Background: Kane is hated by everyone after raping Dani some time ago. The only one who has somehow become close to him is Kirsty Sutherland, who lives in the same house as Dani! Everybody is warning her of him - why? Maybe this is why! Enjoy my first ever story!

Home And Away: Kirsty Is Raped By Kane (Mf,first,anal,ncon)
by Phil McCrack

Kane knocks on the door of the Suntherland's house and Kirsty answers the door in a yellow thigh-high skirt and tight fitting shirt.

"Kane? I'm err, not really supposed to see you anymore."

"Look don't worry about everyone else, they don't know me. Kirsty, you're the only one I can trust."

Kirsty looks back at Kane's eyes and smiles.

"They've all gone out to have dinner. I have to study for a test tomorrow. But still, I know - they don't understand that you've changed since... since..."

There is a pause then Kirsty shows him in. They sit on the sofa and Kane notices her breasts in the white shirt.

"I'm still working on this science practice paper. It's all this psychics that's hard. Look -"

Kirsty reaches over her side of the sofa and grabs a science book from school.

"Kirsty I wanna - "

When Kirsty turns back, Kane kisses her on the mouth. She looks shocked.

"Kane - I don't know I mean I like you and everything but what happened with Dani..."

They kiss again but this time is longer and more passionate. Kane moves up onto the sofa so he sitting on his knees and holds Kirsty with his arms on her shoulders.

"No, Kane, I don't think this is a good idea."

"I love you Kirsty, you're so beautiful."

Kane looks at her breasts and undoes a button on her shirt. Kirsty looks worried.

"No! Don't!"

Kane puts a hand in and touches her right breast. A slow massage quickly becoming mauling and Kane forces another kiss. Kirsty tries to get away be Kane holds her against the back of the sofa with one hand and gropes at her breasts with the other, he rips at the middle of the shirt and the buttons
fly off, leaving her shirt wide open and breasts exposed. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"No! Kane! Help! Somebody hellllllp-"

Kane pushes her onto her back on the sofa and holds one hand over her mouth and the other one he uses to open his trouser zip and take his dick out. He wasn't wearing any boxer shorts. Kirsty's eyes widen with fear as she sees his cock.


Kane lays on top of her and she can feel his hardening cock on her belly. He speaks right into her ear.

"I'm going to fuck you Kirsty! Just like I fucked Dani!"

Kane kisses her again and replaces his hand over her mouth to continue the rape. He slides down her body and licks her nipple. He puts the other hand inside her panties. He touches her mound and Kirsty jolts in excitement. She starts to cry.

"Now, no more time wasting!"

He rips off her skirt and positions himself in between her two legs. Kane caresses her right leg and buttock. He kisses her belly button area and licks it.

"Now I'm going to fuck you Kirsty... "

"Mmmmmgh huh -ahuh.."

"No use crying... no one is gonna help you... you may as well enjoy it - I know I'll enjoy you...."

He rips off her panties and after pausing to look at her pussy, slides his cock in. Kirsty moves wildly as she can't control herself! Kane's hand slips off her mouth as her head shakes about in pain!


He moves in and out of her fast.

"I'm a virgin you bastard..."

"This is so good, you're so tight - Kirsty you're so fucking tight!"

He moves in and out, Kirsty breasts are moving back and forth as is her head.

"Oooohhhh... mmmmmh.... agh!" Kirsty moaned.

Kane is so hard he begins to feel himself about to come. He grabs hold of her breasts and rams his cock in hard and fast to end it!

"Say you like it or I'll hurt you more!" Kane threatened.

Kirsty began to wrap her legs tight around Kane as he fucked her faster.

"I want you to fuck me! Harder! Do it! FUCK ME!"

Surprised at her dirty language, Kane feels more aroused than he ever has been. Kirsty feels it as he cums in her pussy.

"Aggggggh! I'm coming! Fill me with your spunk Kane, do it! AAGGGGGGHHH!"

Both of them come at the same time. Kirsty flops out spent on the sofa. She had been raped. He had been a virgin. She had fucking liked it. She began to cry again as she couldn't get over how she liked it.

Kane looked at her perfect breasts and continued to maul at them with his hands as she cried. He pulled out. He hadn't used a condom. He thought he had nothing to lose.

"I'm gonna do something else now Kirsty..."

Kirsty looked up in terror as Kane rolled her off the sofa onto her front on the living room floor.

"I'm gonna do that lush ass of yours. That's what I really wanted from the first day. Even when I was raping Dani, I was thinking of your ass."

Talking dirty like this made Kane hard again. He got down onto the floor as Kirsty tried to start to move and he straddled he ass. His cock was lying at the top of her crack.

"No! Kane! That will hurt! I know it will! Don't do it! I won't tell anyone about tonight I'll let you have me whenever you want just not that!"

Kane touched both cheeks of her smooth round ass with his hands. He never had a doubt.


Kane opened apart her ass cheeks and pushed his cock in full force. He slid in and it hurt him a litle bit, she was even tighter there. But it hurt her more!

"AAAAGGGGHHHH! No! Aggghh! This hurts so bad, stop it please!"

Caught up in it so bad, he went wild. Reaching under to touch her lush breasts again, mauling her ass cheeks as he pumped back and forth as hard as he could. Kirsty was hard against the floor still, powerless... Kane come...

"Agggggggghhhh! My gwadddd!!!!!Agggh! Uggggh!"

Just as Kane finished ejaculating in her virgin ass, Dani and Josh walked through the door. Kane knew it was over and so just started grabbing Kirsty everywhere, while she moaned, desperate for just a little more of the rape-bitch Kirsty Sutherland.


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