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After a little winter...I have come back with a brand new fiction for
everyone. This time you are getting the ever popular Gundam Wing anime
series. Now mixing my favorite fic tastes with some stuff I might try in
this new series I am bringing on...

A little advice: I will not fully respect the series script. I will make
lots of changes on the characters and stuff that has happened in the
Gundam story arc in order to be more correct with what I want to show.

So, be warned you nit-picking fans...

Gundam Wing: Old And New Tastes - Prologue
by Victor2K ([email protected])

Unknown time...After Colonization year...

A pretty peaceful era had broken out between the Earth and Colonies. Since
the last brawl between them, a few years ago, nothing worse had happened
between them. A peace pact was made between Colonies and Earth to avoid new
rebellions and political disruption.

Peace reigned. Yet everything seemed just a little too peaceful and nice
between the people of all was almost eerie.

Heero Yuy was taking a nap in a hotel room at Sank Kingdom. Since the latest
Colony Wars, he was pretty much wandering space, doing several jobs. He had
become a kind of mercenary. Most of his assignments were more for the money
than for any emotional motive or for the patriotic instinct of taking a side
on the front. Now he was doing a job for a friend he met at the L3 colony,
which paid for his stay on the hotel and all the material he would need for
the completion mission.

But also he was worried; his mind wondered to other things.

During his life, he had met two persons who rocked his world: One of them was
Relena Darlian, also known as Relena Peacecraft, leader of the Earth Peace
Alliance (they were some kind of Earth Police). Since he saw her for the last
time, Heero developed a love/hate relationship with Relena. He was sure they
had some feelings for each other inside them, but for him Relena was a kind
of "enemy". Although Heero didnít show any deep feelings for her, he of
course loved her.

The other one was Duo Maxwell, also called the God of Death. Heero and Duo
had been good friends all the way back to the first Colony battles. They had
a mutual respect and a healthy friendship for a very long time, and they
considered each other as "brothers". But the relationship was pretty deep...
Heero was lured into love by the character and charisma of Maxwell. This was
not only friend love, but man-man love! He was in love with Duo, but the
outward persona of "The Perfect Soldier" he had (and so it was indeed his
nickname) didnít let him show his feelings, whether it was Relena or Duo. The
outwardly confident Heero was pretty unsure of his sexuality; he wasn't that
certain that taking a bisexual orientation would be a wise move for a Gundam
pilot like him, and so they maintained their faÁade and went their different

Heero woke up from his nap, feeling rested and reinvigorated by his repose he
slid off the bed and exited the hotel, making his way to the city to meet his

* * *

Elsewhere, Duo Maxwell was enjoying his life as much as he could. A very
different person from Heero, he admitted to himself and everyone else that
he was bi, and people took it good mostly because of his free spirit persona.
Duo was not a man who kept secrets, feeling that they only made life more
complicated. He also was doing several jobs around the world, bringing always
his mighty Gundam, the Deathscythe, and enjoying life to the full, seeking
out the company of the most nice and naughty men and women that he could
find. He had a somewhat legendary reputation, able to get into girl's panties
with ease and getting into the boy's boxers just as successfully.

But this time he took some vacation on Australian beaches, with the company
of another Gundam fellow, Quatre Winner. Duo and his blonde friend spent time
on a luxury house Quatre had purchased at New South Wales (Quatre is filthy
rich, by the way), taking a little day-off between their busy schedules. They
were also enjoying the company of each other a great deal, hanging around at
the clubs, restaurants, mostly having the company of a gorgeous girl or a
handsome guy (Quatre swung both ways too), and they would often both flirt
with the same guy or girl as a kind of competition, even if they didn't
finish up the night in the arms of each other.

They both missed the other guys, which were Heero, Trowa Barton and Shang

Duo and Quatre had not seen them in a very long time, since they split to get
on with their lives. In fact, Quatre and Duo were the only ones who kept seen
each other on a regular basis. The "old gang" had drifted apart, and Duo
often wondered what they were up to now.

But they always kept up the hope to meet the crew again someday. But for now,
they were content only to enjoy what life had to offer them (in the case of
the wealthy Quatre this was a lot).

* * *

Trowa Barton took a well-deserved rest at his trailer on the circus, after
another exhaustive show. He wiped his face, removing the painting which had
been imprinted upon it, and looked at his face on the mirror. He looked into
his own eyes and saw into his own soul.

It was three years since he quit the armed fight and returned to the circus
to try to get back to a normal life, well, the normal life that a circus can
bring. To Trowa, the circus was normal compared to the other life he had led.
He traveled the whole world making his presentations, and getting the respect
of people, and the laughter of children, an aspect of his job which he
relished. Beside that, he was trying to find a way forward on his personal
life. He never forgot his affair with Quatre, when they had a tempestuous
relationship between them. It was a troubled relationship, mostly because
Trowa insisted on keeping his feelings for Catherine Bloom, the redhead he
adored and who worked with him in the circus. Trowa and Quatre broke their
relationship and never saw each other anymore, leaving Trowa with deep
depression. Catherine was the only one who could cure him, but they never had
a real relationship, besides sleeping with him lots of times. Well, the sex
was pretty damn good between them, but Trowa couldn't forget Quatre, and even
though Catherine could get jealous, she could only respect it, of course
fearing that she would lose him.

Trowa cleaned his face of paint, and slumped a little in his chair, looking
towards his face on the mirror.

* * *

The World Fencing Championship finished and Shang Wufei was the champion of
the Male Saber Final. He bested some of the best fencers from around the
world to have this much sought after title. And everyone from the press
wanted to talk with the World Champion; his was the name on everyone's lips.

Since the wars were over, Wufei focused on training his skills with the saber
and he became one of the greatest names on the sport, and the first man from
a Colony to get into the Top 10 of the Fencing. He had become one of the most
focused and feared Fencers. Everybody talked about his skills with the saber
and how he was born to be in the sport. It was his destiny.

But Wufei wasn't only into swords and championships, though it was always
and would always be a major part of his life. He was also trying to achieve
something with his relationships. Nobody knew much about his personal life;
he always made a point of keeping himself to himself, being a very private
man, but people could see that he wasn't that happy with everything.

He was disappointed with the man he had always loved, Treize Kushrenada.
Wufei had strong feelings for Treize, but the Head Captain of the Earth Peace
Alliance (Treize's actual charge) always got evasive answers from him, even
if Treize also liked him very much. Wufei sunk into a depression and drowned
on the sable, where he met different people, male and female, who he could
share the bed with for a night. But his heart was always with Treize. He
found it difficult to stop himself thinking about the love of his life. Wufei
wouldn't take a brake if he couldn't have the love of the man he dreamed all
about. He plunged himself into his saber skills as a way of taking his mind
off his heartache.

* * *

The afternoon went on as Relena was in her bedroom, quietly reading a book.
The days seemed to have become so tiresome since she became the leader of
the Earth Peace Alliance, and sought to realize the dream of her family and
her own dream, a world with full peace. Her priority was to sustain peace
and prosperity in the whole world, even if she would sacrifice all of her
personal dreams for her high ideals.

One of them was of course Heero. She never forgot the Japanese boy since she
first met him. Relena loved him so much, so intensely, that she considered
him the love of her life, yet Heero never showed any kind of strong feelings
to her, it seemed it was always between love and hate. She dreamed every day
about him; he was even in her deepest and sexiest dreams, where he did so
many naughty and perverted things with her. She wanted him inside her.
Relena longed for the day she would have him, all of him.

But there was one person who also wanted all of Relena's attention: Dorothy
Catalonia. The light blonde girl had become the personal assistant of Relena,
and followed her everywhere she went. And she followed her not just to work,
she was at Relena's side constantly. In her mind, she was completely obsessed
with Relena, mostly sexually. She would often undress Relena with her eyes as
she walked behind her or stood nearby. Dorothy didn't care if she was a
lesbian or not, but she always wanted Relena to be her lover, and only for
her. It wasn't rare for Dorothy to steal Relena's underwear to sniff and
smell (oh how she adored the smell of Relena), and also masturbated her pussy
using them. Dorothy loved Relena, and always wanted to show her, but she
could never do it. She feared that Relena would shut her out, if she revealed
her feelings to her. Dorothy promised herself to never give up on taking
Relena, seducing her, even if it would take forever.

* * *

At the World Peace Alliance Headquarters, Lady Une (or Colonel Une, if her
rank is of your interest) was working hard at her job of Internal Affairs
Chief. Une had been appointed to this job because she was the most capable
and the most highly qualified to attend to it for the interest of Alliance.
She was highly trusted by all who worked with and for her. With her at the
HQ was Head Captain Treize Kushrenada, Intelligence Service Boss, Lt.
Lucrezia Noin and Strategic Business Commissioner, Zechs Marchise (aka
Milliardo Peacecraft).

As these times were not times of war, other kinds of business ran into their
offices. Une, for example, always tried to get Treize's attention for her,
but Treize was more distant than ever. They had chemistry between each other,
but Treize always was a distant and glamorous person, in contrast to the
"natural born leader" persona of Une. Treizewas also trying very hard not to
think about Wufei, the guy that loved him so much. Treize had broken his
heart on denying a regular relationship with him, but Treize also wasn't sure
about himself being bisexual, but now, with everything ok with his sexuality
(yes, Treize is really bi), he wanted to see which of his options was better:
Une or Wufei. A choice which many males and females would envy.

But it wasn't only Treize who sought same sex relationships. Une was also
trying to make some progress with girls, and her favorite girl was Noin. Lady
Une was always bi and she had known it for ages. Lady Une had indulged in
some steamy affairs with hot boys and girls, but the boy and girl she always
wanted was Treize and Noin. But Lucrezia was devoting her attentions to her
boyfriend Zechs. They were very much in a good strong relationship, always
traveling and going out. Noin and Zechs even moved together to an apartment
to spend more time on their (as they cheekily called it) "Hot and Saucy"
activities. And it was really hot and saucy. They did just about every kind
of sexual stuff the world had to offer: anal, oral, S&M, bondage, threesome,
orgy, swing, dancing being just some of the stuff they indulged in. There's
nothing that the dirty pair couldn't do. What Noin didn't know was that Lady
Une wanted to do many of those things to her and Trieze.

* * *

A truck was driving along a lonely country road in the US Midwest. Driving
this truck on its lonely journey was Sally Po, and with her for company, was
a sleeping Hilde.

They had become some kind of delivery Transportation Company. Hilde and Sally
were delivering all kinds of goodies, from food to empty boxes to every one
that could afford their services. They were in a "globetrotter" life,
traveling the whole world, seeing the many, many places and getting the goods
to those who needed it.

The girls had lost all contact with other people and much of the outside
world; it had been such a long, long time since Hilde had seen Duo. Hilde
always was a good friend for the God of Death, but Hilde had wanted more of
him. Duo never sought much more than a regular relationship with Hilde, but
she had always held out the hope that she would see him again.

Sally, in her case, was one of the most anxious about the guys' lives than
anyone else. Sally was pretty much a friend of all of them, always helping
however and whenever she could. Sally never had strong feelings for someone;
she always had one fling here and there, just to satisfy her needs. She was
more than any of the others a "free-spirit", making her less connected to
regular relations than the others.

* * *

The prologue was finished....

At the next chapter of Old and New Tastes, you will see the whole crew
returning to the start of the sex road!

Don't even lose it!


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