Growing Pains: Part 2 - Luke's Revenge (mf,mg,inc,bond,oral,ncon)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Luke had just finished cleaning up Krissy and now it was time for him to get
his revenge on Ben. But he had not figured out what he was going to do to
Ben yet. Then he heard Ben on the phone with his girlfriend Laura-Lynn. Luke
heard Ben moaning, and realized they were having phone sex, which caused Luke
to laugh. Luke was listening to everything they were saying. Laura-lynn was
planning on coming over the house around 7pm that night and they were going
to act out her fantasy of lying in bed, while she was raped, by a man in a
mask. Luke could not believe what he was hearing. Now all he had to do was
figure out how to join in on her fantasy. While he was sitting down at the
kitchen table thinking about this, Ben walked in and asked Luke to do him a
favor. He said that he had to go to the store and would not be back until
7:30pm, so if Laura-lynn were to show up, could he keep her entertained.
Luke said he would, and Ben left. This was perfect for Luke, now he would be
in the house with just him and Laura-Lynn.

Luke figured out what he was going to do. When Laura-lynn arrived, he would
give her a note, which he wrote and say it was from Ben. Then before she
could read the note, he would slip out of the room and up the back stairs,
where he could change and get ready for some fun.

Around 7pm, Laura Lynn arrived at the Seaver residence. Luke answered the
door and told her Ben was upstairs, but he left a note for her. Before she
had a chance to read the note, Luke told her he had to go out for a little
while and that Ben should be down in a minute or two. After Luke left,
Laura-lynn opened the note and read it to herself.

Dear Laura-lynn,
Everything is setup, Go lie down in my parents bedroom,
naked. I will get dressed and come into the room wearing
a black mask. Whatever happens, don't take off the mask.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I will.


Laura-lynn could not believe this, after 15 years, she was going to lose her
virginity, the way she had dreamed, she was going to be raped. Even if it was
only a fantasy and with Ben, atleast it would be fun and exciting for both of
them. She quickly ran upstairs and took off her clothes, before jumping into
Dr. and Mrs. Seavers bed.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ben was at the drug store picking up some condoms, because he
knew that Laura-lynn was not on any form of birth control. Ben felt really
embarassed about buying the condoms, not only was it embarassing because the
cashier was a girl he went to school with, but he was buying the small size
condoms, because thats all he needed for his 4.5 inch dick.

* * *

Back at the Seaver residence, Laura-lynn was lying in bed, when she heard a
noise. Then she felt someone grab her hands and tie them to the bed post.
She never knew Ben could be so forceful, and she liked it. It was dark and
all she could see was a guy in black, wearing a ski mask. After her hands
were tied to the bed posts, Luke undid his jeans, revealing his 8 inch cock.
Laura-lynn moaned as she saw, what she thought was Ben's cock and it was
huge. As he began to lower his body down, she screamed out, please don't
I'm a virgin. At first Luke thought she was just playing along, but as he
lowered into her, he hit her hymen, which caused him to chuckle. Not only
was he fucking Ben's girlfriend, but he was taking away her virginity, which
was even better. She was very tight, not as tight as Krissy, but still
tight, which made Luke feel even better. He could not believe his luck two
cherries in one day. He had never done that before and was loving it. He
couldn't wait to tell Ben. After fucking for over 10 minutes Luke finally
let his load lose into Laura-lynn. Luke realized that he had fucked her
hard, and that she would be sore in the morning, but he didn't care, because
that would be Ben's problem, not his. He also realized that she probably
wasn't on the pill, and he didn't use a condom, but that would be Ben's
problem too, because Laura-lynn thought that it was Ben who was fucking her.
That made Luke feel even better. Right after she fell asleep, Luke left the
bedroom and made his way downstairs.

At that moment, Ben arrived home and asked Luke where his girlfriend is.
Luke told him that they needed to talk and Ben said ok. Luke told him that
he had got revenge on Ben. Ben asked him what he was talking about and Luke
told him what happened. Ben looked like he was going to kill Luke, but Luke
stopped him, and showed him the note. Then he told him that Laura-lynn would
think it was Ben who fucked her and not him, so if he told her, she would be
mad at Ben too. Ben didn't know what to do. Then Luke told Ben that he also
won the bet. Ben could not believe his ears. Luke then said that it was the
first time he had popped two cherries in one day. Ben was confused, because
he knew Carol was not a virgin. At that moment Krissy walked into the
kitchen and Ben saw her. It dawned on him at the moment that Luke had fucked
his little sister. This pissed Ben off even more. Then Luke reminded Ben of
their bet. Ben was Luke's slave for the rest of the day, which was even
worse for Ben. Luke then told Krissy to give Ben a blow-job. Before Ben
could stop her, Krissy was undoing Ben's pants, revealing his 4.5 inch dick.
Krissy then said to Ben that his was much smaller then Luke's, which angered
Ben even more, and caused Luke to laugh a little. While Krissy was sucking
Ben off, Luke took a picture of Ben.

Chapter 3-Too be continued

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any suggestions.


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