Home And Away: Home And Away Adventures Part 1 - Living With Noah And Josh
by Jeff Walters ([email protected]) (MF,MMF,MF-mast,oral,anal)

Hayley woke up and made her way down to the bathroom, she was glad too see it
unoccupied, living with two guys she found that getting the bathroom wasn't
always available. She went in and laid her fresh towels down and went in
front of the front length movie. She untied the knot in the front of the
robe and let it fall to the floor, she scooted it to off to the other clothes
on the floor. She looked at body and smiled, she had always been good
looking but when puberty had hit she was blessed with silky brown skin, 36c
breasts, firm arse and curves that made most other girls jealous. Being near
the beach for all her teenage years had made her hair blonde and always kept
her in great shape.

She turned on the water for the bath and when nearly full applied some bath
salts and some bubble bath, she stepped into the bath and lay down. Hayley
just took in the warmth and smell of the bath and after a number of minutes
grabbed the sponge and sponged down. Hayley moved down the sponge from neck
to her breasts, and soon as she moved around her breasts her nipples started
to grow until they were hard an sticking up, she moved the sponge down to
her legs and then did her stomach. She then finally moved the sponge to her
nether region and gently started to rub her sponge around. Hayley started
to feel her clit getting super sensitive and gently started to rub it faster
and faster. She started to think of her ex-boyfriend and flatmate Noah, he
was her first love and the guy who had taken her virginity when she was 15.
She remembered the first time she saw him naked and then had fucked her, she
remembered how big his cock was and how that cock had made her body orgasm a
number of time. Her thoughts then went to her current boyfriend Josh who
was also her flatmate, she had only recently been kissed passionately in the
Kitchen, instead of rejecting his advances she had welcomed them and after a
while had broken up with Noah. Josh and her had started to date and it soon
became sexual, he was a great lover and also had a large cock and knew how to
use it. Her mind was flicking back between the boys whilst she rubbed her
clit, the more she thought about them the closer she got to an orgasm. She
then moved her other hand down and let her fingers inside her pussy and soon
reached her G spot. She rubbed it gently and felt the orgasm building
through her body and then felt her pussy explode in orgasm and then felt the
juices started to flow from her body. She continued to rub until her orgasm
subsided and then finished up.

Hayley got up and out of bath and dried herself off; she wrapped a towel
around her wet hair and another around her body. She always felt a bit
naughty wearing these towels, she would wrap them at the middle of her
breasts would only hand down to top of her ass cheeks. If any person were
in the house when she went from the bathroom to her room she would be
showing them something that should remain private. She opened the door
and looked out and couldn't see anyone and tippee toed up the hall to her
bedroom, just before she reached out to grab handle of her door, the door
opposite opened up and her boyfriend Josh stood their. Josh standing
there in his love hearts boxers, he leaned in to kiss her good morning and
she leaned up to kiss him good morning. They came together and kissed,
Hayley could feel his morning hard against her body, but parted from him
and turned to go in her own semi opened door. Josh playfully grabbed at
her towel and actually pulled at it, it fell to grown and for an instant,
Haley stood naked in the hall before she scooted into her room, Josh
watching her perfect arse move.

Noah had just walked out of his room on way to toilet when he saw Hayley
leaning up to kiss Josh, he saw the towel rise and reveal her firm arse and
the little pubic hairs, he then noticed how Josh had pulled at her towel and
then saw her naked just for a second. Noah erection started to grow and he
continued to walk to the bathroom. After relieving himself he headed back
to his bedroom. He lay on the bed and removed his shorts, now lying naked
he moved his hand to his cock and rubbed it till he was fully erect. He then
with other hand open up the side bedroom cupboard and pull out some photos.
He looked through photos he had taken of Hayley, some in her bikinis, some
in some lingerie he had bought and finally some of her naked laying on her
bed with his cum still on her breasts. He moved his hand to his cock and
started rubbing the head and then just underneath, the most sensitive and
started rubbing back and forth. He remembered the times he shared with
Hayley, how sometimes he would wake up with Hayley sucking on his cock and
balls. Noah started to now move his hand fully up and down his large shaft
quicker, he had noticed that he cared less about cumming quicker now that he
wasn't with her. When he had been with her he took pleasure in the fact that
he could fuck her without cumming for 40-50 minutes and then is able to get
hard again and continue to fuck her for several more hours. This last
thought was enough to bring him to the edge and he looked down as his cum
exploded from his cock hole and flew into the air and then landed back on his
belly. He got his cum cloth and wiped his cock and stomach and went back to

Josh went back into his room but his mind was back on Hayley, he knew that
she had things to do this morning but he had hoped that he could talk her
into a bit of hanky panky. He lay on the bed and looked down at his hard
on and removed his boxers and admired his cock, he went to touch and then
thought, why should I touch when by girlfriend is just across the hall. He
stood up naked and walked to his door, he peeked out and then opened the
door of Hayley's room, she was sitting down naked in front of her mirror
drying her hair. The mirror and chair hid the bottom half of Josh's body
as he walked up behind her, she saw him above her head in the mirror and
smiled as he approached her, he smiled back. He stood behind her naked and
moved his hands around her body and cupped her breasts and said, "Morning
baby, I thought we should say good morning properly."

She smiled and lifted her head and he looked down and there lips met and her
tongue moved up against his and they started to give a passionate kiss. Josh
moved forward and his cock moved up against the back of Hayley through the
grills in the chair. She stopped kissing him and looked around and then
noticed he was naked. Hayley said, "I'm sorry baby we don't have time to have
some fun I have to go soon."

Josh replied, "Oh we do if you can use your mouth."

Hayley looked up at him and then down to his cock, she moved her hand forward
and brush it up against the underside of his cock as her hand went further
and she gently grasped his ball sack, she knew that Josh loved having them
touched and she lightly played with them. She knew that the fine hairs on
them if she touched them right it would make him come quicker, she lent down
and licked around the head before taken his cock head in her mouth. Hayley
just took his cock head and was licking it around in her mouth as she new
this made Josh mad with lust. Then slowly she started taking more in her
mouth, she worked her tongue around the cock in her mouth. Josh looked down
at his girlfriend as she was watching him while licking around his cock.
Hayley knew she had to go soon so she started going faster and faster down
his shaft, increasing the tongue action on the underneath of his cock, she
then moved her finger around to his arse and stuck a finger in his bottom,
this was enough for Josh and he started to explode into her mouth. Hayley
swallowed the cum knowing it was the easiest thing to do, stood up and moved
back to the chair and continued to put her make on as if nothing happened.
Josh sat back on Hayley's bed and just watched her; he knew she was
comfortable enough in her own body to just sit their naked. Josh lay on his
side on her bed and moved his hand to his still erect cock and started to
masturbate. Masturbating when the girl was still in the room naked was
better then any picture or any video he had ever watched. Hayley could see
what he was doing but no attention to him but started on her mascara. Josh
just kept masturbating while looking at her breasts, he watched them rise
and fall with her breathing. He looked down at her legs and her pussy; she
always left a little tuft as a welcoming mat for guests that happen to come
by. Hayley got up and picked up her g-string and stepped into it and then
picked up her sheer silk stockings and then put on her short skirt, she was
leaving herself topless for as long as possible so Josh could cum again,
knowing he loved breasts and in particular her breasts. She knew Josh could
be a while so she went over to him and whispered in his ear, "If you cum now
for me, you can do my arse tonight." This was enough for him, he had never
taken her in this way before, he started to rub harder until he felt his
balls constrict and then shot out some cum. Hayley kissed him and grabbed
her blue blouse and walked away, putting in on as she walked.

* * *

Later that afternoon, all three were sitting down for dinner and talking
about their days, Hayley loved the company of men and living with two that
had known her intimately was a real buzz for her. She knew it was Noah's
movie night, and she asked him which one he was going to see. "I have heard
'Matrix Revisited' it's the only one I haven't seen," said Noah.

They finished up the meal; Josh and Hayley took the plates and started to
wash up while Noah left for the movies. Hayley would always wash up and Josh
would dry and when Josh new they were alone he got behind Hayley whose hands
were still in the water and Josh placed his hands on her arse and lifted up
the skirt and moved forward. Let me finish up Josh, go and put a video on I
will be there in a minute.

Hayley finished up in the kitchen and walked into the lounge room and sat
down next to Josh and snuggled up against him. Josh put his hand softly on
her thigh and just left it there for a second, he slowly moved his hand up
her thigh until he was moving his hand inside her panties. Hayley kept
watching the movie but spread her legs slightly to let Josh get his hand
inside her panties. Josh felt around in her panties until he found her clit
and starting flicking it lightly and then gently rubbing, he let his other
fingers open and then into her pussy. Hayley breathing started to quicken
and was moaning into Josh's ear, Josh kept rubbing her now wet pussy, his
fingers gently rubbing on her g-spot and new she was close to orgasm. Hayley
started screaming in orgasm, "Make me cum Josh, make me cum, I need your big
cock, fuck me, oh god Josh, just there that's it josh, oh my god yessssssss."
Hayley just sat there while the orgasm subsided; she looked over at Josh who
had a smile on his face obviously proud that he had got me off. Hayley
looked down and noticed that Josh was obviously ready to fuck, Hayley got off
the lounge and then turned around and sat astride the legs of Josh, her body
now facing his.

Josh undid the button and pulled down the zipper and with Hayley's help
pulled his pants down, she moved her body forward until his cock was near
the entrance to her pussy. She moved her lips down to his and started to
kiss him passionately, her tongue moving with his in a dance of joy, she
could feel the full length of his cock against her body. She moved her
hand down and grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy lips while still
kissing him back. She pushed his cock head through her pussy lips and
then lowered herself down, she moaned as more and more cock filled her up.
Even though she had been fucked nearly everyday since 15 by either Noah or
Josh whose cocks were about same size and girth she always had trouble
getting it fully in her pussy. She worked her body around until she hit
his legs and now had him fully in her, she just sat there waiting for her
pussy to get used to his size again. She concentrated on her pussy muscles
and allowed them to milk his cock without moving, a technique that a
girlfriend had told her about. Josh loved the control Hayley had in her
pussy and didn't move knowing that she had to get used to his size and then
her pussy will start doing magical things to him, he moved his hands behind
her back and undid the buttons on her skirt and remove it off her body. He
then reached down and lifted up her blouse off, his mouth was now in line
with her breasts and he started to lick around her breasts until he got to
her nipple and then kissed and sucked, then looking at them grow and then
moving to the next breast and to the same. Hayley started to move her hips
forward and back just enough that a couple of inches would bee going in and
out of her, Josh would occasionally thrust up and there bodies would meet
but Hayley had most of the control.

* * *

Noah opened the door still ticked off that the movie he was going to see
was for special guests, 'Didn't say anything like that in the papers,' he
thought. He started to walk down the hall and could hear Hayley moaning,
'They must be fucking in one of the bedrooms,' he thought, still a bit
bitter about Hayley was now with someone else. He turned the corner into
the lounge room and then found where the moaning was coming from; Hayley
was facing him sitting astride Josh on the couch. Hayley had her eyes
closed and was obviously pumping her body back and forward, he remembered
that Hayley loved to do this and new Josh must be loving her pussy and her
magic trick. Hayley opened her eyes and saw Noah, there eyes locked onto
each other. He went to walk away but Hayley shook her head and smiled at
him, he stood still while watching her ride Josh's cock. Josh was too
rapped up in what he was feeling to notice Noah behind him. Noah pointed
down to his cock and looked at Hayley and she nodded her head. Noah dropped
his pants and then his underpants and moved his hand down to his cock, he
started to rub it. Hayley who was now getting off on this started to ride
Josh's cock faster, while looking directly at Noah she said, "I love when
you do that, I love your big thick cock."

This excited both boys and Noah started rubbing harder and faster while Josh
started thrusting harder into her. Noah moved closer and closer to the
lounge while Hayley looked directly at him, he got close enough that Hayley
moved her body forward so that Josh could take her tit in his mouth and now
she could reach out and run her hand over Noah's cock. She tried to stay
still so she could assist Noah in masturbating his cock and for Josh to pump
his cock into her pussy, she couldn't remember being this satisfied before.
She was moaning in her third orgasm and knew that this couldn't last much
longer, she called out in ecstasy, "God I want your cum, cum for me baby, you
know where I want it."

Josh put his hands on side of waist and thrust up and started to fire his
load of cum into her. At the same time Noah was on verge of cumming and Noah
pointed to her mouth, and Noah pumped his cock to the verge and then shot his
cum out of his cock, the first load landed on Hayley's cheek and then the
rest of the loads landed in her mouth. He stopped cumming and stepped back
his cock still erect, cum just dribbling out of it.

Hayley motioned for him to stop when he reached the hallway and she lifted
herself off Josh's cock ad stood up. "Baby I'm just going to clean myself up
and then I will be back for that present I promised you this morning," Hayley
said. She walked around and when got to hallway grabbed Noah's hand and ran
to the bathroom with him in tow. Josh was wasted from the fucking he just
gave her. Back in the bathroom Noah and Hayley locked the door and she got
down on her knees and finished off the cum that was still leaking from his
erect cock. It didn't take long for him to get the sensation back and
finished cumming in her mouth. Hayley got up and moved into shower and
turned the water on and stepped in, Noah took off his shirt and joined her in
the shower. He moved in and kissed her, tasting his cum on her tongue, his
cock still erect pressed up against her stomach. As the shower water poured
down on them, he guided his cock into her, she backed herself against the
shower wall and jumped up and she moved her legs around his back. Noah's
cock went straight up and into her and he started thrusting into her, she
moved herself up and down using her hips against his body for leverage she
didn't know if it was because she had only just finishing fucking another
guy or because she felt like such a slut having another's guys cock up her
within minutes of finishing fucking another but she orgasmed within a couple
thrusts from Noah. As Noah continued to thrust into her she lent in to him,
her breasts against his chest, her nipples as hard as a rock pressed into
him. He kissed her face, nose, and chin and then started kissing her neck;
he started to give her a hickey as a sign of I have been here. Hayley was too
much in paradise to notice what he was doing; he moved his hands to her arse
and lifting her up and down on his cock. She lent back against the wall her
hands moving down and playing with her own nipples. As Hayley was getting
close to her orgasm Noah suddenly stopped thrusting.

"Why have you stopped, I'm so close, please you know I need the friction of
a cock to get off" said Hayley as she tried to lift herself up and down on
his cock.

"Tell me how you need my cock, promise me that I get to fuck you everyday,"
replied Noah.

"You know we cant, I'm with Josh now," said Hayley.

Noah started to thrust and when he knew she was close he stopped again, "Now
tell me you don't want it, say it," said Noah.

"Oh God I'm so close," a few thrusts more, "yes, god yes, I need you big
cock, yes you can do me every day, just fuck me god give me your cock, ooh
god just fuck me hard," screamed Hayley.

That was all Josh needed and started thrusting madly into her, he fucked
through her orgasm.

"Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, that's it, god yessssss," moaned Hayley.

They then heard the door it was Josh, the door didn't opened but he knock and
called out, "What is it baby, I heard you screaming baby, what's a matter?"

Hayley looked down at Noah, "Oh yes your big cock. ...Got me so close to
coming but then you shot your cum in me ... yes god yes ... needed to finish
myself here baby. ...Yes that it so close. ... I'll be out soon. ..... About
to cum baby."

Noah gave one big large thrust and his cum exploded into Hayley's womb, they
just stayed like that for a minute or two, Hayley milking his cock with her
pussy muscles. They kissed passionately and she gentled lowered herself off
his cock and stood on her own feet. He went over got the soap lather sponge
and started to wash her body, paying special attention to her breasts, pussy
and arse.

She dried herself off and kissed him once more before stepping out of
bathroom. She walked down the hall and turned the corner into lounge room,
she looked at Josh who was sitting in his chair naked and masturbating. "Hope
your thinking about me when you doing that," Hayley asked.

"Yes only you baby, only you," replied Josh.

"Are you ready to put that in my other place?" Hayley asked.

"You know it baby, I have lube my cock up just need to lube your arse," Josh

Hayley bent over in front of Josh and he put the lube around the entrance to
her arse and then gently inserted a finger and moved it around to open it up
a little. Josh lay on ground and Hayley again sat astride him but this time
in reverse. Josh lifted his cock to the entrance to her arse, it tool a
effort but he got the cock head through and with short quick strokes started
to get further and further in. Hayley start moving back on to his cock and
moaning to Josh about how big he was and how he was making her feel. After
five minutes of thrusting he was final all the way in, Hayley lay back onto
his chest, Josh just started pushing his bum up and that was enough to cause
some friction and get pleasure from it.

"Baby have you ever wanted to be part of a threesome," moaned Hayley.

"Yeh, what guy hasn't," replied Josh.

"Oh god that's it! Who baby would you like, Dani, Kirsty, Leah, Jade,"
asked Hayley.

"As long as I have you I don't care, but maybe Jade, she was a real vixen in
that show a couple of weeks ago," said Josh.

"Yeh she was hot, I'll see what I can do, you know what baby, I've always
fantasized about two guys doing me, when I was with Noah and you were around
I was wishing for you both to fuck me together," said Hayley.

"Ooh Hayley, your such a slut," said Josh.

"Yeh, but that's why you're in my arse now, So baby, if Noah walked in now
could we do it?" Hayley said.

Josh thinking the movie still had at least an hour too go said, "Ok."

Hayley knowing that her plan was now in place sat back up and started to
buck her arse further onto Josh's cock. She motioned to Noah who was in
the hallway and he went back out the door. Hayley then started her plan,
"That's it Josh, ooh god, you are so good, I'm cumming baby, yes fuck my
arse, fuck me harder, ooh god Josh yes so big, so good," screamed Hayley.

This was the code for Noah to open the door with as much noise as he could
and then to call out, "Hey guys I'm home." He started to walk down the hall
as Hayley was screaming out. As he gets to lounge room he turns in and walks
towards the lounge. "Oh My God, I'm so sorry guys I didn't hear you guys, the
movie didn't go ahead," he goes to turn, but then Hayley calls out, "Noah,
get over here and fuck me like the slut I am, I want your big cocking my
pussy now."

Noah looked at Josh and he reluctantly nodded his ok, he couldn't go back on
what he had only said a minute ago. Noah had he clothes off in seconds and
he walked around the lounge rubbing his cock to erection.

Noah walked up to Hayley and put his cock in her mouth and then put his hand
behind her back and started to fuck her face. He had all his cock in her
mouth, he loved that she could deep throat, not many girls could do that. He
then took his cock from his mouth and got on his knees in front of her pussy.
With Josh being on the bottom and Hayley on top he was able to be on his
knees and he moved forward and thrust his cock into her now very wet pussy.
They both had their cocks fully in Hayley and they both could feel each
other's cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and arse and they
both started to thrust in and out of Hayley.

Hayley lay back halfway between both guys, her arms holding her body up. She
never felt so full or so slutty but she loved it, she now knew that she had
to continue to do this. Josh who had been fucking Hayley in the arse for the
last 20 minutes started pumping fast, trying to compete with Noah but the
competing was bringing him to closer to cumming, Hayley was euphoric, her
body was orgasming non stop, her juices were flowing like a river. Then she
heard Josh saying he was cumming and then she felt him explode into her arse,
Noah wasn't stopping and kept pounding into her pussy. Hayley felt Josh cock
getting softer and she lifted herself off his cock and he moved aside, he was
spent he had been fucking her for close to two hours. Noah knew this was his
time, this bastard had stolen his girl, he was going to fuck her like a rag
doll in front of him and he had given his permission. As Hayley lay on the
ground with Noah's cock still inside her, Noah grabbed her legs and put them
over his shoulder and started fucking her like this, he knew if he slowed
down and fuck her like this she would be going off soon he knew that this
position allowed his cock to hit her g-spot on this angle. He then started
thrusting and looked over at Josh and decided to not do it and just kept on
pumping till he came.

End of Adventure 1


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