OK, this is my first attempt at a fanfic of ANY kind, so you can be pretty
well assured that it's gonna be terrible. There's your warning. Also, the
main idea of this story is going to be NON CONSENT SEX (RAPE), so there's
your warning for that as well.

I obviously don't own the characters, or else I'd make them do this anyway,
and I live in England so I don't know what's happened for the last year and
the relationships may be inaccurate, but who cares?
And now I present a brief character guide for the uninformed:

HAYLEY SMITH: Cute blonde 17-year-old, currently in a relationship with
Mitch. She's a typical goody two-shoes, innocent girl.
GYPSY NASH: Fiery redheaded 17-year-old, with a reputation for sleeping
around, although she's only been with two guys.
DUNCAN STEWART: 14-year-old mischievous kid, bit of a loner.
MITCH McCOLL: Hayley's boyfriend
EDWARD DUNGLASS: 110% Goth teenager
PETA JANOSSI: Edward's girlfriend, Hayley's friend
SAM MARSHALL: Good friend of Hayley's, surf bum.
WILL SMITH: Hayley's older brother. (Yes, we all know he's got a silly name)
NICK SMITH: Hayley's younger brother.
KEN SMITH: Hayley, Will and Nick's father.

Home And Away
by Loz M.

"..Closer each day, Home And Awaaaaaaaaaaay". The opening credits end and
the scene fades into the beach house where Hayley Smith is sitting on the
couch in front of the TV, eating a packet of crisps, wearing a blouse and a
skirt. She's not had the best of days, what with most of her friends away
for the summer holidays. Mitch has gone backpacking across Australia, Edward
had whisked Peta away at the drop of a hat to the south of France for a
romantic weekend, and Sam was in that major surf tourney down in Perth.
Hell, even her brother Will gone on a trip with their dad, Ken. Yet here she
was, stuck at the beginning of the holidays, in front of the TV, bored

"I'm out of the shower, Hayles, you can go in now" called Gypsy. That was
the other thing getting her down, possibly the only thing worse than being
at home alone. Being at home with that loud-mouthed tramp, Gypsy. The pair
had never seen eye-to-eye, but recently things had been slightly better than
usual for one reason or another. No quarrelling, no arguing, just the bitter
dislike of one another shining through.

Hayley gets up reluctantly and half-heartedly makes her way up the stairs.
As she walks past Gypsy's room, she notices that Gypsy has left her door
ajar. Hayley peers in out of curiosity, before noticing that Gypsy is still
topless after her shower, chatting away on the phone to someone. As she's
trying to be careful, Hayley knocks the door, which creaks, alerting Gypsy
to her presence.

"HEY! Get out of here you perv!" Gypsy shouts furiously, throwing a nearby
trainer at the door. Hayley moves away quickly, and heads for the bathroom.

Gypsy Nash couldn't believe that Hayley had been spying on her, the nerve of
that girl! She was struggling with the interference of Duncan's mobile
anyway, let alone being spied on. She too was missing her boyfriend, Will,
but she was also getting sick and tired of peoples' perception of her since
she'd arrived at the Bay as a tart. She'd only been with two guys, yet
thanks to Hayley's rumours, you'd have thought that she'd slept with
everyone in the Bay from Alf Steward to Don Fisher!

"If Hayley knew I was talking to Duncan, she'd probably think I was with him
as well", thought Gypsy. "Well, she'll pay."

Hayley stepped through the bathroom door, and sat down on the toilet seat,
thinking about how her life sucked. Here she was, in the prime of her life,
cooped up with nothing to do. She'd been to the Surf Club time and time
again, same with the diner, and she was useless at surfing. What else was
there to do in a seaside town like Summer Bay? As she sighed to herself and
took off her blouse, she heard Gypsy rush downstairs to answer the front
door. She guessed that Gypsy had thrown a top on, surely? Hayley listened
intensely, to try and discover who it was downstairs, when the footsteps
began to come up the stairs.

Hayley quickly turned the shower on, in order for whoever was outside to
think she was in the shower, as she tried to recognise the voices. Suddenly,
the door to the bathroom burst open, and there, standing in the doorway were
Gypsy and Duncan. Neither of the pair is shocked to see Hayley sitting
there, and both have smiles on their faces as Hayley tries desperately to
cover herself up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" screams Hayley, as she holds her top up to cover
her teenage breasts.

"Hayley, you've been a bitch to me ever since I got here, and now it's time
for me to get some payback. Duncan here's always had a bit of a thing for
you as well..." replied Gypsy calmly, as the two move to corner her.

"What are you going to do to me?" asks Hayley anxiously.

A smile crosses Gypsy and Duncan's faces, and Gypsy simply replies, "Actions
speak louder than words".

With that, the pair lunged at Hayley, who lets out a scream. The four hands
quickly overpower her, and within seconds Gypsy has tossed Hayley's blouse
aside, leaving her laying in just her bra, skirt and panties. Gypsy
restrains Hayley as she struggles, and young Duncan steps back to admire
their prize. He pulls Hayley into a forced kiss, simultaneously unclipping
her bra and letting it drop to the floor, exposing her middle-sized breasts
to him. He takes a step back and grabs hold of Hayley's trademark pigtails,
causing her to scream in agony again.

Gypsy has now moved to the front of the powerless Hayley, and begins to lick
her left breast all over, causing the nipple to become rock-hard. Hayley is
still struggling against the pair, but has almost decided that she is
fighting a losing battle. Duncan forcefully tugs Hayley's hair, pulling her
down to her knees, face to face with Duncan's fully erect 6-inch penis.

"No, don't do this, please, don'tů" before Hayley can put up any more of an
argument, Duncan rammed his prick into Hayley's mouth and down her throat,
with Gypsy still licking and sucking her breasts. Hayley had never given a
blowjob before, but she was pretty certain that she wouldn't have much say
in what happened even if she knew what she was doing, as Duncan wrenched her
head back and forth using her pigtails as handlebars, forcing himself deeper
and deeper down Hayley's throat with every thrust. Hayley gagged, but there
was little she could do about her situation.

Gypsy had by now worked her way down Hayley's body, to the crotch area.
Hayley could make little resistance as Gypsy lifted the skirt up to Hayley's
waist, but was surprised when she felt Gypsy's fingers stroking her damp
panty material.

"Heh, glad you're enjoying this, Hayley" purred Gypsy, as the damp patch
gets wetter. Duncan has now lost his initial burst of energy and is being
much less violent with his thrusts in Hayley's mouth. Quick as a flash,
Gypsy has two fingers hooked over the top of Hayley's panties, and is
pulling them down to her knees, exposing Hayley's naked ass and pussy. There
is a little more resistance from Hayley, but a sharp slap on her ass from
Gypsy puts an end to that.

"Hand me the rope", Gypsy orders Duncan. He obliges with his cock still in
Hayley's face. Gypsy takes the rope and ties Hayley's legs in a position so
that they are spread apart, giving access to both her ass and cunt. Hayley
again struggled, but Gypsy again took control until Hayley's legs were
securely bound. Then something that confused Hayley happened. Duncan stopped
pounding against her face, leaving his cock in her mouth, as Gypsy had moved
away from her crotch area. She momentarily wondered what was going on, but
could see out of the corner of her eye that Gypsy was rummaging through the
rucksack before pulling something out of it.

"Aha! Here it is!" exclaims Gypsy, before turning around to show that she is
holding a dildo that could be 13, 14, even 15 inches long by Hayley's
estimation. Her eyes went wide with shock, as Duncan pulled himself out of
her mouth, and he and Gypsy both moved to her crotch.

"No way, Gyps, don't do it! Please, I'm begging you!" cries Hayley
desperately, to no avail. She can sense the two moving around her pussy and
ass, and shrieks when something enters her cunt, unable to see what it is.

A smile crosses Duncan's face, as he pumps in and out of Hayley's pussy,
faster and faster, and there is nothing Hayley can do about the moans that
escape her as he robs her of her virginity. She never thought she'd lose it
to a fourteen-year-old like this, and the sheer force of Duncan's dominance
as well as the pain he's causing her brings tears to her eyes, yet another
thought suddenly crosses her mind- what happened to Gypsy and that monster

Her question was soon answered with the shock realisation only one thing
COULD have happened, but she was too concerned with Duncan forcing himself
in her, pinching her nipples and making her squeal unintentionally. Then she
finally felt it brush against, the massive dildo. Gypsy had positioned the
head of it resting on Hayley's ass, and Hayley was preparing to brace
herself for the impact, waiting as Duncan fucked her cunt faster and faster.

Hayley clenched her teeth and squinted her eyes as she predicted the
terrible sound it would make as it entered her, while simultaneously
wondering what was taking Gypsy so long to get the worst part over with. For
a second she un-tensed her body, and looked up to see what Gypsy was doing,
inquisitively. It was now that Gypsy plunged the giant dildo into Hayley's
unlubricated asshole, with a devilish smile on her face. Hayley howled as
she was being literally split apart, and when Duncan sunk his teeth into her
breast, the pain quadrupled.

Inch-by-inch, Gypsy forced the dildo into Hayley's virgin butt, until it
stops at about four inches. At this point Gypsy pulled the huge dildo out of
Hayley's ass, causing almost as much pain as when it entered.

"STOP IT! NO MORE, GYPSY, NO MORE!!" squealed Hayley, and she almost thought
that she'd succeeded, when suddenly Gypsy plunged the unwanted invader back
up Hayley, ramming it three inches further than before. Hayley's eyes rolled
back in her head, as this redheaded little Jezebel caused her more and more
pain. Trying to get her mind off of Gypsy, Hayley quickly realised that
Duncan was pumping her tight pussy faster and faster, and that she had been
moving her hips to meet his strokes. A few seconds later, Duncan groaned,
and lunged fiercely into Hayley's pussy, and the blonde teenager felt wave
after wave of this fourteen-year-old's spunk fill her. Hayley could do
nothing but cry, as Duncan bucked his hips and Gypsy forced the dildo deeper
and deeper up her other hole.

Duncan finished shooting his load into Hayley and pulled out of her, his
cock dripping. He wiped his sticky cock on Hayley's maze of blonde pubic
hair, and then spoke to Gypsy.

"OK, I'm done, Gyps. Your turn now"

Gypsy let go of the giant dildo, with about ten inches still embedded in
Hayley's tight ass, and Duncan took a hold of it. Hayley wondered what Gypsy
was doing, as she couldn't get a good look as Gypsy stood up, being bound to
the ground. She then discovered that Gypsy had been removing her own
panties, leaving her in just her tartan school dress. Gypsy turned around,
and walked up to Hayley without a word, until she was standing directly over
her face. Hayley's view was straight up Gypsy's skirt, revealing a small,
neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair, as well as her ass and cunt.

"Hayley, you're going to do exactly what I say now, or you will be in more
pain than you can imagine" Gypsy stated in a matter-of-fact tone. Hayley
wondered how anything could be worse than this, with Duncan trying to fit
even more of the fake cock up her ass, and having also lost her virginity to
a fourteen-year-old. Gypsy crouched over Hayley's face, and the blonde
inhaled Gypsy's scent for the first time. Hayley screwed her face up, as
Gypsy barked an order at her: "Lick it! Now!"

Hayley realised her predicament, but there was no way she was going to do
this, and figured there was nothing more they could do to make her even
touch the other girl's pussy.

"I said LICK IT!" Gypsy shouted, but Hayley again refused- "No way, Gypsy,
that is gross!"

Gypsy furiously grabbed a handful of the girls blonde hair, and used it to
pull her head up to meet her cunt. Gypsy gyrated her hips to rub it into
Hayley's face, and shouted "OPEN YOUR DAMN MOUTH!"

Hayley again refused, and Gypsy dropped her head to hit the floor, when
Duncan said "Got it, Gyps". Gypsy sat down, her pussy covering both Hayley's
nose and mouth. The young girl couldn't breathe, and as Duncan forcefully
hammered her ass with the final three inches of the dildo, she couldn't help
opening her mouth to squeal in agony. As she did, Gypsy pushed down on her,
smothering Hayley's face even more than before. Hayley quickly realised that
there was only going to be one thing she could do if she wanted to get out
of this situation.

Gypsy howled as Hayley's tongue darted up and moved around inside her
love-hole, and much as it repulsed Hayley, she couldn't help but feel turned
on by the situation. She decided to make the best of the situation, and took
a more active role in exploring her sexuality, nibbling Gypsy's clit to a
response of moans of pleasure from the redhead.

"Oh god, Hayley, like that. Come on, bitch" Gypsy squealed through moans of
satisfaction, which were getting louder and louder as Hayley drove her
nearer and nearer to orgasm. Duncan is watching the action between these two
hot young ladies, and once again feels himeslf harden. He decides not to
interfere with the pair, but moves for a better view, facing Gypsy, as he
jacks his cock in his hand.

Hayley, meanwhile, was enjoying herself almost as much as Gypsy, although
the pain which Gypsy's thighs clamping around the blonde's head was
agonising, and she was close to passing out through suffocation, with her
mouth covered by Gypsy's pussy, and her nose digging deep up the redhead's

It was then that Gypsy felt the rush of orgasm throughout her entire body,
with every cunt muscle contracting simultaneously in ecstasy at the pleasure
Hayley had given her. Gypsy's juices were forced out of her pussy by her
violent orgasm, all over Hayley's face, and into the blonde bimbo's mouth,
and Gypsy's feeling of domination over her enemy only served to make her cum
even more. Gypsy crushed her legs around Hayley's head as she bucked wildly,
her hands pushing Hayley's face right into her unshaven cunt. The sight was
way too much for Duncan, whose jacking had got faster and faster with
Gypsy's movement, and he squirted a river of his own cum, landing it on
Gypsy's belly.

Gypsy's orgasm subsided, and she sighed, feeling more content and satisfied
now than any of the times she'd been with her boyfriend Will. She rested on
Hayley's cum-drenched face, looking down at the blonde between her legs, who
was, by now, unconscious.

When she came to, Hayley tried to recount what had happened, but couldn't
remember any more after Gypsy grabbed her head that final time, she figured
that must have been when she passed out. Whatever happened, she discovered
that she was now laying on her bed, cleaned up and dressed. She touched the
soreness between her legs, and discovered that her 'friends' had left her a
little present- the fifteen inch monster dildo, peeping out from deep within
her cunt.

To be continued..?

Didn't I warn you it was going to be terrible? Maybe I'll try and knock the
next one off in under eight months (what can you do without the programme on
your screens?). Special Thanks to JLH from the messageboard for prompting me
to get back to it, I know that at least one person will read it.

Well, any feedback of any kind is GREATLY appreciated, as I said, it's the
first time I've written anything and I'd really like to know what people
thought- Email me at: [email protected]

Thankyou all, you're a lovely audience.
Loz M.


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