This is an erotic fiction based around the medical television drama Grey's
anatomy. This contains acts of a sexual nature so you must be over 18 to
read this.

Codes: MF, MFF, inter, oral

Grey's Anatomy: George's Lucky Day
by Macc_X

It was a quiet at Seattle Grace Hospital and all the interns were outside
drinking coffee. George, one of the interns, sat staring at Meredith Grey
one of his housemates and fellow Intern at the hospital. He had been in
love with her since the day they had met and wanted her so much it hurt,
but Meredith had her eye on one of the residents and George knew he
couldn't compete with that.

The other two interns were Christina Yang, the feisty young women of Korean
ethnic origin and Izzie Stevens, the Ex-model and his other housemate. George
found all three women attractive in their own ways, Izzie was the tall leggy
blond with a beautiful face and sexy body, Christina with her ethnic beauty
and Meredith with the soft doll like features.

George had spent the last few months sexually frustrated having to live and
work with these three sex goddesses. Fortunately he managed to have a brief
fling with one of the nurses but that ended in disaster and now he was back
to the way it was before, frustration.

"God, I'm so bored, I'll do anything to get a surgery." Doctor Yang shouted.

"Me two, I'm so sick of doing all the shit jobs." Christina continued.

George just smiled, they were all doing the tasks the surgeon didn't want to
do and had been in competition to get what flew surgeries there were. George
was exhausted from running test samples all over the hospital and just wanted
to go home and get some sleep, but he still had two hours of his shift left.

Dr Bailey, A.K.A ‘the Nazi', the doctor overseeing the four interns had just
walked through the door. She walked over to the group with a stern look
across her face.

"Nice to see you four have time for coffee." Bailey stated.

"We haven't got anything to do." Meredith replied.

"Well you'll be glad too hear that there is a heart transplant tomorrow and
two of you get to join in."

"Who." Christina asked without giving anyone else a chance to speak."

"Well George is one of them as he's the only one who looks like he's been
working hard."

"Thanks." George said with a smile.

"Shut up." Christina snapped

"Well that's the fun part, I can't decide so I'm going to let him decide."

"What!" The three female interns shouted in unison.

"Who? Me?" George asked.

"Yeah You." She said walking away and back into the hospital.

The three women watched her leave then all began to stare at him and lean in
closer. George moved his chair backwards as the moved in and was obviously
nervous about having to make the decision. A few moments passed of George
exchanging looks between the three women.

"So?" Meredith asked.

"Yeah George, Who's it going to be?" Izzie also asked

George just sat back still looking nervously at the three, he just couldn't
decide, yeah he would make one of them happy but the other two would get

"God damn it George, Pick one!" Christian shouted.

George Jumped out of his chair and looked around the area. "I have to go."
He then began to quickly walk away from the three and started to run after a
few steps until he was out of the women's sights.

* * *

It was getting very close to the end of George's shift and he had so far
managed to avoid Meredith, Izzie and Christina. He was just asked to get some
needles from the store cupboard and was currently on his way there. Looking
down at his watch he noticed he only had half an hour left then he could go
home and get some well earned sleep.

He got up to the storeroom and walked in leaving the door open behind, the
cupboard was more of a small room than a cupboard and had a10 rows of wooden
shealves causing small corridors. The needles were kept in the corner of the
room so he walked down to them and opened one of the boxes.

While taking a handful he heard the sound of the door closing and tried to
look at it but his view was obstructed by the shelves. Shaking his head he
closed the Box and turned around only to find Christiana blocking his path.

"Hello George." She said seductively taking a step closer so her body almost
touched his.

"Hi." He replied swallowing deeply.

"So have you decided who's going to join you in surgery?" Doctor yang asked
moving her index finger up and down the front of George's shirt.

"No." he replied gulping again.

"You know, I meant what I said earlier. I'll do anything to get a surgery."

"Like *Gulp* What?"

Without responding Christina began to crouch down in front of George, she
then looked lovingly at his crotch area and grabbed the elastic waste on
George scrubs. She sharply pulled his trousers down to around his ankles,
George looked down at Christina Shocked at what he was seeing. Now the only
thing between the Korean and George's cock was his boxer shorts. She placed
her hand on the fabric in front of his cock and began to rub it through the

"Arr, Christina. I'm not sure we should..."

"Shut up George and enjoy it." Doctor Yang interrupted pulling the boxer
shorts down to the ground, George's 9-inch cock sprung free from almost fully
erect. "Well hello Big Boy, George you've been holding out on us."

Christina wrapped her right hand around the cock in front of her face and
began to jerk it off for. George Held it breath for a second trying to
resist groaning but it was no use so he dropped the syringes on the floor
and gasped. Christina looked up and smiled at him. The Korean doctor stuck
her tongue out and started to lick the tip of the male doctor's cock sending
a wave of pleasure through his body.

"If you liked that George, wait until you feel this." Christina said before
licking her lips and moving her mouth to the tip of his cock. Her mouth
opened widely as she engulfed the head of her cock and closed her lips around
his shaft, inside her mouth she was massaging the head with her tongue.
George felt like he could explode right then and there but he managed to hold
it in.

Christina started to move her head back and forward over the huge cock taking
as much as she could. Every now and then she would deep throat it and hold it
there until she gagged. George was enjoying every minuet of it as he watched
the sexy Korean move her mouth up and down his cock.

Doctor Yang's pace began to quicken, backward and forward getting faster and
faster, she flicked her eyes up and looked into George's. George was gripping
tightly on to the wall and shelves trying to hold himself up as his knees had
gone weak from the oral pleasure.

George watched the woman's heading bobbing up and down on his cock while
staring into her eyes. He couldn't believe his luck, no sex for months and
now he had the feisty Korean sucking him off. George suddenly felt his balls
tighten and Christina knew what was about to cum.

"You can go in my mouth, I swallow." She stated while using her hand to wank
the man shaft. She enclosed her mouth back around the cock just as George
lost the ability to hold it back. His hot cum shot into the back of
Christina's throat and she swallowed every last drop of it. Christina moved
her head away and licked the last remaining drops off of the doctor's head
before pulling up his boxers and scrubs.

"Think about that while you're deciding." She stated standing up and walking
away as if she had just done and everyday thing.

* * *

George had finally gotten home after his long shift, he was exhausted from
all the work (as well as the blow job he'd received). All he wanted to do
was crash out on his bed and get some sleep before he had to work again.
Walking through the door Izzie and Meredith where already home sitting
watching television, he must have come in so quietly they didn't notice him
walk past and head up stairs.

He got to his room and threw his bag to one side and jumped face down on to
his bed. He rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes, A few moments
past with him not hearing, or seeing anything and had almost fell asleep.
When a he felt a hand touch his back, opening his eyes he looked up at the
person who was sitting at the edge of his bed, Izzie.

"Hey George." She said softly. "I wanted to know if you had decided on who
you'll take into the surgery with you?"

"Come on. I just want to get some sleep." George said annoyed.

"I'm sorry George." She said getting off the edge of the bed and kneeling
next to the bed so she could look him in the eyes. "You know I've seen you
checking me out."


"Hey I know you're attracted to Meredith, but I've seen you take peeks down
my shirt and at my ass."

"I-I-I I don't know what you're talking about." He stuttered nervously.

"If you want to see me naked you only had to ask." She said with a seductive
smile. George's eyes widened and he stood up looking down at Izzie.



"So if I asked now..."

"I thought you'd never get round to it." She stated standing up and walking
to the middle of the room, George moved to the edge of the bed still sitting.

Izzie smiled and started to dance slowly and sexily for George, she was
wearing some Jeans a tank top and buttoned sweater. She began to slowly
unbutton her sweater while moving her hips extremely seductively, once she
had undone the buttons she threw the sweater to one side and continued
dancing before she reached down and rubbed her thighs. She moved her hands
up to the Jean's button and undid turning around so her back was facing
George. The jeans slid down to her ankles revealing the lacy pink G-string
she was wearing, these showed off her beautiful ass cheeks. George felt the
stirring in his pants start to grow at the sight of them.

Izzie kicked the jeans to one side and raised her arm behind her back and
brought it down quickly to spank her own ass cheek. She looked back and
smiled at George seeing he was thoroughly enjoying it. She then reached to
the bottom of her tanktop and slipped it off her body throwing it to one
side like the previous garments. George saw she was wearing a matching bra
with her panties. She turned back around and reached to her back and in one
quick movement she unhooked her bra and let it slip to the floor.

Her beautiful large breast had now been revealed to George and his cock was
about to jump right out of his pants. Izzie grabbed one of her breasts and
lowered her head to it , sticking her tongue out she licked it for George's
pleasure. She then reached down to the panties and didn't waste anytime
taking them off and throwing them to the side.

George glared at the Goddess that stood in front of him naked, his jaw was
so wide it was practically hitting the ground.

"So you like what you see." Izzie said smiling.

"Y-Y-Yes." He stammered.

She then slowly walked over to George and brought her breast right in front
of his mouth. "Go on I know you want to."

George didn't wait another second and started to lick all around the
ex-models Nipple's. He couldn't believe his luck first a blowjob from
Christina now he was licking and sucking on the breast of a genuine
model. He couldn't stop himself from licking, kissing and sucking the
most beautiful tit's he had ever seen, but Izzie moved away from him.

"Ok, let's cut the fore-play and get to it." Izzie ordered.


"Look I haven't had sex in a long time and this has just turned me on." She
explained moving her mouth closer to george's and started to kiss him, Her
hands moved to the back of his head and pushed their lips closer together
while she stuck her tongue into his mouth. After a few moments she pulled
away and reached down to George's trousers and pulled them down to his
ankles. She took off his shoes and sock and threw all three garments to the
side and proceed to grab his boxers and pulled them down. George's cock
sprung free and Izzie look at it with a look of pleasant surprise.

"Well Georgie." She remarked at the huge cock in front of her eyes. She
now stood up and pushed George back on to the bed so his cock was pointing

"I'm not sure we should do this?" George commented.

"Stop being such a nice guy George." She said crawling on to the bed and
crouching on top of George.

Her pussy hovered over George's cock and she slowly lowered herself down on
to his impressive manhood. She took in the first couple of inches slowly
before she just let her self drop all the way down his shaft down, they both
groaned with pleasure as she fell. Izzie then rose up and went back down
moving slowly at first, she started to groan out loudly as she quickened her
pace. Watching the young doctor's breasts bounce up and down in front of him
increased George's pleasure, He raised a hand up and started to feel them
and squeeze them.

"Oh God!!! Your cock feels so good." Izzie screamed in between her groans of
pleasure, she reached down and placed her hands on George's chest to hold
herself up. It didn't take long for Izzie to reach her first climax and she
screamed out in pure joy as she came on top of George's Manhood. She couldn't
stop moving as she had built up a momentum bouncing on top of her housemate
and as George was still able to go it was all the better.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Meredith said standing in George's
doorway wearing a slinky nightgown.

The sexual partners both looked over at the doorway with shock and Izzie
jumped off grabbing some of the bed covers, wrapping them around her. George
grabbed one of his cushions and held it over his private area.

"Errr, It's not what it looks like." He said as it was the only thing that
came into his head.

"Oh really, it looked like you were giving Izzie the time of her life."
Meredith replied walking into the room and over to the now covered Izzie.
Meredith looked the other women doctor in the eyes and moved her lips
against Izzie's. She started to kiss passionately while Izzie was obviously
shocked but after a while she began to kiss back. After a few moments
Meredith broke the kiss and looked over at George. "'Cos if I'd join in the

Both Meredith and Izzie looked lustfully over at George who couldn't hold
back a huge grin. Izzie dropped the cover's she had wrapped herself in and
help Meredith out of her nightgown. Both women were now completely naked and
George clumsily pulled off his shirt to follow suit and stood up from the

Both women held hands and walked over to the bed, Izzie lied down on the
middle of the bed while Meredith cruelled on top of it and turned around so
her pussy was over Izzie's mouth and Izzie's pussy was under Meredith's
mouth. In the 69 position they both started to lick the others pussy, George
just watched with full enjoyment for a minute or two until Meredith looked
up at him.

"Are you going to fuck me, or just stand there?" She asked before going back
to the model's pussy. George didn't waste any time climbing on to the bed
and kneeling just behind Meredith. Izzie stopped working her tongue on
Meredith and reached around to grab George's cock. She helped him guide it
in two the women he desired the most. George thrusted hard into the women
and heard a muffled groan coming from her mouth that was buried in Izzie's
pussy. He started to pull it in and out as quick as he could, while Meredith
ate Izzie's pussy and the model licked George's ball's with every thrust.
Both women groaned out loud as George kept moving in harder and faster,
Meredith's groaning into her pussy increased Izzie's pleasure and found her
self having another orgasm. Meredith quickly followed suit and came, He
juices started to drip out of her pussy and fell on to an expecting Izzie's
lip. George then felt his balls tighten.

"I'm going to come." He shouted unable to control his volume. Meredith
cruelled forward and laid down next to Izzie, George knew what they wanted
and jerked off for a few seconds and shot his come out over the two naked
goddess's bodies. His cum landed on their faces, lips, tits and stomachs.
When he finally finished the two women started to lick the Cum off of each
other and finally lick the remaining drops off his manhood.

George laid down in between the two naked women and smiled to himself as
they both wrapped their arms around him. This had really been his lucky day,
but tomorrow he still had to decide who to take with him into the surgery.


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