Glee: Part 1 - Brittany And Santana's First Time (ff,first)
by Luke Altman

Brittany and Santana stumbled drunkenly into Santana's room at three in the morning of a Friday night after their regional cheerleading competition.

"Blame this on the alcohol, but you are so HOT right now," Santana giggled.

"You, too," Brittany said.

They began to kiss, slowly, deeply and passionately. Off came their shirts, then their skirts, leaving them in panties and sports bras. Kissing again, they sprawled across the bed, laughing and kissing up a storm.

Brittany's sports bra went first, and Santana began moving down from her face to her neck, then nipples, then stomach (with particular emphasis on her belly button), and slid her panties off her shaved pussy. She then began to lick it furiously, making sure to get as much spit as possible on her. Brittany began moaning her head off, which quickly turned to cries of ecstasy.

"Can't hold... back. Gonna... cum," she cried.

She squirted up a shower in Santana's mouth. Santana lapped up every drop of it, relishing the taste.

"My turn," Santana said. She pulled off her bra, too, and then pulled down her panties, showing her wild, hairy bush.

She then kneed herself over to Brittany's head, being careful not to step on anything, and said, "Eat me out. I want your tongue in my vag so bad I won't sleep with you tonight if you don't."

Brittany complied, causing Santana to moan profusely and Brittany to gag a bit on her pubic hair. However, Britt got used to this soon, as Santana came in a matter of seconds, the thought of being ate out by another girl too much for her.

After Brittany was done drinking Santana's juices, they cuddled and kissed passionately, and then drifted off to sleep.

(The next morning...)

Santana woke up, feeling like she was going to barf very soon and nursing a humongous hangover. When she saw what was next to her, she almost had a heart attack, which was worsened by the fact both of them were nude.

"What the hell happened last night?" she asked Brittany, who was also woken up by this point, who was also rubbing her temples.

"I don't know, but I know we were great together," Brittany said.

"I have a feeling I enjoyed it, too," Santana said. "That is so... horrible."

Suddenly, she felt a lurching in her stomach, and, making no attempt to hide the fact she was still naked, ran to the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom, and began puking her guts out (in the toilet, thank god, she thought to herself).

Coughing, she made room for Brittany, who also ran at full speed to the toilet, disregarding that it was already full of water and vomit. Brittany flushed the loo, and the two nude girls looked awkwardly at each other for a minute, before Santana spoke up.

"Let's never speak of this, all right?"

"With my brain, I can't promise anything."

To be continued in "Sectionals"


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