Home And Away: Homa And Away Adventures Part 2 (MF,Mf,f-mast,inc,oral,voy)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Jade and Christie lay in their beds both acting asleep, there bedroom was
right next door to their parents and both could hear their parents having
sex. Being twins they sometimes felt the same thing and each could tell
that there was a heightened feeling in their room. What that feeling was
they both didn't know but they could feel it.

Christie was the first one to move, it was too much for her. She headed
for the door to their room and past Jade, she looked down at Jade and Jade
looked back up and new instantly what Christie had in mind and removed her
bed sheets and got up. They both went out the room and went to their
parent's room and noticed the door ajar. They knew it was naughty of them
but they both looked in, Christie standing up and Jade who sat on her knee
so they both could look in. They hear there mum moaning and when they
noticed what position she was in they could tell why she was moaning. There
mum was fingering her own pussy while sucking daddy's cock. They both
looked at each other surprised by what they were seeing but soon looked
back. They looked at their daddy's cock and both knew why her mum always
was moaning at night, it was gigantic, they had seen some boys cocks at
parties but nothing as big as there daddy's.

Christie was the first one to move her hand to her panties but Jade hand
soon found her secret spot, neither had masturbated before but knew know
that it was instinct and normal to do when excited. They continued to
watch and couldn't believe that there mother could take it all down her
throat but she was. They heard their dad say he was about to cum but
since neither didn't know what that meant was surprised when he withdraw
his cock from their mother's mouth and white stuff erupted from the cock
head and landed on their mothers face. They both gave a slight moan at
that sight and saw there dad turning his body towards them, they quickly
moved and scurried back to their bedroom. They both jumped into their
beds and pretended to be asleep. A minute later the door to their room
opened and both out of corner of eye could see their daddy in his robe.
He went up to Christie first and saw her asleep and bent down and gave
her a father's kiss on her lips and then went over to Jade and did the
same. He turned the light off and closed the door.

Jade got up and went over to Christie's bed and got under the covers, they
both talked about what they had seen. They also talked about how touching
their special place felt nice and they both was still a bit wet in that
area. They both started to touch their pussy and Jade was first to find
her clit and was soon moaning, Christie wasn't far behind her and they were
soon moaning together. They new if they could hear their parents then their
parents were able to hear them so they kept as quiet as they could. Then
they heard their mother and father again and they were still rubbing in the
beat that they could hear from the bed. Both girls found that when they
rubbed that their body would become more sensitive, both of their breasts
had hard stiff nipples. It felt strange that they were in the bed together
pleasuring themselves but it also felt quite natural. They were twins and
shared everything anyway so this new experience wouldn't be a problem. They
both had the urge to watch each other touch each other but they also knew
that they wanted this pleasure to continue and rubbed until they felt the
pressure in their body start to explode. Christie was first to reach her
orgasm but Jade could actually feel it through her twin instincts. Jade
couldn't believe the pleasure she was getting and soon she was also
orgasming. This time it was Christie who felt the orgasm through her twin
instincts. They both now new that each would be able to feel the pleasure
of the other and there couldn't be any secrets about boys or anything else
to do with sex.

The following morning Christie went on her run with her dad, she had decided
to do be a iron woman and her dad being a former professional football player
was the best person to train her. Normally Christie would run in front of
her dad but had decided to run slightly slower today and kept her eyes on
his arse as he ran. She remembered the night before and how he had a tight
arse, she thought how good it would be if he were thrusting it towards her.
It was then while she was thinking that she missed the corner properly and
felt herself falling and then she felt her ankle twisting and landed on her
hip. Christie yelled out in pain and her dad turned around and ran back
towards her and bent down beside her. Christie started to cry and he tried
to comfort her whiles still trying to work out where she was injured. He
could tell she had sprained her ankle because it had swelled up but not
broken because she still had proper movement in it. He then felt her knee
and she crossed her head and moved up her leg.
Christi loved the feeling of her dad's hand on her leg. He started to
massage her upper thigh and moved his hands up her upper leg to just below
her special place. She had her dad do this before but since last night
this felt different he wasn't just her daddy anymore but a guy who had
something that she new she wanted. She didn't quite now what it was but
she knew that her pussy was already wet from him just feeling her leg. He
stopped and asked if she could walk and she tried to get back on her ankle
but was too sore. He swept her up in his arms and she pulled her body to
his. He carried her back towards the caravan park, even though she was in
pain she felt contented being in her daddy's arms. He carried her into the
house where Jade and her mum were having breakfast, he moved her to the
lounge and gently placed her down and mum and Jade were soon consoling her.
Her dad went upstairs to change and he noticed a wet spot on his shirt just
where Christie had been against, he took it off and brought it to his nose
and smelt it, he recognised the smell of pussy juice and he smiled knowing
his little girl was growing up. He didn't think that she was wet because
of him.

Jade and her mum went out shopping and Christie hobbled up the stairs. She
was lying in her bed in only her panties and a bra. She called out for her
dad and he soon came into her room, "Daddy can you give me that massage you
promised me before." She removed the sheet as her daddy got behind her and
he gasped when he saw that she was only wearing bra and panties. He started
just above her knee and worked up, just having his hands on her body was
enough to make her wet, she could smell herself in the room and wondered if
her daddy did as well.

He could smell it and it was turning him on. He had always recognised that
Christie looked exactly like her mother did when she was same age and they
had been dating, when he would lay in bed and think about his teenage years
fucking his now wife he sometimes replaced his wife with Christie. He
finished the massage and stood at side of bed.

Christie hugged him. It began as a show of affection, but if swiftly
transformed into a demand for something more. He was warm, solid, and
powerfully masculine. Her hands were on his back, and she could feel the
muscles like ribbons of stone.

"Christie -"

To hush him she stood on her toes and kissed the left corner of his mouth,
then the right. His hands moved slowly down her back until they covered her
waist. Her kisses grew bolder. She licked her daddy's lips, and the kiss
became deeper, harder. Her hands were still on his back, but her fingers were
raised and bent, posed like claws, she wanted to tears the clothes from him.
He squeezed his daughter, but then slid his hands all the way down to her
buttocks. An almost in detectable shudder of pleasure passed through him and
was transmitted to her. He stroked and caressed and kneaded the firm flesh,
and with his fingertips he lovingly traced and retraced the deep cleft of her
bottom. She interrupted the kiss only long enough to say his name, the breath
of it expelled against his lips. She was certain that he had made the
decision at last. After a few seconds, however, he seemed to catch himself on
the brink of a long fall. He stiffened and pulled back from her. He cleared
his throat and said, "I'm sorry, we cant."

She put her lips to his throat. She did not kiss him. Not exactly. She
seemed to be feeling the passion in the artery that stood up and thumped in
his neck. He turned to her, moved to her, and they pressed hard together,
belly to belly. Her breasts were squashed pleasantly against his chest. He
kissed her forehead, her eyes.

"Please," she said. Her soft mouth opened under his, and for a while the
world was reduced to four lips, two tongues, and a warm moist sharing. His
hands roved over her. "Please," she said. "Please, Dad."

He stood, bent down and scooped her up in his arms. She seemed weightless,
and he felt as if he could lift the earth. She clung to him. In her clear
eyes there was a vulnerability that touched his heart. He stood, bent down
and scooped her up in his arms. She seemed weightless, and he felt as if he
could lift the earth. She clung to him. He carried her into his room and put
her down on the bed. The only light was coming from the hall. She lay naked,
too beautiful to be real. He lay beside her. They kissed and touched, and
his erection was like an iron staff between them. After a while he could
hear her heart pounding - or perhaps it was his own. He explored and
worshipped he with kisses. He pulled his mouth with hers, kissed her ears
and throat, kissed her bare shoulders, kissed her slender arms and fingers,
kissed her lovely breasts and licked gently at her nipples, which was
swollen, hard and slight salty. He kissed her taut, concave belly, kissed
her thighs and her knees and each of her toes. He parted her long legs and
kissed the insides of her perfect thighs, and finally he kissed the dewy
centre of her, kissed those tender folds again and again, kissed the button
hidden in them, kissed and tasted. She was so wonderfully warm. So fresh.
SO vibrant. This precious, precious body. This precious, precious body.
She began to groan softly, excitedly. Her breathing grew ragged and fast.
"Oh, Daddy!"

He kissed, kissed.

Christie whimpered with pleasure and called his name again and suddenly
cried out and thrashed under his loving lash of his tongue. Christie raised
herself from the bed; he slipped his hand beneath her, gripped her buttocks,
held her to him, and relentlessly pursued the secret kiss.

* * *

Jade was in the changing rooms when she started to get the feeling in her
pussy, she smiled knowing that Christie must have been home rubbing herself.
She went out of room and told her mum she needed to use the ladies, she
walked to it but could feel her pussy juices running down her leg. She picked
a stall and removed her panties and just sat there, she then felt sudden pain
in her pussy and knew Christie was doing much more then just rubbing she was
fucking. Jade had a feeling of fullness in her pussy even though she didn't
know where it was coming from. She wondered if all twins had this special
connection and wondered how they controlled it, she was going to have to
check that out. Jade kept crying out in orgasm every time Christie had and
was glad when she felt the pleasure reseeding. She cleaned herself up and
went back out to go shopping.

As she left the stall she ran into Hayley. Hayley had his strange smile on
her face, had she been in here had she heard me. As they walked out of room
and started talking about what they were going to buy Hayley asked if Jade
wanted to come over for video and chat. Jade was surprised, Hayley was older
and good looking and didn't think she even knew she existed. "Ok Hayley, I
just to check out something at home and I will be over."

The end of adventure 2, stay tuned for adventure 3.


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