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Celebs: Indiana Evans and Jodi Gordon in their Home and Away characters of Maddie Hunter and Martha Mackenzie.

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Home And Away: The Warehouse Party
by bigpapi

"How could he, I loved him?" fourteen year old Matilda Hunter thought as she sat on the bus heading out of Summer Bay towards the City. The "he" was Ric Dalby who had laughed at her when she had suggested they went to the movies together and had instead taken Cassie Turner. Well she was going to show him, she was going to show them all. An overheard conversation at school had led to her turning up unannounced and uninvited at a concert just outside the Bay where she had met an old friend of Ric's, Callan. OK things had got a bit dicey when he'd offered her drugs, but she'd talked her way out of it. Then Ric had had to interfere again and Callan had fled the Bay one step ahead of the police. After a couple of weeks he had called her and told her about a warehouse party he was organising and would she like to come along.

Of course she would, anything to prove to Ric and everyone she wasn't the brat they thought. And that's why she was now stepping off the bus having walked out of school mid lesson. Callan had said to wait for him outside Preece's garage and had given her directions. As he'd said it was a pretty deserted area, half the buildings were boarded up and covered in graffitti. As she lent against the wall of one such building she cursed for not having the chance to change out of her school uniform and pulled her light cardigan tighter to try and insulate herself against the cold wind.

A car screeched to a halt. A man she didn't recognise leant out of the passenger window. "You Maddie?" he asked. Having given a non-committal reply the driver continued "Callen sent me, said to take you to the warehouse".

Maddie walked towards the car, noting the driver was letting his eyes wander up and down her body. Without speaking she got in the passenger seat, recoiling as the car sped off almost before she'd closed the door. The driver was older, much older, wearing a vest that showed every one of the tattoos that covered his arms and chest. He had a cigarette in one hand and a beer stubby in the other. Reaching down between the front seats he produced another bottle, offering to Maddie with the words "you look cold, this'll warm you up". She took the bottle and expertly flipping the top, drank a long slug. The beer did indeed warm her insides.

Within minutes the car had turned into an industrial park and halted outside a dilapidated warehouse. Maddie finished the last dregs of her beer before exiting the car. "C'mon" her driver said guiding her towards the door. As they got closer the familiar sound of Callan's favourite rock music could be heard.

Maddie stumbled back as she entered; the music was louder than anything she'd heard before, there was a smoky haze across the room, and in the far corner were three girls pole dancing. She looked around for Callan, her heart dropped and she wanted to turn around and flee, he was kissing another woman who had her hand firmly inside his trousers.

"Don't stress darl, he's never exclusive" her driver said. "I need a drink" she mumbled and followed the driver to the makeshift bar where she demanded vodka shots and beer. While she was waiting for the red haired woman behind the bar to serve her she looked again at the dancers and got her second shock in as many minutes; although she was wearing a blonde wig, the middle dancer was unmistakably her old friend Martha.

After sinking a couple of vodkas and most of another beer she was feeling a little woozy but was determined to drown her sorrows. Not realising the music had stopped she was startled by a voice, "Maddie is that you?". Martha had made her way to the bar, and touched Maddie's shoulder.

After a hug, Maddie explained about Callan, barely holding back tears. "Cmon, I got a 30 minute break, let's catch up" Martha said leading Maddie behind the bar and into a small room that obviously served as a changing room. Martha removed her wig with a sigh of relief and let her natural dark hair flow down to her shoulders.

She introduced Maddie to the two other girls, Shauna and Jess. Maddie quickly noticed the other girls were snorting what she assumed was coke, and as Martha joined them in hoovering up four lines, tentatively asked if she could have some.

Martha semi protested she was a bit young, but quickly laid out two lines and passed her the plastic tube she had used. Maddie stepped forward, took a deep breath, before leaning over the table and inhaling the two lines. Her head felt like it was going to explode, and Martha, recognising the signs, quickly sat her down. As her head began to stop spinning she noticed the others were now slugging vodka as well as continuing to snort coke. Jess offered her two more lines and she took them more confidently and without quite the same discomfort as before. Jess joked about her being a proper junkie, a remark which Maddie, determined not to be humiliated again, replied by telling the dancer she better believe it, and demanding vodka to go with it.

Soon the combination of vodka and cocaine were affecting her, and as Martha reminded everyone they were due back on stage she was distinctly "out of it". Agreeing to Martha's suggestion she stay in the changing room she found herself alone.

Until Callan entered.

Maddie tried to tell him what a bastard she thought he was but her brain and voice wouldn't co-operate with each other. Callan laughingly told her he didn't know she was so feisty, but there'd be no free drugs for her from him.

She managed to mumble that she didn't want anymore drugs just as she didn't want anything more to do with him, to which he just laughed. Her face flushed red with anger and she tried to stand up to leave but succeeded only in stumbling into his grasp.

She tried to pull away but his grip was strong and she was weak with her drug and alcohol induced lethargy. She felt him push her against the dancers changing table, his hands moving to her breasts. Trying to avoid his kiss she turned her head away, but something made her relent and soon they were kissing, their tongues fighting. His mouth tasted of alcohol but Maddie didn't care; despite her anger she enjoyed his kiss.

He pulled away suddenly, but before she could question why he was undoing his trousers, and for the first time in her young life she saw a man's cock. He ordered her to get down on her knees and, as she robotically obeyed, he grabbed the back of her head forcing her mouth onto his erect cock. Instinctively she parted her full lips and felt his cock inside her mouth. Inexperienced as she was she had no clue what to do next, but she followed his order to suck. As he pushed her head further forward, forcing the cock further down her throat she thought she would choke, but when she didn't a realisation began to dawn on her that she liked the feeling. A quick learner in everything she was soon delivering a passable first blow job, getting as much pleasure as Callan. Both were grunting, but Callan's became more intense as he came to climax.

Again she thought she would choke to death as his cum filled her mouth, but again she realised the taste was as good as her favourite chocolate mud cake.

As he withdrew from her mouth she wiped the cum from her lips and sucked her fingers clean, savouring the taste.

She felt him lift her onto the table, and realised he was forcibly removing her school skirt. She didn't resist as he forced her legs apart, but his cock entering her made her scream in pain.

She didn't know how long had passed but she knew the pain was less. She had neither the strength or desire to resist as he penetrated her further, and she heard herself moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Harder and harder he thrust his cock inside her, and she realised he was still laughing as he did. Suddenly she realised her muscles were doing something weird, going into spasm. God she had never felt this good.

Suddenly his cock was out of her. Why? She heard him say something about not getting pregnant and as his cum splattered over her pretty face she opened her mouth eager to taste more. Instead he moved slightly and as she felt the liquid on her breasts she realised he'd torn her blouse open.

After he had shot his load over her she was too tired to move. She heard him leave the room and felt a sadness.

She lay, fingering where minutes before his cock had been before a voice, Martha, was asking if she'd enjoyed herself. All she could do was nod. Martha's voice was saying she was glad. She managed to tell her friend that she wanted to feel this way again, and she registered Martha saying there was a party everyday.

The driver from earlier was lifting her off the table, saying he'd been told to take her back to Summer Bay.

Her last conscious thought before she drifted into sleep was that she would be visiting the warehouse again very soon.


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