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Guiding Light: Slut Of Springfield
by De-Manged ([email protected])

Buzz Cooper was just about to leave his restaurant when he heard a timid
knock on the door.

"We're closed!" he shouted out, but the faint knocking continued. "Open up,
Buzz," a woman's voice called out.

'Dammit,' Buzz thought to himself, 'I was looking forward to going straight
home, maybe watching a porno....but no, someone always needs good ol' Buzz
for something...' He reluctantly unlatched the door. He was shocked to see
the striking figure of Reva Shayne on his doorstep. Of course, she went by
Reva Lewis now, but Buzz always thought of her as Reva Shayne...the woman
he had secretly lusted after for years.

"Reva! What're you doing here? I was just about to go..." Buzz started to
say when Reva cut in.

"Oh, Buzz! I had a psychic flash that you were in some sort of trouble, and
I had to rush down here right away!" The curvy blonde said emphatically,
brushing Buzz aside and bustling into the restaurant, closing the door and
locking it again behind her. As usual, Buzz couldn't help but notice how
awesomely built Reva was. Her tight black slacks showed off an abundantly
well-porportioned rear end, and her snug powder-blue sweater showed the
nipples of her large, firm breasts clearly. He felt his palms sweat and his
tongue become tied, just like it always did when he saw her.

"Er, I'm, uh, not in any trouble that I know of," Buzz replied. "Maybe your
clairvoyant powers are a little off today." He tried to chuckle, but the
sight of those thrusting nips was drying out his mouth and making him forget
what he was going to say.They must have been as big as his fingertips!

"My powers are never off, " Reva said, locking Buzz' brown eyes with her
steely blue ones. All of a sudden her shoulders slumped and all the energy
seemed to go out of her. "But maybe tonight, you're right, I FEEL a little
off...after what I saw back at the house. That lying sack of Lewis!"
Suddenly Reva began to cry. Buzz quickly gathered the quivering Reva into
his arms.

"C'mon Reva, " Buzz said soothingly, "Don't cry...what did ya see?" He was
having a hard time speaking with the trembling bundle of femininity he held
in his arms...she was causing all the blood to leave his head... and head

As Buzz tried to hold her in such a way so that she wouldn't feel his growing
erection, Reva began to spill her guts.

"If it's one thing Reva Shayne knows, it's men. She calls 'em like she sees
'em and she never calls 'em wrong. At least I always thought she did," Reva
said, her eyes filling with tears, "Then, tonight...I went home a little
early from my Talk Show, and there was Josh...right there on the living room
carpet...getting a blowjob!"

"Do you know who it was?" Buzz asked.

"It was some blonde whore...with huge ears! I bet Josh has been the one
pulling them out of shape..." Reva cried, "But at this point, who it was
doesn't even matter... It's Josh! How could he cheat on me? I know we've
had our ups and downs but...and on THAT carpet! Josh and I have made love
on that rug so many times that I lost count...!" At this point Reva lost
it and began crying openly.

Buzz hugged her tightly, feeling her obviously erect nipples digging into
his chest. He couldn't help he helped himself. He'd lusted
after Reva for far too long to let an opportunity like this go by. He
casually let his hands slide down her back and rested them on the plump
curves of her flaring hips. He began nuzzling her soft neck with his mouth
as his fingertips sunk into her soft, yet solid asscheeks...

Reva pulled her head back and stared at Buzz, blinking back her tears. Was
he making a pass at her? Still feeling anger at her betrayal by Josh, she
felt herself responding to Buzz' hard groping of her butt. If Josh was going
to reject her like this, here was someone who wanted her. Wanted her bad...
if the way he was letting his hands roam over her behind was any indication.

Reva made up her mind quickly. She's show that cheating Josh Lewis!

"Mmm...y'know, you make my body tingle all over." Reva purred. Buzz couldn't
believe his ears! His plan to take advantage of Reva while she was mad at
Josh was working. 'I guess she isn't as psychic as she thinks she is' Buzz
smirked to himself. He looked into her eyes for a long moment, then began
kissing her hard, pulling her voluptuous body close to his, kneading her ass
cheeks like dough.

Reva kissed back hard, flinging her arms around Buzz' back. She decided that
to really get Josh back, the best move would be to act like a complete slut,
whore herself out to another man, be his complete sex slave. With every act
she did, it would be making Josh that much more of a cuckold...and that was
just what Reva wanted.

She began thrusting her tongue hard into Buzz' mouth, then sucking his tongue
hard down her throat. She ran her hands up and down his body, grabbing his
ass and pressing her mound into the bulge of his erection. Reva oohed and
aahed as she furiously necked with the horny Buzz.

Breaking her liplock on Buzz, Reva began sliding her body down his, never
breaking contact until she was kneeling on the restaurant floor. She quickly
pulled down his pants and shorts, and began nuzzling his balls with her face,
while running her hand lightly up and down the length of his throbbing

Suddenly, she gripped Buzz' cock in her well-manicured fist and shoved it as
far as she could into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as Reva jammed her
face onto his cock as hard as she could, quickly taking him into her throat.
She moaned around the jaw-stretching thickness of Buzz' stiff member,
gripping the hot flesh with her lips as tightly as she could as she sucked

Now Reva began running her head up and down the full length of Buzz' cock,
making loud slurping noises as she worked. Her blonde hair was swinging
back and forth in rhythm with her violent downward plunging. Reva's head
was spinning as she inhaled Buzz' erection. 'Damn that Josh! I can give
head as good as any little tramp he picked up! Didn't I used to be known
as the 'Slut of Springfield'? I'm so tired of his betrayal! I know I'm a
survivor, but I wish I didn't always have to prove it! I've GOT to get him
back! Maybe I'll just see how slutty I can be... starting with 'ol Buzz

Reva's anger was building by the moment. She grabbed Buzz' waist and began
forcing his cock deeper into her throat.

"Oh, Yeah!," Buzz exclaimed, staring down at Reva's pale-pink lipsticked
mouth hungrily nursing away at his hardon. "Suck that cock! Get it, girl!
Good, so good." He twined his finger's in Reva's golden locks, but didn't
try to control her head movements. The way she was twisting her head back
and forth on his cock, he didn't need to.

Reva channeled all of her fury into sucking Buzz' cock. "GrrrRrrrRrr," she
continuously growled as she forcefed herself hard cock. She tried to catch
Buzz' ee, but his head was thrown back in ecstacy. So, she squeezed her eyes
tightly shut and supressed her gag reflex as she repeatedly shoved Buzz's
cock into the gripping confines of her throat. Reva's growls and slurping
sounds filled the empty restaurant as she worked dutifully on Buzz' cock.

Buzz marveled at the hyperactive action his cock was recieving. Reva's mouth
was truly incredible. he finally looked down to see her still pulling on his
cock as if her life depended on it. He noticed she had left a pink lipstick
trail along the lower half of his cock, and that the color matched her long
fingernails, even now caressing his balls as she worked. Her obvious anger
kind of turned him on, too. As long as it wasn't directed at him...

Reva now was stopping at the end of every upstroke and sucking as hard as
she could on Buzz' tool, her cheeks puckering in sharply. Along with her
fluttering tongue on the underside of his cockhead, it was all too much for
Buzz, and without a warning, he began to shoot hot jets of sperm into Reva's
anxiously sucking mouth.

"(gulp, gulp) Mmm yeah!" Reva exclaimed wetly as she swallowed Buzz's jizz
as fast as he could shoot it. Her loud gulps filled the room as she drank
down the hot load she'd been craving. Buzz grabbed her head tightly and
jerked his hips into her face as the last of his come was drained from him
by Reva's strong suctioning. She felt completely slutty now, ready for

"Oh, Buzz, " Reva exclaimed, rising slowly and licking her lips. "You taste
sooo good! And you're sooo big! I can't wait to get that fucker up me." With
that she began pulling her tight sweater over her head. It was so tight that
Buzz had to help her pull it off. Reva quickly undid her slacks, and stood
before Buzz in only her beige bra and panties. "Well?" she said, spreading
her arms, "You like?"

"Reva..." Buzz gasped as he quickly started pulling at the little latch of
her breakaway bra. "You don't know how much I've wanted you..." The bra
came away and Buzz started roughly grabbing Reva's abundant tits, mauling
and squeezing them in his gripping hands.

"Mmmm, yeah," Reva purred as she slipped her thumbs inside of her skimpy
panties and lowered them to her ankles, leaning into Buzz' groping paws for
support. Kicking the panties away, she flung her arms around his back and
gasped as he began tonguing, then biting her large pink nipples. "Yah," Reva
gasped, "Bite 'em. Harder!" Buzz gladly obliged, covering her ample boobs
with dozens of bite-marks, bruising the tender flesh with his digging
fingers. Reva was twisting and turning in his grip, eyes squeezed shut,
blonde mane flying as the painful bites to her nipples sent immediate rushes
to her damp puss.

Buzz buried his face in her abundant boobs, now sliding his hands around
her to maul her wide ass once again. Whoever the big-eared slut was who
Reva had caught blowing Josh tonite, Buzz gave her a silent thanks as he
took adavantage of Reva's unleashed lust. He unbuttoned his shirt, throwing
it away, and began to lower Reva to the floor. His cock hadn't lost any
stiffness after coming in Reva's mouth, and he intended to give her the
fucking of her life!

Reva's head was spinning from the horny urges racing through her body. She
shook her head, realizing Buzz was lowering her to the floor...he was going
to fuck her! 'Maybe this was going too far,' Reva thought, 'It's one thing
to get Josh back by blowing Buzz...but to fuck him! If Josh ever found out,
that would really be it! Reva began wrigging in Buzz' determined grip,
trying to wrest her large ass free of his pawing hands--even now trying to
position her on her back on the dirty restaurant floor...

"Buzz...stop..we can't!" Reva protested, pushing at his groping hands.

Buzz stopped and just looked at her coldly. "Aren't you a bit too old to be
playing the tease, Reva?" he asked.

Reva's jaw dropped and her pale blue eyes widened in disbelief. Did she just
hear what she thought she heard? Was Buzz calling her OLD? The infuriated
blonde raised her hand to slap him, but he just caught her by the wrist and
held her still.

"Oh no," Buzz admonished her, "We're going to finish what YOU started. But
I think I'd better show you who's boss in Buzz's Restaurant!" he laughed.
Holding her wrist tight enough to hurt, he quickly whipped a chair off of
onr of the tables and sat on it. He lifted Reva into his naked lap, his
large hardon poking up between her legs. She was too astonished to react.

Still gripping her wrist, Buzz twisted her arm painfully behind her back,
effectively keeping her planted on his lap.

Reva couldn't believe this turn of events. She had merely wanted to use Buzz
as a sort of human dildo to get revenge on Josh...he didn't really think he
could get away with...

WHAP WHAP WHAP! Buzz began raining hard blows down on Reva's upraised butt
before she even could brace herself. WHACK WHACK WHACK! Reva's plentiful
behind was being quickly reddened by the man's punishing hand, prints of
which were showing up redly all over Reva's sensitive skin.

"OW!," The curvy blonde squealed, "Buzz! Stop It..OW! Now!...Oh God!..STOP!"
Her cries only turned Buzz on more, though, and he picked up the speed and
power of his spanking, making Reva's punished bottom wiggle with every hard
blow. The loud slaps were ringing in Reva's ears, it sounded like gunshots in
the empty restaurant as Buzz paddled her proffered backside with all his

"That'll teach your mouth not to write checks your ass can't cash!," Buzz
chuckled as he happily punished the squirming woman on his lap. "Now, we're
going to finish on the floor, and no more bullshit, please!" Buzz warned as
he unceremoniously shoved Reva off of his lap and back onto the floor, where
she landed on her bruised backside with a thump.

Despite herself, Reva felt more turned-on than ever. Josh had never treated
her like a cheap slut, and she was finding that she liked it! As he turned
her on her back, her sore ass skidded along the rough floor and she gasped.
"Please, not like butt's too sore!" She scampered up onto her
hands and knees, wiggling her ass in Buzz' face. "How's this grab ya?" Reva

It grabbed Buzz just fine. He gripped Reva's hips, looking with pride at his
hand prints all over her rear end. He guided his cock head to Reva's pussy
and began sliding it around her outer lips, bringing a sigh from the horny
blonde. Reva found she liked being totally used and manhandled by Buzz, the
more he used her for his own pleasure, the hotter she became. How could she
go back to the tender lovemaking of Josh Lewis after this? he's probably
never spank her as well as Buzz just did...and Reva got the feeling she'd be
wanting that again, a lot.

Reva pushed her ass back towards Buzz' teasing cock, trying to lodge it
between her yearning lips. But Buzz matched her movements, never letting
more than the tip of his cock into her fiery depths. Suddenly, he grabbed
her hips, tightly enough to bruise, and thrust the entire aching length of
his cock up her dripping snatch, ramming forcefully into the back wall of
her cunt.

"Mmm! Oh, yeah, nnn, oh," Reva chanted as Buzz began pummeling her upraised
gash powerfully, using the whole length of his long cock as he sawed in and
out of her quivering body. Her cunt gripped him tightly and slithered wetly
as he mercilessly boned the sighing sexpot. Reva began to throw her head from
side to side, eyes shut as she teetered on the brink of an instant orgasm.

Buzz was loving how Reva was coming alive. For someone who had been reluctant
to fuck a minute ago, Reva was now responding like the true slut she was.
His fingers dug deeply into the soft flesh of her waist as he fucked her long
and hard, savoring the gripping warmth of Reva's cunt. he began fingering her
twitching asshole with his left hand, continuing to pound her wideopen gash.

Reva's head jerked up. What was Buzz doing? No one had ever played with
Reva's asshole before, and she was finding it strange, to say the least.
But somewhat exciting...Reva reveled in the idea of herself as the 'Slut
Of Springfield'...maybe it was time she lived up to the name!

"Oh Buzz!, " Reva cried, "You wanna do my ass, doncha? I KNOW you do! Well,
that's what I want, too. And I don't want you to go slow or gentle, either.
Just jam that fucker up my ass...I need it!" She waved her ass back and forth
for emphasis.

Buzz couldn't believe his ears. Reva Shayne demanding he fuck her hard up the
ass? Unbelievable. He didn't need to be asked twice, though...

With painful reluctance, Buzz slowly slid his cock out of Reva's dripping
puss, and repositoned the juice-soaked head at her most secret entrance.
Holding her waist with one hand, he guided his cock into her asshole slowly,
holding it steady as it eased agonizingly slowly into Reva's gripping ass.

"Mmm...nnnn!" Reva squeaked, "Don't be gentle, I said, just do it. Please!
Nnn! Don't make me wait..." she begged.

Never one to refuse a lady (or a slut) Buzz quickly shoved the rest of his
cock in as hard as he could. He gasped aloud as Reva's incredibly tight,
virgin ass started massaging his cock. He held it deeply within her, not
moving for a minute as he relished the feel of Reva's ass, the rectal walls
rhythmically pulsing along his shaft with every beat of her heart. She
tried a gentle squeeze of his cock and he gasped with pleasure.

Buzz withdrew until only the head was inside Reva's anus, and then began
hammering his cock in and out of her, picking up speed gradually until he
was piledriving her plush ass with hard strokes. His thighs were slapping
into her upraised cheeks with a loud slapping sound as Buzz fucked her ass
like a man possessed.

"That's right! Yes!" Reva shouted with joy as she took her first ever
ass-reaming. She tossed her blonde locks all around her head as she bucked
backwards on the hard spear invading her ass. Reva began meeting Buzz's
thrusts, jerking her willing butt onto his throbbing cock. "Harder, Buzz!
Use me like the, nn, bitch I am! Do it! Do It!" Reva yelled, letting her
inner slut take over.

Buzz didn't need any encouragement; her ass was milking his prick in a way
he'd never have thought possible, especially since Reva claimed never to
have had a cock in her ass before. He pummeled her upraised butt without
mercy, the rippling, gripping muscles of her ass giving his cock the
greatest massage he'd ever had. Buzz threw back his head and sighed at the
wonderful grip of Reva's ass. He'd always dreamed of this, now it was
finally happening!

Reva cried out, her blue eyes bugging as she felt Buzz began to shoot a
powerful spray of come up her backside, the pulsating jets burning the
sensitive inner walls of her rectum and causing her to launch into another
massive orgasm. Buzz just held himself still as he came and came a seemingly
endless stream of cum into Reva's spread ass. Neither noticed a slight
rustle from the darkened kitchen doorway...

Harley Shayne, Reva's sister, held her hand to her mouth as she stifled a
giggle. She always knew her big sister was an ultra-slut, but seeing her beg
that creepy Buzz Cooper to fuck her ass was just too much! Harley supposed
she'd better leave before they came down from their orgasmic high and noticed
her. 'Well,' she thought, 'Now that I see this, I feel a little less guilty
about what I did to her...'

Harley tucked a lock of hair behind one of her over-sized ears, and snuck
out the back way...



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