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Pairings: Quinn/Sue; Britney/Santana

Codes: FF, ff, F-solo, oral, bmail, spank, exhib

Glee: Sue's Imprisoned Crew Part 2
by The Chemist

"One down, two to go," Sue mused with herself.

She was referring to her entrapment of certain members of her cheerleading squad that she coached at McKinley High School. Quinn was her first imprisoned member of the group she was now referring to as 'Sue's Crew'. She came for the pretty blonde during the summer when she was going through a difficult time. Of course, her head cheerleader's personal loss worked out well for Sue as it meant Quinn was left in a vulnerable position. So with Quinn's emotional stability in tatters and Sue's own knowledge of how desperate she was to get out of Ohio, she was able to blackmail her young pupil into willingly becoming her sex puppet for the rest of the year. Naturally, Sue took her new prize for a ride and was extremely pleased with how it handled, to say the least.

But Sue wasn't a person who was easily satisfied. She was thrilled to have the most beautiful girl in the school, if not the entire school district, wrapped around her finger but it wasn't enough. She was the classic overachiever and wasn't going to rest until her bed was shared by the gorgeous blonde girl and two more of her cheerleading teammates. And Sue already had decided that her collection of super hot, slutty lesbian cheerleaders wouldn't be complete until Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce joined the ranks.

Luckily for the cheerleading coach, she already knew the pair's big secret. Santana and Brittany were in love with each other and for some reason they'd managed to hide it from everyone. Well, almost everyone that was. Sue Sylvester wasn't like most people as she went through the day trying her best to gain information on people and use it to crush them or make them do whatever she wanted. And what she had in store for the lesbian lovers was the same thing Quinn Fabrey was currently doing to her.

"'re really getting good Quinn," Sue told her pupil.

Sue was sitting behind her desk in her large school office. If someone was to walk up and entire her room, all they would see was the coach sitting behind her desk with a her practice plan laid in front of her on the desk. What they wouldn't be able to see was Quinn resting on her knees underneath her large desk with her tongue dancing through Sue's pink folds.

"Thank you Coach," Quinn replied.

Quinn had been called to her coach's office at the beginning of her free period. On her walk from her locker to her current destination, she had a very good idea on what Sue had in mind for her. She was immediately summoned inside, and without speaking a word to her, her coach instructed her to get between her legs and lick her pussy. It was a pretty easy conclusion to come to since Sue already had her athletic pants around her ankles with her sex hanging just off the edge of the chair.

That was 40 minutes ago. In that time, she hadn't moved an inch from where she currently resided, which was on the floor directly in front of the tall older women. Throughout the summer, every since Sue came to claim her as her sex prisoner, Quinn visited her coach in her office after practice. She would work all the cheerleaders hard but then would come back to her office and work her captain even harder.

Currently Quinn was just finishing up and giving her coach a third straight orgasm. While pumping her two fingers into Sue's pussy she used her strong tongue in unison to lap her exposed clitoris. In her month on her knees for her cheerleading mentor, Quinn knew exactly how to please her. And right on cue, she felt Sue start to tremble so she started flickering her tongue quicker and harder on her most sensitive of body parts.

"Mmmm....awwww....fuuuccckkkk," Sue screamed.

Just as Quinn felt Sue's pussy clench down tightly on her fingers, she pulled them out of her. Having her timing down to a science, the young cheerleader was able to latch her mouth around her coach's hole just as she started to release her sweet juices. Like a hungry newborn sucking at her mother's tit for the first time, Quinn greedily sucked down as much as the nectar that she physically could.

"You taste so good," Quinn commented before digging her tongue as far into her pussy as she could to search for more of her coach's cum.

"Give me your fingers," Sue demanded.

Quinn moved her arm too slowly so her coach grabbed her tightly by the wrist. Having little regard for the girl on her knees, she wrenched her forearm violently upwards. Sue could hear the cheerleader yelp in discomfort but it didn't hurt enough for her to stop licking up inside her pussy. Isolating the two fingers that were being used to plow into her own pussy, Sue pushed them into her mouth and sucked her juices off of them.

"Alright, you can get up now," Sue told her.

Quinn stopped digging inside Sue's pussy, rocked back onto the balls of her feet and stood up for the first time in over half an hour. Her long blonde hair was messed up, not a shock considering how Sue would constantly run her hands on Quinn's head to push her harder into her groin. The teenager's mouth was also shiny with the juices from Sue's pussy still smeared on her lips and skin.

"My jaw is exhausted," Quinn complained as she rubbed some of her facial muscles.

"Well you did a good job. Now get out," Sue ordered. "Your friends Santana and Britney will be here soon and now that my itch has been scratched, I can focus properly."

Quinn was use to Sue's cold attitude after sex, and before sex and any other time except for actually during sex. Moving out from behind the large desk, the cheerleader grabbed her bag from the couch at the side of the room before departing the office. She needed to make a quick stop at the washroom to tidy herself up since she didn't want to walk home through town with sex hair.

Sue watched her blackmailed sex puppet saunter across her large workplace. Not only was she quite handy with her mouth, but Quinn also exemplified pure beauty. Whether she was glaring at her from the front or the back, like she was currently, the small blonde was quite the sight. Even after a month of having her way with her every day, including on the weekends, Sue still loved to watch her wide hips swing side to side as she walked away, eyes glued to her wonderfully rounded and plump backend.

Once the door clicked shut, it seemed to snap Sue out of her sex-induced trance over her property. Quinn was such a skilled pussy licker that Sue over-indulged in her talents and was now running late. Having to hustle now, Sue grabbed a baby wipe from the top drawer of her desk and used it to clean off her mound. She appreciated Quinn's great work down there, but she wanted it fresh for her two soon-to-be guests. She then reached down and pulled her pants back up then prepared the room to the exact specifications she desired.

"Do we have to go in," Britney asked her best friend and lover.

"I think we do," Santana replied.

The two were still dressed in their cheerleading outfits as they walked towards Coach Sylvester's office. They were but a few students allowed in the school during the summer, and that was only because Sue was allowed to start training the Cheerios for the upcoming season. As they turned down the last hallway before arriving in front of their coach's door, Britney wrapped her hands around Santana's waist. It felt just like she remembered it; tight stomach anteriorly, surprisingly well rounded hips laterally and a great ass posteriorly, no doubt helped by her Latino heritage.

"Come on. Let's go back to the change room and let me ravish you," Brit told her before kissing her softly on the side of her neck. "You look so hot and I don't want to take my hands off of you."

" do make it sound so tempting," Santana said as she experienced a chill up her spine due to her lover's lips on her warm skin. "But Coach Sylvester would literally rip our hearts out if we were so much as late, let alone blow her off."

"Oh. I hate how you smart you are," Brit pouted. "I really wanted in your pants."

"Soon. Right as soon as we're done here we can go back to my place and spit-shine each other's pussies," she told her.

" you're talking. How about under the bleachers? I don't think I can wait that long," the leggy blonde bantered back.

"Deal. Now let's go meet with the devil," Santana said before knocking on Sue's door.


"Come on in," they heard a familiar voice shout.

"Hi Coach Sue," Brit greeted.

"What can we do for you," Santana followed up.

"I'm glad you guys are on time. I know how love birds can get lost in themselves," Sue told them.

"What are you talking about," Santana said with a hint of shock and anger.

"Come now Santana. You two may have hid it well from all those stupid people roaming the halls but I like to think I'm a little smart then they are," she replied. "You two are gay and I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact, I'm in full support of your choice of sexual preference."

"Okay so what are we doing here," Brit asked her superior.

"I want to watch you two fuck each other brains out over there," Sue said while pointing over at the couch in the room.

"You want us to..."

"You heard me. I want you to use your gorgeous best friend's body like a plaything for your most exciting desires," Sue reiterated. "Come on, it's hardly something that's new for you two."

"Fuck no Sue. Let's go Brit," Santana replied.

Santana jumped up from her seat, causing her fake tits to bounce up as well, much to Sue's delight. Sue had always known that the Latino cheerleader would be the hardest to break of her three playthings, but also hoped that she'd be the best lay. She watched as Santana grabbed her lover by the hand and made her stand up before the headed for the exit together.

"That's far enough. Lock that door and come take a seat," Sue ordered in her most authoritative tone.

"Why would we do that," Santana spat.

"Well if you don't I'll out you to the entire school. You think the kids here hate the Glee club then wait to see what they think of gays here in this ultra right wing town," Sue explained. "Then again it's not like Kurt Hummels was bullied or had his life threatened when he came out so you two might be okay."

"You wouldn't," Brit said with a tear beginning to form in the side of her eye.

"I won't...if you indulge me," she replied.

"No. Hell no. We'll out ourselves or just call it off and no one will ever know," Santana defied.

"But Santana," Britney protested. "I love you and don't want to break it off."

"I'd listen to your little sweetheart," Sue added.

"Shut up Coach Sylvester," Santana screamed. "I need a minute to think."

"What's there to think about Sandbags," Sue said, referring to her fake boobs by the childish name she often used. "One little sex show for me and your secret is safe."

"What do you think Brit," Santana asked her partner.

"I don't like this one bit. You know I've wanted to tell people for months," she replied.

"That's because you see the best in people even when it's not there. People are horrible and they won't leave us alone," Santana replied.

"I disagree. And even if we're wrong its only one more year then we're outta this place for good," Brit reasoned. "Who cares if it's the year from hell."

Upon seeing Santana's face go from harsh to quizzical, Sue knew she was slowing losing her two targets. Determined not to let that happen, she knew she had to bring out the big guns.

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but you two have had your heart set on that Performing Arts school in the Big Apple," Sue asked.

"Not that it's any of your business but yes we are," Santana retorted. "We even are going to go check out the campus next month."

"Lovely. It's a great school, it really is. But I do believe my good friend Bob Mainkins, who is the Dean of Admissions there, telling me that they don't give full scholarships to students for the Performing Arts," Sue shared.

"That's right," Brit said. "But they are sending someone to see us Cheer and that will be the other half scholarship we need to go to school for free."

"Hmmm...interesting. So then what happens if I cut you both from my Cheerios right now and that talent scout doesn't get to see you Cheer," Sue asked. "I guess then you're on the hook for half of the $22,000 tuition. I know you don't have the money Santana so your dream is dead. And that's a lot of money for you to get too Brit."

The two girls sitting across the desk from her could only stare back at their cheerleading coach with a look of pure astonishment. It was one thing to proposition them for sex, in fact they were use to that in their three years at McKinley as every guy seemed to hit on them. But now Sue was threatening their future all so that she could watch them make lesbian sex to each other.

"You crazy bitch! It would ruin your chance at a 4th straight state championship," Santana told her.

"What's one more trophy in a crowded cabinet next to the tender embrace of two beautiful lovers," Sue replied with a confident smile. "You know the deal so take it or leave it."

"She could be bluffing," Santana said to her best friend.

"But what if she isn't? My grades couldn't get me into any other college and no one else offers that unique deal for us. I hate being forced into doing something we don't want to do, but I don't think there is a choice," Brit reasoned.

"Smart girl. I always knew it," Sue bantered victoriously.

"Fuck," Santana swore, acknowledging defeat. "What do we have to do?"

"Excellent. I thought you'd see it my way sooner or later. And don't feel too bad. Quinn submitted to me earlier in the summer and she didn't put up nearly as good of a fight as you two did so bravo," Sue told them.

"We'll never forgive you for this Sue," Santana spat with venom.

"Wouldn't expect you to do that," she replied with an air of confidence. "Now shut your mouths and get on that leather sofa."

The two girls exchanged one last glance between them. They were looking for some sign that they should just bolt out the door and be done with Sue and cheerleading. However, they both knew that it would kill their dreams, so they could have stared at each other all day and neither of them would ever suggest to escaping the horrible situation they found themselves in currently. Because not only would they be throwing their own future away, but that too of their best friend and lover.

Santana was the first to stand up from the chair. Once on her feet, she extended a hand for Britney and helped her to her feet before they walked hand-in-hand to the couch no more than 10 feet away. As they moved across the room their hips swayed back and forth and caused their cheerleading skirt to bellow side to side. Sue just sat and appreciated their beauty, as well as how fucking hot they were. Of course the cheerleading uniforms only helped to amplify the masterpieces that they were sitting on as both girls rocked tremendous curves.

"Santana, I think your ass is looking a little bony," Sue lied, specifically to get the Latino student even madder for her own amusement.

Sue's comment was clearly a lie to anyone who had every seen the Latin beauty. Much like the rest of her body, her ass was a glaring example of femininity. Whether if it was due to her genetics or her healthy lifestyle, or quite possibly both, Santana's body was the classic hourglass figure in all of its glory. Even though fairly young, the 18-year old had already gone under the knife to enhance her modest breasts to full C-cups that stood perky even without the need of a bra. The girl lacked even an ounce of fat on her petite frame but any that she had was in her ass, which made it one of the most desirable in the school.

"Fuck you Sue," she retorted with anger.

"That will be enough of that. I found your temper cute before but no sex puppet of mine with regard me with such blatant disrespect," Sue yelled back.

"So you get to treat me like shit and I have to just take it," the fiery girl replied.

"Yes! That's how blackmail works. God, even Britney knows that," Sue told her. "Now get that mouth to use on something more productive then fighting a losing battle. Kiss your damn girlfriend!"

Santana was fired up now and in need of an outlet. Even though she hated to indulge Sue's demands, she needed to release her fury and poor Britney had to be on the receiving end. Luckily for them, it wasn't the first time they resorted to sex to help Santana unwind, but the Latino girl despised that she had no say in the matter.

Turning her hateful gaze away from her cheerleading coach, she focused in on Britney and immediately felt some degree of release. Santana loved her best friend very much, including her outer beauty. Brit was wearing her long blonde hair up in ponytail since they just finished practice, but it did well to keep it out of her face. Brit was a taller girl and rather than being awkwardly lanky, she had meat on her bones, which Santana found extremely sexy. It allowed her to have full, squeezable tits that rivaled her own in size, as well as an ass that most men chased after daily.

As much as she would have liked to make gentle, tender love to Brit, she was still too angry for that to be a possibility. Stepping closer to the bubbly blonde, Santana gave her one last look of love before pinning Britney's back against the wall and planting her lips squarely on her girlfriends. Brit took all of Santana's body weight against her as her lover's hungry lips pressed and smacked against hers.

" you two are such a cute couple," Sue complimented.

Brit had now wrapped her long arms around her slender figure and drew her in even tighter. She loved the feel of her girlfriend's petite body being pressed into her, especially as her firm tits pushed into her own. Even from across the room Sue could hear the wetness of their juicy lips as they massaged each other's lips. The cheerleading coach could only imagine how sensual it felt to have their bare legs brushing against one another as they continued to kiss with hunger.

"Ughhh," Santana moaned as Brit's thigh slid up and grazed her panty-clad pussy.

Britney took advantage of her lover's lips opening wider and snaked her tongue inside her mouth. Naturally she was met with no opposition since Santana was more than willing to battle for dominance with her own tongue in the space created between their two mouths.

This was making Sue grow hornier by the second. Not only was the kissing action getting her hot, but it was other factors that were causing her mind to develop more and more fantasies as well. One was the natural chemistry that the pair had, as if they could read each other's mind and knew exactly what they wanted. Another factor was the way they were gyrating their womanly bodies together against each other, no doubt causing the other to grow wetter between their legs as their tits and pussies grind one another. Also, Sue couldn't help but love how those damn cheerleading outfits she made every team member squeeze into just hugged them perfectly, including their tight little asses.

"Let's move this along from PG to more NC-17," Sue dictated.

She was pleased when Santana didn't snap back at her with a nasty reply. Instead she watched as Britney slid her hands from gripping the Latino's hips and moved them to between her shoulder blades. From there, Brit was able to grasp the tiny zipper with her thumb and finger and undo the top of Santana's uniform. As if they've done it a hundred times in the past, Santana stepped back and held her arms out while Brit held firmly onto the front of her top. The shirt portion of her uniform was removed from her upper body and left her in only her red lace bra to cover her boobs.

Even though Santana wanted to fight against Sue's authority, she knew that there was no way around their forced lesbian tryst. What made it worse was the fact that Santana was horny as hell and wanted that particular itch to be scratched right away. She would have preferred not to give Sue the pleasure of seeing her hungry for sex, especially when being forced into doing so, but as more of Brit's skin became visible, making a rebellious stand against her cheerleading coach didn't seem important.

Once Brit unsnapped her lover's bra and chucked it aside, she immediately bent forward and started to suck on her unworldly perky tits. As if she couldn't decide on which of the Latino's pink nipples to suck on, Brit kept alternating between each of them. To Santana it didn't matter if it was the left or right boob that was on the receiving end on her partner's oral attention, she moaned loudly all the same.

Despite how much enjoyment she was getting out of having her tits sucked on by her extremely talented partner, she was eager to spring Brit's own tits from their lace prison. Reaching behind Brit, Santana snapped her bra undone with precision then quickly unzipped the top and pulled them both off of the blonde girl. It made Brit stop licking the underside of her tit and Santana used the distraction to drop to her knees. From below her, the Latino girl was able to latch onto Britney's panties and whip them down her shapely legs and left them bunched around her ankles. The cheerleading skirt soon followed in quick succession' leaving the leggy blonde standing completely nude except for a pair of running shoes in her coach's office.

"I do love how girl's your age are all with this bare pussy fad," Sue commented, observing that both Brit and Quinn enjoyed a completely shaven snatch.

"Oooohhh...Gooddd," Brit screamed as Santana's mouth latched onto her pussy like a leech.

"Finally the good stuff," Sue voiced. "That's much better now."

Santana ignored her cheerleading coach's comments and solely was focused on licking her partner's pussy. She'd done it many times in the past but every time she did so she couldn't help but be surprised with how absolutely tasty Brit's juices were. They were sweet with the faint hint of strawberry, no doubt due to the body wash she used, and Santana knew exactly how to make the blonde give her more of her delicious nectar.

Sue's own pussy was becoming wetter just watching Santana go about her work. The pair hadn't moved very far from when they originally moved over to the lounge portion of her office. Britney was still resting with her back against the wall, however was now missing all of her clothes and had one leg draped over Santana's shoulder, who was on her knees directly under the curvy blonde. Very horny and wanting a better view, especially with her declining eye sight, Sue got up from behind her desk and moved closer to the pair. Grabbing one of the chairs that her pupils first sat at when they came into her office, she pulled it up no more than 5 feet away from the hot and heavy action.

One of the first things that jumped out at Sue was how effortlessly Santana went about her business. She loved how Quinn was such an eager lover, but the head cheerleader got by on effort rather than skill. It's true that she was in fact getting better by the passing week, but that didn't change the fact that when Sue first claimed her, she had zero experience. That clearly wasn't the case with the young Miss Lopez who looked as natural between a girl's thighs as she was at singing a ballad in Glee club. She was currently guiding two slender fingers into Britney's wet hole while simultaneously using her tongue to rummage through her pink slit.

"Ugghhhh...mmmm...yesss," Brit screamed out.

"Don't let yourself take all the fun Brit," Sue said. "Repay Santana's good work."

"But I haven't made her cum yet," Santana said from her knees, her mouth covered in juices.

"All in good time my pet," Sue told her. "Now bend over and rest those fine tits on my desk."

"Uwk, fine," Santana conceded while disappointed she didn't make Brit cum yet.

Britney slid her leg off of her girlfriend's shoulder before helping her get back up to her feet. The pair walked the some 10 feet from the lounge area of the room back over to the office area. Brit stood aside and allowed Santana to approach the large wooden desk. Walking up until the tips of her sneakers hit the front, she bent in half at the waist until her excited nipples were resting on the glossy magazine pages that were open on the top of the desk.

"Such a smackable booty," Sue complimented the Latino beauty before giving her a firm slap on the ass.

"Owww," she yelped in response.

"Let's see you in action my newest plaything," Sue said to the naked Britney.

Sinking down onto the floor, Brit was resting on her knees as she crawled the short distance to where her girlfriend was bent over. Although they were being forced to have sex in front of a their psychotic cheerleading coach didn't mean Britney wasn't going to do all that she could to make Santana have a great experience. Now in position behind her girlfriend, the voluptuous blonde ran her hands all over Santana's smooth thighs.

"Mmmm," Santana moaned once she felt her hands up near her naked sex.

Taking her hands off of Santana's legs, Brit clutched her last remaining piece of clothing and flipped the skirt up onto her back, covering the large tattoo of a cross on the lower region of her spine. Now trailing her fingertips in a sensual way back down from her tramp stamp, the leggy blonde gave both of her tight ass cheeks a hearty squeeze in her hands.

Seeing Santana's firm ass for the first time made Sue's pussy the wettest it had been since the two girls started their performance for her. Although not as meaty as Britney's rear or as perfectly rounded into a bubble like that which Quinn possessed, Sue still greatly appreciated her delightful rump. As Brit released her tight grip on Santana's backside and continued to rub the rest of her muscular thighs, Sue took advantage of the freed piece of meat. Cocking back her arm, the cheerleading coach wrenched it forward with great whip causing her open palm to slap against the tanned flesh in a loud collision of skin-on-skin.

"OWWW," Santana yelled in response to the spank. "That really...OWWWWW!"

Sue reacted with lightning quickness as she repeated her original slap with three more of equal strength. Almost immediately four handprints started to form in a red mark on her olive skin. Sue felt a surge of excitement course through her lanky body as she then realized at how much pleasure she derived from physically dominating others. But before she could continuing spanking the foul-mouthed cheerleader, Britney slid her hands back up Santana's legs to cover up her ass and stop further punishment to her lover.

"Young love," Sue commented as she put her hand back in her pocket. "How cute. Now start licking that tight pussy."

Britney didn't want to irk her master anymore then they had already done. Leaning forward, the curvy blonde opened her mouth and latched her lips around the whole of her pink slit. Santana moaned in response as her girlfriend's mouth completely covered her snatch and felt even the slightest of suction being applied. Another louder scream was emitted from the Latino's mouth when she felt Britney's tongue slowly push into her hole.

"Mmmm...ooohhh," Santana whimpered steadly.

The chemistry that the pair shared was quite obvious and electric. Not worrying about how Santana would perceive each different technique, Brit was freely flowing through several tactics. Whether it was using her tongue to probe her pussy with either a finger rubbing her clit or squirming a digit into the hole along with her tongue, Santana screamed with pleasure. Even currently, with two fingers wiggling inside her snatch as well as Brit's tongue lapping at the entrance, Santana had reached her arm behind her to clutch her lover's head and shove it tighter against her body.

Santana wasn't the only one on the receiving end of sexual pleasure. Even though she was resting on the balls of her feet in a position that one could easily lose their balance, Britney was able to use her free hand to pump three fingers into her own pussy. It was an incredible feat by the limber high school girl as she plowed into her own, as well as her girlfriend's pussy at the exact same neck-breaking speed. But Brit wasn't the only one who was fingering her own pussy. The very hot lesbian sex in front of her was too much of the Cheerios' coach to simply just watch. Instead, she had snaked one of her hands under the waistband of her track suit bottoms and was plunging a couple of her own digits into her sensual opening.

"Very, very sexy," Sue groaned her approval. "Now lick her ass."

At this point, as a mixture of fear and understanding her current situation as Sue's sex puppet under her control, Brit was a receptive vehicle for her suggestions. Moving her tongue out from inside Santana's warm snatch, she moved it all the way down to her sensitive clit. After batting the bulbous projection a number of times, much to her lover's vocal amusement, Brit dragged her tongue forward. Licking the entire length of Santana's wet slit, Brit jumped out of that tract and continued to drag her tongue up the Latino's right butt cheek, from her nicely folded cleft all the way to her tramp stamp crucifix tattoo on her lower back. Still blasting both her own and Santana's pussy with her fingers, Brit proceded to lick down her girlfriend's left cheek until ending back at her clitoris.

"Awww...getting close," Santana warned.

"I didn't mean that part of her ass," Sue told her young pupil.

"You mean her...bumhole?"

"The very one and same," Sue smiled while observing Brit's fingers had slowed down.

"Don't worry and just do it Brit," Santana urged. "I don't want you to get spank I'm so close to cumming!"

Brit didn't replied but Sue knew she was going to comply when she observed that her fingers started to thrust back into both their pussies at the original speed she had used. The leggy blonde took a moment to steel her nerves as she stared right at the object of Sue's affection. Although Brit had allowed men to push their cocks and fuck her own asshole, she had never even considered licking someone else's backdoor entrance. However, hearing Santana mention the spanking that Sue had already dished reminded Brit of the pain that her lover experienced so she decided degrading herself was the lesser of two evils rather than be on the receiving end of pain.

With both of her hands repeatedly plowing three fingers into both her and Santana's pussy, Britney took one last look at where her mouth was going. Closing her eyes, the curvy girl leaned in once again until she felt her face being pressed on both sides by each of Santana's plump cheeks. Unable to push any closer to her lover's body, Brit knew she was at the right depth so it was now or never. Extending her tongue like she'd done countless times in the past, it immediately made contact with the Latino's puckered hole for either of their first time.

"Whoa," Santana shrilled due to the unusual feeling of the wet, slippery object contacting her asshole.

Unlike her more experienced girlfriend, Santana had never given a guy the honor of sodomizing her and taking her anal virginity. It's not the situation never presented itself. Most of the guys in high school had watched porn and were excited to see a girl, especially a young, slender girl taking it up the rear. But she had buffered all of their offers and told them that they could use her mouth and pussy to their desires but that hole as off-limits. Yet now she was pressed against her cheerleading coach's office desk and having the girl that she loved licking her butthole out of fear of punishment. However, all things considered with the fingers still probing deep in her pussy eliciting great pleasure, Santana didn't mind the foreign feeling and was still close to her orgasm.

"Oh fuck that's hot," Sue groaned as she found herself masturbating harder and faster while seeing Britney's pretty face smushed into Santana's plump ass.

As Britney repeatedly flicked her tongue against her lover's still tightly clenched asshole, she couldn't decipher who was moaning loader between Sue and Santana. Let did she know that she was also going into the chorus of screams as she steadily pushed herself closer to orgasm by plunging her fingers into her own snatch. Brit was also the closest to cumming but she had made it a rule that she wouldn't finish until after her partner. Needing a catalyst to make Santana cum in a hurry, Brit improvised and tried something new.

"OHH GGOODDDD," Santana yelled as she creamed herself.

Britney couldn't believe that her moment of improvisation had such an immediate and positive effect. Remembering back to the many times she had been on the receiving end of anal sex, it usually caused her pain if the guy didn't know what he was doing and tried just to bury his cock in her colon without warning. But when she was with someone with more thought, she always felt good when they warmed her up first using something smaller, like a finger or a vibrator. And apparently Santana was similar to her as just be having her pinky finger inserted into her rectum while two fingers still pumped into her pussy gave her a powerful orgasm.

Once hearing the familiar screams of her girlfriend, indicating she did indeed cum, Brit released her self-imposed delay of her own orgasm. Taking her tongue from inside Santana's asshole, she slide downward to collect her reward, which was the Latino's sweet tasting juices. Brit came within moments as she slid in a forth finger into her snatch and used the pad of her thumb to rub her clit, causing her to scream her joy deep into her lover's pink hole.

"You two have already proved worthy additions to my new sex gang," Sue told them, having given herself he own orgasm just watching them. "Now get dressed and leave. I have a News segment I need to do tonight."

"But that's it right," Santana asked while standing stark naked in front of Sue. "We're done for good now?"

"Hahaha. Oh sweet and na´ve Santana. You think I'm that easy? One and done? I don't think so! I own you, your horny lover and your friend Quinn for the rest of the year," Sue shared.

"Fuck that. I'm out," the defiant girl shouted. "Take my scholarship but I won't be your pet."

"As if that's the only dirt I have on you," she retorted. "I taped this little tryst and after some editing, it'll show you two having dirty lesbian sex in my office, which you must have had to break in to. I'll circulate it to your parents and online for all to see."

"No! You can't," Brit and Santana replied in unison.

"Then except your fat for the next 365 days and answer my calls when you get them," Sue instructed. "No seriously, get out."


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