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Growing Pains
Part I (MF oral teen, MF)

The phone shrilled loudly and Julie let out a groan of despair. It was
a little after six o'clock, so odds were good that the caller would be
Mrs. Seaver, letting the babysitter know she'd be late again. It was
becoming all too common since Mrs. Seaver had been made the fill-in
anchor at Channel 5. And with Dr. Seaver in Hawaii for a convention, it
left Julie to watch after little Chrissy. Sure there were the Seaver
kids, but Mike was too caught up in himself and Carol spent all her time
locked in that little girl-ish bedroom, starving herself and pining away
for some boy who probably had no idea she even existed, leaving Julie to
do all the childcare. Of course, Ben was around to, but thirteen year
olds are good for playing video games and farting.
Julie tripped over a pair of sneakers, stumbling into the couch.
Crying out, she looked back ready to curse Ben, but the shoes were too
large, meaning it had to be Mike. Telling him off under her breath, she
twisted back to shrieking phone. Flipping her long, silky blonde hair
aside, she pulled the receiver to her ear, "Seavers, this is Julie, may
I help you?"
"Julie," Maggie Seaver sighed, "I'm glad you answered. Bernie's got
some kind of Jamaican flu, so I've gotta fill in for him tonight. Do
you think you can watch Chrissy and make sure Ben gets some dinner?"
"Sure," she responded, trying to hide her displeasure.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, no problem."
"You don't have any plans?"
"No," she confessed, painfully aware of how pathetic she seemed. Her
plans had been to do homework and maybe read some more of trashy novel.
"A pretty girl like you and no plans," Maggie said aloud, "That's a
shame. Well thank you very much. You're a life saver, Julie."
"Sure, bye," Julie returned the phone to its cradle and got up,
spinning her ankle to see if she had twisted it on Mike's shoe.
She studied for a bit before she checked on Chrissy. The baby needed
changing and feeding. After she finished, she made Ben pork chops and
Macaroni and Cheese. The two of them ate, with the boy talking
endlessly about nothing that interested her. The phone rang and she
leapt up again, taking it. It was one of Carol's dweeb-ish little
friends. She called up to the little brat and went back to the table.
Ben knocked his napkin to the floor and bent to retrieve it. As she
rose, she noticed the boy's eyes, they were locked on her cleavage. She
tossed the napkin to him and his eyes averted quickly. As they
continued dinner, she saw his gaze shift repeatedly to her tank-top and
the cavern her c-cup breasts created.
"Do you want more milk?"
"Sure," he said, pulling his eyes away from her chest.
When she returned with the milk, the boy let his napkin fall to the
floor again. The little pervert, she thought. But it was kind of
flattering, and the most attention she had received in weeks. Reaching
over Ben's shoulder, she placed the milk on the table, being certain to
press her breasts against the back of the boys head. He twisted his
head up to say thank you, but twisted suddenly when he realized what was
wrapped around his ears.
Julie bent again, this time at the knees and retrieved his napkin for
him. The boy's eyes unabashedly were on her breasts, which were now
sporting stiff nipples. She saw the bulge in the thirteen year old's
pants and smiled. She lifted the napkin and placed it on his lap, being
sure to flatten it with her hand. Ben sat up suddenly, his eyes alive
with worry. Julie stood again and took her plate to the sink. As she
washed it, she heard him get up and call out, "I'm all done, Julie, I'm
going to my room."
Julie smiled knowingly. Well at least someone was getting there rocks
off around here, she thought. She took his glass of milk and placed it
in the refrigerator for later. She then finished the dishes and retired
to the living room where she studied for an hour and then read for an
hour from her bodice-ripping novel.
She just finished a hot love scene when she heard the baby cry again.
Grumbling, she trotted up the stairs. She checked on the baby, changing
it and holding it for awhile before the small child slept again. As
Julie headed for the stairs she passed by Ben's room. She wondered if
he was still awake. It was unusual for him to go to his room all
night. He rarely did homework and often spent much of his time
downstairs vegetating by the television. She stepped near the door and
heard his bed creaking. Fighting to laugh, she realized she had
probably sent the boy on a masturbating frenzy. Suddenly she had an
Quietly, she trotted down the back staircase and retrieved the boy's
glass of milk. She climbed the stairs and again listened at the door.
The creaking and now heavy breathing were plainly evident. Twisting the
knob gently, she realized the door was unlocked. This would be fun, she
thought. Pushing the door forward, she stepped into the room calling
out, "Ben, you forgot to drink your milk."
The thirteen year old froze in mid-stroke. His pants and underwear lay
crumpled on the floor beside the bed. He was reclining on his motorbike
bedspread, one hand wrapped around his stiff dick. He looked up in
total shock at the perky blonde holding the milk. His face was flush
with exertion, but the change occurring had to have been embarrassment.
"Oh, I'm so sorry," Julie said, faking shock.
"JJu..Julie," the boy barely managed to say, frantically trying to
cover his hard-on with his T-shirt. "I was . . . just, um . . .checking
myself for. . ."
Julie's eyes were on the boy's surprisingly nice hard-on. She guessed
he was at least five inches, which wasn't too bad. Her last boyfriend
had been about that big. She pushed the door shut behind herself.
" I was just. . ."
"Jerking off, Ben," she said, coming toward his bed. She placed the
milk on his nightstand. "It's okay."
"It is?" he answered, confused.
"Sure, all boys do it."
"They do?"
"Who were you thinking about?"
Ben looked away from her, his face turning red again. "No one."
"What, Ben? Com'on, we all think about people when we play with
ourselves. Was it me?"
"It was," he said, not looking up.
"That's so flattering," she told him, leaning forward. "What were we
"You were . . .um. . .sucking . . on my. . ."
"I was blowing you" she said, pulling his hands away from his still
stiff dick. Her lips wrapped around the boy's dick and he let out a
gasp. She rolled her tongue around his helmet and his body became
rigid. Her eyes caught his and he quickly averted them. She pulled her
mouth away, her delicate hand stroking his erection. "Look at my eyes
while I suck your dick. It turns me on."
"Okay," he whispered as her mouth engulfed his dick again. She easily
swallowed him, having taken guys twice as thick and almost double the
length. Her lips formed an oh and she slowly slid up and down his shaft
until her nose touched his small thicket of pubic hair. Pulling away,
she stood and he looked up shocked.
"Spread your legs," Julie told Ben, as the babysitter knelt on the bed,
between his legs. Stroking his cock slowly, she knew young boys blew
instantly, she licked his soft balls and then resumed her blow job. She
carried on for no more than three minutes, before he whispered he was
gonna come. Taking this cue, Julie sped up considerably, increasing her
lip pressure and squeezing his balls. Ben let out a grunt and dropped
his small load into her mouth. She milked the boy's dick with her
tongue and lips, getting every drop out.
Julie rose up, searching the boy's face for his feelings. It wasn't a
great mystery. He was looking at her as though she had just given him a
million dollars. "How'd you like it?"
"Incredible," he mumbled, still staring at her mouth. He couldn't
believe she had sucked his dick, let alone swallowed his come. He
thought girls hated it.
Julie leaned back on her knees, wiping at her mouth. That was quite a
bit of fun, she thought, but sucking dicks isn't what got her off. She
wondered if she had gone too far blowing him, but at that point it was
too late. The boy's eyes fell back onto her chest and she decided, she
might at well give him a thrill and see if he could give her the big O.
Reaching into her pants, she pulled her tank-top up and the boy let out
an audible, "Ohmigosh."
"What do you think about doing something for me?" She leaned forward
and the boy's hands hesitantly went to her large breasts. He clumsily
kneaded them and pushed them in circles. "Rub them gently, Ben. In
fact, put your lips on my nipple."
"Sure," the thirteen year old said, leaning up and wrapping his lips on
her tit. This was something any guy could do, she thought. It always
felt heavenly. After a few seconds, she twisted around and laid on the
bed, with him sucking on her breast. Julie's hands went to her jeans
and unbuttoned them. Her fingers slid to her moist cavern. Ben did his
best suckling her breasts while she frigged her own clit.
"Can I touch your pussy?" the boy asked. Julie took his hand and
pushed it under her wet underwear. "Oh, it's so wet?"
"Rub right there," she told him. She pushed his face back to her
breast and he resumed sucking. Minutes later Julie found herself having
a good, but not fantastic orgasm.
"Oh, that's good, Ben," she told him. "You can stop now."
He reluctantly pulled away from her and looked over her body,
unconsciously tugging on his already stiff dick. Julie sat up and
re-buttoned her pants and pulled her top back down. She looked at the
boy as he slowly jerked off. "Can you do that again?"
"What the hell," she said, leaning forward and sucking him off again.
It only took two minutes before he came. Rising up, she thanked him and
told him they could do this again if he was good, but he'd have to not
tell anybody. Naturally, he agreed and she left his room.
Returning downstairs, she found Carol sitting on the sofa stuffing
herself with ice cream. She paused briefly, wondering if Carol could
smell Ben's musky odor or even her own, emanating from her jeans. Oh
well, she figured. Once when she was a teen she had taken a faceful of
come from her best friend's father and then immediately had dinner with
the family. Julie settled down on the couch beside Carol.
"Where have you been?"
"Upstairs," Julie responded.
"Doing what?"
"Helping Benny with his homework."
Julie shrugged and ignored the little ice cream shoveling porker. As
they watched television, Julie shifted on sofa, rubbing her thighs
together. The frigging from Ben hadn't been enough. She was still so
horny. She picked up her book and retreated to the back of the room to
at least read about people getting some. Awhile later Carol returned to
her room and Julie took advantage of the empty room by working herself
off again. She fell asleep soon after.
The unlocking of the front door, awakened Julie. She sat upright and
smiled sleepily at Maggie. They discussed Chrissy and Ben and then
Maggie told her good night and headed upstairs. From upstairs, she
called down and told Julie she was welcome to sleep on the couch, rather
than drive all the way home. Julie decided she might take her up on
that offer. She'd have to get a blanket from the closet though and she
got up. As she had earlier, she tripped over Mike's shoes, toppling to
the floor and banging her knee.
Grimacing, she got up again and grabbed Mike's shoes.
Storming through the house, she went to Mike's room above the garage.
The lights were on, as she expected. She slammed her first against the
door and heard him call, "Enter."
Throwing open the door, she raged, "Dammit, Mike, why can't you pick up
your crap!"
She hurled one of the shoes into the room as she stepped it. Looking
toward the bed in the smallish loft, she did not see him. She twisted
about, "Where the hell are you? I've tripped twice on these."
Mike came out of his bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist. Julie
paused, upon seeing his muscled chest. He wasn't huge, but he was cut.
He was still wet with moisture, obviously having just finished a
shower. Julie felt a familiar tingle in her loins.
"What?" he asked in his whiny, high-pitched voice.
"You leave your shit everywhere," she told him.
"So," he said, placing one hand on his hip, the other holding the
"So, I hurt myself tripping on this, you shithead," Julie yelled,
tossing the shoe at him. He bobbled it with one hand and made a
decision she found unusual but quite satisfying. He reached up with his
other hand. The shoe was caught and the towel fell. Mike Seaver's
whole reason for living came into view and Julie was pleasantly
surprised. It was flaccid and at least six inches long. Being
narcissistic, he kept his chest and most of his pubes shaved. Julie did
not even try to look away.
"Quite nice," Julie said, with as much seduction as she could muster.
"What?" he said as he reached for the fallen towel.
"No," she told him.
"Keep it where it fell," she instructed him, letting her gaze wander
his body.
"Julie," he whined. "You're making me feel weird. This isn't fair.
I'm naked."
"Why don't I join you," she said, hauling her tank-top off.
"Oh my god," the young man bellowed, his dick rising to signal his
She walked toward him and kissed his lips softly. Mike kissed back,
reaching for her head and holding her as his tongue delved into her
mouth. She giggled, thinking not more than a few hours ago her lips had
been wrapped around his brother's dick. He pulled away, complaining,
"Hey? What are you laughing at?"
"Nothing," she cooed, grasping his dick. "Let's see how big this thing
can get."
Julie led Mike across the room to his bed. She collapsed backward onto
the bed, her big tits sliding to the sides of her body. Mike was almost
at full mast, eight inches, and he absentmindedly stroked at his cock.
He wanked many nights thinking about fucking Julie and now was his
"Jack off for me, Mike," she insisted, unbuttoning her pants. Mike was
not one to let the girl down. He licked his palm and slid it up and
down his stiff member. Julie licked her lips watching the boy fisting
his rigid cock. She couldn't wait to have it in her. It had been at
least four years since she had been fucked by a dick that big and that
had been a silly teenage boy with no self-control. She watched him work
it for a minute, with her hand inside her jeans, rubbing her sopping
Julie sat up and stopped his masturbation. She wrapped her own
delicate hand around his throbbing dick and worked up and down on his
slick member. Mike reached down, cupping Julie's large breasts. She
felt his thumbs flicking over her nipples and she smiled up at him with
lust. "You want me to suck your cock?"
"No," he told her, lowering to his knees. "I wanna make you wild."
Julie smiled and allowed his lips to brush across her nipples. He
clamped down on one and pulled it gently, causing Julie to squeal.
After a few minutes of oral ministrations, he descended further, kissing
her soft stomach. Yanking at her jeans, he pulled the tight Levi's past
her creamy hips. Leaning back, he pressed his lips and nose into her
soaked panties. Rubbing up and down he groaned his approval. Not
willing to pull his face or probing tongue from her wet underwear, he
pulled her jeans off, over her tennis shoes with difficulty. Jeans off,
he pushed her thighs apart and Julie willingly parted them. His mouth
brushed over her sopped silks.
"You're dripping wet," he said with glee, thinking it was due to him.
Let him think that, she thought, reveling in the first good attention
her pussy had received in months. Pushing the silk aside, he slipped
his tongue along her engorged lips, lapping at her come. Julie let him
know how much she approved, egging him on. He did just that, sucking at
her cunt until the girl was near exploding.
"Let's get these wet things off," he told her, grasping her black
undies. She lifted her small ass up and let him haul the material off
her. He returned to her body, applying long kisses to her soft thighs.
Julie writhed under Mike's attention, while she played with her own
nipples. Finally, his mouth fell on her hard clit and she wailed in
"Oh suck my clitty, Mike," she urged him, thrusting herself up to his
mouth. He did just that for the next five minutes, occasionally,
intermixing his middle finger in the depths of her cunny. The blonde
babysitter raised her ass off the bed, to match his short finger
strokes, her tennis shoes, digging into the edge of his bed. Mike added
another finger. Soon she had three fingers slopping in and out of her
cunt and she thought she would blow her head off as her orgasm
approached. Mike's lips fell on her clitoris and this insured the
As the tingling subsided, Mike rose over her, hands slick with her
juices. He ran his hands up her thighs and down her waist, finally
grasping her big breasts. She told him how great it felt, her hands
covering her matted black pussy hair, fingers tickling her still
energized slit. Her hands, covered with her cunt juice wrapped around
his semi-hard prick. She slowly jerked him off, while he massaged her
tits. "I can't wait for you to fuck me with this thing, Mike."
"Think I can still get that blow, Julie?"
"You bet," she told him, scooting forward and wrapping her lips around
his thick dick. It was much more than Ben's dick and quite a bit harder
for her to swallow it, but her deep-throating took over and before she
knew it, Mike's big dick was slamming into the back of her throat. He
held the blonde angel's head as she sucked his long schlong, looking
down and admiring the sensuous sight of her perfect mouth stretched to
accommodate his pecker. She was infinitely better at this than any girl
he had ever been with. Pulling away, a string of saliva still
connecting her to his member, she pushed Mike onto his back.
Once settled back, Julie straddled him and grabbed the base of his
thick dick. He reached behind her, grabbing her soft ass. With Mike's
bulbous head at her gaping pussy lips, she let out a sigh and slithered
down on it. Julie arched her back and hissed, looking skyward. It was
heavenly, she thought. Mike's big dick reached places in her that
hadn't been touched in years. Slowly, she pulled up and settled back
down. After a few more strokes, she began to get more rambunctious.
Julie's big tits flopped about as she impaled herself on Mike Seaver's
dick. Mike reached out, squeezing her tits roughly as she rode him,
crying out, "Too good, too good, too good. Yes, that big dick, Mike.
Oh yes!"
"Oh, I'm gonna come," he complained after another minute of her
slamming her tight pussy on his dick. Julie pulled back suddenly and
lifted herself off his dick. She crouched over him and now squatting,
settled back onto him. Mike groaned again and she whipped her head
about, telling him to rub her clit too. He did and she grumbled she was
coming again. She stopped riding him and settled down, his thick rod
buried to the hilt in her cunt.
"I wanna feel you pound me with this great dick," she told him in a
grunting voice. Climbing off him, she fell back on the bed and spread
her legs lewdly. Mike knelt between her legs and looked down at her
hairy, gaping, gushing cunt. He slid his hands up her thighs and
calves, noting she still had her shoes and socks on. He placed her
ankles on his shoulders and Julie guided Mike's dick into her snatch.
Knowing he wouldn't last long, he decided he'd give it to her just as
she asked and he began violently thrusting himself into her. Julie's
head rocked, eyes rolled back, face one big grin. With his hands on
either side of her, Mike fucked the babysitter with long hard strokes.
Julie's ass, rocked up to meet him, her tits jiggling with his mighty
"Fuck me harder, Mike," she told him grabbing him behind the head.
"You want it harder, bitch?"
"Yeah, fuck my cunt hard, baby," she told him, liking the dirty talk.
Mike redoubled his efforts, increasing the pounding he was giving her
"I'm giving you everything, cunt!"
Deciding she would go for it, Mike suddenly leaned back and flipped
Julie's legs over his head and to the side. Half his dick was still in
her steaming tunnel as she landed on her side. Pushing her completely
onto her stomach, he straddled her thighs and bore all his weight into
Julie's pussy from behind. Clutching her shoulders, he grunted and
thrust over her, with Julie looking back at him, eyes ablaze with
passion. "FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!"
"YOU LOVE IT FROM BEHIND, CUNT!" he roared into her ear, pushing as
deeply as he could get.
"Uggggggghhhhhhh. I'mmmmm commminnnng!" Mike lost it at that point,
come gushing from his dick as he continued to push into her. He had
never talked dirty before, never done a girl from behind before and
certainly never had one demand he butt fuck her. He thrust still,
wringing as much as possible from his piece.
"So good," she mumbled, face pressed into a pillow. Mike collapsed
onto her back. Their sweat commingled and she felt his great serpent
slip from her come filled pussy.
"That was incredible, Julie," Mike told the babysitter. They slowly
slipped off to sleep too spent to even consider fucking again.


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