Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. None of the events taking place
in this story are true and are in no way a production of the Home & Away team
or their TV network. In the UK (and Australia where the story is set) 16 is
the age of consent. This story also in no way reflects on Tessa James, who
the author is a big fan of, neither does the author actually believe she acts
like this in any way.

Characters: Nicole Franklin (played by Tessa James) from "Home and Away"

Contents Code: f-mast, first

Home And Away: Naughty Princess Nicole
by RichieLarry

Nicole Franklin, long lost daughter of Diner owner Roman Harris, had made a
huge impact on Summer Bay since turning up on her dad's doorstep. Whilst some
of it had not been positive one of the groups that she had been a big hit
with was the boys at school and the young lads around The Bay. Nicole was a
gorgeous little 5ft 4in minx of 17, long blonde hair, size eight figure,
smooth tanned skin, flat belly, small, pert breasts and piercing grey eyes.
As well as being an outrageous flirt she was a little bit spoilt and very
fashion conscious, knowing she would have to look her best to keep getting
the male attention. And that last attribute was the reason Nicole had a very
big secret. As much as Roman loved his daughter he couldn't, or perhaps
wasn't willing, to give her all the money she needed for clothes, shoes and
make-up. So one day Nicole looked started looking into getting a job, high
paid and short hours. She applied to some modelling agencies and although
they all agreed she was beautiful they turned her down as she was too short.
Then one day whilst surfing the net she saw an advert for a different sort of
modelling, pornographic. Although Nicole was not normally so slutty she
really wanted the money and it was with a US based pay to view website so her
friends were unlikely to see it. The money was good, A$750 per home video
sent in. Nicole applied for the job with a few bikini shots and lied about
her age getting a job on (ironically) the "Barely 18" section.

The first assignment sent to her was a simple get to know the girl one
involving talking, stripping and some masturbation. Nicole chose her outfit
carefully, a white shirt which was a little short so it showed off some of
her soft belly, a short denim mini, and a pair of modest pink panties. To
keep up with the barely 18 theme she decided to wear no shoes or socks and no
bra. She was as nervous as hell but did not show it as she began to talk to
her camera about her supposed interests. When she got to the part about the
boys she liked she started to undo her shirt, button by button confessing
that she often had naughty thoughts about them and felt like touching
herself. By the time all her buttons were undone her chest was exposed but
her shirt still covered most of her breasts. She then uncrossed her short but
shapely legs, giving the camera a nice shot of the whole smooth length of
them and she opened her legs a little to let the viewer see her knickers.
"When I'm a really bad girl, I like to stroke myself" she said, and pulled up
her skirt fully, opening her thighs further. At this point the edited version
she sent off to the site zoomed in on her crouch, showing the faintest of
outlines of her young slit in her panties. Looking into the camera with her
beautiful grey eyes she began to paw between her legs, feeling herself
through the soft material. Whilst that one hand toyed with her groin and in
between her legs the other one quickly took off her shirt and threw it aside.
Nicole decided to do it quickly to get it over with and her pert tits were in
full view of the camera. Being self conscious she often wished that they were
a bit bigger but at a B cup and tanned all over (she had a tanning machine)
they were perfect for her frame. What's more, her pink nipples were very
sensitive and often stood to attention and were sometimes noticeable as they
were quite large, but not overly so, for her boob size. Capped with average
sized areolas they were as pleasing a pair as any 17 year old girl could wish

She abandoned her awakening vulva for a while to concentrate on her
mammaries. In the video the camera panned across her face as she played with
them, zooming in on her fingers at certain points. But at that time of
filming Nicole had no thought for the camera, just for her own pleasure. She
kneaded her soft peaks together forming an inviting looking cleavage, gently
using her fingertips to caress her every hardening nipples. She weighed each
funbag up with her hands before lifting one up to her mouth and, looking at
the camera, darting out a pink tongue to give it a lick. As she continued to
tease her dairy pillow this way she used her free hand to start playing with
her privates again. "I'm getting wet and I like it," she said out loud and a
zoom in confirmed this, a small dark patch appearing in her underwear.
Letting her breast fall out of her hand, glistening a little with her saliva
she stood up briefly to remove her skirt and sat back down, legs spread wide
this time. "I've never shown a boy my pussy" she said innocently to the
camera, "but I think I'm ready now" she smiled. With that she gently pulled
aside the thin strip of pink cotton protecting what was left of her modesty
and revealed her pink sex. After a brief period of no more than two seconds
she pretend to be coy and covered herself up again, only to smile and pull
the panties down to her ankles and open her legs up properly. The camera then
zoomed to her sacred spot, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was a
beautiful cunt, her pudenda totally shaven and smooth from that mornings
shower. Her outer folds were as golden brown as the rest of her body and her
inner lips were just the right size, big enough to admire and play with but
not so big as to be unsightly. Just by looking at her tight and moistening
labia you could see they were swollen with lust, a fact confirmed by the
slight emergence of her precious clit at the top of the hole. After allowing
time to admire her lady parts she began to stroke them now with three
fingers, not as gently as before, parting the inner flaps occasionally to
tickle deeper flesh.

Without pausing her fingering she stood up, turned around and bent over
showing off her tight but feminine bottom to the camera, legs open. She
retook this part of the shot for the final video so that there was a view of
her bottom, up between her legs (pussy clearly visible and being stroked),
gravity assisting her little boobs to swing free and her face beginning to
show signs of real pleasure. "So boys" she asked in a sweet voice, "do you
like my little beaver? I love the way it bulges in this position, do you? I
think we should take a closer look!" With that she sat facing the camera
again and began to explore her hole more thoroughly. First of all she licked
her fingers to wet them before taking one labia and stretching it a little
outwards. She let out a little sigh as she did so before letting go and
pulling gently on her other one. This she reported several times before
taking hold of both juicy lips and gently pulling them apart allowing anyone
watching the perfect view into her tight pink hole. "Let's see how many
fingers I can get in" she said sexily gently rubbing up and down the length
of her vulva before slipping her middle finger in. A few exploratory thrusts
and she slipped in a second and then a third. By now her pussy was beginning
to look a little stretched, but not uncomfortably so as Nicole had began to
get into a rhythm using both hands, one was teasing her increasingly
prominent clit whilst three fingers of the other were moving more and more
freely in and out of the twat. She began to close her eyes, almost forgetting
about the camera now, just about remembering to keep everything exposed to
it. Leaving her tingling button alone for a bit she again took a tanned soft
tit and lifted it to her mouth, this time not licking it but sucking on it
quite hard and chewing gently for an instant letting her grey eyes stare at
the camera and a warm smile light up her pretty face. "Do you like toys?" she
said coyly, "I've liked them since I was a little girl but now I like a
different kind".

Reaching under a pillow on the coach she pulled out a bright red dildo, about
eight inches long and the thickness of an average cock. She had brought it
especially for the film. Before all that had been inside her little pink
crevice was her fingers but she knew that her fans to be would want more. She
told the camera that she was a virgin, totally true, and that she'd never had
anything so big and hard inside her, also true. With her puppy dog eyes she
said she was a little scared and put the fat fake penis to her mouth, opened
up and began to suck gently on the tip of it. The camera zoomed in to see
Nicole lick the phallus before taking more of it in her warm wet mouth,
licking and sucking it, shutting her eyes whilst she continued to rub her now
aching pussy. After a while she ran the penis over the peaks of her tanned
funbags, pushing the nipples in gently and sighing. Then she slid it down her
soft flat belly, leaving a thin trail of wetness on the way down and held it
at the entrance to her vulva. Licking her cherry lips a little in
concentration she was now looking down between her legs at the cock and her
hole. Ever so gently she applied pressure to the end of it. Sure enough the
big helmet slowly pushed apart and opened up the horny teens sensitive love
lips. With her free hand she began squeezing her now fully erect clitoris to
make the entrance of the dong easier. With each gentle thrust she pushed it
deeper into herself, enjoying the way that each time it came out there were
more and more of her honey sweet cunt fluids on it. Then with one full stroke
she pushed the last half in, all in one go. She let out an audible gasp.
Never been had this beautiful teen felt so sexually satisfied. Her entire
orifice was stretched as far as it had ever been, every fold and crevice of
her sex filled. It did hurt a little bit but she found that the other
feelings were taking over.

In and out she pushed the dildo, she was now moaning each time in
abandonment. She was no longer softly caressing her boobs but tugging on
them, sometimes softly but sometimes quite roughly. She weighed up each jug
in her free hand and even gave them a small slap, making them wobble. Soon
enough though both hands were back downstairs. She was now leaking her juices
onto the bed sheet, her labia were so slippery they offered no resistance to
the 8 inch weapon being pumped in and out of her gash. And she really was
pumping now. Her whole body was shaking with abandonment, she was bucking her
hips in time, and her breasts were shaking by themselves. Sweat was covering
her pretty, pretty, face and running down her chest and off her nipples. Then
all of a sudden her body tensed and she came. She cried out so loud that the
whole of Summer Bay could hear her. For a moment she thrust no more, her toes
curled, her sparkling eyes closed. The only feeling she had was her sexual
organs exploding, pulsing and throbbing. She'd has orgasms before but nothing
like this. It was if her whole body, clit, vulva, vagina, womb and nipples
were all super-charged. She began to cry and she fucked herself again, wave
after wave of pleasure running through her. After a good three minutes she
just gave a sob, pulled out the dildo, dropped it and collapsed.

Nicole woke up about half an hour later. On her edited version it only showed
her collapsing in ecstasy and then waking up again. For a second she forgot
where she was and what she was doing. All she felt was an incredible feeling
of warmth between her legs and the smell of her vaginal juices and her sweet.
Despite having such a physically demanding time she looked, on the video,
like an angel waking up. Her shiny blonde hair was a little ruffled but her
cute face gave a smile and her bright piercing eyes shone as she opened them.
Remembering that the camera was still rolling she picked the dildo off the
bed smiled sweetly at the camera and gave it a quick couple of licks, tasting
her own wetness on it. She slipped on her panties (her clit and pussy were
still swollen and a little sensitive!) and bra and switched off the camera.
Sweet princess Nicole, Summer Bay's 17 year old high school tease had found a
new job. And boy had she enjoyed her first day!


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