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Pairings: Quinn/Brittany

Codes: ff, f-solo, finger, oral, rim

Glee: Quinn's World 10: Post-Prom
by The Chemist

Rachel couldn't help but get ahead of herself and deem her plot nearly complete. Truth be told, her ingenious plan to get Finn back and destroy Quinn in the process was all but finished. Even though something as deceitful of stealing another woman's boyfriend seemed out of character for the perceived good girl, something inside Rachel had finally snapped after seeing her first love, Finn Hudson, with her arch-nemesis.

Step one in her evil plan was seducing Quinn to think that they were friends and that she could trust her. Rachel perfectly orchestrated them being paired together during an emotional time so that they would share things and bury the hatchet with one another. Knowing the alpha female that Quinn was, Rachel acted innocent yet steered them in the direction of a romantic and sexual relationship until the blonde finally made her move. She continued to act as the načve girl exploring her sexuality under the guidance of the experienced bi-sexual, when in reality Quinn was merely more than her puppet.

The next phase in her plan was getting closer to Quinn. This fell more in her lap than anything, but everyone needs some good luck at some time. During dance rehearsal, Finn clocked her in the face with an accidental elbow, breaking her nose in the process. Being the good guy that he was, Finn stayed with her in the hospital and heard the doctor tell her while they fix her deviated septum, it would be easy to do a nose job at the same time. Rachel had no consideration for such a thing since her idol Barbara Streisand never did, but she took the chance to milk compliments from Finn about beautiful she is naturally. Finn recruited Quinn to his mission in stopping the nose operation and Rachel manipulated the blonde into granting her one free wish in exchange for not having the surgery that she wouldn't have got in the first place.

Getting Finn was going to require more than just sympathy for him breaking her nose. Realizing that nothing made a man like a girl more than competition, Rachel called up her ex-boyfriend Jessie St. James and convinced him to come to McKinley and help the glee club. The boy had recently flunked out of college so was in need of the money that she convinced her show choir coach Mr. Shuster to pay him as a show choir advisor, since Jessie had won 4 National titles in a row. Her planned worked beautifully as Jessie and Finn started fighting immediately and she started to see the old look in Finn's puppy-dog eyes. Their rivalry for her affection even cumulated in a fistfight at prom, their whole scene making her pussy extremely wet.

There was only on part left to her devious scheme: break up Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson. She knew it wasn't going to be an easy task since the pair were first loves and had excellent chemistry. The fact that Quinn was a blonde bombshell and a dynamo in the sack wasn't in Rachel's favor either. But, Rachel had a wild card left to be played, her free wish that Quinn would grant regardless of what she asked. She knew she couldn't ask Quinn to break things off with Finn as the cheerleader would wave away her request, but she was smart enough and knew Finn well enough to use the wish to her advantage.

"That was a crazy prom," one of the Glee members stated to the few that had already met in the classroom.

"I know. I'm just happy it ended with me and Brittany getting back together...then doing it in the back of the limo," Artie shared. He and the gorgeous blonde had recently broken up but appeared to be back on stable footing, so to speak.

"Bit of an over-share but it was awesome when Finn punched that jerk Jessie in the face," Mercedes added. "He had it coming."

"He's a dick but he wasn't doing anything wrong. He was just having a good time with his date," Quinn replied. "Why Finn decided to go all heroic is lost to me."

Sadly, not even Quinn believed what she said. She knew exactly why Finn started a fight with Jessie and it was over the ultra-talented Rachel that he for some reason still hadn't gotten over. It frustrated her that he still had romantic feelings for the annoying brunette, but Quinn loved him and was willing to stand by him through his confusion until he came to his senses and dedicated himself completely to her.

A hush fell over the room as Rachel entered into the choir room. She instantly knew that everyone must have been talking about her, or at least about the fight that went down between her date and Finn. She could only imagine that the whole group was deciding if they were going to be on Team Rachel or Team Quinn.

"Hello everyone. I hope you all had an enjoyable prom," Rachel told them before taking a seat.

Unfortunately the incident at the prom had caused a small rift between her and Quinn, so much so that the blonde slapped her in the face after the boys were kicked out of the prom. Quinn blamed the whole thing to be Rachel's fault, including Quinn not winning prom queen. They hadn't spoken yet but the tiny brunette was hoping that time had healed some wounds.

"Okay group. Take a seat and let's get started with this week's project," the coach of the show choir, Will Shuster, said.

For the next two hours the group practiced some songs and dance numbers until they had all worked up a sweat and were pretty exhausted. Mr. Shuster decided to call it a wrap for that day and told them all to go home and get some rest with Nationals only a week away. Rachel and Quinn hadn't talked at all during the practice, but the singer took her time getting ready so that it was just her and Quinn in the room after everyone left.

"I think we should talk," Rachel said to her secret lesbian partner.

"What is it Rachel. Want to slap me back so we're even for prom," Quinn suggested.

"No. Not at all Quinn. I would never hurt you. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened between our dates at the dance. I know it ruined your night and I wish I could fix it. I just want you to know I would never try to steal Finn from you and it's not like he'd ever leave you. He loves you," Rachel lied.

"I appreciate that Rachel and accept your apologize. I'm sorry for hitting you in the washroom too," she replied. "Can we go back to how we were before our boyfriends turned into Neanderthals?"

"Boys are so foolish. I'm glad that we are okay since we have some unfinished business," Rachel told her, dropping her voice to a whisper for the last part of her sentence so that Quinn would get her meaning.

"I remember, don't you worry. You have a personal IOU from me. Any idea on how you want to use it," Quinn asked.

"I do actually," Rachel answered.

"And what'll it be," Quinn questioned with much interest.

"I want to watch you have sex with another girl," Rachel shared.

"Hmm. Good choice. Anyone in particular," she asked again.

"Brittany. She's so beautiful and I think you two would look incredibly hot together as you have sex," she answered.

"Well if it looks as hot as it felt, then you made a great choice! Shouldn't be too hard to convince either. When and where? My house this weekend work for you," Quinn proposed.

"I was hoping for some place more public actually. The feeling that we could be caught at any second would add to the excitement," Rachel replied.

"Okay then. There is the girl's change room but I'm not sure if anyone is practicing in the gym," Quinn suggested.

"Actually, I heard that the classroom in the northeast corner is being used as a temporary storage room until Figgins builds more trophy cabinets," Rachel replied.

"Yeah that will work. No one ever goes up that way so we'll be having sex in public without too much risk of expulsion," the blonde commented.

"Great! Talk to Brittany and find out when is good for her. I'm available any day this week after glee practice," Rachel said excitedly as the last part of her plan was coming around.

The girls went their separate ways and prepared for Rachel's request. Quinn gave Brittany a call and just as she expected, the sexy dancer was easily talked into having sex with her. Brittany loved Artie but she also loved lesbian sex. Since he didn't mind her hooking up with girls, it was win-win for all involved. They agreed on tomorrow night so Quinn quickly ended the call and made sure Rachel was available.

Rachel meanwhile had a more cunning part to her plan. She was very pleased that Quinn made quick work in securing the girl before she started to do her part. Creating a fake email address for Mr. Hightower, Finn's English teacher, was a simple act. She knew it didn't have to be overly complicated since Finn was the brightest bulb in the pack. Her conversation with the slightly dumb-witted boy revealed that he was working on a book review. Pretending to be the teacher, Rachel told Finn that he was to meet Mr. Hightower in room 226 at 4:45pm. She was happy when she got an email back from Finn a few hours later confirming the meeting.

Rachel had trouble falling asleep that night. It wasn't that she was nervous, quite the opposite in fact. Her plan was working out perfectly. With the knowledge that Finn thought cheating was cheating no matter the sex of the partner, she had Quinn screwed. Being sure to stay out of Finn's rage, Rachel that it to be best to use another girl for Quinn to be caught with. She chose Brittany because she knew that the slutty blonde would be up for some girl-on-girl action with one of her best friends at any time of day. She also knew that Quinn was of high enough character to keep her word of owing Rachel a favor, especially if it was a secret sexual favor. And she knew Finn well enough that he was embarrassed about needing extra help from teachers so that he wouldn't even tell his girlfriend about his meeting with Mr. Hightower as even Finn and Quinn were smart enough to realize that they would be in the same room at the same time.

Finally the next day came for the giddy excited brunette singer. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and colors just seemed brighter. Rachel knew it was going to be a great day. She showered, ate and started her brief walk to school and was there in no time. However, once at school time seemed to crawl along. After whet felt like several days, the final bell rang to signify the end of the day.

She met Quinn at her locker and walked with her to Glee class. The pair chatted and joked light-heartedly, neither really mentioning the event that they were both looking forward to after they sang for the next two hours. When they took a seat in the choir room, Brittany and Artie came inside shortly after they arrived. The leggy blonde gave Artie a kiss before leaving him sitting in the first row while she took up the seat next to Quinn on the second row.

Luckily, Glee class passed by pretty quickly for Rachel. Since the National competition was nearing, the Glee club was in pure business mode. Without any downtime, the two hours passed fairly quickly and most had sore throats and tired feet when Mr. Shuster ended the practice after much singing and dancing.

"Good practice everyone. Sorry to dictate and run but I have a hot dinner date tonight," Will said with pride before grabbing up his briefcase and running out.

"I'm going to hang around the library for a bit to get some work done," Finn lied to Quinn. "So I won't be able to walk you home tonight."

"That's fine baby. You get you're work done and I'll manage to find my way," Quinn replied.

The pair gave each other a brief kiss before they each headed their separate ways. Finn had to kill some time before his 'meeting' while Quinn stopped by her locker first too dump off her book bag.

"Want some company for the walk cute stuff," Rachel said to Quinn.

"Checking up on me Berry," she replied with a girlish giggle.

"Come on. I don't want Britt to think she's in the wrong place and walk off," Rachel told as they started walking in the direction of the empty classroom.

"I still don't fully understand why you didn't make me eat you out for like 6 straight hours with your one wish," Quinn said to the brunette.

"I don't know. Probably because I'd much rather have a give-and-take relationship with you and it's not like we don't have a lot of sex already. You must have a huge sex drive to be able to sleep with me and Finn on a daily basis and still beg to be fucked for more," Rachel replied. "Plus I think it would be super sexy to watch you and another gorgeous girl lick the crap out of each other."

"I doubt anyone at all would believe that innocent Rachel Berry had a voyeur fetish," the sexy blonde joked.

"Here we are," Rachel announced as they finally arrived at the corner of the school. "And Brittany is right on time!"

Quinn turned her head and saw the beautiful blonde walking their way. Everyone in the entire school thought Brittany was extremely hot and almost ever boy had the pleasure of getting her into bed. Despite her slutty past and knowing how easy it was to get the long legged girl into bed, Quinn still got very horny at the chance to make love with her.

"Hello ladies," Britt greeted as she got to them.

"Right through here," Rachel said to them as she opened up the old classroom door. "On of the parts needing upgraded in this room is a functioning door lock."

"Their lose is our gain," Quinn remarked.

"So if I understand this right," Brittany said to Rachel, "Quinn owes you as part of a bet or whatever and you get to watch us fool around with each other in this unused classroom?"

"100% correct," Rachel beamed with excitement.

"Works for me," Brittany said.

The tall blonde cheerleader pivoted on the spot, took one step to be directly in front of the shorter Quinn and planted a hard kiss on her lips. Quinn was initially surprised by the quickness and force of her best friend but was able to right herself and return the kiss.

Rachel sprouted a big smile as she watched her frequent lesbian lover and one of the other hottest girls in school make out right in front of her. She couldn't help but feel her pussy starting to get wet as she observed their tongues playfully rubbing against one another as they battled for supremacy in their intense kissing session. While never taking her eyes off of the pair, the tiny brunette was able to navigate to the window and the draw the blinds close, giving them more privacy and also casting dark shadows in the room.

She had to take her gaze from the action in front of her for one moment, but in that time span the two girls were already starting to tear their clothes off of each other. Quinn's undone light sweater went flying in one direction as the shirt Brittany was wearing was torn from her body and hit the chalkboard. Britt was able to use her height advantage to outmuscle the shorter girl and pin her against the door long enough to pull off Quinn's white tank top then strip down her long dress down her milky white legs.

"Only girls who want sex where black underwear," Brittany commented about her best friend's matching pair of black bra and thong.

"In that case I should wear whatever color says that I want to get fucked hard," the horny teenager replied.

Grabbing Brittany by the shoulders, she was able to back the cheerleader up until the teacher's desk at the front of the classroom knocked Britt's legs out from under her. Quinn kept pushing her down until her friend's back was pressed firmly against the slightly dusty wood and her legs were left dangling over the edge.

Undoing to the botton on the front of Brittany's denim mini skirt, Quinn hooked her fingers in the waistband and tugged it down and off her extremely long legs. She was surprised but happy to find that her best friend hadn't bothered to put on any underwear this morning so that she was just looking down at Britt's cleanly shaven bald pussy.

"And what does not wearing any panties say about a girl," Quinn asked.

"It means they are a total slut," Rachel piped up from the first row, her hand firmly buried under her clothes, between her legs.

"That's fine with me," Quinn replied.

Lifting each of Brittany's perfect legs onto her shoulders, Quinn kissed along the inner thigh of the right legs until reaching the pink mound between her legs. She planted a long open mouth kiss right on Britt's wet folds, being sure to use lots of her skilled tongue before pulling away. She repeated the action on the left leg this time, but really taking her time travelling along her thigh until reaching her target.

"You tease," the now topless Brittany told her, having removed her own bra to release her large C-cup breasts.

"Don't worry. I'm just warming up," Quinn told her.

Sinking down onto the floor so that her bare knees were resting on the unsweep floor, Quinn moved her head firmly between Brittany's muscular thighs so her face was buried in her pussy. Brittany simply rested her entire body and head down on the long wooden desk and enjoyed the attention that her fellow Glee club member was providing her.

"That's so hot," Rachel commented while plunging two fingers deep into her pussy while watching Quinn lick the gorgeous and naked blonde.

"Oh my God Quinn," Brittany moaned loudly.

Loving the fact that she was simultaneously getting two girls off at the same time spurred Quinn on to give Brittany even more pleasure. Already having wiggled her tongue up and down her entire pink slit many times, making sure to focus on the exposed clit, the bi-sexual blonde changed tactics. Now using her hands to help pull apart Britt's lips, the head cheerleader dove her tongue deep into the other girl's hole.

"Yes," she screamed again, this time louder than the first.

It had been a few months since Quinn had gone down on Brittany and she'd almost forgot how tasty the tall blonde really was. Sweet, with almost a taste of honey, the horny girl couldn't stop herself from burrowing her tongue as deep into the girl as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Brittany thrashing her naked body around on top of the heavy maple desk above her, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on the experienced girl.

"Damn you two are sexy," the brunette remarked again.

Rachel was still dividing her attention between listening for Finn's footsteps out in the hall and watching the spectacle in front of her. Although the true motivation behind her plan was to get Quinn caught cheating red -handed, she was also getting as much out of the scene as possible since she thought Quinn Fabray was the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. Pulling her hand out from between her legs, the talented singer put the two fingers she was using to get herself off into her mouth. Savoring the taste of her own pussy off her fingers, Rachel applied more spit to them and returned them to her pink hole to continue plowing into herself.

"Fuck I'm getting close," Brittany cried out after another 5 minutes of having her pussy intensely licked.

Quinn was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her hands both reaching up and rubbing each of her friend's small nipples, the small blonde sank her tongue as deep into Brittany's pussy as she could and started to whip it around inside. Quinn realized that her nose was squashed against the talented dancer's pink folds and an idea came to her. Shaking her head in short, quick movements, Quinn was able to use her face to rub against Brittany's clit.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," she screamed while her sweet cum gushed out onto Quinn's willing tongue.

The blonde happily gobbled up all of what Brittany had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, the head cheerleader pushed Britt's legs off her shoulders and emerged from her ground.

"Her turn now," Rachel panted franticly. "Hurry up and you like Quinn now."

"Pushy aren't you," Brittany commented. "You could have at least gave me a second to recover after my orgasm."

"She gets with the demands when she's close to cumming," Quinn explained. "Any preferences?"

"On the desk...doggy-style," Rachel groaned in response.

Brittany slowly rolled off of the desk and got her unsteady legs under her before she fell flat on her face. Quinn took the chance to climb atop the large desk and got onto her hands and knees so that she was facing the side of the room with her tight teenage body in perfect view of the door. Rachel was at the reverse angle of that so she'd be able to see all of what Brittany was doing to Quinn and still see the head cheerleader's reactions.

"Let's see if you still taste as good as last time," Britt said, popping up behind her fellow Glee club member.

"Hopefully you haven't lost your touch," Quinn retorted.

Both had their answer fairly quickly. Britt wasted no time in flexing forward so that she could run her tongue along Quinn's pink slit before dipping it into her tight hole. Brittany's taste buds were immediately coated in Quinn's juices as they flooded onto the girl's talented tongue. Quinn couldn't help but find herself rocking backwards in an attempt to get her friend's tongue deeper into her pussy.

Rachel was watching every moment of action going on in front of her with breathless anticipation. Having sex with Quinn was by far the hottest sex with a girl she could envision herself with because of how Quinn was and how drop-dead gorgeous she is. But, watching Quinn have sex with another girl, especially one as beautiful as Brittany Pierce was potentially even hotter.

"AHHHH yes...I'm cumming....OOOHHHH....YESSSSS," Rachel screamed as she cum all over her three fingers currently pumping into her own pussy.

Then finally after 15 minutes of intense licking, Brittany broke contact and asked, "Does something specific usually get you off or do you just have crazy endurance? Santana would have cum like 3 times already."

Rachel couldn't help but agree with the dim-witted blonde who had Quinn's juices coating her lips and chin. She had been able to cum for a second time already yet Quinn was still building up to her first. She was still listening intently for Finn's footsteps, but luckily for her the big brute was running late.

"It's been feeling fantastic but usually I need some anal persuasion of late in order to orgasm," Quinn replied.

"Ummm...that can definitely be arranged," Brittany retorted, her face mere inches away from Quinn's parted ass cheeks.

"So get that tongue in my ass," Quinn demanded while looking back over her shoulder.

"I don't need to be told twice. I've been dying for a year to get a taste of you here," she replied.

Quinn felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her as Brittany's tongue lightly touched her anal opening. It was always the same feeling she got everytime someone or something touched her at her backdoor and she was already rapidly approaching her long-awaited orgasm.

"Ughhh...yesss," she moaned as Brittany's tongue burrowed deeper into her extremely constricted hole.

"Sorry I'm late Mr Hight..." Finn started to say as he opened the door and took in the scene in front of him.

There was his beautiful girlfriend, on her hands and knees a top of the teacher's desk completely naked. Behind her he could vaguely make out as fellow Glee club member Brittany, who was pulling apart Quinn's ass cheeks in order to stick her tongue further into one of her holes. He couldn't see Rachel however, as the crafty brunette was able to slip into on of the deep shadows in the corner of the room.

"Finn," Quinn as gasped at the sudden appearance of her boyfriend.

Quinn knew he was mad immediately as his expressive face donned that emotion. Climbing down from the wooden desk, the blonde searched for her clothes but settled for the first thing that would cover enough of her body and allow her to quickly race off after Finn who had slammed the door in anger. In the end she tore out of the classroom in her own tank top and Brittany's skirt.

"Finn! Stop," Quinn begged having ran to caught up with him halfway down the hall.

"We're so done Quinn," he told her, on the verge of yelling.

"Let's calm down baby. It's not what it looked like," Quinn replied.

"Not what it looked like? So then someone's tongue wasn't buried in your asshole?"

"It was just Brittany! Most guys would love to see their girlfriend sleeping with another girl," she reasoned.

"Well then I'm not most guy! I'm the type of guy that when he is in a committed relationship, he expects his partner to uphold the same values that he does. Cheating is cheating Quinn, regardless of the sex of your partner," he lectured.

"But Finn," Quinn started but she knew there was no way out. One of the reasons why she loved Finn was his morale compass but now it was proving to be a problem. "I bet this was Rachel's plan all along."

"Really Quinn? You are going to blame the fact that you cheated on Rachel. Listen to yourself. You broke us up Quinn. You and you alone so don't blame anyone but yourself, especially not Rachel," Finn shouted before storming down the hall and out of view.

Rachel had overheard every word that was exchanged between the broken up couple. Smiling to herself, she knew Finn was hers.


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