Golden Girls: The Decision
by KHenne3572 ([email protected])

Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, Rose arrived home from Sophia's 80th birthday
party. It had been setup by Dorothy ex husband Stanley. She had divorced him
after 38 years of marriage. The last 3 years of the marriage were the worst.
They seperated and her mother Sophia had a stroke. The stroke has forced
Dorothy to put her mother into a nursing home. Stanley had a business that
was brought out by a larger company. The money he made from the sale he paid
off his debts and brought a engagement ring for the girl he was seeing.
Sophia had recovered well from the stroke she still limped walking. Stanley
had started to visit her in the home.

One day during a visit the nurse came in to check on Sophia and her roommate.
When the nurse leaned over Stanley get a great look at her tits. This gave
him a hardon which Sophia noticed. She told Stanley "I can help you with your
problem there if you help me."

Sophie gave Stanley a great blowjob he now knew where Dorothy had gotten her
techinque from. When they finished she told him I need for you to get me out
of here.

He worked on the problem while getting weekly blowjobs from Sophia. One day
he overheard a maintaince telling his co-worker they need to replace the
entire electric system in this place.

Stanley was able to start an electric fire in her room. When they evacuated
her floor Stanley grabbed her and drove to his house. She was so happy to be
out of that horrible place that she slept with him. It was an experience for
both of them. Sophia had not been with a man in 15 years. He was slow with
her and gave her great pleasure. When she awoke the next day she felt great.
He seemed to have a bounce in his step.

Stanley dropped her off 1 house away from her daughter lived. When Dorothy
answered the door she was shocked to see her mother there. She was unaware of
the fire that had completely destroyed the building. Stanley arrived shortly
afterward. Dorothy was socialable to him which was a change for him. He was
introduced to Blanche and Rose.

The nursing home called Dorothy a short time later telling her about the fire
and saying her mother was among the missing. She called the nursing home back
the next day telling them "her mother was safe and staying with her."

A few weeks went by and everything seemed to fall into place. Blanche came
home from lunch one day and passed by Dorothy's room. There was moaning
coming from the room. It was familar to Blanche. She looked into the room and
there was Sophia riding Stanley. Stanley moaned to her "he was cumming" he
blews 3 loads into Sophia. Blanche saw Stanley had at least 8 inches. She
quickly went to her room and masturtbated to an intense orgasm.

When she saw Sophia just before dinner she had the look of a satisfied women.
Sophia was 77 yrs old and getting laid from a 60 year old man.

A few days later Dorothy was leaving for work and catches Blance making out
hot and heavy with Stanley in his car. It surprises her but she doesnt say

That night she had a hard time sleeping. It was something she had not done in
2 months but aways helped her sleep. She looked over at her mother and slowly
started to masturbate. She got worked up quickly and moaned a little louder
then she wanted to.

When she finally climaxed she was surprised at who she was thinking about. It
was both Stanley and Blanche. She wondered what a threesome would be like
with them.

When she met Blanche she was intirued by the women she just oozed sex. As for
Stanley there sex life had been pretty good over the years. He just started
sharing it late in there marriage.

She turned her head and met her mother eyes. Sophia told her, "If you need
help getting off I will help you." She told her daughter she had witnessed a
few sex acts between staff and patients. She had been felt up and had made
out with her nurse a few times and given a few blowjobs.

Dorothy leaned over and kissed her mother softly. The passion increased and
stopped about 15 minutes later. She told her Stanley is a good fuck and you
could use a good lay. She told Dorothy, "The fire started in my room and
Stanley got me out and took me to his apartment. I think his reward of a roll
in the sack was appropiate for getting me out of that hellhole."

Dorothy told her mother "When I get back I'll give a reward too."

She left to go to the bathroom as she passes Blanche's room she hears her say
"Fuck me harder."

The bed was slamming into the wall at a fast pace. When she comes out of the
bathroom there is Stanley coming out of Blanche's room. It was a shock for
both of them amd both mumble a quick hello and went on there seperate ways.

Dorothy spend the 30 minutes kissing and touching her mother. Sophia then
asked her "to eat me out." It was something she had no experience doing but
did it well for the first time her mother told her afterward.

Chapter 2

Rose brought the dog into the house without asking Blanche since it was
house. It took Blanche 5 minutes to tell Rose to take the dog out of the
house. Rose tighted the dog up in the yard and pack a bag for a few days
stay. She went and stayed at the house of the dog owner.

The dog loved Rose. The dog was a 3-year-old german shepard. That night Rose
had trouble sleeping due to a strange bed. The dog Max climbed into bed with
her and Rose fell asleep petting him.

She dreamed that night of her teenage years when she learned about
lesbianism. The day it happened she was with her best friend Barbara. The
girls were 15 and just finished their freshman year in school. The girls had
been masturbating, kissing and touching for about a month. They were going to
spend there first night together. It was a night neither of them would
forget. They both reach stronger orgasms then ever before.

Barbara also taught Rose about her dog. She watched as Barbara got licked by
her dog. Barbara had the wildest orgasm that Rose ever saw. Rose was willing
to try it. The dog gave Rose her greatest orgasm.

That summer both girls lost there virginity to the dog. The girls did it 3
times each with the dog and learned how to give blowjobs to the dog by
practicing on him one day. The relationship ended just after the school term
started and Barbara moved away. It was the worst day for both girls in there
young lives.

When she awoke the next morning she knew she had to have the dog fuck her.
Rose prepared properly for the night. She bathed and shaved herself bald.
Max gave her an incredible night of pleasure.

The next morning she had Blanche over for breakfast who noticed Rose was
glowing. Blanche first thought she had spent the night with Stanley. She had
been fucked twice and licked on to numerous orgasms. She poured coffee for
Blanche and sat in the living room talking. Max came into the living room
slowly. He went over to Blanche and stuck his nose in her crotch. She ignored
the dog for about a minute and then told him to go away. He lied on the floor
and rolled onto his back and showed his hardon to Blanche.

Rose noticed that Blanche seemed to be staring at the dog. Rose told Max "Go
into the kitchen and be a good boy."

She noticed that Blanche's nipples were rock hard and straining against her
bra and blouse. Rose found herself becoming aroused. She took Blanche cup
into the kitchen to get more coffee. Blanche followed her into the kitchen
and stood behind Rose. Rose poured the cup and turned around to face Blanche.
They stared deeply at each other for about 30 seconds. Blanche reached up and
grabbed Rose face and kissed her softly.

Rose returned the kiss and buried her tongue into Blanche 's mouth. The kiss
broke off after about 3 miutes, Rose asked her "Why didn we wait so long."

Blanche told her "I thought I would scare you off."

They made there way to the bedroom. It was a dream come true for Rose. She
had been masturbating 1-2 times a week thinking about Blanche.

Blanche was eating out Rose when Max came into the room. Max jumped onto to
the bed and quickly mounted Blanche. Rose was holding Blanche's head to her
pussy. Blanche was shocked by what was happening. It took her about 2 minutes
to start to enjoy it.

Max fucker her hard and deep for about 20 minutes. Blanche was in heaven she
had enjoyed being fucked like this. She was very vocal and Rose was enjoying
watching this. When Max blew his load Blanche was reliefed. It took Max about
10 minutes to finally slide out of Blanche.

She told Rose "We cannot tell anyone about this."

Blanche relaxed on the bed as she watched Rose give Max a blowjob. They
shared the cum during a deep kiss.

Blanche told Rose "This is my first time with a dog."

Rose told her "My best friend and I both lost our virginity to her dog. We
did it 3 times that summer."

Blanche gave Max a blowjob which made the dog howl.

Chapter 3

Dorothy and Sophie shower together and Sophia fisted her daughter to a
intense orgasm. Sophia made breakfast for them afterward. While they were
eating breakfast Blanche came in and they both noticed the glow. They
figured she had spent the night with Stanley.

When Rose arrived 2 days later they noticed she seemed depresed. She told
them "I'm fine just a little tired."

That night she told the girls she was going to bed early she looked at
Blanche and pointed to the left shoulder. It was a secret code that had
worked out on which room to go to and who would be in charge. They waited
until Dorothy and Sophia had gone to bed.

Rose went to Blanche's room and spent the night. Blanche made Rose her
mistress. She learned to please Blanche by doing whatever she wanted. Rose
enjoyed having the anal plug in her. Within a week she stopped wearing
panties like Blanche.

One night Sophia knocked on Blanche's door when she got no answer she opened
the door and stopped in her tracks. Sophia backed out of the room and went
and got Dorothy. They re-entered the room and there was Rose eating out
Blanche with a dildo in her ass. They backed out of the room and she told
Sophia, "We will talk to them in the morning."

The next morning while at breakfast the ladies where talking when there was
a knock on the door. Dorothy answered the door and there was Stanley very
upset and crying. His fiancee had been killed a few hours earlier leaving a
club. She was a hit and run victim and died in the hospital. Stanley had
gotten a call from her finacee best friend who was a witness. He rushed over
to the hospital and was there when the doctors came out from the operating
room and told her "she passed away they couldn't save her".

They consoled him the best they could. A few hours later he was making love
with his ex-wife. It was the best that either of them had in a long time.

He visited there during the wake and funeral. He slept with both Blanche and
Rose during his short stay. When he slept with Rose she moaned "Yes daddy
your the best." They reached orgasm together which surprised him.

At the funeral Stanley had a hard time keeping his composure. He didn't go
to the burial.

When the girls arrived back at the house Dorothy and Stanley were not there.

They showed up the next day both very relaxed. The girls wanted answers.
She told them "We talked, made love and had dinner with his ex-fiancee's
family." The family knew that Stanley had straightned out there daughter
from her wild and dangerous beheavior. "When we got back home we made love
two more times and he drove me home this morning."

The girls all agreed that Stanley knew how to love a woman.

Blanche and Dorothy locked eyes a few times and Blanche caught Dorothy
staring at her breasts and her nipples were erect. When Dorothy looked at
Blanche again she was staring at Dorothy licking her lips.

Sophia had gone bed earlier then usual. She told Dorothy she was tired.
Dorothy sat in the living room thinking. She was confused about something.
She had spent the last week with Stanley which had been very good. The
thought of Stanley got her body purring. It was something she needed to try.

The walk down the hall took longer then normal. She knocked on the door
softly. The door opened quickly and she entered Blanche's room. They looked
at each other and saw two different things. Blanche saw someone who was
curious to see what the other side was like. Dorothy saw a tigeress stalking
around looking for her next conquest. Blanche approached Dorothy grabbed her
and kissed her hard. Dorothy fought it for about 30 seconds and then relaxed.

The kiss broke off after 5 minutes. It was the sweetest kiss she had ever
gotten. This convinced her this is what she wanted. They kissed and stripped
each other slowly. When Blanche brought Dorothy off 45 minutes later it was
the most intense orgasm she ever had in her life.

Dorothy told Blanche "Yes I love having your dirty slutty mouth on my pussy."

The ladies spent the next 30 minutes lying in each other's arms. Dorothy
rolled over and kissed Blanche for a few minutes. She whispered to her "You
might have to help thru this."

Blanche told her "Do what I did to you."

She spent the next 30 minutes working Blanche into a frenzy.

Blanche told Dorothy "Don't stop please don't fucking stop I'm cummingggg."

She held Dorothy's head as her pussy erupted like a volcano. She squirted cum
past the lenght of the bed. Dorothy drank up as much cum as she could. She
cleaned up her face and eyes.

She told Blanche "I have never seen anyone cum like that in my life."

Blanche told her "Most men pull out and watch it happen. That's why I have
rubber sheets on the bed."

"Dorothy your a natural at eating pussy."

Dorothy and Blanche spent a week together she was taught about and with sex
toys. She loved having the benwa balls in here and the anal beads. Blanche
taught her the secret to having great anal sex was to take a enema before
engaging. Dorothy did it and Blanche fucked her with a 12" strap-on dildo
and Dorothy had a orgasm which shocked her.

Rose walked in one night when Blanche was pulling out the Benwa balls from
Dorothy pussy. Dorothy then ate out Rose and found out what a slut she had
become with Blanche's assistance. Blanche then gave Rose the golden shower
she came to recieve that night. On Blanche and Dorothy's last night together
they gave each other a golden shower.

The next day they worked out a sleeping schedule. That night Sophia has her
first threesome with Rose and Blanche.

Stanley and Dorothy came home from a date a few nights later. They starting
making out on the couch. Dorothy went into the bathroom and when he came out
he found Stanley standing by her bedroom staring into the room. Rose was
eating out Sophia on the bed. He was turned on quickly. He wanted to know if
she was aware of what was going on. Sophia yelled at him to get out.

Dorothy took him to the couch and told him how things got started. Stanley
had slept with all of the them about 2 months ago in a one week period. She
told that the furnace broke down one night and they had to sleep together.

Dorothy said "You know how sometimes things happen."

"The next morning we didn't have any regrets."

Stanley asked her "Why didnt you do this during our marriage".

She ignored the question as Blanche came in from a date.

She asks "What is going on."

Dorothy tells her "Stanley walked in on Rose and mom in bed together and he
knows how it started."

Blanche asked him "What will it take for you to keep you mouth shut."

Stanley looks at both of them and says "A threesome with you two."

Dorothy walks over to Blanche and kisses her for about 2 minutes. They break
off the kiss and tell "Ok, we will do it."

The next morning the girls walk out holding hands into the kitchen. They are
thanking each other for a great night and said I think Stanley help out a

Blanche starts cooking breakfast and Dorothy is setting the table. Rose and
Sophia come out a few minutes later and sit down at the table.

Sophia asks "What the hell was stanley doing in my room last night?"

Dorothy tells her "He was getting ready to sleep with me." She also tells the
girls "He is aware of everything about our relationships."

They finish the breakfast and rose is doing the dishes when Stanley come out
of Blanche's room.

Dorothy makes his breakfast and he tells them "I'm taking you all out for

At dinner that night he proposes servcing them one night a week either alone
or a threesome it didn't matter to him.

This became there life for the next few years.


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