Hope & Faith: Sydney's Obesssion (Mf,MF,f-mast,inc,anal)
by Kelticbro ([email protected])


"This is just my luck" Sydney Shanowski thought to herself as she watched the taxi pull off down the street. In the taxi were 9 year old Justin and 13 year old Hayley Sydney's younger brother and sister. They were setting off on their holidays to Disneyland in Florida along with their mother and aunty faith. Sydney was not annoyed that she was not going she did not want to go in the first place. Her parents told her about 2 months ago that they had won a 3 week family holiday for 4 to Disneyland, they told her she would be staying with her Aunty Faith. Sydney had been looking forward to this as she loved her Aunty Faith who was more like a friend then an aunt she had always gave her advice on boy's make-up etc. And Sydney had been looking forward to 3 weeks or doing pretty much what she wanted, down the beech chasing boys or getting chased by boys (she rarely had to do any chasing as boys flocked to her).

But that all changed 2 days ago when her father Charley had been involved in a car accident and broken his bones in several places. Her mom wanted to stay home to nurse him but her dad had insisted she go on holiday so the kids wouldn't be disappointed. So Aunty Faith had taken her brother-in-laws place and Sydney was left to keep an eye on her father. He was just out of hospital the night before and was in a lot of pain and had been prescribed tablets and been told to get lots of rest.

Chapter 1

After seeing off her family Sydney headed to the mall to pick-up her father prescription. The pharmacist had told here the tablets were very strong and would knock her father out for approximately 2 hours and he would be very dozy, hazy, would suffer from blurred vision for about an hour after coming to, but he needed them for the pain. He also said that the tablets had some side effects and it was different to different people and he gave her a list of side effects and what to do if they happen. Sydney was only half listening to him as she was to busy eyeing up the hunky assistant behind the counter. After paying for the tablets and picking up a few essentials in the store Sydney headed home. It was only then that she read the instructions for the tablets, it read

"Patient to take two tablets once a day around midday, please check list for side effects."

But Sydney didn't bother reading the list it was about 3 pages long and besides she heard the pharmacist saying the patient had to be checked on fairly regularly and she would read the list if and when anything happened. She then made a few sandwiches for her father and took them up with the newspapers to his bedroom. Her father was watching telly when she got there and thanked Sydney for the food, after he had finished Sydney noticed it was just after midday so she got two tablets and a glass of water and took them to her father. Within a few minutes of swallowing the green pills her father was out for the count so Sydney clean up the plate etc left from the sandwiches she made and went downstairs. After about half an hour Sydney thought she better check on her father, he was out cold but she noticed he had kicked the bed sheets off. She thought she had better cover him up as he was only in his boxers and it wasn't very warm.

As she pulled the sheets up over her father's body she suddenly froze as she noticed something, her father had an erection and it was huge. She just stood the staring at the massive bulge in her father's boxers until she remembered this was her father and pulled up the sheets and exited the room very quickly. For the next 3 hours she tried to put the image out of her head but the more she tried the more it stuck there, she checked on him every 30 minutes or so and the erection was still there. After 3 hour she heard her father stirring and went up to check on him. He was sitting up reading the papers and immediately Sydney noticed the erection was gone.

That night Sydney's dreams were filled with visions of the cock and how big it may be and when she woke the next morning her panties were soaking. Midday came round again and it was time for another dose after her dad took the pills she gave it half an hour and checked on him she was shocked to see he had an erection again this time she checked the side-effects list the pharmacist had given her and she saw one of the side-effect was erectile stiffness/hardening. Once again Sydney found her mind filled with what her father's cock may look like, she went downstairs and put on a movie to try and get the image out of her head but after about an hour she found she couldn't stop thinking of the massive erection. She decided she had to see what it looked like and how big it actually was. She thought it was her father but it couldn't help to take a look at the cock that helped create her.

She went upstairs and quietly entered her parent's room, she tiptoed over to the bed and saw he was still rock hard forming a tent with the sheets. "Daddy" she called and repeated it a bit louder, she then gently shook her father to ensure he was asleep. Once she knew he was out cold she peaked under the sheets. Her father's cock was poking halfway out of the fly hole in his boxers, it looked huge and her jaw dropped in amazement and shock at the size. She was thinking about reaching for it when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. She exited the room and ran downstairs to answer the phone. It was her mum she asked how her things were going and how her husband was doing, Sydney told her mother that he was under his medication and fast asleep, her mum then told her all the family were loving the holiday and she would ring again in a couple of days. Once of the phone Sydney thought she better not go back to her father room in-case she did something wrong.

Chapter 2

That night Sydney's dreams were again filled with images of her father huge cock, but more vivid this time and she even had one dream where she was stroking his cock. The following morning her panties were soaking once again. She decided then and there that she had to feel his cock, thinking to her self that maybe if she touched it she would get these forbidden thoughts out of her mind for good.

When midday came around again she gave her father the pills as usual and waited for him to go under. Once she thought he was out she called "Dad" a few times she then shook his shoulders to absolutely ensure he was out She then gently slid her father boxers down to his knees. Immediately her father penis sprung upwards like a jack in the box. Sydney's jaw dropped in shock, her father cock was not only big it was very thick too. It was even bigger then the guy from the porn movie she watched once at a sleepover in her friend Cindy's house.

She had to know what size it was exactly so she ran to her room to get a ruler, it measures just under 11 inches in height by just over 2 inches thick. "Mum is one lucky girl" she thought to herself, smiled and found her hand creeping towards her father's erection. She could just about reach her hand around he shaft of the cock, she then realised her hand had started moving up and down the length of her fathers cock almost in a mind of its own. She bit her lip and felt a tangle in her pussy as her hand's tempo increased. Just then her cell phone got a txt msg and beeped which made her jump. "Shit what am I doing this is my father" she thought and quickly replaced his boxers, cover him under the sheets and exited the room. She then went to her own room and serviced herself with the dildo she kept hidden in her room.

Her father awoke about 90 minutes later and Sydney asked him if he needed anything, but he was still suffering from the effects of the medication and kept calling Sydney honey bun (his pet name for his wife Hope) Sydney corrected her father telling him it was his daughter not his wife, but he continued to call her honey bun. Sydney decided it was best to leave him and let the effects ware off.

Later that evening her father came down for dinner, Sydney could barely look at him without blushing as she kept thinking of what had happened earlier. She tried her best to avoid him for the reminder of the day but found she could not stop thinking about her father's penis. Yet again her dreams that night were filled of her fathers huge cock and the were getting more and more vivid she had started to dream of being naked with her father jerking him off and even sucking his cock.

* * *

The next morning Sydney could not think off anything else but holding her Daddy's cock once more and found she couldn't wait until his midday medication. In the shower she furiously rubbed and fingered he pussy all the time thinking of how good it felt holding her father cock the previous day. It seemed to take forever but finally midday came and she gave her father his medication she turned off her mobile and put the house phone to answering machine so she would not get interrupted. She then went to her room and stripped down to her panties and put on her black silk dressing gown that just covered her ass.

She then went to her father room and smiled when she saw the now familiar tent formation in the bed sheets. She remove the sheets and slowly pulled down her father's boxers and removed the completely. She took a moment to admire her father body. For a 42 year old he was in great shape a muscular chest good strong legs and best of all a huge erect penis. Some of her school friends had told her they thought her Dad was hunky but Sydney had always thought they were crazy that was until now.

Sydney removed her dressing gown and climbed on the bed and lay down beside her father taking his cock in her right hand she began stroking it slowly. She had done this a few time before for various boyfriends in order from them to buy her clothes and jewelery and never really got aroused by it, but this time was different she was very aroused , and she was doing it for her own pleasure not a material reward. His cock started throbbing in response to her touch and she grabbed her breasts with left and began playing with her breasts. Sydney began stroking fast and faster with her right hand and her left hand responded. She was getting hornier and her left hand slid from her breasts to her panties. She furiously rubbed and fingered her pussy and her to bite her lip to stop herself moaning. She felt the fingers of her left hand get wet as she came inside her panties. She turned her attention back to her right hand which was now moving up and down the shaft of her father throbbing cock that it just looked a blur. Just then the cock erupted and covered both her hand and her father groin area in sticky white cum.

Sydney ran to the un-suite bathroom and washed her hands then got some toilet paper and cleaned up the cum from her father now flaccid yet still sizeable cock moving it around to clean properly. She then got a damp cloth and cleaned the groin area properly before replacing her father boxers and covering him with the sheets again. Sydney looked at the bedside clock it was 1:45 pm "time fly when you're having fun she thought to herself" But she knew her father would soon be waking up soon so she grabbed her dressing gown and quickly exited the room. About 20 minutes later she heard her father stirring she took him some to eat and brought him his papers, surprisingly she found she was no longer embarrassed to be round him once more.

Chapter 3

Sydney was in the shower pleasuring herself with her fingers in near ecstasy with her eyes closed when suddenly she felt a cold draft, "Hi precious move budge over will you". Sydney opened her eyes to see her father standing in the shower door completely naked and completely erect. "Daddy what are you doing?" She asked.

"Taking a shower silly" he replied as he stepped into the shower, grabbed the soap and began lathering up his body. "I will wash you back for you" said her dad and he began rubbing the soap on his daughter's back.

Sydney said "Please stop daddy" but secretly she loved his touch.

"Oh relax precious sure I used to bath you all the time when you were young" replied her dad as his hands mover to her breasts.

She could feel his hard cock poking into her butt cheeks and felt a tingle in her neatly trimmed pussy. "But I grown up now and you're my Dad we can't do this its incest and wrong." She heard herself saying but her pussy was begging for his touch.

"Who says it's wrong, were just having some fun," said her father.

Sydney couldn't resist anymore and spun around grabbing her father's huge cock. "Well in that case I think this needs a good cleaning," she said and dropped to her knees taking her father's cock in her mouth. She began sucking it whole and licking the tip of the cock.

"God honey that feels good" said her dad.

And Sydney sucked harder all the time looking up at her smiling father. After a few minutes her father said it was time he returned the favour and got Sydney to stand up and he dropped to his knees and plunged his tongue into his daughter's pussy.

"Oh yessss! Daddy that's so good, keep doing that" Sydney moaned as her father tounge danced around inside her pussy. She grabbed her breasts and began playing with them. "Please Daddy I want your cock" she heard herself yelling.

"What did you say precious?"

"I want you to fuck me with that huge cock."

"Are you sure honey?"

"Yes I wanted this for ages now fuck me daddy, fuck you're daughter hard."

Sydney felt herself being lifted up and braced against the shower wall, "Please stick it in me Daddy" she asked.

"Are you positive honey there is no turning back."

"Yes I'm sure please make love to me." She looked down as she seen her father slide his cock in her pussy, it completely filled her pussy. "Do me daddy, do me!" she yelled. She then felt him began moving his cock in and out, she grabbed the back of his head and moved it to her's kissing him passionately. Their tongues embraced and danced inside his mouth. "Oh god yesss" She yelled as her father rhythm increased, she kissed him again. "Faster daddy faster" and her father responded he was now fucking her hard.

Sydney looked down and got even more aroused at the sight of her father's huge cock rapidly moving in and out of her pussy. This was the cock that helped created her it was only right that it was the one to take her virginity and make hr a woman Sydney thought. "I love you daddy" she said and kissed once more and this time their tongues danced for several minutes. Until she felt her father's cock erupt inside her pussy.

"Sorry hun I meant to pull out" Her father said.

"No daddy I loved it besides I can take one of mummy's morning after pills and nothing will happen."

They kissed again when suddenly Sydney heard a beeping sound and was half blinded by a bright light, she opened her eyes and found herself lying in her bed, the beeping was her alarm clock. It had all been a dream and her panties were soaking.

Chapter 4

Sydney couldn't believe the dream she just had it was so vivid and realistic feeling. She shook herself awake, got out of bed and pulled her small figure hugging red satin Camisole over her head then slid off the matching red satin thong. Sydney caught her reflection from the mirror in the corner of her eye and admired her figure; she knew she had a great body. Sydney weighed 114 pounds and had a 34C bust (not very big but not small either she thought). Sydney knew she could get just about any guy she wanted with this body. This made her think once more of her father's huge cock once more. "Damnit, but I'm one perverted girl" she thought to herself.

She stopped fantasizing when she then heard her father stirring; she put on a pair of lacy black panties(the 1st pair she found in the pile of clothes in the corner of her room) wrapped her black silk dressing gown around her body and headed for the kitchen to make some breakfast for her father and herself. She brewed a fresh pot of coffee, put out two bowls of cereal; put some bread in the toaster. She then headed for her parents room to tell her father breakfast was ready

She walked on into her parent's room without knocking, and immediately froze. Her father was lying on the bed with the huge cock in his hand jerking off; he had his eyes closed so he didn't notice his daughter in the doorway. Sydney quietly moved back out of the room and slowly started to close the door just leaving it ajar by a couple of inches. She peaked in the gap in the door and couldn't take her eyes off her father's masculine hands slowly working the huge shaft of his almost 11 inch cock. She immediately thought of the previous morning when she was doing the very same this on her then unconscious father and the thought made her very horny.

Sydney loosened her dressing gown and began playing with her breasts as she watched her father tempo increase. She then slid one hand into her panties and pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy. Sydney had to bite her lip to keep from moaning and alerting her father to her presence. She peaked though the door again and her father's hand was now furiously up and down his cock, Sydney wished she once again had the cock in her hand. Just then she heard her father give out a loud moan and his cock erupted with white sticky cum.

Sydney slowly closed the door and fixed herself up, she waited about 30 seconds and knocked on the door.

"Yes what is it," she heard her father call.

"Breakfast is ready daddy," Sydney replied.

Her father told her if he could bring it to him in bed in a few minutes. Sydney returned to the kitchen and poured some coffee and put the bowl of cereal and toast on the tray with the coffee she also got the newspaper from the front step. She then knocked on her father bedroom door and was told to come in.

Sydney: Morning Dad.

Father: Good morning princess (He had called her princess since she was 5 years old).

Sydney: Here is you breakfast and the paper.

Father: Thanks Princess you're so good to your Daddy why don't you grab a cup of
Coffee and join you father for a chat.

Sydney: Ok dad (and she went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee).

When she returned her father was sitting up in bed, he patted the empty space in the bed next to him and smiled. Sydney climbed on the bed and her father kissed her on the cheek, she hugged him in return. They small talked for a while and then her father surprised Sydney by asking her about her boyfriend's. Sydney blushed and went quiet.

Father: Look, Princess, I know it the 21st century and times have changed I just want to Know if you're being careful.

Sydney: Daddy I'm not doing anything like that.

Father: Come on Sydney I know a good looking sexy girl like you would have plenty of offers.

Sydney: Dad stop it you're embarrassing me.

Father: Ok princess but just tell me you will be sensible and use protection if and When you are sexually active.

Sydney: Ok dad, but can we stop talking about this now.

They spent the next 5 minutes in relative silence and finished their coffees. Sydney then hugged her dad again and headed for the bathroom. She stripped and jumped into the shower, whilst in the shower she couldn't help but think that her father had just called her sexy and good looking and the thought made her body tingle as she washed her body. She finished her shower, dried herself and applied her body moisturized. As she rubbed the moisturizer all over her body, she couldn't help but think her father was right she was sexy and had a great body to boost. She had the real hour glass figure with her 34C cup breasts slim and toned tummy and her best feature a hard curvy butt. She surveyed every inch of her body before getting dressed.

Chapter 5

After getting Sydney did a spring clean of the house for about an hour, she then noticed it was medication time for her father once more. A tingle of excitement ran though her body as she got her father pills ready. She brought the pills to her father and left him to fall in to his induced sleep. After 10 minutes Sydney returned and after ensuring her father was asleep she striped both her father and herself.

Sydney grabbed her father's cock shaft and began slowly jerking him off, however after a few minutes she found she was getting as aroused as she had the last time and knew she needed more. Sydney knelt up on the bed and slowly moved her mouth over the bulging purple helmet of her father cock. She paused for a moment pondering if she should continue; she also wasn't completely sure what to do as she had never given a blow job before. Sure she wasn't completely innocent she had given hand jobs to one or tow of her boyfriends but she had never gone further than that. She then remembered what her friend Sarah (Sydney's slutiest friend) had told her, Sarah has told her just imagine you a kid and the cock is your favourite ice cream except don't bite. So Sydney envisioned her father cock as fudgsicle (which was always her favourite treat as a kid).

Sydney grabbed the base on the cock as if it were the stick of the fudgsicle and began by licking the tip, she then ran he tongue along the entire length of both ends oh the cock before completely engulfing(or as much as she could) her father huge cock. Sydney began sucking hard and bopping her head up and down her father shaft until the tip of the touched the back of her throat as she god to the top she would flick the tip with her tongue whilst all the time pumping the base of the cock with her right hand.

Sydney slid her left had to her breast and began playing with them her body ached in excitement. Sydney's mouth began moving faster up and down the length of her fathers' 11 inch cock and she slid her left hand down her body to the entrance of her pussy. She lid first one finger inside her clit then a second and began fingering her self. Sydney pussy was seeping and she could feel herself coming to orgasm but she continued sucking and fingering. Just then as her mouth was at the top of her father cock she felt and explosion on her mouth, her father's cock had erupted and Sydney was shocked at how mush she enjoyed it.

She swallowed more or less the entire load before releasing her father now flaccid and droopy cock from her mouth. She held it for a minute or two more and finished herself off. She then took a moment to catch a breath before cleaning and redressing her father. She then grabbed her clothes and left her parents room. Sydney cleaned herself up and got dressed she looked at the clock it was almost 2 and her father would be waking soon.

Chapter 6

Sydney was now finding that she no longer had any qualms about what she was doing with her un-conscious father anymore and this fact didn't seem to bother her. She was no longer embarrassed being around her father after he woke up. That day was very hot, which gave Sydney the perfect excuse to strut about in very little. She had chosen a red crop top and black denim hot pants. She then went to her father room to help him downstairs, and it gave her a thrill as she noticed her father scanning her body and looking very un-comfortable at the sight of his eldest daughter in such skimpy clothing but he didn't say anything. For the next few hours Sydney strutted around the house purposely stretching or bending over around her father, she caught him staring at her figure in window reflections a number of times and she smiled to herself.

The next morning Sydney's father was due for a check up on his injury so Sydney called a taxi to take him to the doctor. He would be gone for a few of hours so Sydney decided to do something she had wanted to do for years. Both her mum and dad were slight kleptomaniacs and rarely threw out anything. It had always annoyed Sydney finding boxes of junk stuffed into every corner that she wasn't allowed to open them so now she had the chance. She found mostly junk in the boxes but one box had some sexy lingerie and a video tape. This intrigued Sydney as to why this video was hidden away along with lingerie and she wanted to know what was on them. She had to get the old VCR from the attic and after about half an hour she finally worked out how to hook it up to the telly in her room.

Sydney popped the video cassette into the VCR and hit play the image of an empty hotel room came up on the screen. Then a young blonde walked on screen, wearing only a black Lace chemise baby doll the quality of the picture wasn't great and it took Sydney a few minutes to recognise the young woman was her mother, she was very young no more then 17 or 18, it was then Sydney recognised the baby doll as one from the box she had just opened. Then a real muscular and hunky man walked on screen with just a pair of tight boxers on Sydney immediately recognised the man as her father.

Sydney's father ripped off his boxers exposing his massive rock hard cock. Her mother smiled slid off the baby doll and dropped to her knees taking her husband's cock in her hand and pumping it hard. Sydney felt a twinge in her pussy as her mother opened her mouth and engulfed her husbands cock. Sydney slid her hand into her panties as she watched her mother suck her father's cock on the screen in front of her. Her father grabbed his wife's head and pushed it hard making her engulf even more of his huge rock hard penis. Sydney couldn't help but get excited and aroused as she watched her young parents enjoy please each other.

Then her mother stood up and slid her panties down her legs and lay on the bed "Come her and fuck me big boy" she commanded her husband. Sydney's father leaped on the bed and plunged his cock deep into his wife's pussy, she moaned in ecstasy as his cock disappeared inside her. The paid began furiously making love and Sydney could help but slide a finger into her pussy. Both her parents moaned loudly and Sydney moaned with them until her father finally got that look on his face but her mother locked her legs around him and her father came inside her mother's pussy.

Sydney came to a massive orgasm just as her mother and father did on the video. Sydney's dad then got up and switched off the camera and as he did that date flashed up on the screen, Sydney noticed that the date was more or less 9 months from her birth date. Had she just been watching her own concivement she thought to herself which turned her on even more and she watched the video once more?

Sydney ejected the video and put it in the box along with the VCR machine and hit the lot in her room thinking to herself that she would re watch the video later. She then had a quick shower, just as she finished she heard a car pull up outside she peaked out the window and saw it was her father in a taxi. Sydney wrapped a towel around her wet naked body, ran downstairs and just got to open the door as the Taxi driver was helping her father out of the taxi and handing him his crutches. The Taxi driver turned around and just started at Sydney standing there in the doorway dressed only in a towel.

Sydney then noticing him whispering something to her dad, her father looked up at Sydney then stared angrily at the taxi driver and then took a swing with his right hand and tried to hit the taxi driver. The Taxi driver immediately ducked and pushed Sydney's dad away from him and in doing so Sydney's dad hit the ground hard. "You bastard" Sydney shouted. The Taxi man looked up one last time at Sydney who was now charging towards him in anger; he then jumped into his taxi and sped off down the street. Sydney tried to get the licence no but he was too quick and she couldn't read it in time. Sydney ran to where her father lay on the ground.

Sydney: Are you ok dad?

Dad: A bit sore but I'm ok Sydney.

Sydney: Did you get the guy's driver number so we can make a complaint?

Dad: No Sydney it's ok.

Sydney: No its not, we can't let that asshole get away with that.

Dad: Look honey there is no real harmed done let's just forget it.

Sydney: Ok if you don't want to. What did he say do you anyway?

Dad: Its not important now, hand me my crutches please.

Sydney handed her father the crutches and helped him to his feet. In doing so her towel came loose and slipped down her body exposing her right breast before Sydney caught it and re tied it around her body.

"Please get dressed before you come to the door again Sydney" her Father said.

"Ok I was just getting out of the shower when you arrived and wasn't sure if you had a key," replied Sydney.

She then helped her father inside and made them both some sandwiches. her father told Sydney that the doctor said he was healing well and he had been given another round of the pills. Sydney couldn't help but smile when she heard this "Plenty more fun," she thought to herself. She then left her dad to read the paper and she went to her room and got dressed.

Chapter 7

Noon came again and Sydney heard her father in his room, she poured him a glass of water and handed him the pills she watched him swallow them and couldn't help but give a cheeky little grin in anticipation she then left the room to let her father fall into his deep slumber.

After stripping her clothes and dressing in just a dressing gown, Sydney waited approx 10 minutes and slowly crept into her parent's room. Her father was asleep and Sydney made sure he was out my calling his name. She then remover the bed sheets and was a little bit upset to see this time her father only had a semi hard-on and was not fully erect like before. "Well I guess I can fix that," she thought to herself. She then threw off her dressing gown, climbed on the bed and gently slid her father's boxers down to his knees.

Sydney grabbed her father only semi-erect but yet still a good 8 inches and began pumping it slowly with her right hand. The cock began to pulse in response and slowly began growing. Sydney let her left hand slide to her pussy and she began to play with her clit as her father cock grew and grew. Finally it grew to its max and Sydney held it tight at the base with her right hand and engulfed the remainder in her mouth, she kept pumping the base of her father's cock with her right hand as she sucked the top half in her mouth. She continued to suck and pump all the time feeling her pussy getting wetter, after about 10 minutes the cock erupted inside her mouth and Sydney was forced to swallow a huge amount of her father's cum. She quite liked it and wiped up and the overspill with her fingers then sucked those fingers dry.

She was still very horny and had nowhere near came to orgasm yet, she wanted more she began pumping on her father cock once more and it wasn't long before her was hard once more. Once her was full on he paused for a moment her pussy was telling her that it wanted this cock inside it, but her brain was saying "no you can't you might get pregnant".

Sydney decide she had to fuck that cock but she didn't want to get pregnant, it was then she remembered that she had been nosing around her parents room many years ago and found in what she though at the time to be balloons in the bed side locked, she now knew they were no balloons but condoms. She jumped off the bed and checked the again. Sydney was delighted to find a plentiful supply of condoms there.

Sydney surveyed the selection of condoms in bed side locker and choose a condom. She knelt up on the bed and gave the cock another few pumps with her hand then slowly slid the condom down her father cock shaft. Once she had the condom on fully she positioned her pussy just above the head of her father cock and grabbed the cock with her right hand, she then slowly slid her pussy down on the cock pausing as it entered and pushed though her pussy lips. She then slipped and the entire length of her father's cock plunge deep inside her pussy. She let out a loud moan and covered her moth incase she woke her father.

Sydney just sat for several seconds enjoying the feeling of the huge cock inside her pussy. She then pushed her body up and had to bite her lip to stop from screaming in pleasure. Sydney pushed down once more and began to fuck her father cock slowly getting used to it inside her she began to increase her tempo and it wasn't long before she was furiously fucking her unconiuous father massive cock. Sydney grabbed her breast and began to play with her nipples. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt and closed her eyes trying to savour every last second of this.

5 minutes passed by and she was still furiously fucking her father, she placed her hand on his chest to brace her self and get more leverage. She felt so good and prayed it never ended. Suddenly she heard a grunt and opened her eyes her father eyes was also open and he was staring up at her.

Sydney: Dad! How long have you been awake?

Dad: For while what are you doing princess?

Sydney: Sorry dad I couldn't help myself it was like I was processed.

Dad: Its ok but please don't stop princess.

He grabbed her ass and pushed her down on his cock. He continued to drill his daughter for about another hard pounding. Enjoying the feeling of a tight teenage pussy. Charley watched as his daughter took command and began fucking her father harder and faster, she began moaning loud then kissed her father passionately her tongue entwined with is and danced in his mouth.

Sydney: Ohh god! This is so wrong but it feels so good keep fucking me Daddy!

Dad: You're so beautiful and sexy princess.

Sydney: Thanks Daddy, you're a very handsome man. Please can you do it anally?

Charley withdrew his cock from his daughter's pussy as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. Charley repositioned himself behind his daughter and admired her shapely butt before slowly sliding his throbbing rock hard cock up his daughter anal passage. He then grabbed her ass with at each side and began pounding her ass with his swollen member. His daughter began moaning as his tempo increased, and charley couldn't help but moan himself as he enjoyed fucking his daughter's ass. His wife never let his do it anally and charley found he really enjoyed it.

He continued to fuck his daughter's ass for another few minutes before he felt the sensation and shot his load into the condom. He slid his softening cock out of his daughter perfect ass, removed the condom and threw it in the bedside bin. Father and daughter both then collapsed in exhaustion in the bin.

Dad: What exactly were you doing young lady?

Sydney: Sorry dad I thought you were out.

Dad: So you were taking advantage of you sick father then?

Sydney: No Daddy I saw your cock and just couldn't control myself.

Dad: Ha! You mother often says the same thing, how long have you been doing this?

Sydney: Well this is my first time actually fucking you, but I did some other stuff.

Dad: Like what?

Sydney: Well a few hand jobs and blow jobs.

Dad: Oh my I thought they were all wet dreams.

Sydney: You mean you were awake all along?

Dad: Not really, I was semi conscious but I couldn't move.

Sydney: So what is different today?

Dad: The doc halved my dosage today.

Sydney: Oh god I'm so sorry daddy I just couldn't help myself.

Dad: Its ok honey but we best not tell you're mother about this.

Sydney: Ok Daddy it will be our dirty little secret, as long as we do it again.

Dad: I don't know princess. I know it felt good but I'm you father its wrong.

They both then fell asleep naked together.

Chapter 8

A few hours later Charley awoke, the bed was empty. "Was it all just a dream?" he thought to himself, and felt ashamed that he had been dreaming about his daughter like that.

Charley decide he had to get the thought out of his head so got out of bed quietly taking care not to wake his daughter. He then headed for the bathroom to wash up. He couldn't stand long enough to take a shower so he ran the bath instead. Once the bath was filled he knocked on the whirlpool function, stepped into the tub and dropped his body into the hot water. Charley enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the warm water bubbles; he closed his eyes and lay he head on the back of the tub. He was relaxing for a few minutes when he suddenly heard a voice.

"Need help?"

He looked up to see Sydney stood at the side of the bath with a cheeky smile

Dad: What are you doing, I'm in the bath and where are your clothes?

Sydney: You didn't seem to mind seeing me naked earlier.

Dad: What I thought that was a dream.

Sydney: Do you usually dream about your daughter like that?

Dad: No honey.

Sydney: Well it was no dream but I need a wash.

Dad: You can wait till I'm done then princess

Sydney: Oh come on Daddy we used to bath together all the time and you didn't mind last night.

Dad: Yes but that when you were little and not so se...!

Sydney: Not so what Daddy, where you going to call your daughter sexy?

Dad: No, now please leave.

Sydney: Something tells me you don't really want me to leave Daddy.

Its was only then that Charley noticed his cock was fully erect and poking a couple of inches above the water, he tried to cover his manhood but as he did Sydney stepped into the bath plunked herself down on the opposite side of the tub and smiled at her father. She grabbed the bottle of bath gel and squeezed some into her hands then began to massage it into her body; she smiled at her father as she moved to her breasts. Charley couldn't help but stare and felt his cock twitching, his daughter obliviously noticed because she grabbed it with her right hand and began to pump it slowly. She then moved in the tub and kissed her father passionately on the mouth their tongue dance in unison in each other mouths.

"Go down on me daddy, I want the tongue in my pussy." Sydney then stood up in and positioned her pussy above her father's head; she hen lowered her pussy to his mouth and braced herself.

Charley was trying to resist but the smell and vision of that teenage pussy was too much and he drove his tongue inside his daughter holiest hole. Charley put his tongue to work and his daughter began moaning.

"Ohhhhh! Yessss! Daddy the feels so good please don't stop" Sydney yelled between moans.

Charley had no intention of stopping anyhow as he was enjoying his first taste of teenage pussy in 15 years.

"Owwwww! God! I'm about to cum!" yelled his daughter just before he felt his move fill up with his daughter's love juices and his daughter collapsed back in the bath water.

But Sydney was by no means finished, after taking a few seconds to catch her breath she grabbed her father growing erection and began pumping slowly again. Charley felt wonderful as his first child began to pump faster and faster. "I want you inside me again Dad." And Sydney positioned her pussy lips above the tip of her father now fully erect and rock hard manhood. Sydney let her body drop slowly impaling herself on her father's huge cock; she pushed down harder until it was all inside her.

Charley just sat there and admired his daughter body and mover to kiss her again, Sydney responded and kissed him back, before pushing him away and began to fuck his huge cock. Charley grabbed Sydney's ass and pushed her body up the length of his shaft and pull her back down again. He kissed his daughter's breasts and sucked on her nipples.

"Oh yesss daddy keep going please don't stop," Sydney moaned.

But charley knew he couldn't hold it much longer. "Sorry baby I'm going to cum," he informed his daughter.

"Hold it for a few seconds daddy," Sydney replied. She moved her aching pussy off her father cock and replaced it with her mouth. Sydney began sucking and had as she could along the length of her father's monster cock and it wasn't long before his cock erupted with a warm sticky gulp in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but it was such a big load that some of it began dripping down her chin. Sydney noticed it and whipped it with her hands then suck her fingers dry. Sydney then turned to her father and smiled to herself, they had another few day before the rest of the family returned, there would be lots of father daughter bonding in that time.



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