Grandia 2: Romance At A Windy Isle (MF,voy)

"You know, Mareg..." Ryudo grumbled, looking out into the sea from his perch
along the sands of Arachna beach. "Tio can't have any idea of what she's
doing to us."

"Hmmph." the beast-man replied gruffly, staring at the same sights as his
companion. "For once, I agree with you."

* * *

The journey from Garlan had lasted a week too long for the five travellers
to be cramped into the 50/50's tiny hold. Ryudo and Mareg had both been as
pleased as Elena when the Captain opened the ship's door, leading them all
onto blessed solid ground. Not that they would have publicized this fact to
even each other, much less the other travelers.

Farewells had been swift and perfunctory before Bakala set sail once again,
not even willing to rest with the party in Mareg's hometown first. The
thoughts of being essentially marooned on this faraway island quickly faded
when the peaceful calm of the shore set in. It was just that no one was in
a real big hurry to continue the search for the Granasaber when danger seemed
to be left so far behind.

Excusing herself with a quick warning for the boys not to follow, Elena had
crested the nearest bend in the endless shore to freshen up before meeting
Mareg's people. She had naturally assumed that Tio would join her, and did
not even hazard a glance behind to make sure.

What the graceful songstress, or any of the others did not realize, though,
was that the automata were programmed with no inhibitions. Although having
virtually no emotional development, Tio was well along physically, having
the robust shape of a teenaged girl. Of yet, none had been witness to just
how accurate her build was, even though the males had wondered for some time.

With the sun blazing in the midday sky, he and Mareg turned to unload their
gear, quickly erecting a crude camp for later on that night. Once completed,
the two began to disrobe, not even noticing their friend nearly camouflaged
amid the surrounding foliage. They had no reason not to their fairer comrades
had already achieved the seclusion and privacy so desired.

A soft metal "click" caught their attention. Turning to see what it was,
Ryodo caught only a glimpse of gold as Tio's necklace fell to the sand,
glittering in the sunlight. His attention was quickly diverted as the
blue-haired girl worked off the rest of her accessories. Next came the
heavy earrings, sinking to the earth with muffled thumps. The men watched
dumbfounded as she undressed, but not stunned enough to do anything crazy
like ask her to stop.

Tio's thin fingers slipped effortlessly into the purple armguards about her
wrists, peeling them off with some effort. Immediately afterwards came the
belt and sash, which she tore open and slid off with a sashay of her behind.
Reaching behind to unzip the back of her robe, she stopped once realizing
both men were staring guiltlessly at her.

"What are you doing, Tio?" Ryudo asked with more sincere wonderment than he
would have though possible.

"Are we not in need of bathing?" the innocent female asked, finishing her
movement. The garment was now completely open in the back, allowing for a
mere gust of wind to bare her entire body. Apparently unperturbed by this
knowledge, Tio continued on. "I see no need walk all the way out of sight
to accomplish that, since there nothing wrong with doing it here." she
announced broadly, slipping out of the amber sheath. As it billowed
gracefully behind her, the luscious features of a woman became sharply

Her soft breasts belied any notion of the solid metal beneath. They were
perky and proud, resting comfortably on her chest. Mareg's instincts quickly
brought to attention that they were not at large as Elena's, much to his
disappointment. With skin soft and pale, she appeared as a white angel before
them. Following the path down to her downy folds, Ryudo gawked at her blue
flower in awe, mouths hanging open as carelessly as her fluttering pubic hair
which danced lightly in the breeze.

"Are you going to wash as well?" Tio asked nonchalantly, bending over
to untie her boots. The men got an excellent view of her beautiful,
gravity-accented breasts, nipples dangling below the creamy stalactites.
Kicking her shoes off, she sat down on a nearby rock, gazing in an almost
annoyed fashion until the paralyzed onlookers started to disrobe as well.

Ryudo and Mareg removed their clothing quickly, each trying to feign interest
as Tio pulled her ankles up, slipping the socks off and giving each voyeur
quite a view. Her inner thighs moved to accomplish this task, briefly showing
a glimpse of underlying pink when her labia shifted position. The blue
clad-lips moved as a sensual pair, enticing the peeping toms with deft
seduction. When her entire feminine wonders were at last on display, Tio
wasted no time in marching down to the cool waves.

* * *

After their wistful exchange, Ryudo and Mareg waded out join Tio in the
water, the beast-man wincing as his fur-clad body was slowly immersed. The
males were taking their time adjusting to the chilly water, but their android
friend took to it surprisingly quickly. While they were still wading out, she
was already rubbing her pale skin clean. By the time they'd caught up to
that, she was rinsing her hair, all the while oblivious to the charming her
privates had on the boys.

It was only when she'd finished up and headed back to shore far enough to
make her genitalia indistinct that the men began finishing up their own
task, occasionally stealing a glance at their female comrade. She was drying
herself naturally on a rock, legs spread far enough to be irresistibly

"Hey, Mareg." Ryudo, interrupting the silence. "You mind leaving Tio and me
alone for awhile? I just want to chat with her a little bit."

He spike with an uncertain tone that any other member of the
constantly-shifting party would've instantly picked up. The swordsman's
motives were obviously to get to know Tio in a more than casual way, but the
Nanan native was not yet able to discern that. "Of course." he assented. "I
will go and make sure nothing disturbs Elena."

"Aw, I never knew you had it in ya!" Ryudo teased, much more confident in
this change of subject. "A big goon like you trying to get a peek at a sister
of Granas!"

"That's not what I intend to do!" Mareg protested, this time acutely aware of
his companion's pestering tone. "I am just worried about her being alone."

"Yeah, yeah." Ryudo chimed with a smirk. "Be sure not to get caught like I
did." Mareg responded with only a grimace before heading back towards shore
to retrieve his clothes, acutely annoyed that he had been figured out so
easily. Regardless, he was more determined than ever now to sneak a glance
at the songstress' secret folds. After all, he wanted to arrive at the
village primed for an unforgettable night of rutting with the shapely women
of his tribe.

* * *

Standing along in the neck-deep water, Ryudo spend some time working out his
plan. His previous strategy had produced the desired results, but only for a
brief, ethereal moment. Still, it had been well worth the incidental

Often since he had dreamed about that evening at Raul Hills when Elena
sneaked away for a quick dip in the refreshing water. At that time, there
had been no other females in the company to divert his attention from her
forbidden fruits. Since Millena had come on the scene, bouncing hips with
him at every chance, he'd become quite spoiled.

He often joked with the good sister about how since the voluptuous redhead
and he were getting it on regularly, she was already doing the naughty with
him in a way. Elena had been quite furious at that suggestion, but not as
much as when he once felt her up during the night, hinting that he would
better be able to protect her the happier he was. To say the vestal maiden
had been opposed to the idea would have been an understatement, since he
left with a reddened cheek that did not stop stinging until the next morning.

But as Ryudp crept toward the secluded glade and the sight of her delicate
form sitting totally naturel on the grassy embankment, the familiar
ungentlemanly thoughts returned. Once freed of the oppressive garments of
the cloth, Elena turned into quite an attractive girl. The soft flesh
flowing down her naked back took up his attention for only a second until
she stood up. Then, she was bent over, revealing a petite backside that
seemed divinely inspired.

Satisfied the water was temperate enough, Elena moved to enter it's soothing
depths. She turned a bit, revealing her side to the spying Ryudo. At first he
was a tad disappointed, for even in this purported seclusion the songstress
had drawn her hands up to her shoulders, lamentably concealing what was by
all accounts a fantastically proportioned bosom. All of that was forgiven in
a heartbeat, though, as the graceful figure took her first step.

As she walked, Ryudo's gaze was immediately drawn to the orange crop gushing
from her loins. This was it, the beautiful girl's holiest-of-holies, the
golden treasure that no man could ever have. He wished for all the time in
the world to gaze on it's beauty, from the sultry knoll where her pubic
forest thrived down through the valley of her pure, womanly lips. Even when
he saw her cock an ear to the sound of his over-eager rustling, he stayed
the course, attempting to memorize every minute crevice of her body until it
disappeared into the stream following a furious exclamation of wrath.

Recalling these events with the focused clarity only an erotic encounter can
bring, Ryudo found himself getting unusually aroused from the experience. He
was not one for solo sex, and it had been awhile since the real thing had
come his way back in Cyrum's underground factory.

Millenia had been insistent then, waiting until Roan and Mareg had split
up before rolling all over him like a wildcat in heat. She teased him with
repeated flashes of her privates until he finally caved in, holding the
temptress to the floor while he pounded the tight hole he'd come to know
so well. She was a lively partner, everything he could hope for, but still
Ryudo found himself unable to completely give in. Instead, he imagined the
slim Elena taking his fierce thrusts, her supple breasts flying about in
animal passion.

And now he had a chance to relive his fantasy in the arms of another woman.
While it wouldn't be even close to the real thing, making love to Tio would
be far from unpleasant. And at the very least, it would hold him over until
he had the chance to pry the Granas sister's shapely legs apart.

Noticing Mareg was now long departed from Tio's stretch of the beach, the
Garlan swordsman began padding towards the synthetic female only a short
distance away, feeling his erection strain against the tide. His romantic
daydream had well prepared his member, and all that remained was for her to
allow him to use it.

* * *

He felt rather silly approaching the android with such a raging hard-on, but
Tio seemed not to notice or care as he came near. She was lying spread eagle
on the flat rock, near the woodland at the edge of the Ghoss Forest. Keeping
in mind her previous aversion to any form of solitude, Ryudo forced himself
advance on her, his penis bobbing playfully out in the open.

"Are you trying to get a tan or something?" he inquired with a smile, taking
in deep breaths of her amazingly lifelike body. For all he knew about her
internal construction, this lily-colored beauty was all woman on the outside.

"Of course not." Tio began, pausing only slightly as Ryudo's cock jerked
sporadically. "My dermis will not change color in any degree of sunlight.
However, I work at optimal efficiency when fully dry, so I have delayed
getting dressed until then."

"You're absolutely beautiful, Tio..." her suitor quipped rather quickly, not
at all realizing how overexcited it made him seem.

"Thank you, Ryudo." Tio answered matter-of-factly. "My model is made to the
King's exact specifications. Over the metal framework is a wholly living
system, tailored to act in every way like a human's. You can see for
yourself, if you like."

"You don't mind?" Ryudo asked, beaming childly. "I've been curious since you
joined the group." Ryudo continued, impolitely studying her curves.

"Of course not." Tio continued, extending her arm towards the inquisitive
male. "You are all trying to teach me emotions, so the very least I can do
is teach you about my technology."

Ryudo nodded in gleeful assent, hunkering down to lightly stroke her flesh.
It was indeed as cushy and pliant as he had hoped, despite the peculiar
bleached tint. Tio simply watched with interest as his hesitant paw ran up
and down her arm before finally acting out, bringing him to her exposed

"By now you must be aware I am not at all ashamed about the parts of the body
that humans hide from view." She announced as his fingers brushed her nipples
with excitement. "Please feel free to examine everything."

Having the official approval to indulge in her intimate components, Ryugo
totally threw himself into it. Crawling around to her front, he pushed his
bulk between her legs, gaining easy access to springy knockers of the like
he'd never been able to enjoy. Not even Millenia would have allowed him to
maul her tits with such force, but Tio took his childish interest in her
physical structure as a compliment.

While his busy hands were busy fiercely massaging her tender frame, Ryudo's
gaze had long since been attracted to the now greatly-agitated gash below her
stomach. The intrusion of his trunk into her private space had forced the
automaton to spread wide, and now the inside of her vaginal canal was plainly

Tio looked on at how her innocent anatomy was so captivating Ryudo, and her
mouth curled imperceptibly. If Ryudo had been watching, it would almost have
appeared to be a smile, but his focus was concentrated on her slim womanhood
and aqua-color bush.

"If you are going to persist in being this stimulated by my body..." Tio
cut in, catching her masseuse's concentration. "You might as well relieve

"What do you mean?" Ryudo asked in wonderment, just barely keeping the
excitement in his voice down.

"Intercourse." the android answered without any characteristic liveliness,
hardly batting an eyelash when Ryudo's sexual groping abruptly stopped.

"You mean..." the enthusiastic swordsman sputtered.

"It is out primary function while the Children of Valmar prepare for the
completion of the army." Tio replied, displaying not a hint of embarrassment.
"We are personally inspected by his majesty upon creation, and are informed
to accommodate any soldier who desires to take advantage of our...

For the first time, Tio had faltered her otherwise impeccable speech. Ryudo
wondered if it was simply a glitch, or if she was actually feeling something
at the thought of being intimate with him. As if trying to shrug off the
failing, Tio spread her nether lips with careful fingers, fully unfolding her
womanly doors.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Ryudo asked with genuine concern.

"Why would I?" she replied guiltlessly. "If I can make people happy this way,
why not?"

* * *

Slipping inside the automaton's slyph-like body was like fulfilling a dream.
Ryudo could barely contain himself as his cock was swallowed by such a warm
burrow, instinctively pulling himself in to lock lips with Tio. She didn't
mind the deviation from her innocuous offer for mere sex one bit, allowing
him to explore her mouth with his tongue.

Tio was as smooth inside as out, evoking astonished grunts from Ryudo as he
slid down a seemingly endless passage until coming to rest entirely to the
hilt. She was a far cry from being loose, though. Rather, it appeared the
gracious automaton has the ability to relax and contract her womanly chamber
around his prick at will, granting Ryudo an unequaled coital experience.

As he plowed into her, the instinctual desire to be gentle with a female
mate faded with each stab into her wet hole. Tio simply lay there with such
a placid expression, seemingly isolated from what she was participating.
From fighting alongside the android warrior, he knew the synthetic flesh
could take much more abuse than his own, and a wicked thought flashed in his

Quickening the pace, Ryudo began to slam into Tio with depraved indifference
to her own safety. Still, he knew she would say something if his enthusiastic
jabbing damaged her exterior too much. Pretty soon he was banging the willing
automaton as hard as he could, her nude form flailing wildly as he screwed
the daylights of out her.

At this point, even the raunchy Millenia would have balked at the force
in which the expert swordsman was driving his cock. Tio was floundering
on her stone perch, admirably keeping her grip while the rod in her cunt
jackhammered away. When she felt the familiar throbbing in her lover's
member, Tio looked down at the junction of their bodies, knowing Ryudo
was about to fully enjoy hers.

Pulling out, he aimed at his lover's abdomen, shooting cream all over her
lower body. Most of the squirts landed in streaks on her belly, while a few
managed to reach the cusps of her's breasts. Tio watched with casual
disinterest as he finally finished, letting his tool fall into her lap to
ooze all over her blue forest.

"Thanks, Tio." Ryudo said gentlemanly, pressing his lips to her cheek. "I
won't forget it."

"You're welcome to it anytime, of course..." the android replied calmly, as
I expect we'll have a lot more time to ourselves from now on?"

"Oh yeah?" Ryudo teased gently. "Why is that?"

"Before we disembarked," Tio explained. "Mareg asked if I would mind if he
mated with Elena. That's probably the reason neither have returned to catch
us yet."

Then it hit him. Ryudo thought he had beat Mareg to Tio's willing body, but
now realized the beast man had feigned disapproval the whole time. "She
wouldn't do it just like that..." the swordsman tried to reason, still unable
to shake the feeling that she may be getting intimate with someone other than

But the more he thought about it, and how the lack of sex had affected all of
the party members, he realized that not even woman of the cloth would be able
to hold out forever under these pressures. It was quite possible that the
unique sight of the songstress' delightful orange pubes belonged to him no
_ _ _

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