Home And Away: Erotic Episode Part 1 (ff)
by Anonymous

"Hello! Anyone in?" shouted Gypsy as she walked into the beach house, for a
moment there was no replie then Hayley emerged from her bedroom.

"Hi Gypsy," she said, "If you're looking for Will he's gone out fishing,
won't be back for a while."

Gypsy scowled. "Jesus your brother's such a dick!" she said, "I was really
in the mood for a fuck this afternoon."

Hayley blushed a little at Gypsy's frankness, she was much less experienced
having only given handjobs to Sam and Mitch. Gypsy had fucked Will, Jessie
and Mitch as well as being brutally raped by Robert, she was the town slut
and proud of it.

"Maybe I'll just hang out here for a while," Gypsy said. She sat down. "We
can have a bit of a girlie afternoon," she said, staring seductively at

"Er... sure," said Hayley, smiling uncomfortabley.

* * *

Natalie sat at the kitchen table feeling miserable, Joel was on a doubleshift
and wouldn't be back until the early hours. She was still a young, virile
women who needed to be satisfied and her husband just wasn't fulfilling her.

"Hey Nat," said Justine, her shapely foster daughter, coming through the
double doors with Peta. "We thought we'd go clothes shopping, wanna join

Natalie nodded, "Sure, why not?"

* * *

Sally sighed as she surveyed the kitchen, dishes everywhere again. "Fucking
Vinnie and Jess," she thought. She put a apron on, struggling to fit it
around her huge breasts and then began running water.

Just then she felt something poke in to her arse and two hands squeeze her
tits. She spinned round to find Vinnie dressed only in boxers grinning.
"Morning Sal," he said.

"Fuck off, Vinnie," Sal snapped secretly enjoying her boyfriend's hands all
over her.

"Oh come on Sal, just for old times sake," pleaded Vinnie.

"No!" said Sally, "We're not going out anymore in case you'd forgotten!"

"So fuck?" Vinnie said, "We can still fuck each other from time to time. I
know ye want it as much as me babe."

He continued to touch her up and breathed down Sal's neck increasing her
arousal and making her sigh and moan.

"Ok," she said, "Just this once."

* * *

Gypsy and Hayley were sitting close together on the sofa having a coffee.
Gypsy was enjoying being able to glance down Hayley's low cut top and see
her developing breasts, and she was making a point of spreading her long,
white legs so Hayley could see the skimpy blue panties beneath.

"So Hayley," Gypsy said grinning, "Are you a virgin?"

"That's kinda personal don't ye think?" Hayley said trying to avoid looking
down between Gypsy's legs but failing.

"Come on," said gypsy moving her face close to Hayley's "We're really close
friends you can tell me."

Hayley gulped as Gypsy continued to fix her with a seductive stare, she was
feeling things she never had before - desire for a girl.

"Yes, I'm a virgin ok," she said begrudingly.

Gypsy giggled. "That's so cute," she said and began to stroke Hayley's arm,
the feel of the soft skin drove an already aroused Gypsy wild.

"I could teach you some stuff," Gypsy breathed.

"What do you mean?" Hayley stammered, getting increasingly turned on herself.

"I think you know what I mean Hayley. I've seen how you've been looking at

"I don't know what you mean," Hayley insisted.

"You want me, babe," Gypsy purred, "and I want you too. It's no big deal."

Hayley was starting to give way to temptation. "I don't know if we should,"
she stammered as Gypsy began to kiss her neck, "Isn't this wrong?" she asked.

Gypsy began to stroke her breasts, "How can something that feels so good be
wrong?" she asked.

* * *

Natalie, Justine and Peta dumped their bags on the table and collapsed into
a very intimate heap on the sofa.

"Gees, that was tiring," Justine sighed.

"Lets try some stuff on," Peta said.

"Yeah, lets see how your new outfits look," Nat enthused.

Justine and Peta leapt up took their bags and ran off upstairs. They closed
the bedroom door and both began to strip off the tight fitting tops and jeans
they had been wearing. Both girls were shocked to find themselves aroused at
the sight of the other in just bra and panties. They could both sense the
sexual tension.

"Could you help me with my bra Peta?" Justine said, "I wanna try my new one."

Peta nodded and moved behind Justine, who was stood at the mirror. Peta undid
the bra and it slowly slipped off over Justine's impressive teenage breasts.
Peta was stunned at the sight.

"You think I've got big tits Peta?" Justine asked.

Peta nodded, "Sure, bigger than mine."

"Let's see," Justine said.

Peta moved from behind her and took off her bra. She had small round breasts
with now very erect nipples.

"They're beautiful," justine said.

The two girls stood staring lustfully at one another in just their skimpy
panties. Just then Natalie came in and was taken aback by the scene. She
was ashamed of herself but very turned on at the sight of her two foster
daughters almost naked.

"Just in time Natalie," Justine said grinning.


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