Grimm: A Love Triangle Between Two Part 1 (MF, magic, ncon)
by Insomniac

Nick was in a rush, Juliette was out and he had to finish getting ready for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding. Trubel was also absent, as she was to stay out of sight from all the Wesen at the wedding, one Grimm was enough.

Meanwhile, Adalin was working on a potion to take Nick's Grimm powers. She had to get close enough to sleep with him... which wouldn't be easy. She conspired to use a potion to alter her appearance to look like Juliette. She made the concoction and inhaled the fumes from a witch's hat that belonged to her mother. After a few moments her body started to change, bones breaking, face shifting, all to accompany her body to take its new form as another woman. She was in agony, but moments later it all stopped. She got up to notice her body shape slightly different, not quite fitting in the clothes she had on. She looked in the mirror and saw Juliette's reflection. She was taken back at first, but then was in glee that the potion had worked.

"Nick will know if these aren't my clothes" she thought. Maybe if I get naked quick enough he won't bother worrying about that. Though she hated Nick for taking her Hexenbeast powers, and being responsible for her mother's death, she did find him attractive.

Speaking of which... she thought. She removed the clothes covering this body she was barrowing. Her bra seemed tighter than usual, and panties a little looser.

"Well, you have bigger tits, but I have a tighter ass." Adalin had set up Juliette before with a scratch from a cat with poisoned claws, but that wore off, easy to say they weren't strangers. She had always thought Juliette was cute, but had equal distain for her due to her association with Nick.

She removed the rest of her clothing, 32D breasts with a dark nipple flat against the breast.

"Ehh, not that great looking" she smirked to herself.

She then pulled down her panties to reveal a dark patch of amber pubic hair covering her pussy lips, outies.

"Are you kidding me? Who has a bush anymore?"

She inserted a finger to test the tightness. It felt good. It was odd masturbating as another person, she wondered if she would get off the same, or cum like Juliette? Would the same things turn her on?

"Doesn't matter, I in this as a job, pleasure is only an added benefit."

Adalin got dressed, and drove to Nick's house. Parked her car down the street as to not be seen in Adalin's car, and knocked on the door.

Nick ran down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hey did you forget something? And your key?" Nick asked confused

"Uhhh..." She was still not believing this was working, and for how long.

"Yeah sorry, I let Rosalee use my car so I took a cab here. Just wanted to make sure you're ready."

"Well I'm just about ready to go, gotta get a few more things, and my sunglasses so they don't know I'm a Grimm." Nick stated.

'Not for long...' she thought slyly.

They went up to the bedroom where Nick continued to finish getting ready. Adalin headed into the bathroom, she then proceeded to get naked as Juliette.

'Well... here goes nothing,' she sighed.

She opened the door and strutted out.

Nick looked over.

"Wow. Its been a while. What's up? Nick smirked

"Weddings get me horny" she replied

"I'm already late as it is" he frowned. "I can't be anymore late."

"Well, you are... already late" she exclaimed while sprawling across the bed.

Nick looked at the clock. "You do make a fine point" he laughed, and started to undress.

Adalin couldn't help but feel some sort of excitement, the way you do when you see someone naked for the first time. Add that with the fact she cant experience it with someone else's body, and not worry about how they think of you because he, in a way, has seen you naked 100 times.

Nick removed his shirt. Chiseled chest and slight formation of abs. A cops body, of someone always on the run. He then removed his pants and boxers, a lightly trimmed patched of black hair above his already rock hard cock. Around eight inches she guessed, relatively thin.

"Not bad," she silently said, "not as good as Hank's black monster..." whom she slept with actually being Adalin.

Nick then got on top of her kissing her at first.

"Mmm nice lips..." the feelings swirled around her head, making it easy to forget this was about the mission. The interchanged kisses for minutes before Nick aligned himself with her wet pussy. He thrust in his hard cock with with swift pump.

"UH," Adalind moaned, "FUCK I like that!"

"Yeah baby, tell me how much you like that dick" Nick shouted. "I love when you talk dirty.

Adalin wrapped her legs around Nick and pulled him in closer. Not allowing him to move his hips back. She simply grinded her pelvic region against his, keeping his eight-inch member deep inside her.

Nick bent down and stuck one of her breasts into his mouth, while he maintained his balance with his other hand against the headboard.

He used the momentum of the springs in the mattress to keep pace.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" she didn't expect to like it this much, feeling this in Juliette's little pussy was making this even more pleasurable than Hank's when she was herself.

"OHH SHIT BABE" Nick exclaimed "Ride me"

Nick dropped his arm and in one motion, rolled them over so Adalin was on top.

Adalin riding now, tits bouncing up and down, almost make her wish she had her slightly smaller tits back. She rose up to the top of his cock and slammed down. Over and over again.

Nick: Fuckkkk I'm gonna cum soon.

Adalin wanted to taste it, but she didn't know if Juliette was a swallower so she thought it better to have him cum in her. After all, it would be Juliette she got pregnant.


Adalin could feel his dick expand and shoot his seed inside her. So warm. Her pussy tensed up like a vice around his cock.

"Oh my god" he panted, "that was the best you've ever rode me!"

"I bet it was" she giggled. "Now get ready for the wedding, Ill take a cab back to the venue."

She went into the bathroom to get her clothes. She dipped her fingers in her pussy and tasted the oozing cum from between her legs. "mmmm. As delicious as I hoped."

Nick left the house, and Adalin got in her car and drove home. Later that night she returned to her normal body. Back to her smaller, but more supple breasts, and tight ass.

* * *

Nick got to the wedding to see Juliette already there.

"How did you beat me here?" he questioned

"What? I've been here for hours" she answered confused.

Nick shrugged this off as a joke, not going to worry about how she managed to get here so quickly. After all, he had a wedding to worry about.

Later That Night...

Nick and Juliette returned home after the wedding, where Nick followed up with how she got there so fast.

Nick: How did you beat me to the wedding when you were in the bathroom cleaning up while I was heading out the door?

Juliette: Again, what are you talking about? Cleaning up...

Nick: We... We had sex, then I left for the wedding.

Juliette: Uhhh no! I had been helping Rosalee with setting up all day. Like I told you.

Nick: No, you came back to see if I was ready, you took a cab here.

Juliette: Nick... you're imagining things.

Nick: what if I'm not... he stated worried.

Just then he collapsed on the floor, in obvious agony.

* * *

Adalin had put hair from Nick's head into her potion, finished making the serum to take away Nick's Grimm powers.

"There! Now you can't stand in my way Grimm" She said with a large smile on here face.

To Be Continued


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