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Greetings. My name is Doctor Evil and I am here to present to you a series
of tales from the realms of popular fiction, in particular television and
movies. I inhabit the dark realms within these universes, and it is here I
see the things that weren't shown, the things that might have happened and
the things that should have happened. I present these tales of dark pleasures
to you the readers who deserve to know the entire story. Did you ever wonder
what could happen if the situation was changed in one of your favourite films
or television shows? I am here to present the answer to you. If you have a
situation which you would like to see exposed, then inform me and I shall do
my utmost to find out the real truth for you. Today's story exposes a
situation from the soap opera Home And Away. Today we're going to see a
little bit of the darker side of what can happen at a seaside resort town,
in a tale called:

Home And Away: Sally's Experience (MF, ncon)
by Dr. Evil

Sally couldn't believe that it had finally happened. In all the years they
had been living here at the Summer Bay caravan park, Pippa had never allowed
her to look after the place by herself. This weekend was different, there was
no one in the caravans at the moment and the rest of the household had taken
the opportunity to go away for a brief holiday together. Sally couldn't go
because she had some urgent work to catch up on for school on Monday, and she
also liked the idea of being left in charge. After all she wasn't the little
girl who had moved here from the city, she was now a big responsible sixteen
year old.

She walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and went into her bedroom.
She slipped the towel off and moved over to the bed to put on the clothes she
had laid out for herself. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she
turned and admired herself in the reflection. She had shoulder length brown
hair surrounding her pleasant face. Looking down she allowed herself to
admire her ample breasts, which were substantial even for a grown woman, let
alone a sixteen year old. She had noticed the way the guys looked at her
these days, and her friends had told her that with that pair of tits she
would be able to get anything she ever wanted. Were they her best feature?
She didn't really know, but she was pleased with them at the moment. Taking
advantage of the fact that no one was at home and likely to walk in on her,
she began to strut and pose for the mirror, all the time giggling to herself.
Holding her shoulders back she thrust her chest out, pointing the nipples
directly at the mirror. Placing her arms alongside each of her breasts, she
pressed them together making her cleavage even more devastating, and then she
pouted for the mirror, just the way those supermodels do.

Sally was noticing that this playing had begun to make her virgin pussy wet,
and she flung herself down on the bed to indulge herself in a nice orgasm.
Her left hand continued to fondle her breasts, roaming across the sensitive
flesh, fondling the nipples, tweaking them, and squashing her jugs around
like they were lumps of clay. Her right hand had made it's way down between
the tops of her thighs and had proceeded to spread wide the brown haired cunt
lips. Her hand ran up and down, rubbing the clit, tickling the lips and
dipping in and out of the entrance, just teasing herself a little bit. Then
using one hand to play with her clit, she began to slowly finger fuck herself
with the other. She plunged one, and then two fingers deep inside, slowly
dragging them back out before sliding them back in again. Over and over,
rubbing the interior walls which were already slick with her juices, she
allowed her fingers to play deep inside herself.

Feeling her orgasm beginning to mount, she began to move her hands faster,
and then began to hump the hand which was still firmly inserted inside her.
Throwing her head back in ecstasy she felt each little burst of pleasure
explode into her brain before slamming into the big final explosion. Slowly
she continued to work her fingers before coming to a halt as she slid down
off her sexual high. Lying contentedly on the bed, she realised that being
home alone would offer some great opportunities for her to indulge any thing
she could choose to explore.

From the doorway came the sound of applause, and she shot upright in stark
terror. Looking across at the doorway she saw a black haired man in his
thirties leaning against the doorframe, slowly clapping for her performance.

"That was quite a show young lady, I must say I'm very impressed that you've
gotten yourself prepared for me."

"What?" asked a bemused and shocked Sally.

"I would have thought that even you would have managed to grasp the meaning
in that. I'm going to fuck you girlie, and I think right about now," and
lunged forwards at the girl sitting naked on the bed.

Sally was flung back on the bed and before she had any more time to think she
was being held down by his weight. She began to scream at the top of her
lungs, to be met at first with laughter and then finally with a slap across
the face.

"Look Sally, you can scream as much as you want, I've checked and there is
no-one anywhere nearby, and I also know you have no guests and no bookings so
we won't be disturbed. The only problem I have with your screaming is that it
will give me a headache, so stop it now or I'll gag you."

Sally looked at him for an instant and then started screaming again, and
thrashing around trying to throw him off of her. Shaking his head, he reached
down from the side of the bed and grabbed a pair of dirty panties off the
floor and stuffed them into her mouth. He was holding her wrists in one hand
and he now began to enjoy himself. Looking at her he was face to nipple with
her breasts and he stared for a moment before sucking it into his mouth. He
grabbed the nipple between his teeth and began to chew on it. Sally grunted
in pain, and he smiled to himself. Gripping the nipple between his teeth he
slowly began to move back, stretching the nipple out and pulling the breast
along with it.

Sally could feel the pain shooting through her as he sunk his teeth deeper
and deeper into her nipple flesh. This was really happening to her, the first
time any man had touched her and it was like this. She knew she had to save
herself, this guy had every intention of raping her, and as he had said there
was no-one who could rescue her. Waiting for an opportunity Sally was quickly
snapped back as the guy began to suck harder and harder. He sat up and looked
at her and she half expected to see her nipple sticking out of his mouth, he
had been sucking it that hard. Grabbing a tit in one hand he began to squeeze
and roll her breast around.

"You've grown up really nicely Sally. I've noticed how big your tits have
gotten and I've just been waiting for the opportunity to get my hands on
them. I really glad you stayed home this weekend," he said with a chuckle.

Sliding down he managed to squeeze his legs in between hers and slowly force
her thighs apart to expose his prize. He reached down between the two of them
and quickly opened his jeans and slapped his hard cock out onto her stomach.

"I want to hear this," he said as he reached up and pulled the gag out of her

Then as she sucked in the fresh air, before she had a chance to start
screaming again, he slid his hand down and took hold of his cock positioning
it at her slit. Sally realised she was only seconds away from being violated
and she began to pleading with him.

"Please don't put it in, I'm a virgin. Please don't take that from me. I'll
do whatever you want instead."

"You'll do whatever I want anyhow, and another reason I'm here is to get
that little cherry of yours before some idiot surfer boy does. Sorry end of
discussion." He slowly slid the length of his cock in, not stopping until he
reached her little cherry. "Do you feel that, I'm knocking on heaven's door.
Now I'm gonna kick it in."

With a violent thrust he rammed his cock in and tore through her hymen, only
coming to rest as his stomach slapped against hers. It took a second for it
to register and then Sally cried out in pain and humiliation as her innocence
was taken from her.

"Oh yeah baby, that's the stuff. Just the way I like it. Do you feel the way
the blood is making my hard cock even more slippery. I can slide right in and
out of you, not a problem at all."

"Please get off me," begged Sally.

"I'm not done yet girl. I'm gonna come deep inside you. I've decided it's
about time I had a son, so I decided you'd be a nice little breeder. Those
tits are just perfect for pumping milk out of, a kid would never go hungry.
Time to get started," he said as he began to slide his hard cock in and out
of her abused pussy.

The implications of his words took a second to sink in and then Sally began
to scream out in abject horror. Quickly this was met with a mouthful of
panties again, and her screaming subsided.

Ramming himself in again and again he could feel the tension mounting.
Despite her unwillingness, she was already wet from masturbating, and the
blood from her cherry added just enough to make her tight cunt into a wild
ride to joy. Slamming into her again he felt the sperm boiling up and he
slammed in one final time before the jets of hot come began lashing the
interior of Sally's pussy. Jet after jet of come sprayed across her insides
until it finally subsided.

"Whoa, that was good!"

Sally had been tied to the bed, spreadeagled to each corner her hands and
feet were firmly restrained with some rope he had brought with him and had
left her own panties in her mouth as it added a nice touch. He had gone
downstairs to raid the fridge before he had worked up enough stamina to go
again. He had made it clear to her that he planned on filling her to the
brim with his come this weekend. He would do whatever was necessary to make
sure that when he was done she would be popping out a kid.

Looking up at him, she felt him lower his weight across her stomach, and he
then flopped his semi hard cock into her cleavage.

"There's no reason I can't do the strokes elsewhere just because I have to
finish inside your cunt. I think it's time to see what else we can do."

He grabbed a breast in each hand and pressed them firmly together making a
meat valley for his cock to slide through. He slid his cock back and forth,
slowly increasing and decreasing the pressure on it by pressing harder and
softer on her tits. He sped up a bit and was soon slamming into the bottom
of her tits with enough force to make them recoil and slap Sally around the
chin with each thrust. Slowly he pulled his cock out of her tits and stood
up. "Those really are great tits Sally, they're something you can be really
proud of."

Sally just glared at him with hatred, unable to answer his compliment with
a statement of her own, but for her sake she was lucky that she couldn't. He
was stroking his still hard cock as he again knelt between her open thighs,
and then he reached over and untied each of her ankles. Grabbing each leg at
the knee and forcing them back up towards her head, Sally was being bent over
at the middle.

Looking at her arsehole which was now exposed to him, he knew she hadn't
realised what he was about to do yet. He quickly spat right on the puckered
opening and then positioned his cock at it and began to press downwards.
Slowly her arsehole stretched apart allowing his cock to invade and slowly
slide inside. Sally couldn't believe this pain and began to scream into the
gag, and wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon. Her arse was as tight as
her virgin cunt had been, and he was enjoying this just as much. Once he
was happy he had done enough work to open her arse up, he began to thrust
forcefully in and out of her.

He could only stand this for a few minutes before he could feel the sperm
rising, and it was time to swap holes. Quickly he pulled himself out of her
arse, and slid deep into her pussy. One or two thrusts into it and he again
filled her with his jism. Once he had finished he again slide out of her and
looked up at her.

"This is going to be a great weekend Sally, I'm really glad you decided to
stay home."

Copyright (c) Dr Evil Productions


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