Growing Pains: Part 1 - Luke And Krissy (mg)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Luke was determined to get Ben back for getting him in trouble with his
foster parents, Dr. and Mrs. Seaver. Ever since he moved into their house,
Ben the Seaver's third child, who was 15, just like Luke, had been treating
him like a second class citizen and he was sick of it. For weeks Luke had
been trying to figure out a way to get Ben back, since Ben ratted on him for
sneaking out. Luke was sneaking out to meet with a hot girl, but for some
reason, Ben decided to tell Dr. Seaver where he was going. So Luke decided
he needed to get Ben back and he finally figured out how. Luke overheard
Ben on the phone with his girlfriend Laura-Lynn. They were making plans to
make-out at Ben's house, since his parents were going to be gone the entire
night, leaving Mike in charge.

Mike Seaver was 21 and Ben's older brother. Mike was the person who helped
Luke get off the street and Luke was very grateful for that. The Seavers
also had two daughters, Carol who was 20 yrs old and was a bit of a nerd,
but Luke also knew that Ben had a big crush on Carol and was always trying
to see her in the shower.

The youngest Seaver daughter was Krissy, she was 7 years old and very sweet.
In fact since the day Luke moved in, Krissy and Mike were the only ones who
were always nice to him. But lately Ben had been hanging around Krissy a
lot and had convinced her to be mean to him. Luke was determined to get
revenge on Ben and to get Krissy to like him more then Ben.

At first Luke was just planning on telling Dr. Seaver about Ben's plans for
Friday night, but then he got a better idea. Why not find a way to make-out
with Laura-Lynn right in front of Ben. Luke did not think she was that
attractive, but Ben was obsessed with her and got pissed off whenever he saw
her with another guy. Luke figured that they had been going out on and off
for over 2 years and that they had been having sex for atleast 6 months,
since he never saw Ben playing with himself. Since Luke masturbated atleast
once a day, he figured that Ben must be getting off some how and sex seemed
like the most logical idea to him. Luke had not had a girlfriend in over a
year and had not had sex in over 1 month, which was the longest he had gone,
since he first had sex 2 years earlier at the age of 13.

Luke decided that he was going to not only take Laura-Lynn away from Ben, but
he was also going to humiliate Ben. He was going to teach Ben that he was
the boss and that Ben was just his slave. The first thing Luke decided to
do, was to make a bet with Ben. The bet they made said the following

Ben and Luke agree to the following bet:

The first one to get in Ben's sister's underwear, with
proof, would get to be master of the other guy for one day.
They can do whatever they want to the other guy. If no one
succeeds in the next 48 hours, then there will be no

Ben and Luke

Ben knew that Carol did not really like Luke, nor did she trust him, so he
figured that there was no way he could lose the bet. Plus it gave him an
excuse to try and see Carol naked.

But Luke had other plans when he made the bet with Ben. Luke was planning
on getting into Krissy's panties. First he knew that it would be easier
then getting into Carol's and second he knew that Ben would be more upset,
if he touched Krissy then if he touched Carol. When Luke arrived home
from school at 3:00, Dr. and Mrs. Seaver were getting ready to leave and
asked Luke to watch Krissy until Ben and Mike got home later that evening.
This was just what Luke had been looking for, he was going to be home with
Krissy, alone.

After the Seavers left, Luke convinced Krissy to play a tickling game with
him. The idea was to try and make the other person laugh by tickling them.
Krissy went first, she tried to tickle Luke under his arms, but he did not
laugh, because he was wearing a sweatshirt. He then told her that it would
be easier for her to tickle him if he took off his shirt, so he pulled it
off, revealing his smooth chest, with just a little hair under his arms and
below his belly-button, a treasure trail. But Luke then said it was his
turn to try and tickle Krissy. But before he began, he told her she need
to take off her shirt, so he could actually feel her body. She then lifted
her shirt, revealing her prepubescent breasts. He then lightly caressed
her nipples and caused her to moan. She then decided to try and tickle
Luke's belly. As she was tickling Luke, she noticed that Luke had a trail
of hair from his belly button down below into his pants. Krissy then asked
him where the trail went, with that Luke decided to unbutton his pants and
showed her his 8 inch cock. She just started at it, before reaching out
and touching it, gently.

Luke then he told her that it was his turn and asked her to take off her
pants since he took off his. She then pulled off her pants and underwear
showing Luke her little pussy. Luke then began to tickle her pussy, gently
touching her clit, ever so often, causing her to squirm. He then decided
to eat her out, so he got down on her knees and began to lick her pussy all
over, gently touching her clitoris every so often. He then told her that he
could make her feel even better and she willingly agreed.

With that he got on top of her and slowly lowered his 8 inch tool into her
tight virgin pussy. As he got more and more of his cock into her, he felt
her hymen and then all in one motion he slammed into her pussy, taking away
her precious virginity. He continued to fuck Krissy for over 10 more
minutes before shooting his cum inside of the little 7 year old below him.
The combination of his orgasm and her own orgasm caused her to pass out.
Luke decided to clean her up and carry her to her room, but he made sure to
keep her panties, which had a little blood from her hymen on them. As he
was leaving her room he heard Ben enter the house.


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