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Pairings: Quinn/Santana/Britney

Codes: fff, oral, bmail, toys, exhib

Summary: Sue gets her entire collection together and watches them play together.

Glee: Sue's Imprisoned Crew Part 3
by The Chemist

"It's good to be Sue Sylvester," the older woman thought to herself.

She was of course referring to herself, and why shouldn't she feel lucky. Throughout the course of the summer she had successfully blackmailed three of her most beautiful cheerleaders. The result of which was having them be her willing pets that would follow her orders to the letter out of fear of the consequences. For Quinn Fabray, the head Cheerio with the face of an angel and an ass that had men willing to give up one of their nuts just to get inside it, that meant helping her get into Yale. For Santana Lopez, the fiery Latino with tits as amazing as any you'd ever find, it meant threatening to out her as a lesbian to her conservative family via a sex tape. And to blackmail Britney Pierce, the leggy blonde goddess whose body men would wage war for, was the threat of destroying her and her girlfriend's chance of getting into college on a full scholarship.

Sue was able to secure Quinn's services early in the summer. She was going through some hardships so the manipulative cheerleading coach seized the opportunity and offered Quinn a way out of lowly Lima, Ohio. However, it meant that the head cheerleader had to convert to being Sue's lesbian love slave for the entire year but that was just a small price to pay in order to get to an Ivy League school. Every day after cheerleading practice since there original meeting, Quinn was required to stop by Sue's office and give the older women 30 minutes to an hour of pussy licking, which she carried out with minimal fuss.

After having only just claimed Santana and Britney no more than a week ago, Sue had only been able to see them in action once. When she presented them with their ultimatum, the girls cracked just like she knew they would. Having them under her control, Sue made them make love to each other as she watched on and masturbated beside them. It was an incredibly hot scene and very much left the older woman wanting more.

Unfortunately a week had already gone by and she was yet to have the lesbian pair all to herself again. However, that all changed tonight when she was having not just Britney and Santana over to her house, but also Quinn. Sue figured that all three of the very beautiful high school girls knew of each other's situation but they would find out for certain that they were all Sue's sex slaves quite soon.

Sue lived in a large suite in a condominium in the nicest area of Lima. It was a rather expensive home but Sue did well to save and invest every cent she made while teaching so she was quite comfortable in that department. Normally she was very shrewd and limited the number of people who knew where she lived, but she made exceptions for her submissive trio, who were to meet her any second.

Not surprising, Quinn was the first to arrive at 6:55pm. She had been the ideal pet thus far for Sue and it was well within her character to get to their appointment earlier then what was expected.

"Come on in Goldie Locks," Sue said, inviting the teenager into her home.

Sue had instructed each of her guests what to wear for the evening and was pleased that the petite blonde was thoroughly listening to her at the time. For Quinn, her cheerleading coach told her to wear a short dress, which fit her style perfectly. She opted for one that had white and red stripes with a low-neck line to show off her modest cleavage. The combination of the short skirt length, its tight fit to her body and the black high heels she wore perfectly showed off her toned legs and plump ass.

"You have a very lovely home," Quinn complimented.

Sue loved how polite Quinn was even though she was being forced into having sex with her as it made making the cheerleader do sexual favors all the more hotter. As the teenager sauntered by her, Sue wouldn't have been surprised to find that she was drooling over her sexual slave.

"And you have a very lovely body," Sue replied while giving the younger girl's ass a firm squeeze.

Sue slide her hand up from her favorite toy's impeccable rear all the way to her bare shoulder. Quinn couldn't help but get a shiver of excitement sent up her spine due to the sensual touching. Going downward now, Sue grazed down her arm until taking her hand and leading her into the large living room.

"So can I assume you want the regular," Quinn asked while taking the initiative and dropping down to her knees in front of the couch.

"Not quite what I had in mind for tonight," Sue replied before she was interrupted by her doorbell. "In fact, that's the surprise for you at the door now. And they're only a few minutes late."

Quinn rolled back onto her feet and followed her coach back towards the front door. Sue waited until the pretty blonde girl joined her in the front lobby before she turned the knob and swung open the door.

"Sorry we're late...Quinn?!" Santana started to explain before noticing her fellow Glee club member.

"Santana? Britney? What are you guys doing here," Quinn asked, completely caught off-guard by their appearance.

"Let me interject here if I may ladies and explain. As I'm sure two out of the three of you have already figured out, you're all my personal sex toys," Sue started to say.

"Oh my gosh," Britney gasped.

"Good now everyone knows," Sue continued. "So I've enjoyed you all separately but now I want all my pets to play together for me."

There was a period of silence as Sue's words sunk in with the three 18-year old girls. Even though they all didn't like being forced into doing sexual acts against their will, they were more at terms with doing it to each other. It would make their friendship more awkward but they'd rather make love to one another than with the older, more vicious Sue Sylvester.

"Okay I'm in. I've always wanted to see how you were in bed anyways," Santana said while looking at Quinn.

Quinn was taken aback by her friend's comment. She was surprised partly due to the fact compliments were something she didn't know that Santana was capable of and also because she had no idea that she'd caught her eye. Quinn was use to getting the attention of boys and men alike, but she had no idea that other girls, besides Sue, fancied her as well.

"The living room looked pretty cozy for that," Quinn finally said.

"Let's go then ladies," Sue told them.

Sue left the foray where the four of them were gathered and walked into the spacious room with them following closely behind her. She could feel herself already getting wet underneath her red athletic pants just knowing how obedient they were to her.

The living room was covered in dark hardwood floors, which definitely fit with the darker atmosphere of the space. Along the entire far wall were floor-to-ceiling windows that gave a great view over the modest Lima skyline. However, the real focus of the room was the huge sofa that sat in the middle of the floor and was in the shape of a U, facing an impressive 80" TV screen.

"Think we can put on some cartoons," Britney asked once she saw the large TV.

"I actually had something else in mind," Sue smirked.

All three girls watched as their cheerleading coach clicked the remote for the unit and they appeared on the screen. That's when they noticed the camcorder set on the tripod facing them. Santana and Brit already knew of Sue's fascination with making sex tapes so it came as no surprise to them that the sexually deranged woman was up to her usual tricks again.

"You're going to tape us," Quinn asked.

"Yup. Borrowed the fancy camera from the news station just to be sure this was of the very best quality," she replied. "And my God do you all look sexy tonight."

Santana was dressed head to toe in black. Her upper body was covered by a shirt that looked as though it was painted onto her as it left very little to the imagination by showing off all of her glorious curves. She was also squeezed into a pair of short shorts that even showed the bottom folds of her ass. She was also donning black boots that went up to her knees.

Britney was not to be outdone by her two beautiful friends, as she too was dressed to the nines. Sue gave her suggestions as to what she wanted her simple-minded pupil to wear and the cheerleading coach was quite happy with the result. Britney looked both classy and mouth-watering with her long blonde hair flowing down onto a shiny silver tank top that showed off ample amounts of her deep cleavage. She had managed to pull one the tight pair of skinny jeans possible to showcase her strong thighs and juicy ass. She too, just like Santana, completed her outfit with a pair of black boots, although hers lacked a heel since her long legs already made her as tall as the other two.

"So what do you want us to do," Santana asked her coach.

"All give you a hint. I want to see you guys fuck each other brains out," Sue retorted. "Oops. I just gave you guys the entire answer. My mistake."

"But what specif..."

"Oh for God's sake," Quinn huffed.

Santana had her sentence cut off mid-word by Quinn who had suffered enough of them just standing around. Stepping closer to the fiery dark-haired girl, Quinn clutched the sides of her head and brought her in for a kiss.

Santana was surprised by Quinn's forwardness, especially since she had no idea that the blonde was into girls whatsoever. But once her lips smacked against her own, Santana forgot all about her line of questioning and was very much involved with her friend. For a fraction of a second the thought of stopping the kiss entered her mind as it meant she was cheating on her girlfriend but surely Brit would understand.

But the second Santana felt her friend's tongue brush against her puckered lips, all thoughts of whether it was cheating on Britney vanished from her mind. The Latino parted her lips and met Quinn's probing tongue with her own as the petite blonde entered into her mouth. Santana was so absorbed in their kissing that she wrapped Quinn in her arms and squeezed her tighter so that their two sexy bodies were pressed and grinding up against each other.

"So if I start complaining then I get to make out with you too," Brit asked Quinn with a devious smile.

"I'll make an exception for you," Quinn replied.

Withdrawing her tongue from inside Santana's mouth, the petite blonde disengaged her lips and walked the short distance to where Britney was standing, no more than a few feet away. Brit had already closed down part of the distance in order to quicken their inevitable collision course.

"Can't wait to feel those big lips," Brit commented right before they kissed.

A flicker of a smile appeared on Quinn's face due to the compliment from her lesbian friend. Wanting to live up to the lofty expectations, the petite blonde leaned into Brit with her mouth already slightly gaped.

Quinn's sexual preference was for men and she'd never been with a woman until being forced to do so with Coach Sylvester. That being said, she was already curious about being with girls, especially with her two best friends since they were so sexy and much more sexually liberated than herself.

Just by feeling Britney's lips and tongue was making Quinn's pussy start to wet. As the pair of gorgeous blondes continued to wiggle their tongues against each other, Santana looked on with a mixture of envy and horniness. The Latino girl was quite protective over her girlfriend and hated with a vengeance that she was making out with a girl that she sometimes loathed, but she couldn't help but also be turned on by the scene of the two girls so deeply engaged in kissing one another.

"Alright let's bump this up from the PG rating we have going on at the moment," Sue ordered.

"Great idea," Santana agreed.

The dark-haired student moved in behind her girlfriend and planted her soft lips onto the exposed, sunkissed skin of Britney's upper back. In response to the sensual feeling, Brit kissed harder into Quinn as the two blondes were more or less trying to eat each other's faces with sexual hunger.

"Get this shirt off me," Brit managed to say before accepting Quinn's tongue back in her mouth.

Santana was more than happy to oblige her girlfriend's request. Grabbing the shiny top at the hem, she pulled the garment off her body and over her head, making her and Quinn pause their make out session for a moment. The black bra Britney was wearing was soon unclasped and it too was thrown to the ground.

"Always wanted to feel your tits," Quinn told her.

Quinn was quicker than Santana as her hands shot up to Britney's chest to grope her bare tits. The head cheerleader had secretly admired Brit's boobs for quite some time now as she was no stranger to stealing glances of them in the girl's locker room after the leggy blonde would come out of the shower without a towel.

Santana was disappointed she didn't react faster than Quinn to get a feel of her girlfriend's tits, but she knew it would be a long night and lots of time for that. Plus she knew that Britney had more fun areas to be exposed.

Her hands shot immediately to the button of Britney's skin-tight jeans and made short work of it. Sinking down on her knees to give herself a better mechanical advantage to wiggle the demin off Brit's strong legs, Santana clutched the waistband and began pulling. Luckily her pants came off without much of a struggle and left Britney in only her G-string, which was little more than a thin strand of cloth flossing her firm butt cheeks.

"Damn you girls are the cream of the crop when it comes to bodies," Sue complimented her entrapped pupils.

"Ahhhh...ohhhh," Britney moaned heavily into Quinn's open mouth.

Unable to control herself and wait for Sue's instructions, Santana acted on the situation that was presenting itself to her. Pulling the lace string that was separating Britney's cheeks, she uncovered her girlfriend's snatch in the process. Now with no barrier standing in her way Santana leaned forward and ran her tongue through the entire length of her pink slit, eliciting the young blonde to grunt into Quinn's mouth continuously.

"Can't tell if Santana licking your pussy looks better live or on a huge high definition screen Britney," Sue voiced.

"Need a hand down there Santana," Quinn asked as she started to kiss Britney's neck.

Santana would have replied 'hell no' but she saw out of the corner of her eye how excited Coach Sylvester was at the prospect of having both of them licking Britney's pussy at the same time. Normally she wouldn't have minded opposing an authoritative figure, in fact she loved having the chance, but the last time she disobeyed Sue she was spanked on the ass so hard she had trouble sitting for a few days. Therefore, eager to avoid any fresh set of bruises Santana kept her mouth shot and would accommodate the perky blonde once she eventually made her way down.

Even though Quinn was eagerly looking forward to tasting one of her best friends, she was not going to rush taking in every inch of the taller blonde's perfect body. After kissing down along the nape of her neck, Quinn licked over the girl's collarbone and made a straight line to one of Brit's pokey nipples. They were bright pink and slightly large then her own but Quinn was able to get the entire thing into her mouth then applied suction.

"Mmhm...yes," Brit moaned as her body was on the receiving end of dual stimulation.

Britney was loving the feeling for Santana's warm tongue slicing through her folds while Quinn's mouth rubbed and sucked on her erect nipples. Each time the leggy blonde would sigh with slight disappointment when Quinn would remove her lips from her tits, but she had no intention of leaving as Quinn would merely slide over and take the other nipple into her mouth.

Finally on the third time she switched between her left and right tits, Quinn licked her way down the underside of Britney's boob and continued downward. She greatly admired the great shape that her friend was in, but it came as no surprise to her given that Britney's two favorite activities were dancing and cheerleading. Although her stomach was very flat Quinn was happy to find that it still retained feminine softness rather than have a muscular abdominal that she found sexy on guys, but not so much on girls.

Britney had a shiver go up her spine as Quinn's hands slid down the sides of her body as the petite blonde got on her knees in front of her. Sue watched on from the sofa right beside the threesome as the two girls on their knees mirrored each other. To help give Quinn easier excess to her groin, the flexible girl swung her leg onto the back of the couch so it was well over 90 degrees up in the air.

Quinn now found herself with Britney's clean shaven pussy that was mere inches from her face. Her folds were the same bright pink color that her nipples and were currently being explored by Santana's skilled tongue. Rather then just jumping in and joining the Latino cheerleader in rummaging through Britney's pussy, Quinn took a moment to appreciate the beauty of her sex as it was only the second pussy she'd seen in her life.

"It won't bite you Q," Sue said to the hesitant blonde.

Quinn needed the quick pep talk as it snapped her out of her thought and made her dive right in. Since Santana had her tongue shoved into Britney's hole and was lapping at her inner walls, Quinn stayed north and let her tongue lick over her clit. The contact, mixed with Santana probing her pussy nearly made Britney jump out of her skin as it felt so good for her.

The three other girls had no idea how Britney was able to maintain her balance on only her one leg while being on the receiving end of two very good pussy lickers. Not only that but both Quinn and Santana were in a competition of sorts to prove who was better at getting the leggy blonde off. As it stood now, it was a tight contest to call since Britney was howling like a feral dog at the moon due to the intense pleasure both girls were causing.

Not satisfied with merely licking her folds and sucking on her pink lips, Quinn wanted a chance to dip inside Britney's pussy. One problem with that was Santana was hogging the tasty hole as her tongue hadn't left the void in some time. Determined not to wait any longer Quinn slid down and felt her tongue glide along Santana's top lip then contact the Latino's own tongue.

Santana was surprised by her friend's new approach and also turned on by it. She figured that Quinn was only doing lesbian actions because Coach Sue was forcing her to do it. Even though she knew that was the main reason, Santana was now realizing that Quinn was actually getting into licking pussy, which made her feeling towards the blonde start to warm.

Quinn was surprised when Santana didn't make it harder for her to share Britney's hole, but rather accommodated her. Sue and Britney nearly came on the spot as the two beautiful cheerleaders worked in tandem to lick the inside of the leggy blonde's pussy. The only problem they encountered was that it was hard to get in any oxygen. Pulling out at the same time, Quinn and Santana were still batting their tongues against each other before pushing closer and kissing deeply. It was a very sloppy kiss filled with loads of tongue, which wasn't confined to just the inside of their mouths as they were so wild they were actually licking their faces as often as they were kissing.

"That's so sexy," Sue said with two fingers firmly entrenched in her own pussy. "But put the poor girl out of her misery. She's so close."

"I think I know how to do that," Santana smiled. "Her pussy is all yours now Quinn."

The pair of horny cheerleaders gave each other one last kiss before separating. Quinn was looking forward to showing Britney what she had learnt in her couple months as a lesbian slave to Sue now that she had her entire snatch to herself. Diving her tongue right into her warm sex, Britney was forced to belt out another series of moans as Quinn's tongue licked her entire cavity.

Santana wasn't going to just let Quinn have all the pleasure of giving her girlfriend an orgasm and the Latino had a card up her sleeve. Remembering back to her experience in Sue's office a week ago, Santana was brought blonde to the edge of her orgasm by the leggy but couldn't seem to be pushed over until Sue suggested a radical idea. It worked like a charm and caused Britney to make her cum almost right away.

Santana stuck out her tongue and brushed it against the underside of the portion of Quinn's tongue that wasn't currently filling Britney's pussy. Continuing back from there, Santana rubbed her warm tongue over the small patch of skin right behind her pussy then felt the small grooves of skin that led towards her girlfriend's puckered anus.

"Oh God," Britney screamed as she felt her orgasm within grasp now.

Santana placed one of her hands on each of the leggy blonde's firm cheeks and pulled them apart as much as she could. The separation proved fruitful as it caused Britney's asshole to gape just enough for Santana to squirm her tongue inside. Although licking the inside of someone's asshole wasn't her favorite pastime, the idea no longer disgusted her. Plus since Brit really enjoyed the sensation it gave her to have her rectum licked, Santana was more in favor of rimming her backdoor.

The dual sensation of having a tongue licking inside both her pussy and asshole was too much for Britney's brain to comprehend. With the sensation proving too much for her, Brit arched her back and bellowed out a window-shattering scream to indicate to all that she was in the process of cumming. Quinn immediately stopped licking inside her and just left her tongue waiting inside as it was soon completely coated in Britney's gushing juices.

Santana moved one hand from pulling apart Britney's cheeks so that she could insert two of her fingers into the leggy cheerleader's pussy. She didn't want Quinn to suck up all of her girlfriend's cum so she gathered up some before bringing the fingers to her mouth and sucking the fluid off of them.

"So fucking tasty," Santana commented.

Now wanting more of a taste from her girlfriend since she'd already sucked off any trace of cum from her fingers, Santana pulled her tongue out of Brit's ass for good and rejoined Quinn as the pair shared her pussy with their tongues for a second time in a couple of minutes. They both greedily sought to devour any drops of her sweet juices that were available so they could swallow it down.

Brit rode out the orgasm as long as she could and felt like she gushed more juices out of her then ever before. Unfortunately her body was now depleted of energy and found balancing on the one leg growing increasingly difficult by the second. She let Quinn and Santana lick the inside of her pussy for as long as she could until she literally collapsed to her side and her naked form came to rest on the sofa

With Britney out of the action for the time being as she recovered from her intense orgasm, it was only Santana and Quinn left to keep Sue's attention. Despite being friendly at school, the two girls were not really friends anymore, which made the prospect of making love with each other somewhat awkward. However, even though they no longer liked each other very much, they did find the other girl very attractive.

Rather then wait too long and potentially draw the punishment of Coach Sylvester, who hated to be kept waiting, the two girls approached one another. Both there mouths were covered in the juices from Britney's pussy and orgasm so when they kissed they tasted her on the other's lips. What started as a rigid, tentative kiss soon developed into the two girls in a licking contest as they both searched desperately for any and all traces of Britney's delicious liquid on the other's face or in their mouth.

"As much as I love the girl-on-girl kissing I really want to see you amazing tits Santana. And your traffic-stopping bare ass Quinn that is so perfect I want to build a time machine, bring Michelangelo to this era and commission him to paint it for me," Sue described. "So what I'm saying is I want you two naked and soon!"

"You get your top and I'll pull off your boots," Quinn suggested in her famous nasally voice.

"Leave the boots on," Sue ordered. "I really like them."

Santana and Quinn quickly went about undressing themselves. Normally Sue would have preferred to see the duo strip each other in a passionate, drawn-out scenario, however she was so horny that she just wanted to see the two high school girls naked as fast as possible.

Santana had whipped off her black top and thrown it somewhere behind her before stepping out of her very tight short shorts. Quinn had just finished unzipping the back of her dress but stopped short of taking off because she became mesmerized by the Latino girl standing only feet away. Her large, albeit surgically enhanced tits were held up by a black lacy bra although Quinn doubted that Santana needed the help to stay that perky.

"Finish getting naked and you can do more then stare at me in my underwear," Santana told the stargazing blonde.

The words seemed to snap Quinn out of her daydream. Hooking her thumbs in the straps of her dress, she dragged them off her shoulder and let the garment drop straight to the ground. Unlike Santana, the petite blonde didn't bother wearing any underwear tonight so she was completely naked.

"Damn you are stunning," Sue commented.

Quinn looked like a goddess. Her long blonde hair hung down over her shoulders and part way down her back. Her tits weren't as large as Santana's were, but they fit her petite frame perfectly. Perfectly shaped, firm and capped with small pink nipples, they hung very perky in front of her with no sign of sag whatsoever. Her waist tapped before her hips rounded out her into the ideal hourglass figure. With her pussy cleanly shaven, much like Britney's was, her bright pink pussy stood out like a lighthouse beacon on a dark night.

Annoyed that Quinn was stealing all of the attention Santana finished undressing as well. She unclasped her bra and threw it away before stepping out of her thong to leave her only wearing the knee-high boots that Coach Sylvester was so fond of.

"I love your tits," Quinn admitted. "I look at them all the time in the shower."

"Now's your chance to do something about it," Santana told her. "Whoooaa!"

Santana was surprised by how quickly the naked blonde girl closed the distance between them and tackled her onto the couch behind her. They landed just a few feet away from Britney's head but the exhausted girl didn't stir, not even for a second. Santana landed with her ass near the edge of the seat, leaving her in a reclined position. Quinn's body was now rested against Santana's legs and her mouth was already latched onto one of the Latino's perky nipples.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," Quinn admitted again.

Quinn broke her suction and licked her way down the side of her tit until her face was now placed between each of Santana's large boobs. The busty cheerleader gave her friend a treat by squeezing her chest together and shaking her upper body from side to side. After a minute or so of motorboating her fellow Glee club member, Quinn emerged from her cleavage with the biggest smile she'd ever dawned.

"Now eat me," Santana told the happy blonde.

"Gladly," she replied.

Quinn dropped to her knees in front of the olive-skinned girl who had spread her legs to accommodate her. Santana grabbed a hold of one of Quinn's hands that was just resting on her thigh, brought it to her mouth and lightly sucked on two of her fingers. Once she transferred enough spit onto them she brought her friend's hand to her crotch and inserted them into her pussy.

"My pussy is pretty tight, huh," Santana commented as the sexy blonde struggled to get both fingers inside her.

Quinn was persistent and did manage to sandwich her fingers into her tight pussy. She always thought Santana was a slut so she was quite surprised to find that she wasn't a whole hell of a lot looser. Cocking back her hand, Quinn repeatedly drove her hand in and out of Santana's hot wet sex while the olive-skinned girl swayed her hips to aid her.

With her hand occupying her hole, Quinn brought her mouth down to Santana's clit and batted the throbbing projection with her tongue. She knew she was doing a good job as Santana let go of her wrist so that both her hands could be used press her head further against her body.

For a girl that had only been sleeping with girls for a couple of months, Santana had to admit that Quinn really knew her way around a pussy. The Latino cheerleader looked down at her pretty friend and clenched onto her hair and moaned loudly.

"Need to get a taste," Quinn announced after a couple minutes of licking her swollen clit and sliding two fingers into her friend's sopping wet pussy.

She removed her fingers from her dripping hole and dragged her tongue down through her folds. Once her tongue was aligned over her hole she slowly dipped inside. Rather then just shove all the way into her, Quinn teased her by only licking the very entrance. It still was enough to continue to make her Latino friend moan but she knew that she could make her feel even better. Losing control and tossing her teasing approach aside, Quinn pushed her tongue as far into Santana's pussy as it would go.

"Oh yes!! Fuck," Santana spewed out a stead chorus of moans and curse words due to Quinn's no-hold-barred tactic.

Quinn was licking her friend as hard as she could while Santana was bucking her hips against her face. The blonde's pretty face was pressed so firmly against Santana's sex that her nose was actually resting on her sensitive clit. Quinn became aware of it and started to twist her head about so that she was now rubbing the swollen nub and eliciting greater pleasure from her friend. Stealing a quick glance up at Santana's face she saw that her mouth was hanging wide open as she let loose the loudest scream of the night.

"UUNNNGGGHHH Santana screamed as her body started to lightly tremble as her orgasm spread throughout her tight body.

Quinn held her tongue steadily in her pussy to catch all the tasty nectar that the olive-skinned girl was leaking out. It was similar to Britney's juices in that it was sweet and delicious, but it had a different flavor that was unique to her. Satisfied that she collected all of the cum that was available, Quinn slipped her tongue out of her hole and savored the sight of a panting, naked Santana.

"Here, have a taste," Quinn offered while climbing up the Latino's slim body and giving her a kiss.

Santana was still a bit dazed but had enough sense to part her lips and accept her friend's tongue inside her mouth. The blonde rubbed her own tongue over Santana's taste buds then actually spit in her mouth to be sure that Santana had the chance to taste her own pussy.

"I taste pretty damn good," Santana said as she swallowed down the mixture of nectar and spit.

"Santana, since you did so well today, why don't you lick more asshole," Sue instructed, not allowing the tired girl any time to rest.

"Fine," Santana agreed. "Bend over Brit."

"Not one her," Sue corrected. "I want to see your pretty little face pressed between Quinn's firm cheeks with your tongue that's so skilled in insulting others planted right up her puckered hole."

"But Coach," Quinn started to protest.

"Oh just shut up Quinn. I promise you'll like it. At least I did," Santana argued. "Now get that really fine ass up in the air so I can stick my tongue in it."

Quinn would have protested more but she knew there was no point. When Coach Sylvester ordered something of them, they didn't have a choice but to give in to her. She didn't want anything ever going up her ass because she was of the belief that it should only be a one-way street. However, it appeared that Coach Sue had an anal perversion so Quinn knew it would have to be something she got over.

Quinn got off of the ground and stepped onto the sofa. Getting back onto her knees she draped her upper body over the top of the couch so her perky boobs were pressed against the cool leather. She felt Santana get in position behind her as she placed her hands on either side of her hips. Quinn couldn't help but get more aroused when she felt her fingertips glide over the skin of her ass on there way to the crack.

"You gotta relax Q," Santana told her.

She had to admit that allow she was turned on a bit, she was also nervous. The very thought of someone probing her backdoor with their tongue didn't exactly put her mind as ease. However, at this point she was more curious and horny then stressed so she took a few long, deep breathes and tried to remove any of her worries.

"That's better," Santana said once she saw the blonde's puckered hole wield.

Still gripping Quinn's cheeks tightly to keep them pulled apart, the Latino beauty stuck out her tongue and leaned forward. Coach Sylvester was hovering right over Santana's shoulder so that she had the perfect bird's eye view at the exact moment her tongue wormed its way into Quinn's asshole.

"Aawwwhh," Quinn groaned with a mix of unfamiliarity and pleasure.

Santana had barely managed to wedge an inch of her tongue into her friend's barely gaping rectum before her progress was halted. Working with what she had, the olive-skinned beauty wiggled her tongue in all directions to lick all the walls of the moaning girl's bowels. Even though her tongue was inside someone's asshole rather then a mouth, Santana just imagined that she was deeply kissing her girlfriend instead.

Any reservations that Quinn once had were now gone. The blonde cheerleader absolutely loved the unusual sensation of having her once taboo hole probed by Santana's expert tongue. Of course Quinn wasn't the only one getting off by the backdoor licking because Sue was feverishly pumping her own fingers deep within her snatch at the sight of Santana's pretty face sandwiched between Quinn's glorious ass.

The two girls were so wrapped up with themselves that they didn't have the faintest clue that Sue had left her long serving post on the sofa. The older woman hated to tear herself away from the action but she was rocked with an idea that she knew would make the night even better. She stood up from the couch and sprinted to the back bedroom and started rummaging around for the object she so desperately crazed.

"Here. Use this on each other," an out of breath Sue told them.

The two girls looked up and were amazed to find their cheerleading coach holding an unusually shaped black dildo in her hand. The object would have easily measured 20 inches in length and also had a girth that would put most men to shame. But what made it stand out even more was the fact that both ends were shaped like a male's cock.

"What is that," Quinn asked.

"Double-ended dildo. Man you are totally na´ve when it comes to girl-on-girl action," Santana informed her. "It's a thing of beauty too."

"I want to see you guys use it one each other," Sue told them. "Right here on my Persian rug in front of the camera."

Both girls got up from their places on the sofa and walked over to the large patterned rug that Sue had told them about. Quinn followed Santana's lead since she didn't have any experience with that sex toy so once the Latino girl got onto her hands and knees she did that same.

"No turn around Quinn," Santana instructed. "So that we're back to back."

"More like ass to ass," Sue piped in.

Quinn's face went a shade of red since she felt so embarrassed for being the most inexperienced girl present at the party. Turning around, she was now facing the opposite direction and then backed up until the two girls asses were now pushed together.

"Look alive Brit," Sue called over to the resting girl.

The leggy blonde sprung to life, apparently fueled enough from her rest after her massive orgasm. Quickly walking over to her coach, she took the large toy from her and moved over to where her two fellow Glee club members were. As per Coach Sylvester's instructions, Brit separated the two girls enough so that she could place an end of the dildo against each of their entrances.

Santana knew how the toy worked so was the first to push her booty back against it. Her pussy was pretty tight so rather than her end fitting inside her, it was met with resistant. Instead, the end butted against Quinn's snatch was forced backward with the force from Santana and entered into the blonde's hole.

"Holy fuck it's so big," Quinn cursed as the large dildo sliced into her tight pussy.

Quinn was no virgin but she wasn't exactly a slut either so her pussy was far from loose. Having Santana push back and impale the first 6 inches of the thick cock was quite uncomfortable but not altogether painful since she was so wet still. She started to feel better as some of the length was being withdrawn until Santana pushed back again and exactly half of the length of the long toy entered her.

Quinn felt the toy butt right up against the back of her pussy and knew she couldn't take any more without it causing her some pain. Taking the same tact that Santana was using, the blonde waited for her friend to rock forward before she acted. Quinn dug her hands against the floor and pushed backwards towards Santana with all her might.

"Awwhhh," Santana grunted as it was now her turn to be pierced by the enormous dildo.

"That's better Quinn. You got it now," Sue encouraged. "And Brit I want you to finish me off."

With both girls now having a firm grasp on how the toy worked, it was quite the spectacular for the horny cheerleading coach. Britney had already yanked down her pants and underwear, which were now bunched around her ankles.

"Ohhh," she moaned in response to a long lick through folds.

It was now a race against time to see who would be the first to orgasm. Santana and Quinn were now in full swing as they were rocking back into each other in sync. They were both working up a thin layer of sweat on their bodies which made them glisten in the light while they pulled forward so only the very tips were submerged in their pussies. After letting it rest for a second they would push back into each other and take 10 inches each into their holes, stopping only because their asses collided with enough force to cause them both to jiggle.

They weren't going to cum first though. Britney was no slouch when it came to eating pussy and was doing a great job in pushing Sue close to her long awaited orgasm. It didn't require a great deal of Britney's skill though since Coach Sylvester had been fingering herself for over an hour as she watched the high school girls fuck each others brains out. Once the leggy blonde took her tongue from deep within her 50-year-old pussy and used it to flick her pussy, it was all Sue needed.

"Ohh God," Coach screamed as her long awaited orgasm ripped through her body.

While Britney was sucking up all the cum that Sue's pussy was spewing out to her, the action on the other side of the room was also winding down. Both Santana and Quinn were not only feeling their arms start to burn with fatigue, but they wouldn't have been surprised to find they were bruised all over their cheeks since they'd been ramming their asses together for the better part of 10 minutes.

"Yes Quinn...keep going," Santana willed her on. "I'm going cum soon."

The blonde knew that she was getting close to her orgasm too. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Quinn put her head down and summoned all the energy she had left in reserve. Shifting around so that she took the weight off her arms by now resting on her elbows and forearms, it allowed her exhausted arms to take a break at the expense of added work to her thighs.

"Mmmm....awwhh...ugghh," Quinn let out a chorus of moans as the new position caused her end of the fake cock to rub new areas of her pussy.

"Go help them my pet," Sue instructed Britney.

The leggy cheerleader turned around and crawled over to where her two friends were fucking each other's brains out. She thought about squirming her way under Santana so that she could lick her while the huge cock pounded into her hole, but then she'd not be able to give Quinn any attention.

"Help me out babe...I'm so close," Santana said to her girlfriend.

Thinking quickly, which tended not to be one of her strong suits, Brit sprang into action. Rather then focus on only one of the girls Brit decided to give them both something at the same time. Reaching an arm under each of her friends, she snaked her hand upwards until her fingers brushed against their wet folds. With a little more searching she found their clitoris and started to rub them with a passion.

"UUGGHHHHH," Santana screamed immediately as the extra stimulation was all she needed to get her second orgasm of the night.

Santana had slowed down pushing back against Quinn but it didn't matter too much for the petite blonde. The tip of the dildo was rubbing right against a very sensitive spot in her snatch that it didn't matter very much that the fake cock wasn't slamming into her as hard as it was before.

"AAWWWHHHH," Quinn yelled as she too creamed herself.

As though it was an Olympic sport, the pair of exhausted singers collapsed to the ground in perfect synchronicity. They laid panting on the large rug face down huffing and puffing while Britney had retrieved the double-ended dildo from their snatches and was cleaning it off of all their tasty juices.

"Bravo," Sue told the trio, even giving them applause. "You can take a shower and get home before your parents start asking any unwanted questions."

Britney was the first to pop up to her feet. Santana and Quinn were obviously moving much slower than their friend but they had at least managed to roll over onto their backs. The leggy singer offered them her hand and helped them get back upright. Quinn and Santana were very grateful for Brit helping them up to her feet because they both found the prospect of standing to be quite challenging. While the three of them headed off for a much-deserved shower, Sue went over to the camcorder that she'd borrowed from the news station and turned it off.

"This is going to have some serious replay value," Sue chuckled to herself. "Hell, I think this will take over as my new Friday night routine."


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