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Pairings: Quinn/Sue

Codes: Ff, oral

Glee: Sue's Imprisoned Crew Part 1
by The Chemist

"Dear diary...jackpot," Sue Sylvester laughed to herself.

Sue was the coach of the William McKinley High School cheerleading coach and she was damn good at her job. So good in fact that she had countless state championships and brought in thousands of dollars into the school due to the publicity and prize money her winning garnered. This was the only reason why she had a job at McKinley, or any school for that matter as she was far from easy to get along with. Manipulating, deceitful and just a generally mean person were some of the more commonly used, if not tamer, words that one would describe her by.

But Sue was happy today. In fact, she was more than happy today and she doubted very much that anything could ruin her mood. This was because today was the first day of cheerleading practice for the new school year. Normally this was a good day for the tall blonde coach, however this year was shaping up to be the best year in some time. That was all down to three reasons: Quinn Fabrey, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce.

They were by far the three most beautiful girls in the entire school and probably in the entire state. Already the trio had helped Sue lift three state championships and she was certain it would be one more trophies by the time that the beautiful three friends left high school. One of the many great things about them was that they were each different yet still equally sexy. Santana was a Latin goddess with the ideal hourglass figure as her hips were wide and had a perfectly rounded backside to go along with her large tits, although they were surgical enhanced. Brittany was the classical definition of an American cheerleader: tall, athletic with golden blonde hair, dumb as a sack of potatoes plus a willingness to share her incredibly sculpted body with anyone who gave her the time of day.

Then there was Quinn. She was the leader, the captain of the Cheerios, which was the name given to the Sue's cheerleading team. Although only a sophomore at the time, Sue recognized that Quinn was very special and didn't hesitate to give her the captaincy. In fact, Quinn got knocked up that year and yet still Sue stuck by her and still named her the leader of the squad for last year. Of course, Sue didn't re-appoint the blonde cheerleader to her old position sight unseen as she wanted to be sure that the youthful girl recovered her splendid body from the teen pregnancy. And the coach was ecstatic to see that Quinn had not only returned to her natural shape, but added something in the process.

Currently Quinn was running the rest of the team through some stretching and warm-up activities, but it gave Sue enough time to thoroughly exam her physically. The blonde was wearing only a sports bra and a pair of the tightest spandex shorts imaginable so it was quite easy to look over and examine every feature she had to offer. Despite probably weighing only 100 pounds, Quinn had meat in all the right places, starting with her thighs. She wasn't one of those girls with toothpicks of legs, as years of intense cheerleading had sculpted them into muscular yet still feminine thighs. Sue waited for the blonde to stretch by bending forward and touching her toes and realized that not only did Quinn retain her flexibility, but her ass was still a thing to drool over. When she was done with the stretch and straightened back to reveal a flat stomach and large boobs then last year, thanks to her unplanned teen pregnancy.

Sue was hard on her Cheerios but that was because they had such great potential. Most coaches would kill for just one of her absolute beauties to work with, yet she was blessed to have 3 drop dead gorgeous talents. Of course being the excellent coach that she was, Sue immediately recognized the gifts she had and started to mould them into people that were under her control. And finally after three long years of nurturing and doing favors, the Cheerios coach was ready to reap the rewards.

Sue was both a complicated woman, yet oddly simple. She loved having control, in fact she craved it. It's why she woke up in the morning and what motivated her actions. But being a powerful person wasn't all that Sue Sylvester was. In addition, she was quite the sexual person and of course it came as no surprise when she realized that she is most turned on when she was able to dominate her partner, whether it was physical or mental domination. She had many sexual partners but none liked to be completely controlled by her but then she realized that she held such influence over her cheerleading team.

Sue had made her approach for Quinn in the summer. After the Glee club didn't do well at their National championship in New York, they returned broken and sad, no more so than the head cheerleader. Not only was she part of the losing team, but she had her first love leave her for a girl that was her bitter rival. Sue knew that Quinn was surely going to head down a dark path so she paid the blonde a visit before she did anything too crazy like quit cheerleading or dying her hair pink and start running with the wrong crowd.

"Alright Quinn I'll be frank with you. You got knocked up at 16, nearly drove yourself crazy with guilt in giving her up for adoption and then lost your adorable albeit dopey boyfriend to some girl who isn't half as pretty as you and dresses like a lunatic from the 1960s," Sue started as she slide into Quinn's house between the girl and the doorframe.

"Thanks for the pick me up coach," Quinn sarcastically replied. "But what do you want?"

"I just wanted to remind you of all the adversary you've overcome but more important then all that is who was there for you with every bump in the road. Of course I'm not referring to your parents who kicked you out of your house or even that diva queen William Shuster who would give you up in a heartbeat if it gave him a better chance of winning a damn singing competition. I stuck with you through everything and helped you. I helped you keep straight As while you were preggers then helped you drop all that weight afterwards," she lectured.

"Yeah I greatly appreciate that but..."

"But then I hear through the grapevine that you may give up on me when I never once thought of giving up on you," Sue questioned.

Quinn felt guilt and selfish immediately after hearing those words from her coach. "Well...I ummm...haven't decided anything for sure."

"Good. And to make sure you make the correct decision, I want you to read this," Sue said.

The coach of the Cheerios pulled out a laptop from her laptop and placed it down on the coffee table in the living room. The duo took a seat on the sofa as Sue outstretched her arm and pulled the computer open. Immediately the screen lit up and a written document appeared.

"What is this," Quinn asked.

"Well Quinn, it's the official endorsement of Sue Sylvester for one Quinn Fabrey to some Ivy League school. Maybe you've heard of it, Yale University?"

"Yale? How'd you know I wanted Yale," she questioned.

"Well on several of the long nights we spent doing your homework you mentioned it once or twice. Oh and Miss Philsbury told me you were planning on applying," Sue informed her.

"Yeah I think I am," the blonde replied. "But I don't know if I'll get in."

"How about this Quinn. I'll guarantee you get in. I know people at the admissions office. My word means a lot to them. I can make or break if you get in to that school Pompoms."

"Well I guess it pays to know people in high places," Quinn smiled. "Thanks coach."

"Don't thank me yet, I haven't done a single thing yet. All I've done is write you a favorable letter while giving you my backing. I haven't sent it in nor have I called in one of my favors with the powers that be at Yale," Sue corrected her young pupil.

"Okay so what'll it take," Quinn asked with a hint of desperation.

"It's pretty simple Bambi eyes," Sue said, making reference to the cheerleader's seductively large eyes. "Stay on the Cheerios. I need a captain capable of winning me a fourth consecutive title while you need me."

"Deal Ms. Sylvester," she replied eagerly. "Now I get my letter?"

"Not so fast. I'm not exactly like one of those sex-crazed boy at school where you flash a smile and maybe a peep down your top and you get what you want," Sue told her. "So before I go any further, how bad do you want Yale?"

"Really badly coach. They have the best business department in the country and it's so unique that I can't even describe. Plus it's my best chance to get the hell out of Ohio. My parents have practically said it's either a state school or Ivy League and Yale is the only one that is of interest. I'd do a lot for this dream," Quinn explained.

"Now that's the response I was hoping for. I'll stop beating around the bush Quinn. Something you might not know about me is much like Mickey Mantle or Ohio's own Nick Swisher, I'm a switch hitter but I don't play baseball if you know what I mean," Sue said.

"So you're..."

"Gay or bi-sexual, whatever you kids call it these days. Anyway, I do share one similarity with the boys at McKinley, do you know what that is," Sue asked her.

"No. What is it," she asked dumbfounded.

"We're both sex crazed," she replied, placing her hand on Quinn's bare knee.

"Coach," Quinn jumped, jerking her knee away from her grasp. "I'm flattered but I'm not like that. Not that I have anything against being a lesbian but it's not what I'm into."

"With all do respect Quinn, I don't give a flying hoot what you're into. You need me. It's taken me three years but I'm finally in a position where I own you. Reject me now and you're an Ohio lifer. Play ball and you're out of this state and getting an elite education," Sue explained.

Quinn had no idea at what just happened. Ten minutes ago she was on the verge of tears thinking about her recent break up and had all but given up cheerleading for good. But then her coach, who had always been supportive and caring, was propositioning her for sex. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't have even been a debate, as she would have kicked the woman out of her parent's home and slammed the door shut in her face. But her future, moving out of Ohio and getting into a great school, was on the line.

Having made up her mind, Quinn took a deep breath before leaning further back on the sofa. She was avoiding making eye contact with Sue but couldn't help taking a quick peek. Just as she expected, the 50-year-old woman had a delighted smile on her face and why wouldn't she when she had just won.

Sue's eyes wandered over the supple teenager's body as she silently accepted her blackmail offer. Quinn was wearing a sundress, as she normally liked to wear when the heat was above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That suited the cheerleading coach just fine as it meant that there was more of her sun-kissed legs to admire. She wasn't totally surprised that Quinn was so easily manipulated. After all, the cheerleader was a selfish person and would be willing to sacrifice in order to be sure she got what she most desired

"I'm glad you're thinking properly about your future," Sue told her.

"So how does this work? We sleep together so we both get what we want," Quinn asked.

"Oh young, naÔve Quinn. The deal is this. You give me a gift right now of good faith and I send in the letter. Easy peasy. But then I own you for the rest of the year. I tell you to jump and you start jumping. More likely it'll be that I tell you to lick and you don't stop licking until your tongue falls off," Sue told her. "Those are the terms so take'em or leave'em."

Much like before, Quinn needed a second or two in order to give it the proper consideration that such a big decision needed. One of the cons to the argument was that she wasn't a lesbian. However, she'd be lying to herself if she didn't steal the odd glance over at Santana or Brittany in the shower and get turned on so she thought she might be able to progress to sex with a woman. She quickly processed all the other negatives before her mind focused on the one big positive to Sue's offer; Yale.

Sue watched her young pupil's face with intent as her brow was contorting, indicating that she was deep in thought. After what felt like an eternity to the horny cheerleading coach, Quinn's face smoothed out, as it appeared she had finally made her choice. Similar to earlier, Quinn let her actions speak for her. Moving her eyes from the ground, Quinn made eye contact with the taller and older woman before slowly opening her legs wide, spreading out her dress so that her black panties were now visible.

"You're the one who wants the favor and you expect me to lick you," Sue said.


"Shhh. You're new to blackmail. I find it quite innocent and cute. I'll walk you through it this time," she told Quinn. "Step one is running to the front door and locking it."

Quinn's face went a shade of red that Sue hadn't real seen before as the girl was embarrassed with her načve approach. It gave the coach even more pleasure knowing that not only she was going to be enjoying Quinn's delectable body for the next 12 months, but that the head cheerleader was going to try and not disappoint her. That meant that Quinn would be constantly trying to prove herself in a sexual manner, and that Sue would be there to gladly except.

Quinn picked herself off of the comfortable couch and walked out of the living room to go do what Sue had asked of her. She knew it was an unnecessary step as it was only noon and her parents weren't going to be home until 5, but Sue had always taught her that shit happens so be prepared. With an audible click, the gorgeous teen turned the deadbolt and made for certain that there wouldn't be any unwanted guests wandering into her house as she did the nasty with her coach.

"Oh...whoa," Quinn remarked on her return to the living room.

"Hope you didn't mind but I made myself more comfortable," Sue replied.

After locking the front door, Quinn had returned to the living room where she found the tall older woman sitting on the sofa where she was before. However, this time her red tracksuit athletic pants were folded up on the ottoman and Sue was completely naked below her waist. Quinn stalled at the entrance of the room for a good few seconds, stunned at the sight in front of her. It wasn't like this was the first time she'd seen another girl naked, after all she had spied on the other cheerleading girls in the shower plus her on-again, off-again fling with Puck frequently had the two of them watching hardcore porn.

"Staring is impolite Quinn. I would have thought your uptight Republican parents would have taught you proper manners. No matter, I'd love the chance to punish you for it," Sue told her with a wicked grin.

"'ll close the blinds," Quinn said, snapping herself out of her stunned state.

"That's a good girl," she replied.

Sue looked on as the beautiful blonde girl went to the each of the three large windows and drew the blinds to a close. As she walked about the large space, the Cheerios coach took a good long look of her star pupil. Quinn looked like she was prepared to go out for a tennis match. Her long golden locks were pulled back into a tight ponytail, much like how she wore her hair for cheerleading. She donned a pink zip-up sweater that concealed her tight body, but her toned legs were quite visible in a very short white tennis skirt and matching shoes.

"Come have a seat with me," Sue ordered as she patted the cushion right beside her.

Quinn didn't argue or even say a word as she finished closing the last of the curtains and strutted her way over to her bottomless coach. She turned around and sat right where Sue wanted her to and immediately her coach pressed tightly against her so that their bare legs were touching one another.

Sue brought her hand up and cupped Quinn's face along her jawline and stared deep into her eye. Then she leaned in while pulling the younger girl towards her until their lips touched. Sue was originally planning on taking it slow and easy with Quinn since she didn't want to put too much on her right away in case she scared easily, but that line of thought was lost once she touched Quinn's soft lips.

"Mmmm," Quinn moaned in response to their kissing heating up.

Now feverishly kissing each other, the coach and head cheerleader had their arms wrapped around one another as they were both fully into the action. Sue had no idea how Quinn would respond to being blackmailed into having lesbian sex with her, but it was rather positive. It appeared that the teen mother was not only horny and wanting any type of physical contact, but that she must have been wanting to experiment with her sexuality when it came to women.

As the unlikely pair continued to make out on the living room sofa, Sue dropped her hands from Quinn's face. Her fingertips trailed lightly down her jaw and onto her neck, which seemed to excited the younger girl since she shoved her tongue even deeper into her coach's mouth. She kept moving her hands south until her palms rested on Quinn's decent-sized breasts and gave them a firm squeeze. Just as she expected, her tits were firm and perky and she could just feel the outline of her pokey nipples through her clothing. Not satisfied with simply groping the younger girl's boobs through layers of clothing, Sue grabbed a hold of the zipper and pulled it down. With that out of the way, she peeled the sweater from Quinn's shoulder before swiftly pulling off her white tanktop.

"Were these what you were after," Quinn asked her, referring to her extremely perky tits.

Sue lowered her head and took Quinn's right nipple into her mouth and started to suck on it like a newborn child after breast milk. She lapped and sucked on it like a woman possessed, making the skin around her small pink nipples go red due to the suction. Taking it out of her mouth, she shifted over to the left tit and did the same thing there while using her free hands to grope each boob.

"Rub me," Sue dictated. "Rub my pussy."

While Sue constantly switched from using her mouth on each of her tits, Quinn reached her outside arm downward until her fingers contacted her coach's pussy. Her slit was absolutely drench, which came as no surprise to her given how sexually hungry Sue appeared. Even though she had no prior lesbian experience, Quinn had masturbated in the past so knew what felt good. Using her fingers just to run through her slit, she spread the juices around before dipping her index finger into her coach's pussy.

"Ughhh," Sue moaned as the younger girl pushed a finger into her.

The two blondes resumed kissing while Quinn continued to repeatedly push two fingers now in and out of Sue's hole, causing the older woman to loudly moaning into the high school girl's mouth. With Quinn's hands busy, Sue used her own to pull off the rest of her own clothing as she haphazardly tore off her jacket, shirt and bra so that she was stark naked. Her breasts were quite large and heavy as they hung just off her chest yet still retained some degree of perkiness. Quinn was surprised that her coach still had such a nice body yet chose to cover it up by wearing a track suit.

"Nice big tits Coach Sylvester," Quinn commented.

"Then suck on them," she ordered.

Pushing forward, Sue used her positional leverage to ease Quinn down onto the sofa so that she was resting firmly on her back with Sue on top of her. The head cheerleader's hand was still rubbing furiously between her coach's thighs as she continued to please the woman that held her future in her hand. Sue perched herself on Quinn's smaller body so that she was rode higher up and was able to present her large tits to her star pupil.

Quinn immediately showed her thanks for her coach's offering by opening her mouth and taking one of her wide nipples between her lips. They were the size of pepperonis and the younger girl was barely able to get her whole mouth around each one but she desperately didn't want to disappoint her. Sue let her work on her right boob before shifting over and offering up her other one, which was swiftly gobbled up by the eager girl.

"Mmm...awwww," Quinn moaned as Sue reached under her tennis skirt and rubbed her panties-clad crotch.

Sue moved back down from high up on her pupil's body so that she was now resting between her legs. Staring Quinn in the eye, she reached both hands back under her skirt, hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them slowly down her legs. The panties inched there way down Quinn's long, smooth legs until her coach had removed them from her altogether.

"Completely smooth. I love your generation for that sexy trend," Sue complimented.

Sue couldn't take her eyes off of the younger girl's pussy. It's bright pink color stood in stark contrast to the rest of her pale white skin of her crotch region without even the hint of hair in the vicinity. Her hole looked incredibly tight which was quite the feat since it had only been one year since a 10-pound child was pushed out of it. Her slit was glistening in the dim sunlight that was leaking through the curtains, indicating that Quinn was very turned on after their heavy kissing session. Extending a finger, Sue dragged it through her lips and watched as the excitable teen arched her back in response to the touch.

"You please me well enough and I may return the favor," Sue told her.

Quinn wanted to be greedy and just demand that the older woman bow down and lick her pussy like Finn or Puck or Sam would have been all too happy to do for her. But this wasn't some boy thinking with only his dick. Even though Sue was quite horny, she was still in possession of a brilliant and devious brain so she knew that her demands would only upset her coach.

The smaller blonde sprang up from the couch and was eager to give her coach what she wanted. Sue had leaned back so that her naked body rested against the headrest so that her head was propped up and allowed her to look over Quinn's naked form. The head cheerleader set herself up on her knees before leaning forward to also rest on her elbows between Sue's long legs. Sue was resting one of her legs on the top cushions of the sofa and the other on the ground to allow Quinn as much room to move around as possible.

"Oh God yes," Sue shouted as she felt Quinn's mouth on her sensitive pussy.

Quinn used her tongue to swipe at the taller girl's pussy lips and was pleased that it was having such a positive effect. She had never had sex with a girl before so was taking all of the techniques guys used on her and trying to use it now. As she continued to drag her tongue threw her pink folds, Quinn decided to try something else new and dipped her tongue into her coach's hole. Her only reason not to go for it was the thick patch of hair that Coach Sylvester donned above her pussy as burying her tongue right into her hole meant her nose would be completely incorporated in the mass.

She assumed that it was a good choice as she felt Sue buck her hips forward in an attempt to get the object deeper inside her. Quinn pulled out and did another long, slow lick of the entire folds before migrating back down and dipping into the hole once again. Just as she was about to do another pass of her routine, she felt a strong hand clutch the back of her head. Unable to move an inch, Quinn realized she had no option but to stick her tongue into her coach's wanting pussy and lap inside at the walls.

"Excellent start my young novice," Sue commented. "Now use your fingers as well."

Quinn felt the pressure on the back of her head subside and was now able to move around freely again. Moving her tongue out of her pussy, she slid it up into her slick folds so that she was able to slip a finger into the coach's well-lubed pussy. Sue liked that new move better and was very vocal in response to have both Quinn's tongue and fingers working in unison to pleasure her.

Happy at the amount of vocal encouragement she was receiving, Quinn kept pumping her one finger into the older woman's snatch while licking the length of her slit before spending a little extra time at her clit. She had no idea if other woman liked having it licked as much as she did, but Quinn figured it was worth experimenting. It had the response she was looking for as the taller girl pushed her hips upwards to get a stronger connection with her most sensitive body part.

Quinn added a second finger in order to have more girth being pushed into Sue's pussy, but her hole quickly accommodated so Quinn added another. With three digits now being forced into her, Sue was really moaning now. As Quinn continued to pump her digits into her opening, Quinn felt her coach run her hands through her hair before using it to push Quinn's head harder against her pussy.

"Keep licking me Quinn," Coach Sylvester encouraged as her body thrashed about on the sofa as her orgasm came closer by the second.

Sue couldn't believe how well the young cheerleader was doing at pleasuring her. She had taken many lovers in her day, yet the girl currently between her legs was doing as good a job of any she'd received in the past. In fact, she was doing so well that Sue had to rethink whether Quinn was truthful when she claimed that she'd never done this before. However, her current line of thought was immediately disrupted as the Quinn latched her plump lips onto her clit and applied suction while still flicking it with her tongue.

Quinn couldn't help but notice that her latest maneuver was received quite well by the more experienced woman she was pleasuring. She knew from her own encounters that Coach Sue was primed to orgasm, in fact with how quickly her screams were coming, it was going to be sooner rather than later. Quinn had never tasted another girl's cum before but had sampled her own once or twice when she sucked her juices off of her boyfriend's cock after she came. She had to admit that she was both intrigued and nervous about what it would taste like.

"I'm so...Ahhh...close Quinn," Sue warned. "Gonna...ugghhh...cum so...yessss...soon."

The smaller blonde noticed that Sue's pussy was trembling on her fingers and assumed that the older woman must have been really close. Wanting to give the woman who could decide her future and great first experience, Quinn plowed her three fingers deep into her coach's pussy and left them there while rubbing her inner walls gently with her fingers all while continuing to suck on her clitoris.

"YES! Oh fuck Quinn I'm cumming. AHHH," Coach Sylvester screamed while the intense pleasure pushed her over the edge.

Quinn braced herself as she pulled her fingers from Sue's pussy and replaced the void with her open mouth. The switch occurred just in time because just as Quinn created a seal around her hole with her lips, the older woman started to ooze her juices into her mouth. She had to admit that she was surprised with how good she tasted at first and eagerly swallowed it down her throat. When her juices stopped flowing, Quinn stuck her tongue into her pussy and tried to scoop any last traces of her cum that she hadn't drank down already.

"Fuck you're tasty," Quinn swore while using her fingers to push the juices around her lips into her mouth.

"That was...well...suffice to say I'm happy I've chosen to blackmail your sexy ass," Sue complimented. "Now how about I get a taste of my sex puppet?"

"Mmm, thought you'd never ask," Quinn smiled.

"Alright blondie, I guess I do have 5 minutes before I need to leave," she replied.

"You can't make me cum in 5 minutes. At least no one else has been able to do that," Quinn protested.

"Oh Quinn, you'll learn very quickly that I'm not just anybody. I'll guarantee that in less than 5 minutes I'll be choking down your female juices," Coach Sylvester told her. "Now I'm a little lazy so I'm going to lay on the sofa and you're going to sit on my face."

Quinn didn't mind not getting the chance to lay back and receive her gift. Rolling off of the couch she got onto her feet and waited for her cheerleading coach to slide down until she was laying flat on her back. She indicated to the younger girl that she was ready for her by giving her a wave of her hand to call her over. Quinn didn't keep her waiting by rushing over before swinging one of her legs over Sue's head. With her legs now straddling her coach's head, she lowered her body until she felt her crotch make contact with her face.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...aaawww," Quinn reeled out a succession of moans.

Sue wasted no time in getting right down to work in making her star pupil cum in less than 5 minutes. As soon as Quinn's pussy was within her range, she pushed her head forward until her lips were able to make contact with the younger girl's slit. As she hoped, Quinn was already wet and dripping, which made Sue's job that much easier since the cheerleader was already horny.

Moving her head up and down with her tongue sticking out, Sue ran the length of Quinn's pink lips. It allowed her to gather some of the high schooler's fluid and gave her a brief taste of the cum that was soon to came to her. As she predicted, Quinn tasted sweet as the finest orange juice she'd ever drank, which made her look even more forward to making the girl cum.

On a time crunch, Sue didn't have a second to waste so focused all of her concentraion into giving the girl a great orgasm. Quinn couldn't help but let out a steady stream of grunts and groans as her cheerleading coach put all of her lesbian experiences to excellent use. The head cheerleader was constantly surprised by Sue's actions as the experienced woman alternated from long slow swipes along her slit to focusing solely on her hypersensitive clit then would ram her tongue deep into her hole.

"" Quinn cussed as she neared her orgasm already. "Please...ohhh...don't stop."

Knowing she was close to her orgasm seemed re-motivated Sue. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the cheerleading coach was preparing to finish off the teenage girl and collect her just reward. Able to squirm one of her long arms between Quinn's body and her own face, Sue was able to use her fingers to rub the cheerleader's slit with particular attention paid to her reactive clit.

"I know your close," Sue thought. "Give me that sweet cum baby."

"Oooohhh....mmmhhhhhh.....uunngggghhhh," Quinn grunted as she neared closer and closer to cumming.

"Come on Quinn. Scream for me as I make you cum," Sue thought while burying her tongue deeper than ever into her tight pussy.

"Oh my god Coach....UUHHHHHHH," Quinn shouted as she came in a new record time.

Sue heard the girl scream then felt her body tremble before finally feeling her warm cum come gushing onto her tongue. Quinn tasted even better than the thought that Sue had built up in her mind and was ecstatic that she was disappointed. The younger girl was a real reservoir for cum as the cheerleader continued to drip her sweet nectar into her coach's mouth until Sue was satisfied she drained her fully.

Sue used her hands on Quinn's hips to hoist the girl high enough in the air to allow her to squirm out from under the 100-pound cheerleader. Quinn didn't have the energy to hold her own weight so without Sue to rest on she fell backwards and landed flat on the sofa.

"Delicious! And you came in less than 5 minutes. Hell, that was just over 3 minutes you lightweight," Sue laughed, patting herself on the back in the process.

"My God Coach. You're really good at that," the exhausted cheerleader said to her mentor.

Coach Sylvester started to get dressed after recovering her own energy levels. Once she was fully clothed again, she moved over the couch then grabbed Quinn's blonde head and brought her in for one last passionate kiss. Quinn wasn't into it at first, just going through the motions of pursing her lips but once she felt Sue's tongue move into her mouth she snapped out of her delirium and returned the kiss with more vigor. Sue didn't linger long with kissing her head cheerleader as she pulled away from her and headed for the front door with a satisfied grin on her cocky face.

"And one last thing. Wear dresses every day at school. It'll make sex in my office easier and save some time," Sue instructed before leaving the exhausted girl to recover.

Sue left the house and was immediately greeted by the warm embrace of the afternoon sun. As she slid on her sunglasses, she was extremely proud of how well her seduction and entrapment of Quinn had gone. Part of her expected more trouble, but then again, Quinn was rather easily manipulated so it shouldn't have come as a total shock to her. But now with the head cheerleader in her pocket, Sue couldn't help but be excited by the prospect that the others would now fall like dominos.


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