Grimm: The Love Spell Part 1 (MF,oral,anal,drugs)
by Insomniac

Nick was a Grimm, an ancient hunter of wesen. However in this modern era he had befriended many wesen, such as Monroe and Rosalee. They were key elements in his path to success for finding out what the key achieved, the key that his aunt gave to him whilst on her death bed.

Nick spent a lot of time at the spice shop, where Rosalee and Monroe worked most of their time. Monroe and Rosalee had become intimate as of late, and Nick was happy for his dear friend that he had found someone he cared about. Especially in this time when his own love, Juliette was not attracted to him anymore and had told him there was another man.

He was at the spice shop working with Rosalee on finding a cure.

Rosalee: Ok, Nick, take these potions and mix them together in that cooking beaker over there, set the temperature to 450 for ten minutes. Not a second longer.

Nick: Ok, your really think this is gonna help Juliette out of this love spell she's under with this other man?

Rosalee: Its our only shot. We have to make a batch of our own love potion and then mix it with another toxin to cancel out what Adalind's cat did.

Nick: Makes as much sense as anything else happening.

Ten minutes later the potion was ready for the next stage in the process.
"Ok now what?" Nick asked carefully transferring the potion to the opposite counter. Just then the beaker slipped out of his tongs and broke resulting in a cloud of the potion to float up into both their nostrils.

Rosalee: Ohhhh noooo...

Nick: Whaa, what's that mean?

Rosalee: Nick, we are going to feel the effects of that potion. Its a love potion, it hasn't been mixed with the reactant yet.

Nick: So what... were gonna be psycho about each other like Juliette and the other guy?!

Rosalee: No! We only inhaled the powder, we didn't drink or have the liquid touch us... it'll be a one-time thing.

Nick: What's a one-time thing.

He wondered what could happen once with a love potion, though he had his suspicions.

Rosalee: We will probably lose control Nick, and...

Nick: Yes?!

Rosalee: Have sex. Deep and rather furious actually.

Nick: You're kidding me! Isn't there a potion we can make fast before it takes effect. You're with Monroe and I still love Juliette, its wrong.

Rosalee: No, any counter would take over an hour to cook. We will start feeling the effects soon, too soon. We have to understand after, it was not our faul...

She began to trail off looking at the crotch of Nick's jeans.

Rosalee: You know, I've always liked a man in uniform.

She could feel a sudden heat between her legs at the mere thought of Nick's physique.

Nick: Oh no, Rosalee, you gotta fight it. You love Monroe.

All of a sudden it hit Nick too. He started focusing on the breasts inside her shirt. Not overly large but they were perky and fit the size of her body.
"Why don't you turn that body around baby." Nick said still trying to fight from the inside, knowing it was wrong, but not being able to stop himself.

Rosalee: Ohhh? You want this old thing?

She turned around and lifted her skirt up to expose a thong covered ass. Incredibly smooth, toned and firm, cheeks made the shape of a apple, one you can sink your teeth into.

Nick: Ohh shit, why don't you move that underwear outta the way and give me a peak at your pussy, you naughty pussycat!

Rosalee: Hey, a fuschbauh is different than a pussycat. Though we do enjoy licking ourselves. She said with a giggle.

With that she pulled down her panties exposing her shaved wet cunt. It looked so tight, as her and Monroe had not yet had sex, and her usually shy nature.

Rosalee: Now whip out that dick Grimm, and make this Wesen pay like your supposed to.

Nick whipped out his nine inch dick, trimmed hair surrounded the base of his member. Leaning slightly to the left Nick always considered himself to have a nice dick, as did Juliet. He was sure Rosalee would feel the same.

He seemingly ran up to Rosalee and grabbed her hips. This caused her to gasp and buckle at the knees. Nick wasted no time taking his fingers and spreading her pussy.

Rosalee: Ohhh fuckkk!!! Play with my clit baby. Rub that shit and stick that monster in me now!

Nick complied. He took his hard rod at the base and shoved it deep into Rosalee.

Rosalee: FUCK, YOU'RE SO BIG!!!

Nick: Ohhh shit, and you're so tight. Don't you get some wolf dick in you occasionally?

Rosalee: Not yet, I'm glad I saved it for you though.

Rosalee began matching pace with Nick as he thrust forward. She bent down further so he could penetrate deeper, he was now easily eight inches deep. He reached around and ripped off her button up shirt Exposing her tight perky breasts. He started playing and pinching her nipples already erect at attention, they were no larger than a dime.

Rosalee: Hold on you fucking stud, let me change positions.

She pulled Nick out of her and turned around. She laid back on the counter and stretched one leg up in the air completely vertical like a cat. She began to rub her own pussy.

Rosalee: Mmmmm, fucking stick it in!

Nick moved forward and aligned the tip with the opening of her vagina, but just the she grabbed it.

"Nu-uh," she smiled and with that pointed the throbbing cock down. "Lets try a different place."

Nick smiled beyond excitement as he thrust his rod into her ass.


Nick got amped at all the yelling and started going in and out faster. "Fuck, your ass is tight. I figured your ass was never entered if your pussy has been vacant a while."

Rosalee: I try to finger that too, but what can I say, a fox loves her hole, she giggled with a smirk and a sense of comedic genius.

Nick smiled and started breathing heavy.


Rosalee then jumped out of position and got down on her knees. "Are you ready for this?!"

Nick couldn't wait to see what was in store.

Just then Rosalee wolga'd where she transforms into her fox-like creature. Nick was completely use to this, but wondered why now.

She soon answered by engulfing his dick into her mouth. The bumps of her fox-like tongue were amazing. Slightly painful but it was such a rush and her furry hand stroking him off at the same time. This was too much for Nick.


Rosalee pulled the dick out of her mouth and continued jerking him off until he shot a huge load on her furry face.

Nick: Shit, that was amazing babe. You're soo hot. Sorry, about it being in your fur...

Rosalee: Oh, its ok. She changed back to her human form.

"See," she said as she simply whipped the remains into her mouth. "Mmmmmm, yummy," she smirked.

"Was I a good vixen?" she asked seductively?

"The best," he said. "That fox tongue was a hell of a trick."

Rosalee: Ya, it got me good grades in college she teased.

Just then they both started getting foggy and feeling sick. Just then like a waterfall draping over them they regained their natural emotions. They looked at each other and realized they were both naked.


Nick: You cant be serious, that really happened. It felt like a dream!

Rosalee: Ya, that happened. We cannot tell anybody about this, it wasn't our fault, but they wouldn't understand.

Nick agreed. "Now we gotta finish this potion so I can go back to my girlfriend."

Part 2 coming soon


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