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Description: Quinn takes her sexual relationship with Finn to a new level. Desperate to stop Rachel from getting a nose job, Finn asks Quinn to convince her not to do it. Quinn seduces Rachel and convinces her not to do the surgery but Rachel gets one free wish from Quinn as payment.

Pairings: Quinn/Finn, Quinn/Rachel

Codes: mf, ff, anal, oral, rim, toy

Glee: Quinn's World Part 9 - Leverage
by The Chemist

"Hey Britt, got a sec," Quinn asked once she spotted her friend in the halls

"Yeah sure hot stuff," she answered. "What's up?"

"Personal question. You've had anal sex right," Quinn questioned her.

"Only like all the time. It's awesome," Britt responded.

"Lucky Artie," she smirked. "Did it hurt the first time?"

"I see what's going on. You and Finn want to try something new and you want some insight into the perceived pain generation and whether that particular sexual act has an adequate pleasure to pain ratio that would allow you to convince yourself that it's worth the price," Brittany explained perfectly.

Quinn couldn't believe how well articulated and right on the normally dumb-witted girl was. "That's completely right. Where did that come from?"

"Where did what come from? I blacked out for a minute," the blonde said. "But it's totally worth taking it in the bum. Finn will love how good it feels and how comfortable you are with your sexuality. Plus it'll hurt a bit at first but you'll end up cumming afterwards," Britt shared. "I have to meet Artie for lunch now though. Let me know how it goes tomorrow slut."

Her unusual conversation with had yielded the information Quinn was seeking. Knowing that Brittany was the most experienced girl at the school in all things sexual, Quinn felt pretty certain that anal sex would be worth it. A few weeks ago, the gorgeous blonde cheerleader wouldn't have allowed anyone to even accidently graze her backdoor, but ever since her trip to Philadelphia she'd had the urge to experiment with her asshole. She'd try to resist initially since it was so taboo, but eventually gave in and asked Rachel, her lesbian booty-call, to use her mouth on her.

Now it was Finn's turn to try out her new sexual preference.

* * *

"Rachel, you can't do this," Finn shouted at his ex-girlfriend as Quinn came walking into the Glee room. "It's a huge mistake!"

"What the hell is going on now," Quinn asked.

"Rachel is thinking of getting a nose job to make her prettier," Will answered.

"Oh. I see..." Quinn responded.

"And it's my choice if I want to do it. Sure, a side effect will be that I have a more socially-expected nose, but the main reason is that it will further my career," Rachel shot back to the group.

Of all the days for Quinn to come late to for Glee club, today was the wrong day. Apparently since her boyfriend Finn accidently broke Rachel's nose, the annoying girl had been thinking of getting a nose job. The club had been trying to talk her out of it for the past 10 minutes by her assumption and it appeared they hadn't made any headway.

"You are beautiful Rachel and it's frustrating that you can't see it yourself. I'm not just going to sit here and let you do something you'll regret," Finn shouted before storming out of the room.

"Maybe I should go after him," Quinn suggested.

"You probably should Quinn. Make sure he cools down," Mr. Shuster agreed.

"I think I know just the way," the horny cheerleader thought to herself.

* * *

It took a bit of time to catch up to him but Quinn eventually did and convinced the angry boy to come to her house. Along the walk to her home, all Finn could do was go on and on about how dumb Rachel was and how she was taking the easy way out. At least that's what she think he talked about. She had to tune herself out to his obsessive ranting about his ex-girlfriend that he still clearly had feelings for.

"And that's why she is being stupid," Finn finally concluded after rambling the entire walk until they were alone in her bedroom.

"You're so worked up about this babe. You need to relax so why don't you let me help you out with that," Quinn suggested.

Grabbing the collar of his shirt, the smaller girl pulled Finn down so that she could press her plump lips against his. As mad as Finn was, he was still a teenage boy and forgot instantly about whatever was just troubling him. In fact, the furthest thing from his mind was Rachel and whether her nose was too big. All the horny boy could think of was how great Quinn's tongue felt gliding along his own.

Being no stranger to striping the hot blonde of her clothes, Finn slid his fingers inside her white blouse before pulling his arms apart quickly, unbuttoning every one of her snaps in the process. With a shrug of her shoulders, the piece of clothing floated off her shoulders and crumpled on the floor by her feet. Quinn decided to do the slower approach and undo each of Finn's buttons while they continued to kiss in the meantime.

"I want you so bad right now," Finn told her with lust in his eyes.

"You better tiger. I even have a surprise in store for you today," Quinn shared.

"I can't wait. What is it," Finn asked as the small blonde pulled his open shirt from his strong body.

"You'll just have to wait and see," Quinn teased while unbuckling his belt.

The slutty cheerleader made quick work of his pants and had them down around his ankles in no time at all. Quinn was pleased to see that the tall boy was already sporting a rock hard erection, which she wrapped lightly in her hand and proceeded to stroke. Finn took a minute to enjoy her smooth hand gliding along his shaft before he reached and tugged down her skirt.

"I love how sexy your ass looks in a thong," Finn gawked.

Quinn felt his strong arms grasp her hips before she was spun around so her back was to her boyfriend. Not knowing what he was doing, she got the hint when his hand pushed between her shoulder blades and made her bend over her desk with her ass sticking up in the air. She couldn't help but smile as the quarterback took his time as he licked and planted kisses on every piece of skin on her curvy backside. Finally he started to rub her wet pussy through her satin thong, Quinn couldn't take it anymore.

"I need you in me this second," Quinn demanded.

"With pleasure," Finn agreed before pulling her dampened underwear down her tanned legs. "You still have condoms in your nightstand?"

"Don't worry about it this time," Quinn told him, knowing she wouldn't get pregnant from where he'd end up cumming.

With Quinn still leaning over her desk, Finn stood up and guided the tip of his cock to her pink folds. Rubbing it up and down her pink slit to pick up some of her wetness, the horny boy eased his head into her hole. Her pussy easily pushed open and let him in and before long Finn had his entire length pushed into her tight pink hole.

"Oh I forgot how big you were," Quinn cooed from below him.

"I can't ever get how tight you are from my head," Finn grunted as he was completely buried in her wet pink hole.

"Don't go light on me baby, I haven't been fucked hard in awhile," Quinn begged.

"We had sex 2 days ago," Finn thought. "What a horny girl!"

Finn didn't want to disappoint his girlfriend so he focused and started to really crash his pelvis into her amazing cheeks, making them ripple due to the force he was driving into her. Grabbing her hips, the taller boy pulled her body backwards just as his hips would crash against her ass, pushing him even further inside her pussy.

"Oh yes Finn! Let me be on top now," Quinn told him.

Finn had expelled quite a bit of energy hammering into her while standing up so he didn't mind letting the sexy blonde take a turn on top. Pulling away from his girlfriend, he took two steps and got onto the bed. He crawled up to the head of the bed then flipped over onto his back so his head rested comfortably on the plush pillows with his hard cock pointing up towards the ceiling.

It didn't take Quinn long to get on the bed and straddle his powerful thighs. Reaching down, she gripped his penis and lowered herself down until her pussy lined up with his tip before it disappeared inside her pink hole. She needed no time at all to sink down fully on his shaft and completely impale herself on him.

"Wanna spice things up tonight," Quinn asked as she stopped riding him and sat with his penis buried fully in her tight pussy.

"How so," Finn questioned.

Quinn figured she'd show the muscular football player rather than tell him. Lifting his right hand, the sexy cheerleader isolated his long pointer finger and stuck it in her mouth. After giving the digit a simulated blowjob using her plush lips and wet tongue, Quinn guided his arm around her back. Placing the moistened finger at the uppermost part of the crack of her butt cheeks. Watching his face for his reaction, the sexy girl dragged his finger down her crack until his fingertip landed on her tightly constricted asshole.

"That's how," Quinn answered. "You game big boy?"

"You want me to..." Finn started to ask.

"That's right. I want you to put your cock up my little ass," his girlfriend replied.

"Okay," Finn nearly shouted with excitement, finding it suddenly hard to control the volume of his voice. "How do you want to start?"

"You can help stretch me out by working on finger into me and then maybe add a second after a minute," Quinn instructed, using her previous experience with Rachel as a guideline.

Finn already was resting his moistened finger at the entrance to her ass and once she told him that, he applied gentle pressure until his thick digit passed into her. He couldn't believe how tightly her hole clung to his finger, leading him to wonder how great it would feel when it was his penis instead of just his finger.

Quinn was prepared for the slight pain that accompanied the insertion of anything into her asshole, but her preparation work with Rachel last week had made this time not nearly as bad. In fact, she couldn't believe how quickly it took to start to feel good. She was loving the feeling of his slightly wet finger slowly pushing into and out of her anus and looked forward to something a bit bigger.

"Think you're ready for a second," Finn asked after another minute of fingering her backdoor.

"Been dying for it actually," Quinn answered with a wink.

Finn did as he proposed and slid a second of his long fingers into her tightest of holes. It was a little harder to squeeze in since she was still so taut, but after some effort it popped inside, much to both of their delights. After a few minutes of pumping her asshole with both of his fingers, he increased the pace before slowing down and cramming a third into her.

"I think you're ready," Finn commented with all three of his fingers still resting in her rectum.

"Perfect. I can't wait," Quinn said with nervous excitement.

The pretty blonde climbed off Finn's lap and felt his fingers and cock pull out of each of her holes. Finn also got up and onto to his feet right beside the bed as Quinn got on her hands and knees and positioned herself so that her ass was facing her eager boyfriend.

"Would you mind getting it a little wet," she asked.

"Seriously? With pleasure babe," Finn smiled while lowering his knees onto the floor so he was now face-level with her perfect little ass.

Using his hands to pull apart her cheeks firmly yet gently, the horny boy wasted no time and used his tongue to circle her backdoor. He couldn't believe that he'd ever get a chance to touch Quinn's asshole, let alone lick it and ultimately sodomize the head cheerleader. After a few more swipes of her constricted rosebud, the high school quarterback pressed his tongue into her hole and started to lick her inner walls.

"Mmm...ooohhh...yesss," Quinn moaned as her asshole was licked clean by her boyfriend.

Quinn rested on her knees on top of her comfortable bed with her chest and face pressed against the bedding as well. She couldn't believe how great it felt to have a tongue being pushed into her anus and licking her inner walls. She couldn't help but be disappointed when she felt his strong wet muscle leave her hole, but that was quickly exchanged for a feeling of anticipation and a bit of nervousness as she felt the tip of his penis brush her asshole.

"You sure you want this baby," Finn asked from behind her.

"I'm sure I want your big cock in my tiny ass," Quinn agreed.

Just hearing those words come out of such a beautiful girl nearly made him cum on the spot. Taking a brief second to compose himself, the strong male pushed forward in an attempt to cram his thick member into her virgin backdoor. His first try was a failure as the tight hole was unwilling to part, however he wasn't going to let that stop him from taking her anal cherry.

"Holy crap it's in. I didn't think it would fit in such a tiny opening," Finn gasped.

"Just take it slow for now," Quinn instructed.

She was prepared for the pain when he first entered. Her follow-up talk with Brittany later in the day revealed that the first penetration was always the worst. The key was keeping him inside as it would hurt less then eventually be displaced by pleasure. Quinn was hoping that since her body was craving a cock in her ass that it would take less time to reach enjoyment.

Finn didn't want to do anything that would either make Quinn want to stop anal sex immediately or not try it again after today. He just rested his penis in her tight hole for a minute until he felt Quinn loosen up slightly and not be so tense. He tested the water by pushing another inch into her then stopped to make sure she was okay.

"This would probably be easier if you weren't as thick as a tree branch," Quinn concluded before biting back down on her lower lip.

"Why don't you try to push back against me until your ass relaxes," Finn proposed.

Quinn pushed herself up onto her hands so her body was no longer lying on the bed and used Finn's suggestion. To her surprise she easily slide the next several inches of his cock into her rectum before she needed to pause and let her hole get use to the new extent of stretch it was undergoing. It only needed a few seconds until there was no more pain and this time Quinn was able to get the rest of him inside of her so that her plump ass was touching Finn's groin.

"Go nice and steady strokes at first and gradually get faster," Quinn told him.

He listened and did exactly as his blonde-haired girlfriend told him. Slowly removing his penis from her ass, he stopped when only the tip was left inside before gently easing his member back into her. Quinn was happy to find that it no longer hurt for him to plow into her tightest of holes and the next time he was inserted all the way, she swirled her hips so her ass was grinding into his lap.

"Ohh Quinn," he moaned in response to her movement.

"Alright big boy, let me have it," Quinn encouraged.

Taking a firm grasp of her hips again, Finn started to pump into her asshole with more power and at a faster pace. He was kicking himself for not being able to last longer but he knew his body so he had roughly 5 minutes maximum before he'd reach his orgasm. He only hoped that he could make it as enjoyable for Quinn as possible so that she'd want to do this again later.

"I want to make you cum Quinn," he told her.

"Just keep going deep and I'll be done sooo soon," Quinn replied while furiously rubbing her sensitive clitoris.

"No one's home so be loud for me baby," he encouraged while thrusting as hard as he could.

"Yess Finn...just like close...yes yes yes...I'm cummmmminnngg," Quinn screamed as she creamed all over her own fingers which were pumping inside her own pussy.

"Good...I need to cum...where do you want it," Finn asked in a hurry.

"Crap. My mom will be home soon and no time to clean up. Better cum in my mouth," she replied.

As soon as she felt his penis leave her hole, Quinn spun around and rolled over on her back so she was facing Finn but looking at him upside down. In a panic to make sure he didn't get any of his cum on her face, the exhausted blonde took his penis that was just in her own ass, into her mouth. No sooner had she closed her lips around his head when she felt the first blast of semen coat the back of her throat. She swallowed down the warm load just as quickly as Finn was shooting out it until he finally stopped.

"That was intense Quinn," Finn complimented as he took a seat to catch his breath.

"It most certainly was," Quinn cooed in pure bliss.

"I hate to ask you so soon after great sex about a problem involving another girl but I know your mom will be home soon so I figured..." Finn started.

"Don't worry I'll have a talk with Rachel and stop her from getting the nose job," Quinn replied without having to hear the question.

"How'd you know? You will? But I thought you wanted her to get it? You went with her so she could have her new nose modeled on your nose," Finn asked.

"That was before I knew how much you cared," Quinn replied, her answer getting a smile from her boyfriend. "I'll go see her tomorrow and see what I can do."

* * *

"Rachel...we need to talk," Quinn said to her friend and closet-lesbian partner.

"Oh no. Not you too Quinn. Now you want to talk me out of my operation," Rachel assumed.

"No silly, I was hoping to convince you to get together with me tonight so we can fuck each other's brains out," Quinn shared in a low whisper.

"Oh...I can do that," Rachel blushed. "My parents are going out after dinner and won't be back until 10. Come over around 7?"

"Perfect. See you then sexy."

* * *

"Glad you could make it on such short notice," Rachel told Quinn as she greeted her at the doorstep of her house.

"I wouldn't miss mixing it up with you for anything," Quinn replied before planting a soft kiss on Rachel's lips, which nearly made the brunette's knees buckle.

"I love your kisses," Rachel cooed. "Did you want a drink or anything?"

"Actually I want to go up to your bedroom so we can have fun," Quinn replied.

"Also a good idea. Right this way," Rachel replied while grabbing Quinn's hand, intertwining their fingers and leading the way up the stairs to her bedroom.

"I had something new planned for tonight...if you're game," Quinn asked as they walked into Rachel's room.

"Um...sure! Hopefully those aren't my last words," Rachel gulped. She loved whatever she had with Quinn and didn't want it to stop, but she also knew that the blonde could be a bit extreme and devious.

"Nothing too crazy. Just thought we'd channel our inner child and play with some toys tonight," Quinn proposed.

Reaching into her large purse, the horny girl pulled out a long black rubber dildo and a smaller silver toy. She loved watching Rachel's eyes grow wide when she saw the longer toy then wasn't too surprised when Rachel's face took on a more curious look when she saw the smaller one. Taking it into her hand, Quinn turned the base clockwise and the toy started to buzz and vibrate in her hand.

"Wow! Where did you get those," Rachel marveled.

"My sister got a bunch from her engagement party and gave me a few to take home since she didn't need anymore," Quinn answered. "So you up for it?"

"Definitely," Rachel said with excitement.

"Great! Why don't I do you first so you get a feel for the technique then you can return the favor afterwards," Quinn suggested to her eager partner.

"Deal," Rachel answered.

Quinn was happy to see how into their sexual encounters Rachel was becoming. It would especially be helpful tonight when Quinn used that eagerness to blackmail the girl into avoiding a nose job. Even though Quinn had no feelings either way towards what her girlfriend intended to do, since Finn felt so passionate about it, she figured she'd help him and seem like a hero in his eyes.

By the time Quinn had taken off her jacket, the horny brunette had already stripped down naked and was lying on the bed, awaiting her lover. Dropping her purse to the floor, the devious blonde crawled onto the bed and took up her familiar position between Rachel's legs. Over the past few weeks, since they started their hidden lesbian tryst, Quinn's tongue was no stranger to Rachel's pink hole and she made sure to waste little time in introducing it again tonight.

"Mmmm," Rachel moaned while Quinn explored the inner walls of her pussy.

Quinn wanted to make sure she did a good job in her foreplay tonight of all nights. Wanting to give Rachel as much pleasure as possible, the sexy blonde dug her tongue into her pussy as far as it would go then feverishly lapped up inside her, focusing on spots that got the loudest vocal responses from her partner.

"You like it when I bury my tongue in your pussy," Quinn teased before doing the action again.

"Ohhhh....AHHH....yes I do...very much," Rachel groaned.

"What about when I lick my way up your slit and lock my lips around your clit. Just like this," Quinn asked again then did the motion.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh...I love that," she screamed in response.

"I would absolutely hate to stop it but I'm afraid I don't eat the pussy of someone who hates themselves," Quinn said, stopping what she was doing and taking a sterner voice.

"Wait? What do you mean," Rachel asked, confused by the shift in Quinn's tone.

"I want us to continue our fling and I really want to use the new toys on each other tonight but I'm not going to waste my love and affection on you if you're not comfortable with yourself. Finn was right yesterday when he said you were beautiful. Just because your nose is bigger than mine doesn't mean it needs changing. I mean my boobs are smaller than Brittany but you don't see me running out to change it," Quinn lectured.

"I have to admit I didn't see this coming from you Quinn," Rachel shared.

"Let me say one more thing than you can decide. If your nose makes you so hideous than how the hell did you land Finn, arguably the hottest guy in the school, then land me, the head cheerleader," she asked.

"Hmmm," Rachel groaned as she thought about what Quinn just said. She'd never thought about it from that angle. "Fine. No surgery. But I won't one thing in return."

"And what is that," Quinn asked. "I thought having your pussy licked clean by me was reward in itself."

"It is but I think I have more leverage here. One request plus you finish your top-notch work down there or I get my surgery," Rachel bargained.

"Okay. What do you want," she replied, giving in to Rachel's demand.

"One free wish for whatever I chose. Almost like a personal IOU from you that I can cash in for whatever I want at any time and you have to do it no matter what," the singer explained.

"Done. Anything else," Quinn asked.

"Get back down there and lick my pussy!"

"Good girl, but I had something other than my tongue in mind though," Quinn replied with a mischievous smile before showing Rachel the dildo that she was holding in her hand.

Rachel was a little concerned since the object was rather thick, but she was pleased that her and Quinn's relationship was progressing. Looking towards the end of the bed, the brunette watched as her gorgeous partner stuck the first several inches of the plastic toy into her lips. After a few passes along her lips, the blonde removed the fake penis, which was visually covered in saliva, and rubbed the tip along Rachel's slit before nestling it in front of her opening.

"I'm so excited Quinn," Rachel shared.

"I'm glad sweet cheeks," she replied before gently easing it into her hole.

"Oh wow that's big," Rachel groaned.

"I'll go slow at first but you'll stretch out then the real fun will start," Quinn assured. "So just lay back and let me take care of you."

Rachel listened to Quinn and she was glad that she did. True to her word, the first few moments felt painful since her tight teen pussy had only been prodded by a few penises so far and the last time was over a month ago. Luckily, it started to feel better by the time that Quinn was able to push the entire 9-inches into her and from that point it was all pleasure. The blonde still wasn't cramming the dildo in at full speed, but was making sure to full insert then remove the toy for maximum enjoyment.

"Now I want you to hold this vibrator against your clit. It'll make you cum so hard it'll blow your mind," Quinn told her.

"Mmmhmm. Just don't stop fucking me with the toy," Rachel demanded, Quinn noting that it was the first time she'd heard the brunette swear.

"Roll over onto your knees," Quinn instructed then nearly had her head smashed by Rachel's knee as the eager girl followed the order immediately.

"Oh damn that's amazing," Rachel moaned when she pressed the vibrating toy to her sensitive folds.

Quinn couldn't help but be in awe with the sight in front of her. The pretty singer was on her knees with a thick dildo being guided in and out of her taut pink hole while her body was visually shaking from the pleasure being given to herself by the vibrator. With Rachel no more than a minute away from cumming, Quinn decided to be bold and try another new thing on Rachel.

With only her right hand being used to pump the dildo into her friend, Quinn leaned down and buried her face in Rachel's ass. She started by just lightly running her lips and tongue over the girl's extremely constricted hole before being more daring and stuffing what little of her tongue she could into the tight hole.

"Quinn...YES! That's...amazing," Rachel gawked at all the pleasure her tiny 100-pound body was experiencing at one time. "I'm cumming!"

All through the girl's violent orgasm Quinn's tongue never left her asshole. She didn't know what gave her the urge to rim someone's backdoor, but she was thankful that she did. Normally her reserved attitude would have told her that doing something like that would be disgusting, but there she was with her tongue up her friend's anus and she was enjoying every taste and flavor that she encountered.

"That feels amazing Quinn," Rachel finally said after she stopped screaming during her intense orgasm. "Feel free to keep going."

"I would but I should probably head out," Quinn said after another few minutes of rimming her asshole.

"Why? I haven't even repaid the favor yet," Rachel whined.

"It's 9:45. You're parents will be home any minute and we should probably look decent for when they do arrive," Quinn explained.

"How greedy of me to spend over two hours building up to my orgasm and not even so much as give you a touch in your special area," Rachel said to her, feeling bad.

"Don't worry. My jaw may be tired from all the work it did, ditto for my one arm, but it was a hell of a time for me too," she shared, perking Rachel back up. "I should head out though so my parents don't worry too much about me. I'll see you at school tomorrow...with your original nose."

"Ok. Oh wait, don't forget your toys," Rachel reminded her.

Rachel handed Quinn the vibrator and the dildo that had just recently been buried in her pussy while she came all over it. Making sure she was watching, Quinn took the long toy and slide the first half into her mouth. Making sure to remove any hint of Rachel's cum from the plastic shaft, the blonde took her time and was thorough. Unable to get the rest of the dildo into her mouth, she was forced to take it out from between her lips and lick the bottom end until it to was cleaned.

"Tasty as ever sweetie," Quinn said before kissing the satisfied brunette on the lips and leaving her room.


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