Good Witch: The Good Witch's Daughter (Ff,inc,herm,anal,magic)
by Dr. Demented 666

Grace was fooling around with her mother's portion trunk when she came across a bottle labeled 'Growth Elixor'. She couldn't quite figure out what this was but she smelt of it and it was minty and had herbal graphics on the bottle. The bottle said to take 1 ounce before each playtime, so she figured it was something her Mom would give to help kids out at the playground with strength and what not if they were being bullied. Grace decided to see how it worked and downed the whole 5 ounce bottle at once, hoping for some sort of super strength or enhanced ability.

She would find out soon enough how enhanced as she became dizzy and feeling very erotic. Within a minute she felt a throbbing urge and sensation growing in her pants. She looked down to see a tremendous bulge sliding down her pant leg and she quickly took all her clothes off since she was having severe hot flashes as well. Grace was in utter disbelief as she looked down at an amazing 12" erection that was at least 2" in girth and veins popped out along its topside.

Grace didn't know what to do or how to reverse the problem. She was only 16 and never experienced sex or feelings like this before, but her desires grew more intense as her shaft hardened to the point it felt like shattering. She touched her newly formed cock that emerged from where her pussy once was and it sprang upward and smacked against her stomach. She did it several more times, listening to the sound similar to a whip cracking.

Her mom, Cassie, quickly ran into the room with a worried look, "What's going on up here...Oh my God! Grace! What have you done!"

"I don't know, I drank this bottle that said 'Growth Elixor' on it and this happened...I didn't know this...Look at it, Mom!"

"I see it! You drank the whole bottle?" Her Mom sort of smiled with a chuckle as she asked her daughter.

"Yeah...What do I do?"

"There's only one thing you can do....Have sex." Her Mom stated.

"SEX!?" Grace shouted back in disbelief.

"Mmmmm Hmmmm....That potion is for when you have sex and it gives a woman a male penis for the unique experience of having a male orgasm. It's the only way to have it go down and disappear rather shortly rather than a whole week if you don't have sex." Her Mom exclaimed.

"A week! I can't stay like this for a week!" Grace shouted.

"It's ok, it doesn't have to last a week if you have sex. I can help you if you want?" Cassie stated to her daughter.

"Help me? You're my Mom, you can't...I mean, like that." Grace stated.

Cassie smiled and shrugged her shoulders and as she left her daughter naked in her bedroom with her raging erection she looked back over her shoulder and said: "You know where I'll be if you change your mind."

Cassie headed to her bedroom and snuggled into bed in her tight pajama bottoms and top and began to read a book. About an hour later Grace burst through the door with a beat-red face and her cock sticking straight out and still hard...

"Ok, Mom...I'll do it. Just get it to go down for me, I can't take it anymore!" Grace exhaulted.

Cassie stood and removed her pajamas slowly, letting her daughter see her voluptuous body with its shapely curves, full round breasts with erect nipples, long model-like legs, perfect ass, gorgeous smile and face, long flowing black hair, and the prettiest; most well-groomed bush she has ever seen.

Grace's heart throbbed as her Mother approached her and took her by her cock, using it like a leash and leading her to the bed where she got on her back and opened her legs...

"Do you know what to do, Grace?" Cassie asked of her daughter.

"I think so." Grace stated as she got onto the bed between her Mom's legs and slowly rubbed her hard-on into her soft pubic mound.

Cassie smiled as her daughter expressed pleasure and gratitude for her mother. Grace pushed the head of her cock firmly at the now dripping pussy slit of her Mom and slid it into her fully. Both their jaws at the same time dropped open, her mother gasping and arching her back as Grace expressed herself with girly squeals while stating: "It's so tight, Mom. God! You're so wet and hot inside."

"I know, honey...You're doing it to me. Lay down on me, Grace. Lay down on me and make love to me." Her Mom pleaded.

Grace lowered herself onto her mother and their lips met for the first time in a sexual way. Cassie flicked her tongue coyly over Grace's lips, coercing them open and than Frenching her in heated pleasure as her daughter took her again and again in bed. Cassie lifted her legs and hooked them around her daughter's waist as she fucked her, making her squirt on Grace's cock and coat her smooth legs in her mother's orgasm.

Grace's eyes sprang open as she felt the beginning of her first orgasm, her eyes becoming watery and emitting little chirps with each pulse of her huge cock in her mother...


"I know, honey....Let it all go...Let it all cum inside me...GRACE! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE FILLING ME WITH YOUR LOVE! KEEP IT CUMMMMMING!" Cassie squealed to her daughter as she continued her creampie for the next 30 seconds of continuous cum spurting and throbbing into her mother.

Finally Grace's orgasm subsided and she laid atop her Mom gazing into her dilated pupils and softly kissing her as she slowly withdrew her cock from her Mom's pussy; not by a backward pull of her hips but by the fact the sex reversed the potion's effects.

Then Grace did the unthinkable, Cassie thought the little sex session was over until Grace licked her way down her Mother's body and began to gulp her cum from her Mom's pussy. Cassie arched her back as she felt a sensation she hadn't for decades. A penis was growing from her pussy from the insemination her daughter just gave her.

"GOD! GRACE! Your cum gave birth to a dick in me! I can feel it GROWING at this very moment. I can feel it getting bigger in your mouth every second!"

Before long, Cassie had herself a dick just as big as her daughter's was. Grace sucked on it momentarily until her Mom pulled down on the back of her head so her cock jammed clear way down her throat and made her choke. Grace pulled away..."Not so rough, Mom! Jeez!"

"You know, there's only one way for mine to go away...I forgot to tell you, the spell is transferable only once to a partner; after that its affects wear off and everything will be back to normal." Cassie told Grace.

"So you're saying you need to do me now?" Grace asked in wonder.

Cassie got to her knees and had Grace get on all 4's in front of her doggy-style. Cassie swiped her hard cock over her daughters perfect pussy slit and gently slid it into her; she reached half way when..."OUCH! EASY! SLOOOOWWW, MOM! I' M STILL A VIRGIN!"

Cassie eased up and worked with only 6"of her cock at first, then slowly worked an inch more into her daughter's tight pussy with an inch more added each stroke until she was fully into her.

"You know, I better not cum in your puss, Grace. You may get pregnant...How about right here?" Cassie said as she pulled out of her daughter's pussy and pressed the head of her cock against the tight hole of Grace's ass. Grace looked over her shoulder with a worried look...

"What! Not there! It'll hurt!" Grace said worried.

"You just have to relax a little. Besides, I helped you; won't you help me? I'll be careful." Cassie reassured Grace.

Grace gave her a 'YES' nod and waited for her Mom to sink her massive meat into her backside. Grace didn't have to wait long as her Mom, still well lubed from Grace's wet pussy, sunk her huge pole fully into her. Grace screamed and groaned in agony as her Mother lifted her and wrapped one arm around her chest from behind and cupped the palm of her other hand over Grace's mouth.

Cassie thrusted up into Grace's ass as she screamed into her hand and tears rolled down and over her hand. Cassie then reached down with her other hand and slowly fingered her daughter as she fucked her little ass, making her daughter squeal and squirt all over the sheets as her body convulsed. Cassie started to orgasm in Grace's ass and pulled out mid orgasm, the cum streaming down the insides of Grace's legs as Cassie shove her down to the bed on her back and went to her face and finished cumming all over it.

Grace squealed and giggled as her Mother's hot cum coated her face like glaze on a sticky bun. A horse couldn't have came more. Cassie finished and laid down atop her daughter, they swapped cum for the next 5 minutes as Cassie's cock shrank back inside of her and her perfect pussy reappeared.

"Next time, ask before you try one of my potions." Cassie told Grace with a smile.

"Ok. But I also wanted to try the one that said: 'Puppy Love'. Is that for young people like me to help fall in love?" Grace asked.

"No, honey...See, That's why I'm glad you asked first. That one is for bestiality...Dog Sex." Her mom said.

"Really?! Well, maybe we should try it together!" Grace said coyly.

But that's another tale to tell.


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