Hope And Faith: Incest Is best (Ff,f-solo,inc)
by Hamster

Sydney took off her cloths and stepped into the shower. The teen let the
water run through her and over her body and then she began to lather up. As
her hands ran over her hands over her body she began to feel a tingling in
her cunt. She turned of the shower and lay down on the mat on the floor. Her
hand began rubbing her young bald pussy. A single finger began pumping in
and out of her pussy.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked her aunt Faith.

Sydney screamed.

"OH SHIT!!!" Faith said as she surveyed the scene before her. The sight of
her niece naked was stunning and beautiful.

"What are you doing? Don't you know how to knock?" Sydney demanded angrily.

"Hey who should be asking who who is doing what?" Faith asked.

"What?" Sydney asked confusedly.

"Never mind." Faith said. "I'm out of here."

"No, wait. Please don't tell mom and dad about this." Sydney begged.

"Look I..."

"Please aunt Faith." Sydney begged again.

"OK fine. My lips are sealed." Faith promised.

Suddenly Sydney looked at her hot aunt. She was a very sexy woman. And Syd
had yet to get herself to cum.

What came out of Sydney's mouth next even Sydney couldn't believe, "Could me do this? I'm not really totally satisfied yet, I need to cum

Faith stammered and her eyes widened, she felt her heart rate soar,
"Sydney...I can't do that, it would be wrong, not to mention disgusting.
I'm your Aunt."

"Sometimes I masturbate for hours and I don't feel satisfied. I think I
have something wrong with me sometimes. Sometimes I think I need a more
experienced hand. Come on please? I need to cum."

Faith didn't know why she was even considering this, why wasn't she just
leaving the room? She was growing angry, although she didn't know whether
she was angry at Sydney for suggesting such a dirty thing or at herself
for considering it. It had been too long since she had experienced sex.

"Sydney that's disgusting Aunts don't do that to their neices. It's not
right." Faith insisted

"Please I am begging you I need it that bad." Sydney whined.

"What kind of slut are you Sydney? Are you so desperate you need your Aunt
to get you off?"

Sydney realized that if she wanted this she would have to initiate it. Sydney
took her Aunt by the hands and brought them up to her firm young breasts. She
placed her hands over her Aunt's and squeezed hard, the sensation was
incredible for young Sydney. Faith couldn't believe her own niece had just
done that. Of her own accord she squeezed Sydney's breasts again. Sydney shut
her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Faith felt overwhelmed with incestuous

Faith had been with a few girls in high school, she was probably around her
nieces age then, but she had been experimenting and hadn't really thought of
another woman since. And then, despite the fact that her mind was screaming
at her to leave immediately, the wanton horny Aunt backed up against the wall
and pulled her niece in close so that Sydney's back pressed hard against her
breasts. Sydney relaxed and leaned her full body weight against her Aunt. She
reached around and started to play with Sydney's nipples which were also rock

"Not up there aunt Faith...down there." Sydney said, her voice husky and

Faith felt Sydney's hands on top of hers, they guided her down over Sydney's
tummy and down between her legs. As if she had done this all her life, Faith
took Sydney's clit between her right index finger and thumb, and inserted two
fingers from her left hand in her niece's dripping hot pussy. Sydney hissed
with pleasure and pressed back harder against her Aunt, not saying a word,
just guiding her Aunt's hands where she needed them to go. Faith was still
not sure she was really doing this, she felt like she had no control
whatsoever. The way Sydney commanded her into the shower seemed to make her
lose all her free will. She couldn't believe she was about to make her own
niece cum.

She tried rationalizing the whole thing by saying to herself, 'Better she
come to me than go to some guy who would only get her pregnant.'

She focused her eyes on her nieces wet, body and concentrated on getting her

"Oh you like that don't you said?" Faith asked.

"Y-yes ohhhhhh it feels sooooo good!" Sydney squealed.

Sydney inserted a third finger in her niece and picked up the pace. Both
hands became a blur as Faith stimulated her niece's clitoris and pumped her
fingers in and out of her sopping vagina. Faith was becoming desperate to
get her niece to cum. For her, nothing else on this Earth existed except
her and Sydney alone in the bath room. Both women were breathing heavily.
They pressed their bodies hard against one another, Sydney grinded her ass
into her Aunt's hips and ran her hands up Faith's legs below her shorts,
the sensation of her niece's hands exploring her set Faith on fire and she
redoubled her efforts on her niece. After only a few more seconds Sydney
began to buck under her Aunt's ministrations as her orgasm gripped her.
Faith held her tight so she couldn't get away and continued to finger fuck
her niece, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. Sydney felt the
orgasm build up in her loins, it was an intensity that she had never
experienced before. Hungrily her pussy muscles contracted around her Aunt's
deeply probing fingers. She exploded into the most luscious orgasm she had
ever experienced.

"Oh Fuck!! I'm cumming, I'm cumminnnnnnnnnn... Unghh... FUCK!!"

"That's right cum for your Aunt." Faith urged in a hoarse whisper, "Cum hard
for me. Feel my fingers deep in your cunt."

Faith felt a huge rush of pride as her niece came in her arms. It took over
three minutes but the orgasm finally subsided. Sydney went limp in her Aunt's
arms. Suddenly Faith came back to reality and realized what she had done.
What was she thinking? She had just masturbated her own niece!
_ _ _

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