directly in front of the teacher's desk. Holly decided just to sit on the edge of the large wooden table rather than behind it so that only a foot was separating the two attractive women.

"I saw you and Will talking earlier at lunch..." Holly started before being cut off immediately.

"We were just talking, that's all," Emma clarified.

"I know you are way too nice to make a move on a taken man," Holly retorted. "But I could feel the chemistry between you two. It's undeniable. You like him, maybe more than like I don't really know. But the way Will looks at you, I know he loves you."

"" she stammered.

"I'm not upset Emma. I'm actually kind of relieved. I like Will, but I'm so stuck in my ways that I don't like establishing roots in one place. I'm going to end up hurting him and I'd rather do it as painless as possible," she confessed.

"I don't think I follow," Emma replied.

"Will would be so happy with you. If I can't make him happy than I want him to be with you," Holly told her.

"We've tried and failed though," the redhead shared.

"True, but you didn't have me helping you out before," she told her. "I think I know how to get you two crazy kids closer than you've ever been to anyone."

"But..." Emma started before being cut off.

"But nothing. Are you free tonight?"

"Yes I am. Why?"

"I'm coming over tonight and afterwards, you and Will should be ready to give it another try together," Holly stated.

"Ok fine. Crap! It's 2pm. I have a meeting with a student. But I'm free all night so come over whenever," Emma told her before running off to get to her appointment.

* * *

"So do those construction workers always whistle at you when you walk by," Rachel asked after her and Quinn had made the short trip to the blonde's house after school.

"It's a pretty common occurrence. I think that they were appreciating your body just as much as mine though," Quinn replied, making the more načve girl blush.

"So can we talk about what happened the other night now," Rachel asked.

"Let's go up to my room first. We might as well be comfortable as we talk," the blonde told her before grabbing a hold of her hand and leading her up the stairs.

Rachel had been confused by what had happened the night before Regionals. After they finally wrote two songs, her and Quinn celebrated by an intense make out session followed by the sexy cheerleader going down on her and licking her pussy until Rachel came all over Quinn's face. She passed out immediately afterwards and the blonde was gone by the time she woke up the next morning. They hadn't had a chance to talk about that night yet as Quinn left right after Regionals to attend her sister's wedding.

"You have a really nice room..." Rachel started before Quinn interrupted her.

While still holding her hand, the blonde twisted Rachel around before leaning in and pressing her lips against hers. Rachel was caught completely off-guard by Quinn's bold action but something about the passionate kiss seemed right. As soon as Quinn felt Rachel loosen up after the shocking move, the cheerleader pushed her tongue into the brunette's mouth.

"Quinn wait. We need to talk about this," Rachel told her after breaking the kiss.

"Why do we need to analyze things? I find you hot and you find me sexy too. Let's leave it at that and just act on our primal instincts," Quinn suggested as she leaned back in and planted another kiss on the confused girl.

"But does this mean we're a lesbian couple? Or what are we doing if not," Rachel started in again.

Quinn was getting upset with her friend's need to have everything spelt out to her, but she was too horny not to get her into her bed. Wrapping an arm around the brunette's back, Quinn pulled her tight into her body before snaking her other hand under Rachel's skirt and into her panties. Rachel was caught by surprise again by Quinn's aggressive moves and before she could break away again, the blonde was playing with her pussy, making her knees weak and brain foggy.

"Listen Rachel. We aren't lesbians because we still like guys. Hell, I'm probably going to sneak out tonight and get nailed by Finn. That makes us girls experimenting with other girls. Or, we're just girls having fun and it nothing more than that. We're both horny, both attracted to each other so let's just leave it at that," Quinn lectured while rubbing through the other girl's soaking wet pink folds.

"Awww....okay," Rachel moaned, giving into Quinn's argument.

That was the approval Quinn was seeking. No sooner had the words been out of Rachel's mouth when the sexy blonde had her spun around and bent over the bed with her ass in the air. Reaching up under her skirt, Quinn pulled down her boring granny panties to expose her shaved pussy except for a strip of neatly-trimmed pubic hair.

"My mouth is salivating at the sight," the cheerleader said aloud. "I'm hoping it tastes just as sweet as the last time."

"OH MY GOD," Rachel screamed in response to the long lick through her folds.

Despite her love for Finn and men as a whole, Quinn couldn't get the taste of pussy out of her mind for the past week. And for some reason, she knew that it wasn't just anyone that she was craving, it was the special flavor of Rachel Berry that would satisfy her needs. Luckily the načve girl was easy to seduce or else Quinn would have been a growing bitch by the day.

"Damn you're tasty! You might have gotten sweeter since last time," Quinn commented.

"Please don't stop," Rachel demanded.

Quinn had no intention of stopping whatsoever. She loved sticking her tongue as deep into her pink hole as possible with the reward of licking out as much as much of Rachel's sweet nectar as she could. She thought at first that this was a selfish relationship with only her own needs being met, by the sounds coming from Rachel's mouth, she knew that the annoying singer was getting just as much from the situation as she was.

"I want you to cum again for me baby," Quinn encouraged then immediately returned her tongue back into Rachel.

Even though Rachel really wanted to talk to Quinn about what was going on between them, she knew exactly why the blonde wanted to 'talk' at her house. She played a little hard to get, but was hoping Quinn called her bluff and ended up in the exact situation that they were in currently. She wanted the cheerleader to think that she was all young and inexperienced when in reality she was manipulating Quinn to get what she wanted.

"I'm gonna cum soon Quinn," Rachel warned as her orgasm rapidly approached.

"I think this helped last time," Quinn stated then returned her tongue deep within her pink opening while also using her fingers to rub through Rachel's folds and play with her clitoris.


Quinn felt the girl's body start to quiver as all of Rachel's energy went into her powerful orgasm. She couldn't tell which part came first as the loud scream, body spasms and cumming onto Quinn's tongue all happened in such short order of one another.

" just reward," Quinn smirked as she emerged from beneath Rachel's skirt after making sure she swallowed down every drop of her juices.

"That intense...again," Rachel replied, her response quite labored.

"Thanks," the blonde giggled while patting her friend's bare ass. "Wasn't that much better than talking?"

"So much better...but I have a question. Actually more of a request," Rachel said.

"Go ahead and request," Quinn answered, mocking her slightly.

"Can I try you this time," Rachel asked.

"That sounded more like a frightened question rather than a demand. If you want to lick my pussy and make me cum all over your pretty face then you sure as hell tell me what you want to do," she replied.

"Fine. I'm not giving you option you overhyped spoiled little princess! I'm going to throw you on your back, rip off that dress and eat your pussy until your voice goes hoarse from screaming out my name. Then I'll decide if you get to cum or not," Rachel dictated with confidence that she nor Quinn knew she had.

"I like this new Ra..."

Before Quinn could even finish her sentence, the now more confident Rachel had thrown her off her feet so the petite blonde landed in the middle of her soft bed. Like a shark that had just tasted blood, the horny brunette jumped onto Quinn so she was straddling her waist. After a hard and passionate kiss, Rachel tore off her partner's sweater then lowered the straps of Quinn's dress and bra off her shoulders.

"I've been dying to see what you look like naked," Rachel told her.

Sliding down along Quinn's legs until she was resting just on the bed, Rachel reached up and yanked down on the blonde's dress. The garment provided little resistance as it flew down her tight body and smooth legs, leaving her with nothing on except for a black thong.

"What do you think," Quinn asked regarding her naked body.

"Nice firm tits plus a little bigger than I thought. And nice suckable, pink nipples," Rachel observed as she leaned in and took one of her nipples in her mouth. "But I haven't seen you completely naked yet."

Rachel slowly moved her hands up the inside of Quinn's legs, making sure to linger even longer the higher up she went along her inner thighs. Once she reached between her legs, the brunette lightly passed her fingertips over the cheerleader's satin-clad pussy, making her whimper in anticipation. Once she hooked the top of the underwear, Quinn arched her back to allow her to easily pull her last piece of clothing from her body.

"You like looking at my bald, pink pussy," Quinn asked her partner.

"I think I'd like hearing you talk a little less," Rachel retorted.

Before Quinn had realized what she meant, the singer had taken the black thong she'd just been wearing and stuffed it into her own mouth. Quinn was shocked at first but quickly became turned on by how dominant Rachel was becoming. Quinn had become so lost in her horny thoughts that she hardly felt Rachel kissing down her body until her lips first made contact with her clit.

"Mmppphh," she moaned into her panties.

"Now if I remember from the two times you did this on me, you take a long slow lick of the entire slit," Rachel commented before doing as she had just said. "Tasty. Like a mix of strawberry and lemon. A girl could get use to this."

Rachel had planned on taking her time and making Quinn beg for her to speed up, but that planned was thrown out the window now. After tasting another girl's pussy, Rachel was hungry for more and wasn't in the mood for slowly sampling. Using her fingers to pull apart Quinn's lips, Rachel buried her tongue as far into her hole as possible, rubbing whatever she came into contact with.

"Awww...mmmmhhhh," Quinn screamed as the inexperienced girl licked her pink hole at a tremendous speed.

Quinn couldn't help but think how great Rachel was doing and not just for a first-time pussy-licker. The horny brunette was doing as good a job or better than anyone else Quinn let into her bed. And even though she was doing such a great job, there was something missing, preventing Quinn from fully enjoying herself. She thought she knew what it was, but she was so confused as to why.

"You're doing great but I have request," Quinn told her determined lover.

"Whatever you want," Rachel replied, begrudgingly removing her tongue from Quinn's delicious pussy in order to answer.

"Lick my asshole," she blurted out.


"Stick that talented tongue into my ass...NOW," Quinn told her with purpose.

"Oh...ok...sure thing," the brunette said, caught completely off-guard.

Rachel wasn't the only one of them surprised with what was just said. Rachel had thought of the ass as taboo and something only men wanted to do to girls for their own pleasure. Yet here was one of the more sexually experienced girls in school asking her to lap inside her anus. Quinn was also confused as to why her body wanted her ass to be touched sexually. Little did she now that the subconscious Quinn enjoyed the sodomy at the hands of Jacob Ben Israel last week and now wanted more.

Not wanting to make Quinn unhappy, Rachel stuck out her tongue and did a long, slow stroke over her constricted hole. She was worried that it was going to taste horrible, but was surprised to find that it had a pleasant taste to it. After a few more minutes of licking the taboo hole, Rachel separated Quinn's cheeks as far apart as they would go before sticking out her tongue and pushing it into the slightly gaped hole.

"OH YES!" Quinn screamed in delight. "Tongue-fuck my ass!"

Quinn had gone from a girl who never thought of the anus in a sexual sense to being an anal-licking lover in less than 5 minutes. She was reaching a new and different sense of pleasure by having the inner walls of her ass poked and probed by Rachel's exploring tongue.

Rachel was also getting turned on by how naughty what she was doing was. She was really enjoying licking the inside of Quinn's ass, even trying to cram her tongue down even further. That was proving to be a tough proposition as the cheerleader's hole was nearly unrelenting despite Rachel using all of her strength to separate her cheeks.

Even though she could tell Quinn was having a great time, Rachel wanted to make her cum. It would be a great source of pride to herself if she could make a girl that got around as much as Quinn Fabrey orgasm on her first time licking pussy...and ass for that matter. While still using her tongue in Quinn's asshole, Rachel took two fingers and slid them into her accommodating wet pussy. After only a minute or two of quickly thrusting them into her pink hole, the blonde was fixing to cum.

"Oh my God Rachel! I'm gonna cum so hard for you! AHHHHH....UUGGGHH," Quinn cried out as she came onto Rachel's fingers.

Rachel finished up licking Quinn's ass then took her cum-coated fingers and sucked every last molecule of the sweet juices off. It was her first taste of another girl's cum and she was instantly hooked.

"Fuck that was hot! You were amazing Rachel! A real natural," Quinn complimented.

"Thanks Quinn. You were great as so tasty," she winked.

"Quinn darling! I'm home," Mrs. Fabrey announced as she came into the house.

"Crap. Let's get dressed," Quinn said to Rachel before answering her mom. "Hi mom. Be right down."

"I think we still need to talk about what we're doing," Rachel insisted as the pair tracked down clothing and threw it on.

"But I prefer when you use your tongue for something other than talking," Quinn replied with a wink and long, lingering kiss. "Yum...I do taste good."

The pair headed downstairs to greet Quinn's mother, who was more than happy to see her daughter with a female friend over rather than a boy. Rachel ended up being invited for dinner and eating with the Fabrey family before heading home at the end of the night. She still didn't know what was going on between herself and Quinn, but she was willing to stick around and find out.

* * *


"Hi Holly. Please come in," Emma greeted.

Holly crossed the threshold and entered into the redhead's impossibly clean home. She had been expecting complete sterility and she was far from disappointed. She wouldn't have been to surprise to hear find that there wasn't a molecule of dust in the entire place.

"Nice place," Holly complimented as she placed her purse down beside the couch.

"Thank you. You look very beautiful tonight by the way," Emma said.

Even though she disliked the fact that Holly was the one on Will's arm, she had to admit that the blonde was looking quite good. Wearing a simple yet stunning little black dress, Holly's long legs, modest cleavage and tight body were on full display. She made Emma self-conscious about her own image even though she was a very pretty woman as well.

"I don't want to beat around the bush anymore Emma. If you want Will, you're going to have to get comfortable about sex. Once you let sex happen, you'll find yourself less uptight about other things," Holly blurted out.

"But we've had sex already and yet we still couldn't make it work," she admitted.

"Once. You had sex once. It wasn't enough to make you lose yourself in passion. It was probably rushed and not fully satisfying," Holly analyzed.

"Oh...That makes some sense," Emma conceded.

"You're damn right it does! So now if you want things to work out with the hyper-sexual William Shuster then you need my help," Holly advised.

"Okay fine. Please help me," Emma begged.

"My technique with you will have to shock and awe. It's the only way. Do you promise to do whatever I want you to do and have no reservation about it? You're potential life with Will depends on it," she asked.

"Yes I fully agree," Emma agreed without hesitation, knowing that she only had one more shot with the man of her dreams.

"Good," Holly said before reaching into her bad and pulling out a 10-inch dildo that was attached to a harness.

"Sweet lord! What the hell is that," Emma gasped.

"Every good teacher uses props and this is mine. I call him my best friend but feel free to name him yourself," Holly told her.

"Why do you have a massive fake penis in your bag," Emma questioned.

"This strap-on dildo will allow me to pretend that I'm your precious Will as we get you use to sex," she told the frightened redhead.

"We're going to have sex?"

"Yup. Well it'll be more like me fucking the hell out of you but feel free to call it whatever you want," Holly said with a smile.

"And this is the only way," Emma asked.

"Indeed sweetpea. But don't worry. I'll use it with anti-microbial lube so that we are still satisfying your insane hygiene compulsion," the blonde reassured.

"Well that's quite considerate but..."

Holly knew that she had convinced Emma enough so wanted to act quickly before the tiny redhead could change her mind. Moving swiftly, the taller woman had stepped close to Emma and brought her in for a kiss. She just barely made contact with her lips, deciding to start slowly so she didn't scare off the OCD guidance councilor. Once she felt Emma relax a bit after the initial surprise, Holly parted her lips and glided her tongue along Emma's lips until she opened her mouth and accepted the blonde inside.

"Good kisser. At least we don't need to start at the basics," Holly commented.

Holly knew she had to use her time wisely if she was going to make Emma comfortable with sex in only one night. Giving the redhead a light shove, the back of her knees buckled on the couch behind her, making her take a seat.

"Can't we do the sex in the bedroom? It's so much more conducive to that sort of thing," Emma suggested.

"And that's why we are doing it out here. It's too safe in there for you. We need to push your tiny boundaries and attempt to expand them as much as we can," Holly explained.

"But Will and I had sex in my office, not in my bed," Emma reasoned.

"Listen," Holly said while reaching her hand under Emma's skirt to massage her pussy through the cotton fabric of her panties. "You're still safely on home turf, its just that we'll be on a sofa instead of a mattress. The more places you feel comfortable having sex, the more spontaneous you'll be. You already feel safe in there so let's make out here another safe sex zone."

"Well I haven't scrubbed down this room since yesterday so it's probably crawling in filth," Emma argued about her impeccably clean living room.

"Emma, I once had a three-way with two truckers who hadn't showered in several days in the washroom of a reststop that hadn't been cleaned in weeks. I think that this area will be good enough," Holly reasoned.

"Oh dear. What am I getting myself into," the little redhead wondered aloud.

"You know exactly why you are doing this. You want Will but you need to be comfortable with sex first. That's why I'm helping you. This way once I leave I won't hurt him since you and him will be together. Plus I think you're super sexy and want to do kinky things to your tight body," Holly said, reminding the guidance councilor of their motives for tonight.

"I know you're right. Okay let's start then," Emma agreed.

"Let's start by having you strip off those clothes baby," Holly instructed.

Emma wasn't going to argue anymore with the taller blonde for the rest of the night or at least that is what her goal was. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, the adorable redhead lifted the top up and over her head before throwing it onto the floor. She felt a thrill of excitement course through her body, as that was the first time she could remember not folding clothing once taking it off. Riding the excitement, she reached back and unclasped her bra before also tossing that to the floor. Her pants and underwear suffered the same fate as well, leaving Emma stripped naked.

"What's next," Emma asked with enthusiasm

"Let's start by playing with your tits. Press them together, rub and pull your nipples. Whatever makes you feel good," Holly told.

Emma was surprised that the taller blonde wanted her to play with her boobs because she didn't think of them as something that could give pleasure. Yet when she strated to lightly tug on her small pink nipples,she could feel her pussy getting a bit wetter. Intrigued by this new finding, Emma really began to play with them and found that she really enjoyed them being touched and kneaded.

"Unngghhh," she moaned in satisfaction while continuing to roll her erect nipples between her thumb and pointer finger.

"That's great. It's so hot watching you," Holly encouraged. "Now I want you to take one hand and place it between your legs."

Emma listened to her and took her left hand and ran it down her tight body until it was between her milky white thighs. She had never had to pleasure herself before as it didn't seem very sanitary but she was the new Emma tonight so was more than willing to try it out, especially if it helped her get over some of her compulsive habits. Her only concern was that she hoped her inexperience didn't make her seem like a complete fool in front of another woman.

"Uh," the red-haired woman groaned as her finger first came into contact with her pink folds. "That feels so...amazing!"

Just doing what made her feel good, the curious guidance councilor massaged her sensitive mound with one finger. Letting her innate instincts as a woman control her actions, Emma felt like it would be even better with a second finger exploring her slit so she introduced it to good immediate results.

"Nice. I knew you'd get into this. Now push those fingers into your pussy," the supply teacher instructed.

The high school councilor slid her two fingers down her folds until they were on the verge of her hole. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she then penetrated inside. Emma had to bite down on her lip rather than scream so loud that neighbors would have heard since the feeling of something gliding into her sensitive pussy was so extremely intense.

"Mmmm....ohhhh," Emma moaned.

"You're doing great, but now speed it up so you're really driving in deep," Holly advised.

"Ummm....okay....ooohhhh," she agreed without thought.

Holly was really enjoying watching as the tiny redhead's hand quickened while plowing into her tight pink hole. The solo show in front of her was making her hot as well so the tall teacher peeled off her black satin shirt and skirt from her stunning body. Turning her attention back to the scene in front of her, she could tell Emma was thoroughly enjoying herself by the way her body was shaking from how good it was feeling. She also liked how her eyes would roll into the back of her head and she moaned louder when her fingertips presumably brushed her G spot.

"Now add a third," Holly ordered while taking off her bra and stepping out of her matching thong.

"Ungghhh," Emma screamed while lost in the amazing pleasure. "My pussy is so stretched and I love it!"

"I think you're ready then," the tall blonde teacher told her.

"Ready for what," Emma replied.

The naked councilor opened her eyes for the first time in several minutes and couldn't help but stare at the image in front of her. While she was masturbating, Holly must have stripped off her clothes as the blonde was now fully naked with her small but perky tits obtaining most of her gaze. Holly also had time to step into the harness and do it up as an 8-inch black dildo was hanging in front of her.

"Ready to let me make you a sex-loving whore," Holly asked.

With a big gulp, Emma but on her bravest face and opened her legs as wide as she could. Holly had another idea in mind however, "You've done so well already that I'll let you have some control now."

Instead of occupying the space between Emma's outstretched legs, the substitute teacher went down onto the carpet and rolled over on her back. The adorable guidance councilor peeled herself from the couch and dropped down to her knees before straddling the attractive blonde's waist. With butterflies flapping around inside her stomach, Emma touched the tip of the plastic penis to the opening of her pussy and sank further down on her knees.

"Ohhh," she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

It felt good to have something stiffer than her fingers probing inside her yet the additional stretching of her hole was slightly tender. Resolute, the thin redhead took only a moment to collect herself before taking more of the hard tool into her. She was pleased to find that pushing the second inch of the dildo into her wasn't nearly as bad it was initially. With new confidence, Emma sunk further closer to floor and let half of the tool glide along her pink opening.

"Doing so well Emma. Keep going until you get the whole thing inside," Holly encouraged from beneath her.

Emma had the same thought process. Determined to cram all 8-inches of the thick toy into her nearly virgin pussy, the redhead pulled some of the toy out before sinking deeper. She repeated the technique a few times until she finally felt her rounded ass press against Holly's thighs.

"Yes! I took the whole thing," she shouted excitedly.

"Great! Step one accomplished. Now I want you to cum," Holly told her.

"That won't be a problem. I'm so close already," the redhead relied.

Holly continued to watch from the best seat in the house as the horny woman bounced on the cock with great force. She'd loved watching Emma's face contort in a mixture of focus and bliss each time she thumped her juicy ass down onto Holly's pelvis. After a another few minutes, she noticed that Emma was on the verge of her orgasm and Holly knew exactly what would get her over the edge.

"Use your hand to rub your clit," she told the tiring redhead from below.

Doing as he said, the horny guidance councilor shot her hand down, found her clit and massaged it as instructed. The results were almost instantaneous as she felt her body tighten up before having her orgasm wash over her.

"OOOOOOOOOO," Emma screamed, not caring if windows were open.

"That was so hot," Holly gawked. "Told you you'd like it."

"It was amazing! I won't ever doubt you again," Emma panted with exhaustion after her energetic sex.

"You are a I want you to lick off the dildo," she told her.

"But my pussy was just on there," Emma said.

"It's the final step in your training," Holly replied.

Rolling off Holly's lap and leaning over from beside her, Emma closed her eyes and slid the tip into her mouth. She gave the fake cock a blowjob for a few minutes to be sure she got all of her sweet nectar off the first several inches. For the rest of the toy she used her tongue to slurp up her cum before looking into Holly's eyes to see her smiling back.

"And how was it," Holly asked.

"I taste great! I had no idea it was sooo sweet. Almost better than chocolate," Emma admitted before licking the toy further to make sure she left none behind.

"I think you've gotten over your mental block now. Will is going to be one lucky guy," Holly told the happy redhead.

* * *

With lesser minds like these people around her, Santana would control them at will. Things at worked out perfectly so far for her. Although Brittany was smart enough to see through her first attempt to get her back in her bed, Santana was still going to get to have sex with her best friend, albeit with a few guys involved too. Brittany was easily able to sell the horny Artie on the idea of a foursome with her and Santana, the crippled boy always wanting a chance to get his penis into the sexy Latino. Sam didn't take too much convincing either, just as Santana had expected. She couldn't help but notice how his eyes were glued to the blonde whenever she started dancing in the Glee club, as if her ass was hypnotizing him.

The week had gone by fairly fast. Her parents left right on time and now she was home alone. She threw on a fresh pair of bed sheets and lit a bunch of candles around her room to set a mood. She doubted either of the boys would care that they were having sex in candlelight, but she knew Brittany loved the flicker of the flame in an otherwise darkened room and the subtle aroma of the flavored wax.

When all three of her guests arrived after dinner she quickly whisked them up the stairs to her bedroom for the fun to start. Sam gave Artie a lift up the stairs and set him down on one side of the large king-sized bed.

"So how do we start this," Sam asked nervously.

"This isn't suppose to be complicated Sammy. Pretend like it's just you and me here then we'll see where we go from there," Santana instructed.

"That makes sense. In that case, get over here sexy," Artie told his girlfriend Brittany.

"Thought you'd never ask," Britt replied, who seemed unfazed by the prospective of her first foursome.

Brittany and Santana weren't the only ones in the room looking forward to the new sexual experience. Even though Sam was playing it cool, he was so excited he could barely contain himself. He figured that Santana would want to have sex with another guy, especially since they had already had a threesome with another girl. But his girlfriend surprised him by springing on him that he'd get a chance to nail Brittany Pierce, the girl he lusted over even more so that Quinn. It just so happened that Artie was dating her since he started at McKinley High, but that didn't matter tonight.

Artie was also pumped out of his mind. His and Brittany's relationship was rock-solid and they were continuously trying new things sexually. They had been working up to a threesome for awhile, then Brittany came to him at the beginning of the week with the proposition of a threesome. He wasn't overly keen on having sex on the same bed as another dude, but the chance of having sex with both his girlfriend and her super hot friend was too good an offer to pass up.

Currently, each pair was deeply kissing each other while slowly undressing one another. Both boys were lying on their back with the girls straddling their waists while bending down to kiss them. Santana had already undone Sam's button-up shirt and discarded it to the floor, while the blonde boy had ripped off her dress to leave her only in a matching set of black bra and panties.

"You look so hot," Britt complimented her best friend.

"Does this make me look hotter," Santana asked as she tore off her bra, exposing them to her large, fake tits.

"Um-hmm," all three agreed, as they had to stop themselves from drooling too much.

"Artie, please get rid of Britt's pesky clothes. They're stopping me from sucking on her nice nipples," Santana ordered.

"Yes ma'am with pleasure," the paraplegic boy replied.

As Brittany and Santana leaned over and started to kiss each other with passion, Artie did as he was told and made short work of the blonde girl's clothing. By the time he was done, all she had left on were a pair of knee high black boots that he loved fucking her in. Sam had also taken the initiative and pulled off the last remaining piece of her cloth to leave her completely naked.

"Mmm...I'm going to love licking that bald pussy," Santana said to her best friend.

"I'm going to love you licking my pussy," Britt replied before the pair starting kissing again.

Even though they weren't getting any action at the current moment, neither boy seemed to mind at all. They both knew that their girlfriends were no stranger to having sex with one another and that was a huge turn-on for them. Hearing stories and actually seeing the show were two different things and both guys were more than willing to rest and watch the performance.

"I think they want in the game too sweetie," Britt said.

"I'll show you what Sam's got to work with if you show me Artie's tool," Santana offered.

"Deal. Let's get these pants off," the blonde girl replied.

With a wicked grin Brittany jumped off the bed, causing her natural, perky tits to jiggle and threw down Artie's pants. His penis resembled his body shape somewhat since it was long yet it was surprisingly thick for a guy as skinny as he was. Sam's was just as impressive. Although not as long as Artie, his was even thicker, making Brittany lick her lips in anticipation of having him pound into her tight holes.

"Impressive," the Latino girl commented.

"Likewise," Brittany said. "No one these boys didn't have shame about being naked in front of each other. They're both hung like horses!"

"May I," Santana asked, referring to swapping positions with her friend.

"You guys ready to trade for a bit," the blonde cheerleader asked.

The boys exchanged a quick glance before simultaneously nodding their heads. They had already talked the day prior about what happened in the bedroom, stayed in the bedroom. They were both in love with their girlfriends but they were also teenage boys and found each other's girl attractive. No matter what happened in the foursome, they wouldn't be mad at the other for fucking their girlfriend.

Once the girls were given the go-ahead they each took up their spot between each of their guy's legs. Brittany gave Sam's cock a few long slow strokes with her hand before doing the same action with her tongue, starting at the base and licking all the way to the top in one long motion before repeating. The slow foreplay had Sam rock hard and on the verge of begging the blonde to suck his cock, but as if telepathic, Brittany popped the head of member into her mouth. At first she was just pushing the tip in and out of her mouth while using her tongue to swirl his sensitive head before she descended further on his cock. Within a few minutes she had picked the pace way up and was stroking most of his 8-inches between her lips while using her tongue to lick the underbelly of his tool.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bed, Santana was giving Brittany's boyfriend a different but still equally amazing blowjob. Instead of clamping her lips around his rod immediately, the experienced brunette glided rubbed his member with her hand while taking both of his balls into her mouth. Artie loved having his testes sucked on and Santana was living up to his expectation and more as she used her skilled tongue to gently massage one then the other.

"Ask her to deep throat you bro. She's amazing at it," Sam recommended to his buddy.

"Great idea," Santana replied to her boyfriend with a wink.

With the idea planted in her head, Santana moved her accommodating mouth from his testicles up to the top of his shaft. Parting her lips in a wide 'O', the Latino cheerleader devoured the entire length of his dick in one try. Artie couldn't believe that she was able to open her throat up and take his entire 11 inch member. It was one of the greatest feelings of his life, right up at the top with the first time he had sex with Brittany in her ass.

"Oh my God," Artie finally grunted.

Santana pulled herself from his shaft long enough to take a breath of air and see the look of sure bliss etched on the crippled boy's face. She didn't look for very long as she wrapped her lips back around his saliva-coated tool and buried him deep in her throat again. With her nose wedged against his pelvis she placed Artie's hands on the top of her head, hoping that he'd get the hint and use her as he wanted. The boy knew exactly what to do as he pressed his palms against the side of her head and dragged her up and down on his shaft. Every few thrusts he allowed her to come up for air before slamming her right back down and pumping her face with his erect cock.

"Looks like someone is enjoying face-fucking my best friend," Brittany laughed.

When Artie looked over he was surprised to see that Sam was off of the bed altogether and Brittany was waiting right beside his own face. While he was lost in his own world, Sam and Britt had decided they wanted to switch things up and go back to their original partners.

"Whoa," Santana lightly screamed in surprise while Sam pulled her off of Artie.

With her feet now on the floor and her upper body resting on the bed, Santana's shapely behind was at the perfect level for her boyfriend. With one hand on her hips and the other holding the base of his fat penis, Sam eased his penis, which was well coated in another girl's spit into the sexy Latino.

"Damn that's a great feeling," Sam grunted.

Meanwhile at the head of the bed, Artie was currently lying on his back as his flexible girlfriend was energetically riding his dick. Do to his lack of operational legs, this was the standard position for the pair, but that just meant they had time to perfect it. It gave Artie a great view of her bouncy tits while she got to drop down and take as much of his tool into her as she could handle.

"Got room from one more Britt," Santana asked her best friend.

"What..." Brittany replied, not knowing what she meant until she felt a strong hand on her back pressing her downward.

"I think she meant it's time for you to get double fucked," Sam answered.

"Oh man, this is gonna be so hot," Artie said with excitement.

"It's going to be so incredible sexy watching both of our boyfriends having sex with you at the same time," Santana told her, having moved up the bed so that she was resting next to the trio.

"Get that thing in me," Brittany answered with vigor.

Brittany was mostly excited by the thought of being double penetrated, but there was a small part of her that was concerned by the whole situation. After all, it was going to be almost 2 feet of thick penis in her holes at the same time. And by the look in the boys' eyes, she doubted very much that they'd be able to control themselves and not just thrust powerfully and wildly. Little did she know that this would be the second she'd been the middle in a guy sandwich as she was drunk out of her skull last time around.

"AWWHH," Britt groaned in slight pain as Sam eased the tip of his member into her asshole.

It was far from the first time something had been in her ass, but it was the only time in her memory that she'd had something in her pussy at the same time. Luckily Sam took his time and slowly pushed his fat penis into her stretching hole and by the time that half of him was inside her rectum, the mild pain that Brittany first experienced had evaporated. It was replaced with a whole new level of horniness, as the thought of being the sex doll of two men at the same time really turned her on.

"How are you doing love," Santana asked from beside her.

"I'd be doing better if these two boys would really tear into me instead of being so light and tender," Brittany replied, surprising the other three.

As her words sunk into Sam's and Artie's ears, Britt decided to give them an example of what she wanted. Pushing her arms against her boyfriend's chest, the horny blonde drove herself backwards, causing her to take both of their cocks completely into each of her holes. The sensation was like nothing else Brittany had felt sexually, as her pussy and asshole were simultaneously giving her pleasure.

"That's it boys. Pound her as hard as you can," Santana instructed.

With free license to go as hard as he could, Sam grabbed a hold of his secret crush's hips and started pulling her backwards at the same time that he rammed into her ass with all the force he could muster. He loved looking down while her did it and seeing her shapely butt cheeks jiggle after each thrust.

Santana couldn't believe how wet she was becoming just by watching her sexy best friend take two cocks inside her at the same time. Looking at the action unfolding in front of her, she could see the look of pure bliss on all three of their faces as they used one another for sex. As the minutes passed, sweat beads were starting to form on all three of their bodies. With the flickering candlelight in the background making Brittany's tanned skin glisten, Santana couldn't help but think that this was the hottest she'd ever been for her best friend.

"Keep going boys...I'm getting close," Brittany encouraged.

"You heard her. Give her everything you got," Santana said to Sam and Artie.

Sam had never heard of a girl willing to have two guys have sex with her at the exact same time so the fact that Brittany was about to orgasm because of it was blowing his mind. He quickly blocked out his thoughts so that he could focus on making the blonde goddess have an amazing orgasm.

"That's it...that's it...almost there...YES YES YES," she shouted as she came all over Artie's penis.

"How about I get a turn plowing her in the ass," Artie said bluntly.

"Sounds perfect to me lover boy," Britt replied with a long kiss to her boyfriend's lips.

"How about I tag in and replace you," Santana suggested to her friend.

"That's a great idea," Sam excitedly replied while pulling his tool from Brittany's anus.

With Sam no longer pinning her to Artie, Brittany rolled off her boyfriend. She was still a little foggy after her mind-blowing orgasm so she welcomed the rest, but she wanted to make sure that the boys were prepared for Santana. Just as the Latino cheerleader got onto her Artie with her back pressed against his chest, Brittany stopped them before they started up.

"Let me get all my juices off you before they go to waste," Brittany told Artie.

Crawling between his legs, the blonde girl took his cock into her mouth and started to rub her lips over his shaft. His flesh was well coated in her girl cum and she was more than willing to clean off every drop of it for him.

"And that should be wet before he goes inside," Britt said to her best friend.

Both guys' jaws flew open as they watched Brittany go from sucking Artie's cock to licking Santana's tightly constricted asshole. It was the hottest thing either of them had ever seen as the angelic faced Brittany pulled apart Santana's cheeks and crammed her tongue in as far as it would go.

"Delicious...that is looking dry too," Britt directed towards Sam.

Moving so that she was now in front of the blonde-haired boy, the slutty cheerleader took his cock into her mouth, just like she'd done to Artie no more than a few minutes ago. Sam couldn't believe how much of an absolute slut Brittany was turning out to be as she systemically sucked up every flavor of her own asshole onto her tongue.

"Now we're ready for some fun," Santana commented.

With all three of them well-lubricated due to Brittany's intervention, Artie slid his cock easily into Santana's ass. After a minute to stretch to his size, the equally horny brunette was thudding her body down on the crippled boy, taking all 11-inches deep into her anus. Sam couldn't wait any longer to join in on the festivities. Holding his girlfriend down steady for a moment, the muscular boy pushed his penis into her slowly to complete her first double penetration of her life.

"Oh my God! There is so much meat in me right now," Santana screamed. "And I love it!"

All four of them smiled wide before Artie and Sam worked in tandem to thrust into Santana's orifices. All three of them were already warmed-up from Brittany's show that none of them were able to last too much longer. Finally after 5 minutes of intense sweaty sex, Sam was the first one ready to explode.

"Oh my God...I'm cumming," Sam warned after another few minutes of intense pounding.

"Wait! Cum on her chest," Brittany ordered.

"Ugghhhh," Sam grunted in sexual ecstasy as he emptied himself all over Santana's flat stomach and perfectly round tits.

"I need to cum now too," Artie warned, knowing he was on the verge.

With Sam having moved out of the way after he blasted his load onto Santana, Brittany reached over and pulled her boyfriend's penis from her best friend's asshole. Right before he started to cum, the blonde cheerleader wrapped her lips around the tip and allowed him to empty his load into her mouth.

"Got a present for you," Britt grumbled to Santana.

While still laying on Artie's chest, the Latino girl watched on as Brittany crawled over to her and went in for a kiss. Just as their lips made contact, the sexy blonde opened her mouth and spat the wad of cum onto Santana's tongue. She was a little surprised by the action but was able to stop herself from chocking long enough to swallow down the warm liquid.

"Yum," Santana commented while licking her lips.

"Now let's do something about this mess Sam made," Britt said a loud.

Moving closer in to her friend, the flexible blonde girl leaned over and used her tongue to lap up the entire salty load that Sam had just dispensed onto her. Brittany spent considerably more time licking Santana's perky tits including sucking on each nipple when she reached the peak of each. By the time Britt emerged from Santana's cleavage, all the cum she'd licked off her had long been swallowed down.

The four of them had spent the best part of an hour plowing the hell out of each other so it was no surprise when they started to pass out due to exhaustion. Brittany had spent enough time at Santana's house to know where the guest bedroom was so she and Artie headed there and almost instantly passed out.

"Best...night...ever," Artie heard Britt said before drifting off to sleep.


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