Grandia: The Three Young Women (mfff,f-mast,voy,grope)

Justin and Feena had been crawling through Garlyle Fortress' ventilation
shafts for almost an hour, but had yet to discern any way of escape in this
massive maze of passages. They had left Sue behind in one of the unused
soldier's quarters, to her great annoyance to say the least. Justin explained
he simply didn't want to take the chance of letting all three of them get
captured again.

"Or he just wanted to get some time alone with me." Feena thought with a
snicker as she watched him shimmy through the tunnel in front of her. She
remember how he had originally suggested that she should go in first, before
relenting when she played the helpless heroine. "Probably just wanted to look
at my butt." she said to herself with a slight grin. "Couldn't blame the boy
for trying."

"Hey, I think I see a light up ahead!" Justin said excitedly as he rounded a
bend in the cramped tunnel. Feena could indeed see a glow past his form as
she followed him around the corner.

"What is it?" the female adventurer asked.

"Take a look for yourself..." Justin whispered, his words trailing off. As he
felt Feena approach from behind, he squeezed over so she could fit alongside
him. The girl gasped unconsciously at what she saw before quickly covering
her mouth.

The shaft they were in opened directly into a room unlike any of the others
they had seen. Most of grates leading out of their aerial passageway were
locked tightly. This one was not, for obvious reasons. It looked right down
into the female soldier's locker room!

Justin's eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of Saki's creamy, white behind
before she slid a red pair on panties on. The others were in a similar state
of dress, all clad in underwear and bras matching their hair color. To his
great dismay, their feminine treasures were now shut away until the next
day's shower. "Dang!" he thought. "If only we'd gotten here sooner!" His
inner monologue was soon drowned out by their voices, which he could only
hear bits and pieces of due to the lousy acoustics of the tiled room.

"Thank God we're back here!" Mio sighed, sitting down on a bench while she
ruffled through the clothes in her locker. "I was getting SO tired of sand
in my toes." She lifted up one foot and wiggled her now-clean digits around.

"Well..." interrupted Saki, sashaying over to her comrade. "At least you
didn't get sand in HERE!" She flipped the front of her panties down,
revealing a bright orange fluff of curly hair adorning her private place.
With a hearty laugh, she let the waistband snap back, concealing her
womanhood once again.

"That's what you get for ordering your entire squad to guard your tent while
you play with yourself!" Nana teased, looking behind her shoulder momentarily
at her friend's playful grimace.

* * *

"Hey, don't get too excited, hero." Feena said, gently nudging Justin back to
his side of the shaft. In his zealousness to get a better look, he had rolled
over, nearly crushing her!

"Sorry..." Justin fumbled, an embarassed look on his face.

"We should turn around before they see us." she offered, trying to think of
an excuse to get out of this intimate situation. Being this close to Justin
wasn't exactly uncomfortable, it just made her feel kinda funny. She wanted
to get back and check on Sue anyway, she reasoned.

"Wait a second..." Justin replied, digging into his pockets for something
as Feena turned beet red. His elbow was clearly brushing her chest, and he
didn't even seem to notice.

"What are you DOING?" Feena said in an exasperated tone. Her face froze as
she saw him pull a small piece of folded paper from his pants, leaning out
the edge as if to drop it. "They're going to see you!" she continued, trying
to hush her frantic voice.

"It won't matter..." Justin said, looking back with an innocent smile as he
flicked the item into the room ahead. Feena saw a large flash fill her field
of vision, then heard only silence. The sergeants had stopped talking.
Curious, she looked down to see the three scantily-clad girls sprawled out
on the floor, eyes closed while they breathed soundly.

"Sleep scroll." Justin chimed, immensely proud of himself.

Feena absolutely lit up. "That was such a good idea!" she exclaimed, leaning
over slightly to give him a quick peck on the cheek. "You keep surprising me
like that, and there'll be lots more." she added with a sly grin before
disappearing back down the passage. He turned around to follow, but stopped
as he felt his hand strike something underneath him, followed by a distant
metal *clang*. Horrified, he peered down to see his spirit stone had somehow
fallen out of his pockets and was now in the locker room!

Quick as a flash, he let his feet dangle out the shaft before he dropped into
the lion's den, determined to grab his precious possession and rejoin Feena
before she even realized he'd screwed up. Once on the ground, he glanced
around, finally spying the item lying next to a slumbering Saki. His hand
reached out to grab it, but distracting thoughts filled his mind in the few
seconds it took to bend down.

"Wow... look at those. They're even bigger than Feena's. I wonder what it
would feel like too..." His fantasy suddenly came to life as his hand drifted
upwards, coming to rest on one of the redhead's bountiful breasts instead of
the token just a few inches away. As his grasp was filled with the silken
material containing warm flesh, he quickly used his other arm to take a peek
down her panties, unable to resist the allure of the red bush he'd seen
moments earlier.

"Hey!" a voice suddenly yelled out. "What the hell do you think you're
doing?" Justin looked over to see his seductress now fully awake, and quite
enraged. He let go of her and jumped back, narrowly missing a slap from the
violated girl. "No one touches me!" she hissed, glaring at the boy as she
stood up. She didn't bother to give chase because she was already between
him and the door. The little pervert wasn't going anywhere.

"Wake up girls!" she barked, looking back to watch Nana and Mio stir from
their induced snooze. "We have ourselves a peeping tom!" While the sergeants
were distraced, Justin looked back to the open vent, where Feena was now
watching. He snapped his eyes to the side, motioning for her to go. With an
sad, acknowledging nod, she disappeared into the shaft.

"Now, how do we deal with you?" the fiery woman spat, grabbing the intruder
by the neck and slamming him roughly against the wall of lockers. Her two
fellow officers woozily got up and joined Saki, trying to look as dignified
as possible in their undergarments.

"I say we cut his thing off." Nana said plainly, showing her usual
coldblooded attitude.

"Let's bring him to Colonel Mullen." Mio offered. "I'm sure he wouldn't take
very kindly to someone spying on his officers."

"Well," Saki answered, pondering the ideas. "Whatever we do, I wanna give
him a good pounding first!" She drew his fist back, and Justin saw what was
coming. Being much shorter than the females, he was able to easily wrench his
way our of Saki's grasp and dodge the punch. He heard a loud noise behind him
as the woman's hand collided with the metal and set off a rumbling echo. He
rolled out of harm's way moments before the lockers came tumbling down on the
surprised girls.

* * *

"Ow-ow-ow-ow!" Nana complained, her head the only visible part of her
protruding from the fallen hunk. "Get me out of here!" She flailed uselessly,
but she was pinned spread-eagle, unable to use her limbs to push the weight
off her body.

"Oh, this floor must be so dirty!" Mio groaned, struggling more against the
grimy tiles than freeing herself.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Saki muttered. She was on her stomach, and
her hands were free. But for all the pushups she had to do to maintain top
physical shape, she found herself unable to budge the object on top of her
a bit. She gave up, resting her chin on her folded arms. "So what are you
going to do now?" she finally asked of the boy who had outsmarted the lot
of them.

"I dunno." he answered, going back to the same smug expression he had put on
for Feena.

"Look..." Saki pleaded genuinely. "If you let us go, I can make it worth your
while." She huffed loudly at the remark, as if admitting a great defeat.

"Oh..." Justin said hopefully. "Really?"

"Yeah, anything." the redhead replied annoyed. "Just let us go."

"Please!" urged Mio from the far corner of the room.

"Allright." Justin relented, his big heart not able to stand leaving people
in distress. Even bad people like these three. He walked over to the girls
and grabbed the metal frame, lifting up with all his strength. The women
helped too, pushing as much as they could until they were all able to wriggle
free. Exhausted, he dropped the load to the floor and sat down. He hoped they
would keep their word now that they were free again.

"So what do you want?" Saki ordered, hands on her hips. The other girls were
sitting on the locker, busy brushing the dirt off their bodies and rubbing
their bruises. "To escape, right?"

Justin suddenly burst out laughing. "I don't need YOUR help to escape! I'm
the son of a great adventurer!"

"Um, okay..." she shot back sarcastically. "Then what?"

The boy suddenly got quiet, as if pondering his choice. In the most innocent
voice he could muster, he spoke. "Can I watch you take your clothes off?" he
asked, his heart beating rapidly at the thought of his request going too far.

"What, all of us?" Saki asked incredulously. Seeing a chance to push his
luck, Justin nodded eagerly. Rolling her eyes, she turned to her friends with
a questioning look.

"No way." Nana said disgustedly. "I'm not having sex with him." Mio shook her
head silently, a muffled "uh-uh" escaping her pursed lips. Apparently they
had misunderstood his request. But Justin was wise enough not to interrupt.

"Come on, guys." the spitfire begged. "He's not going to tell anyone.
Besides, would you rather it get out that we got whooped by a little kid?"

"I'm not little..." Justin interrupted. "I'm already fourteen..."

"Shut up." Saki retorted before continuing. "Look, I'll go first." She began
disrobing, unsnapping the intricate clasp to her bra and slowly slipping out
of the garment, her large pink-capped breasts coming into view. As Justin
watched the twin mounds bob slightly with her movements, the sergeant hooked
her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid out of them with a
sensous sway of her hips.

Placing her hands on her middle, she began sizing Justin up as his eyes
roamed over her naked body. "We can't do it unless you get naked too, you
know." she stated plainly. Suddenly, the realization hit him. He would've
been satisfied with a mere glimpse of their forbidden flesh, but they were
really willing to go all the way! Excited beyond description, he kicked
off his shoes and pants as his lover grabbed his small cock.

"Hmm..." she mused, stroking it slowly. "It'll do." Licking her lips, she
guided the boy to the ground, kneeling over his stiff rod while rubbing it
back and forth over her dewy opening. The sergeant was really quite horny
now, and found her juices flowed easily from her snatch. In no time, both
of their organs were drenched and ready.

"Ooooh..." sighed the young girl as she slid his member into her body. "This
will do quite nicely!" She broke into an estatic grin as she began to ride
Justin, her large boobs bouncing around seductively with each thrust, much to
Justin's delight. Seeing his desire to touch her tits, she gently took his
hands and placed them where they wanted to be, silently instructing him how
to rub her nipples. The boy caught on right away, allowing Saki to grab her
thighs and increase the speed of her mating.

Justin, meanwhile, was far too absorbed in how good this felt to take notice
of her efforts. He grew tired of watching his immature hands grope her chest,
and looked downwards to where their bodies met. Just seeing the red flower
part open to swallow his penis was enough to give him a shock of pleasure. He
had never felt anything this good... his dreams with Feena came close, but
nothing could match the real thing.

"Uh... yeah!" Saki moaned between pants. Her pussy was starting to feel
*really* good from this, and she didn't know how much longer she could hold
out. The kid may have seemed small on the outside, but she felt just as
good as when she had screwed her professors back at the academy. It was a
wonderfully filling sensation, made all the more pleasant by her tight,
barely-used vaginal walls.

"This is really great!" added Justin with gross understatement.

"You don't know how lucky you are..." Saki whispered coyly, tensing her cunt
muscles and seeing Justin wince in happiness.

But Saki and Justin weren't the only two horny rabbits in the vicinity. And
though Nana and Mio were getting a little damp themselves trying to ignore
the sounds of wild sex, they were a distant third to Feena, who had been
watching from above the whole time.

She had never really moved, intending to keep an eye on where the sergeants
were going to do to Justin. Now, she stared wide-eyed in amazement as the
lucky lad pumped into the sexy fifteen year old soldier. "And I thought I'd
be fighting his hormones this whole trip!" she muttered. "Looks like he has
no trouble finding willing ladies."

Her hand drifted down to the small flap concealing her white panties,
massaging her crotch beneath. "They don't know I'm here..." she thought
wickedly, feeling her loins swell from watching the rutting teenagers. "So
I might as well have a little bit of fun..." She slipped a delicate finger
down her underwear, instantly feeling the heat flowing from her cunny.
Feena purred softly as her probing digit nestled its way into her soft
folds, already slick with her cream. If he still had two more girls to
fuck, she could take her time with this.

As luck would have it, the mating pair soon found themselves ready to
consummate their engagement. Saki's eyes glazed over as she stared vacantly
into space, feeling her imminent orgasm approaching. Justin was one step
ahead of her. His massaging hands drifted southwards, holding her smooth
buttocks as he felt something strange begin to happen to him. It felt like
he was peeing, but somehow different...

Feeling hot spurts of cum blast deep into her young channel, Saki went into
overdrive, bucking her hips like mad into her man. "Oh yes, oh yes!" she
repeated over and over again as her body stiffened and her head dropped
downwards, helpess to watch as she forced Justin to penetrate her. Her honey
began flowing freely as she came, matting her magnificent red bush and
saturating their bodies with sticky goo.

"Oh... MAN!" Justin yelled, feeling a final, powerful surge go through him
before letting loose one great big wad into his girl, panting heavily as
the excitement wound down. The two of them spent several moments frozen,
breathing heavily in the afterglow of the sex, while above them, Feena
slowed her solo ministrations to see what else was in store.

"Phew!" Saki said, rising up from the mess below her, boy and girl come
dripping obscenely down her legs. "That was spectacular! I almost hate to
let you have a turn, Nana." She turned to her fellow comrade, who had been
helpless to watch the erotic show before her.

"I told you I'm not going to..." the silver-haired teen started to protest
unconvincingly. Her voice quivered ever-so-slightly.

"You're not going to get anywhere in this army without spreading your legs
once and a while..." Saki instructed, sliding over to her friend and sitting
down next to her on the fallen locker. "How do you think the Lieutentant got
to where she was?" She paused for a second, letting Nana think about it
before responsing. "By getting on her back and letting Mullen fuck her brains
out, that's how! Now, just pretend you're back in school..."

"Fine, but I don't want to watch..." the girl replied as she felt herself
coaxed into a kneeling position on the floor, leaning over the metal obstacle
on the ground. Her lacy gray bra was quickly taken away but her covered
womanhood was pointed straight as Justin, who had stood up to watch. His hand
was on his slick cock, pumping it to stay hard before reached over and took
charge. She kept him going while she slowly lowered Nana's underpants to the
ground with her other hand, taking her time to reveal the white flower

"Go for it..." she commanded the boy, moving away so he could grab her creamy
butt and steady himself. Nana had long since given in, and she grabbed hold
of the sheet metal in front of her to prepare for getting plugged from
behind. Justin wasted no time, pushing the head of his shaft past her tight
opening and sinking all the way in. Their combined juices were more than
adaquete lubrication, but Nana still cried out as she felt him invade her

"Aaaagh!" she yelled, the force of his pounding rocking her body back and
forth. "Ow, watch it!" she continued, feeling him go uncomfortably deep
without a chance to get used to it. "It's not like I do this every day!"

Feena just smiled from above, resuming her frigging as she watched her crush
unrelentingly slam into the arrogant teenager. "Yeah!" she whispered. "Do
her, Justin! Do her soooooo hard!" she moaned deeply as her finger swirled
around her sensitive clit, slurring her words. This was starting to get

"Oh, oh, oh!" Nana panted, beginning to get into the swing of things. She was
now thrusting back at her lover feverishly, emmiting a squeal of delight each
time he slid all the way in. She was almost sorry she chose this position,
kind of wishing she could see him plunging into her warm slit. Originally,
she thought he would blow his load in her after only a minute, leaving her
unfulfilled. At this rate, however, she was in for a pleasant surprise.
"Yeah, faster..." she moaned loudly, looking in front of her to see Mio
perplexed at her friend's wanton lust.

"Changed your mind, eh?" Saki teased, guiding Justin's stationary hands into
caressing his lover's flesh, from her naked back and butt to her taut stomach
and thighs.

"Oooh..." Nana replied incoherently at the new pleasure. "Yes, more. Give it
to me!" Justin eagerly took her advice, his penis slamming into her with
audiable squishing sounds as Nana started coming. Seeing her puckered labia
begin quivering with orgasm, accompanied by vice-like squeezing of his
pummeling member, Justin could hold out no longer. He added his grunts to
Nana's, unloading his second helping of semen into a willing girl for the
day, coating her moist insides with his seed.

When he was finished, he collapsed on top of his conquest, a sigh of relief
on his face. But Saki wouldn't have any cuddling going on for her watch. He
was here to give all of them a good banging, but that was it. Pulling him off
a quite satiated Nana, she hustled the boy over to Mio, who began backing
away horrified into a corner as she saw her turn approach.

"Come on, Mio." Saki pleaded. "You need a good fuck most of all." The
green-haired teenager gasped as Saki forcibly opened her legs, giving Justin
a close-up view of her matching green panties. "Ooh... you got all wet from
the show, didn't you?" she said with a grin, showing off the noticeable stain
on Mio's crotch. The poor soldier merely covered her eyes with her hands in

"Hey, if she doesn't want to..." Justin started, getting pretty tired
anyway. "Besides, I don't know if I can do it again!" Saki looked over at his
rapidly-deflating erection and gasped.

"Nana, come here!" she called out. The other sergeant got up, wobbling on her
feet as she peered down at her recently-plowed cunt. She rubbed it gently as
she strolled over. "You take care of Romeo over here," Saki commanded, "and
I'll get Mio nice and ready."

"Don't worry about her..." Nana comforted as she grasped Justin's soft, juicy
cock in her hands. "Mio's always shy until she gets started." Then, without
another word, she took his member into her mouth, sucking his flesh deeply to
bring it back to life. Justin could feel her tongue flowing over him, lapping
up every bit of their combined love juices, still, he had already come twice.
It would take something extremely erotic to raise his flagpole again.

Then, he glanced at Mio, who was squirming pathetically as Saki caressed her
moist folds through the cotton underwear. It was just enough for Justin. Her
red, contorted face betraying her body as she emitted cries of pleasure, her
gentle legs spread apart with only a thin piece of fabric concealing her
sex... his dick began to grow in Nana's mouth.

"Mmm..." the silver-maned soldier said, pulling away from him before licking
her lips. "I think he's ready!"

"It's time, Mio..." Saki whispered gently, fishing her pal's undergarments
and revealing a very gooey cunny covered in a puff of curly green hair. Mio
closed her legs, still unsure if she wanted to let this stranger inside her.
Unfortunately, she was flat on the floor, and Justin had no trouble climbing
on top. His body mirrored hers as he began poking at her womb with his prick.

"Uhhh... uhhh..." she moaned as she felt her tight opening give way slightly.
Then he slid all the way in, reaching her warmest depths easily. "Oh no!" she
cried, watching as his pulsing cock slammed into her roughly. Her beautiful
pussy was being ravaged by Justin's savage thrusts, but she still couldn't
deny the slight pang that reverberated through her frail form whenever the
hilt of his shaft slapped against her labia. She began whimpering softly as
the tension built up.

"You wanna see?" cooed Nana, noticing Justin was watching the bouncing green
bra instead of the union between him and his lover. The boy nodded happily,
still stabbing away at the lovely specimen beneath him. As he watched
interestedly, Nana slid the delicate garment up on Mio's chest, revealing her
pert boobs to all in sight. Long since giving up on modesty, the green-haired
segeant could only watch as her tits swung back and forth with her body's

Feena watched too, slightly dissapointed that her own bust was nowhere near
the size of these three girls. Her wet finger danced inside her slit as she
became more and more aroused at the scene below. "Ohh..." she moaned softly.
"I wish you were here, Justin..." Her words ended in a flurry of heaving
breathing and stifled moans as she felt her honey begin to flow, coating her
hand in warm, aromatic fluid. The familiar cascade of stars began to appear
as she slowed down, drawing her orgasm to its fullest before coming to a
pleasant stop, smiling as she saw Justin ready to experience the same
feelings she just had.

Justin grunted, as he bucked wildly into this sexy green flower, who was
already oozing as much as the other two combined. Their soaked crotches
slapped loudly into each other, the proof of their love pooling in Mio's
still-closed legs as Justin pounded her, spilling more of her wetness.
"Almost there..." he panted, feeling the rubbing become too much.

"Oh!" Mio groaned, beginning her own pleasure ride as she felt her man tense
up in her slippery canal. Her tight walls responded, gripping the invading
shaft close as it began to shoot into her fertile womb. They continued for
nearly a minute more, even after the initial pleasure faded. Justin simply
couldn't bring himself to leave her wonderful body until Saki pulled him off.

"Very good." she said approvingly, parting Mio's legs to get a good look at
the white cream oozing from her sloppy cunny. The exhausted girl could barely
respond as her friend peered into her private areas, emitting a weak sigh as
she let the cum seep into her.

"That should keep her happy for awile." Nana said, standing up and noticing
all three pussies were still covered in the evidence of the triple fuck. "Now
you'd better go so we can clean up..." she continued, shooing the boy over to
his clothes. Justin dressed quickly, soaking in his last glimpses of the
girls as they milled about collecting their undergarments, totally complacent
of his probing eyes.

Just as he grabbed of the hole of the ventilation shaft to exit, he heard
Saki clear her throat behind her. Craning his head back, he saw that she and
Nana were back over by Mio, gently caressing her skin. "Just remember." the
redhead warned. "Next time we meet..."

The boy nodded, understanding their arrangement was at an end. He quickly
pulled himself up into the tunnel, hearing Mio's gentle voice waft back to
him. "No, please..." she cried. "Not yet!" Then there was only a chorus of
moans as the three girls got down to cleansing each other's nude bodies.

As Justin started down the dark passage, a big grin on his face, his hand
suddenly plopped into a small puddle on the metal plating. "That's odd..." he
thought. "It wasn't here before..." Shrugging the oddity off, he continued
onward, Feena's girl come mixing with the other smells he had accumulated.
_ _ _

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