Growing Pains (mF,inc)
by Jack N Jill

Beads of sweat rolled down Maggie Seaver's pretty face and dripped off the
tip of her nose and chin. The black headband didn't seem to help much. She
still had to use the sleeve of her white Gi to wipe the sweat from her face
and eyes. Her shoulder length, blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail to
prevent it from being plastered against her face. She was totally exhausted
from the intense work out and again wondered why she was torturing herself

Maggie enrolled in the combination fitness, self defense class following an
incident where she was mugged and her purse stolen while she waited for a cab
right outside her office building. She was not injured but terribly shaken
and made to feel very vulnerable. She realized just how dangerous it was on
the streets of the city and decided to make an effort to minimize her chances
of being seriously hurt or killed.

Ben, the Seaver's number two son had been in Mr. Myoshi's self defense class
for about six months. A couple of older students at his school had been
harassing him and after discussing it with his parents he decided to enroll.
The experience had done wonders for Ben. His confidence and maturity level
improved drastically. He walked with a new spring in his step and took pride
in everything he did.

When Ben suggested to his mother that she enroll in his class she laughed and
totally dismissed the idea but when she found out that she could combine the
self defense aspects with a fitness program she decided to give it a try. Now
after three months she felt great. She was in great physical shape and was
beginning to gain confidence in her ability to ward off would-be attackers.
She felt so good about what she was doing that she converted the basement
recreation room to a fitness room, complete with three large mats on the
floor and several weight machines.

Maggie and Ben used their work out room whenever possible. They tried to
convince the rest of the family to join them but without much luck. Jason was
always too busy. Mike was usually out searching for his next girl friend, and
Carol thought is was very un-lady like to sweat.

"Okay," said Mr. Myoshi in a heavy Japanese accent to the entire class, "This
is last class of session. You have two weeks off. Be sure to work on your
own. Don't want anyone falling back into bad habit. Remember, stay in shape.
Keep mind and body working as team. See all of you in two weeks."

"Wow," said Maggie as they got into the car. "That was some work out. I'm

"Me to," Ben said. "But just think about how good it is for you."

"I know," she said. "I guess we will have to do it on our own for the next
couple of weeks. I really want to stay in shape. Maybe you can help me with
some of the self defense work."

"Sure," he said. "No problem." I need the work too." Let's start tomorrow
night after dinner."

"You've got it," she said.

Jason and Carol had dinner nearly ready when the two warriors arrived home.
They had become very capable at self survival since Maggie started her work
out program in addition to her full time job at the TV station.

"Ben," Maggie hollered from her upstairs bedroom. Throw your Gi in the
laundry so I can wash it with mine."

"Okay," he replied.

Maggie untied the yellow belt which held the wrap around top of her Gi closed
and slipped the sweaty white garment off. She looked at herself in the full
length mirror in her white athletic bra and the long, loose fitting, white
pants of her Gi. "Yes," she thought. "It is worth the effort and sweat." Her
large breasts contained within the tight, sweat stained, sports bra appeared
to be a little smaller than a few months ago but were firm, nicely shaped,
and rode high on her chest. Her stiffening nipples made tell-tale bumps
through the fabric of the tight bra.

She struggled to get the wet, sticky bra over her head and off. The loose
fitting, white pants slid easily down her full hips and shapely legs. She
stood in front of the mirror clad only in a black head band, a sweaty sheen
and white, silk, bikini panties. Her hands cupped the underside of both
full breasts and raised them upward. Her index fingers teased the small,
sensitive, pink nipples. She slipped the silk panties off and inspected her
exposed hips and rear. "Jason's right," she thought. "My butt probably is
my best feature." Her hands moved over her full hips and firm, shapely
buttocks. The few months of vigorous exercise had improved the shape and
firmness of her already great rear. Her fingers combed through the narrow
strip of damp, blonde hair on top of her prominent pubic mound. "Not bad,"
she said to herself. "Not bad at all for an old broad."

A hot shower never failed to bring Maggie back to life. She felt totally
refreshed as she dried off and slipped on a pair of worn, gray, sweat pants
and sweat shirt. Since it was not that long till bed time she decided to
forgo underwear. "It's not like anyone can see through my sweats," she

The entire family sat down for dinner together. "Gosh, this is a rare
occasion," said Maggie. "We're actually all at the same table at the same
time. Thank you Jason and Carol for a lovely dinner and thank you Mike and
Ben for doing the dishes.

Mike and Ben looked at each other then at Maggie. "But Mom," said Mike, "I
have to eat and run. I told Julie I'd pick her up at 7:00."

"Really, Mom," said Ben, "I have a ton of homework. I really don't have

"Sorry," said Jason, "But your mother has spoken."

"Yes," laughed Carol, "Your mother has spoken."

Mike and Ben picked up the table and cleaned the kitchen and Carol went to
a movie with Bobby, her current boy friend. Jason and Maggie sat together on
the couch and read the paper while watching television.

Maggie snuggled against Jason's shoulder and whispered in his ear. "I had a
great work out today Jason. You know what that does to me don't you?"

"No," he said, "What does it do to you?"

"It makes me very horny."

"Noooo, really," he said.

"Really, it does." She pressed her mouth to his and flicked the tip of
her pink tongue at his lips. His lips parted and her tongue slipped deeply
inside his mouth. Her hand slid up his thigh and rubbed against his emerging
erection. She felt his hand cup her breast and tease at her stiff nipple
through the fabric of her sweat shirt. She was just about to wrap her hand
around his familiar hardness when a noise came from the kitchen.

"Well, that's it," said Mike, "Anyone care to inspect it?"

Maggie and Jason separated abruptly, both relieved that they had not been
caught by their own children in an act of passion. "A practicing psychiatrist
and a professional journalist married for 20 years behaving like a couple of
teenagers," thought Jason. "Who would ever guess?" Maggie's fitness craze had
certainly improved their sex life. She felt so good about herself and her
high level of energy that she wanted to share her spirit with everyone.

Jason's erection subsided immediately when he heard Mike and Ben approaching
the living room. "Hey Dad," said Mike, "The Knicks are on TV and since it's
too late to go out, want to watch it with us?"

"What do you mean us?" asked Jason. "Ben has tons of homework, right Bennie?"

"Oh, no Dad, I forgot. It's not due until next week."

Suddenly the Knicks and Bulls were on TV, the Seaver men were glued to it and
Maggie was alone, at least in spirit. She excused herself and went upstairs
to bed, alone. Not exactly what she had in mind. She slipped out of her
sweats and between the cool sheets and drifted off to sleep dreaming strange
things about Mr. Myoshi and that proper Karate etiquette did not allow for
teachers and students to engage in sexual activities.

* * *

Maggie poured herself a glass of juice and cup of coffee. She had only about
an hour until she had to be at the office. Jason had left early for a meeting
down town and Ben and Carol were stumbling around the kitchen fixing their
own breakfast. Mike was either still asleep or trying to make an early
morning class. Things were their normal hectic self.

As Maggie drove to work she admonished Jason for staying up late to watch a
stupid basketball game and not taking care of her sexual needs. Now she was
going to have to think about it all day and probably wouldn't be able to
concentrate on her work. "Oh well," she thought, "Tonight I'm not going to
let him go to sleep until he makes love to me, and I mean it."

Maggie's day went slow. Her head was filled with memories of past sexual
encounters with Jason. After all he was the only lover she ever had and they
had a very fulfilling sex life, at least until lately. It seemed that she
was always thinking about sex and was almost always horny. "Maybe I should
quite exercising and all the martial arts stuff," she thought. "No way," she
reconsidered, "I love how it makes me feel. After all, what's wrong with
being a little horney now and then? Jason will just have to learn how to
take care of me."

Three messages were on the recorder when Maggie arrived home. Carol would not
be home at all. She was staying with a friend. Mike had a date and wouldn't
be home. Jason was in another meeting and would be very late.

"Well Ben, It's just you and me for dinner," she said. "What would you like?

"I don't really care. Something light before we work out."

Maggie fixed a fresh fruit salad and a toasted bagel. When they finished she
said, "Okay, I'll meet you in the basement in half an hour and we'll work

"Great, half an hour," he replied.

* * *

Maggie pulled her hair back in a pony tail and put on her head band. She
slipped into the tight sports bra and her white Gi. She tied the yellow belt,
the symbol of a beginner in martial arts, around her waist and went to the
basement. Ben was already there, stretching and going through his pre-work
out routine of jabbing at the air and making weird sounds. Maggie joined him,
stretching all of her muscles then taking her defensive stance and making
weird noises of her own.

"Okay Bennie, it's time. How about a little one on one sparring."

"Sure, but I don't want to hurt you."

"What," She said, "You don't want to hurt me? Remember Bennie boy, right now
I'm not your mother. I'm your opponent and I'm going to kick your butt."

Ben laughed. "Okay, I'm not your son. I'm your opponent and you are in

The two bowed and squared off, facing each other. Legs apart and hands open,
moving slowly back and forth. They jabbed towards each other, careful not to
make contact. Ben was much more adept at the art, moving around and scoring
point after point. But as soon as his guard was down Maggie took a shot and
caught him in the stomach with her fist. He fell to the mat gasping for air.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to." Before she could finish her apology
his foot shot upward and caught her in the ribs. "Oooomph," she fell back
against the wall. Ben was on his feet and slowly coming for her. Both of them
were caught up in the heat of battle. They stalked each other around the mat.
Sweat began to form on both their faces as they became more intent on the

Maggie took a swing and just missed Ben's chin. He spun around and caught her
shoulder with a high kick. She crashed to the mat and grabbed her shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Ben started to say, but before he could finish she leg whipped
him and he fell on his butt. Before he could get up Maggie was on him
straddling his waist and pinning his arms to the mat above his head. Both of
them were covered with sweat and on the verge of exhaustion but neither would
give in. Ben's hips bucked up off the mat, trying to free himself from his
mothers's weight. She slid back towards his hips to prevent him from bouncing
her off him.

Maggie gasped. She was surprised and shocked. All of their struggling and
physical contact caused Ben's young organ to grow and now it pressed against
her crotch. Every time his hips rose up against hers, she felt it rub against
her neglected pussy.

"Ohhh no," she thought, "Now what. This is very wrong." But it felt so good.
She had been in a state of arousal for several days and this was the first
attention she had received.

His slim hips bucked again and his stiff young cock pressed against her
moistening pussy. She closed her eyes and stretched forward keeping his hands
pinned over his head. This had the effect of opening the top of her Gi and
pressing her bra encased breasts against his face. Again he bounced his hips
up and down and rolled to his side trapping her leg beneath him. He rolled
over until he had reversed their positions and he was now on top of her and
nestled between her legs.

He pinned her hands over her head and lay full length on top of her. She
began to buck her hips to displace him but suddenly she realized that what
she was doing was making matters worse. Ben's hard, virgin cock was rubbing
back and forth against her swollen womanhood. Maggie was no longer fighting.
Her hands escaped his and gripped his tight butt through the material of his
Gi and pulled his hardness against her moist, swollen pussy.

Ben had never experienced anything even remotely close to this. He knew about
sex but this was his only real encounter. He really had never even kissed a
girl other than a quick peck on the cheek.

Ben buried his face in Maggie's neck and his hands slipped inside her Gi top
and found her heaving breasts and slowly explored them through the fabric of
the bra. His fingers discovered the erect nipples and pulled gently at them.
Maggie moaned as Ben's hips pumped away against her own. She was so close to
orgasm. "Ohhh Ben. Ohhh Ben." Then she felt his hips stop and his whole body
shuddered. He stiffened against her and she knew. He experienced his first
orgasm with a woman. He had come inside his sacred Gi.

"Oh no," he cried. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Maggie comforted him. But he quickly got up and ran upstairs.
Maggie lay on the mat, confused and troubled. What had she done? Did she ruin
him forever? Could she make him understand that it was not his fault and that
it just happened?

Her pussy still ached from their encounter. She had been so close. Just on
the verge of a giant orgasm, then nothing. Her hands moved to her breasts
and pinched the still erect nipples, then moved down her stomach and slipped
inside her pants and under her panties. Her right middle finger slipped
between the honeyed lips of her swollen pussy and stroked slowly up and down.
She let it slide slowly inside her hot cunt and began to move it in and out.
Her hips rose and fell as her finger pumped in and out and just as she was
about to come.

Rrrring, Rrring, the stupid phone rang. She was instantly snapped out of her
moment and back to reality. "Hello. Oh hello Jason what's up. What do you
mean you won't be home? Not at all tonight? Okay, I understand I guess but I
really need you. In fact you wouldn't believe how much I need you. Oh well
I'll see you tomorrow night. Good night darling."

"Just what I needed," she thought to herself. "Never around when you need

Maggie went upstairs to get ready for bed. She stripped off her clothes and
threw them into the hamper and noticed that Ben's Gi was also in it. "Poor
guy," she thought, "He must be so embarrassed." Following a nice long bubble
bath she put on white, silk panties, one of Jason's oversized, gray tee
shirts, and a long, white terry robe. She brushed her teeth, polished her
nails, and brushed her beautiful blonde hair.

She slowly crept down the hall just to quickly check on Ben and make sure he
was asleep. She slowly cracked his door open and looked inside. The room was
illuminated by a single desk lamp but was light enough for her to see Ben
sitting on the edge of his bed in his red pajama bottoms holding his head in
his hands.

Maggie softly tapped on his door and asked, "May I come in honey?"

"Yea, sure," he said sheepishly, "Come on in."

"What's wrong," she said, as she sat down on the bed next to him, "Can't you



"Because," he said, "I can't decide whether to use a rope or a gun."

"Oh, Bennie honey, you shouldn't be so upset. You didn't do anything wrong.
If anything was wrong it was all my fault. You did absolutely nothing that
was not perfectly normal. Boys your age have very active hormones and things
like that happen."

"I don't think so," he said. It's just that I got so caught up in our
sparring that I forgot who you were and what I was doing. My mind kind of
turned to mush."

"Oh honey, you're so sweet," she put her arm around his shoulders and pulled
him against her. "Please don't feel like you did anything wrong. It's all
just between us anyway. No one else will ever know."

"Promise," he said, "You won't tell anyone. Not even Dad."

"No one," she promised, Not even Dad." Now lay down and get some sleep. She
pulled down the bed covers and he lay down and waited for her to cover him
up. She pulled the covers up to his chin then without warning she jerked the
covers off the bed and jumped on top of him straddling his hips.

"Okay Bennie boy, now we finish the battle."

Ben was shocked but then a big impish grin crossed his face and he laughed,
"Okay, but be warned, my body is a lethal weapon and I'm not responsible for
what harm it may do."

"Big talker," she said as she leaned forward until her lips were close to his
face, "Take this." She kissed him on one cheek and when he turned his head to
avoid her she kissed him on the other cheek. She then kissed his forehead,
his chin, and his eyes all while he half heartedly protested and pretended to
try to escape. Without warning her lips pressed against his and she felt him
shudder and squirm beneath her, still trying to escape. But she persisted and
kept her mouth pressed against his until he stopped struggling. Her mouth
opened against his and her tongue tried to slip between his clenched lips.
"It's okay sweetie, just relax," she said. She felt his lips slacken slightly
and slipped her tongue between his teeth into his mouth.

Ben gave out a low moan when he felt the tip of her tongue invade his mouth.
It was his first kiss of that type and it felt incredible, but suddenly fear
set in as he felt himself getting an erection. He knew that the same thing
that happened earlier could easily happen again.

Maggie also felt his young cock growing against her and realized his
apprehension. She removed her mouth from his. "It's okay honey. Don't be
afraid." She crawled off his hips and stood up beside the bed. "I think I
better leave you alone now. I'll see you in the morning."

Just as she was going out the doorway beside him Ben called to her. "Mom,
please stay with me for a while. I really don't want to be alone."

"Okay honey, if that's what you want, I'll be happy to keep you company."

Maggie walked back towards his bed, stopped at the foot of it and untied the
belt of her robe. Ben watched as the robe opened and she slipped it off her
shoulders and dropped it on the floor. She stood before him in a thin, gray
tee shirt that came nearly to her knees. She looked beautiful. There was just
enough light in the room for him to see the outline of her full breasts and
stiffening nipples against the shirt. Her honey blonde hair shone in the
light and she smiled and said, "Ben, I want you to just lay there very still
and don't worry about anything. I won't do anything to hurt you and I'll stop
when you tell me to."

She could see the large bulge beneath his red pajamas and was pleased that he
found her physically attractive. She lay down next to him and put her hand on
his bare chest. "Oh no," she said, as he began to flinch, "Remember you're
not to move. Just lay there quietly."

Ben nervously nodded his head and stared straight up at the ceiling. Maggie's
fingers traced around his smooth, bare chest and stopped to delicately touch
one of his tiny nipples. She teased at it until she felt it stiffen against
her finger then moved to the other one. Ben's eyes closed as he began to
relax and enjoy her attention.

"Remember Ben, don't move," she said. But it was impossible to be totally
still when he felt the tip of her warm tongue against his sensitive nipples.
His hips rotated slightly and he gave a soft moan when she took his nipples
between her lips and gently sucked on them. Her lips moved back to his and
again her tongue slipped deep inside his mouth. For the first time, Ben
responded by kissing her back. Maggie moaned, "Ohh Ben," when she felt his
tongue slide inside her mouth and explore the warm interior.

Maggie could not remember being so excited and she knew that there was no
stopping now. Her hand moved down Ben's chest across his stomach and slowly
wrapped around his young, throbbing shaft through the fabric of his pajamas.
"My God," she thought, "He's awfully big for a young boy. And I thought
Jason was big." Her fingers were barely able to encircle it's thickness.
She continued to kiss him deeply as her hand slowly stroked his hard cock.

She began to kiss her way down his neck, stopping to flick at his nipples
then continued downward along his stomach. Her fingers found the drawstring
to his pajamas and slowly untied it. Her hand slipped under his loose fabric
and touched the warm hardness of his thick cock. She wrapped her fingers
around it and directed it straight up. "Oh Ben," she said, "You're
wonderful," as she admired the throbbing organ in her hand. The long white
shaft was topped with a large, dark, pinkish head coated with a thin, clear,
slick fluid.

Holding the stiff young cock upright, Maggie bent at the waist and placed her
tongue against the moist, velvety head. She licked around the perimeter then
opened her mouth wider and let it slip inside. She loved the taste feel of it
deep inside her mouth. The head slid past her tongue and bumped against the
back of her throat. Her jaws ached as they accommodate the sheer thickness of
him. As her mouth fed hungrily on the throbbing cock her hand stroked at the
base of the thick shaft.

Ben began to moan loudly and his body began to shudder. Maggie knew that he
was very close to orgasm and probably could not control himself much longer.
She removed her aching mouth from his sweet cock and sat upright next to him.

"Help me take my shirt off Ben."

Ben was eager to help. They both grasped the hem and pulled it upward over
her head. Maggie tossed it aside and posed before her 14 year old son. He
had never seen anything so beautiful. He had always known that his mom was
a beautiful woman but he had never seen more beautiful breasts, not even in
Playboy. They were full, firm, and perfectly shaped and topped with small
but long, stiff, very pink nipples.

As Maggie lay on her back next to Ben he studied the rest of her body. The
small mound of her tummy rose and fell with every breath she took. Her full
round hips were encased in snug fitting, white, silk, bikini panties. Her
firm, shapely legs tapered down to small, delicate feet with pink toenails.

"Kiss me Bennie," she pleaded as she pulled him down to her face. His lips
found hers and his tongue searched her mouth. Her arms encircled his him and
pulled him down to lie on top of her. Her legs parted and her knees drew up
to cradle him between her strong, supple thighs. His pajamas were bunched
around his knees and his hard virgin cock pressed against her damp, panty
encased, pussy. She raised her hips up against him increasing the pressure
against his cock.

Maggie felt his warm hands on her breasts, searching for and finding the
hard, burning nipples. His fingers pulled at the erect buds causing them to
throb with desire. "Suck them darling. Please suck my nipples. They hurt so
bad." Ben's mouth quickly found first one then the other elongated nipple
and sucked them deeply inside his hot mouth until she moaned loudly and her
hips bucked up against his.

"Take my panties off Ben," she moaned huskily. "I can't wait any longer."

Ben moved down to her hips and his hands found the elastic waist band. She
closed her legs and raised her hips to allow him to remove the dainty, silk
panties. He threw them aside and gasped at the sight of Maggie's lovely
cloister nestled between her open thighs. A narrow strip of soft, blonde,
hair extended from the top of her sharp pubic bone down between her legs
and framed the lust swollen lips of her long neglected pussy.

Maggie's own fingers moved down over her tummy and touched the top of her
moist slit. She found and stroked her own prominent little clit and slightly
parted the sticky, swollen lips exposing the hot, pink, love tunnel.

She reached down between their bodies and wrapped her hand around Ben's
throbbing cock guiding it towards her open pussy. She rubbed the large crown
up and down the wet, pink, slit then placed it at the hungry opening.

"Do it Bennie. Put it in me. Do it. Please do it."

Ben's hips moved slowly forward and his long, thick, cock slid steadily
inside her wet clasping cunt. Her hips rose and her legs opened wider to
provide more room for the big young cock to enter her.

"Ohhh yessss Bennie," she screamed as his hips lunged forward and she felt
his cock cap bump against her cervix. He was buried completely inside her,
stretching her hungry cunt to the very limit. Maggie had been so hot for so
long that she began to come as soon as she felt his cock deep inside her.
Her hips bucked wildly against Ben's inexperienced hips. Before he could
develop a steady rhythm he felt Maggie's cunt squeeze his sensitive, hard
cock and bring him to orgasm.

They humped back and forth against each other ruthlessly both in the throes
of orgasm. Maggie felt the big cock twitch and spurt inside her aching cunt
as she too went over the edge.

"Ohhh sweetie," she moaned, "You are sooo wonderful. I love you sooo much."
She pulled his face to hers and pressed her open mouth against his. Her
tongue teased at his lips then slipped inside his mouth. Ben's hips never
stopped. He established a steady rhythm and kept pumping his still hard cock
in and out of his mother's wet cunt. Maggie was not prepared for him to
continue but pleasantly accepted it. .

"Oh Bennie, you really are a lethal weapon aren't you?" His big cock
continued to steadily pump in and out. Her hands gripped his tight little
buns and pulled him harder against her, forcing even more of the long, thick
invader inside her tight, wet cunt.

"Faster sweetie, faster," Maggie moaned as she neared another orgasm. "Do it
Bennie, faster. Ohhh Bennie, fuck me darling, fuck me, fuck me." He couldn't
believe his mother even knew words like that. The sound of her using such
language spurred him on and he drove his cock into her deeper and deeper
until she screamed and bucked her hips wildly as orgasm overtook her again.

Maggie was slated and her pussy ached from the constant battering but Ben was
young, healthy, and truly enjoying his first ever sexual encounter. He kept
stroking in and out, slower now but still with a steady rhythm. He had come
twice in the past two hours and had plenty of stamina left.

Maggie straightened her legs beneath him and rolled to her side causing the
big cock to slip out of the moist, hot confines of her cunt. "Rest Bennie, we
need to rest," she said as she rolled to her stomach.

Ben looked at the lovely tight, round butt rising up in the air. He crawled
on top of her and lay full length on Maggie's back with his still hard, slick
cock pressed against the tight cleft between her buttocks. His hips again
began to move back and forth. His cock rubbed it's full length along the
tight crack as his legs slipped between hers and forced them wider apart.

Maggie gave up. Ben was not ready to rest. She rose up on her knees, reached
behind her and guided him to the mouth of her well used pussy.

"Ohhh wow," Ben moaned, as he felt the length of his cock slide into his
mother's tight cunt from behind. His hands gripped her hips and he began to
slide back and forth deeper and deeper. He then rotated his hips from side
to side virtually stirring Maggie's insides until she began to push her hips
back at him. She gripped his hands and placed them on her swaying breasts
allowing him to tease and pull on her long hard nipples as he filled her
again excited cunt with his thickness.

"Oh God but I love you Mom," he moaned as he neared his own orgasm. His
hands again gripped her hips and pulled her lovely ass hard against his hips,
fucking her faster and faster until they both trembled and came at the same

They collapsed on the bed, Ben's cock still embedded within her stretched
cunt. Sweat poured off both of them. Suddenly Maggie felt the giant cock
begin to soften inside her. "My God, he is human after all," she smiled.

* * *

The next evening the entire Seaver family once again sat around the dining
room table and enjoyed dinner together.

"So Mike," asked Maggie, "When are you going to start working out with Ben
and I? You know it really is good for you. I don't think you would be sorry,
do you Ben? Ben smiled and continued eating.


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