Home And Away: Nick, Hayley And Jade, Too (MF,MFF,inc)
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

"There he darling brother." Hayley said smiling sweetly as she came
into the lounge and saw her younger brother Nick sitting watching TV.

"What are you after?" he said, suspicious at her unusually warm tone.

"Can't I just be glad to see you?" Hayley said innocently as she sat down
beside him.

"Nope." Nick replied matter of factly.

Hayley rolled her eyes, She was after something...a nude model for a portrait
she was doing for art class. Noah had said he'd pose for her but as usual
he'd let her down and was out of town for the weekend. Time was against her
and although she felt a bit weird asking her own brother to take his place
she'd have felt even weirder asking anyone else.

"Look I need a BIG favour Nick." Hayley began.

Nick grinned immediately sensing a bargaining opportunity. "Oh yeah?" he

Hayley scowled, she knew his services wouldn't come cheaply. "I need you to
sit for a picture I'm doing, it's really important I get it done this
afternoon." She said.

"What's it worth?" Nick asked.

"I've only got ten dollars." Hayley said.

Nick scoffed then relented as Hayley stared pleadingly at him. Inspite of
their fighting, he did love his sister infact he sometimes worried that it
went beyond brotherly love. He couldn't help but notice her superb teenage
body or stunning looks and he couldn't resist her piercing blue eyes which
were burrowing into him right now.

"Alright, I guess ten dollars will be o.k." he said.

Hayley smiled and kissed him on the cheek, making him feel even weirder.
"Thank-you Nick, I take back everything I ever said about you."

"Yeah yeah lets get on with it shall we?" said Nick, increasingly
uncomfortable at her close proximity.

Hayley nodded then looked awkward "Er there's just one thing..." she began
"It's a nude portrait."

"What?" exclaimed Nick "Are you serious Hayley? I'm not showing you or your
fucking art class my cock!"

Hayley grabbed his arm as he got up to go "Oh come on Nick, nudity in art's
no big deal and besides I'm only showing the portrait to my lecturer."

"Well can't you paint a naked guy from memory? I reckon you've seen enough."
He grinned.

Hayley scowled. "Fine, if you're gonna be a jerk forget it."

Nick stared thoughtfully at his sister as she got to her feet, he couldn't
help but admire her firm young arse as she started to walk away, he knew it
was wrong but how he longed to fuck her in it. He suddenly realised the
opportunity open to him and called her back.

"Hold on Hayley, I was only kidding around." He said.

Hayley turned to face him. "Really?" she said hopefully.

"Yeah, I guess you're right about nudity, it is no big deal." Nick said.

Hayley smiled. "That's right, I know it seems a bit weird being naked in
front of your sister but it's all purely for art."

Nick nodded then grinned wickedly "So I guess you'll be alright about being
naked too."

Hayley's face suddenly fell. "What?" she stammered.

"Well I'd feel much more comfortable if I wasn't the only one naked." Nick

"But I can't, I mean it's just too weird..." Hayley murmured. She was
horrified and intrigued all at the same time by Nick's proposition.

"Weird? But I thought you said..." Nick began.

Hayley nodded impatiently, realising Nick had her over a barell. "Oh
alright." She said interrupting "If that's really what you want you little
freak then I'll do it."

Nick grinned widely then looked uncomfortably down at his growing cock, what
would Hayley say when she saw how hard he was for her?

"Come on, lets get this fucking painting over and done with." Hayley snapped,
troubled by her mixed feelings of arousal and repulsion at the prospect of
her brother ogling her naked body.

Nick nervously pulled down his boxers leaving him naked then sighed with
relief to see his cock had gone limp again though he suspected it would stir
again once Hayley undressed. He turned to his sister who was standing across
the room setting up her easel.

"O.K. I'm ready." Nick said.

Hayley turned round tentatively then had to suppress a gasp of admiration as
she stared at her brother's muscular naked body and impressive cock. Even
unaroused it was far bigger than she'd expected and she was shocked to find
herself imagining taking it between her ruby red lips and giving her brother
a blow job. She suddenly started and took a deep breath trying to clear her
head of such thoughts.

"Come on then get your togs off." Nick said staring expectantly at her.

Hayley scowled at him. "Jesus Nick what's wrong with you?" she said angrily
"Is it going to get you off seeing me naked or something?"

"You're the one who wanted to do this in the first place" Nick said defiantly
"If nudity's no big thing then I don't see why you can't get your kit off

Hayley sighed and knowing she had no choice she reluctantly pulled off the
tight, low cut top she was wearing followed by the black, push up bra beneath
to reveal her small, pert breasts to a goggle-eyed Nick. Hayley's discomfort
and inhibitions turned to amusement and arousal as she saw her brother's
expression, she teasingly unbuttoned the cut off jeans she was wearing and
slid them down her shapely thighs and long, tanned legs before playfully
picking at the waste band of her panties then stunning Nick by whipping them
off to leave herself completely naked. She halfsmiled at Nick who stared in
disbelief at her thinly matted, blonde minge allowing tantalising glimpses
of the pink cunt beneath. Hayley suddenly felt inhibited and uncomfortable
again as she noticed Nick's cock starting to bulge, shocked to find herself
aroused at the sight.

"Yeah well lets get on with it." she said awkwardly and turned towards her
easel giving Nick a very welcome view of her pert teenage buttocks, he again
visualised himself sliding his cock between them and exploring her tight,
brown anus.

"Nick!" scolded Hayley, now behind the easel and knowing what he was looking
at "Let's get on with this."

Nick nodded. "You want me to pose or something?" he asked.

Hayley looked awkward as Nick's erection receded. "I know this might sound
weird but I kind of wanted to paint a guy with a hard on." she said.

Nick looked incredulos. "What?" he said.

"Well the whole idea of the painting is to capture male sexuality in all it's
glory and put a provocative image on the canvass" she explained.

Nick nodded though he had no real idea what she was talking about.

Hayley looked awkward again. "Is there anyway you can get your erection
back?" she asked.

Nick chortled at the question. "What do you suggest I do, jerk off?" he said.

He stared in amazement as Hayley nodded.

"Let me get this straight you want me to jerk off at the drop of a hat so you
get to draw a big cock?"

"Well it's no big deal is it? I bet you do it all the time." she reasoned.

"Yeah but I've got be in the mood, I've got to be comfortable." Nick replied
"I mean this whole situation is totally freaky, I don't think I can do it
Hayley not unless I'm more comfortable..."

Hayley rolled her eyes and came out from behind the easel, she knew Nick was
angling for something. "What will make you more comfortable?" she asked
already anticipating Nick's answer.

"If you do it too, y'know kind of mutual masturbation." he said grinning.

Hayley scowled "Jesus Nick, you wanna see me frig myself? You really are a

Hayley's indignance was partly down to the fact that she was becoming
increasingly moist as the situation unfolded and she feared she'd give
herself away with a speedy climax.

"You're the one who started this whole thing if you're not prepared to help
your subject feel more at ease then maybe we should call this off." Nick said
and turned towards the door.

Hayley sighed, knowing that once again she had no choice. "Alright, I'll do
it too." she said "Can we PLEASE get on with it, we're wasting so much time."

Nick grinned to himself then turned and walked back over to a stoneyfaced
Hayley. "I just think an artist should be prepared to do anything they ask
their subject to." he explained.

"Yeah sure." Hayley snapped sceptically.

There was an awkward silence, filled with a sexual tension that both siblings
were acutely aware of then Nick took his cock in his hand and began to wank
while Hayley slid three fingers into her opening and staring intently at one
another they began to moan and sigh as they pleasured themselves. Nick was
transfixed as he watched his sister masturbate herself sliding her long
fingers in and out of her expanding cunt then groaning sexily as she got
closer to climax.

Despite her best efforts Hayley also couldn't take her eyes off Nick as he
furiously yanked at his increasingly erect penis. The sight of the bulging
organ and the sound of Nick's satisfied moans brought her to a loud, sticky
climax just before he shot his load all over her carpet. They collapsed on
to her bed side by side, gasping for breath and both hardly able to believe
what was unfolding but unable to resist it. Hayley glanced down at Nick's
come covered cock then grinned knowingly at him as he stared hopefully back.

"I suppose you won't be comfortable unless I clean that up for you heh?" she

Nick nodded emphatically then grinned as his sister bobbed her blonde head
down and took his sticky, pulsating cock between her pouting, ruby red lips
and slid it into her mouth. He sighed and moaned as Hayley skillful tounge
played with the tip of his organ, slurping down the come then expertly
deepthroating him. It was clear to Nick that his sister was experienced and
comfortable with oral sex and swallowing come. He could hardly believe his
luck as Hayley gave him a series of mindblowing blowjobs far superior to
anything Kirsty or Jade had ever supplied. Finally Hayley could swallow no
more of her brother's semen despite savouring the sweet tasting liquid and
came up for air.

"Right, now you've had your fun can we get on with what we were supposed to
be doing?" she asked.

Nick glanced down at Hayley's moist pussy and grinned it was clear she'd
enjoyed giving as much as he had receiving. "Just as soon as you let me
return the favour." he said nodding at her sodden cunt.

Hayley smiled, she had given up trying to resist Nick's perversions or
denying her own desire. "Be quick." she said and layed back on the bed
spreading her legs slightly so that Nick had easy acess. Her brother
climbed over her, the pair staring intently into each others eyes as
there naked bodies got closer and closer, then slowly lowered himself
down between her legs. Hayley sighed then squealed as his tounge snaked
inside her cunt lapping at her labia with the tip of his tounge then
using it to mop up the fluids dripping from it. She was surprised by
how skillful Nick's cunnilingus was and smiled as she imagined him
exploring a reluctant Jade's snatch, if he could manipulate his sister
into letting him do this stuff then surely a naive kid liked Jade would
be no problem for him.

"God you taste so good Hayley." Nick murmured as he savoured her sweet
tasting pussy juice.

"Better than Jade?" Hayley said grinning.

"I dunknow she's never let me go this far." Nick replied.

"And Kirsty?" Hayley asked getting more aroused by the second at the thought
that Nick might be a virgin.

"Oh she was really different." Nick smiled "We went pretty far...y'know
handjobs and oral once or twice."

"But you didn't fuck her?" Hayley said sitting up.

Nick grinned sensing Hayley's interest. "No." he replied "I'm a virgin..."

They stared intently at one another for a moment, the air crackling with
sexual tension, then Hayley layed back on the bed spreading her legs. Nick
grinned and climbed on top of her so there faces and genitals were lined up.

"Just once." breathed Hayley as he entered her "Then we get on with the
painti...oooh" she trailed off as she felt Nick's throbbing cock inside her.

"Yeah, whatever you say." Nick murmured as he savoured the sensation of
easing himself inside his sister's tight but accomodating pussy, his organ
exploring it's soft, moist folds as he thrust in and out.

Hayley was pleasantly surprised by how capable a lover Nick proved to be and
she was soon wailing with delight between begging her brother to fuck her
harder. Nick was more than happy to oblige, increasing the force and speed of
his thrusts and suckling Hayley's erect nipples at the same time to heighten
her pleasure. He had often fantasised about fucking his sister but reality
was far better than anything his limited imagination had ever came up with
and after one final thrust he could contain himself no longer shooting his
load inside Hayley, the siblings both groaning with delight as they reached
orgasm in quick sucession of one another. They lay side by side for a moment,
their heads spinning at what they had just done, they knew what a risk they
were taking having unprotected sex but in the heights of passion it didn't
seem to matter. Nick half expected Hayley to head back to her easel as she
sat up but instead she climbed over him and lowered herself down on to his
still fully erect cock, smiling widely as she was impaled by it. Nick could
hardly believe his eyes as his beautifal sister began to ride him like a
horse squealing and grunting in turn then grabbing his hands and forcing him
to caress her small, pert tits. The pair quickly reached orgasm again, Nick
thrilled by the earth shattering screams of pleasure from his sister as she
achieved triple orgasm. After sex in several more positions and another blow
job, Hayley felt sure Nick would be satisfied and ready to resume the
painting but she could see by the expression on his face as she climbed off
him that he was still unfullfilled.

"What is it Nick? What haven't we done that you wanted to?" she asked feeling
a little exasperated despite her own undeniable enjoyment of the afternoon's

"I've always kind of had a thing about your ass Hayley." Nick confessed "Can
I fuck you in it? Just once?"

Hayley felt uncertain, she had never had anal sex with any guy and it didn't
seem right to have her first experience with her brother but then she smashed
every other taboo that afternoon and she did need to get the painting done,
not to mention the fact that the thought of Nick's huge manhood up her tight,
puckered anus was becoming more appealing by the second.

"Yeah alright but you better be gentle." she said.

Nick's eyes lit up, he felt sure he had pushed his luck too far with this
request but as Hayley got on to all fours and her perfect arse awaited him,
he knew his luck was still in.

* * *

Jade came into the beach house through the open back door and looked around
the empty lounge. She was about to call out for Nick when she heard muffled
noises from the downstairs bedroom. If she didn't know any better she could
have sworn they were someone groaning like they were getting off or
something, she smiled as she suddenly wondered if Nick was having a wank.
The thought of catching him in the act amused and aroused her so she crept
to the bedroom door and listened for a second there were definitely gasps
and groans coming from it. She stifled a giggle then flung the door open,
her jaw dropping as she saw a naked Hayley on all fours wailing with delight
with Nick's hands groping her tits while he fucked her from behind. There
was a stunned silence broken by a tearful and shellshocked Jade.

"You sick fuckers!" she screamed "How could you?"

She slammed the door and hurried outside. Nick and Hayley exchanged worried
glances then Hayley wrapped a sheet around herself and stood up. "Don't
worry, I'll talk to her."

Nick looked bewildered as Hayley left the room, what the hell could she
possibly say to make this seem alright?

"Go fuck yourself you freaky bitch!" Jade snapped as Hayley approached her.
She was standing in the kitchen still sobbing, too shocked even to run out
of the house.

"I know what you saw seems strange Jade." Hayley said softly "And I know you
feel betrayed by Nick...."

"He's your brother for fucks sake Hayley, how can you do shit like that with
him?" Jade demanded, drying her eyes.

Hayley shrugged. "We just got a bit carried away, I guess we had a lot of
pent up attraction to each other that had to come out."

"You're a pair of fucking weirdos and I'm gonna make sure everyone in Summer
Bay knows it." Jade snapped.

She was about to leave when Hayley grabbed her bare arm and fixed her with a
piercing stare. "It was just this once Jade." Hayley said softly "Haven't you
ever felt turned on or curious?"

Jade looked uncertain, the truth was she was feeling very turned on right
now with a half naked Hayley so close to her. She had long feared she was
bisexual and had always found Hayley attractive, angry as she was she could
understand why Nick had wanted to fuck his sister. She flinched as Hayley
began to stroke her long, blonde hair affectionately.

"Nick told me you hadn't done anything. Is that why you're upset as well, cos
I got there first with him?" she said.

Jade looked awkward, Hayley could see right through her, she nodded meekly as
tears began to well in her her blue eyes again.

"It's alright." said Hayley softly as she allowed the sheet wrapped around
her to fall revealing her stunning, naked body to a transfixed Jade. "Why
don't you come and join us?" Hayley suggested.

Jade was very tempted, she could feel her pussy moistening at the prospect,
but she finally shook her head unable to put aside her inhibitions about such
a scenario. "I can't." she muttered "It's wrong."

Hayley smiled and shook her head then turned her head and planted a kiss on
Jade's lips stunning and exhilirating the young girl who gasped and murmured
her dissaproval but couldn't bring herself to pull away and quickly found
herself responding so that they were soon kissing passionately while Hayley
ran her hand over Jade's big, firm breasts further arousing her. Nick came
out of the bedroom and was stunned to see his sister and girlfriend locked
in a passionate kiss.

"What's happening?" he asked.

Hayley turned to Nick smiling. "Jade's going to join in the fun aren't you

Nick was amazed as Jade grinned then nodded. He smiled widely as his already
incredible afternoon took another unexpected but very welcome turn.

Nick lay on the bed staring intently as Hayley stood in the middle of the
room helping Jade undress. Jade was small and curvy with impressive and still
developing tits and a blonde minge. Hayley quickly removed her tight sweater
followed by the long skirt she was wearing. Nick marveled at his first sight
of his lovely girlfriend in just her bra and panties then was left speechless
for a moment as Hayley unhooked her bra and whipped off her panties so that
Jade was left naked before him.

"You look amazing Jade." Nick breathed.

"As good as Hayley?" Jade teased.

Nick looked awkward but was reassured by a smile from Jade. "It's alright, I
understand now why you did it with her, she is pretty irresisitble isn't

Jade turned to a smiling Hayley and the two, naked girls began to kiss
passionately their eager tounges clashing while their hands roamed each
others bodies. Hayley barely able to get a handful of Jade's ample left
breast while Jade stroked Hayley's bare bottom having developed the same
apprecation for it as Nick.

As much as he was enjoying the show Nick became impatient for some action and
he was pleased when, still in the throws of passion, the two girls collapsed
on to the bed beside him with Hayley climbing on top of Jade so that her
pussy covered the younger girl's mouth, she glanced at Nick knowingly and he
needed no further invitation, positioning himself between his girlfriends
legs. Hayley looked down at Jade.

"Get ready for the experience of your life honey." she said.

Jade smiled nervously, she wanted this but it was still scary having such a
full on first sexual experience. Hayley took Jade's hand and put it between
her legs then put three fingers up her already moist cunt, Jade then began
to frig her provoking moans of orgasmic pleasure from Hayley quickly echoed
by Jade as Nick fingered her for the first time. When both girls had reached
sticky and intense climaxes several times, Jade began to lick Hayley's cunt
and savoured her first taste of pussy juice while Nick wanked himself back
to full erection and began to fuck Jade. Her squeals and groans as she was
broken in were muffled by having a mouthful of Hayley's snatch but there was
no mistaking her pleasure as Nick popped her cherry causing blood and come
to gush from his girlfriends opening. With Jade fully initiated the fun
could really begin, they swapped positions several times with Hayley riding
Nick's cock while pleasuring Jade then the two girls dominating Nick and
alternately lowering themselves on to his mouth and cock then Jade having
her first anal experience with Nick before getting a repeat show from Hayley
thanks to a strap on. Finally, an exhausted Nick was treated to a sizzling
lesbian show by his two favourite girls which he wanked furiously to as the
girls 69ed, rubbed breasts and fucked each other with the strap on dildo
before lapping greedily at one anothers sodden openings until they were dry.

Hayley did finally get her painting finished but it ended up being one
featuring three naked people. She told her art teacher that in the painting
of the picture she had explored the complexity and beauty of male and female
sexuality, something she did on many other occasions with Nick and Jade.


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