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Growing Pains
Part II (MF anal, FF)

Mike Seaver opened his eyes slowly when he heard the toilet flush. Who
in the world is in my loft, he wondered. Then he remembered the night
before. The hard-on between his legs also recalled it. Rolling over he
spotted the source of his erect member: Julie. She walked slowly toward
the bed, wearing one of his T-shirts. It stopped just below her twat,
but as she walked it would rise up giving him glimpses of that mass of
black pubes.
"Morning, you big stud," she said kneeling on the bed beside him and
gently kissing his forehead. Looking toward his waving dick, she
smiled, "I see you're as happy to see me as I am you."
Julie reached down and gave Mike's eight inches a slow tug. Licking
her palm she resumed the attention and he leaned back, smiling, "This is
quite a way to wake up."
Her hand began to increase its tempo and then she leaned over and
swallowed him again. Her mouth was outstanding. This girl's sucked
many dicks before, he thought. Not wanting to get all of the attention,
he reached for her, running his hand up her thigh and into her bush.
Julie glanced back, dick still in her mouth and nodded. Without saying
a word, she straddled his face and Mike rose up to taste the best
breakfast of his life. His tongue dove into her and moments later her
lips became enflamed, the hood of her clit retracting and her version of
a woody appeared for his and her sucking pleasure.
Julie stopped sucking his dick and leaned forward, lifting his balls to
suck on them. She rolled them about in her mouth while her new found
fuck toy applied his tongue to her now moist clit. Lifting his balls,
she continued downward, forcing his legs apart and back. Mike had no
idea what she was up to but it felt wonderful as her tongue traveled
down his prostate. Then he felt something very foreign, Julie's probing
tongue pushing into his asshole. It was so kinky and it made his dick
ache with pleasure. She pushed and moistened around before her index
finger nudged into his rear.
"Julie that feels fabulous," he moaned into her pussy. He had stopped
eating it as he was experiencing something new and intense. Looking up,
he spied her exposed browneye. He had always been curious, so he jutted
his tongue out brushing her bunghole. Its salty taste shocked him and
her moan and rocking pelvis told him he was doing the right thing. He
tapped at it lightly and reached up, spreading her cheeks apart
further. Julie had pushed her finger further into his ass and Mike
wanted to do the same to her. The blonde resumed sucking his cock, but
kept her finger in place, rocking it in circles. Mike licked his own
finger and decided he'd try it too, pushing it into Julie's upturned
"Mike, put a few in my pussy too," she instructed, in between slow
plunges on his dick. As he followed her instructions the girl stopped
sucking and began to moan with each plunge of his fingers. Realizing he
could do more, Mike's pinky tickled at Julie's clit and the girl went
wild. She began humping her pelvis into his hands and exclaimed loudly.
Her cunt juices began to flow over his hand and he kept going bringing
her off again.
Finally, he extracted his digits and the girl climbed off him, grinning
wildly. She tossed the T-shirt aside and got on all fours, flipping her
long blonde hair around as she told him, "Fuck me with that lovely dick
Mike didn't need another demand. Within seconds he had her soft waist
in his hands and his dick sliding in and out of her sloppy pussy.
Hunching over her, he thrust with long slow strokes. Glancing over he
caught sight of her in the mirror and felt his dick harden even more.
Her blonde hair hanged about her face in disarray, her lips were parted,
eyes ablaze. Julie's large breasts swayed back and forth with each slow
push of his cock. Leaning back, he decided he'd let her do the work,
and she obliged. Soon, Julie was thrusting her body into his dick,
screaming and grunting with each rock of her whole body.
Mike leaned forward, hunching over her body. One of his hands roughly
grabbed a breast, squeezing it while he grunted in her ear. "You're so
fucking hot, Julie. I wanna fuck you in every position."
"Stick you finger in my ass," she told him, still rocking on his dick.
Mike followed her direction and the girl began to go wild again.
Demanding he go harder and faster. Suddenly she pulled away and spread
her legs wider, jutting her rear into the air. "Just fuck my ass with
that great dick."
Mike stared at her perfect rear in shock. "Are you serious?"
"Yes," she sneered, "Do me in the butt, baby. Fuck it."
Mike pushed her cheeks apart and held his dick unsteadily, pushing the
helmet against her tight bunghole. She look back at him. "Stick two
fingers in my pussy first."
He did as she directed. She then told him to work those into her ass.
After some grunting and pushing they were in. After a few strokes and
much sweating on her part, Julie looked back at him, telling Mike,
"Stick it in me now!"
He rose up slightly and pushed his thickly veined cock against her soft
butt. He was gonna come any second just from the excitement. Fucking
Julie was amazing but having her ask for a butt ramming was insane.
With a slow push his helmet slipped into her agonizingly tight hole.
"It's gonna rip my dick off."
"No push it deeper," she groaned, her elbows shaking. With more effort
he began to slide forward and Julie whimpered, and felt her ass relax.
With a slow final push his full dick disappeared into the confines of
her impressive ass. Julie rocked up and felt his balls brushing her
pussy lips. That was one of the sexier feelings, she always thought.
It always seemed so nasty to have a dick in her butt, but having loose
balls slap her pussy was electric. She felt Mike's hands grasp her
waist and prepared for the onslaught.
Pulling back, he suddenly reared forward, crashing his pelvis into
her. Julie wiggled her rear and began to move to, mumbling incoherently
with each thrust. His tempo was building slowly and Julie was loving
it, but she wanted one more thing. Telling him to slow down, she
lowered her face to the bed, and reached between her own legs. From
that position she could frig her hard clit while he fucked away. "Fuck
me faster."
Mike glanced down on a long stroke back. It was unbelievable, his
thick dick was fitting in Julie's tight ass. He wanted it to last
forever. Her pussy had been tight, but this felt like a vice grip or
the best blow job ever. As he slid back in he heard a knock at the
door. The two of them froze, Mike's face shear panic.
"Mike," Mrs. Seaver called out. "Are you up yet?"
Am I ever, he thought. And below him he heard Julie mumble, "Keep
fucking me, this is so hot."
He began thumping the girl again, realizing his own grunts were sort of
loud. The knock on the door came again.
"Mike? Michael Seaver get up?"
"I'll. . .be. there in a sec, mom," he managed to say between
"Okay, breakfast is waiting," Mrs. Seaver called back.
"Sure," he called back, picking up his pace. By the time his mother
hit the bottom stair he was fucking Julie hard again.
The little blonde had her face twisted around, and was chanting to him,
talking dirty like she had before, "Oh, yeah, baby. Fuck my sweet ass.
That's right, baby. Fuck my ass with your mommy outside. Do me like a
slut. Imagine your mommy seeing you fuck my butt with your big cock,
Mike. Yeah, imagine mommy seeing her boy fuck my ass. Com'on, fuck me
harder. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Split me in half.
Suddenly Julie clenched her ass muscles and she felt his cock jerk.
Mike screamed out, not caring who heard. It was too much, her words,
the act, the sensations. His dick began to erupt and he couldn't hold
back anymore nor did he want to. "I'm coming!"
"Not in my ass," she told him, pulling away. His dick plopped free and
glanced down at his jerking rod, cream spurting onto her ass cheeks.
"Yeah, all over my butt and back, baby."
Realizing she was liking it and he was too, Mike wrapped his hands
around his dick and jerked himself off all over her upturned rearend and
small back. As the jets subsided he let out a final groan and then
collapsed back onto the bed, sweat pouring from his body.
After a few minutes, she rose up, smiling at Mike, "You better get
downstairs to have breakfast with your family."
"What about you?"
"I'm gonna take a shower," she told him. "I feel like I'm drenched in

That day Julie felt wonderful. She hadn't been so thoroughly fucked in
years. Her last ass fucking had been her Freshman year of college and
she'd never had a guy so big in her before. Sure, she was experiencing
the pain she remembered from other anal excursions, but the discomfort
was worth that pleasure. Plus, she knew she had gotten Mike off like he
had never blown before.
Around three, Ben wandered into the kitchen, having gotten home from
school. He smiled at Julie and she knew what he was after. She asked
him to make sure Carol wasn't home and he returned five minutes later,
breathless but cheery. Carol still wasn't home. Julie decided what the
hell and followed the excited teen upstairs. She let him play with her
tits for a bit before she sucked him off. She left the boy falling
asleep on his bed, pants down, a grin on his face.
Having not found satisfaction from Ben, she wandered downstairs and
diddled herself for awhile before coming. She cleaned up and drifted
off to sleep, hoping Chrissy would continue her nap. The little girl
did and it wasn't until the phone rang that she woke up. It was Maggie
again. She would be home late. Awhile later Ben charged down the
stairs and said good-bye, he was going to Stinky Sullivan's for a
slumber party. He asked for another blow and was even opening his pants
when they heard Carol. Ben left, reluctantly.
Carol watched TV with Julie for a bit and then she disappeared to her
room. Julie was feeling lonely and she looked out the window to Mike's
loft. It was dark. Where was he? Then she remembered on Friday's his
theater classes ran late. Dismayed, she returned to the living room and
read some more from her book. She suddenly remembered that she hadn't
done the laundry, so she set about doing that too, while reading.
While putting away Mrs. Seaver's stuff Julie discovered a variety of
lingerie. She had seen it all before, but for some reason tonight it
got her kind of excited. Running her fingers through the lacy
undergarments, she began to imagine Maggie, tall, leggy, big bosomed,
dressed in the outfit for trim, muscular Jason. She could see his
powerful body thrusting into her, the garment disarrayed, her big blonde
hair shaking wildly from the fucking. Julie rubbed at her clit.
Looking around, she remembered nobody was home or would be.
Julie dropped her jeans and tank-top. She paused, thinking and then
slid her underwear down too. Standing naked in the Seavers bedroom got
her incredibly excited. Reaching between her legs, she rubbed at the
spot, causing her skin to prickle. Julie couldn't stop until it was
over and she found herself sprawled on the Seavers bed.
Climbing off the bed, she went to the drawer and extracted one of Mrs.
Seaver's corsets. It was a bit loose around the waist and too large in
the top too. Discouraged, she returned the corset and extracted
stockings and garters. After putting them on, she found a pair of spiky
heels and fastened them to her feet. Searching about, she extracted a
g-string and pulled that on too. She searched through the drawer in a
futile search for a bra which would fit her. It was useless, Maggie was
too top heavy.
"You're so young, you don't really need one," she heard Mrs. Seaver say
from behind her.
"Oh my god, Mrs. Seaver," Julie exclaimed, backing up. How could it be
so late, she wondered.
"I found someone to fill in," Mrs. Seaver told her, sensing what the
girl was wondering. "You don't have to be so skittish, I don't mind."
"You don't?"
"No. I'm flattered that you were trying my stuff on. I must say, you
make that g-string look much better than I do."
"No," Julie said, "You've got a wonderful body."
"Not like that, I don't." Mrs. Seaver closed the door and Julie
noticed her twisting the lock. "I only wish I was so young and firm."
"I bet you look like a knockout in this stuff," Julie told her, holding
up the corset she couldn't fit into.
"Let me see that," she said taking it. Mrs. Seaver tossed it onto the
bed and then shed her suit coat. She reached back to undo her blouse
and looked to Julie, "Could you get this?"
Julie stepped forward and tentatively reached out to undo the clasp on
her blouse. The white silk fell forward, but Julie's hands stayed
airborne. Mrs. Seaver dropped the blouse on the bed too. Her hands
started for the zipper on the back of her skirt and then she paused,
looking at Julie, "Could you get that too?"
"Sure," Julie whispered, her hands fumbling with the tiny zipper.
Slowly she pulled it down, allowing her hand to rest briefly on Mrs.
Seaver's rearend. Suddenly she remembered being on her knees with this
woman's son's dick in her ass. Julie breathed in deeply, aware that the
room reeked muskily of her cunt. Had Mrs. Seaver noticed?
Mrs. Seaver gave her hips a wiggle and the skirt pooled at her feet.
She had on thigh-high stockings too. Without saying anything, Julie
reached up and undid Mrs. Seaver's white bra. The straps slid off her
shoulders and the big cups fell from their captive orbs, dropping to the
floor. Julie's hands went to Mrs. Seaver's waist and pushed at her
underwear. They were more elastic, causing the girl, to squat down as
she pulled them down Mrs. Seaver's shapely hips and thighs. Julie
breathed out sharply, her warm breath falling on her boss' ass. Mrs.
Seaver stepped out of the underwear and nudged it aside. She slowly
turned to face her daughter's babysitter, as the girl rose up. They
were face to face.
Julie could barely control her breathing. She always felt so in
control with men, but her experiences with women left her feeling
vulnerable. Mrs. Seaver smiled coyly at the girl, eyes roving over
Julie's breasts and down to the girl's underwear. Slowly moving around
Julie, Mrs. Seaver whispered, "I'd say you're still one garment ahead of
Her hand trailed across Julie's stomach and down to the girl's
underwear. Julie felt the hand press against the silk material and
another hand brushed down her back. Mrs. Seaver's fingers trailed down
the front of the underwear, slowly rubbing between the girl's legs.
Julie rocked her head back, loving the sensation. Mrs. Seaver leaned
in, lips nearly on the girl's ear, "Should I even things up."
Mrs. Seaver crouched behind the girl, her hands grabbing the top of the
girl's g-string. The tight underwear reluctantly released from the
girl's ass and sopped twat. As Mrs. Seaver had, Julie stepped from the
underwear. She felt hands travel up her legs and separate her thighs.
One hand cupped her cunt, pushing up against Julie. The hand moved in
slow circles, applying steady pressure everywhere. The girl felt her
body reacting, labia becoming enflamed. A tongue suddenly lapped at the
back of her pussy lips. Julie spread her legs apart more and the tongue
probed deeper. Soon, the mouth was licking her from end to end, tapping
her clit and stopping at her asshole. Julie groaned more loudly,
arching her ass and jutting it toward the mouth pleasuring her. The
pussy eating continued until the girl began to shake from pleasure and
from the pain of holding herself in such an awkward position.
"Get on the bed," Mrs. Seaver told Julie and she obediently did so,
falling to her stomach and pushing her pussy toward the wonderful
mouth. Mrs. Seaver immediately attacked the swollen cunt, slurping and
shoving her mouth into the confines of the girl's body. Julie moaned
and wiggled, wishing she could feel the lips on her forever. Mrs.
Seaver slapped the girl's butt and she responded, crying out. She heard
the lewd slurping and felt the euphoric suction. Another slap followed
and the girl began to come. The slapping continued, so did the probing
tongue. Her come oozed out, flooding Mrs. Seaver's mouth.
Mrs. Seaver let up and Julie took that opportunity to turn over. She
wanted so badly to kiss the beautiful woman's come covered lips, but
Mrs. Seaver had other ideas. Licking a finger, she slid it deeply into
the girl's pussy. Julie reacted as she always did, thrusting back.
Soon she had three fingers driving in her cunt and her ass was jumping
off the bed, while Mrs. Seaver would occasionally, nip gently at Julie's
hard clit. Julie felt another intense orgasm rushing in, and she let it
happen, shuddering on the manicured finger's of her boss.
Mrs. Seaver rose from the girl's hairy cunt and pushed her fingers into
Julie's mouth. The girl sucked at them, loudly licking the juice off.
As she withdrew the fingers she traced down the girls body, cupping her
breasts. Julie reached out too, for the first time touching Mrs. Seaver
back. She hefted the older woman's larger breasts. Mrs. Seaver took
one of Julie's tits into her mouth, twirling her tongue about the
nipple. She bit gently at it then, pulling it away. Julie cried out,
"Oh, that feels so good. Suck my titties."
Mrs. Seaver did that, switching between the two, before she finally
rose up to let her lips brush across Julie's. Julie eagerly rose up,
mashing her face against Mrs. Seaver's. They kissed deeply, tongues
dueling. The young girl's hands roved her older lover's body. She
couldn't help but play with the large maternal breasts. She fondled and
squeezed them for a long time while they kissed.
Mrs. Seaver stopped the kissing, licking up the side of the girl's
face. She straddled, Julie, pushing her tits into the girl's mouth.
Julie eagerly accepted a large nipple, feeling the comforting sensation
of a breast in her mouth again. She sucked greedily, and felt Mrs.
Seaver rocking her wet pussy on her thigh. Julie pushed her leg up,
giving Mrs. Seaver more pressure. The older woman groaned her pleasure,
adding, "Bite my boobs. Nip at them, Julie."
The girl followed the orders and the older woman became even more
excited, humping her cunt onto the girl's hard thigh. Mrs. Seaver cried
out, twisting and squeezing her legs around Julie. The younger girl
could feel her boss' come, wetting her leg.
Mrs. Seaver pulled away and parted her somewhat thick thighs, exposing
her blonde snatch. Julie dove in, with Mrs. Seaver, holding the girl's
long hair and coaching her along. "Lick my clitty. Oh, yeah Jules.
Yeah right there. Suck it like a cock, baby. Uh, uh, uh,. Yeah that's
Mrs. Seaver thrust he cunt into the girl's face over and over. She
couldn't get enough of the soft mouth. Soon the girl had fingers in the
mix too and Mrs. Seaver was in ecstasy. She writhed and jerked at her
own nipples, longing for the pleasure to stop so she could catch her
breath. But the girl didn't stop. She felt her legs pushed higher and
she knew what Julie sought. The hot breath on her anus said
everything. She cried out as the probing tongue shoved its way into her
asshole. The girl already had a hand in her pussy and now her tongue
was shoving it's way into her butt. Mrs. Seaver couldn't have been more
excited, watching the babysitter tongue fuck her ass and finger her
"Deeper, baby. Push that tongue up to my throat. Yeah, right there.
I'm coming. Oh, oh, oh!"
As her orgasm subsided, Julie rose up and then slipped her leg over
Mrs. Seaver's. The older lady smiled, knowing what was coming. They
tangled their legs, pussies mashed together and Mrs. Seaver felt another
cunt pressed against hers for the first time in five years. The two
women humped each other's cunts while they rubbed at the other's clit.
Like electricity, they sent shockwaves between each other. Each woman
came and then caused her lover to follow. When it was over, they fell,
sweat covered, slick with come and out of breath.


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