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Growing Pains Part IV
(MMM/F, MF, urine)

Julie woke up in the middle of the night, extracting herself from the
sweat and come-sticky men. She gingerly crossed the room, rubbing her
ass. She hadn't been so sore since the first time she got it in the
ass, but this time even her pussy ached. The double-penetration might
have been going too far, she thought to herself. Sitting down gently on
the toilet she emptied her bladder and leaned back breathing out and
thinking about how far she still was from her goal. Still, so far it
had been so incredible.
Julie flushed the toilet and returned to the bed, crawling between the
boys. She nestled herself against Boner, who of course was solid as a
rock. Reaching down, she stroked his cock and pushed it between her
thighs, clamping down on it. She fell asleep, with her fingers rubbing
his penis-head.
Julie woke up to the sensation of something sliding in and out of
her. Opening her eyes, Julie realized someone was fucking her. She
twisted her head and saw Boner gritting his teeth and thrusting his dick
into her. "Hmmm, fuck me slower, Boner."
"Don't stop," she urged, bumping her ass against Boner. "Just go nice
and slow."
"Okay," he said, reaching around her and grasping one of her jiggling
breasts. He slowly worked his dick in and out, with Julie meeting his
"Hey guys," Mike said, emerging from the bathroom. He was naked and
his long dick swung freely, causing Julie to unconsciously salivate. He
stroked at his dick and climbed onto the bed, kneeling in front of the
babysitter. His semi-hard cock flopped across her face. Julie opened
her mouth taking it in. Mike held her head, while slowly working his
dick in and out like his friend.
A knock at the door stirred all of them. Then it opened, with Ben
wandering in. "Mike? Mike, where are you? Oh wow!"
The three fucking people on the bed froze. Ben walked around the bed,
with only Mike clearly able to watch him. Ben peered around his
brother, trying to see who the girl was. His small cock was already
solid in his shorts. He saw Julie's face, Mike's dick in her mouth and
he almost blew his wad. "Julie!"
"Benny, get outa here," Mike told his brother.
"Yeah, this ain't for kids," Boner added.
"I've had Julie suck my dick before," Ben complained.
"You have," Mike said shocked. He looked down at Julie, "You've blown
this little creep."
Mike's dick slipped from her mouth and she glanced down at the boy.
Ben added, "I've sucked her boobies and touched her thing too. I made
her get gooey on my hand, Mike."
"Well hop on then, Benny," Mike told him, "You're one lucky little
Mike began stroking his long dong and Boner resumed fucking Julie, who
smiled at the boy, figuring it would be nice to get one more into the
fold or her folds. Ben just rubbed at his small dick through his
shorts, watching Julie's pussy suck up all of Boner's dick.
After a few minutes, Julie asked, "Mike, you wanna fuck me with that
monster dick or does Ben want to get de-virginized?"
"Benny, go ahead," Mike tells his brother.
Ben moved toward Julie running his small hands up her creamy thighs.
His fingers slipped along her pussy, causing Julie to moan. The boy
tugged at his dick again. "Com'on, Ben slip your dick in me," Julie
tells him, spreading her thighs and getting on her back.
Ben glanced at the hard cocks of Boner and Mike. He looked to himself
and started to back off the bed. Julie knew what was wrong but Mike
couldn't figure it out, "What's wrong, bud?"
"I don't wanna now," Ben said, moving away.
"Com'on, Ben," the girl urged. "I know you have a nice cock."
"That's okay," the boy said, sitting down on a chair.
"Benny, just fuck her," Mike said, getting irritated.
Julie slid off the bed and walked to Ben, who's eyes were mesmerized by
her naked body. She knelt down in front of him, leaning forward,
allowing her large breasts to rest on the boy's knees. She whispered to
him, "Are you worried that your dick won't look big next to theirs?"
The boy nodded and looked away from her. She smiled and dug into his
shorts, stroking his hard-on. "No matter what size they are, they all
feel good, Ben."
"Yes," she told him, rising up and straddling his body. "Guide it into
me, Benny."
Ben gasped as he felt her pussy slip around his dick. She smiled down
at him, running her fingers through his hair, "That feels great. It's
so good."
The girl began to gyrate and rock on the boy's dick, getting him to
moan. She guided his mouth to her nipples and he clamped on, sucking
greedily like he always did. Julie reached down and began to finger her
own clit, increasing her thrusting too. The boy began to react, pushing
up to meet her short thrusts. "Oh, yeah, Benny!"
"Ugggghhhhh," the boy complained, feeling his come rushing into her
pussy. As he finished, she slowed and took his face, kissing him deeply
on the lips.
"Good job, stud," she whispered.
Julie returned to the bed and took on the other boys again. Boner and
Mike tag-teamed her until Boner came and then it was just Mike thumping
her. Ben joined them on the bed and Julie flipped over, sucking Ben's
cock while his brother fucked her from behind. After Mike came, she
turned and the boy did her doggy-style, coming in minutes.
Once everyone had finished the boys quickly dressed and headed off for
breakfast, leaving Boner and Julie alone. Julie thanked him for the
night's entertainment and then dressed and left Boner lying naked in
Mike's room.

On Monday morning Julie entered through the backdoor and found Ben and
Carol eating breakfast. Ben said hello enthusiastically, and Julie
worried Carol might catch on, but then she realized Carol would think
her brother was just a boy with a crush on an older woman. Julie spoke
with them about their weekends and then left to find Chrissy. She found
the baby in the arms of her mother. Mrs. Seaver smiled widely at Julie,
and greeting the perky blonde. Julie gave her a peck on the cheek,
wondering if the woman had any idea she had fucked both of Mrs. Seaver's
sons the previous morning.
Mrs. Seaver handed the baby over and wished Julie a good day, before
disappearing. After the entire crew had left for the day Julie decided
on how she would seduce Dr. Seaver. Julie finished dealing with Chrissy
and then she changed into her exercise leotard. She knew guys loved her
in the two piece set. The tight pants were nicely form fitting on her
shapely hips and ass, but the leotard top, with the thong bottom always
finished off the ensemble. When she wore it at the gym, guys and girls
couldn't decided what to stare at, her ample tits or her tight, upturned
ass. Julie turned on her exercise tape in the living room and set
about duplicating the routine on it.
Dr. Seaver passed by on his way to the kitchen and she said hi to him,
feeling his attention on her. As he passed by on his way back, she was
involved in deep stretches, waving her ass high in the air. Between her
legs she saw him pause, mouth agape. Julie began to jut her ass back
and forth, grunting, even though nothing of the sort was occurring on
the tape. Dr. Seaver finally looked away and moved on to his office.
When she finished, Julie found him in his office going through
papers. She entered the room and he greeted her with the same
enthusiasm he always had. Julie had checked herself in the mirror
before she entered the room, certain to see that her sweat was not
overpowering but gave her a sheen. She had been forced to play with her
nipples a bit to get them hard. As she walked in, she knew her
headlights were on full blast. Dr. Seaver's eyes swept over them. She
also noted his eyes dropped down, spying her sweaty crotch and
purposeful camel toe. "Dr. Seaver I had a favor to ask you."
"What's that Julie," he asked, moving his eyes uncomfortably.
Julie crossed the room and leaned over, letting her cleavage show to
him, "Oh, what are you writing?"
"Um," he answered, eyes on her sweaty bosom, "they're just patient
records. You had a question."
"Yeah," she said, leaning on her elbows and pushing her ass out and up.
"I was wondering if you could listen for Chrissy because I really need
to shower."
"Sure," he said, fighting to keep his eyes on her soft blue one and not
her little ass sticking up or her perky nipples.
"Thanks," she told him, "Chrissy's in her room."
Julie wandered the stairs and walked into the Seaver's bedroom, which
was across from their daughter's bedroom. Julie dropped her leotards on
the floor with her shoes and socks. Chrissy would be stirring any
minute now, considering how the girl operated on the same clock.
Walking naked through her employer's room, the blonde entered the
bathroom and turned on the shower. She took her time, always careful to
keep her body on display in case he came up the stairs at any minute.
Once the shower was warm, Julie stepped into the shower and began to
slowly lather herself up.
A minute after she got in, Julie heard the glass door slide back. Dr.
Seaver stood at the edge, his eyes roving her body. Julie glanced over
her shoulder and smiled at him, "Can I help you Dr. Seaver?"
"I wanted to make sure I was getting you correctly so tell me, Julie are
you coming on to me?"
"I don't know, Dr. Seaver. Since you're there, can you wash my back,"
she asked holding back the soap. He took it and rubbed it up her back
and then down it, slowly traveling over her ass. "Be sure to get those
nooks and crannies."
The girl bent at her waist and jutted her ass back. She felt the soap
go over her well-fucked asshole and push against her hairy pussy. The
soap began to push back and forth against her cunt and grabbed the
shower controls, rocking against his hand. "Hmmmm, that feels so good
and clean, Dr. Seaver."
He continued cleaning her pussy for another minute before the soap fell
on the shower's floor. "Oh, you dropped the soap."
Julie bent at her waist completely and looked between her legs, seeing
him drop his pants and toss his shirt aside. As she grabbed the soap she
felt his hands on her hips. She grasped the shower controls again as
his head pushed into her pussy. Julie let out a groan and stilled
herself, feeling the slow push of Dr. Seaver's cock. She felt him push
more and realized he had a very thick dick. Although he wasn't very,
deep, she felt his pubes press against her rear. She felt like she had
half a cucumber in her twat. The babysitter began to move in circles,
while her boss began to thump back and forth on her.
"Oh, Julie, you've got a nice little body," he grunted as he thrust
The blonde's wet hair swung wildly with each crash of his erection,
Julie whined for more, "Faster, faster. Fuck me faster with that thick
He complied, squeezing her soft thighs harder and pushing his thick dick
more mightily in the young cunt of his babysitter. With one last grunt,
he emptied his sack in her. Julie felt the come fall from her wet pussy
as he withdrew his wide dick. She turned around and smiled at Dr.
Seaver, kissing him on the mouth. He kissed her back, his hand grabbing
one of her tits and roughly squeezing it.
"Let me wash you off now," she suggested. The babysitter picked up the
soap and began lathering her employer's hairy chest. "You've got a
gorgeous chest."
"Thank you," he said, without the smallest hint of modesty. The girl's
hands traveled down to his flat stomach and then to his thick dick. The
girl cooed unconsciously as she played with his thick meat. Jason
stared at the young girl playing with his dick, proud he possessed
something she found so enthralling. The girl washed him thoroughly, and
then lifted his large balls washing them. She slid the soap over his
hairy thighs and down to his feet.
"Turn around," she told him. He did just that, keeping his legs
slightly apart. The girl washed his thighs and then his ass. She pried
his ass cheeks apart and dabbed the soap into his butt-hole. Dr. Seaver
grunted and pushed his ass out more for her. The blonde pulled the soap
away and dipped her tongue in to his nether regions. The psychiatrist
told her he loved rim jobs and the girl went to work. As she probed his
asshole, one of her hands slipped under him and grasped his hanging
dong. She stroked him while her tongue fucked his ass.
Dr. Seaver put his hands on the shower wall and began to rock his pelvis
slowly, not wanting her mouth to slip off his bung-hole. "Eat my ass,
you little slut."
Julie continued, feeling his dick getting more rigid as she continued
the tongue lashing. She was not really fond of eating asses out, but
his reaction was so severe, that she loved knowing her actions were
making him this hot. She had her tongue in as far as she could reach
and her hand was racing over the doctor's fat dick. He was rocking and
she could feel his cheeks flexing and unflexing. The girl pulled her
mouth away and Dr. Seaver exclaimed, "No, I'm almost there."
"Turn around," she told him again, releasing his cock. Dr. Seaver spun
to face the kneeling blonde, his wide cock right in front of her face.
"Keep your legs apart."
He followed her directions and she swallowed a portion of his cock,
while her free hand slipped up and an index finger pushed at his ass.
Dr. Seaver groaned and relaxed his ass as her finger slipped into him.
He grabbed the blonde's head and began to rock into her mouth, pushing
his thick dick into her small mouth. The babystitter's free hand,
slipped to her pussy wiggling her clit. Julie felt like she was going
to gag, fighting to get her mouth to accept his monstrous dong. Her
hand thrust harder and deeper and the doctor responded screaming, "I'm
coming! Yes."
Dr. Seaver's penis surged in her mouth and a burst of goo coated her
throat. She continued to finger his ass, keeping her mouth open as more
semen blasted into her mouth. With Dr. Seaver holding her, she
continued to frig her own pussy, feeling her orgasm building, while his
subsided. Her hand fell from his ass and joined her other one at her
"That was amazing," he told her as his dick slipped from her come-filled
mouth. The blonde looked up at him and swallowed visibly. "You suck
dick better than Maggie, that's for sure. And she never finger's my
Dr. Seaver started to open the shower door and Julie reached out for
him. "Where are you going?"
"I gotta pee," he told her.
"Wanna pee on me?"
Dr. Seaver froze. He had always wanted to give someone a golden shower,
but Maggie was too uptight for something like that. "Are you serious?"
"Do it to me," the girl said, still rubbing her cunt. "It'll get me
"Fuck, why not," he said, pointing his dick at the blonde. "Where?"
"All over me."
Dr. Seaver let loose and his dick started firing a wide yellow stream
at the girl. Julie felt the familiar warm trickle as it started at her
belly and climbed her stomach to her chest. Dr. Seaver waved his dick
at her, splattering her boobs with his urine. The girl moaned and beat
at her pussy faster. He pulled higher, showering the pretty little
blonde's face. She closed her eyes and rotated her face at the hard
stream, smiling and groaning. She suddenly cried out, an orgasm rocking
her body. With her mouth open, Dr. Seaver thought what the hell and
pointed his stream into her mouth. The girl's eyes snapped open and she
closed her mouth, twisting her face away and spitting his piss out. He
sensed she didn't like it and lowered his shot at her pussy. Julie
pulled her hands away and leaned back, allowing the last of his urine to
splash onto her pussy.
As he finished, Julie grabbed his dick and sucked at it, cleaning off
his urine. "You're one horny chick."

Julie tried to get him up again, but Dr. Seaver just couldn't manage
it. The two separated, with him returning to his office to see a
client, while she dealt with Chrissy. Over the next few days Julie's
life began to take on a fucking schedule. In the morning's, while Dr.
Seaver was busy with patients, she'd visit Ben in his room for a quick
blow and possible fuck. Around lunch time she'd visit Dr. Seaver during
his break and get balled in his office most of the time, though she also
got fucked by him in the kitchen, living room and the Seaver's bedroom.
In the late afternoon, she'd often take Chrissy for out for errands but
she'd really meet Mrs. Seaver downtown at her apartment, so they could
have sex. In the evening she'd leave for classes and then return to
Mike's loft where she'd screw him and sometimes take on Boner too.
Unfortunately, she had not gotten a chance to make love to Carol.


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