The Crew:
Captain Merilyn Stubbing...Lucy Lawless
Doctor Eve Bricker...Keira Knightly
The Gopher...Gabrielle Union
Bartender Emily Washington...Beyonce Knowles
Cruise Director Julie McCoy...Lindsay Lohan
Photographer Ashley Covington Evans "ACE"...Ann Hathaway

Hope And Faith/King Of Queens: The Lesbian Love Boat Part 1
by Hamster

The Arrival

Carrie Heffermen was stressed out. Work was stressful. Her husband, though
loveable wasn't exactly helping matters. So she had decided a vacation would
be the best way to relieve some of that stress. And when Holly had surprised
her with a special Cruise trip she was more than happy to go. It was women
only and she knew that she and Holly would have a chance to just relax. The
cruise was perfect for married women who didn't want to be hassled by single
men. The Sapphic Princess was a beautiful ship and as soon as she boarded
with Holly and found her room she was absolutely and totally stoked.

The cabin they shared was actually a very posh suite with two separate
bedrooms, big screen, DVD player and a very pair of comfortable beds. The
women began to put away their things and once done unpacking Carrie
immediately went to the entertainment center and noticed that there were
already DVDs in it. She picked one up and soon noticed that every last one
of them were lesbian pornos.

"Holy crap!" Carrie exclaimed.

"What?" Holly asked.

"There's a bunch of lesbian porn here!" said Carrie.

"Wow." Holly said. "Maybe they belong to the last guest."

"Yeah maybe...Hey there's an invitation. A welcoming dinner at the dining
hall." Carrie said.

"Great I have a dress I have been anxious to try own." Holly said.

Carrie looked on as her friend went to her room. Something was a little weird
on this boat.

The Banquet

The banquet hall was filled with women. Some were single women, others
married, and a few had their young daughters with them. Not a lot of woman
had been invited on board. As a matter of fact all were surprised at just
how few guests there were. Looking one would see the blonde Tyler sisters
Holly and Val. They would see Hope Shanowski and her daughters Sydney and
Hayley as well as the girls' aunt Faith who was a former soap star. They
would see mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. There was Lizzie
and Jo McGwire. Deborah and Ally Barrone were there. And there was lovely
red head Grace Addler. Holly and Carrie met them all and a spent a great
deal of time mingling and making friends.

The Captain and senior crew were at a long table at one end of the banquet
hall. They were all dressed in white shirts and jackets and white skirts that
seemed to resemble naval uniforms. Captain Stubbing stood and the entire hall
went silent.

"Let me welcome you all to the Sapphic Princess. As your captain it is my
sincerest wish that all of you have a most enjoyable time while on board this
ship. If there is anything that any of you need by all means please let me
know." The captain looked over the crowd and saw several women whose faces
she hoped would soon be buried in her cunt or in her ass. The captain raised
her glass. "To the Princess and all the women aboard her. May we all soon be
the most intimate of friends."

The rest of the women in the banquet hall shared in the toast. Little did the
women know that every drink on the ship from the bottled water to the beer to
the imported soda was laced with Sapphidrile a powerful drug that was used to
cause lesbian cravings. The drug in combination with hypnosis was going to
make things very interesting on board the ship.

Doctor's Visit

The captain had required that each and every passenger visit the doctor. It
was absolutely mandatory. Appointments were set up for a quick visit with the
woman under the pretense that they were checking for flu virus. The fact was
that Captain Stubbing just wanted to have each and every woman on board
hypnotized and turned into horny lesbian sluts. It was good doctor Bricker's
duty and pleasure. Carrie and Holly both underwent the process of hypnosis
and Dr. Bricker implanted in both of their minds the suggestions that they
should seek and fuck all the pussy that they could.

Carrie's Cabin

Carrie was definitely feeling strange after her examination. Her pussy was
tingling. She felt high as a kite. Airy, like she was floating. She shook her
head as she used her key card to gain access to her room. She stepped in and
went straight for her shower. She stripped off the shorts and tank top she
was wearing and then peeled away her sweaty underwear and threw them aside.

She climbed in the shower and let the cool waters wash over her. The sweat
and grime washed off of her and spun down into the drain. She took the soap
and began to lather up as her mind drifted away in thoughts of lesbian lust
she didn't notice when Holly entered the bathroom. Holly approached the
sliding door of the shower and pushed it aside. Without word or pause the
naked blonde woman entered the shower.

"Holly! What are you doing?" demanded Carrie.

"Helping you lather up." Holly responded as she placed her hands right on
Carrie's chest and began to work them around her breasts.

Carrie was taken completely off guard. She didn't know what to think except
that she thought that Holly looked so damm hot and she was glad that the
dog-walker had joined her. Holly soaped up Carrie's tits then slid her hands
down to the other woman's body to her stomach and hips. Carrie instinctively
spread her legs for Holly as the other woman brought her hands between them
to massage Carrie's cunt.

"Ohh yes oh god that feels so good." Carrie groaned.

Holly continued to go to town on the hot cunt that was literally in the palm
of her hand. Soon Carrie was screaming her ass off as she experienced the
greatest orgasm of her life. Carrie slunk to the floor as the shower water
sprayed down on her and cooled her from her heated bit of lovemaking. Holly
approached her and spread her legs over Carrie's face instinctively Carrie
lifted her face up into the other woman's pussy and began to lick it. Holly
moaned as she was pleasured to her own incredible orgasm and slumped down
next to her friend.

"That was so good." Holly said.

"Yes it was." agreed Carrie. "I guess this means we are dykes."

"You bet." Holly said.

The Molestation

Carrie Heffermen was taking a walk on the deck to clear her head. She was
hornier than ever but she was horny not for her husband, whom the thought of
now filled her with disgust, no she was lusting after women. After fucking
Holly she was only hornier for women than she was before. She walked the
threw the breezy night air and came to the pool. She thought about taking a
swim. She was wearing a yellow bikini with tiger-stripes under her skirt and

Only two people were there at the moment. 16-year old Sydney Shanowski and
her little sister 11-year old Hayley Shanowski. Sydney was wearing a yellow
two-piece and her sister a pink one piece. The girls were talking to each
other and they seemed to be having a very serious chat.

Carrie approached and the dirtiest thoughts began to flood her mind about the
two girls. Carrie unsuccessfully tried to force these thoughts from her mind
as she approached them. It was useless. All she could do was imagine sitting
on Hayley's face while she ate out the girl's older sister. Carrie's cunt was
filled with a warm tingle at this dirty thought.

Hayley looked up at the stranger with a slightly startled face. Sydney
however smiled very broadly. "Hello." she said.

"Hi there." Carrie said.

"We met at the banquet you are Carrie Heffermen right?" asked Sydney

"Yes I am, sweetie." Carrie replied. She began to strip down to her bikini
while the two girls stared on lustfully.

"Well me and my sister both think you are really hot." Sydney said.

"Sydney!" Hayley squeaked in panic.

"Lighten up." Sydney said.

"It's OK, Hayley. I'm glad that you think I'm attractive girls." Carrie
said and she was. Her head was filled with images of rubbing up against the
teenaged girl naked between satin sheets.

Hayley was still blushing at her sister's comment but was relieved that
Carrie had not been offended by it.

"So Mrs. Heffermen, have you ever kissed another girl? Haley and I were just
talking about that." Sydney asked.

Carrie pretended to be surprised by the sudden question. She was however
actually very pleased that the girls were curios about lesbianism and
experimentation. Dear lord, she thought, I've become the worst kind of
pervert and I just don't care.

"Well actually Sydney I have." Carrie answered.

"Really!?" Sydney asked hopefully. "Could you, you know, kiss me? I haven't
kissed another girl before and I was hoping you could teach me."

I bet you are hoping. Carrie was very pleased with the way this was going.

"Sure I can do that." Carrie said with a wide grin.

"Me too, me too!!!" Said Hayley.

"OK, no problem." Agreed Carrie.

Carrie stepped out of the pool and crawled out to Carrie on her hands and
knees. Looking up at Carrie she then stood and smiled provocatively. Carrie
wasn't able or willing to resist she just grabbed the girl by the waist and
pulled her in. She opened her mouth and welcomed in Carrie's warm wet tongue.
As the two kissed Carrie grabbed Sydney's breast and her ass and gave them
both a good massage. Having Sydney's hot teenaged body pressed up against
hers sent electricity straight through Carrie. Young Hayley climbed out of
the pool and approached them both. Carrie turned to her and bent her head
down to kiss the young girl as well. Carrie's fingers slipped beneath
Sydney's swimsuit. She began to tickle the girl's pussy. Sydney yelped then
began to moan pleasurably.

"Hayley I want you to pull down my bikini bottom." Ordered Carrie.

Hayley grabbed either side of the black bikini and pulled down until they
were around Carrie's ankles. Carrie continued to finger Sydney who was now
leaning against Carrie and squeezing her tits in ecstatic joy.

"Now Hayley start licking my pussy." Ordered Carrie.

Carrie thought she was going to cum right then and there as the young girl's
little tongue raked her sex. Carrie frantically finger fucked Sydney, as the
teen's little sister ate her out like a champ. Soon both Sydney and Carrie
were cumming loudly. Carrie's girl cum splattered all over little Hayley's
face and Carrie didn't feel the least bit of guilt for fucking two underaged

Looking down Carrie noticed Sydney licking the cum off of her little sister's

"I have to go." Carrie huffed and puffed. "But I think dear Sydney that you
should do your best to make your sister cum.

"OK Mrs. Heffermen. I'll see you later." Sydney said as she began to help her
sister out of her outfit.

I sure hope so. Thought Carrie as she put her bikini on and headed back to
her room.

The Big Revelation

"Good morning ladies, this is your captain," came the announcement over the
entirety of the ship. "You may have all noticed that there have been changes,
in many cases drastic, in your behavior. This is the result of a new process
of sexual awakening we put all of our passengers through. You may be worried
that your new sexual preferences are going to cause you problems in so-called
normal society but fear not for this ship will not be returning from whence
it came. Instead it will be sailing straight for the Island of Sapphos where
you will live from now on among other horny lesbian sluts."

Carrie and Holly's faces were buried in each other's cunts when they heard
this announcement but once they did learn their fate they were hardly upset
quite the contrary they began their lives together as a lesbian couple quite
happily and willingly.
_ _ _

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